Best Joint Health Supplement for Small Dogs

Supplement 29 Nov 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Cosequin® Supplement Tablets Chewable Tablets

Cosequin%C2%AE Supplement Tablets Chewable Tablets

The Glucosamine Hydrochloride, MSM, and Chondroitin Sulfate are contained in the tablets. Cosequin DS is the #1 veterinary recommended joint health supplement. Glucosamine and chondroitin may support joint health. MSM helps maintain a healthy immune system. Scored tablets for easy use.

Brand: Cosequin

👤Cosequin is the only joint supplement that has actually been studied for content and efficacy. There is no guarantee that what is listed on the bottle is what is actually in the bottle. There could be more or less of the substance. Food can make any kinds of claims about what they do without having to provide evidence. I could be wrong but I am not aware that other products have undergone the same types of trials. I don't know much about joint supplements. The manufacturer of Cosequin provides information on the research and veterinary trials of the product to show that it does make a difference for joint health. I like to know that my dogs are getting something to help them, and that's why I choose Cosequin over other joint supplements. One of my dogs is a picky eater so they must taste ok, but I have yet to have a dog refuse to eat one. I have not tried one myself. I have had several older dogs who have taken this and I think it makes a difference, although that is entirely subjective on my part. I had a dog who would start to feel bad if I ran out. I could see the trembling and licking and chewing on her knees when she was fine for a few days. It usually took a few days after I put her back on it to see improvement. That would make me feel like the worst dog-mom on the face of the Earth, so don't run out! As long as I have aging dogs, I will continue to purchase this product.

👤I have three older Beagles that have stopped playing with each other. I started giving each pill in the morning and afternoon. They were chasing each other around the yard within five days.

👤We use as part of the regime for our old ga, so can't say they would work alone, but she's doing better and loves these, no problem getting her to eat them! You can get a better price here than in stores.

👤For years, they have been using this at the recommendation of a friend of theirs. It has helped my older large-breed dogs stay active and reduce the effects of arthritis. One of the few preparations that has strict quality control and actually tests the product for content was recommended. What it says on the label is what is in the tablets. I have used other Cosequin products as well and they are the most reliable, effective joint supplement on the market. I have tried many others before I found Cosequin. A great product from a good company. I recommend this to my friends and relatives with older dogs. You will see improvements in your dog's mobility in about a month if you try it.

👤I own tworotts. Our vet recommended that we start a daily supplement to help her get a round because she has hip issues. The vet gave us another medication that helped. We switched to cosequin DS. She used to sit and watch our other dog run the entire yard from the side lines, which made her heavier and added to her hip problems. She is playing with our other dog and running around. She has lost some of her wieght because of the increase in exercise, and she seems to be happier. I would do it very well. If your dog seems to be slowed down by hip or joint issues, you should use this product. It is important to follow the loading dose on the package. We were worried about the quality of life our little girl would have, with her hip issues, and this supplement has turned that around. I would give 10 stars and two thumbs up if I could.

2. Nutramax Cosequin Joint Health Supplement

Nutramax Cosequin Joint Health Supplement

Cosequin is the top recommended retail joint health supplement brand.

Brand: Nutramax Laboratories

👤I use this on my 14 year old chihuahua and it is awesome. Soft chews are easy to administer and this product does a great job. The Boswellia Serrata version is slightly superior to the Omega 3's version, they both work, but I find this one to be better. If you only get one bag, go with this version. I notice a difference in how my senior dog gets around when he is on this. If he doesn't take it for three days, he will not be able to hop on the sofa or bed, he will be stiff in his rear leg joints, and he will be very uncomfortable getting around. Within days, he gets around like a young dog, jumping on furniture, and even getting the zoomies, as soon as he is back on it. It works for dogs as small as 5 lbs, and is free of chicken and wheat. There were no cons.

👤My dog is getting old. I had to cut the pills in half because they were too large for my body. I hid the pill in the soft food my dog would eat, but he spit out the pill. It was very hard. Cosequin was recommended by my vet. It has made a difference. He's acting like his younger self again. Everyone that knows him has commented on how he is moving around more easily. I have to hide Cosequin in some soft food in order to convince him. The size of the chews were shown in the photo.

