Best Cosequin Joint Health Supplement for Dogs

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1. Cosequin Plus Joint Health Supplement

Cosequin Plus Joint Health Supplement

The Glucosamine Hydrochloride, MSM, and Chondroitin Sulfate are contained in the tablets. Cosequin DS is the #1 veterinary recommended joint health supplement. Glucosamine and chondroitin may support joint health. MSM helps maintain a healthy immune system. Scored tablets for easy use.

Brand: Cosequin

👤I had good results with the first bottle of this product and I wanted to give it another try. My dog ate the last pill from the first bottle. He wouldn't touch the 180 pill size I ordered because we had noticed more activity and general health from the first bottle. I hid the pill in his food because I thought he was just being picky. He ate his food and left his pill in the bowl. I ground the pill and he ate it. He started scratching and pulling out clumps of his hair after about a week. I read an article about the product and the fact that some of the sellers on Amazon were selling counterfeit products. Amazon was not an authorized seller of the products I called the factory number to find. The counterfeit products are probably made in China. I hope I caught this in time for my dog.

👤We lost our Cane Corso a year ago, but he had hip surgery when he was young. Fast forward to age 8. He had some difficulty with his other hip. He seemed to favor one hip and she recommended Cosequin to us at the checkup. After a month of taking Cosequin, he started to move normally again and began to run more outside. He lived to the ripe old age of 14 and the Cosequin helped him get around even when he was very old. He couldn't move because he didn't get his Cosequin for almost 2 weeks after we had an ordering problem with another website. He was up and moving around after the bottle came in the mail. It is worth it. If your dog is something you care about, you should put it on Cosequin, even if it's a young dog. Our old pitbull has old dog hips and never refuses her pills. They help her get around by giving her 1 in the morning and 2 in the evening. Cane Corso's younger brother is taking Cosequin because he has a subluxated patella which can get stuck, and requires slight manipulation to move back, which is why he is taking the supplement. It has not happened in nearly a year on Cosequin. Well worth it. If you care for your dogs, then use it. Please. I am so sorry for your dogs.

👤My vet recommended this. It is a great product, but it is not for everyone. This made my German Shepherd itch and scratch so much that she had to pull her fur out. Her environment, food, and other things had not changed. I switched her back to her usual Nupro Silver joint/immunity supplement. Some dogs are sensitive to something in this. Definitely mine, not your dog. If your dog starts scratching after taking these...

👤We usually buy these at Sam's Club for our German Shepherd, but had forgotten to pick them up. We've been using these as a supplement for his hips for around 3 months and have really noticed it helps with his pain and I think he gets up and down a bit better. If you are starting a supplement like this late in the game, like after your dog already has joint problems or when they are considered to be an elderly dog, it will help but not cure or fix completely. These tabs are similar to the ones used for humans. I have a pomeranian and he won't touch the tabs, which proves that every dog is different. The pomeranian sniffs at these and leaves them lay, the German Shepherd likes the taste and smell. Dogs can be trial and error when it comes to supplements. I think the product has good ingredients that can bring relief and help.

2. Synovi Joint Supplement 240 Count Breeds

Synovi Joint Supplement 240 Count Breeds

There is a container of daily dog joint supplement chew. The Synovi G4 contains a unique combination of ingredients that help with joint health. Boswellia serrata, green-lipped mussel, and Glucosamine are included. Soft chew with poultry flavor. Promotes healthy hips and joints in dogs.

