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1. Supplement Absorption Performance Diindolylmethane Capsules

Supplement Absorption Performance Diindolylmethane Capsules

The DIM supplement has 300mg of DIM supplement with 2.5mg black pepper extract for maximum absorption. Deal Supplement DIM 300mg is made with pure dim powder and black pepper extract to maximize absorption. It's a hormone balance that's very clean for both women and men. Extra strength DIM pills help with metabolism. It helps with menopause relief, such as hot flashes. This will help to balance testosterone to estrogen ratio for men. 3rd party tested, top grade quality, non-GMO, diary free, no tree-nuts, no sugar, and no preservatives. Money Back Guarantee 60 days.

Brand: Eagleshine Vitamins

👤I was happy to find that this product has changed my life after I was referred by my neurologist to balance my hormones. After only 3 months on DIM, both problems are completely solved, and I was going to need 2 surgical procedures. I haven't experienced any side effects from my other prescriptions or supplements. I also take calcium. The best outcome for my medical needs is offered by glutcarate and together. I am a 44 year old woman who has had 4 children naturally, no c-section, and I had a tubal ligation almost 19 years ago. No pain or nausea. I recommend this product for women who have had heavy menstruation or ovarian cysts.

👤After I switched to the IUD, my hormones were terrible. I had no skin problems on the pill. I was able to get it under control with the help of Differin, but I was still having a lot of trouble. I did some research on DIM and bought it. I have been using it for over a month now and can say that the reduction in the number of cysts is completely visible. I don't have periods, so I can't comment on how it affects those, but I give it an A+ for the skin condition. You can take a survey to get a free bottle. You don't need an Amazon review to get the bottle, but you should leave one at the end of the survey.

👤With my age and premenopause, I was getting a lot of "beard" hairs on my chin and face. DIM helped in slowing down the growth of my chin hairs and I am almost done with it. It has been great.

👤I love how this product works. I am losing weight slowly and gaining muscle and better moods.

👤You get mood and temper when you take this everyday van. I am very happy with this in my life. I usually don't do reviews but this is a great product that I had to. This was helpful in my case. I am buying more.

👤I was not a fan of dim capsule until I tried his one. This dim is not like the rest. The way it makes me feel good is very effective. I haven't felt this way in a long time.

👤Product was what I was looking for.

👤This is the only thing that helps with my severe adult skin problems. This company has the best bang for your buck and they added pepper absorption.

2. Menopause Estrogen Metabolism Supplement Broccoli

Menopause Estrogen Metabolism Supplement Broccoli

Midlife support for women may help with energy and hormonal balance. The advanced formula contains 100mg. The broccoli seed extract is 100 percent Diindolylmethane. cruciferous veggies have essential DIM that may support a proper estrogen balance. It is designed to support cellular health, immune function, and mood as you age. Lab verified for purity and potency is the trusted brand.

Brand: Solaray

👤I had to return it. I had a slight headaches on the first day of taking this. I took it again on Wednesday and didn't realize it was causing the headaches until I woke up in the middle of the night. I stopped taking this on day 3 as there was nothing else to blame, but a horrible migraine woke me up in the middle of the night for 2 more nights. On Saturday night, I had a throbbing head and thought I was having a stroke. On Sunday night, the nighttime migraines went away. I wish I knew why I reacted this way. I took the DIM a few years ago and did not get a reaction. I like the Solaray brand and thought I would try it.

👤My daughter was going off birth control and I bought this for her. It was recommended by a Natural Doc to help with hormonal issues. It didn't seem to help the hormones that they didn't help the hormonal acne. It was expensive to have no benefits.

👤Something that can balance my hormones is finally here! I have had bad moods my entire life. My first response to be calm during anxious situations is helped by this. I noticed a change in my mensural cycle. My pain is not as heavy and doesn't last long. This is the best period gummies I have tried. I'm 5'3", 120 lbs, and have about 30 days between periods, and I only exercise one or fewer days a week. I have had bad pain in my breasts during pre-msy and have not seen the side effects in the last two months.

