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1. Natures Bounty Gentle Iron Capsules

Natures Bounty Gentle Iron Capsules

It supports red blood cell production. It is gentle on your stomach. With vitamins B-12 and Folic Acid.

Brand: Nature's Bounty

👤After years of using hormonal birth control, I got a copper IUD because of the bad headaches I got from the hormones. It took 2 years for all the extra hormones to get out of my system, and I had terribleAcne. I did some research into Chinese face mapping and discovered that I had a lack of Iron in my body and that I was getting a lot of skin issues on my cheeks. I took a pill every day and my skin cleared within two weeks. My skin is clear for the first time in 7 months, and I haven't had a problem with it in a long time.

👤Three out of six of us in our household have to take iron supplements in order to stay out of the anemia range. We prefer this particular supplement because most come with a lot of iron, which can cause problems like sphinx and other issues. The iron in each capsule is 28MG, which is enough for maximum iron absorption. They don't have to be taken at the same time. This makes it less likely that you will have constipation. It is easy to schedule when to take iron and how far apart they are. We have been using Nature's Bounty gentle iron for a few months now and are very happy with it; I will continue to use this brand and 28mg iron dosage.

👤The product is good. There is a problem with the fulfillment of this product. The item description says it is a 3 pack, but the sticker on the bottle says it is a 3 pack. There is a Only one bottle arrived. This has happened four times. I can keep doing returns and complaining until you fix it.

👤The reviews must be paid for. I would have liked to read the critical ones. This is not gentle iron, it causes indigestion and heartburn when taken with food. I don't usually have these problems. I was trying to save money. It wasn't worth it. The Garden of Life is back.

👤I need iron to keep my hemoglobin in the acceptable range. The blood loss with an aphersis machine is minimal, but my hemoglobin dropped below the lower limit for a platelet collection. I could not stomach the first pill because it irritated my stomach. I ran across a recommendation for glycinated iron while looking for alternatives. Nature's Bounty gentle iron is gentle on my stomach. I take one capsule a day and have not had any complaints. Even though I donate platelets every two weeks, my hemoglobin runs between 14 and 15. vitamins B12 and C contribute to iron absorption in the capsule I also take a proton pump inhibitor, which lowers the acid release in the stomach and decreases the absorption of iron. My iron is in the normal range. Great product!

👤We have an Iron supplement for you to choose from. "Gentle Iron" is this product. I think Gentle means it is on the stomach. As others warned, never developed irrmidation. I think that this supplement is grand, but you need to make sure that you get three bottles of 90 capsule when you order it. A pack of 3 bottles was missed by someone at Amazon. They ripped one bottle from the pack and shipped it to me. Very disappointing. I filed a return because some parts were missing. The pack of 3 will show up soon, as the single bottle is shipping back tomorrow. I believe that it is a good product, just make sure you get what you paid for.

2. NovaFerrum Liquid Supplement Raspberry Flavor

NovaFerrum Liquid Supplement Raspberry Flavor

The high potency iron has 125mg of Iron per dose. Iron increases the production of hemoglobin and replenishes red blood cells to promote overall health, improve athletic performance, and maintain sufficient energy. NovaFerrum Liquid Iron does not contain any bad stuff. Natural fruit flavors are enriched in this supplement. NovaFerrum has been clinically proven to be safe, well-tolerated, and effective at raising iron levels in people with Iron Deficiency Anemia.

