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Ashwagandha 3 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Stressballs Destress Calming BlackBerry Gummies

Stressballs Destress Calming BlackBerry Gummies

Stress Less, Sleep More De-Stress Snooze is an herbal supplement that will help you sleep better. Ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years to help manage stress. Stress Relief that gets more effective over time with nightly doses of two Stressballs gummies. Drug-Free, Non-Habit Forming, Free of Lactose.

Brand: Stressballs

👤You can buy these at Walmart for half the price.

👤I am one of the people who are affected by ashwagandha. I wanted to make other buyers aware of this. They taste really funky. I'm happy they helped others, but mine ended up in the trash.

👤These work are also good. Take 2, lay down and relax, and in less than an hour you will be sound asleep and not the least bit sleepy when you wake up. The best natural sleep remedy I have tried. I think I tried them all.

👤Great taste! I have trouble sleeping. They calm me down during the day. I have my regular meds at night. I agree that they work.

👤Since I have a daughter and my husband and I are not on the same sleep schedule, I was hitting a wall with melatonin and my depression was getting worse. I followed the directions and had no idea what happened after 20 minutes. I haven't slept that hard in a long time. I didn't feel foggy or sleepy when I woke up. I definitely recommend.

👤This stuff works. A little too good. I slept for 12 hours after taking it.

👤It tastes terrible and does not work.

👤This works for me. I have both night and daytime formulas on hand. I'm happy I found this product. The first day of use was different. Just buy them! Don't hesitate. I subscribe on auto-ship. The amount in the bottles is not enough.

2. Vitafusion Supplement Ashwagandha Phosphatidylserine Blueberry

Vitafusion Supplement Ashwagandha Phosphatidylserine Blueberry

The key ingredients are Ashwagandha and Phosphatidylserine. This product is formulated with vitamins and minerals to help support brain nourishment. You'll love the taste of the delicious natural blueberry flavor. The no's: No Synthetics, Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners. No high Fructose Corn Syrup, no dairy, and no dyes. America's No. 1 gummy vitamins brand: they deliver the best experience so you will look forward to your daily dose.

Brand: Vitafusion

👤I don't have time to write reviews. I wanted to say that they work. I work full time. I only have a couple of good days out of the month when I am in a fog. Taking these has made a huge difference. It's been a good day so far. I get things done and that is important to me. My mind is clear and I have more energy. My first order is this one.

👤This is a really good product. It contains a different strand of ashwaganda compared to the usual brands I get and from what I research online they are similar in effectiveness even though the dose is lower. It has a slightly bitter taste. I like the sugar around the outside and the flavor of the berry. I only took it for 2 weeks so can't speak for long term use. I feel relaxed. I take 2 gummies with my coffee in the morning and it is a gummy treat. Thank you vitafusion.

👤Don't order during the summer. I was excited to try them, but now they are not returnable because they have melted into a large lump.

👤My 4th graders takes them and he says it helps him focus. His teachers noticed a difference in his classes when he took them. He takes them at lunch to help him hold it together.

👤I live in a northern area with very gray, gloomy weather. I started using this supplement and it made me feel better. I don't have to be like a bear in the winter.

👤Please talk to your medical providers if you have any medical concerns. It took a few days to get it out of my system.

👤I like the grape flavor. I have been taking Ashwagandha supplements for over a year. They help me with my stress levels. I can't recommend these enough for those who need some relief. I sleep better at night. It took me about a week to feel the changes. I prefer these over medicating myself.

3. Ayush Herbs Ashwagandha Kids

Ayush Herbs Ashwagandha Kids

A multi functionherb. Ashwagandha has been used for hundreds of years and may promote immune function, support high energy, and prompt a healthy stress response. It might help to promote sleep. A natural adaptogen. It can be helpful when kids have trouble sleeping. The Withania-complex supplement is made from all-natural, organic ashwagandha extract. Most kids can use it because it's vegetarian and free from milk, soy, eggs, and wheat. These supplements are backed by physicians and may provide a boost to cognitive function, immune system support, and overall health and longevity. Herbal health products. Ayush Herbs has the latest scientific technology to provide the highest-quality Ayurvedic herbal supplements.