Brand: Synovi

👤My husband and I are so thankful for Synovi G4 because it has given our English Mastiff a better life. The English Mastiff is 7 years old and has had a rough year. The vet tested him for everything under the sun to only put him on pain meds that would kill him, because his left back leg stopped working. I knew I had to do something because he was going to be put down. He couldn't get up, he couldn't walk without falling, and he couldn't get up in the bed or couch, leaving him to cry for hours. Our hearts were broken because our boy is the core of our family and seeing him in pain was killing us. We didn't want to give him too many pills because of his weight, so I did some research online and found many supplements that called for many pills. Synovi was the only one that had natural ingredients that helped him. We give our boy three chews a day and one medication from the vet. He eats them without a problem and I'm happy to report that he's back 90 percent of the time. He's able to go out in the yard, walk without his back leg dragging, he smiles and kisses, and every night I wake up next to him. He has bad days when it's cold or wet, but he's nothing like the beginning of this. I would have had Synovi on it for the rest of my life if we had come across him years ago. I would like to thank Bayer for making such a great product and giving my boy back to me as long as God allows. I wouldn't do this review until we were a few months in. I wanted to be honest because I know my boy is my life and I would never lie to someone in need. It took 3wks to see a difference. We're on our 2 auto delivery of 250 count and I want you to buy this product.

👤Our vet recommended this to us. We had to have surgery on our dog's left leg less than a year after he had surgery on his right leg. The surgery was going to cost a lot. We had just made a very expensive move across the country, more work was needed to be done to the house we bought, than we originally thought, and the money just wasn't there. We had considered other options, hoping to keep him comfortable and not have to use his leg. The product was mentioned by our vet as a way to help him with the pain. We were happy to try. Jake was using his leg and not limping in 3 years. He has no problems with his leg and he is 11 years old. What an amazing product. No questions asked, I recommend this product.

👤I have been giving my dog this supplement for a few months and it has not had any negative effects. He got sick after starting him on a new container after purchasing it for the first time. I took him off the chews for a few days. We managed to get a $100 vet bill over it. He has not been sick since then. It seems that there is a bad supply of this product. They had a harder texture than the vets. I would only recommend buying it from your vet. Stay away from what's online.

3. Cosequin Minis Maximum Strength Omega3

Cosequin Minis Maximum Strength Omega3

Veterinarian Recommended Dog skin and coat supplements.

Brand: Nutramax Laboratories

👤If you have a small breed dog that is active and tenacious, they will have trouble with their knees at some point. I have a Boston Terrier who has been with me for 11 years. We took a sabbatical to Colorado to hit the real 14 footers and she has never had a problem. My sweet girl would limp and favor a leg when she stopped in the middle of a hike, I thought it was her foot, but it was her knees. She was diagnosed with a disease after a vet visit. Some of you may already have an older animal that is suffering from arthritis or joint pain, but you may not know it because they are too loving and pain tolerant. It's time to let it be a rule of thumb for all of our aging babies. I wish I would have started this supplement when my daughter was 8 years old, I would have noticed she was hurting and needed help. She started by not jumping up on the bed, preferring to sleep on the floor or under the bed, not jumping on or off of furniture, and avoiding hard play with bigger siblings. Cosequin used to require a vet's prescription, but we can just order it through Amazon. We followed the instructions and put a mini chew in her morning boiled chicken and veggies, starting a double dose regimine for the first 30 days and then back down to 1 mini chew a day thereafter. After 2 weeks of treatments, the results of mobility improvement were reconizeable. My girl was back to jumping on and off the bed, she would join me again at night and play with her big siblings in tug of war and chase. I think the true test would be the lake and the water, I think you can see by her expression on her face that she's happy to get back into doing what she loves to do!

👤After 6wks, like others have posted here. Taking these little gems, my 14 year old working therapy dog increased his daily walking speed from the stroll he'd developed and back to walking briskly. I reduced his work days from 5 to 1 because he walked so much, but I also work for the elderly. Each week, he is back to 5 days of cuddling and hall walking. I think I need to start taking a similar substance for myself. Oh! His fur! It had become dry and icky and had no flow or silkiness. I had him trimmed into a lion cut to start over and it is growing back soft, silky and so touchable. His "Pom" tail is flowing in the wind again because of the Omega 3.