Brand: Novaferrum

👤I don't work for this company. I was not given anything for free. I was not paid to leave the review. You can never trust reviews anymore. I'm an honest customer who bought this item full price and is leaving an honest review. I refuse to give it low stars because of the bad taste. It's not like buying candy. It's gross. It tastes like you are eating a spoon. I tilt my head back and let it go down my throat. I can still taste it, but it's better if you spoon it into your mouth. This is the best way to do it. I'm 34 years old. 5 years ago, I had low iron, but now I'm veryemic. Over the years, my iron levels have dropped, which has made my energy level worse. I didn't like how iron pills made me feel backed up, so I never took them. My poop was black. I think it's gotten worse because getting enough iron in my diet is hard. I was fed up with being tired all the time and tried to get a lot of iron without being constipated. I heard about liquid iron. We are here. I felt a change in my energy level after 2 days of taking it. I was running all over the place. I felt like I had energy all day, even though I only did half of the things I was doing. I was surprised by this, but skeptical. The whole week was great until the end when I forgot to take it. I noticed that my fatigue was increasing. Maybe it was a busy week, but I think I was tired because I didn't have my iron. TheOOPSITUATION I got constipated and my poop was black. The first 48 hours of taking it were so good that I decided to outweigh the good with the bad. Everything seems normal after a few days, I think my body adapted. My poop is still black, but I'm going No2 smoothly. It makes me wonder if my body would have adjusted if I had taken my iron pills more than 3 days in a row, but I'm 100% positive that I never felt more energetic with my iron pills than I do with this liquid stuff. I'm happy with my decision to take it. I can only say what this has done to my energy levels. I am curious to know what it has done to my iron levels. I will leave an updated review if I get blood work done in the next month. I will say I love it. --- There is an update/edit. The doctor said my blood count was normal after I got my bloodwork back. I haven't had a doctor tell me this in a long time. I'm not an astronomer. My diet and daily life have not changed except for this liquid iron. The doctor was able to give me my proof, but I was happy that my energy confirmed it. I would love to give it 20 more stars.

3. NovaFerrum Pediatric Supplement Infants Toddlers

NovaFerrum Pediatric Supplement Infants Toddlers

NovaFerrum has been proven to raise iron levels in a clinical trial. JAMA June 13, 2017: Volume 317, Number 22. NovaFerrum does not contain any bad stuff. NovaFerum does contain natural fruit flavors and sweeteners. NovaFerrum has a pleasant taste that kids will enjoy. Polysaccharide-Iron Complex is an excellent source of iron. 120 serves is a 4-month supply. You can mix it with formula or a juice.

Brand: Novaferrum

👤My 3 year old daughter has a disorder called autism and often has lower than normal iron levels. She had her blood tested and her levels were low. We started Enfamil Fer-In-Sol at the advice of her doctors. We wanted to raise her levels by at least 27 points. She was retested 3 months later and her levels had risen by 15 points. The Fer-In-Sol tastes terrible. It was difficult to give it to her. I went looking for an alternative. I found NovaFerrum Liquid Iron Supplement. She would take an iron supplement willingly. I had the Fer-in-Sol and gave her this supplement as I avoided calcium and gave her something with vitamins C and B. We have been using this product for three months and had her levels rechecked yesterday. I got her numbers back this morning and she dropped her iron by 9 points. When her iron was going up, we started this liquid. When you have a child with atypical neurological tendencies, you don't want to waste time getting them help. I feel like I've wasted three months because of the drop in her iron. It is an absolute understatement to say I am disappointed. I have been giving her a placebo for three months.

👤We were taking iron drops but she didn't like them, so the doctor recommended this. This has flavor, but it's almost worse than the iron supplement. She stains her clothing when she spits it out because it has a dark color. The metal taste is still terrible. Since insurance doesn't cover it and it costs so much money, I don't think it's worth it. You can't mix it with other things because it has a flavor. If you think my review is useful, please rate it as "helpful." I enjoy writing reviews and giving honest opinions. Most of my purchases are based on reviews. Honest and helpful reviews can make a difference in a purchasing decision.

👤My daughter was found to be anemic at her 12 month well check. She was exclusively breastfed. Our daughter loves the taste of the dropper and our doctor recommended it. She is exactly where she should be after we checked her levels a month later. I can't recommend this product enough.

👤The iron level never went up for the daughter who was on this for a year.

👤My son was born with an immature digestive system and has other issues. He can't use a lot of supplements because of his allergies and food sensitivities. He doesn't like most foods because of the sensory stuff. He doesn't notice the supplement when he drinks almond milk. His body can handle it because he doesn't have any bad side effects. I've seen an improvement in his health and energy levels from using this. He doesn't chew on his fingers as often, which I thought was his SPD, but it's also linked to a condition called pica, from not enough iron in diet. He still likes to chew, but on this supplement he chews less and sucks less on his fingers.

