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1. Mykind Organics Organic Plant Sourced Cranberry Lime

Mykind Organics Organic Plant Sourced Cranberry Lime

Energy supplements include 10mg of whole food organic iron supplement and Ashwagandha, Amla and curry. Plant based iron, Amla vitamins, B6 and B12 and whole food vitamins are included in your blood support. There is a plant base. Iron vitamins are made from over 35 real plant sources. LIQUID VITAMIN: The cranberry-lime flavor of their liquid iron supplement is delicious. It is ORGANIC VITAMIN. Their whole food iron supplements are non-GMO verified.

Brand: Garden Of Life

👤I love this product. I will not be able to purchase it again because Garden of Life just sold out. I can't give any of their products a good rating anymore. It was great. Thanks for selling us and our souls.

👤I am severely anemic. Liquid iron is the only iron that works. The taste of this one is very strong and hard to take, but I found myself doing better after a few days. I could see a difference in appearance. I would say to mix it with something else or have a chaser ready to go.

👤I love this product. I had been dizzy for weeks and it got worse when I had period. I noticed that the bottle I finished was different. I don't feel unwell before I finish the second bottle. That's amazing! I drink it once a day before I sleep, and I have 6 bottles in the cabinet. Thank you, garden of life, for making this product.

👤My iron levels increased by 3.0% in 2 weeks.

👤I had a hard time taking iron pills and this is liquid, not a pill. I'll update when I get my levels checked. They were giving me blood and birth control when they checked me last time. I'm anemic. Can't wait to see how this will change.

👤My 6 year old son was spared from leg and foot pain every night. His doctor recommended it.

👤I have had low iron levels most of my life and have struggled with pill supplements because of the side affects that they caused. I tried this a couple of months ago, and have found that my energy has improved. I have no negative side affects. I received my second bottle and plan to keep it. I highly recommend!

👤This iron supplement is good for me. I used it for myself and my grandson. My dad was anemic and can't take pills. I've been buying this iron solution for him for a while. He swallows it without difficulty and it is keeping his iron in the normal range, which is a good sign. I highly recommend it. I don't think it tastes bad, but it isn't good.

👤It was horrible, no usarlo ms y lo tirĂ©.

👤The product was expensive but it was full of quality and organic ingredients. It tastes great! This is the first week and I haven't noticed a change.

2. Solgar Gentle Iron Vegetable Capsules

Solgar Gentle Iron Vegetable Capsules

Solgar Gentle Iron 25mg is a non-constipating, stomach friendly iron supplement for women and men. Iron is an important component of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen from lungs to all body tissues and cells. Iron is a key mineral and is essential for many biological functions. Solgar Gentle Iron 25mg Vegetable Capsules are free of: wheat, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, and artificial flavors. Solgar has been committed to quality, health, and well-being for over 70 years. Their goal is to create the finest supplements in small batches using only the finest raw materials.

Brand: Solgar

👤The item was sold on Amazon. If the outer seal is missing, torn or damaged, do not use it. The bottle seal is missing. The picture on the product page is not what was received. There is a metal cap. The item had a plastic cap on it. The bottle's label has spelling errors. It was returned immediately. Will not purchase again.

👤This is the gentlest iron supplement I have had. I take Iron before bed because it makes me sleepy and I experienced an upset stomach in the beginning. It does turn your stool. It doesn't last very long. I took with water and experienced more side effects, like nausea and headaches. I feel better after taking this supplement. It is worth it! I never got constipated.

👤A cancer patient had their iron levels reduced due to their treatment. The bloodwork kept showing lower and lower levels of iron when we tried other Kosher iron supplements. She began to increase her iron levels after we switched to Solgar gentle iron. She doesn't need any blood donations anymore. She took it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

👤My doctor wanted me to take an iron supplement because I was low in iron. I couldn't take regular iron pills because of my stomach issues. I found these on Amazon and the ad said they wouldn't bother your stomach or intestines. I ordered a bottle to try. My iron is back to where it should be after I put my 2nd bottle on. They don't bother my stomach either.

👤My iron levels have gone up from 10 to 12.2g/dl. The problem with other iron supplements is that they cause scurvy.

👤I was put on a new medication that made me really bad. I started taking two after buying this. I read about some people taking 4 capsule and it helped, but not as much as I wanted. I decided to go up to 3 and that worked out well.

