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1. Handle Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

Handle Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

These measuring spoons are made from 304stainless steel and have stronger resistance to rust and are safe for cooking. 1 Tsp, 1/2 Tsp, 1/2 Tsp measures. Size etched into handle.

Brand: Libertyware

👤The spoons are sturdy but Jesus Christ thinks this packaging is sad. Each spoon was wrapped in plastic. Each spoon has a barcode sticker on it. They are linked together with a thingy. The handles of the spoons are so small that it is hard to thread off the keys. I have a carpal tunnel and it is hard for me. I have to file my nails after undoing the packaging because it is shredding my nails. I am begrudgingly keeping the extra long measuring spoons. I would try to find another option for you. Something more user-friendly.

👤I wanted to use these with some of my pet and personal supplements. I was getting tired of having to cram my hand through narrow jar necks with a tiny two inch scoop only to pull out my hand all covered in. These are close to perfect. There is less waste of product. When I get to the bottom of my jars, the ends of the handles are not comfortable to hold. They are pointed. The ends of the handle would be perfect if they were rounded. This is the only reason for the reduction of a star.

👤I think these measuring spoons are strong enough to last into the next ice age. They are strong and long enough to reach into the deepest jars. The small ring that ties all of the spoons together is my only complaint. It hurts! They made these measuring spoons and attached them to a ring that may stain your kitchen cabinet, counter, etc. Go figure!

👤I was tired of trying to fit my hand into large containers for a small amount of product. I looked for long handled measuring spoons. They were the longest ones on Amazon. I wasn't disappointed. They are great for reaching the bottom of large containers. There is a The quality was better than I expected. These spoons are strong.

👤Finally! A measuring set that is over the silly neck of a measuring spoon will reach bulk containers. I don't measure the accuracy because I am a home cook. Couple of grains don't affect what I'm doing. I wish it had been more than the standard because a lot of recipes now ask for 1/2 of a T, pinch of salt, etc.

👤I was looking for something like these spoons. I wanted to reach into the bottom of the jars for things like peanut butter, but my fingers were too dirty. The spoons are of high quality. They are very long and can reach the bottom of quart-sized jars.

👤A hot tub was purchased by us. There were many bottles of chemicals along with the purchase. The bottles are over 8 feet tall and with my husband's arthritic hands it was hard for him to get the powders out with the correct measurement. The long handled spoons help him. Highly recommended!

👤These are long handles. I bought them because we didn't like having to use smaller measuring spoons to get our cod liver oil. I was concerned about the depth and roundness of the scoop. I can get my tongue in there and get everything out. I would like the measurement labels to be better. There's a huge handle to put the info on and it's not very deep. It's weird that one of my friends has a different style of lettering.

2. AllSpice Stainless Double Measuring Teaspoon

AllSpice Stainless Double Measuring Teaspoon

One scoop a day can help support energy levels. You can promote healthy weight management with proper stamina. Store and use a single measuring spoon for most recipes. TheARROW PROFILE is a slim design that can fit into spice jars and spoon scraper tops. It's possible to rest on a flat surface and have your spices ready when you need them. Food-grade and dishwasher safe STAINLESS STEEL doesn't pick up flavors or scents and allows spices to flow smoothly.

Brand: Allspice

👤Let's be honest. How often do you use a quarter or an eighth of a cup? If you're like me, you're tired of having to buy entire sets of measuring spoons just because you want more, then get a couple of these. You don't have to worry about the extra spoons hanging around.

👤I upgraded my spoons to have 1TSP and 1TBS on one spoon, because I lose a lot of tea spoons. I came across these and thought, "Genious." They are small enough to fit in jars of spices. They are pretty, but hey, they are. I will use these spoons for a while, but I will not use my mix of old measuring spoons. I will get rid of the measuring spoons. I enjoy using them every time. The little spoons are really cool. The price was a little higher than I was planning to spend, but they have been worth every penny.

👤The design could have been better. The length is nice and so is the idea of a somewhat flat bottom on the measures, but the rest of the design left me wishing I had looked longer for something better. The stamped sizes are too small for tired eyes to read, making it less obvious which end is which when you first use it. The shape is so counterintuitive that I have to check it twice. You have a small measure that is shallow and has a large surface area. This makes leveling important. If accuracy isn't important, you don't need this; just use a big pinch or an old spoon and eyeball it. I don't like the oddly shaped ends. They need to get the wash cloth into the corners to wash them. It's not a big deal if you're measuring something that comes off with a rinse. I don't think it was my wisest purchase decision at this point. I will be looking for a better design. I will probably throw this one away if I find one.