👤My dog has arthritis. I was excited to see that the price was so low, but she wouldn't eat it even if I put it in something else. They didn't make much of a difference and I ended up buying another brand. She ate the crumbled chews and her favorite treat after I tried crumbling them together. I can't believe the difference in her after doing this for 2 weeks. She mostly slept and wouldn't play with her toys before these chews. She is playing with her toys, zips around the house, and wants to go on walks. She is a new dog. She has been eating them as a treat for the past few days. I highly recommend them.

4. Dailydose Dual Benefit Calming Supplements

Dailydose Dual Benefit Calming Supplements

There are 15 chews per bag of Dailydose Medicine Size dual benefit calming and dental chews. Dogs 22 to 66 lbs. 2 healthy habits and one treat. A healthy body starts with a healthy mouth. Their treats are designed to support both dental hygiene and full-body health. Your dog thinks it is a treat. It is a treatment formulated by vets to support great health for a long time. OUTER LAYER SUPPORTS A HEALTHIER SMILE. Their dental formula is derived from honey bee royal Jelly and it is a delicious toothbrush. There are differences in the manner in which provisions to calm. A combination of melatonin and GABA is clinically proven to calm and comfort the nervous system while also relaxing stress and anxiety.

Brand: Dailydose

👤Mariska Hargitay is a one-year old dog. Paloma Picasso is 5 months old. They work themselves into quite a dander and are quite active. We have been looking for a daily dose of Calm. The secret is keeping them calm and relaxed. The proof is in the pudding. They are ready to tear into the bag, but no picture of Mariska, she devoured hers, Paloma enjoyed every bite, and the two of them were relaxing! Us humans are enjoying the outdoors.

👤Nice find! I have been giving my dog a hip/joint chew and a dental stick. I get both in one. My dog is young and doesn't have any joint problems yet, but at 65 lbs, we have to worry about her as she gets older. This is a great treat for being proactive and Molly is excited when she gets one. The time between weekly brushings is good for the dental part. Molly is on the line between the large and medium bag. The bag has more sticks in it than the medium. So far, so good!

👤We got this treat for our 11 week old puppy when he developed puppy pyoderma to try to help his recovery after completing a round of antibiotics, he still had some sores that had not completely healed. This has helped to minimize the spots after a week of him using it. He loves his treats and it keeps him out of trouble for a while. We have a few dogs in our home and each one loves it. WeTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkias have previously had dogs that had teeth issues after they were given bones too early so we are very cautious of the products we give them so the same issues don't occur. The softer the treats, the more peace of mind they give. We haven't noticed any differences in Brutus being gassy or any other issues that can occur in when you get the specialized food or treats I will definitely be subscribing to get more as he grows.

👤I have a dog who loves them. She comes running after the rustle of the bag. My sweet older gal has chronic pain that is managed by meds and cannabidiol, but this has been the perfect addition to her regimen. She is able to sleep through the night if I give her one before bed. I highly recommend this product to anyone with an older dog.

👤These treats are very popular with our dogs. They smell like food. I trimmed my dogs down because I bought the wrong size, but I will order the correct size again. I saw a calmness in their resting during the day after using it a few times. It's needed when working from home. I'm happy to have a natural treat they like to get.

👤Our dog has an awful taste. She ate half of one and left the other half behind. I refused them as treats and left on the floor. Too expensive to try. Won't order again.

👤A new puppy is very energetic and we just got her. She likes the DailyDose calming dental treats and they helped her relax when we were together. She didn't leave any left over because she loves the taste. She gets excited when we give her a treat.

5. Nutramax Cosequin Plus 1050 Gram

Nutramax Cosequin Plus 1050 Gram

There is a new science in equine joint health. The addition of HA and Green Tea Extract to CosequinASU Plus protects your horses.

Brand: Cosequin

👤I've used the less expensive stuff prophylactically for years and then, as my horse needed more support, I switched to CosequinASU which is much more expensive. I reduced the bute for a few years as my horse got older.