👤I also received a counterfeit. Look at the spelling. Children are spelled correctly when you look at the same product at other retailers. Now is the time to send these back.

👤I received a product with a mistake on the label, but I called Solgar and they confirmed that it was legit. There is no need to panic.

3. Thorne Research Ferrasorb Complete Blood Building

Thorne Research Ferrasorb Complete Blood Building

Well-Absorbed Iron is a well-absorbed, non-constipating form of iron that provides 36 percent of the iron found in the rest of the world. An optimal blood-building supplement that combines vitamins C, B6, B12 and L-5-MtHF with iron is called "Naid Your Blood." An iron deficiency can cause weakness, fatigue, dizziness, spots before the eyes, and loss of libido. Doesn't contain any of the following: wheat, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, yeast, soy, fish, or shellfish. Thorne is trusted by over 100 pro teams. The only supplement manufacturer that works with the mayo clinic is Thorne. 11 U.S. Olympic Teams are also partners of Thorne.

Brand: Thorne Research

👤Over the last 4 years, I have been anemic, but this is the best iron supplement I have found. No stomach issues at all! Reviewers who complain of being sick are not consuming enough fiber. I eat a lot of veggies and berries and have no issues with this supplement, but in only 1.5 months of taking it, my iron is great, I finally have some reserves. My Ferritin is 30 years old. This is huge. I lowered the dose and took half to keep building it up. After taking these for a week, I felt a spike in energy and felt all female issues stabilizing.

👤The product has worked well. Within 7 weeks, I went from anemic to normal. I took ferrasorb and an extra 500mg of vitamin C to support iron absorption. I have more energy, strength and mental clarity after my chronic mild depression went away. It has made a huge difference in my life. I highly recommend it.

👤My doctor told me to take an iron supplement after I had a low iron blood test. I was low on b12 as well. I took them every day until I was out of them. I took the blood test again and there was no change in my iron or b12 levels. I need to find another. I lost a lot of time and money. There is a different supplement.

👤My doctor suggested this supplement because I have low ferritin levels and a lot of symptoms. I started taking this about six months ago. I have a lot of energy and my hair is growing back. I don't have a negative GI side edge and I will continue to take this as long as they keep doing it.

👤I've tried other iron supplements throughout my life. I've always been borderline. I have an iron deficiency which is very low. I decided against iron infusions because of my other health issues. I hated taking iron supplements because they upset my stomach and made me vomit all day. I broke a lot of blood vessels around my eyes because I was sick from a different company's prenatal vitamins that contained iron. With my doctor's supervision, I take 3 pills of Ferrasorb a day with 1000mg of vitamins C and E. I have not been constipated by Ferrasorb. I have stopped losing my hair. I don't experience constant pain all the time. I'm getting hurt less and bruised less because I'm less clumsy. It's minor when I bruise now, and the bruise is gone within a few days. I was bruised so badly that it looked like I was hurt and it took at least a week for the bruise to completely disappear. I have been taking Ferrasorb for 6 months. I'll be having a blood draw soon to find out my ferritin level. If I get pregnant again, I will probably take Ferrasorb. There is one other point to make. I'm not sure if it's negative or not, my periods are heavier since I've taken this iron. My periods were thick and spotty before I took this iron. I have to up the iron when I'm on my period. I think my cycles are better since I have taken the iron and it feels like a normal flow. Overall 5 stars. I want to live life again.

4. Floradix Vitamin Formula Liquid 250ml

Floradix Vitamin Formula Liquid 250ml

The best-selling natural iron supplement in North America is called Floradix. Why? It helps fight iron deficiency by promoting the formation of healthy red blood cells. It is also easy to absorb. The liquid iron supplement is formulated for easy absorption and is gentle on the GI tract due to the use of ferrous gluconate. Great taste with added herbal extracts and fruit juices. It's perfect for all women, including expectant, pregnant, nursing, lactating, menstruating, and athletic women! It's great for men and children who don't have enough iron and vitamins. All natural, free of dairy, alcohol, and genetically modified organisms. The all natural product is called Floradix and it does not contain any artificial flavors or colorings. There are natural herbal extracts and fruit juices that have vitamins. The daily value of vitamins B6, B12, B1, and B2 is 10%. Problem solved - flora's shots are a great way to get your daily dose of apple cider Vinegar. These shots have been made even better by adding organic herbs.

Brand: Floradix

👤My family member almost needed a blood transfusion due to low iron and could not take iron pills because of GI side effects. You can see the improvement from the first blood draw and the handwritten numbers from the latest one.