Brand: Ayush Herbs

👤I was getting calls from school about my son. Nothing seemed to work for us for a while. He would be expelled if it continued. I have taken Ashwaghanda for a long time and found this one for kids. He doesn't like the taste, but I add one dropper full to a small amount of water and then stir some honey in. The only way to get him to take water every morning is if he licks the spoon and takes a big gulp. The changes have been amazing. He only gets better after two weeks. They say they don't have to talk to him because he has not had a bad day at school. He would go to the office on a regular basis. He has the same fun personality, but when he gets upset, he calms down a lot easier. He can do all the exercises we worked on before. He was too upset to try. I have been enjoying his company more recently. Very happy with the product!

👤The kids will like the taste. I saw a change in my son's behavior in a day and a half. If you have a hyper active kid and you are avoiding drugs, this is the best way to go.

👤Fast delivery has worked well for a child with emotional disabilities.

👤Many vitamins say they can help kids with symptoms of ADHD. This was the only thing I thought was promising. I wanted to look for natural alternatives and use medication as a last resort because my 7 year old is showing strong signs. The results are strong after 2 weeks. She is learning and retaining school work with ease. I had a prize box since she was in kindergarten, but she never had a good week of good behavior. 3 months into 2nd grade. She had to choose a prize. Since taking these drops, she is more confident in her schoolwork. I mix it with some punch or apple juice to make it taste less strong. The price is fine for this amount. It is about 10 weeks worth of product. I will keep buying them.

👤The item we received tastes like Black Licorice. My son doesn't mind taking it if I don't like it first. I will change my review in 3 months to see if it helps.

👤I brought this product to see if it would help my son. After 2 days he was less active. I mix it with cold water so it goes down smoothly.

👤These drops are amazing. I was looking for an alternative for my 10 year old and this was the one I found. He was kicked out of school, kicked off the bus, and had a hard time staying focused, and his grades were dropping. His teacher didn't have anything nice to say about him. I was devastated. He is a completely new kid after two weeks of taking these drops. His attitude has changed, he is eager to learn and is getting great reports from his teacher. This product deserves a lot of praise.

4. Focus Factor Strength Complete Vitamins

Focus Factor Strength Complete Vitamins

Focus Factor Kids Extra Strength is formulated for kids to help support healthy brain function, with essential vitamins, and more. Your child's brain needs proper nutrition to perform at home or school, like other parts of the body. Their formula includes high quality cognitive ingredients such as choline, bilberry, and vitamins B, C and D. Great tasting liquid: Their focus supplement for kids comes in a great-tasting berry blast that your kids will love to take. There are no astrological fluids or sweeteners. Their kids formula is free of artificial colorings, artificial sweeteners, fragrances, andPreservatives. It is dairy-free and free of wheat. Focus Factor: They have a range of products that help you find your focus. Focus Factor has been America's brain health supplement brand for nearly 20 years.

Brand: Focus Factor

👤I was concerned when my son wasn't completing his in-class assignments because he was in his own world according to his teacher. I didn't want my 6 year old to go straight to prescription drugs. When a friend recommended Focus Factor to me, I thought it was worth a try. This has been the best investment I have ever made. The change within the first week was so noticable that his teacher wrote me to keep it up. The child is fully engaged in class. I plan to use this to help him focus on his lessons.

👤My seven year old son was having trouble concentrating. I wish I could bottle it for myself. We wanted to find a solution without using medication because it was causing issues with his schoolwork. The Focus Factor supplement has some great vitamins for brain-building, but not the Omega-3s you'd expect for such. The Focus Factor tablets are free of artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners, but they do contain SOY, which can be an allergy. You chew two tablets a day for children 4+. The bottle has 120 in it, so it has a 60-day supply. The "berry blast" flavor of the tablets tastes good, according to my son. After two months of use, these did not work for us. We won't be buying again. We've been using it with our oldest daughter for about five years and it really helps her focus, and we can tell when she doesn't take them. We switched my son to those, and have already seen some changes. The Focus Factor did not work for us.

