Best Breastfeeding Supplements to Increase Milk Supply

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1. Honest Lactation Plus 60 Count

Honest Lactation Plus 60 Count

Their premium blend of ingredients is designed to support healthy breastfeeding and can be found in only 2 veggie capsule a day. Honest Postnatal Lactation Plus Multivitamins are easy to take. A blend of ingredients include organic shatavari, organic milk thistle, and organic marshmallows. A unique blend of organic ingredients supports breast milk production. These are capsule that are full of organic stuff like shatavari, organic milk thistle, and organic marshmallows. Honest postnatal vitamins and supplements are guaranteed to be made without genetically modified ingredients. They believe you shouldn't have to choose between artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners. Smart ingredients are used to create supplements that work. At The Honest Company, their breastfeeding supplements are tested, parent trusted, and never tested on animals. The Honest Non-GMO Postnatal Lactation Plus Multivitamins are tested for purity and potency. These multivitamins are carefully prepared in small batches for consistency and purity. Their purpose is obvious. They love their babies. They love you and your babies. They try to avoid any chemicals or ingredients of concern when it comes to ingredient selection. You can count on them to explore and evolve their practices to maximize their use of renewable resources, from the organic ingredients in their supplements, personal care, and beauty products to the amount of recycled material in their packaging. Trusted. It was gentle. Clean. Honest, love, honest. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Honest

👤I looked up The Honest Company when I wanted to order vitamins for pregnant women. They are big but easy to swallow. I took them for a few days and my skin looked great, but the iron in them destroyed my stomach. My OB told me that the iron in the vitamins does more harm than good, and she had no idea why they added it. They don't have iron, so take the gummy ones. I had to cancel my subscription. I have no issues now that I buy gummies. If they had an iron-free option, I would happily take it, but I remain disappointed in this product.

👤These are items that I consider to be a Holy Grail. I tried everything. Everything from my mother's milk tea, oatmeal, and blessed thistle. Within 3 days of taking these, you're done! My supply was up. My LO is now 15 months old. My supply is low sometimes. I can tell the difference after taking these and the next morning. It was worth every penny after I had spent all that money on everything else.

👤I thought I'd give these a try because they were more expensive than the other product I was trying. I'm saving money because of better results. Don't be discouraged if you don't see results right away, just keep taking them. My stress has vanished after 3 days.

👤I was going to return them because I wanted to give up. I ordered them the third day of my hospital stay. I wanted to stop, but it was hard to do. I took 2 pills and was pumping double the next day. I was able to get my little one to start feeding when I was able to pump an ounce to 2 ounces. She is a week old today. My supply is not what she should be eating.

👤I have never been able to take a multi-vitamin without indigestion or an upset stomach. I use it as a multi as per my OB-gyn. I found out I have a MTHFR gene that doesn't respond well to regular Folic Acid, so I did a lot of research to find out why. The l-methylfolate version of Folic Acid should be taken by people who have this abnormality. The Honest Company is up to the task. These vitamins aren't very expensive, and they don't have a bad taste. The taste is a bit similar to that of vanilla. They can be hard to swallow. I have a small throat. I will already be using my hair and nails when we decide to have children.

👤Horrible dreams! I couldn't figure out what I had changed in my diet that was making me have vivid dreams. If you have ever had a vivid dream, it makes you so tired. This was terrible for me. I realized the only change in my diet was these pills after taking them for only 1.5 weeks. I have taken lactation pills before but will never buy them again and will not buy them either. I threw a bottle away because they were terrible.

2. Lactation Supplement Fast Absorbing Fenugreek Turmeric

Lactation Supplement Fast Absorbing Fenugreek Turmeric

Support your cause. NatalNourish is a natural supplement that helps support your baby's health and well being. Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, Anise, Fennel,Turmeric, and Red Raspberry Leaf are some of the PREMIUM LACTATION SUPPORT INGREDIENTS. It's easy to use and it's great! Their customers are amazed at how good this all-natural formula tastes, and it's as simple as squeezing a dropper on your tongue. ALCOHOL-FREE LIQUID FORMULA: Their liquid formulas are made with an alcohol-free cold-extraction process. Most liquid formulas are made with warm alcohol that can burn delicate ingredients and make them less effective. INGREDIENTS FROM NATURE. They use ingredients from organic and wildcrafted herb farms to make sure your health gets the best nature has to offer. NatalNourish is made under the guidance of a trained herbalist, instead of being thrown together in a capsule in China.