👤I've been in peri menopause for a few years. I have a lot of bad symptoms at the halfway point of my cycle. I can not take traditional birth control pills because of a history of blood clot problems. The supplement has changed the game. I took it for 2 weeks leading up to my cycle and it helped my symptoms.

👤This is great for women who have had pre-ms and hormonal issues. After I stopped using birth control, I had bad skin, and I tried everything from spas to beauty products, but nothing worked. Light therapy and facials were tried by me. The solutions for hormonal acne are not provided by estheticians. I was going to go back to using brith control. I stumbled across this supplement and decided to give it a try. It has changed my life, I am glad I tried it. It reduced the appearance of my skin. Your skin will clear up if you pair this with zinc. The all-natural grocery stores that sell it are 50% off of Amazon's price.

👤I'm not off the couch working all day. I spent a year sleeping and feeling bad. I felt pregnant at 50. Did a lot of research and knew it was a problem. I'm living again. Four years later, still using this. I take 2 a day closer to that time.

3. Amberen Peri Multi Symptom Perimenopause Regularity

Amberen Peri Multi Symptom Perimenopause Regularity

It's possible to get up to 10 perimenOPAUSE symptoms with the AMBEREN PERIMENOPAUSE SUPPLEMENT. Irritability, fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, hot flashes, night sweats, muscle and joint ache, headaches, and more. Helping to restore habitat and menstrual regularity. Help your body get back to normal. It's a common issue during perimenopause when you can't predict your cycle. It is possible to see results within 30 days. Significant results occur between 30 and 90 days. The blend contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9 and B12 and is called Smart B Complex. There were no adverse side effects reported in a clinical trial on perimenopausal women.

Brand: Amberen

👤It works well for me and helps my mood. A life saver. My energy is high. Also, helped with indigestion. If you are feeling reassured, buy it. I was looking at it all the time. I feel like a woman again. I'm 40 years old. Hope this helps. Good luck, I know what you are going through.

👤Would have loved to have tried. Have severe reactions to it. They should have made it clear before ordering.

👤I ordered the amberen because I wanted it to help with my perimenopause symptoms. I was driving crazy because of the constant night sweats, poor night sleep, and mood swings. I slept better once I started taking the amberen. The night sweats have been reduced and it has been a life-saver. I feel more like myself than I have in a long time. I've tried a lot of products to ease my symptoms, and this has given me the best results so far. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I bought this at Walgreens. I took it in the morning after breakfast, and after a few days, I realized I was experiencing crying spells, anxiety, and I also started breaking out. I wasn't sure if it was the amberen. I continued for two more days but my mood was not improving. After a week of taking the amberen, I stopped and my symptoms subsided. I am a mental health counselor and I was experiencing symptoms of severe depression. If you start taking amberen, be very careful with your mood because it is not just a simple supplement.

👤This product has helped me a lot. Thank you for that! I was having a hard time sleeping because of perimenopause, I'm in my early forties. I know that some women get it worse than others, but mine has been terrible. I've been taking the pills for about a month now and I'm sleeping again. I can focus because I'm not tired all the time and I don't have hot flashes. I'll recommend her to my friends.

👤I've tried a lot of different supplements for perimenopause, and this is the only one that works for me. My doctor recommended it to me. It's a good value because you don't have to take multiple tablets for different issues like I did in the past.

👤There are things in the product that I don't want to put in my body. I will send it back.

👤I have a second box. I am usually sensitive to some ingredients. I have had no issues with him. It is perfectly safe. It can take a little while to start working. I decided to stick with it because they said it can take 30-90 days for the best results. Very happy!