👤My son has attention deficit disorder and I and his teacher are trying to find an alternative to medication. This is definitely true. We just finished our first bottle and are ordering more. His teacher told me that he has seen a huge difference in his quality of work and his focus. He is so proud of himself and his grades now that he is getting on a good color each day. I'm very happy with this! He is in second grade.

👤My son has some learning disabilities. vitamins help with his attention deficit disorder I work full time so I can't see him during the week. His nanny and teacher said that his attention span increased when he took his daily vitamins. He is a bit calmer and less crazy.

👤I regret not getting this sooner. My son would sometimes bring home reminders on a daily basis that ranged from 1 to 3 a day. Within a week, I could see a difference. He has been taking vitamins for a month and only received one reminder a week. His grades have been shifted to A's and B's with an occasional D, and his teacher sent notes home the last two days saying that he is now paying attention in class. She told me that she was very proud of him for taking his time and asking questions, which he never did before, and that they took a benchmark on math. tv is off at a certain time and we changed a few things. This has been a blessing. I did not want our son to have to take prescription drugs. This is more natural. As far as our son is concerned, these are vitamins. I didn't tell him it was to help with focusing because I didn't want it to have a placebo affect. Nothing worked before I tried essential oils. It took the teacher a full month to see that it was going uphill. After the first week, his grades started to improve. We will be returning customers.

5. Life Extenson Ashwagandha Capsules 60 Count

Life Extenson Ashwagandha Capsules 60 Count

Your body responds to stress in different ways. Cortisol is a stress hormone. Keeping cortisol in a healthy range is important since it shows the effects of stress. Ashwagandha is able to do that. Ashwagandha is good for your mind and memory. It has been shown to support both short term and general memory, as well as help with attention and information processing, so you stay focused on the task at hand. The Ashwagandha contains Sensoril Ashwagandha extract. It is made from both the root and leaf and has standardized oligosaccharides and withanolide conjugates. Why does this matter? These are the active compounds that are found in ashwagandha. INGREDIENTS MATTER - Sourced using only the finest raw ingredients with the purity and power your body deserves. A Certificate of Analysis is available for every product they produce, and the majority of their products are non-GMO, non-genetically modified and manufactured in the USA. Live your healthiest life. They have been developing advanced, effective formulas for over 40 years. They believe the answers to a healthier, richer life are within reach, and that rigorous scientific research is the path to get them there. The ingredients and dosages used in the studies that inspired them are used to create their formulas.

Brand: Life Extension

👤It seems to help with anxiety and fatigue. I will be rearranging. Ashwagandha is recommended for adrenal fatigue, a feeling of being burned out that no amount of sleep seems to cure. It's only been a week, but it's definitely abating my anxiety, which I believe is a significant contributor to fatigue. The primary active constituents of Ashwagandha are called withanolide glycosides. One of the Ashwaghanda extracts that I'm aware of is called Sensoril. Some people find Sensoril too sedating. The product contains Sensoril, an Ashwagandha extract. There are two types of proprietary Ashwagandha extracts, one of which is called Sensoril. The most potent is Sensoril. The KSM-66 is solid. It's claim to fame is that it's manufacturer tries to duplicate the ratio of each active component. I believe Sensoril is going for the overall. The LEF is solid. I would recommend searching their site as they have many helpful articles. I buy their products a lot. * This is very competitive. I took the product for several days. I'm not near bouncing back in terms of energy level. It seems that this is helping with a.m. anxiety. If you haven't taken Ashwagandha before, you may want to check out something less potent. I just came off of a month of a good product, and I tend to be unresponsive to supplements. I haven't received any discounts. For this review.

👤The product contains maltodextrin, an unnecessary and highly-processed filler agent that has twice the glycemic index as table sugar. You would be better off finding a better compound.

👤I'm impressed with this product. I've tried many different brands but this is the only one that provided noticeable benefits. Better mood, less crying spells, and more energy. I have a doctor. It has side effects. I had insomnia for the first 5 days. Even though I was getting less sleep, I was still not depressed. I don't need to take it every day. It works for me, I take it every other day. It's not as bad as it used to be. The insomnia is worse if I have a couple drinks. It's so strange, even if I take the ashwagandha first thing, I lie awake and drink for hours. Without the ashwagandha, this never happens. It was affecting my sleep a lot. I would be awake for hours when I tried to fall asleep if I took it first thing. I stopped taking it.