👤My horse went from being sticky to jumping great. The product is a great price.

6. Grizzly Pet Products Health Product

Grizzly Pet Products Health Product

There is an AIDS in the natural maintenance of joints. Joint Flexibility and Movability, Recovery from Injury, and Stiffness or Soreness associated with Normal Daily Activity helps maintain and support them. It helps maintain a normal inflammatory response. Dogs love natural wild krull. There is a maintenance form. The Vital Active ingredients in the Grizzly Joint Aid Liquid help maintain joint flexibility and mobility. Many older dogs need support for SYNOVIAL FLUIDS, Connective Tissues and Cartilage. May help reduce inflammation, ease pain, and ease joint stiffness with normal daily activity, training, and competition. Medical grade pump. Simply serve over your dog's food. Each bottle has an air tight, medical grade pump. A unique leaderSHIP. The creators of industry leading salmon oil. A Career Biochemical Engineer has been creating their own products from premium raw materials for more than 16 years. Quality ingredients, precise production, and end are what Grizzly's Premium Products begin with.

Brand: Grizzly Pet Products Foods & Supplements All-natural

👤Had it been the original form, I would give this 5 stars. They changed and lowered the nutrition ingredients. They used to have more Glucosamine. It was 1,250mg of Chondroitin and went down to 1,000, MSM was 1,250 and now has 1,000, and the Hyaluronic Acid went from 10 to 350. I'm suspicious that my new bottle's label is different from my old bottle. The barcode, the color of the label, and everything else is off. What's going on? I bought it from a seller who claimed to be from Grizzly, but it was shipped from a different state than my other orders. It took 6 days to get here, when it should have taken 2 days. Is that a word? The old formula has done an excellent job of keeping my dachshund completely healthy, since I've been giving him this for almost a year now. He's 11 years old. He's like a 5 year old pup, running, jumping and climbing. I'm too scared to open the bottle and feed him. The smell of the oil is the same as it was in my old bottle. I trust this brand/product because I've done extensive research on hip/joint supplements. My baby won't be fed just anything. This was one of the few brands I would recommend, as I worked for a veryReputable pet supply store. The change of ingredients is making me rethink my purchase. We will see. I'm going to call this company and check out a few things before I continue with the brand.

👤I used this product immediately after purchasing it. I thought this product would be just as great as the Salmon Oil I use. We were at the end of the salmon oil bottle. The bottle was in a cabinet. We put it in the fridge as soon as it was opened. I noticed a terrible smell in my food pups. I have a Frenchie who is very greedy and will do anything for you. I didn't have cause for alarm. After another week of the smell, it became very unpleasant. I knew it was oil. I threw the bottle. It smelt like bad food. The bottle was almost full. I had just ordered a bottle of Salmon oil and went back to using the bottle I had ordered, which I had never had a problem with smell.

👤I give my dog this supplement a couple of years ago. He seemed to be doing well with it. After 3 episodes of elimination, it became clear that this supplement was causing him to develop diarrhea. I don't know if the formula changed, I got a bad bottle or my dog can no longer tolerate it. It's a shame because it's hard to find a good supplement at the current price. I don't want to discourage anyone from using this product, but I want them to keep an eye out for a similar reaction in their dog.

👤I didn't know the make up had changed, less glucosomine. I was working on a product from the same company. The German Shepherd became ill after reluctantly eating it after both dogs tried it the last 2 days. I don't like the smell of it either. I have 2 bottles and am told I can't come back as time has passed, even though they aren't out of date. You might want to rethink this product and seller. It doesn't seem fair to me.

7. Cosequin 3 Pack Joint Supplement 3150gm

Cosequin 3 Pack Joint Supplement 3150gm

Convenient 3 pack. No.1 Veterinarian recommended. equine joint health science

Brand: Cosequin

👤The horse loves it and it smells good. The horse is doing his job 3-4 days a week.