Brand: Rejuvica Health

👤We have been struggling with breastfeeding my baby since she was 3 weeks old. We clipped her upper lip tie when she was a week and a half old and thought that breastfeeding would be easy. Not the case. She didn't want to eat from me for a week or so because she couldn't get much. I would get no more than 1 oz within the allotted time. I was desperate to find something that seemed worth it and ordered natal nourish, even though it was expensive. I took my first dose this morning. I put it in a water bottle instead of putting it on my tongue. Within 30 minutes, I got five ounces of my evening dose. I only got 1 ounce in the same time period. I love this stuff. Hey ya gotta do what you gotta do, the taste is pretty 888-609- Can't wait to see where I am in 2 weeks. I will definitely be ordering more when I get low.

👤I've been using the product for 2 months. It took me a long time to get it because I didn't order it on prime. I began taking it immediately after I received it. My breasts were full of milk by day 2. I was very happy. It is a bit pricey. I ordered my second bottle right away. Because it works. The taste is similar to Licorice. I take two squeezes of the bulb and it will come out to be 1/3 of a spoon. I squeeze it under my tongue and let it sit for a while before swallowing. The saliva that is produced from the tongue is eaten. You can drink down the water if you can't handle the sweet taste. There is no after taste. It goes down with the water. It was a bit sweet for me at first, but I've gotten used to the taste and it's not bad at all. I usually take it before a meal. I know it works because I took a 3 day qeekend and forgot to pack it, and by the time I got home my milk supply was low. I was going to get some under my tongue. I was back to having more than enough and even enough to pump by the second day. I have been able to build up my freezer supply of milk as well. I will probably keep ordering until I'm done breast feeding. Definitely recommend this product.

👤I have been pumping at work for 2 months and my mid day pump only yields 5oz. I started using NatalNourish after it was delivered. I have taken 8 doses and I am completely engorged by the time I get home from work. I decided to pump. I yielded 9oz. I was hoping for an extra ounce, but it's amazing. I am very excited to see what I yield during a normal work day when I have to pump for 3-4 meals.

👤As long as I drink plenty of water, this product will work for me. If I drink enough water, I can get an additional 3-6 ounces of water, sometimes more than that. I have had trouble with milk production with my children. Adding yeast to my meals and eating foods to increase milk production are just some of the things I have tried. My baby was still drinking at daycare even though I was pumping at work. This is the struggle of a mother. This product is expensive. I have to buy formula if I don't produce enough milk. I want my baby to have breast milk that is liquid gold.

3. Supply Lactation Supplement Increased Nutrition

Supply Lactation Supplement Increased Nutrition

The V-Nature Lactation Supplement provides vitamins to support breastfeeding mothers and to maintain breast milk supply. Their capsules are easy to swallow. Take two pills a day. 60 vegetarian capsule make for a 30-day supply in every bottle. The V-Nature Lactation Supplement is free of all harmful ingredients. Also, free from common allergens. Their herbs are intended for their power, purity, effectiveness, and safety. Their quality ingredients include blessed thistle, fenugreek, alfalfa, red raspberry leaf, caraway seed, coriander seed, fennel seed, and Indian long pepper. Thousands of happy customers and doctors trust and approve the V-Nature Lactation Supplement because of its high-quality ingredients. They want to add value to your life as a company.

Brand: Vnature

👤I take this regularly and I see an increase. If you're sensitive to fenugreek, don't take this if it has it in it. I've always had the best luck with the fenugreek based supplements. It will make you smell like maple syrup, but that's not the worst thing to smell like. The pills are similar to the gel capsule. Unless you're not used to taking supplement, it's not a big deal.