👤Be careful with this herb. I took this for a week and then went to the ER with a case of extreme Vertigo. I don't think it was a coincidence, just be cautious. There are a few studies that show cases of Vertigo.

👤This is my go to for stress management. Ashwagandha powder does not taste good and capsule form is the way to go. It works better than ginseng for me. Taking more than the recommended dose at the end of the day can have a profound effect on relaxation and stress resilience. Theanine and reishi work well with this. Life Extension is my favorite brand of ashwagandha.

6. Garden Life Organics Ashwagandha Tablets

Garden Life Organics Ashwagandha Tablets

Their Ashwagandha Stress and Mood has 600mg of Organic Ashwagandha root (30mg Withanolides) to help promote your body's healthy stress response. Their formula is designed to help nourish the adrenal glands by fighting fatigue and boosting energy levels, so you can feel your best. Mykind Ashwagandha Stress and Mood provides a 4mg Probiotic Blend, added to aid in absorption, along with Organic ginger root for comfort. Stress support is a health concern. The process for Clean Tablet Technology only uses 100 percent Organic and Non-GMO plant material to bind tablets, they also use an Organic, Non-GMO verified method to extract the tablets. Mykind Organics is real to the root, tested at every step, so you don't have to settle for less than third-party certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, and Kosher.

Brand: Garden Of Life

👤Husband has dealt with depression and horrible anxiety for most of his life, and refuses to see a professional. He bought this for him and he didn't want to take it, but he agreed to try it for a week. You have no idea that he hates pills and is on his 3rd bottle. He feels better and our communication is more pleasant. Highly recommended.

👤It has been important to support the adrenal glands with the high level of stress. I have these to do that in our house. What are these things? The pressed pill is what these pills are. They have a nice smell and it's not overwhelming. They go down easily because they are large. What is in these? These pills have a variety of ingredients, including ginger root, gum arabic, palm oil, guar gum, organic sunflower lecithin, and tapioca maltodextrin. What is this? There is a DEXTROSE is one more ingredient. Are you messing with me? What is the reason why you don't like this pill? I don't want to take them because they have dextrose in them. My husband continued, but I stopped. There are other sources of stress relief. How do they perform? I didn't do as well with these as I did with other supplements with ashwagandha. I stopped taking them because of something in the blend that didn't sit well with me. I will let my husband finish them because he seems to get in a better mood. These have great promise, but the inclusion of sugar and negative reactions made me stop taking them. Neither of us like that they have dextrose in them, but my husband does okay with them. We won't purchase again in the future. My rating is two stars. It is ridiculous that this is a pressed capsule. Another factor. I have never had a negative reaction to ashwagandha.

👤I feel the need to write a review for this product. I hope I can help someone with this. Please be careful. I would avoid it like the plague. I bought this to help with ED. I was diagnosed with stage II cancer in October of 2020 and lost 25 lbs after undergoing surgery. Things weren't up to par after surviving cancer and going through all of the stress. I started taking this product because of all of the great reviews and the fact that it might help my issue. It has been used for thousands of years and I don't know what could go wrong. Let me tell you something. This product could have put me in the hospital. I began to get anxious after taking one pill. I think it's because my wife and I have been through a rough patch for 15 years, and she just started working after several years at home. The anxiousness turned into full blown manic depression, insomnia, no appetite, and bouts of full blown hysteric crying. I have never experienced anything like this before in my life. I have been slightly depressed in the past, but nothing like this. Nothing. I lost my trust in my wife because I was going crazy and it hurt my marriage because it was already very stressed out. I don't blame her because she didn't want to be around me anymore. I stopped taking any supplements for a few days just to see if I could even myself out after taking this stuff for almost a month. I took one last pill in the morning and that was it. I felt the same as I had been through Saturday, but on Sunday I had a couple of brief periods where I felt normal. It was shocking to me. I felt like I wasn't going crazy. I felt normal by evening. I was happy to be alive and joking with my wife. I slept well for the first time in a long time. On the Monday after, I write this. I feel pretty good, but I had a few brief periods of paranoia which scare me, but I am hopeful that things will get better as the days go on. I will be back to normal after a week or two. People react differently to things. I guess. This was a nightmare for me and I wouldn't wish it on my enemies.