👤When I was shopping, I saw this and thought I needed a new measuring spoon. I need more of the basic options, but I have 4 different full sets of measuring spoons. This is wonderful. It's the first one we grab out of the drawer and we just need a small amount of water when cooking. The feature that I can fill it and put the spoon down on the counter for when I need it is really nice. I need to get 3-4 more of this and only keep one of the multi size sets.

👤The customer service is excellent. They sent me another bent cup after I received one. I can feel the scratches on the steel when I rub my finger over it. There are issues that happen during manufacturing of the product that has a great design and looks high quality. I hope they correct it because they have excellent customer service.

👤It's a good spoon. I like the length, but it's hard to read the measurement between the two ends, and there's not a big difference between the two sizes. I had to mark one end with a sharpie to make sure I used the right end. If you want to see the measurement or the difference in spoon depth, you have to turn it at the right angle.

3. RSVP Endurance Stainless Measuring 1 Teaspoon

RSVP Endurance Stainless Measuring 1 Teaspoon

A practical measuring spoon set is a perfect gift. It's bound to impress as a birthday gift, Housewarming gift, Thanksgiving or Christmas gift. 100% of the products will be returned because of quality problems. A classic design that works in any kitchen - long handle fits into deeper jars. It was made from 18/8 steel. The hole in the handle is for mounting a ring.

Brand: Rsvp International

👤I can understand why people are pumped on this spoon. It's spartan looks are elevated by its heft. There is a flaw with this spoon that may surprise you. If you make the mistake of putting this spoon in a drawer with the bowl facing down, you will have a hard time getting the spoon out of the drawer. The design of the spoon makes it impossible to get a stem or purchase of the bowl if you are in the position of lying flush to the surface. I have taken extra care when returning the spoon to my drawer. You have been warned.

👤The spoon hangs above my jars of tea and is what I use it for. There are tea scoop cups on Amazon. The tea scoop is an example. None of the other spoons have a hole in their handle that you can hang them from, and all of them are made of two separate pieces of metal that are fused together. The two pieces of the other teaspoons are often the subject of negative reviews. I would say that this is the winner because of its price, ability to be hung up on a hook, and the fact that I will never break it into two pieces.

👤Just received them. They are more significant than the photos show. It was very well made. Very happy with the purchase and delivery. The long handle makes it easy to get to the bottom of the jar. You don't notice until you use a different spoon. I appreciate the design more now. These are my go to measuring spoons. I only use older ones when they are dirty. They are perfect! The size is stamped into the handle. The entire product is seamless, unlike some that are made of metal with plastic or rubber handle, which can accumulate dirt or grime. Nothing that will ruin anything. I love them!

👤It's not complicated. It's a small amount, and it's fine. The longer handle makes it easier to get deeper into containers. I paid about $4 for Sturdy, Basic, and cheap. If you want perfect accuracy, don't use this or any other spoon, but just cook with 5 mL as a spoon.

👤I use this to measure my tea every day. The Teavana broke when I dropped it on the floor because the measuring part was welded to the handle. There are no pieces to break off because this spoon is made in one piece. I love the clean lines of it and ended up ordering an entire set of spools from this company.

👤How to get to those final scoops? It was either turned upside down or thrown in this household. The perfect solution for this household was the long handled measuring spoon. It is amazing how small annoyances grow large during modified quark.

👤The Teaspoon measure is gone for 4 months. There are a few rust marks. Couldn't find a way to contact Sellor.

👤It seems great, I had it for a week. To me, it was the right amount of strength. Nice weight to it. Can't speak to lasting quality at the moment. I am not too concerned about accuracy. I use it to scoop up my coffee. One sugar cube is equal to one cup of coffee.

4. OstWony Measuring Stainless Tablespoon Ingredients

OstWony Measuring Stainless Tablespoon Ingredients

Money back guarantee. They think you will like these narrow measuring spoons. All of their products are backed by a money back guarantee. If you're not happy with your purchase, return it for a hassle-free refund. Kitchen plan experts choose the right measuring spoon for you: 4 measuring spoon set, made of food-grade STAINLESS STEEL, which is exactly the measuring spoon you need. Provide you with accurate food measurement services. The handle of the spoon is clearly marked to meet your precise needs for food and seasonings, and for your health. Use and storage4PCS measuring spoon combination, reasonable size, can be quickly grasped, super convenient to use and find the storage location, save your precious time. Accurately measuring the liquid or solid powder ingredients you need can be done with the help of the OstWony measuring spoons. It's benefits make it easy to achieve your goal. OstWony is committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction service for a long time. If there is a problem with their products, please contact them and they will provide you a solution.