4. Hematex Hematex®

Hematex Hematex%C2%AE

Polysaccharide iron complex is readily absorbable, which means it reduces the side effects of stomach pain, irritation, and constipation that are normally caused by other forms of iron. Hematex Liquid Iron Polysaccharide provides 100mg of polysaccharide iron complex for those who need it the most. It has been shown that a high dose of iron is more effective than a low dose. Hematex works to beat iron deficiency while being gentle on the stomach and is safe for kids and adults. It is easy to take and requires no pill cutting. Anemia occurs when your body doesn't produce enough red blood cells. The iron complex helps to improve energy levels. You can be sure that you are getting exactly what you pay for when you buy Hematex. Their products are made in the USA in a facility that undergoes strict quality control audits.

Brand: Hematex

👤I gave this one a try after trying about 15 other iron supplements. It is the first liquid that doesn't make me want to rip my tongue out of my mouth and it has changed my life. There was no joke. For the first time in a long time, my iron is strong. I am not struggling on a daily basis. I don't need a chaser because the flavor is enjoyable and I don't have to hide it in a smoothie. The bottle leaks is my only complaint. I am not sure why. I put it in a new bottle. I don't get the liquid on my hands every morning. If it means I no longer struggle with low iron, I will be happy to deal with this small issue.

👤The iron tablets were causing big stomach problems. I have used this product once. Unless you use a microscope, it's hard to read directions. No measuring cup is included, but it says not to use a household cup. I didn't own any measuring spoons so I bought a set. I had to make a special trip to the store. Time will tell how well it works. I did not mix with water. After 2 months of 150mg daily, my doctor prescribed 65mg tablets X3 or 195mg. The Iron went from 25 to 80. Your results may be different. I will monitor iron levels if they stay up. This product is the only one I have used that has both positive results and no negative side effects. I can't find a comparable product, and can't go without iron for my iron deficiency. I will have to return to the pills.

👤This stuff is amazing. Polysaccharide complex is tasteless compared to iron and dissolvable. In the past, I have mixed the capsule with water. It is difficult to give a child that way. Two of my boys who are chronically anemic will take this. I wouldn't say it tastes good, but it's not a fight and they don't spit it out or vomit from the taste as they have with other liquid irons. I think the key is that they used a flavor that has a more natural taste than a berry flavor.

👤My son was hospitalized for anemia as we had a hard time keeping his iron levels close to normal. We had to give him some infusions but I bought the Hematex to keep his levels up and so far he's done very well. We're thankful that our registered dietitian recommended this product.

👤The iron complex is easy to swallow and helps with iron maintenence for my low-grade anemia. I still had some abdominal pain even after using a liquid formula for my iron treatment.

👤Not thick or metallic. The label was hard to read so I added a photo of it to make it easier to read. I didn't have to drink orange juice. It has a sugar alcohol added which causes a numbing effect on the tongue. My regular liquid iron supplement was out of stock on subscribe and save, so this was offered as an alternative. I will update in a month.

5. Solgar Bisglycinate Non Constipating Vegetable Capsules

Solgar Bisglycinate Non Constipating Vegetable Capsules

Solgar Gentle Iron 25mg is a non-constipating, stomach friendly iron supplement for women and men. Iron is an important component of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen from lungs to all body tissues and cells. Iron supports energy utilization and red blood cell production. Store at room temperature. Solgar Gentle Iron 25mg Vegetable Capsules are free of: wheat, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, and artificial flavor. Solgar has been committed to quality, health, and well-being for over 70 years. Their goal is to create the finest supplements in small batches using only the finest raw materials. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Solgar

👤I have been taking magic pills for over five years. The reason I keep taking these is because they regulate my bowel movements like you wouldn't believe. Within 30 minutes, I have a satisfying trip to the bathroom after taking two days of coffee. Every time. It takes a few days for your stomach to get used to it. I have to bring them with me every time I go on vacation because I'm hooked on the stress-less and consistent gastrointestinal experience they provide.