👤This stuff is amazing. My hemaglobin rose in under 30 days after I discovered this product. The herbs will make you feel better by day 3.

👤I work a lot of hours as a massage therapist. I had been complaining of exhaustion for over a month, but after two weeks of taking a 20ml daily dose, I realized I haven't felt exhausted at all. I don't finish my coffee anymore. I'm about to order my second bottle. It's a lifesaver.

👤It tasted like chewing on metal at first, but it was horrible. I tasted more of the herb after a month. The metal taste is more flowery than the flowery one. I thought this was a good sign. The combination of Daily b12 shots and me has worked well for me. I have eyelashes for the first time in years.

👤Didn't know it's all synthetic vitamins. I thought it was made of whole-food sources. I was wrong.

👤This has helped a lot. I was exhausted. It was hard to stay awake during the day because I had a hard time waking up. I train most days. My iron levels were low, according to my bloodwork. I don't like to eat meat. I might have been deficient in B12 as well. I have been taking this on an empty stomach for about a month. My energy levels are close to normal. I can work out without feeling drained.

👤My bottle works great. If you are low in iron, it will taste sweet. If you're not low in iron, it won't taste bad, but it will be. It works quickly. It worked for me when I was so low in iron that I couldn't walk 10 feet without sitting down.

👤I have been using this iron for a few years and it is the best iron I have ever used. I have no problems with my bowels, and I am pepped up fast. It can stain teeth if you drink it with a straw, so I recommend you drink it with water and then use a straw to get it to the back of your tongue. There is nothing to be worried about with a straw. I am very grateful for the people who make this liquid iron and the people who work to get it to us.

👤Since the March lockdown began, I have been running for about 30 km a week, but I found myself getting tired and running down the road. I assumed this to be work stress because of our current work demands and played it down. I am a blood donor as well as donating a piece of my body in July. I got a cold after a 10 km run and found it hard to recover and complete simple tasks. This was accompanied with a brief breathlessness climbing up the stairs. I got my ferritin tested via a home service supplied by Superdrug, which returned low, and I immediately started treatment with oral fumarate tablets. I drink 10ml TWICE daily with orange juice and one tablet of ferrous Fumarate before bed, and increase my iron intake within 4 days. I will continue this regime for at least a month and withdraw the ferrous fumarate completely once my bloods are stable. Iron deficiency can happen to athletic men. If you mistake iron deficiency with overdoing it, you could harm yourself. Even if your ferritin is in range, you need to aim to be on the upper limit if you are active. Runners are put at higher risk because of footstrike hemolysis.

5. Natures Bounty Ferrous Sulfate Tablets

Natures Bounty Ferrous Sulfate Tablets

hemoglobin is the oxygen carrier in the blood. Iron supports the production of red blood cells. The product is not intended to cure or diagnose a disease. The dried ferrous sulfate is equivalent to the liquid ferrous sulfate which provides 65 percent iron. The iron tablets are suitable for vegetarians.

Brand: Nature's Bounty

👤I used to be anemic. I was turned away from donating blood because I had low iron. I started taking these bad boys and homegirl is now giving blood twice a week. I feel like I have more energy because my iron is up. I was told not to take iron by my mom. She was wrong. No issues at all.

👤There is something wrong with these supplements. I have been taking iron supplements for years and have not had any problems. I didn't start taking these until about 2 weeks after I bought them, because I still had some left in another bottle. I feel stupid right now. I have been taking my supplements at the counter every morning for the last two weeks and have been getting a faint whiff of vinegar, but didn't make a connection. I have had headaches and stomachaches for 10 days or so. I gagged when I put my nose to the bottle yesterday. I threw the bottle out and now I read reviews that say the same thing. I think I have been poisoning myself with these. I am having stomach pains and a headaches. I hope it leaves soon. Do not purchase. I would love to give 0 stars. This stuff needs to be recalled.

👤The look and taste of the pills have changed twice in the last year. The previous one is on the right in the photo. The grey one is on the left. The taste of the pills has changed and I feel sick after taking them. I didn't have a problem with the old ones, which were in the same packaging as the new ones. Don't know what happened.

👤If you're an ANEMIC, these are great because they aren't scheming, which a lot of IRON PILLS are. They don't bother with your nose.