Brand: Ostwony

👤I don't like measuring spoons that are on a ring. I prefer plastic. The price was only about a dollar more than plastic ones on a ring. Much more sturdy! They came with an easy to remove ring, so I have them inside in each without the ring. It's easy to grab which one I want. If anything changes, they will update. I just had a surgery to remove a piece of my eye and had to grab glasses to see. I can see what size these are without glasses because they are stably legibly onto each spoon. The bottom line. I thought I would have to pay, but it was exactly what I wanted. Would be great to get a gift bag for myself.

👤I bought them for my business. I make soap and candles so I need to have it. After a few weeks of use, they rusted out. Not. I am angry at the false information and waste of my money.

👤The spoons are good for the price. The labels are engraved so they don't wash away. The bigger ones won't fit in a container. I don't mind using these only for liquids in my cooking, but if you will be using only one set, thinner, square spoons might be better.

👤Measuring spoons are cheap and work well. They stand up well to use for spa chemicals. Are you reading reviews about spoons? These are perfect if you are.

👤I wonder if these measuring spoons are made from the same type of metal as the ones pictured, they bend easily and seem to be made from cheap metal. I already have a thick sturdy quality set here. I kept them because they are cheap, and they will work for now, but two of them are bent from trying to scoop something from a jar.

👤They're just measuring spoons. The ring holding them together is large enough that individual spoons won't become entangled, spoons are easily removed from ring if desired, and measurement values are stamped into handles and dragged across the top of a spoon levels. They're just measuring spoons.

👤Even though peanut butter is gooey, these spoons are shallow enough to easily open it. They are metal and not plastic. Sturdy. These hold the same amount of liquids as other measuring spoons.

👤These are perfect. They are made of steel and have a size engraved on the handle. I ordered a second set. Thank you for the quality of the product.

5. OXO Grips Container Accessories 3 Piece

OXO Grips Container Accessories 3 Piece

The steel has a high polished finish. Tools that attach neatly to the underside of container lids are useful for making the most of pop containers. The scoop set is perfect for measuring or portioning pantry staple items like flour, sugar, rice, grains, beans, granola, oatmeal, snacks and more. It's recommended for use with the 4. 2 L OXO pop container is the size of 5 lbs of flour or sugar and fits all pop containers with lid types b and D. It's free. It's dishwasher safe. If you have an issue with your OXO product, get in touch with US for a repair or replacement. They will make it better by learning from your experience.

Brand: Oxo

👤If you bake, you know how important it is not to put flour in the measuring cup. It should always be lightly touched. I keep scoopers in each of my canisters in order to do that, but they are more like measuring cups. The flour won't slide out of the cup, so it's packed into it. It makes a big mess when you try to slide it into a measuring cup. I am surprised by the reviews. The short handles are great for fitting a decent sized scoop into smaller containers. That is the only positive I have to say. I bought four more scoops that were much cheaper and had a better design.

👤I put these in my plastic containers. I needed scoops for my flours and sugars. The thumb rest on the handle makes them comfortable to use. The handles are short and the shape is perfect, so they don't take up a lot of space in the bin. The grooves at the bottom of the oxo container lid are something I don't like and I knew that before I bought it. I store them upside down in the dry goods to keep them out of the grooves. I will be buying another set after I get these.

👤I love the half cup scoops so much that I bought more. I make my own smoothie. I put one scoop in a bag of frozen mixed berries and another scoop in a bag of frozen blue berries. I am able to make the same smoothie week in and week out without having to guess how much I put in the bag. I like the shape of the scoop so the berries don't slide out of it, as they might if using a scoop designed for ice. The short handle is great because it doesn't take up a lot of space in the bag. I put a scoop in my oatmeal to make it easy to make breakfast. These OXO scoops are very good.

👤I was hoping that the base of these scoops would be able to level measuring cups, but they can't, which is disappointing because I hate to have to use more utensils than is needed. They are sturdy and durable. The base is odd because of the outdent. I wouldn't recommend or purchase again.

👤They are small in the containers. I knew they wouldn't hook to the lid, but still appreciated they were clear and flat on top of the items. It's convenient to have a scoop there when you need it. I couldn't find the right side with the short handles for the plastic scoops.

👤These are nice little scoops and I have the OXO canisters, but I discovered after I bought them that my older canisters don't have the small circle that these attach to. They are good quality and I use them.