👤I have low ferritin and iron. I took two bottles of this so far and the iron is way up! I took 50mg a day for 3 months.

👤The "Gentle Iron" pills gave me stomach problems even after I stopped taking them. I only had one pill for two days in a row. I reached out to Solgar on their website contact form, but I haven't heard back since. Be careful!

👤I took these after I was found to be anemic. I feel better. My energy is up. After working out for the rest of the day, I don't feel ruined. I can work out harder. There is a legitimate use for me. Talk to your doctor. I am anemic in my family. It is very gentle. There is no pain in the gut. It works.

👤I suffer from anemia because my bicyle won't accept iron from my diet. I guess it's old age. I was put in the intensive care unit and given blood to help me stop passing out. I've been given several courses of Iron and it works for a while, but I have to go back to the Hematologist for a refill. The Iron Sulfate tablets wrecked my body and made me vomit. The iron is gentle. I have to take them three times a day to keep my hemoglobin count up, but they don't affect my digestion at all. My Hematologist only wants to see me once a year for a routine check up now that things are so settled down.

👤I use this type of iron for restless leg syndrome. Have been taking it for 20 years. I heard it was recommended on the radio. The encapsulated version releases iron in the stomach as soon as the capsule is dissolved in the stomach, which is more convenient than the enteric coated versions.

👤I have ordered this before and liked it, but this time the bottle arrived with the bottom smashed out and tiny pieces of glass mixed with the pills. I had to throw away the entire bottle because Amazon wouldn't let me return or replace it. :/

👤I take these only because I have low ferritin, but not low iron, so it's not that bad. I take this on an empty stomach first thing in the morning with a vitamins C tablets to aid absorption. I wait a full hour before eating or drinking. It has never caused nausea. I have a strong stomach, but I have had nausea with other iron pills. Not with this one. There is an update. All of my iron andferritin levels are very good after I was retested at six months. I'm waiting to hear back from my doctor about my maintenance dose.

6. FeroSulî Ferrous Sulfate Swallow Feosol

FeroSul%C3%83%C3%82%C2%AE Ferrous Sulfate Swallow Feosol

During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Major Pharmaceuticals

👤The company doesn't tell you about the dangerous ingredients in the product. I don't want to take these. Some of the ingredients have been linked to cancer.

👤The medicine I was charged for was the exact one I had a prescription for. The pharmacy tech gave me a tip to check the manufacturer and the over the counter price, after I paid $11 a month for 30 pills. The prescription price I was paying was much higher than the value of Amazon.

👤I couldn't figure out why I had an endless cough, and then I remembered a guy who stopped taking the medication because of it. Looked it up and there were a lot of people who said to take honey, which did nothing, but tasted really good, and then there were people who said to use an iron supplement. I was looking for the best deal on iron supplements. I wouldn't mind a lot if it failed because it was cheap. The stuff worked. If I don't bother taking it after three days, I will start coughing and take a pill, but I will be fine after a few hours. It's really strange, but it works.

👤I don't like taking iron in any form because it makes me feel bad. I had to find something that didn't make me feel awful after my doctor told me I had to take iron or get iron infusions. I have to take one of these pills each day. I was expecting stomach upset but I didn't get it. I have had to take a nausea pill when I didn't take enough food. It was only two times. I have been taking them for 6 weeks. I can tell that it is starting to work as my energy level has increased significantly, but it is still a few months before I get my iron levels tested again. The side effects of iron supplements are going to be there. I have to help with that.

👤My anemia is under control thanks to it.

👤I need to replace iron that I have lost by donating blood. I take a pill every other day for 50 days after donating blood. I can continue to donate blood often because of this. The pills should last me over 2 years. The pills are easy to swallow.