4. Zhou Supplement Metabolism Magnesium Gluten Free

Zhou Supplement Metabolism Magnesium Gluten Free

The metabolism complex is designed to support a healthy metabolism. Say hello to a happy and healthy you. Tired of living in a mental fog? You will be amazed at how much better you can be when your thyroid is supported. Try it for yourself to see if you can conquer daily tasks with ease. Are you tired of being tired? The All-Natural Thyroid Support will help you wake up more rested and rejuvenated. There is a clean fluid. This formula is vegan, non-GMO, and all-natural, and is crafted by experts in the field of modern nutrition. There are vitamins B-12, magnesium, zinc, and copper in this product. For both men and women. What sets them apart? The highest-quality ingredients are used at Zhou. They test everything at their lab in Utah, so you can be sure that you're getting the best. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Zhou Nutrition

👤It makes me jittery. I took it for two days. I was going to take over the world and I thought it was the greatest thing that had happened. I couldn't sit down if you had put me in the chair, I had heart palpitations, and this was bad. My house was clean, but I felt like my heart was going to explode, and it didn't really do it for me. I would have liked it to help more. I really wanted to use this product. I tried it again and again, and it was the same result. There is an update. I received an immediate response from the company after I made this review. I have been working with a representative who has given me an idea for a different product to try, and she has issued a refund on the product that didn't fit my needs. The first few days of using this, I felt amazing. I'm willing to give something else a try, even though I reacted to something in these. The customer service is amazing. I didn't think to contact the company. They reached out to me. Zhou is standing behind their products.

👤Omg. I love this. I decided to try it after reading the reviews and seeing how it didn't work for some and for others. I was on Levothyroxine for over a year after I was diagnosed with hypothyroid, and I still felt horrible even though I never missed a dose. I was always tired. I started taking it on the first day after receiving it. I had doubts but my husband noticed that I was sleeping better without taking my sleeping pills and I had more energy throughout the day. I joined all of the classes at my gym because I felt good enough. I missed feeling like this, I missed wanting to do things, and my kids are happy too. I will definitely order again.

👤I have a condition. What is that? It's when your doctor and endocrinologist think you have a problem with your hormones and you have all the symptoms, but the labs are borderline. I wanted relief from the fatigue, mood swings, and everything else you wouldn't want as someone with that condition, so I was told to retest in a year. I decided to try this as a last ditch attempt to find some relief. I noticed a huge difference after 2 days. I wasn't tired, sluggish, or anxious. It felt like my body was working. I had run out of time to get my newest delivery, but that wasn't the case. I had been without it for about 4 days. It's not withdrawal, but you get used to not feeling the way you did prior to this supplement, and everything I'd not wanted to do was ruini g My day. It was a relief when I finally took it, after a long time. Zhou Nutrition is the best company for all natural ingredients. I've tried several of their products. I will always buy from them if they are around. I'd recommend this product. Customer service is great. They stand by their word. My mom didn't get the same effect as I did, so she got her money back, even though she wasn't happy with the price. You have nothing to lose, because Amazon backs you up, and they honor their 60 day money back claim.

5. Supplement BioPerine Sulforaphane Broccoli Inhibitor

Supplement BioPerine Sulforaphane Broccoli Inhibitor

The DIM 250 Complex Extra Strength is the most complete DIM supplement for a reason; it's the most complete compound for cruciferous vegetables. DIM supplements help in hormone balance by supporting the body's metabolism of excess estrogen, and they are also used for women. DIM is a must-have for men, as it can help reduce excess estrogen and aid with physical fitness. The most complete DIM product is a single bottle of DIM with a 2 month supply of powerful serving in a small vegetable capsule. Their DIM is manufactured in an FDA-Registered facility that complies with the guidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practice.

Brand: Smoky Mountain Naturals

👤I started taking DIM six months ago and am writing a review to be certain of the results. I have been suffering with cysts for 25 years and nothing has worked to prevent them. I have tried almost everything and have never had such amazing results. I have not had a single case of cysts in the 6 months I have been taking DIM. I've rarely had a very small amount of redness. No new products would be giving me this result because I continue my skin care routine. It won't work for everyone, but it's worth a try. I did not get paid to write a review. I am a legitimate purchaser of this product.

👤I don't think my new order of DIM is legit. The pills look like the one on the left.