👤While the scoops look nice, they don't make it clear that they don't attach to the OXO containers. The scoop came with small cups that could be used to attach it to the container lid, but that isn't the case. Their latest plastic containers are probably a great choice, but not with the older ones.

6. Measuring Spoons U Taste Stainless Ingredients

Measuring Spoons U Taste Stainless Ingredients

We want to make sure that you love their products as much as they do. If you have any issues with them, please contact them and they will be happy to help you. You have nothing to worry about, and you will be happy with these. They upgrade it, not just make it. They are a professional kitchenware producer. Customer reviews of similar products on Amazon are collected by U-Taste in order to offer better and eco-friendly cookware. The aim is to upgrade the products based on the data of the bad evaluation. If you are tired of having easily-faded painted measurements, you can turn to deeply-engraved measurement which remain intact after having been used many times. The measuring scooper set comes with 1/16th of a cup, 1/6th of a cup, 1/3th of a cup, 1/2th of a cup, and 1st of a cup. Each one gives the measurement. If you are disappointed with easily cracked plastic set, you can switch from cheaper plastic to more resistant steel. Premium food grade 18/8stainless steel doesn't absorb odors like plastic, so they upgraded the material. No worries of having your appetite ruined by rust. The thickness of the metal makes it hard to bend. Well-crafted handles and edge for you. Imagine if the handles bend when you are measuring sugar and the edge is too sharp. How bad is that? They knew that 16.97% of the reviews were positive. Their thicker handles are long enough to dip into the deepest container. The spoons are deep to hold both liquids and dry. The rims are polished to prevent injury. Do you have problems with storage and cleaning? Even with the dry cycle on, this set can be washed by hand and dishwasher. The D-ring is included so you can easily nest them together and remove the ones you need.

Brand: U-taste

👤I own a Cuisipro and an Endurance measuring spoon sets that are both rated as top measuring spoons in quality and accuracy. I have been looking for the 1/3 spoon measure for a long time and have been trying to find it. The U-taste set is comparable in quality. Even though there are 9 pieces, the spoons take very little room. The set is very comfortable to use and feels heavy in a good way. I compared the accuracy to the other two sets I own and it was the same. The Cuisipro and the Endurance sets are both claimed to be accurate by professionals, but when I use a small jewelry scale, they are not exactly the same. The picture shows the amount of sugar and not the amount shown. Unless you are doing scientific experiments, this set is the only set you will need for cooking and baking.

👤I thought that the 1/16th spoon looked too big when I pulled them from the package. I use almost daily the brand that we already have, so I had a good reference. I had the perfect measuring tool because I keep a couple of narrow plastic syringes around to give my cat medication. I filled the barrel with water, then squirted out excess water after I had drained the air bubbles. This amount was enough to fill my existing 1/6th cup. The rounded number is 1/16th of a cup. I used the same procedure to fill the 1/16th spoon in this set. There was a lot of space left. This was not accurate. The volume of this 1/16th cup is closer to my accurate 1/6th cup. I'm going to send the rest of the set back because I think it's flawed, since I bought this set for the odd sizes. China may rule for cheap mass-manufactured stuff, but when you start messing with cooks by giving them inaccurate measuring devices, that's not cool.

👤Like me, I depend on people's own experiences before I buy something. "Get these measuring spoons!" I say. They are heavy and strong, so no nooks or crannies for dirt to hide, so they are durable. They are nice to look at. Even though they're a little pricey, you'll have these for years to come, so you're really saving money and not having to throw away cheap old plastic ones where the markings have worn away on them. They're made in China, but I don't like that. It's hard to find any made in the USA. I threw away my old plastic ones when I opened, inspected, and washed them because I love them so much. I love measuring spoons.