👤I am iron anemic because of a medical condition. My doctor has been giving me iron supplements for a while. My labs come back in the lower range of acceptable iron levels with iron supplements. I have to take an iron supplement every day so I thought I would get as many as I could at once to save me trips to the brick-and-mortar stores. I bought the Major Pharmaceuticals FeroSul because you get three Major's for the price of one bottle from another brand. Major brands of iron supplement don't provide as much iron as they should. The pills are easy to swallow. If you take iron on an empty stomach, it will work best. Taking iron with food helps people who get upset with their stomachs when taking iron supplements. The higher iron in Major's FeroSul might help offset the loss in absorption. The most recent lab that I have used since using Major's FeroSul came back with the highest number in the categories related to iron that I have had. It's still on the lower end of acceptable iron levels, but I'll take it. Major's FeroSul is an effective iron supplement and a very good value. If your doctor suggests taking iron supplements, I would encourage you to try it.

7. 21st Century Release Tablets Count

21st Century Release Tablets Count

It is gentle on your system.

Brand: 21st Century

👤I was exhausted all the time and could not figure out what was wrong with me. I have to take iron pills because I am anemic. I stopped taking a few other brands because they did not agree with my doctor and I was bloated and constipated all the time. I ate more veggies. I was told about this brand by a friend. I was a little skeptical at first because they were cheaper than the others I tried. I had no negative side effect when I took them for a fact. It is working a lot faster than I expected. The pills are easy to swallow, have fast-acting and cheap effects, and they can fit in a small bottle.

👤These are supposed to be the same but cheaper than before. They are not the same. I was bloated and tired. If you are anemic, you should go back to Slo Fe.

👤I didn't realize they were causing stomach problems when I tried them a few times. After taking these, I end up with horrible side effects, including stomach pain and bloating. The last time I took this, I was so sick I thought I was going to vomit. I was convinced that I had food poisoning, but I hadn't eaten anything out of the ordinary. I threw the pills in the trash when I realized I had taken one. Not recommended.

👤These did not work for me, they caused unpleasant side effects. I'll be throwing out the item because it's not worth the effort to return. If you're taking other vitamins or supplements, they contain calcium, which can have different effects on different people's systems. I am dissatisfied that the item on Amazon does not show the fact that it contains calcium, and I would not have purchased them if I knew that. Kroger has a Slow Release Iron under its name brand that is available in stores.

👤I have a deficiency of iron. I can't take iron vitamins at the store or pharmacy because they give me irritative symptoms. I wanted something that wouldn't hurt my stomach. One of my friends told me to buy it at Amazon. And wow. I like these. No more stomach pains. These kind has 45 percent. The correct daily dose for a woman is 18. I only take these 3 times a week. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. They work well. I will keep ordering them.

👤Thankfully my body is taking the iron well, and I got what I asked for. I wonder why they have to use a big bottle for a small amount of pills. There is a waste of plastic. I got the amount it says, but it barely covers the bottom of the bottle, and yet here's this large plastic bottle with a tiny amount of pills. It doesn't make sense in a world where we're all concerned about climate and waste.

👤I started taking these because my doctor told me to take an iron supplement. I decided to try a slow-acting one because most of them make me feel unwell. The name-brand alternative to this one is very expensive, so I went with this brand. Everything seemed okay at first. I felt better after having a little more energy. After taking it for a few days, I began to experience nausea and stomach pains. I started cutting things out of my diet to see if it would help, but it didn't. I couldn't do anything because of the pains that lasted all day. I tried tums and pepto-bismol to see if they would help, but no luck. I stopped taking the iron pills to see if it would help. It was very special. I think that these pills were the cause of my troubles because I had no stomach issues today. It is not worth it for me, even though these did work for my energy levels. I am sure they have worked for other people, but keep in mind that if you are sensitive to iron supplements, they may not be for you. The price makes it worth a try. If they don't work out for you, you're not out a lot of money.

8. Garden Life Iron Complex Supplement

Garden Life Iron Complex Supplement

IRON ASSORPTION has beenOSTED. The vitamins C, B-12, and Folate are included in the iron pills. There are probiotics and enZYMEs. Their vegan iron supplement is made with a blend of vitamins and minerals. Non- INRDeals The energy subsidy. Their iron vitamins support a number of health conditions. The natural co-factors are: The supplements are made from 23 fruits and vegetables. VEGAN VITAMIN: Their real food iron supplement is vegan, vegetarian, and dairy free.