4. Mommys Bliss Recovery Postnatal Postpartum

Mommys Bliss Recovery Postnatal Postpartum

Building and regeneration. The recovery gummies are made with Biotin andCollagen to help you recover after giving birth. They know how hard it can be to recover after giving birth, and they've been there. Their gummies support joint health. Support the baby and mom. Their blend of vitamins and zinc supports your immunity and keeps you and your child healthy. The essentials of viticulture: Being a new mom can be tiring, so Mommy's Bliss Energy + Recovery has a special blend of vitamins to help fight fatigue. 60 delicious natural lemon-flavored gummies are also free of artificial flavors, colors, dairy, and soy.

Brand: Mommy's Bliss

👤I was skeptical about ordering these since I'm very picky with my vitamins and didn't like taking them in general. Since I started breastfeeding and turned out to be one of the over producers, my doctors suggested I take supplements to keep up the nutrition in my body. I tried other vitamins/gummies from the local grocery stores but they tasted bad and I couldn't take them consistently. I'm going to try out some online brands and VIOLA! This one takes the cake. It's almost like the lemon sour patch kids, which is a personal favorite. I will definitely order more once the first bottle is done.

👤I love these because they are so delicious. At 8 months after having twins, these help me feel energetic and I feel like my body has recovered from my first pregnancy. Highly recommended!

👤It's amazing that Mommy's Bliss Energy + Recovery Postnatal Support Gummies have Biotin and Collagen. It's like getting a treat with the gummies. I get a boost after taking these gummies, which has helped me establish a routine and adjust to my new schedule. My hair, skin, and nails look good.

👤I liked the look of the packaging when I opened them. I smelled the vitamins when I opened the bottle and I was skeptical of trying them. They had a great lemon taste when I tried them. I have had them for a couple of days and so far I have more energy. I would recommend these to anyone.

👤If you are a nurse, it lacks folic acid, so take that separately. I'm impressed! I don't take supplements as I hate the flavors and can't stomach them, but this one has almost been enjoyable. It has a lemon flavor that isn't unpleasant. Post-partum hair loss can be rebuilt with the help of the biotin and collagen.

👤I like the taste of these. They taste like lemon and burp afterwards. A firm gummy which I like, and a very sharp citrus flavor. I felt like these gummies gave me a boost of energy and helped me fight hair loss.

👤I think the flavor is good and the ingredient list is good. It didn't require that big of a bottle to make the packaging gorgeous. I didn't feel a difference because I didn't rate it highly. I am aware that my body doesn't get most of its vitamins through food, but I need more support when it does. Postpartum doesn't really make a difference for me in regards to resolve or energy.

👤Love these vitamins! After delivery, my body was so full that I had to nurse for 10 months. I can feel a difference when I don't take them. They are set to ship every month. I don't run out.

5. Pink Stork Total Lactation Probiotic

Pink Stork Total Lactation Probiotic

The benefits of having a healthy gut and immune system for breastfeeding mom + baby. Take 1 small capsule per day. Colic relief and immune support are provided by breast milk. Provide essential Probiotics to support the immune system and gut health. Clean is made without wheat, dairy, soy, and more. Third-party was tested. 10 billion CFUs per serving of Bifidobacterium Infantis is included in the essentials. Over 80% of their employees are women, and their founder and CEO is a woman. They want to give women hope and positively impact everyone that comes in contact with Pink Stork.

Brand: Pink Stork

👤Love that they help with blocked ducts. I support a Christian owned business.

👤I am loving this product. I didn't help my son release the gas. My son is able to poop almost immediately after eating. Hopefully there will be no more sleepless nights caused by gas. I took it for four days and my milk supply has gone up a lot. My boobs are always full after he has eaten. They will be full again soon. My son is a big boy. He has just over a month of drinking about 4-5oz a feeding. The pill bottle smells great and it adds a light flavor to the pills. This product has done so much in just four days.

👤I bought this because my newborn son was having a lot of stomach problems and was grunting and spitting up. I bought a bottle and noticed that it had improved. I didn't get another when the bottle was out because I was not sure if he had grown too large. He grunted and spit up again almost immediately after stopping it. I took a week to put it all together, but I got another bottle and he's noticeably better now. I'm pretty sure this is helpful and I'll keep taking it for a while.