👤I have a senior dog who doesn't like to chew a lot but is having joint pain. He won't eat a treat if it doesn't smell good and he is also a picky eater. He likes the mini chews and thinks they are a treat. I have been able to put a small pill in this chew. He has had difficulty walking due to his hips being stiff, but I have noticed that after taking these chews, he feels better, sometimes he will have a few spurts where he runs. I will do anything to help my little guy have a good quality of life and he looks forward to one every morning. There is an update. At the age of 15 1/2 years, my little guy is still plugging along. He was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and had a tumor and a sputum on one leg. We have been on borrowed time because the cancer is back. He still liked the Cosequin chews. I don't like the smell of the chews or the Omega 3 which caused me to have a bad experience with them. I stopped giving him the chews altogether to get him back to normal and decided not to continue with the chews. I would prefer the chews without Omega 3 and use the MSM. The product is still a great one and is recommended to those with younger dogs.

👤Our dog is 10 years old and he is very stubborn. He wasn't eating all his food or going out for walks. I wouldn't normally write a review after just a few hours, but the Cosequin Minis seem to have had a remarkable effect on him. He perked up immediately after eating the minis. I'll update as time goes by, but so far I'm impressed.

3. Nutramax Dasuquin Chewables Small Medium

Nutramax Dasuquin Chewables Small Medium

Veterinarian Recommended There are twoASU COMPLIMENTS: glucusaMINE and chocolate sulfate. Dogs with the plant ASU are shown to be safe in Dasuquin. It is a unique form. Dasuquin has a proprietary blend of ingredients that deliver comprehensive joint support to help keep your dog active and moving. The #1 health brand. It was recommended by the veterinarians. AntiOXIDANT RICH: Boswellia serrata and green tea extract help support a healthy inflammatory response. The tables are made in the USA from globallysourced ingredients.

Brand: Nutramax Laboratories

👤The authentic product is very good, but I was one of the customers who had their order filled by a third-party vendor in China who was making counterfeit Dasuquin. I noticed that my 80 lbs lab mix didn't want to eat his breakfast while I was still unaware. He began vomiting and eating grass. I received an authentic bottle after ordering from 1800Petmeds. I feel like I need to give him a double dose again for at least a month since he's been off the real thing. I love Amazon, but they need more control over quality. The bottle on the right is a fake. The "Made in America" logo is missing.

👤DASUQUIN sold by Amazon is fake and could kill or hurt your dog. If you want to verify this, you should contact the company at the above number. This product can only be purchased through your doctor or online store. The companies that are selling the counterfeit Dasuquin supplement are being sued by Nutramax. I would not have done more research of my own if I had not read the Amazon reviews.

👤The email is from AMAZON. You recently placed an order for a large dog with MSM chewables. It has been learned that the product you received from a third-party seller may not be a real product. You don't have to return the product. Don't use the product and dispose of it. We're giving you a refund of 59.99. You will be able to see the refund request once processed. I need to know what we bought. Our dog has been in the hospital three times in the past three weeks for different life threatening illnesses. We have spent over four thousand dollars on his vet and hospital bills in order to keep him alive. We wondered why the tabs felt hard and not scored, but we knew we got what he needed. We need to know what he was taking so we can let our vet know that he's on a different path. If you need to check with our vet, please let me know, we are desperate to save our boy. I want my dog to be healthy again, so I don't care about a refund. Thank you.

👤Be careful. I think this is a lie. I saw it in my dog's behavior and then I received a bottle from Chewy that didn't match the ingredients on the label. I don't know if this is a legit product or not but based on my dog's behavior I believe it is. I have used this product for several years and it has worked great. I saw a change in my dog.