👤I have been taking DIM, Progesto and Estro Life for about 4 weeks but I felt better after a week. I am 48 years old. I feel like I am 38 now. My life is getting better. I am finally losing weight after Bloating. I started to exercise, have tons of energy, my face looks younger, my brain fog has cleared, and I pay more attention to my dress and hair. I started wearing make-up again. I have the courage to live life. It feels like someone has turned on a light and I can enjoy everything around me. I was going to spend hundreds of dollars on treatments from a doctor, but I found these products first. It's amazing.

👤There are two different products. The products are not the same. When selecting a size, they should not be advertised as such, because they are both made by the same company. This is a classic bate and switch. The cruciferous plants have the same labels, but they don't have the same ingredients. The front of the packaging is the same as the back, except for a slight color change on the labels. The products are not a "size" issue, but a product "bate and switch." If you want a shoe company to have all their shoes on one landing page, you can read the fine print to figure out the right one, or if you want a different shoe style, you can find it.

👤I am going to do monthly reviews. I went through menopause 2 years ago. I started DIM after reading about the effects of estrogen dominance on weight loss. Over the last year, I have lost 60 lbs but have been stuck for the last 6 months. I thought I would try DIM to lose some weight. The headaches are horrible. I did not take this meal until 1-2 hours later. I woke up with a bad headache. The pain was so bad that I threw up. It was not good. Since then, I have had no headaches and never missed a pill. I had a few days of extreme fatigue but have been fine since. I work out 3-4 times a week with weights and HIIT. I have been taking DIM for almost a month and have not lost any weight. I wouldn't say my mood is different. Maybe it's a slight improvement. I haven't seen an increase in energy. I was hoping for a change in that. Will take DIM for 2 months to see if anything changes.

6. Nutricost Diindolylmethane BioPerine Veggie Capsules

Nutricost Diindolylmethane BioPerine Veggie Capsules

120 vegetarian pills of the highest quality diindolylmethane per bottle. 300mg of DIM per capsule is extra strength. Just one capsule. 3rd party tested for non-gmo, vegetarian, and gluten free. It contains bioPerine for improved absorption. Made in a FDA registered facility.

Brand: Nutricost

👤How can I write a concise review of a product that changed my life and not make readers want to read more? I have so much to say about this stuff that I could write a thesis on it. The vast majority of female complaints arise from hormonal imbalances, and most often from the estrogen-to- progesterone ratio becoming disproportionately estrogen dominant. Women's sexual hormones are blamed for a lot of health problems, from irregular menstrual cycles to breast or ovarian cysts, to fibroids, all the way to cancer of some female body parts. It's not having hormones that causes the problem, it's that their ratios get out of whack. Monitoring hormone ratios constantly would be too much hassle and expensive. DIM will resolve this issue for most sufferers without adding hormones to their system. Your system should be able to regulate itself so that those hormones are in a better state. If I had known about DIM earlier in my life, I could have avoided a lot of misery, because it has helped me with a lot of female issues, and the recent surge in popularity shows it's helped. When I started using DIM, I would tell my friends about it, and one of them was miserable with an ovarian cyst, but I am thankful that any health guru has increased public awareness about it. A friend went on the pill and had a mini-stroke. She is okay now, but I could have convinced her. Fear that DIM might not be safe was the greatest reason for friends to not try it. When Jonathan Wright, one of the country's most knowledgeable and trustworthy MDs, gave DIM an enthusiastic endorsement, I felt vindicated and pleased that more women will be willing to give this. I've used DIM for about 5 years, but I only started using the Nutricost brand a few months ago, and I don't see why I should switch again if my health issues remain the same. There is an update on 4-20-19. It has been over 6 years since I started using DIM, and 18 months since I started using the Nutricost brand. I added Milk Thistle to my regimen along with DIM because it makes the job of the liver easier. It won't have to work as hard to flush the by-products of metabolized estrogen from using DIM out of your system, and it also helps the liver in doing its job better. I have been a DIM user for over 8 years and still doing what I started doing.

👤There were different ingredients on the bottle. They added another person. The website doesn't list it. The product is ruined by this. It's time to buy a different brand.

👤I am a believer in DIM. I used DIM from A squared nutrition for months and it helped with a lot of things, including painful breasts and hormonal issues before my period. I switched to this brand to save money, but I wish I never did. Since that same month, my horrible PMS symptoms and painful breasts have come back. I know what it is like to live without those symptoms. I don't think this brand has done anything to change to asquared nutrition.