👤I love these organisms. I am a new mom and have never experienced a blocked duct. Let me tell you that it's not fun. I read that taking a daily dose of probiotics can help keep ducts free of gunk. These have been helpful so far. It's much easier to take it because they have a nice flavor and smell. The size of the pills is standard. There were no weird side effects. It is a female owned company. Support the ladies!

👤I noticed my daughter's tummy issues decreased after my milk supply increased. She doesn't struggle anymore. Milk did the same thing for my SIL baby, since I was over produce to help her. My SIL was happy that my baby hadn't pooped in a few days, because her daughter had a blow up after drinking my milk.

👤I don't usually write reviews, but I felt that I needed to say something about this product because it did not increase supply as advertised. I have worked very hard to build my milk supply so my little one can get the amount she needs as she grows, because I only pump and don't supplement with formula. I really wanted to like this product because it had a nice taste and was a decent size, but within a week of taking it, I realized it lowered my milk supply drastically. I went from having 4-7oz let down and an average of 4oz-8oz per pump session to barely 2oz per session and barely any let down. When I stopped taking it within a day or two, my milk supply went back up but not to the amount I 800-273-3217 I was hoping that this one would end my search for a good probiotic that would help me with breastfeeding, but it wasn't to be. I hope the producers take this issue into account and change an ingredient or something because not everyone has the luxury of their little one being latched so every drop counts.

6. Kalya Lactation Supplement Support Increase Fenugreek

Kalya Lactation Supplement Support Increase Fenugreek

It increases the flow and quality of food. Breast milk supply supplements with blend of herbal ingredients, pure and potent; Their unique formula enhances and enriches milk production naturally while being gentle on the stomach. The complete support system includes essential herbs to increase milk supply in breastfeeding mothers, reduce stress, and keep the lymphatic system moving. It is time proven. Their 120 vegan milk supply supplements are all herbal and all free of pesticides. Their lactation pills are manufactured in India on strict quality assurance standards using authentic herbal ingredients and ideal fenugreek breastfeeding supplements that boost milk supply and provide you and your baby with the best nutrition possible. Their easy to swallow milk flow pills in addition to aiding mother's milk supply increase are also an absolute baby bliss; Not only these fenugreek pills act as nutrient rich supplements for your baby but also promote fast and gentle relief from colic symptoms.

Brand: Kalya Veda

7. Sunflower Lecithin 1200mg Phosphatidylcholine Supplement

Sunflower Lecithin 1200mg Phosphatidylcholine Supplement

One of the top breastfeeding essentials is the phosphatidylserine supplement. Thanks to high concentrations of choline and other vitamins for women, non-GMO sunflower lecithin pills offer remarkable benefits for breastfeeding. One of the most under appreciated brain supplements for memory and focus is Lecithin, it's natural anti aging properties and healthy Omega 3's make it a great brain supplement. The benefits of non gmo Sunflower lecithin include improved heart health, immune support, and digestive health. Natures Craft is proud to be a leading name in health supplements and breastfeeding vitamins and they welcome you to try and enjoy their new potent lecithin 1200mg softgels today.

Brand: Natures Craft

👤A few months ago, a blood test result showed that my cholesterol level was a bit higher due to my high LDL level. It wasn't that high. I needed to lower the bad acid level. People rely on anticholesterol meds for that purpose. I tried to drink more tea. I wanted to add some supplements to my diet to help lower my cholesterol levels. I did online research to find out that 'Lecithin' is essential to body cells. I was looking for the right product from when I found a high-quality affordable "Sunflower Lecithin" from a familiar US-based company. It is hard to remember to eat sunflower seeds because they are made up of healthy fat. The product came in two bottles. My blood test result came back with a normal cholesterol level one month after taking this supplement. It really worked for me. I would recommend this supplement to anyone who needs to lower their cholesterol levels, based on a safe method.

👤I have used sunflower lecithin to clear the milk duct. It works like a charm. I don't use it on an ongoing basis, but when I have a duct that is blocked, it can help thin it out in 24 hours. Four of my kids have all been breast-fed. I have been nursing for six years straight. I have never been without lecithin.