8. Vetiq Maximum Strength Joint Supplement

Vetiq Maximum Strength Joint Supplement

Made in the USA, the vet recommended joint supplement is for dogs. The VetIQ hip And joint supplement for dogs comes with 180 chews per bag, which promotes total joint health for your dog. Omega 3 for dogs has 600mg Glucosamine, MSM and 210mg krill per serving. Hip and joint support for dogs. Joint care supplements help support the joints and muscles.

Brand: Vetiq

👤Before you buy, read carefully. I convinced my dog to eat it by the evening. Nausea and vomiting began on Day 2. My dog stopped drinking. An emergency ride to the vet costs $300. After a full course of antibiotics, the dog slowly came back to life.

👤I usually don't write reviews but I thought this one was important. He started vomiting blood after we gave him 2 chews a day. We thought the supplement chews would help him because he has been eating the same food for a long time. He was 800-273-3217 The vet diagnosed him with HGE and he had to spend the night in the hospital. I want to warn pet owners with dogs who have stomach issues that this may not happen to every dog who takes this product.

👤Our 2 boys, a Border Collie and a mini Aussie have been taking their pet tabs without issue since July of 2020. They have had no adverse effects and have 2 tabs daily. We opened a new bag and within a day, our Border Collie started to experience seizure-like symptoms and we had to take them to the vet. The only change in their diet was this bag. We had to take our dog to the emergency room. After 3 days the doctors couldn't find anything wrong, but he continued to experience seizure like episodes and both of our boys still had scurvy. We stopped giving them the pet tabs as a last resort and within a day their sputum cleared up, and our Border Collie has not had a seizure since. If your furry kid is experiencing any abnormality after taking the pet tabs, check the lot on the back of the package. PetIQ/VetIQ should look into this information. Refer to the image I provided, which is 22437-20 best by 10/27/2022.

👤My corgi has a bad back leg, we think it was caused by a baby's small dislocation. We didn't know he had hurt it until he was 8. It was too late to do anything about the damage shown in the X-rays. He takes expensive medications when we treat it like arthritis. He is prone to weight gain. He's the happiest dog we know, but he's starting to slow down a bit and takes a while to get up in the morning. He got these to help with his medication. We were giving him anti- inflammatory oils but they were expensive. Less than a week after we started giving him these perks, he has become more active. It's easy to get him up for his walk in the morning. He is in a better mood throughout the day. I think it took about 5 years to take off. The results and price were reviewed. It feels great to see your dog feel better.

9. Nutramax COSEQUIN Senior Glucosamine Chondroitin

Nutramax COSEQUIN Senior Glucosamine Chondroitin

Veterinarian Recommended A tasty soft chew from Cosequin Senior offers joint health, skin and coat, immune and digestive health support. The trademarked ingredients are FCHG49 Glucosamine and TRH122 Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate. The senior helps support the immune system. The function of the Beta Glucans is as a prebiotic. COSEQUIN is a high quality, dog joint supplement and is excellent for long-term use and maintenance.

Brand: Nutramax Laboratories

👤Defiantly works well for arthritis, hip problems, and other joint issues. The picky chihuahua will eat the Cosequin Soft Chews. The Aust Cattle Dog is picky. I ordered the "Senior" and the "Maximum strength". I forgot to order the senior from Amazon, so I ordered the Max from 1800Petmeds. The price is the only difference between the two. You pay more for the word senior. Both have the same ingredients, and nothing different. I still recommend them to you pets. Don't get caught up in the wording.

👤Our 10-year-old Australian has seen multiple changes in a month, which is not that old, as we are just one month in from changing to the SENIOR product. He was getting heavy in his back end, and had been having difficulty getting to his feet, and had slowed down in playing with our 19-month-old pup. The Senior formula was started along with a change in his feeding. Amazon is out of stock after I ordered. I hope they will carry it again. We were sent to Petco and PetSmart. We are hoping that Amazon will get it back in stock, as it has made a difference and it is a very convenient way to order. Part of the review is about taste. The younger one is getting upset as he is not getting one, but our dog does not mind it. It must smell good to him. We have been for a couple of weeks and he continues to do well. We recommend this product because it is working on our guy.