Brand: Garden Of Life

👤I really like this product for a number of reasons. I've heard people talk about how taking iron upsets the stomach. This product is the best product to avoid because it is manufactured by using a whole food approach, which is more expensive, but better quality. This product has some other benefits and is the highest quality iron that can be delivered. It contains 500 mcg of coenzymed B12 (methylcobalamin). Low energy is a symptom of low iron. The more expensive form of B12 is going to help raise energy levels. This product also contains 400 mcg of Folate, which is more than you can read below. This might not seem like a big deal at first glance, but it's very difficult to make Folate in a supplement. I think this is a result of the whole food approach to creating the iron supplement. I've already searched for Folate and found it in supplements, so I'm free to look for more. The Folate is an added bonus. This product is a far superior iron product on the market. This product is very good. This product is very similar to Iron Complex.

👤This company has been owned by nestle for the past year. I trusted them blindly. I wouldn't have linked this to my symptoms if I hadn't taken these. If you need a supplement that won't kill you slowly, look into Megafoods.

👤I was told to purchase ferrous sulfate from a pharmacy after being diagnosed with Iron deficiency Anemia. As a strong believer in hollistic remedies, I knew that I wanted to purchase a supplement high in quality and made of food based ingredients. I found Garden of Life in Whole Foods Market and decided to order it on Amazon for several dollars less. I found an iron supplement that is not only plant based but raw. It contains vitamins C and enzymes to help with absorption of iron, and it also contains a type of yeast that is known to cause constipation. It supplies more than enough B-12, which is great since I eat a vegan diet. I feel like I have more energy after taking it for 3 months. I don't feel as depressed as I did before I started taking this. I won't know for sure what my results are until I get blood work, and I will update when I do. I am no longer anemic after getting my blood work done and I am happy to report. My iron levels have increased and I feel better because of it. I highly recommend.

👤I don't usually write reviews, but this product has saved me. I have been anemic for 20 years. I have never finished a round of normal supplements because they messed up my stomach. 2 months ago I was so tired and lightheaded. I knew it had to be a lack of iron. I took these and waited for my stomach to complain. I had coffee that wasn't providing. My brain fog went away about a week ago. I kept taking them and my symptoms disappeared. I barely had time to order another bottle before I ran out. I finished a bottle for the first time. I will not use another type of iron suppliment again.

9. Bariatric Fusion Flavored Including Gastrectomy

Bariatric Fusion Flavored Including Gastrectomy

Each bottle of Iron Soft Chews contains a two-month supply of vitamins, and each Iron Soft Chew contains 45mg of Iron as ferrous Fumarate with 60mg ofVitamin C.

Brand: Bariatric Fusion

👤It's great for an iron vitamins. I am not a patient of the hospital. I still think these are the best iron supplements. Highly recommended!

👤I had a gastric bypass in January and so far I have not found an iron pill that didn't cause serious issues. I have had iron injections because I can't find anything. I thought these would be my greatest achievement. They are not. I only took 4 pills before I was hospitalized. The taste is bad. I use the same brand of chewables for my multivitamin and it tastes great. The iron pills are gross. The texture is not normal. I decided to return them because $30 is too much to throw away and I don't want to have another fight on the toilet.

👤The delivery of the cherry chews was on November 4th. My lower front teeth do not match my upper teeth as shown in the photo. There is a gray stain on the teeth with streaks in the dentifrice. I think that the manufacturer will not want to pay for the work that will be necessary to restore my lower teeth in color so they don't look like they're dead. Researching teeth stains and supplements yields enough information to know that Bariatric Fusion should have known that their product can do damage. The product takes a little more time to chew up the soft chew materials in order to dissolving, but the after-taste is very strong in iron. The chew materials adhere to the face of the teeth and between the teeth until saliva or a drink washes them all down. I need the iron after 20 years. I want to keep a smile that reflects my care for my teeth.

👤Soft chews taste great! I don't recommend taking iron and calcium together, as they are incompatible with each other, as I developed iron deficiency from Bariatric Fusion's all in one vitamins. I made that mistake because I was lazy. I learned a lesson when I passed out at the grocery store. This particular product is highly recommended, tastes great, and my pouch doesn't protest it at all. Two of these a day helped get my iron numbers into an ideal range.