👤It's rare that I put a "life changing" tag on anything. I consider myself to be very critical when analyzing products and I don't live my life in a state of hyperbole. I don't give out 5-star reviews on every product I buy. We have two beagles. The younger one started to slow down. He was always looking for heat. The vet found he had an under active thyroid. He was put on medication to get his levels back to where they should be. His flexibility and energy only improved slightly. He wasn't as motivated for his usual long walks, he was still sleepy, and he loved laying in the Texas sun. The vet recommended MSM as he showed signs of stiffening of his joints. Glucosamine isn't regulated since it's a supplement, according to the vet. Glucosamines are as effective as placebos. They said to seek guidance from a pharmacist or other owners. I saw this as an opportunity to read the rich reviews on I used a liquid product. It received great reviews. The dogs hated it. I started giving it to our older dog. I didn't see much difference after the first bottle. I tried a popular pill again and again, no difference. We tried a milk-based anti- inflammatory supplement as we had read that it may help. It was short-lived. We were starting to think that this might be the beginning of the end. Our dog was stiff and almost depressed. He used to love playing in the yard. He didn't do this now. It was depressing to watch. I did a lot of research and found Dasuquin with MSM. The price was high and the reviews were good. I was skeptical that this new generation of joint care would be any different. I started him on the loading cycle. The old dog came back after 7 days. He would hang out in the yard and his confidence would improve. His condition improved even more as the loading cycle ended and we moved to the maintenance cycle. He was about peaked at one point. He wants to stay out the longest, will play in the yard all day, and is confident in doing so. It's like having a 2 year old dog again. After 14 months, we have him and his older brother on a strict maintenance of Dasuquin. It is the same as it was a month ago. He is doing well. He became more active as he started to feel better. He built up his muscles when he was more active. He was able to be active and flexible with increased muscle tone. He is happy and active. I am very happy with this product. I sold it to my brother-in-law for his dog. His dog developed tender and sore back legs and began to do less exercise. His experience was the same. The results improved up to 4 weeks and continued for the past 6 months. He is happy. My mom was turned onto it for her 11 year old German Shepherd with the same joint weakness. She reported that her dog has shown a big increase in energy and flexibility after just 5 days. I expect that to continue because she has been very happy so far. I am very pleased with this product. It is one of the few products I will sell. I believe in it. It changed the life of our dog and we are very grateful to have found it.

4. Nutramax COSEQUIN Senior Glucosamine Chondroitin

Nutramax COSEQUIN Senior Glucosamine Chondroitin

Veterinarian Recommended A tasty soft chew from Cosequin Senior offers joint health, skin and coat, immune and digestive health support. The trademarked ingredients are FCHG49 Glucosamine and TRH122 Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate. The senior helps support the immune system. The function of the Beta Glucans is as a prebiotic. COSEQUIN is a high quality, dog joint supplement and is excellent for long-term use and maintenance.

Brand: Nutramax Laboratories

👤Defiantly works well for arthritis, hip problems, and other joint issues. The picky chihuahua will eat the Cosequin Soft Chews. The Aust Cattle Dog is picky. I ordered the "Senior" and the "Maximum strength". I forgot to order the senior from Amazon, so I ordered the Max from 1800Petmeds. The price is the only difference between the two. You pay more for the word senior. Both have the same ingredients, and nothing different. I still recommend them to you pets. Don't get caught up in the wording.

👤Our 10-year-old Australian has seen multiple changes in a month, which is not that old, as we are just one month in from changing to the SENIOR product. He was getting heavy in his back end, and had been having difficulty getting to his feet, and had slowed down in playing with our 19-month-old pup. The Senior formula was started along with a change in his feeding. Amazon is out of stock after I ordered. I hope they will carry it again. We were sent to Petco and PetSmart. We are hoping that Amazon will get it back in stock, as it has made a difference and it is a very convenient way to order. Part of the review is about taste. The younger one is getting upset as he is not getting one, but our dog does not mind it. It must smell good to him. We have been for a couple of weeks and he continues to do well. We recommend this product because it is working on our guy.

👤My 14 year old poodle had a lot of arthritis issues and needed to take pain pills, but couldn't because of his liver function. I started him on the 6 week dose and noticed a huge difference. He wants to play like he only did once in a blue moon. I thought my daughter was giving to him until I realized he wasn't as active. He had not been given a pill in a week. I gave them to him again. He was back to his old self on the second day. Do yourself and your dog a favor and get these.

👤I bought these for my senior dog. He's overweight. We moved to the midwest in the fall and winter where it gets cold and snowy. Some days are better than others for his mobility. I give these to him every morning so he can get them in his system.

