Best Medicine Supplement Travel Case

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1. Pill Organizer Day Box Case

Pill Organizer Day Box Case

Store Weekly Meds are three times a day. The 7 day pill box will make it easy to get your medicine, you just need to fill the pill box once a week. You will love the convenience of being able to take your daily pills with you when you travel, work, or school. The 7 day pill organizer is an intelligent pill dispensers with 7 different organizers and portable pill boxes with 3 different compartments, it's ideal for people who take multiple pills a day at different times. Taking medicine is easier with the help of the acedada medicine organizer. The noble pill organizers have double sealed Buckles, the whole pill container, and each daily pill box has snap-shut lids that never pop open in your bag and it protects against pill spills. The travel pill box button stays closed even if the lid is accidentally opened by a pet or child. Large compartments weekly pill case provide enough space for all medications, great for store one-week supplement or medication. It is safe for medical use and made of food grade materials. If you have to take medication 3 times a day, the premium pill holder is a great option, it will help you plan a week pill in advance. A versatile 7 day pill box. They think you will like this case and find it convenient and helpful. If you're not happy with your weekly pill organizer, please contact them, their friendly customer service will reply to you within 12 hours and make sure that your purchase is worry-free.

Brand: Acedada

👤I feel weird admitting to having strong feelings for a pill box, but I really love it. This is a spoon box. I live in the SF Bay Area, but I also live in Vallejo, work in Oakland, and sometimes stay with friends in SF or family in Alameda. I'm all over the place. It's convenient to have a container for the dailies in my purse, and it's also pretty sleek and elegant. I don't have to wonder if I've taken my morning/lunchtime/evening batches of pills. It makes me very happy.

👤I need this to organize my ear rings. This works well. I like the color. It is very easy to use. It would work well for your pills. I can keep my ear rings organized by putting this in my travel bags. This is strong. The price was very reasonable. I would recommend this to anyone. I really liked the color.

👤The product has not disappointed. I haven't taken out for travel yet. It does not feel like cheap plastic. The rubber surrounding the storage case makes it easy to clean. I cleaned the product. There were scratches on the individual day's containers. Maybe it happened during production. The lettering doesn't seem to be going away. The product is a 4/10 because it is a darker blue than expected.

👤Night and day. The pill organizers I bought at my pharmacy were not as good as this one. It's easy to see through transparent or translucent windows, and it's easy to read symbols.

👤The pill box is easy to use. The other square boxes break more easily than the lids. There was no problem with the containers holding all of my medication. I can take just the days I need when I go out of town. The outer case is very nice. I don't have pills flying around if I dropped the box. This is the best pill sorter I have ever used and I will buy it again.

👤My husband and I take a lot of prescriptions, and it has been hard to find one that is secure. They are roomy for large pills, easy to read, and easy to remove, so I bought 1 for him and 1 for me. I like that each row is replaceable if we need to take them without the whole case.

👤I ordered a second set of this case so I could have a second supply of my medication already poured, I have had no issues thus far, and I like the option to open the case.

👤Love it all. I can visually see what I have taken and that helps me keep up with my prescriptions. Nothing spills out of the seal and lock. I accidentally spilled soda on it. No liquid got inside, it was easy to clean.

👤My husband has a stroke. He needed a pill organizer that he could manage on his own. The case and individual containers have worked well for him. He is able to find the clips on the side of the case and close them securely because of the contrasting colour of the printing on the containers. It is recommended.

2. Nipichsha Organizer Medication Supplements Marble

Nipichsha Organizer Medication Supplements Marble

It is portable and compact. The pill box is 2.2 x 2.2 x 0.73 inch and 4oz in weight and has a big capacity to hold 20 pieces of pills and small enough for easy carrying. It is easy to carry with or slip into a purse or pocket. Premium materials are more durable and sturdy than plastic pill boxes. Food grade plastic is used for inner compartments to prevent pill from getting wet. The pill box is easy to use, it has a flexible spring latch that makes it easy to open, and it has aPill classification. The pills will never be getting mixed because of the 3 compartments that separate the drugs. Waterproo is perfect to organize fish oil, vitamins or other emergency medication. It is easy to carry for everyday use or on-the-go. The box can be used as a ring presentation box, as a gift, or for mints, small jewelry, or other items. Each is a great gift idea. The pill box is designed to add a touch of art to lifestyle and make your medicine more special and positive. It's a great gift for women, men, girls, Mom, Dad, Birthday, Back to School, Easter Day, Mother's Day, Labor Day, Halloween, and Christmas.