7. Estrogen Blocker EstroBlock Metabolize Diindolylmethane

Estrogen Blocker EstroBlock Metabolize Diindolylmethane

Do you experience unusual weight gain, cysts, hair loss or heavy cycles? If you are experiencing symptoms of Estrogen Dominance, you need help now. Estrogen Blocker for Men is a post-cycle therapy. The strongest estrogen blocking product on the market can be used to support the post andro and T Replacement cycle. Doctor Formula With Diindolylmethane (DIM) is the most effective one. Excess Estrogen-related Belly Fat and Cellulite can be reduced. You get professional relief for less and an amazing return policy. Most men and women see results in 7 days or less. Their results guarantee and no questions asked return policy will keep you safe.

Brand: Biolabs Pro

👤I've used similar products before for leaning out my legs, and this one is pretty good. The back of my legs and glutes look much leaner and tighter after using this morning and night, which makes sense because those areas tend to hold onto fat and water. I plan on using this for competition preps in the future.

👤In the past 4 months, I have changed my diet and exercise regimen and my chest fat has not gone away. I can tell you that from using this product for a week, I have noticed that the lower portion of my chest has shrunk a little, but it's just a little bit. I will continue to use this product and make changes to it.

👤The capsule form of DIM is more affordable than the cream because of the amount you receive in the tube. Applying twice a day uses up this product quickly. The DIM cream is hard to absorb and you must apply it immediately after bathing. The smell could be improved.

👤The product works well, but the delivery system leaves a lot to be desired. The texture isn't fully absorbed. Adding more lotion to my skin was what I found myself doing. It would roll up on my skin.

👤I ordered it because it says it helps with fat that is estrogen dominant. I have a lot of that fat. I started using this on my breasts, hips, and inner thighs. Almost everyone I know asked me if I lost weight. The only difference was this cream. It helps with the pain from endometriosis. I will be a repeat customer. This stuff works.

👤This product didn't work for me and I didn't see any improvement.

👤Just received my order. I am not sure how effective the product will be, but had to say about the ridiculousness of the dispensers. I understand controlling the amounts, but this? It's a good thing. rant over.

👤This product has added definition to my chest and it smells great.

8. DIM 300mg Max Strength Diindolylmethane

DIM 300mg Max Strength Diindolylmethane

The Max Strength DIM is a combination of the two. The DIM formula has a maximum strength of 300mg per serving. You get a full 100 day supply with 200 capsule in every bottle. DIM is derived from eating indole-3-carbinol, which is found in cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, and kale. DIM is often taken to help relieve hot flashes and night sweats in women. * DIM is an anti- inflammatory agent that makes it feel different. DIM supports balanced estrogen hormone levels, it may help reduce hot flashes and night sweats, it may help increase fat burning, and it may promote mental clarity. DIM is often taken with DHEA 100mg pills or a combination of the two. * There are some things that you can do to improve the environment. DIM + BioPerine can help relieve symptoms of menopause in women. DIM helps the body metabolize excess estrogen. Increased fat burning is supported by DIM. DIM helps suppress aromatase activity, so it's thought to be an aromatase blocker. DIM is used by men to protect against free testosterone depletion. * ASquared Nutrition's DIM supplement is made in the USA and contains 300mg of DIM per serving. Their natural formula does not contain any of the above. Their complex is made in the USA. Their products are tested to ensure quality. Both men and women can use their formula. * The best value on AMAZON. DIM can help relieve symptoms of menopause. DIM can be found in many forms including pills, tablets, powder and cream. Also try their vegetarian Turmeric Curcumin, CoQ10 400mg, DHEA 100MG, Resveratrol, Quercetin 500mg, and natural Milk Thistle 1000mg. *

Brand: Asquared Nutrition

👤After taking Dim for almost 2 months, I had to change my review. When I first started taking them, it was the most difficult time in my life. I did not connect the dots when I first had the headaches, but now I know that many other people had the same issues. I took DIM for two months. I was happy to continue giving it a chance. My body loved it. I didn't know that my period was coming because I have been avoiding the things that can cause a period, such as bloat, headaches, and cysts around my chin area. Nothing. My barely there cramps and medium flow cycle are not included. The best part! I have an hourglass figure but have been struggling with lower belly fat for years and I could never get it off. My lower belly fat has been melting off slowly, while I have had a sports injury. I lost about 4 lbs while using and didn't connect the dots until I realized. A bit of weight loss is common while using DIM. I'm happy with the DIM and will continue to use it.