👤This company doesn't put a toxic coating on their product. The pill is very small and easy to swallow, without leaving a mark in the mouth. The reviewers said that the product tastes bad. I was able to swallow the pill quickly, before either of the above complaints occurred, so I did not experience this phenomena. The product is suitable for vegetarians. If you're looking for a product that has a colorful coating on it and a sweet taste, then this isn't for you. I've done some research on artificial ingredients in the food and drug industry, but they're not for me. It's great when we can choose.

👤I have taken iron supplements for iron deficiency for a long time. I also have allergies and dislike artificial colors,Preservatives, etc. Most of them. I was thrilled to find these when I searched through Amazon. The Nature's Bounty brand has no artificial colors, noGluten, noPreservative, and you can read the back label. It's inexpensive, works well, and doesn't have a lot of unnecessary add-ons. I wish more companies would do the same thing.

👤The manufacturer can be reported this problem to. Customers with recent purchases are reporting a strong odor and appearance. Please report the lot on the side of the bottle. They are looking at this issue. It's important that the company gets notified of the problem because other customers are finding broken seals and terrible odors with their most recent purchase of this iron supplement. We have used their products for years and have not had any problems.

6. Solgar Bisglycinate Non Constipating Vegetable Capsules

Solgar Bisglycinate Non Constipating Vegetable Capsules

Solgar Gentle Iron 25mg is a non-constipating, stomach friendly iron supplement for women and men. Iron is an important component of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen from lungs to all body tissues and cells. Iron supports energy utilization and red blood cell production. Store at room temperature. Solgar Gentle Iron 25mg Vegetable Capsules are free of: wheat, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, and artificial flavor. Solgar has been committed to quality, health, and well-being for over 70 years. Their goal is to create the finest supplements in small batches using only the finest raw materials. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Solgar

👤I have been taking magic pills for over five years. The reason I keep taking these is because they regulate my bowel movements like you wouldn't believe. Within 30 minutes, I have a satisfying trip to the bathroom after taking two days of coffee. Every time. It takes a few days for your stomach to get used to it. I have to bring them with me every time I go on vacation because I'm hooked on the stress-less and consistent gastrointestinal experience they provide.

👤I have low ferritin and iron. I took two bottles of this so far and the iron is way up! I took 50mg a day for 3 months.

👤The "Gentle Iron" pills gave me stomach problems even after I stopped taking them. I only had one pill for two days in a row. I reached out to Solgar on their website contact form, but I haven't heard back since. Be careful!

👤I took these after I was found to be anemic. I feel better. My energy is up. After working out for the rest of the day, I don't feel ruined. I can work out harder. There is a legitimate use for me. Talk to your doctor. I am anemic in my family. It is very gentle. There is no pain in the gut. It works.

👤I suffer from anemia because my bicyle won't accept iron from my diet. I guess it's old age. I was put in the intensive care unit and given blood to help me stop passing out. I've been given several courses of Iron and it works for a while, but I have to go back to the Hematologist for a refill. The Iron Sulfate tablets wrecked my body and made me vomit. The iron is gentle. I have to take them three times a day to keep my hemoglobin count up, but they don't affect my digestion at all. My Hematologist only wants to see me once a year for a routine check up now that things are so settled down.

👤I use this type of iron for restless leg syndrome. Have been taking it for 20 years. I heard it was recommended on the radio. The encapsulated version releases iron in the stomach as soon as the capsule is dissolved in the stomach, which is more convenient than the enteric coated versions.

👤I have ordered this before and liked it, but this time the bottle arrived with the bottom smashed out and tiny pieces of glass mixed with the pills. I had to throw away the entire bottle because Amazon wouldn't let me return or replace it. :/

👤I take these only because I have low ferritin, but not low iron, so it's not that bad. I take this on an empty stomach first thing in the morning with a vitamins C tablets to aid absorption. I wait a full hour before eating or drinking. It has never caused nausea. I have a strong stomach, but I have had nausea with other iron pills. Not with this one. There is an update. All of my iron andferritin levels are very good after I was retested at six months. I'm waiting to hear back from my doctor about my maintenance dose.

7. Natures Plus Hema Plex Tablets Count

Natures Plus Hema Plex Tablets Count

Total Blood Health; Natures Plus Hema-Plex Iron combines iron with powerful, blood health- boosting cofactors to support total blood health. The sustained release tablets have 85 bound iron in them. The iron in this supplement is non-binding. This formula is free of the common allergens yeast, wheat, soy, and milk. Their manufacturing facilities are FDA and NSF registered and maintain adherence to superior standards.