👤I discovered this amazing solution while researching. Then took 2 pills for 3 days. I believe it helps me to lower my Triglycerides Levels. This is part of a blood pressure control blend that I take daily. I am able to control my blood pressure. Highly recommended.

👤The product was affordable and you get more for your money than other brands. The capsule is easy to swallow. I was recommended to take them while breast feeding by my consultant. I did not notice any side effects from the supplement and I will definitely purchase it again.

👤I have been taking a couple of softgels a day for a couple of weeks and have not noticed any changes. I might try the powdered form to see if I notice a change. The customer service from this company is very good and if you are not happy with a product they will let you try something else.

👤I have been taking phosphatidylserine and it has improved my brain functioning. I needed to focus and stay calm when I joined school. I will keep taking these. The price is amazing and I feel good that these are from the sunflowers.

👤This supplement is great. It helped with my health. I was worried that I would have to stop breastfeeding my baby, but this helped me a lot. I will keep buying these to make my baby happy.

👤I've been using this supplement for about two weeks now and I've noticed an increase in my milk supply. I have tried many different supplements to no avail because I am not able to keep up with the babies demand. I have had a good experience with this product so far. The pills are easy to take with a drink. When I run out, I would recommend and buy again.

8. Pink Stork Recommended Nutrition Vegetarian

Pink Stork Recommended Nutrition Vegetarian

Doctor-formulated: Comprehensive prenatal vitamins with 100% of the recommended daily values for pregnant women. Take 2 small capsules per day. Clean is made without wheat, dairy, soy, and more. Third-party was tested. All recommended ingredients in pure, effective forms are included to ensure healthy fetal development, immune system support for baby, and nutrition for mom. Folate, vegetarian DHA, B Vitamins, Iron, and more are included in the essentials. Over 80% of their employees are women, and their founder and CEO is a woman. They are on a mission to give women hope and positively impact everyone that comes in contact with Pink Stork.

Brand: Pink Stork

👤Nobody should be taking this on a daily basis because it has too high of a level of vitamins D and E. I can see that it has potentially dangerous levels of vitamins D and E, but I can not take it. The vitamins has 200mcg. 8000 IU per day or 56000 IU per week is what it is. It has been shown that taking 60,000 IU a day for several months can cause toxicity. I think 56000 has as well, they haven't studied it. It is beyond the approved safe dose. It is fat-soluble. You cannot pee it out as you can watersoluble vitamins, the fat based ones don't mix with water in your kidneys for exit. When you take too much fatsoluble vitamins can become toxic. The recommended daily intake of vitamins D and E is 600 IU for most adults. This is the same vitamin that has 8,000 IU per day. This is too much and nobody should be taking it. It would be a good thing if it didn't have unsafe levels of D.

👤The item was Returned because it is harmful to your baby. The pink stork has a source of vitamins A and C. There are two more If you care about Christian values, you might want to know that this company recently collaborated with Target who allows men and women to use the same bathroom. They deleted my comment when I asked what they thought about Target's bathroom policies. They couldn't respond with even a "we prayed about it and here's what we came up with..." It was kind of mature. Paying customers that agree with them is worth responding to. It is heartbreaking but not surprising that they are using God's name to promote their product. They are also ridiculously priced. 15 dollars for tea bags? Please.

👤I wanted to make a comment on the one star review that talks about the vitamins being inaccurate in their amount of vitamins D. I would like people to do their own research before marking a review as helpful. My doctor and many of my friends recommended these. I have started taking them with lemonade instead of plain water because of the flavor, and this makes a huge difference. I love that my baby is getting what she needs, and that the prenatals don't make me sick. If you aren't already, I recommend taking these with the probiotic.