👤I am happy that this product tasted good. I have had a lot of trouble with not having enough iron in my diet because of my surgery, I will give it time to see if I will not feel so tiered, I hope this will help to eliminate that procedure.

👤These are better than the typical tablets you can find in the grocery store because they have less iron in them. I've tried liquids and tabs, but they taste terrible, and I have to eat before I take the iron supplement, which makes it difficult with a tiny stomach. These are great, no issues with reflux and great taste! I would definitely recommend them.

👤This is for our son. He says it tastes like nerds. Unless you can brush your teeth after it, it causes cavities. I don't know if it's useful for adults. He says the pills taste terrible even if you just throw them back and swallow. We don't know if this is effective yet, we get additional bloodwork in a few months, hence the low rating. I did review because it won't stop bothering me until I do. It is pensive as pills without insurance costs a few dollars a month.

10. Floradix Liquid Herbs Supplement LARGE

Floradix Liquid Herbs Supplement LARGE

The iron supplement with B complex vitamins, vitamins C and rose hip is a must have for iron deficiency. Simply take 10 mL twice daily for adults or once daily for children, they will absorb the extracts easily. They use all natural fruit juice concentrates to enhance the taste of their formulas. There are no artificial Additives orPreservatives in the iron and herbs. They test everything and test often so you get the highest quality products.

Brand: Floradix

👤The liquid on the left is what I got from Amazon. The supplement is not pure. So upset and unhappy. I was shopping for a great deal and found the quality was not the same. Water is shown as the second ingredient, but my $47 bottle from whole food had water as the fourth ingredient and it smells really strong. Do not waste your money on this. I wish I had seen this before.

👤The best iron, hands down! I have tried many. In 10 days, from an 8.1 to 12 hemoglobin.

👤I was told I had iron deficiency. I started taking Floradix on a regular basis along with an iron rich diet and made sure to take vitamins C and E to help absorb the iron. After about a week and a half, I noticed a significant difference in my energy level, my skin, endurance, and my heart rate, and I feel like I have more oxygen going to my heart. I sleep better throughout the night. I used to take this product casually. Love it...

👤I was told by my midwife to use this to help with my anemia during my pregnancies. It helped raise my iron levels quicker than iron pills did. I'm very happy I made this purchase. If you are pregnant and have iron issues, I recommend buying.

👤My review was changed to 3 stars. Below my new comments, I left my old review. Here is the reason. Studies have shown that vitamins B12 and B6 can be used to improve the health of people who are prone toAcne. I started to break out on my temples after taking Floradix. I don't get the skin on my forehead, it usually sticks to my chin. It was so bad that I sat in the toilet crying, wondering why my usual care routine wasn't working, and it only got worse and worse. Within two weeks, my breakout started to clear after I stopped taking Floradix and switched to a liquor iron. It is almost gone now. If you are prone to be prone to be prone to be prone to be prone to be prone to be prone to be prone to be prone to be prone to be prone to be prone to be prone to be prone to be prone to be prone to be prone to be prone to be prone There is an old review below. I've kept this because I think Floradix helped me at the beginning. I do aerial silks, body weight training, and run on a treadmill at the gym. When I tried to donate blood, my hemoglobin was barely toeing the line of "normal", so I realized I needed this. I have a good diet that is rich in iron and I was confused as to why my hemoglobin was so low. I was expecting my iron to be normal because I don't get periods. I have increased my athletic training in the last year. I decided to give it a try after my trainer recommended it. I'll run around 5mph for about 25 minutes and then I'll get winded and feel bad. I would push through. I can run at least 6mph a few weeks after taking this. I'm barely sweating. I've always had trouble with long-distance running, but now I love it. This stuff is amazing. It turned my pee bright neon yellow. I'm not too concerned that is a sign of excess riboflavin, since it contains 210% of your RDA per serving. The taste is something I don't like. I think it's like someone juiced a rusty statue and served it to me in a cup, and some people said it's not that bad. I can't even taste it because I mix it with orange juice. It was great to have with breakfast.