Brand: Nature's Plus

👤Not going to lie. It's a big pill. It tasted and smelled like dog food. Don't get into how I know, just believe me. The pill will bring your iron up. You should hang on to your boot. The first week is going to be difficult. You are going to clear your colon. This is better than exlax if you are plugged in. It laughs at metamucil. If your turds are solid, they will be an ace of spades. It's like taking a jet pack. It's coming out fast and dark so you should get some kind of cream for your rear hole. It's going to burn. It does the job for your iron levels. Good luck, you have been warned.

👤These were recommended to me by a health food store and are the best I have tried so far. The gels are hard to get out of the packaging, but they are still easy to swallow. I have had the soft gels once, but you need three of them to replace one of the hard ones, so I am back with these.

👤Hema-plex is the best place to raise my iron levels after taking various iron tablets and iron infusions. No prescription is required. I have been tolerant of theses better than prescription iron tablets. Highly recommended to others with low iron.

👤If taken every day, it works well for depression and for anemia. After a week, both are under control. Also has vitamins and minerals.

👤It's good for anemia and no iron like many others.

👤I got what I ordered and it was well priced.

👤I notice a boost in energy when I remember to take these pills because they helped me recover from severe anemia. It could be worse if you take too long to swallow the taste. They are definitely not releasing quickly. I don't get constipated taking these, unlike most other iron supplements.

8. WELLESSE Liquid Mineral Supplement Natural

WELLESSE Liquid Mineral Supplement Natural

VEGAN VITAMIN: Their real food iron supplement is vegan, vegetarian, and dairy free. The daily iron value is eighteen twenty-five twenty It is possible to restore energy reserve and reduce fatigue with fast absorbing liquid. For those who are deficient in iron. Less than 5% of US adults have iron deficiency. Highly bioavailable with a gentle form of iron. * It is easier to swallow a great tasting liquid than tablets.

Brand: Nature's Way

👤Please read the following. The supplement contains a preservative called sodium benzoate, which can be used to create and release a known carcinogen called benzene. Leukemia and other blood cancers are caused by the latter. You can find a lot of information on it by searching it. It's a cheap way for companies to use it. It's concerning that it would be put in an iron supplement, because the most common vitamins taken with iron are vitamins A and C. You will often see iron supplements with vitamins C and C. I hope that one day the bad stuff will be regulated. Don't take this item if you are doing anything. I'm putting my money towards a safer supplement. I hope they do too. It's not worth the risk of accidentally creating cancer/leukemia. At least to me. Wishing you good health!

👤I just got my shipment and ordered a ton more iron, which has changed my life. Nobody paid me to say this. I have a trait in my family that makes me anemic and I have ignored it for years, but recently I have been trying to lower my cholesterol and I stopped eating beef for 3 weeks. I went to work and laid in the bed. I felt like I was going to die. Iron tablets take too long to break down into your bloodstream. I didn't know that. I bought this iron because I figured it out by accident and it started changing quickly. I have been taking it for almost two weeks and I feel great. I jog for a minute at the gym today. I haven't been able to jog for over a year. A minute is nothing to you all. It was amazing for me. This has changed my life. I have been living for 41 years and I have never been helped by anyone except myself, so I have to figure it out myself. I feel great after 41 years.

👤The only iron supplement that has worked for me has been this product. It is easy to take and I like the flavor. I was very sick. My iron has gone up from 37 to 135 since I started this product about ten months ago. My doctor is amazed. This product works where others have failed. I am feeling better. I wish you all the best.

👤I wanted to check on my blood count again after I left the hospital. I had been more tired and weaker. My iron was low. I did not have any iron deficiency, nor did I have GI bleeding, which could account for my lower iron. The type and dose of iron supplement is influenced by all. I made sure there were no interactions with my doctor. I was looking for a low dose supplement. To increase my diet. Wellesse was found. The amount of iron required for women to compensate for menstrual losses is 18mg. The curve of the bottle makes it easier to hold. I am not getting what I need by diet alone, so this provides a little extra to compensate. The iron glycinate Chelate has less side effects than ferrous sulfate. I take a supplement to promote absorption. It can be put in a juice. Instructions state to not take this within two hours. Cocoa, coffee, and some fruits contain compounds that can affect absorption of iron. There are a lot of things to consider with iron. Like not taking too much. More is not better with iron. It is easy to take. I use a measuring cup to get my dose. I am a terrible spiller so using a small amount would make me do it more often. Nice taste. It was berry flavoured. There is a touch of sweetness from the Stevia. There is a I keep it refrigerated because it can be kept at room temperature. The weakness, tired feeling and fatigability have been resolved. I added more iron sources to my diet. Nonheme plant iron sources are more bio-available. I have been taking this for over two months. There were no adverse effects. There were no common side effects reported with iron supplements. Amazon sells this at a great price. I like it.