7. Ashwagandha MaryRuths Adaptogenic Neuroprotective Homeostasis

Ashwagandha MaryRuths Adaptogenic Neuroprotective Homeostasis

USDA Organic Ashwagandha root is a great herb to use to relax. Ashwagandha root is used in traditional Ayurveda for centuries to alleviate stress. Ashwagandha root is often served as a Rasayana, an herbal preparation thought to promote a youthful state of health and happiness. Ashwagandha has been found to be an adaptogen that may help to alleviate stress and regulate homeostasis, while it may support the nervous system. The vegan formula is per serving. Purified Water and Organic Glycerin are other ingredients. Rapeseed is a yellow flowering plant in the Brassicaceae family. Liquid drops can be taken directly by mouth or added to water. Before use, shake well. Take up to 15 drops 1 to 3 times a day, or as recommended by a physician or healthcare professional. Made in a good quality facility, it is free of common Allergens. Alcohol Free Tincture, dairy free, nut free, wheat free, soy free, corn free, sugar free, no synthetic or artificial colors, and no animal products. It's Celiac Friendly. Nightshades are contained.

Brand: Maryruth Organics

👤I noticed my appetite had decreased within 2 days. I take a dropper every day. I put it under my tongue and let it sit for 30 seconds. I'm assuming the herb has reduced my appetite. I'm amazed at how effective it is. I don't feel any different in my sleep, but I feel calmer.

👤I didn't want to have to rate this item because it wasn't the brand that was the problem, but the herb itself. Within 20 minutes of taking 5 drops, I experienced a number of symptoms. Not for me! I'm not brave enough to ever try any amount again, so if you start at 1 drop or 1/2 drop, you'll be good to go. This herb is not for everyone.

👤My mood has leveled out in the month since I started taking these. This has made a difference for me while not impacting my breastfeeding. I would recommend to all mamas, especially those struggling with depression or anxiety, to always consult their professional first.

👤I love this supplement. I feel like a superhero when I use it. The mental fog doesn't exist.

👤I bought this to help with my depression. I keep it in my purse and have a couple of drops when I need it.

👤Let me start by saying I love Mary Ruth's products. I was considering trying ashwaghanda off the recommendation of a trusted friend. When I decided to give it a try, I went to MaryRuths. The taste wasn't bad, but not bad, and my mind felt a bit quieter after taking the recommended 20 drops. I got a headaches from taking it, and I became a bit aggressive. They aren't for everyone. This one is not for me.

👤I was skeptical until I tried it. It's really good. I would like to get it on an auto ship.

👤I bought this to help with anxiety. The pill form of ashwaganda worked well for me. I was excited to try this product because I was hoping for better results. The box suggested 15 drops but I knew better and started with 5, which instantly raised my blood pressure and hurt my back. It made me very nervous and raised my heart rate. I will tell you that I have hypertension and acid reflux. Please be careful. Do not use this if you want to feel worse.

8. Goodbye Softgels Ashwagandha L Theanine Supplement

Goodbye Softgels Ashwagandha L Theanine Supplement

The Goodbye Stress Ultra Softgels are made with powerful botanicals and are designed to help you stay calm and centered. The good things are inside. OLLY Goodbye Stress softgels are blended with a fast working active that supports a relaxed state of mind. L-Theanine and Lemon Balm are both used to help calm the mind and keep you cool. Ashwagandha is for mood and energy support. 2 softgels per day with water is what you should take. Don't chew, swallow whole. 60 capsule per bottle for a 30 day supply. Ultra softgels. Softgel blends have a hint of strawberry scent with zero sugar and are easy to swallow. The stress aid supplement is in a compact package. There is a match and a mix and match. Delightful OLLY products can be taken together.