👤The Consequin Maximum Strength Chews were used for my 10 year old husky due to his age related mobility issues. My mother recommended these because she used them for her senior dog. Her vet recommended them. I decided to try them because my dog was having issues with his joints and jumping up on the sofa. They worked wonders for him. He was playing with himself again. I decided to give these a try because they are the only one in the product line that helps with the immune system and stomach sensitivity of my dog, and I saw the Senior version. This product is good for everyone's fur babies. They are worth it. Thank you!

5. Liquid Health Glucosamine Joint Formula

Liquid Health Glucosamine Joint Formula

A daily liquid supplement for your dog. Proteoglycans are stimulated by supplementary glucosamine and chondroitin. This increases the resilience of your dog's tissues. Glucosamine is a potent ingredient that promotes healthy cartilage production. MSM improves your dog's health. The pure sulfur that supports the structural integrity of your dog's joint is provided by ultra-purified and distilled. Liquid supplements can quickly enter your dog's system, giving them the joint function and mobility they need. Your dog will have an easier time running, playing, and enjoying life if it has healthier joints and stronger tissues.

Brand: Liquidhealth

👤I am a paid subscriber to Consumer Lab. The independent laboratory analyses vitamins and health supplements on a regular basis. The FDA does not regulate supplements and vitamins, so independent testing is crucial, and the only way consumers know that they are actually getting what the label claims. Consumer Lab depends on subscribers like me to fund their good work, so they don't make any money off their reviews. My dog lost her footing one year ago. She was unable to climb stairs, stand to eat or shake her coat, like a dog. I took her to the vet. The vet found that she was suffering from a congenital hip problem as well as arthritis after doing an exam and X-rays. He suggested OTC Glucosamine. My dog is too smart for pills, she can find them from peanut butter. I tried a few of them, but she was tired of them too. The delivery system and reviews made me decide to buy this product. My dog was only on Glucosamine/Crondriton for about ten days before she regained her ability to walk, run, and climb stairs. The vet's diagnosis was correct and my dog is still active at fifteen years old. I have noticed that she is slowing down a bit, which is normal, but I was wondering if this liquid product was not giving her the results she had previously. We started our second bottle this month. I checked with Consumers Labs to see if they had any reports on animal supplements, and I found a report on Glucosamine/ chondroitinin from the year 2014). Amazon customers should know that Consumer Labs failed Liquid Health Naturals because it only contained 20% of the amount of chondroitin that was listed on the label. My dog likes the flavor of Liquid Health and eats it in her food, but it does not help promote water retention and elasticity in the cartilage and it does not help to prevent the oxidation of the kerchief. Pet moms and dads want what is best for their dogs, and this sounds like a good thing. Maybe your pet is not getting the full benefit they deserve, because of this product. It is too late for me to return this item, but I will be looking for another source. I don't know if this company intends to deceive, but many other companies in the report failed to provide the amounts of supplements listed on the label. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤I've purchased their Level 5000 version as well. I can't provide a review for the Level 5000 because the page on Amazon is gone. Stay away from Liquid Health products. The last few times I bought their product, it was different in color and smell. It had a stronger smell, a lighter color, and a stronger consistency. I contacted the company to see if the recipe had changed recently, but they didn't reply. I have noticed that the results of my switch to Nutramax Cosequin have been positive.

6. Bayer Animal Health Synovi Chews

Bayer Animal Health Synovi Chews

Dog joint cleft cleft is a soft cleft. Synovi G3 supports joint function and flexibility. The SYNOVI MATRIX is contained. The Synovi G3 matrix is a unique combination of ingredients that help with joint health. It's easy to get a soft hatchet. Dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds can use the soft chew joint supplement.

Brand: Elanco Animal Health

👤At just 3 years old, my 103lb pit bull showed some arthritis symptoms in his shoulders. Our vet recommended a joint supplement and gave us a list of options to try, but she mentioned that she has large breed dogs and she has them in synovi and felt it had been beneficial. He has been on it for a little over a year. We haven't seen any shoulder issues since he started, they're squishy and beef scented, and he takes them very excitedly. I can't say for sure if the arthritis is getting better or less painful since he only had one tender episode but I think it's logical to assume these are helping his joints stay strong and painless as long as possible.