11. WELLESSE Liquid Mineral Supplement Natural

WELLESSE Liquid Mineral Supplement Natural

VEGAN VITAMIN: Their real food iron supplement is vegan, vegetarian, and dairy free. The daily iron value is eighteen twenty-five twenty It is possible to restore energy reserve and reduce fatigue with fast absorbing liquid. For those who are deficient in iron. Less than 5% of US adults have iron deficiency. Highly bioavailable with a gentle form of iron. * It is easier to swallow a great tasting liquid than tablets.

Brand: Nature's Way

👤Please read the following. The supplement contains a preservative called sodium benzoate, which can be used to create and release a known carcinogen called benzene. Leukemia and other blood cancers are caused by the latter. You can find a lot of information on it by searching it. It's a cheap way for companies to use it. It's concerning that it would be put in an iron supplement, because the most common vitamins taken with iron are vitamins A and C. You will often see iron supplements with vitamins C and C. I hope that one day the bad stuff will be regulated. Don't take this item if you are doing anything. I'm putting my money towards a safer supplement. I hope they do too. It's not worth the risk of accidentally creating cancer/leukemia. At least to me. Wishing you good health!

👤I just got my shipment and ordered a ton more iron, which has changed my life. Nobody paid me to say this. I have a trait in my family that makes me anemic and I have ignored it for years, but recently I have been trying to lower my cholesterol and I stopped eating beef for 3 weeks. I went to work and laid in the bed. I felt like I was going to die. Iron tablets take too long to break down into your bloodstream. I didn't know that. I bought this iron because I figured it out by accident and it started changing quickly. I have been taking it for almost two weeks and I feel great. I jog for a minute at the gym today. I haven't been able to jog for over a year. A minute is nothing to you all. It was amazing for me. This has changed my life. I have been living for 41 years and I have never been helped by anyone except myself, so I have to figure it out myself. I feel great after 41 years.

👤The only iron supplement that has worked for me has been this product. It is easy to take and I like the flavor. I was very sick. My iron has gone up from 37 to 135 since I started this product about ten months ago. My doctor is amazed. This product works where others have failed. I am feeling better. I wish you all the best.

👤I wanted to check on my blood count again after I left the hospital. I had been more tired and weaker. My iron was low. I did not have any iron deficiency, nor did I have GI bleeding, which could account for my lower iron. The type and dose of iron supplement is influenced by all. I made sure there were no interactions with my doctor. I was looking for a low dose supplement. To increase my diet. Wellesse was found. The amount of iron required for women to compensate for menstrual losses is 18mg. The curve of the bottle makes it easier to hold. I am not getting what I need by diet alone, so this provides a little extra to compensate. The iron glycinate Chelate has less side effects than ferrous sulfate. I take a supplement to promote absorption. It can be put in a juice. Instructions state to not take this within two hours. Cocoa, coffee, and some fruits contain compounds that can affect absorption of iron. There are a lot of things to consider with iron. Like not taking too much. More is not better with iron. It is easy to take. I use a measuring cup to get my dose. I am a terrible spiller so using a small amount would make me do it more often. Nice taste. It was berry flavoured. There is a touch of sweetness from the Stevia. There is a I keep it refrigerated because it can be kept at room temperature. The weakness, tired feeling and fatigability have been resolved. I added more iron sources to my diet. Nonheme plant iron sources are more bio-available. I have been taking this for over two months. There were no adverse effects. There were no common side effects reported with iron supplements. Amazon sells this at a great price. I like it.


What is the best product for iron supplement spoon?

Iron supplement spoon products from Nature's Bounty. In this article about iron supplement spoon you can see why people choose the product. Novaferrum and Novaferrum are also good brands to look for when you are finding iron supplement spoon.

What are the best brands for iron supplement spoon?

Nature's Bounty, Novaferrum and Novaferrum are some of the best brands that chosen by people for iron supplement spoon. Find the detail in this article. Hematex, Solgar and Major Pharmaceuticals are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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