Brand: Olly

👤I was skeptical of this brand after reading some of the reviews. My 1st graders anxiety and ADD is causing her to fall behind in school. I was desperate to try anything because I am in some groups that have GABA in them. I took it for myself because I wanted to know how to dose my daughter and what to expect. I was mellowed out completely by just one gummie. I gave my daughter the drug when I was confident it wouldn't kill her. I can't remember the last time she had a perfect report and a follow up email from her teacher, but I do remember that she had a different attitude that day. Things that would usually make her angry sailed smoothly. I had a calm and loving child after taking this. It isn't a miracle cure, but it takes the edge off so she can use the therapy to her advantage. I have been telling everyone in my circle about this brand.

👤I don't think it's a good idea to have melatonin in these. I understand why melatonin is in them, but people don't realize that melatonin can make depression, anxiety and stress worse. If you're taking these to help your mental health, be aware. You could be better off with a hot tea, a book, or a video. Melatonin can make nightmares more vivid. Be careful with them.

👤I like this product. I have body sensations of fear that cause anxiety. I started to feel scared and afraid. Within 15 minutes my body sensations disappear and my mind is quiet. I use other tools to help, but this makes it. I can pull the other tools out if I need to. What do you have to lose? There were no side effects. I am sensitive and have good vibes on this.

👤This product really helped with my stress and anxiety. I have a lot of anxiety. I was not going to go to the doctor to get a prescription for it, but this product will do just fine. I'm very happy that I found this product.

👤The effects take longer than 30 minutes for me to feel them. I feel good. These have been lifesavers when I feel overwhelmed.

👤I love these. I have been suffering from anxiety attacks for a long time. I can tell when it's starting up and I'll take 1 or 2 of these, but sometimes they don't fix it, but they make a huge difference that I would rather continue purchasing. If you've experienced anxiety, you should take them as soon as you feel it coming on, not if you're not used to it.

👤I don't know how much I love this gummy supplement. The label says to take two gummies. I don't take them often, just when things get a little busy, and the effect is nice. I recommended them to my mom, who was taking non-prescription anxiety medication, because they were non-prescription. She says they help. They taste great and don't upset me. I would definitely buy this product.

9. Nature Made Ashwagandha Capsules Reduction

Nature Made Ashwagandha Capsules Reduction

Trusted since 1960. Bronson Vitamins was founded by a group of pharmacists who saw the benefits of vitamins and mineral supplements. Bronson Vitamins have been mentioned by top medical professionals many times. Natural stress reduction. Nature Made Ashwagandha is made with Sensoril ashwagandha, which is more concentrated than standard ashwagandha root extract, which means you get more benefit with fewer milligrams. It's a circumstantial trait. Ashwagandha 125mg is clinically proven to reduce stress. 60 day supply includes 60 capsule, 1 per day. 1 capsule per day with water. QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Made from carefully selected ingredients and guaranteed to meet their high quality standards. No color added, no artificial flavors. The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The product is not intended to cure or diagnose a disease.

Brand: Nature Made

👤The effects of hair fall, nausea, depression and restless legs are intolerable.

👤I was stuck in the house for five weeks because of the COVID-19 virus, and I had a lying, deceitful, and manipulative no-nothing boss at work, who we'll call "Pustule" to keep from insulting some other poor soul's name. I bought a bottle of Ashwagandha because my wife recommended it. I didn't notice a difference immediately but after a week, I started feeling less stressed. I'm stuck in the house and Pustule is a terrible boss, but I feel better able to deal with both of them. Ashwagandha is one of the rare instances where a supplement has actually worked for me.

👤The product was not bad. If you have low blood pressure, you are not supposed to take these. These made me feel better, relaxed me, and lowered my blood pressure to the point I almost passed out. I only took one day a day for three days, and my blood pressure dropped too much. I waited a week and took them again for two days and felt the same way, I thought maybe it was something else. I felt more calm, so sad.

👤I read several reviews after trying the product at the suggestion of a coworker. I had a reaction. My mouth and tongue were swollen. I only took one pill. At what expense, I felt remarkably calm. I wish I could get my money back, my system said.

👤Awesome product! I feel better since taking it. Has helped me with my anxiety.