👤If the product you receive is not soft and pliable and is a dry product, you should return it to the manufacturer. The product has always been soft, like a Pill Pocket but more dense. I use it to hide my senior dog's pills, as well as using it as a supplement. I knew something wasn't right when I received this most recent batches of 240, instead of being able to mold it flat, lay pills on it and smush it back up, it was harder, drier and crumbles. I called Bayer instead of returning to the seller. The product was still in use. I gave the lot # and described its condition. The product is not to standard and they were very responsive. They will replace the product when I return the package. The vet product assistant said it should not be cruel. The product isn't available locally because of the turn around time. The 120 size was my last order. It should be moist and soft. It should not be like soft commercial treats. The supplement that I use for my large and giant breed senior dogs is an amazing one that has turned back the clock a few years with regular use.

👤I switched my senior dogs to these when I couldn't find them in stock. I fed these to my dogs. My dogs became sore and stiff over that time. They have improved since I switched them back to the previous product.

👤I ordered this product through Amazon, but it ended up going through Vetinternet Co. We have been using SynoviG3 for our Golden for several years and we have no issues with it. The company that delivered the product was reviewed. When I placed the order, I was told that it would arrive by Dec 3, but there was no product received after that date. I contacted the company through Amazon and was told that the product was picked up by the post office, but they were not able to track it. The original shipment has never arrived and the post office might have sent it somewhere else. The positive side of the story is that Vetinternet immediately placed a new order and rushed the shipment. I received a credit for the original order and was charged only the vendor's cost for the product. They were very responsive to the need for this product. I will order directly from this vendor in the future, and recommend them to anyone who wants to buy products for their pets.

7. VetriScience Laboratories GlycoFlex Support Chewable

VetriScience Laboratories GlycoFlex Support Chewable

The GlycoFlex Joint support stages system has been recommended by veterinarians for over 30 years. In 4 weeks, GlycoFlex increases hind leg strength. Each GlycoFlex Tablets has the same joint health nutrition levels as two GlycoFlex soft chews. It's great for pets that find chews too dense or that have easily upset stomachs that GlycoFlex tablets are easy to digest and absorb. Their tablets are made with chicken. Glucosamine, DMG, Perna canaliculus and MSM are proven ingredients that help build and cushion joints.

Brand: Vetriscience

👤I have a senior dog that has issues with luxating in the back legs. I had used VertriScience products before and had been happy with them. I was looking for something to help him with his luxating patella issues, and I looked at VetriScience products. After a week of using this product, my dog developed a horrible rash all over his body and started to have clumps of hair on his back. It arrived very quickly. I stopped the product. I brought him to my vet and he did a biopsy on him. He had a skin condition called Erythema Multiforme. I read more when I found out what he had. I read that adverse reactions to drugs or nutriceuticals can be the underlying cause of EM. He is being treated for skin problems. The reaction to this supplement is thought to be related to the veterinary Dermatologist. Most people have had a good experience with this product. I wanted to tell you what happened in my situation. Hopefully this is not common. It has caused my dog to be in a terrible condition and cost me hundreds of dollars in vet costs. My dog has lost almost his entire coat, but he is still healing. He has hair that is close to falling out, and it has something behind it. My dog has a long road of recovery ahead of him after this terrible experience.