👤I have been a loyal Pink Stork customer for the last two pregnancies and came back without question this time. There weren't many options for non synthetic vitamins in the market at the time, so I loved the Pink Stork mission of being whole food, good for you ingredients during pregnancy. I was sad that the liquid prenatal spray wasn't available this time, so I just purchased these pills, without question or much research, since I trusted Pink Stork was providing high quality, whole food based ingredients. I have been sick during this pregnancy. When I looked at the ingredients of my bottle, they were all synthetic. I can only take folate because I have a MTHFR defect. I have been feeling bad. The $5 bottle of synthetic vitamins they sell anywhere is just the start of a marketing strategy. I feel betrayed and deceived. This is synthetic junk and you should save the money. It's back to square one and we're looking at real whole food supplements for pregnant women.

9. Testofen Fenugreek Standardized FenusideTM Certified

Testofen Fenugreek Standardized FenusideTM Certified

The Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG) (every batches) tests third party for banned substances. Clinical strength and patented. A minimum of 50% Fenuside is standardized. Scientifically formulated. Clinical strength of seeds.

Brand: Mst

👤I looked into over-the-counter testosterone boosters. Most of these products cost between $70 and $150. Many of them are basically the same thing, but you can get cheaper alternatives like pre-workout supplements. Testofen, also known as Fenugreek Seed Extract, was not included in the pre-workouts. Natural testosterone boosting for $20 is missing a key ingredient. If you'd like to learn more about the lab tests, you can take that for what it is worth, and check out a study. It's worth a shot to see how it affects you. One reviewer said that testosterone prescribed by a doctor will likely have a greater effect, but that requires visiting and getting approved by the doctor. It's better to try the natural stuff first. Proper hydration and a good diet can cause headaches. Make sure you have everything in order before you take anything.

👤It's the real testofen, works well, and I am one of the people who suffer from the side effects.

👤Gave me a throbbing head. It lasted for two weeks if I kept taking it. I left as soon as I stopped taking it.

👤My urologist said my testosterone level was higher than it was the last time he did it. I am not sure if it was due to this product or my heightened activity level, or if it was due to my travel the month before my tests. I'm still taking it as a test. It's something I take about every day.

👤I recommend getting the real deal if you need the test.

👤My husband has been taking it for 3 weeks and hasn't noticed a difference.

10. Mommys Bliss Postnatal Lactation Probiotics

Mommys Bliss Postnatal Lactation Probiotics

One of their breastfeeding essentials is the Mommy's Bliss Post-Natal Lactation capsule, which contains milk thistle, blessed thistle, and fenugreek. Their concentrated formula helps you get the benefits of fenugreek in fewer pills. With the struggle to keep up your milk supply, they tend to push their own needs to the side. LactoSpore blend of probiotics has been added to their formula to help support your immunity. The quality of the ingredients. There is a vegan and vegetarian herbal supplement for nursing mothers. Do not exceed 7 capsule per day; take 1 - 2 capsule with food.

Brand: Mommy's Bliss

👤I don't like herbal supplements, "energy" from "natural" products, etc. I decided to use the product rather than return it because I bought it by mistake. It works for my body. I used it when my son was less than 3 months old and again when he was 7 months old, and both times it increased my breast milk supply. I had to cut down to one pill every other day as my let-down was too strong and there was too much milk for my baby to nurse comfortably. I think that every woman's body will respond differently to different ingredients in her life. This supplement was great for me, as I was 40 years old and had a second baby.

👤I received it as a gift. There are no issues with swallowing the normal size capsule. I like the fact that it includes a lot of beneficial organisms. I don't need a second supplement for that. I have not seen any negative effects on my baby. I had a dip in my supply for the first two days, but the next four days it went up 1/2-1ounce, and the next few days it was normal. I'm not sure. I only took 2 a day and there is a max of 7. I was concerned that it would affect my supply. I will see how that goes. The cap is childproof, but it doesn't look like it and you need to engage it when you close it.

👤I've been using this product for a couple of weeks. My milk supply was good to begin with. It definitely didn't hurt, but we don't know if it is because of this product. I can't say if the Immune heath had an effect or not. I didn't see any improvement to the health of the bicyle. There are still irregular bowel movements. The size of the supplement is easy to swallow. I can't attest for it being effective, but I can't say otherwise. No side effects at all.