👤I have taken Ashwganda before but this version made me have insomnia and racing thoughts. I threw it out because it was so bad. Very upset with it.

👤This is very mild. I take every morning and I don't feel sleepy.

👤These seem to help with anxiety. There is a They don't make you have those awful vitamins. It doesn't stink. The capsules are easy to swallow.

10. Organic Ashwagandha 1300mg Capsules Enhancer

Organic Ashwagandha 1300mg Capsules Enhancer

There is a phenomena called the "superIOR POTENCY" The most potent formula available on the market is made from the organic ashwagandha root and has 100 vegan capsules. The organic ashwagandha powder root and black pepper extract help maximize absorption. They take pride in providing you a pure organic ashwagandha which does not contain magnesium stearate, dioxides, preservatives, gluten, soy, sugar, yeast, and non-gmo. Good Manufacturing PracticesGMP are used in the FDA registered facility. No questions asked about the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Nausea, stomach upset, and diarrhea are common side effects.

Brand: Naturalife Labs

👤I switched my son to this Ashwagandha because of the added pepper. This will help him with his anxiety. It worked well. He was calmer, he was able to work at school, and he stopped chewing his shirts. I ordered a few more bottles. The second bottle was not the same product as the first. My son doesn't have the same effect when the pepper is missing. His anxiety is back to normal. They sent me a bottle of the new product instead of returning my old one. It is not the same thing. It is almost like a bait and switch. This is the most frustrating thing. Changing medications can affect people's health. I will be looking for a new product when I return. The first two pictures are of bottles. The pepper on the pills is darker. The ones without are much lighter.

👤I bought this product for my dog who was recently diagnosed with mouth cancer. I read that this product has been used to shrink tumors in animals, so I wondered what I would lose if I tried it. The mass has shrunk and there is no more blood in her crate or food bowl. I believe the Ashwagandha is helping her, I have been feeding her soft raw food and alkaline water. I haven't felt any different yet, but have been crazy for a couple weeks, and have forgotten to take myself a couple of times, so will continue to give to both my dog and myself.

👤I waited to write a review until the bottle was empty. I was recovering from a bad case of brobchitis in December of last year. I was researching for natural things to do. I don't really understand what this is, I have never heard of it. Even though I had some of the symptoms, I didn't need to take medication because I had low thyroid issues before. Within a month my world changed as I started taking 1 a day. I grant you getting over being so sick was the reason for it. I continued to cough. This was much deeper, and it was cellular. I have never felt better in my life than I have the month of my 70th birthday. The not bad news, but strange news, to me anyway. It lasted a month and then I leveled off. My husband is going to have a surgery on his eyes next month and I know that has had an effect on him. I'm wondering if I could have built up a tolerance if I had increased my intake. I would like to know if you have any recommendations. I'm waiting for your response.

👤Wow! I was on a cocktail of medicine for over 6 years. I have dealt with anxiety and insomnia since stopping the drugs. I took a pill before bed last night and it was the best sleep I have had in a long time. I have been calm all day. Great product!

👤Do not buy this product. This made me think I was going to die. The brand has a problem. If you want to avoid the trouble, go to a supplement shop and buy a different brand than the one you're currently using. My story is here. I have been perfectly healthy all my life, and I am an 18 year old female athlete. I am very healthy and I eat and exercise regularly. I started taking this product in November 2020 because I know 2 people who take it and they swear that it helps relieve stress and anxiety, which I struggle with. I noticed a big difference when I started taking it. The problem started after I started a new bottle. I was getting extremely itchy all over my body. I had to wash my sheets and vacuum my house to make sure there were no fleas or mosquitoes. The doctor ordered some blood tests for me. I told him that I only take one medication and that is a multivitamin and ashwagandha. I got my blood test back a few days later and my markers were very high, to a very dangerous level. I was so exhausted that I couldn't sleep at night and the itching was so bad that I couldn't go to work. My billiruben levels were too high and my eyes turned yellow. The doctor ordered me to have a blood test the next day, and not take the ashwagandha that night. We got the test results back the next day and they were still elevated, but they were already lower than before. I got another blood test two days after I stopped taking it all together. My itching started to get better after the levels went down. I started to feel better. The levels were still elevated but they were still below what they were before. Two weeks have passed since my last blood test and I am going to get another one tomorrow. I hope my markers are continuing to decline. I have been off of ashwagandha for about a month now and I am feeling better. You should buy a different brand of ashwagandha. The doctor and I believe that this was caused by either the fillers in this medication or the low quality ashwagandha. Do not risk it. I don't write reviews but I feel a need to save other people from this. It is obvious that this is the only thing that caused my body to be bad, and it also made me very sick and itchy. If you want to try out Ashwagandha, you should go to a supplement shop and get pure ashwagandha at a lower dosage. You can always talk to someone who can give you advice on how much to take and what to buy. I no longer buy medication or supplements on Amazon. Please don't buy it from an actual supplement shop or skip the ashwagandha all together.