👤My 9-year old terrier was diagnosed with arthritis in her hips and an injury to her knee a year ago. The GlycoFlex chews were purchased based on positive reviews from various sources on the internet and were part of a supplement regimen that I started with my dog. The chews were administered based on the instructions on the back of the bag, which were two chews per day for my dog. I noticed that my dog's limp had become less severe after observing a definite improvement in her gait. I could tell that my dog was not very fond of the taste of these treats and was not thrilled when it came time to take her daily dose, however she was able to choke down these treats at my command. I didn't think twice about ordering the GlycoFlex chews for a second time after seeing a noticeable improvement in my dog's hind legs after several weeks of taking the supplement regimen that I had created for her. I was able to get my dog to eat the first bag of chews because I was able to encourage her. When I opened the second bag of chews purchased off Amazon, I noticed a rancid smell coming from the bag that I didn't remember seeing when I opened the first bag. I tried to give my dog the first dose out of the second bag, but she refused to eat the chew. I tried everything I could to get her to consume her daily dose of GlycoFlex, but nothing worked, so I hid it in a bowl of chopped rotisserie chicken and gravy. I think my dog would rather not eat a rotten chew than a snack. I can't help but think that we got a bad bunch, because the smell is so bad. I can't afford to take a chance on this product again at $40.00 a pop, and I was not able to return or replace this item for a potentially fresh bag. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to convince my dog to eat one of the second bag of chews that I tried to feed her, even if it wasn't rancid. My suggestion to other Amazon customers who decide to purchase these chews is that they should purchase them outside of Amazon. After looking at other one and two-star reviews of this product, it appears that I am not the only one who received a rancid "bad" batches, and you're stuck with it! It was $40.00 down the drain, which makes me sad.

8. Nutramax Dasuquin Dogs Over Pounds

Nutramax Dasuquin Dogs Over Pounds

Veterinarian Recommended Provides comprehensive joint health support. The source of ASU is derived from avocados and soy. Formulated from more than 10 years of clinical use. It's ideal for dogs over 60 pounds. It helps support the production of the matrix. Suppresses the breakdown of the cartilage. Please read the information on the delivery label.

Brand: Nutramax Laboratories

👤My dog has arthritis and my vet recommended this. I have been giving them to him for a few years and I was never sure if it was doing anything, but I kept giving them to him. I didn't replace the bottle for a couple weeks because it ran out, and my dog started moving more stiffly, with more complaining, and seemed less comfortable getting up into the car. I gave him another bottle after I ordered another one and he seemed to get better after a week or so. I guess it works! I will not let it run out again. My dog seems to have no stomach issues or other side effects that others have described.

👤When I heard that the makers of Cosequin had a new and better product, I decided to give it a try. I waited until I was done with the second order. I've rescued a lot of big dogs. A small dog weighing 85 pounds would be at my house. I have one large wolf/dog. My opinion is that this is a must for people with large breed dogs. Dogs that don't suffer from displasia will usually have arthritis. Kiowa is almost 13 years old and she has slowed down a lot. But... She is still able to navigate the steps. 125 pounds is 13 years old and still mobile. I'll take $65 every few months for a couple of extra years with this sweet girl.

👤My boxer-mix didn't work well. I bought this after reading all the great reviews, but I had to stop and go back to my previous brand as her joint swelling became worse after using this product. I called the company and was told they don't guarantee the product will work, only that your dog will eat them.

👤This has helped my golden doodle, Emma. I picked up Dasuquin at the vets and ordered these from Amazon. My dog only accepts them when they are in a tablet form. The soft chews that Emma had cheerfully scarfs down from the vets are also available on Amazon for the same price. I didn't realize I had ordered a different product when I ordered that. My bad. Emma made her preferences clear. She gave me sad eyes when I tried to feed her one of these tablets and sometimes she wouldn't take it. After a week of sad brown eyes, I caved and ordered the soft chew version. She's happy now. I don't know what to do with the three month supply of tablets. It was a big mistake.

👤I started giving this to her because she was having trouble with her legs. She got better. I switched to a cheaper product because I wasn't sure if it mattered. Within a week, she was starting to get weak. I used this again and she was fine. It was enough that I would keep her on this indefinitely.

👤My vet told me to give my dog dasuquin to help keep his joints healthy because of his high activity level. I thought it would be a good idea to add this to the supplements I give to my dogs. When he was 14 years old, he was stiff and you could hear his joints cracking. No more! A quarter of the large tab is eaten daily. He runs like a younger pup. He doesn't have bad days. All his days are great. If you have a dog with a lot of activity, I would recommend Dasuquin as a daily supplement.