👤One capsule of Nature's Way DIM-plus contains 8x more DIM than one 200mg capsule. As a group of fitness friends, we were looking at brands and DIM. We were all impressed with the results. Potency has kept us purchasing this brand, and we have two middle aged moms, one premenopausal mom, one 18 year old female, one mid twenties dude, and one teen female struggling to regulate hormones. There was an update on 4/22/2019. Some members of our group have said that this has helped them with their anxiety. I can attest to DIM's ability to take away mental fogginess and I no longer have to experience my traditional wave of menstrual cycle hormones creating 1-2 tear filled, emotionally unstable, obnoxiously overly sensitive days due to my monthly cycle. It was one of those that I woke up to yesterday. I took a DIM as soon as I realized what was happening. I was back to my happy go lucky, energetic, emotional stable self within 3 hours, which is a huge gift because it normally takes 1-2 hours of running or intense cardio to burn off those excess hormones. I have tried DIM in many brands, blends and durations, along with cycling on and off. It took me awhile to dial in how to cycle on and off of DIM in conjunction with my natural hormone cycle and still reap the benefits of eliminated body and belly fat, overall enhanced more chill mood, less menstrual upset, and enjoy a great daily baseline of more consistent energy that lasts Some of our group take it daily but my husband and I both choose to vary our dose and cycle because we both noticed that long use seemed to cause us to loose our chillness and we were instead feeling a bit more aggressive. I felt like that kind of person, and so did he. We were both micro jerks and no trade off was worth it. I researched a lot because I loved the DIM benefits and was not willing to give up. Over time, I and a few others in our initial group have worked out our own personal hormone cycle needs to adjust the increase/decrease in the daily dose as needed. I am happy to have found a happy medium in which I can manage my hormones in a more natural way. I would recommend this to any male or female who is heavy in estrogen and needs to be supplemented with testosterone, peri- menopausal women, and females with irregular menstral cycles. This is a great supplement to have on hand, especially in this day and age of plastic wrapped hormones. We bought this DIM at a full retail price. We read reviews on almost every item we buy from Amazon and we appreciate the transparency it creates. I take the time to contribute through a review because it is important to build a community of truth through honest feedback. Non-contributors are always skeptical of positive reviews but when something is truly amazing I believe it deserves a review. We were not paid, incentivized or compensated for leaving this review.

9. Estroven Menopause Supplement Multi Symptom Irritability

Estroven Menopause Supplement Multi Symptom Irritability

It was designed to provide relief for your menopause symptoms. * Both drug free and estrogen free are contained in this supplement. There are 2X in this container. The amount of natural-sourced black cholesterol compared to other leading brands, plus clinically proven Soy Isoflavones help reduce the severity of hot flashes and night sweats. Natural sources of magnolia bark can help reduce menopausal irritability and manage mood. Green tea and YERBA MAT are natural sources of energy. *