👤My first order was lost in the mail. I found them in my local pharmacy, and they helped with breastfeeding. I tried to order them again after seeing it was on a discount.

👤The baby arrived 6 weeks early and my supply wasn't meeting demand. I thought it was worth a try because the lactation consultants in the NICU gave it their approval and it has good reviews. After taking it, I would burp it up for a few hours. Old fashion oatmeal for breakfast and a body armor drink 15-20 minutes before pumping worked best for me.

👤I like this product, it helps my milk, and it's also a probiotic. If you're going to try a supplement for the first time, be careful because most of the mothers I've met don't get better from it. I can take it without any issues.

👤I used to pump 3oz before taking these pills. I started by taking 1 pill a day. When my milk came in, it didn't fill my breasts, but now it does. Taking 1 pill a day will get you that amount. It is amazing!

11. Natures Way Premium Fenugreek Vegetarian

Natures Way Premium Fenugreek Vegetarian

Promotes healthy circulation. Fenugreek Seed is good for breastfeeding mothers. To Soothe The STOMACH. Fenugreek Seed is used to soothe digestion. It's a certified POTENCY. Nature's Way Fenugreek Seed contains 585 calories. VEGAN: Fenugreek Seed is vegan and contains no sugar, salt, yeast, soy, corn, dairy products or artificial colors. Two to three times daily is recommended. Continuous use has the best results. Not intended for children. Before using a medication, consult a healthcare professional.

Brand: Nature's Way

👤The pill smells really bad when it is in the bottle, but it has a little bit of an aftertaste, and I noticed a difference in the smell of my sweat within a week. I like it, but I don't know if it's maple syrup. It may not be for everyone.

👤Fenugreek enlarged my breasts. I take 2 capsule twice a day for other reasons, but I noticed my breasts got bigger. I'm pleased with the results, it helped me on the other issues.

👤I bought this because I heard that it makes your lady parts smell like maple syrup, but now my arm pits smell like maple syrup. I am not upset about it.

👤If you have stomach problems, do not take these. My stomach is throbbing and I had horrible toilet time all day. I only took 2. I saw these on TikTok and now feel like an idiot.

👤I tried to replace the claw with this. It works for keeping my blood sugar down, but it's not as effective as cats claw. If this is the more affordable option, it's worth buying because it works. You may have to take it more often than you think. I would recommend this or a combination of the two. Once you get it down to normal with the cat's claw, cinnamon helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. If you give in to temptation, these supplements will help the symptoms be less intense if they happen at all. I wouldn't suggest using this to replace your doctor's advice. Sometimes you have to do what you can without healthcare in this country. This is likely to only work for blood sugar problems. I will blow up the internet with a replacement for diabetes if I ever find one. The pills are small. They're not small, but they're not large, which can cause issues with swallowing.

👤I wish someone had told me that this is a curry that can cause horrible side effects in your baby. The flavor is great but it's bad for sensitive babies. Don't get it until you know for certain your baby will like it, experiment first or just skip it all together. Order a big bag of ground flax seed and mix it with oatmeal. I am going to double your milk supply. Drink tons of water, it's stupid and obvious, but it's true. Don't fall for this. It works, but other stuff does as well. You risk putting your little one in terrible pain like I did. I stopped taking them and it was like a nightmare.

👤I wish it worked. I was hoping that this would increase the supply of breastmilk. I lost some of my regular supply, but it seemed like I had the opposite reaction. I took two pills in the morning and two more in the evening, but nothing happened for three days. I tried less pills for three more days, but nothing changed. It might work for others, but my body didn't like it.


What is the best product for breastfeeding supplements to increase milk supply?

Breastfeeding supplements to increase milk supply products from Honest. In this article about breastfeeding supplements to increase milk supply you can see why people choose the product. Rejuvica Health and Vnature are also good brands to look for when you are finding breastfeeding supplements to increase milk supply.

What are the best brands for breastfeeding supplements to increase milk supply?

Honest, Rejuvica Health and Vnature are some of the best brands that chosen by people for breastfeeding supplements to increase milk supply. Find the detail in this article. Mommy's Bliss, Pink Stork and Kalya Veda are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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