👤My 14 year old poodle had a lot of arthritis issues and needed to take pain pills, but couldn't because of his liver function. I started him on the 6 week dose and noticed a huge difference. He wants to play like he only did once in a blue moon. I thought my daughter was giving to him until I realized he wasn't as active. He had not been given a pill in a week. I gave them to him again. He was back to his old self on the second day. Do yourself and your dog a favor and get these.

👤I bought these for my senior dog. He's overweight. We moved to the midwest in the fall and winter where it gets cold and snowy. Some days are better than others for his mobility. I give these to him every morning so he can get them in his system.

👤The Consequin Maximum Strength Chews were used for my 10 year old husky due to his age related mobility issues. My mother recommended these because she used them for her senior dog. Her vet recommended them. I decided to try them because my dog was having issues with his joints and jumping up on the sofa. They worked wonders for him. He was playing with himself again. I decided to give these a try because they are the only one in the product line that helps with the immune system and stomach sensitivity of my dog, and I saw the Senior version. This product is good for everyone's fur babies. They are worth it. Thank you!

10. Nutramax Cosequin Double Strength Capsules

Nutramax Cosequin Double Strength Capsules

Veterinarian Recommended It maintains healthy joints. It is safe, effective and bioavailable.

Brand: Nutramax Laboratories

👤I swear by this stuff. I work in a pet store and am a supplements nerd. I try to go natural with my supplements. I use Cosequin in pill form. I like this. It is recommended to my customers on a daily basis. All large breed dogs should be on this. It's a great preventative for all dogs. A client of mine came in to tell me that her dog had changed after she started him on Cosequin. He went from limping and being in obvious pain to walking without a limp and going up and down the stairs by himself. That's huge! My dog is a German Shepherd. I started her on Cosequin as a preventative to keep her joints strong when she was 2 years old because I was terrified of the hip displasia that so many shepherds are plagued with. She acts the same as she did 4 years ago. She will be 8 in a few months and she has shown no signs of slowing down. I will use this product for as long as it's on the market. I will use it for any dogs I have in the future. It's well worth the small cost to increase the enjoyable, active lifespan my dog has had and will continue to have for many years because of it. These are not pills. They are easy to pull apart and there is a white power inside. If she is being picky, I usually just throw the capsule in the morning, but she always eats them. She doesn't seem to mind the taste. I can put the powder over her food. It would be easy to mix the power into a wet canned food and deliver the supplement that way for dogs that are very picky.

👤This has made a huge difference in my dog. One day he was not walking. I thought he was going to die as I couldn't have a dog who could get around. My friend who works at a horse vet suggested cosequin because they see wonderful results in horses. I saw a difference after one dose. He walked in 2 days. He is able to walk on his own. The cosequin had the biggest effect on my arthritis, so I filled a prescription from my vet for more relief. I will use this product on my dogs as they get older.

👤My dog is poor. She has torn her knees and has a disease that causes inflammation of the colon. The options for knee recovery are limited by these conditions. I bought a ramp for her to go up and down stairs, but my vet suggested a joint supplement, since she is getting Tramadol for the pain from the laser treatments. She is a large breed dog so a joint supplement is a good idea. She has been on Cosequin DS for a month and is doing better. I am happy with the effects of this supplement, but I'm sure a lot of things are assisting the recovery. My dog is putting more weight on her legs because she is having an easier time getting up and down. We can start physical therapy soon. She is not having any adverse reactions to this product. She is on expensive prescription food and it can set her off. She still has a good appetite and has firm stools. You can still get the benefits of a joint supplement if your dog has food allergies. I am giving this to a full-grown Rottweiler so I can just shove pills into the back of her mouth and she will swallow them. She can't have treats or Pill Pockets. I'm not sure how easy it would be to give this to a small dog.