Brand: Estroven

👤I can't live without this product. It cured my hot flashes, which were destroying my life. I couldn't do anything anymore. I didn't know how to dress. I was not comfortable. If I drink a warm beverage, I will not self-destruct. I will not be killed in the middle of the play. The nighttime ones help you sleep. I take an Estroven in the daytime but not at night. They don't recommend taking two a day. I do. I feel better about it. I woke up refreshed for the first time in five years. My doctors can send their bills to other people if I take one yellow and one blue in the morning and night. I am on auto delivery. Let's be serious. A woman's life is neglected during menopause. It can last 10 months or 10 years. It can last a long time. It all depends on the woman. Our periods and pms are different for every woman, and perimenopause can last 3 years or 10 years. Black cohosh has been around for a long time. Black cohosh will make your period come if it is delayed. That's why it can help with pms. There is a When women go to their doctors with severe perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms, I'm pretty sure most of them will be given antidepressants. There is a If the antidepressants had worked, we'd all be talking about them. We wouldn't have needed Estroven. There is a Or anything else. There is a They didn't. There is a We need help. It's the desire to see my children less frequently, lower tolerance for pain and higher tolerance for sadness, all these things contribute to loss of happiness, but add hot flash to that combination and it begins to feel like sexism. Women who were content with their lives and choices start asking about cruises to Alaska. For one person. This lasts for a long time. No one is talking about it. They are giving us more and more drugs. I think we are also on high blood pressure medication. You gain 10 pounds in your late forties because you have been a chaffeur for 20 years. You gain another 15 when you go to the doctor for antidepressants. You have high blood pressure. You take a pill. You eat cheese because you feel upset. It makes you feel better. You have high cholesterol. You take another pill. When you were a healthy mom, you were a pill taker. You can't sleep anymore. You gain more weight due to high cortisol, and get a CPAP machine, which is less sexy than it sounds. When you are depressed, you probably need the antidepressants, but if you take vitamins for a year, you can fake it. You are hit with pre-diabetes or thyroid issues. Do you know where I'm going? It is a slippery slope. The medical profession doesn't understand what it means to be female. I had doubts about the supplement until I took it for a few days and it worked. I take the energy one in the morning and the night one in the evening, and I am completely relaxed. I would love to hear about the experiences of others, young and old alike, trans or not, but you must not take it, we are all unique and different. That is important. I'm off all other medication now. It was all menopause.

10. Best Naturals Supplement Metabolism Menopause

Best Naturals Supplement Metabolism Menopause

The formula for healthy estrogen metabolism. Balanced testosterone and hormone levels are supported. It supports estrogen balance and cell replication. Black pepper extract has been shown to increase absorption. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Best Naturals

👤My brother had to take 300mgs but it gave him stomach problems and he had to take it every day. Since it was the newest pill, Mom found that too much Dim could cause this. He was told by his mom to drop it down to 250. He was still having problems that were not as bad as this one. This one was correct. He took 100 for a while, got his stomach under control, and then added another one for lunch, and now he is taking 3; 1 in the morning, 1 at lunch, and one for dinner with absolutely no problems. He was able to get his 300mgs in a day without the side effects.

👤I took 1 pill on a Saturday evening. By Sunday morning, I felt like I had a foggy head, and just felt lousy. I took another one on Sunday with breakfast and dinner. My headaches started that evening. I woke up with a bad head and stomach. I couldn't hold the water down until later in the day. I was bed ridden until Monday at noon when I began to feel better. I threw the bottle away.

👤This isn't VegetaRIAN or VEGAN. The capsule has something in it. I should have looked at the ingredients more carefully. I'm not sure if I got any of the supposed benefits after taking these supplements. I was on birth control for a few years and it messed up my hormones, so I thought this could help. I lost a lot of hair when I showered. I broke my vegan diet for months.

👤I already see a difference in my cycles after taking this. I was bleeding heavily from several fibroids. I had surgery to remove the big fibroids, but the small ones are still there. Since I knew the other fibroids could grow, I wanted to remove excess estrogen and lighten up my bleeding. I tried DIM and Vitex and it was a huge difference in 2 months.

👤Takes time. To see how it affects you, you have to take every day for a month on the lowest dose. There are many reasons to balance your hormones. I'm taking 100mg for 2 months and here are my results. Side effect: for the first time in my life, I feel younger. It's within normal parameters, but I am spotting at ovulation.

👤The lowest dose I can find is what I like about this DIM. I have to start slow on supplements, so I appreciated that this was 100mg. I could work harder. I wanted to start slow and low because DIM can cause headaches if you start too fast. The brand and ingredients are great.