👤I felt I needed to warn people because U-TASTE USA tried to bribe me into buying a replacement set. Their quotes are all part of the message they sent to me. The edited version of mine is what I asked for. Half of the spoons had sharp edges and were damaged when I arrived. The company asked for some equipment. You can see the size of the spoon in the first picture, then the next picture, and then the damage in the last picture. I didn't do all the spoons, but you can see the rough spots on the 1 and 1/2 cups. 1/15th of a second and 1/6th of a second. I did my best, as I am taking pictures with a tablets and metal spoons. It's hard to get a picture of the feeling of sharpness, but you can see where the nicks and rough surfaces are. I offered to recycle what I could of the spoons, if my husband could file off rough spots to make them usable for something I would be using gloves for. These are not suitable for use as chopsticks. You can feel the sting when you try to level up. The paper and gas to mail it back was a waste of time. I trust my Amazon community because they admitted that bad spoon sets happen and they replaced them for other customers. I told the company that I would buy them if they sent a second set for me to inspect and it had no damage. I explained that I was only trusting the AMAZON community and I would need a new, undamaged set to be sent to me, like any other AMAZON customer, before I could commit to buying that new set! I regret trying to be nice and not just leaving the review with a picture that will ruin it. 3 days of terrible customer service and lousy craftsmanship were the norm. Oct 28, 2020, TASTE-U USA apologized for any hassle brought to you. We work hard to ensure high quality standards through multiple quality checks, but sometimes we come across faulty products, and the factory workers may make mistakes when they are too busy. We are happy to send out a new replacement with our 12 month warranty. Can you take a picture of the item? We apologize for the inconvenient experience you had with our products and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much! The U-Taste USA Customer Service Team explained why the item was damaged. I have the pics and can just put them in a review, but I was trying to work with you first and send pics to you privately. I like to review a REPLACEMENT set that isn't damaged. I need a new undamaged item for the set I'm buying. I am not buying this set. It is broken! I don't use my warranty for an item that arrived broken. The warranty is for the undamaged item, not the broken one. I offered to recycle the set, but not buy it. I said I would try again and let you send a replacement because I don't want you to buy a broken set and lose my warranty. What if the next set is damaged? I trust you and your reviews that this set is a mistake and not the quality of your items. Please let me know if you would like me to recycle the broken set, send a new set orRefund my money, because I am not buying a broken set. The replacement will be arranged. Throw the broken set. The name and address are listed. We apologize for the inconvenient experience you had with our products. The U-Taste USA Customer Service Team is trying to get me to agree to accept this as a warranty replacement. Why would I pay for a broken item and then give it up? I kept asking for a clarification that the replacement for the broken item you sent me was a brand new item with replaceable parts. I didn't break or misplace it, it came broken/defective. You don't have my permission to mail me a replacement item until I have a clarification. If I don't get the clarification by Monday, I'm requesting a refund from AMAZON. Oct 31, 2020, TASTE-U USA response: "So sorry for all the disruptions." The new undamaged item is covered by the warranty. Please confirm the address so that I can send you the undamaged item. I really wanted to work with this company, but I have to request a refund. Please read the response from this company carefully if you are a AMAZON COMMUNITY that speaks English as a 2nd language or just tire at the end of the day. It is your right for them to replace a damaged item with a new one without any cost or obligation, and without any benefits or warranties that the new item comes with! You have the right to inspect that "Replacement" if it was a new purchase. You have the right to buy or return it after inspection. They can't make you buy it. They can't keep your money and call it a warranty replacement. Awarranty replacement is when the item you bought breaks. If you agree to buy the damaged replacement, the company will give you a 12-month warranty. If you discover that the replacement is also damaged, you can return it for a full refund. Stay safe! Your mask protects me! I would like to thank you for protecting me and my family.

7. RSVP Endurance Stainless Measuring 8 Teaspoon

RSVP Endurance Stainless Measuring 8 Teaspoon

Sexual abuse can cause sexual imbalances and grief. Strengthens the heart and allows energy to flow through it. Quality materials. It is made of highly polished 18/8 STAINLESS STEEL. Functions: A classic design that works in any kitchen - long handle fits into deeper jars. The design is slanted. The hole in the handle makes it easy to put on a ring or chain. It's 5 inches by 1/2 inch by a quarter inch. Care instructions. It's dishwasher safe. Place silverware in a dishwasher caddy or wrack for easy cleaning.

Brand: Rsvp International

👤I had to measure the powdered supplement for my cat's medication. This will make it easy to do. The spoon is made of 18/8 steel. The spoon is easy to clean and will last longer than I will. It was shipped very quickly. I ordered my cat's medication before I ordered the spoon. I have been using this spoon for two years. I use it to fill empty capsule for myself to save money on supplements, but I originally bought it for animal medication. The spoon is easy to clean and has a stamped handle. And '.63ML'. You will not regret buying this.

👤If you bake or cans, then you need this. There are so many recipes that call for an ant. Most measuring spoon collections go from 1 to 1/2 Teaspoon. You can get the exact spoon that is called for, or you can eyeball it. This is a nice piece of metal and I can see it lasting a long time. It was worth it.

👤My dog was given Chinese herbs by the vet. The spoon is perfect. I like the long handle because I can get to the bottom of the jar. I keep his medication on the small cutting board. See the photo. It's cute, huh?