11. NATURELO Glucosamine Chondroitin Boswellia Organic

NATURELO Glucosamine Chondroitin Boswellia Organic

Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM is a substance. Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM are included in the formula. The clinically researched ingredients improve joint mobility, build girdal and increase flexibility. Designed for people looking to strengthen and maintain their joints. The complete formula includes Boswellia and Organic C from Organic Acerola Cherries to give you the nutrition you need. Premium quality is what this product is made with, it is made with ingredients that are Non-GMO,Gluten Free, Soy Free, and contain no coloring,flavoring, or Preservatives. There is a full money-back guarantee. The best vitamins and minerals come from nature, not from a lab.

Brand: Naturelo

👤I had my first surgery after using Glucosamine. It has been helpful with both pain management and mobility. I've tried many brands, including MSM vs Chondroitin. This is one of the best I've used. It is available via subscribe and save. You get a discount there. You get the idea that you're getting quality, natural ingredients, not processed junk. It works. It's definitely not a deal killer, but it would be nice if they could reduce it to two pills instead of four because it adds up when you're taking other medications. If you're happy with your current brand, I would definitely recommend this. It won't be boring.

👤I wanted to start running again early last winter. I didn't have proper shoes and hadn't run for more than 30 years. I could barely walk after a couple of days because my knees were hurting so much. Naturelo was a top rated brand on Amazon and I ordered it. After a couple of months, my pain subsided and it was pretty much gone. I attribute my intense gardening to the fact that my right knee hurts occasionally. I will probably order this product again and keep it up on a regular basis.

👤Do your research and understand how much you are taking, but make sure you take the recommended amount. There can be interactions. If you have irregular heartbeats, stop using chondroitin and glucosamine. Do your research and talk to a doctor if you notice any issues. I wanted to share the positive impact this supplement had on me, because I was in pain a while. My back was killing me. I used ICE and HEAT to get over 10 pain. I spoke to a physical therapist and asked if I should keep taking Glucosamine, he asked me how much I was taking, and I told him that I was taking about half the dose. He said it seems to help some people, but there isn't strong clinical evidence, so I should take the recommended dose and not skip days. He said that it needs to be in your bloodstream all the time. I took the recommended 4 pills, and I'm pain free now. I think I'm at about one tenth. I can't imagine if this worked quickly. I don't know. I'll keep testing this. I wanted to leave this for those who may be taking it without the right dose. Make sure you get the correct amount. Don't expect things to stay the same if you just take 1/2 or 1/3 the dose. Don't take this long as there are side effects to talking to a doctor.

👤I was surprised at how well it worked. The arthritis pain in my thumb is almost completely gone after a week. The only negative was the stomach upset that took 4 caps a day, but it went away. Great product!

👤I was having knee issues, pain behind the knee, a general tingling and tight feeling while running that led to tightness afterwards, and I stopped running at one point because I was limping. I'd tried a lot of things. I was struggling to get to 100% even when I was not doing anything. I tried the product and found it to be good. It's hard to say if it's a placebo effect or a real benefit, but my knee didn't become perfect after I took Glucosamine, but I eventually allowed myself to start running and rebuild my strength. I have continued to take it. The knee is not perfect, but it has been manageable. We'll see how it goes this summer.


What is the best product for cosequin joint health supplement for dogs?

Cosequin joint health supplement for dogs products from Cosequin. In this article about cosequin joint health supplement for dogs you can see why people choose the product. Synovi and Nutramax Laboratories are also good brands to look for when you are finding cosequin joint health supplement for dogs.

What are the best brands for cosequin joint health supplement for dogs?

Cosequin, Synovi and Nutramax Laboratories are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cosequin joint health supplement for dogs. Find the detail in this article. Dailydose, Grizzly Pet Products Foods & Supplements All-natural and Vetiq are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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