👤After taking the supplement for 3 months, I noticed the positive changes. The adverse effects came about because of not being aware to order right away and running out of the supplement. Positives include a shorter lighter period, less intense pms symptoms, and no new breakouts, but not so positive are the ones that do not. Mood swings, headaches, and excess bloat. Results will be different like all supplements. What works best for you? Reviews are a general point of view. There is a great product.

11. DIM Supplement 300mg Diindolylmethane BioPerine

DIM Supplement 300mg Diindolylmethane BioPerine

The extra strength DIM has 300mg of pure DIM and 5mg of BioPerine, which makes it easy to swallow and give you all you need. cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale. * DIM helps to aid in hormonal balance by supporting the body's metabolism and reducing excess estrogen. DIM supports a number of women's health issues. * DIM is for men too. DIM is an estrogen blocker and may promote Estrogen Balance, Metabolism Support, Improved Physical Fitness, Increased Energy Levels and Testosterone Support for men. For maximum absorption of DIM, they added BioPerine. Your body will get the full benefit of each 300mg capsule, which is why it is called BioPerine. QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: Made in USA. Their DIM is vegan, non-GMO, and third party tested. It is made in the USA. That is the Effective Nutra seal of excellence.

Brand: Effective Nutra

👤A lot of people took the time to write a review. Not sure if it's hype or a kick-back. It is false and misleading for people to say that they feel good and full of energy even if they take these pills for a few days. I know that most of the people who posted a review don't have a clue or have taken a pill to post it. Unless you are an ultra fit person or a gym junky, most of the people looking to take this product may not be in the best shape. I started taking one pill a day for the past 5 days and feel like I have been working every night tossing sand bags instead of getting a decent night of sleep. I have headaches, brain fog, lower and upper back aches, and it's kind of like a heavy metal or chemical detoxing. You would know what I am talking about if you ever did a cleanse. DIM pulls excess estrogens out of your cells and sends them out into the bloodstream to be eliminated, leaving your body feeling weak and in pain. I am a male in my 40s who wants to lose excess body weight and see faster results with a combination of Cardio and workouts. I am taking a break from the workouts because of lack of energy and body ache. If you are looking for a miracle pill, be aware of its mild to severe side effects during the first few days, which will make you feel like a punching bag. I have been taking these for a week. I know I have a few more days of general cleanse before my body will benefit from it. Your urine will be a dark orange to brown color during the time of the cleanse.

👤I have suffered from severe, painful, cystic acne on my chin and jawline for years. It got worse after taking birth control. I've tried every remedy and cream out there to help, but nothing seemed to help. There was an answer to what was causing my weird symptoms after I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid condition. I try to use cleanser that won't irritate my skin and I clean my face daily. I have been taking one pill a day for the last week and I have noticed that my chin has less cysts on it than it did a week ago, and I only have one small one. It has been two months of cysts that have been painful, so either this stuff is helping or it is a coincidence. I only did 4 out of 5 stars for now because I'm optimistic that I'll keep improving. I'll change my review if it continues to work.

👤I was shocked by the results. I started it to get rid of my adult HormonalAcne. There were no noticeable changes on the first day. The entire layer of dead skin began to peel off in sheets. I had a slight headaches and fatigue on day 3. After work, there is an improvement in mood and skin with headaches and fatigue. On day 5, the skin is renewed and the headaches are gone. I was worried about the fatigue and headaches because I am a doctor, so I found out that my hormones are normal. The side effects of a person with a hormone imbalance are something that I need to push through. I think my hormones have been normal since I was a teenager.


What is the best product for dim estrogen metabolism supplement women?

Dim estrogen metabolism supplement women products from Eagleshine Vitamins. In this article about dim estrogen metabolism supplement women you can see why people choose the product. Solaray and Amberen are also good brands to look for when you are finding dim estrogen metabolism supplement women.

What are the best brands for dim estrogen metabolism supplement women?

Eagleshine Vitamins, Solaray and Amberen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for dim estrogen metabolism supplement women. Find the detail in this article. Zhou Nutrition, Smoky Mountain Naturals and Nutricost are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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