👤There are a couple of recipes that I use regularly that call for a small amount of ground pepper. The spoon is great for getting the right amount from the jar. It seems like it will last the rest of my life, and I think it will be for another 20 years.

👤This works out perfectly for measuring the oil I'm taking. I needed to measure out the last part of the oil from a squeeze-bottle because I didn't want to take capsules. I was able to get the oil up to the brim without spilling it. For my purposes, precision isn't important, even though I can't say if this spoon measures precisely. I'm very pleased with the construction and material.

👤I needed a measuring spoon and powder for a kitty. It has held up great to regular use and hand washing, and it is a small measurement, but the perfect length to not get lost in the shuffle of my utensils.

👤The majority of measuring spoon sets do not have the small amount. This was perfect because I have found that there are many times I need it. Heavier duty than I expected.

👤Some of the recipes I have call for 1 8 of a spice. Many measuring spoon sets don't come with a small amount of liquid. This is a great product because it is easy to clean, sturdy, and accurate.

👤I use a measuring spoon when making up my own mineral water.

👤I bought it to measure my cream.

👤Small measuring spoons that don't rust and have a long handle to reach inside bottles of powder are an excellent quality.

👤Sturdy metal. Does the job well.

👤The product is excellent, as it has a deep base for accurate measuring, but the spoons are too shallow.

8. Tablespoon Measure Canisters Powbab Teaspoon

Tablespoon Measure Canisters Powbab Teaspoon

There is a wide application for jars to store makeup, body butters, hair clips, nail accessories, charms, beads, and small jewelry. There is a dual susceptibility to disease. Measure 15mL - 3 Teaspoons - 1/16 Cup - 1/2 Oz. There are lines on the inside for 1 and 1 1/2. It is made in the USA and free of BPA. The total length is 3.5 inches. The material is Polypropylene. The FDA and USDA are safe for food contact. Use as lab measuring spoons, micro scoop measuring spoon or small scoops for canisters. The short handle powder scoop was done. Micro measuring spoons can be used for supplements or for use instead of measuring spoons. There are either reuseable or disposable plastic miniatures. The tiny spoon is perfect for powbab powders. The spoon can be kept inside the bag as a micro spoon or mini scoop. When a measuring spoon is not available, mini scoopers can be used as scoopers for containers. Use for liquid or powder. 100% guaranteed.

Brand: Powbab

👤I was debating whether to invest in metal spoons to keep my coffee inside my cannister, but I'm glad I went with the plastic spoons. Several customers had concerns about the measurement of the metal spoons, but that's not the case with these ones. I got a 25-pack a few days ago, which was a better deal than the 10-pack, and I've already put half of them in containers, including a bag of coffee from the donut shop. The size is just right and the material feels sturdy. The short handle makes it easier to store in the jar after a refill. I prefer the spherical shape of the scoop over the capsule-like or deep scoops where you can't really tell if there are pockets of air. It's pretty cool that it has both measurement in one.

👤I measure out my food for every meal. These definitely were, which was something that was affordable. I'm not trying to go easy on them, they are holding up well and are plastic. They don't flex at the handle when they scoop up thicker ingredients like cold cream cheese. I can't say whether they are dishwasher safe or not because I hand wash them. I like them so far. They do what they're designed to do.

👤These are being used as scoops for my pantry containers. I have scoops that do double duty for measuring ingredients, so I just leave them in the containers. These have half and whole marks on them. If you don't want the little ones misplacing or ruining your expensive measuring spoons, they are really handy.

👤I had to wash my one-third of a cup several times a day because a lot of dressings, creamers, and other products use more than one-third of a cup. I have one in the canister of coffee and it's convenient to have multiples. I did a hand wash. I decided to sacrifice one and wash it in the dishwasher, which was fine.

👤I have so many ingredients that I use the same size measure for over and over, but it's hard to wash the measuring spoon when it's only used for the same powder. I can keep the spoon in the jar and only clean it when necessary. Thank you.

👤I leave these in the bags or containers of the kitchen ingredients I use. I can be lazy and wash less dishes if I do that. I like that the handle is short since I find long handled ones a bit awkward.

👤I leave scoops inside of containers of lightweight products, but they are just a little flimsy. It is much cheaper to buy sets of graduated measures. The handles are short and fit nicely inside my containers.

👤We keep one of these in each container and we are so happy we got them.