9. Amazon Elements Vegan Capsules Supply

Amazon Elements Vegan Capsules Supply

It supports energy and red blood cell production. Product images for size are compared to a quarter, 6 month supply. No artificial colors or flavors. Both vegan and gluten free. Made in a Good Manufacturing Practices facility in the USA. To place your next order, say "Alexa, reorder Amazon Elements Iron" During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Amazon Elements

👤I didn't find any issues with the product at first. The bottle is faulty and I am writing a review about it. I contacted Amazon and they told me the product would be removed until further evaluation, and that it was still available for purchase. I want to prevent what happened to others from happening to me. The bottle fell from the counter and the lid popped off. It isn't a safety bulwark. The vitamins were all over the ground. My dog was poisoned by eating the majority of them. He almost died, but the vet bills were over a thousand dollars. The only bottle that broke open was the Amazon Elements one, which was the only bag of vitamins that fell off the counter. The other ones are not as described. When I contacted customer service, they were very adamant to reimburse me the $12. I told them I didn't want it to happen to anyone else's animals or children, and they seemed to care less about that.

👤I have severe stomach issues when taking iron supplements, but I have to because I am anemic. I have been using these for about a month on top of my multi vitamins that contain iron and have had no stomach issues and my iron count is up. Will use them again! 6 month update. I no longer have low iron issues because of these supplements. I swear by these!

👤The smell is not terrible. They are smaller than my capsule. I was turned down to donate blood because I had low iron. My iron level is always low even though I eat a lot of meat and beans. I had my iron level checked yesterday and it was good. I will be using these to raise my blood iron level.

👤Some people leave reviews for iron tablets. I don't know if I have anemia. I am young and I eat more bad food than is recommended. I don't take care of my body much so I don't get my recommended iron for a woman of 23 years old. I decided to start making chnages after feeling bad for a while. They have helped me feel better, I started taking them. My dark bags under my eyes have faded, my memory has gotten better, and I feel stronger in general. 18. A woman who is not anemic should be given a dose of iron. These work well for me. You can double them up if you are anemic. I did not have nausea or any scurvy while taking these. I take them with me to work everyday. I love that you get 90 capsules and they don't cost an arm or a leg. Once I run out, I will order these again.

👤Before buying any supplement, you should speak to a doctor. I've recently started to lose weight, and I've noticed that I wasn't getting enough iron with my meals. I decided to buy this product. This product is more for women who are menstruating or have been diagnosed with an iron deficiency. Taking too much iron will lead to toxicity as your body will store it. I've bought empty capsules and filled them with this up to 20% and then taken that. If you're like me, you should do a bit of research and get a checkup from a doctor if you're in the same situation.

10. NaturesPlus Hema Plex Iron Sustained Bioflavonoids

NaturesPlus Hema Plex Iron Sustained Bioflavonoids

Total Blood Health; Natures Plus Hema-Plex Iron combines iron with powerful, blood health- boosting cofactors to support total blood health. The sustained release tablets have 85 bound iron in them. The iron in this supplement is non-binding. This formula is free of the common allergens yeast, wheat, soy, and milk. Their manufacturing facilities are FDA and NSF registered and maintain adherence to superior standards.

Brand: Nature's Plus

👤This is the only iron supplement that works for me. I've taken iron supplements that never worked. I could tell that my body was missing iron when I started taking Hema-Plex. I was able to walk farther, and my overall health improved. There are no side effects and no tummy aches. I am no longer anemic because my blood levels are normal. It's worth the expense.

👤Myferritin iron count went from 2.6 to 14 in 2 months. It took me a year to raise my ferritin iron from 4 to 12 points. This product was non-constipating and didn't cause the same pain as others at the same dose. I began to feel better after taking this product. I highly recommend any product. After my last lab results, my doctor was very impressed. Great product!