Brand: Nipichsha

👤I still own this box, but beware, it doesn't really seal shut. I found this out the hard way when I put a closed wet napkin pack in my purse. The pills were melted by the moist substance. I use the box in my purse because it is easy to locate and there is a small divider inside. The case isn't tight enough to keep the pills separate.

👤If your meds are loose in your purse, it is convenient to have in your bag or travel bag, but I had a problem with my meds spilling all over my bag, so I would suggest putting the case. The picture made it look like it has a lock. But other than that it is cool.

👤I can't fit my average sized supplements. There is only one thing that can fit in there. Do not recommend.

👤I was expecting it to be small. The design is beautiful and holds about 15 pills. If you are looking for something sleek and simple, I recommend this.

👤The pill case is the perfect size. I keep a weeks worth of different medications in this, but you could easily use it with one pocket for each day for 3 days. The small size is easy to carry in my purse. Lud is locked down.

👤This fits in my purses and is sturdy. It doesn't open unless you click on the button, but sometimes I accidentally pressed it and pills went everywhere.

👤It was impossible to carry all my medication bottles around and it was perfect for my job.

👤I need a small pill box when I work, if I can just remember to take my pills, I just forget.

👤It's good to carry around. I prefer rectangular ones, but wanted a beautiful affordable option that works perfectly for carrying in purse or pockets.

👤It would fit in a woman's back pocket. I could put melatonin and Advil in it. There is a mirror built in. There is a It seems to be a wish like item based on other reviews. Hit or miss. The product I received was exactly what I was looking for.

👤I expected it to have more green in it, but it is more blue. Don't worry, just a small detail.

👤The size is great. Holds 20 gravol and 10 advil. Doesn't open easily in my purse.

👤This is cute and the size I need it to be, but it is cheap.

3. Small Pill Case Cute Box

Small Pill Case Cute Box

The latest design on this cute small pill case allows one-handed operation for the smart "lid spring open" feature. The button design can prevent the pill case from opening. They're easy to open, but the lid isn't very protective of the pills. The pill holder is cute and portable, and it comes in a sweet candy color. It's convenient to carry a small size. You can use this daily portable pill box at home, at work or on the road. The pill box is small enough to fit in your wallet, suitcase, backpack, handbag, and even your coat pocket. The pill case cover has words on it that say "mini candy", which will give you a good mood when you take your fish oils, vitamins, supplements, and medication. It can protect the privacy of your pills no matter where you are. Please keep this cute pill box away from children. It's also great for storing small items. Large CAPACITY: The pill container is made of food grade plastic and has no smell. You can fit a lot of pills in each compartment. The plastic case is light-proof and moist-proof. The pill box in white can be a sweet gift for your loved ones. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. Excellent customer service and the highest levels of quality are what Acedada is committed to. If you are unhappy with your purchase experience or the sleek pill cases are damaged, please contact them for a free replacement or full refund. They will reply to you within 12 hours.

Brand: Acedada

👤The pill box is cute. The pills move from one slot to the other. I wonder which pills I have taken. It would be perfect if you put it on the counter. Don't put it in your purse or pocket.

👤I replaced a pillbox that fell on the floor and popped open. This one has been drop-proof so far. It holds a lot of pills. The cells are too narrow to allow me to grab the pills with my fingers. You can get teensy pills out by dragging them up a wall. I wonder how much of an impediment it would be if I had old fingers.

👤I love these boxes. It is a two pack. I have pink and white. It fits in my purse. I have to take my medication a few times a day so it is convenient to have it in my purse. It can hold a lot of pills at the same time. The push button makes it easy to open the lid. I use one for my pills and the other for earrings as I always forget to wear earrings so I like to keep them in my purse as well. This can be used for many things.