9. GNC Ultra Joint Health Senior

GNC Ultra Joint Health Senior

The Advanced Hip & Joint health premium liquid formula includes Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM to improve the health of senior dogs. Simply add this delicious beef-flavored dog supplement to your dog's favorite food to make it taste great. It's easy to get up and down for your dog. An extra spring will be brought to the step by improved joint health and mobility. GNC Pets is made in the US and provides you and your pet with high quality products. Accurate labeling and manufacturing for consumer safety is ensured by GNC Pets. GNC Pets supports happy, healthy pets. Their pet vitamins and supplements are approved by both cats and dogs.

Brand: Gnc

👤Our Sheltie has arthritis and years ago our vet recommended Glucosamine. She was playful again. We understood the need for the vitamins. We continue to give Glucosamine. We've tried a number of ways to offer it, including a pill, a powder, and a tablet. I found a way to give 500 grams of Glucosamine, although it was a little pricey. Our nightly routine is to reward our pair with a chew when we let them out for their last potty. They love them! Each chew is wrapped tightly. The texture is like a real caramel, I stretch it out and give it a bit by bit. I am tempted to treat myself because of the scent. I would eat it, but it's not fair to them. I was searching for another pet item on Amazon and noticed the same chews at a much better price. I order them on-line now. Saving money and not running to the mall area are related. Wow! GNC's stores don't stock pet items, but they do make vitamins.

👤I need an equivalent product as they are not available anywhere. I would like the same strength. This is a great product, but don't understand why it's available. I ordered two more times. I should have ordered more. Great product. Get them back from Amazon.

👤I put my dog on these a couple of years ago because he was getting stiff joints. I could see a difference in his ability to get around. I think they may have been discontinued because I am not able to find them. I just started him on soft chews from the same company that I got a different version from, but it's too early to tell, but I'm hoping for the same results.

👤The supplements were cheap, but my large dog has to have 3-4 of them a day, so they don't last long, and don't save me much money compared to the ones from our vet. They don't work as well. I can definitely tell the difference in my 12-year-old when she has had them compared to when she has not, as they still help some. They work to an extent, but not as well as others. She ate them without wavering. I have already found a better brand for a better price, so I will never purchase these again.

👤These were bought instead of more expensive ones to try. I have a dog. I cut them in half. She won't eat them, so I have to crush them and put them in her food. She is able to walk and run. This bottle is enough for a year. It saved me money. I will buy them again.

👤This product is amazing. When our dog lost her ability to run, jump and get up and down stairs because of hip issues, we started using this product and got her back! It takes a few weeks to build up their system so be patient. We've been using this product with her for 6 years. She's not jumping up and down anymore, but she gets around. I wouldn't take her off this product. It's a good thing.

10. Cosequin Minis Maximum Strength Omega3

Cosequin Minis Maximum Strength Omega3

Veterinarian Recommended Dog skin and coat supplements.

Brand: Nutramax Laboratories

👤If you have a small breed dog that is active and tenacious, they will have trouble with their knees at some point. I have a Boston Terrier who has been with me for 11 years. We took a sabbatical to Colorado to hit the real 14 footers and she has never had a problem. My sweet girl would limp and favor a leg when she stopped in the middle of a hike, I thought it was her foot, but it was her knees. She was diagnosed with a disease after a vet visit. Some of you may already have an older animal that is suffering from arthritis or joint pain, but you may not know it because they are too loving and pain tolerant. It's time to let it be a rule of thumb for all of our aging babies. I wish I would have started this supplement when my daughter was 8 years old, I would have noticed she was hurting and needed help. She started by not jumping up on the bed, preferring to sleep on the floor or under the bed, not jumping on or off of furniture, and avoiding hard play with bigger siblings. Cosequin used to require a vet's prescription, but we can just order it through Amazon. We followed the instructions and put a mini chew in her morning boiled chicken and veggies, starting a double dose regimine for the first 30 days and then back down to 1 mini chew a day thereafter. After 2 weeks of treatments, the results of mobility improvement were reconizeable. My girl was back to jumping on and off the bed, she would join me again at night and play with her big siblings in tug of war and chase. I think the true test would be the lake and the water, I think you can see by her expression on her face that she's happy to get back into doing what she loves to do!