9. Tablespoon Plastic Measuring 10 Pack Kitchen

Tablespoon Plastic Measuring 10 Pack Kitchen

The Wisconsin-based company is family-owned. AllSpice products are of the highest quality. For quick, personalized customer service, contact them anytime. The products are manufactured in China. You get 10 scoops, enough for the basic kitchen. The 20-pack is also available on Amazon. BEYOND COFFEE: You can put one in each canister for brown sugar, baking soda, baking powder, flax seed, chia seed, arrow root, bread crumbs, oat bran, yeast, wheat germ, nuts and tea leaves. Put one in your coffee as well. The laundry room and bathroom are useful around the house. For crafts and do-it-yourself projects. Food safe plastic. It is recommended that you wash your product for a longer time. The bowl is 4 inches long and 1.25 inches wide. The purity is 15 milliliters.

Brand: Cornucopia Brands

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I use a spoon for everything. Measuring salad dressing, coffee creamer, chia seeds, etc. I was washing the same amount as before. Not anymore! These things look small, but they are exactly 1 TBSP.

👤I just got these, and they are not ounces. If you are going to use them for measuring, don't get them, they are about a quarter short. I got these because we keep missing them. These are scoops that are not meant for measuring.

👤This is one of those small things that make your life easier. I don't need to wash the same amount 5 times a day. Instead, I put one in my coffee canister, bag of chia seeds, bag of hemp seeds, and keep them there for when I need to measure out a serving. I can wash and reuse them again.

👤The price caught my attention. I will be using them for homemade gifts. I will be making cake this year. My granddaughter works in a doctors office and I try to make her a gift. I needed to measure how much cake will be in a cup. Cost is important to me because I am retired. These will be perfect.

👤I needed it for my kitchen because I had been using measuring cups and spoons in my cooking and baking and I had to wash them every time I needed them. I decided to get enough scoops so I don't have to replace them. I use 5 for tea, chocolate powder, coffee, creamer, and powdered milk. I measured it using measuring spoons. They are easy to clean and useful for any kitchen. I will be able to buy them again if they don't last long.

👤They're a bit larger than a 1/2 ounce. I need 1 full ounce, not 1/2 ounce.

👤These work well, but they are very overpriced for what you get for 10. It should be 15 for $7.99 or 10 for $4.99. I bought mini spatulas on Amazon for five dollars and it was a good price for the quality. The spoons look like they cost a lot to make. It did measure as a small amount. I measured it with different amounts. I would check your local dollar store for the best price for them.

👤The 10 pack was not a 10 pack, it was a 9 pack. Someone opened the bag and took a spoon. The bag was torn open and the label said 10 spoons, but only 9 were in the box.

10. 2lbDepot Teaspoon Measuring Heavy Duty Stainless

2lbDepot Teaspoon Measuring Heavy Duty Stainless

There is a 100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION WARRANTY. They're sure you'll love your new measuring spoons, but if you don't, they'll send you a full refund. No risk on your part. Baking great mouth-watering pies, cakes and cookies requires precise measurements, and this measuring spoon has the accuracy you demand. Their spoons fit easily into narrow jars and tins. The quality of the chef at home is professional. The measuring spoon set is a professional chef's quality and can be used in commercial kitchens and by home bakers and cooks alike. A gift for the chef in your life is elegant and practical. The spoons are heavy-duty, industrial grade quality, and have the markings engraved directly into the spoons so they will never wear off. These spoons are made of metal and will last a lifetime. Measuring liquid and dry ingredients is one way to save time in the kitchen. They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Money back guarantee. They think you will like these narrow measuring spoons. All of their products are backed by a money back guarantee. If you're not happy with your purchase, return it for a hassle-free refund.

Brand: 2 Lb. Depot

👤Quality is garbage. You would expect something nicer for $7. It is not what you should get for that amount of money. It needs to be returned asap.

👤I like it. Its shape makes it easy to reach in small jars or grab the last of a container. The handle is longer. It is thick and doesn't bend like cheap spoons. This is used for my daily coffee ritual. The polished surface makes it easy to clean even cocoa powder with a rag, which means less trips to the sink for cleaning when handling a dry powder.

👤I love these numbers! My husband and I both use Weight Watchers to measure throughout the day. We needed several so we weren't always washing. These are great. They are strong. The handle bends if we use it to scoop peanut butter. These handles are heavy and won't bend. I was surprised by the size of these. They were bigger than a spoon. I tested the accuracy of the spoon against other brands. They are a little longer and a little more shallow. They can easily scoop into the jars. You will love them!

👤I am impressed with all of the measuring products I have ordered from 2lb depot. The design of the measuring spoons is ideal for small spice jars, and the 18/8stainless is superior in quality. The seller sent follow up emails to check my satisfaction, which is nice and classy. Will order this brand from this seller if I decide to upgrade my cups. Highly recommended.