11. Youtheory Ashwagandha 60 Count Bottle

Youtheory Ashwagandha 60 Count Bottle

Youtheory Ashwagandha is a full spectrum Ashwagandha blend that has a clinically supported dose of organic Ashwagandha. The highest concentration Ashwagandha root extract available is KSM-66. It uses a technology called "clean extract technology" that does not use any chemicals. The ginger extract in the Organic Ashwagandha root powder is a potent bioenhancer that helps the body absorb and use the vitamins. The right choice is vegan, dairy free, soy free, and free of all ingredients. The product is manufactured in the USA. Non-GMO project verification.

Brand: Youtheory

👤I've been taking Youtheory Ashwagandha for 3 weeks. It's been a long time since I've forgotten to take it. I struggle with depression and anxiety. I also struggle with the winter season. When raising my Vit. I decided to try this because D3 intake wasn't as effective as it has been. Youththeory Ashwagandha has been a game-changer for me, even though I still manage symptoms with my usual supplements. It's been that push that makes me feel like my true self. I'm able to not take any prescription drugs. Thank you! I did not receive any compensation for my review. This is legit. Have a great day and thank you for reading! I'm not a doctor. Check with your doctor and/or pharmacy to make sure you don't have any interactions with your prescription drugs.

👤I don't usually leave reviews of all my purchases, but I do leave reviews that I think are awesome. I have had panic attacks before, but they have never been this bad. I started taking this a month ago and it has changed my life. I have been able to cut back on all the other drugs and supplements I was taking because of the decrease in anxiety. I recommend it to anyone who suffers from stress and anxiety, because it has changed my life and I will continue taking it.

👤I love it! The blood pressure is not high. There is less anxiety. I haven't had a cold or flu this winter.

👤You can buy the product at either Sams or Costco. For around $20.00, 150 count. I have taken supplements for 20 years and the best blend that I have used is 75 days worth of the amazing product. I went from a size 8 to a 5 in 75 days. It's amazing for stress.

👤I have been using this brand for a long time, and my local store stopped selling it a year ago. I was very happy to be able to get it here. Thank you Amazon! I have RRMS and it makes me feel better, but I'm not sure how to explain it. My body is in a constant battle and this has helped it become more stable. You don't know what to expect when you wake up in the mornings because of the daily battle withMS. Ashwagandha has made it more predictable. There were less symptoms throughout the day. This is definitely recommended. What works for me may not work the same for you. I try not to take it past 3pm because it does increase your energy but not in a noticeable way, but occasionally I will take a second dose in the early afternoon. You don't get jittery, shaky, or have a crash like you would with sugars or caffeinated supplements. If you try it, good luck. I hope it works for you as well as it does me.

👤When I take this supplement, I notice that I am more open to communication and enjoy the moment. I would recommend a natural supplement to help with depression.


What is the best product for ashwagandha gummy supplement?

Ashwagandha gummy supplement products from Stressballs. In this article about ashwagandha gummy supplement you can see why people choose the product. Vitafusion and Ayush Herbs are also good brands to look for when you are finding ashwagandha gummy supplement.

What are the best brands for ashwagandha gummy supplement?

Stressballs, Vitafusion and Ayush Herbs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for ashwagandha gummy supplement. Find the detail in this article. Focus Factor, Life Extension and Garden Of Life are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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