👤These have changed my life, I love them! I am anemic and was always cold. I have noticed a huge difference in my energy level and tolerance for cold rooms after taking these for the past 5 months.

👤A product that builds up blood. It has helped me many times. My blood cells benefit from this. The stools are black.

👤My wife had an iron deficiency during her pregnancy and we ran into these at our local health food store. She used to take all the other pills to make her gag. They were easy to take. She felt a change in her energy throughout the day.

👤I saved time and money by buying a multi pack of iron pills. It was on time.

👤Good purchase. It's nice to get an iron injection at the lab.

👤If you are anemic, this stuff works.

11. Floradix Vegetarian Liquid Supplement Support

Floradix Vegetarian Liquid Supplement Support

The iron supplement with B complex vitamins, vitamins C and rose hip is a must have for iron deficiency. Simply take 10 mL twice daily for adults or once daily for children, they will absorb the extracts easily. They use all natural fruit juice concentrates to enhance the taste of their formulas. There are no artificial Additives orPreservatives in the iron and herbs. They test everything and test often so you get the highest quality products.

Brand: Floradix

👤This is amazing. Don't second guess it and don't look anywhere else. Get this stuff! My OB suggested a natural supplement for me. It takes a few weeks for levels to come up. This only took a few days. You can tell it works immediately. The flavor is bad but it is getting you what you need without any side effects. Get this stuff!

👤This supplement is easy to take and it's doable. It is a 1 month supply and must be taken before it goes bad. It probably doesn't cause any problems for most people. I get easily constipated by anything, so it still causes it for me, but not as bad as other iron supplements. If you have a high level of B vitamins, they can cause major breakouts and oily skin. It would be a good idea to take it with Pantothenic Acid.

👤I lost a lot of blood after the surgery and had to give up two quarts of blood. My sister recommended this product, which helped me prepare for surgery by getting my iron back up, and hemogloblin levels where they needed to be. I like this product. I like it easy to swallow, but it tastes a little smilng, I like it when I have eaten it before. The cost is worth it for my health. Its absorbed quickly. When I use this, my energy is amazing. Looks like it was iron that was needed. Great product. No upset stomach or anything.

👤I will never live without this. My hair was falling out. I was afraid to comb it or even put my hands through it. The same thing would happen when I shower. The breaking stopped a few days after taking this. I was a believer. I just bought a second bottle. I ordered 17oz to be in case I run out of 8.5oz. I think my energy has improved by 50%. I am not booming with energy despite being exhausted. As the weeks go on, we hope it will increase.

👤I have had low iron at times and have needed an injection. The side effects of iron pills upset my stomach. That was changed by floradix. All my iron levels are perfect. I started taking double the dose because my iron was so low. I take it once a week.

👤After reading all the reviews, my friend recommended the product to me. I thought I made the right choice to buy this product. The bottle was open and leaking when I received it. I returned the product and got my money back. The vendor won't give you a refund for damaged goods.

👤I have been ordering theFloradix Iron + Herbs for a long time. The last shipment was not the same as the one before it. The front and back labels are my photos. The version that I received was sold in the UK, not in the US. The UK version has less iron. This is the first time I have had this happen, and I didn't know there was a different version for other countries. Even though it is a non-returnable product, I contacted Amazon to get my money back for the shipment. I contacted the seller to make sure they were aware that what they had sent was different and that they would do their best to correct the issue. It still makes me hesitant to buy from this seller because the product that was advertised was the one that I have always gotten, so I wouldn't know if I'm going to get the right thing the next time or not. Since I don't see the exact product in the exact size I need being sold on Amazon by any other sellers, I will contact the seller to make sure. I wanted to make people aware that if they get the same product and don't look at the label closely, it doesn't have as much iron content. There are different amounts of the other ingredients. If you are a person who needs to closely monitor their iron intake, you need to know about the difference in this product. The product is more expensive because it won't last as long and I can only take 20 ML a day to make up the difference.


What is the best product for hemaplex iron supplement?

Hemaplex iron supplement products from Garden Of Life. In this article about hemaplex iron supplement you can see why people choose the product. Solgar and Thorne Research are also good brands to look for when you are finding hemaplex iron supplement.

What are the best brands for hemaplex iron supplement?

Garden Of Life, Solgar and Thorne Research are some of the best brands that chosen by people for hemaplex iron supplement. Find the detail in this article. Floradix, Nature's Bounty and Nature's Plus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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