👤The quality of this measuring spoon is not similar to my other measuring spoons and cups. It's heavy and sturdy, but it's not finished well, rough with sharp edges, where the handle meets the bowl. I sent the first one back for a new one, and it had the same issue.

👤These were what I needed. I bought 2 sets of measuring spoons at the store. The narrow design makes them easy to fit into jars. Since I found additional uses for garden and pet needs, my tablespoons were always "otherwise engaged". I didn't want to have to buy more sets so the ability to buy single cups fit my needs exactly. Thanks!

👤A spoon. We wanted to leave a measuring spoon on the kitchen counter with our soda maker. We wanted the spoon to have the same finish as the soda maker. The price of the spoon was reasonable. The quality was better than expected. Great sellers!

👤I bought this because I have to give my dog a powdered supplement. I bought this and give my dog exact ones every time.

11. Milligrams Measuring Supplement Measurement Spoons

Milligrams Measuring Supplement Measurement Spoons

HEALTHY LIVING Many products endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation are endorsed by Ezy Dose. For quick identification, use the color-coded code. Don't put your spoons in the drawer. You should know that you need a measuring spoon for powder in your nootropic stack. There is a statIC-free polyproPylene. There is less waste. The static cling of other plastics waste your powder. The plastic used in their micro scoops is free of harmful chemicals and won't make a mess. LIFETIME 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! All of their products are supported by them. They will make it right if you send them an email. A quick and convenient alternative to a gram scale. No more having to use a scale to measure the correct dose. This micro scoop can be used in your car, at work or school, or at the gym. Save money with a filigree pack. You don't have to buy expensive bulk packs when you only need one spoon of each size, and you don't have to pay high prices for individual spoons.

Brand: Superdosing

👤These small scoops are great for small amounts of product. Some of the supplements can be taken with a quarter or eighth of a cup. Without these tiny micro scoops it would be hard to get the right amount. They are static-free so that I don't have to worry about wasting my money. I know that I am getting the full amount, rather than losing some that is still stuck to the scoop, because they are static-free. It is important. There have been questions about the volume of these scoops. The basic laws of physics are what we're going back to. Two equal volumes of different substances do not necessarily have the same weight. The weight of two substances may not have the same volume. Even though they might look similar, different substances have different densities. That is important to remember. A small amount of salt and a small amount of silver would vary greatly in weight. Let's say that we are using flour in all three scoops. The amount of flour would be equal to. It's a little bit. The amount of flour would be equal to.004 of a gram. The amount of flour is equivalent to.005 tsp. The seller of a bulk supplement will advise you on how much to take, either in ounces or grams. Before taking a supplement, be sure to ask for the correct amount. Different people can react differently to the same supplement. When you take a supplement, you are basically self-medicating, as the FDA has not done the necessary research to determine if a substance should be a prescription. Before taking a supplement, be sure to do your own research so that you know what you're getting into, both in terms of possible benefits and possible risks. I know. I had a bad reaction to an OTC supplement. You should tell your doctor that you are taking this supplement. Most doctors don't know much about supplements. Nobody ever said the laws of physics are easy to understand or recall.

👤I was expecting an assortment with multiple examples of each size, but I didn't see it. This item is an extremely poor value because it is in many packages and costs between $10-12. My recommendation is to find another option, and not order this to be given to the seller in order to reward them for their business. Ripoffs like this are not nice. If you use other materials to measure doses, you will likely find that some powders leave a residue that sticks to the spoons, so if you tap them, you won't get the full contents.

👤The product is excellent, but the pictures are a little deceiving. A picture with a ball bearing has been included.

👤I don't have the tools or standards to measure these against, but they work well for me. I get good results from the supplement I bought which calls for a 10-30 Mg powder dosage, but I have yet to OD, to my knowledge. The yellow one with the two heads is easy to carry around with you in one of the small bags, the other two are longer. I'm glad I don't have to measure my dose with my finger at work. That would be awkward.


What is the best product for 5 gram supplement scoop?

5 gram supplement scoop products from Libertyware. In this article about 5 gram supplement scoop you can see why people choose the product. Allspice and Rsvp International are also good brands to look for when you are finding 5 gram supplement scoop.

What are the best brands for 5 gram supplement scoop?

Libertyware, Allspice and Rsvp International are some of the best brands that chosen by people for 5 gram supplement scoop. Find the detail in this article. Ostwony, Oxo and U-taste are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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