👤After 6wks, like others have posted here. Taking these little gems, my 14 year old working therapy dog increased his daily walking speed from the stroll he'd developed and back to walking briskly. I reduced his work days from 5 to 1 because he walked so much, but I also work for the elderly. Each week, he is back to 5 days of cuddling and hall walking. I think I need to start taking a similar substance for myself. Oh! His fur! It had become dry and icky and had no flow or silkiness. I had him trimmed into a lion cut to start over and it is growing back soft, silky and so touchable. His "Pom" tail is flowing in the wind again because of the Omega 3.

👤My dog has arthritis. I was excited to see that the price was so low, but she wouldn't eat it even if I put it in something else. They didn't make much of a difference and I ended up buying another brand. She ate the crumbled chews and her favorite treat after I tried crumbling them together. I can't believe the difference in her after doing this for 2 weeks. She mostly slept and wouldn't play with her toys before these chews. She is playing with her toys, zips around the house, and wants to go on walks. She is a new dog. She has been eating them as a treat for the past few days. I highly recommend them.

11. Nutramax Cosequin Double Strength Capsules

Nutramax Cosequin Double Strength Capsules

Veterinarian Recommended It maintains healthy joints. It is safe, effective and bioavailable.

Brand: Nutramax Laboratories

👤I swear by this stuff. I work in a pet store and am a supplements nerd. I try to go natural with my supplements. I use Cosequin in pill form. I like this. It is recommended to my customers on a daily basis. All large breed dogs should be on this. It's a great preventative for all dogs. A client of mine came in to tell me that her dog had changed after she started him on Cosequin. He went from limping and being in obvious pain to walking without a limp and going up and down the stairs by himself. That's huge! My dog is a German Shepherd. I started her on Cosequin as a preventative to keep her joints strong when she was 2 years old because I was terrified of the hip displasia that so many shepherds are plagued with. She acts the same as she did 4 years ago. She will be 8 in a few months and she has shown no signs of slowing down. I will use this product for as long as it's on the market. I will use it for any dogs I have in the future. It's well worth the small cost to increase the enjoyable, active lifespan my dog has had and will continue to have for many years because of it. These are not pills. They are easy to pull apart and there is a white power inside. If she is being picky, I usually just throw the capsule in the morning, but she always eats them. She doesn't seem to mind the taste. I can put the powder over her food. It would be easy to mix the power into a wet canned food and deliver the supplement that way for dogs that are very picky.

👤This has made a huge difference in my dog. One day he was not walking. I thought he was going to die as I couldn't have a dog who could get around. My friend who works at a horse vet suggested cosequin because they see wonderful results in horses. I saw a difference after one dose. He walked in 2 days. He is able to walk on his own. The cosequin had the biggest effect on my arthritis, so I filled a prescription from my vet for more relief. I will use this product on my dogs as they get older.

👤My dog is poor. She has torn her knees and has a disease that causes inflammation of the colon. The options for knee recovery are limited by these conditions. I bought a ramp for her to go up and down stairs, but my vet suggested a joint supplement, since she is getting Tramadol for the pain from the laser treatments. She is a large breed dog so a joint supplement is a good idea. She has been on Cosequin DS for a month and is doing better. I am happy with the effects of this supplement, but I'm sure a lot of things are assisting the recovery. My dog is putting more weight on her legs because she is having an easier time getting up and down. We can start physical therapy soon. She is not having any adverse reactions to this product. She is on expensive prescription food and it can set her off. She still has a good appetite and has firm stools. You can still get the benefits of a joint supplement if your dog has food allergies. I am giving this to a full-grown Rottweiler so I can just shove pills into the back of her mouth and she will swallow them. She can't have treats or Pill Pockets. I'm not sure how easy it would be to give this to a small dog.


What is the best product for joint health supplement for small dogs?

Joint health supplement for small dogs products from Cosequin. In this article about joint health supplement for small dogs you can see why people choose the product. Nutramax Laboratories and Liquidhealth are also good brands to look for when you are finding joint health supplement for small dogs.

What are the best brands for joint health supplement for small dogs?

Cosequin, Nutramax Laboratories and Liquidhealth are some of the best brands that chosen by people for joint health supplement for small dogs. Find the detail in this article. Elanco Animal Health, Vetriscience and Gnc are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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