👤This is very secure and has 4 compartments. There is plenty of room for larger pills in the 4 compartments. This holds everything I need to run around during the day. It is secure enough to be thrown into my purse. The looks are cute and stylish and don't look like a pill box, which is great in case someone gets in your purse that shouldn't be! Couldn't be happier with it.

👤Skyforce95 is a large capacity -4 partition per case to separate 4 different kinds of pills, easy to close, and can attach a lanyard, but it is a little difficult to clean.

👤This is perfect because I take a lot of vitamins. I forget to close things tight. This little holder has not failed me. The container is easy to stay closed.

👤I found this a week ago and I am so happy. The Baby Bear of its kind is a pill case with separate compartments that is too big or too small. It doesn't take up a lot of space in my purse, it has 4 different compartments for different drugs, and it's big enough to carry the larger tablets for my kids. This thing is very cute.

👤The square are small enough that my adult female fingers can't fit inside to grab my pills. I have to position my palm over the other squares so that I don't make a mess when I turn the pill case upside-down to get them. It is a much better buy to have plastic doors that are similar to the ones in the boxes. I should have returned it.

4. Medicine Waterproof Supplement Container Multifunctional

Medicine Waterproof Supplement Container Multifunctional

There are 8 compartments x 1 and 3 compartments x 1. You can use different size to meet your needs in different scenarios. Each pill case has 8 spaces. The seal ring is easy to clean. There are two mobile card slots that you can use to make your own pill box. Food grade PP material has wheat straw and rice fiber. The scent of straw does not harm the body. Buckle seal guarantees that the pill case lid will stay closed when you put it into pocket. The ring has a better waterproof function. It makes it possible for medicines, vitamins, and calcium tablets to have a longer shelf life. Travel, travel and daily drug use can store pills, vitamins, calcium tablets, and small objects such as ring earrings.

Brand: Qeedy

👤I don't like having to wash my pill containers because it's hard to get into them and clean them. Imagine my surprise when I took off the gasket, and realized I could do it quickly. I love the system of pill holder and tiny labels that stick on the compartments. I had to read the smeared initials with marker. The set arrived on time and is a great one. Loving them! The seller told me that he would send a new larger case, but I never got it. He told me that he would send a new one. never did the containers Don't count on them doing what they say.

👤These arrived on time and in good condition. The cases are sturdy, but the hinges are a bit flimsy. I have been tossing the smaller one in a bag and it has survived so far, but I haven't been using it much. I think it will fail at the hinge. I gave it a deep clean with soap and water before using and it held up well, with no degradation of the plastic or color rubbing off.

👤The box's are cute. They looked plain Jane from the picture. They are cute but not what I was expecting. I was looking for a pill box that fit and I bought it. The merchandise was better than I expected. It has a cushion to protect it from noise. The box closes very tightly and I thought it was slightly deeper. Overall I am satisfied, but I would like to be a little more deeper. I thought the colors would be the same but the smaller one has a different pattern and I am okay with that. I think it makes it feel a little bit. The cute and small boxes make me remember to take my medication and have a positive attitude.

👤I picked these up before I left so I wouldn't have to carry a lot of medication. They are very convenient. The smaller one makes it easy for tiny pills to jump over the dividers. If you have large awkward pills inside, the larger one will pop out. When opening either one, be cautious.

👤The pill box combo is good for travel and everyday use. They are strong and have a lot of space. You could write on the sections with a Sharpie or make vinyl labels. They are a tad heavy, but I didn't like that. That doesn't affect their quality. I ordered two sets of pink and blue. We used a small box to store jewelry for a trip. The boxes close nicely, so you won't have pills in your bag.

👤I need to have access to my daily medication but also emergency allergy pills because I was recently diagnosed with urticaria. I like the small pill case. It's convenient in any bag. The big one is great for my desk at work because I can have access to everything. The clear pockets on the bigger case can be hard to open at times. Great product!

5. Vitamin Organizer Supplement Compartments Assorted

Vitamin Organizer Supplement Compartments Assorted

Monthly PILL ORGANIZER: You can organize a variety of pill sizes. Simply turn the cover to the compartment you want to use. There is a pill container that holds multiple pills large and small. Also included: The labels are pre-printed and blank. HEALTHY LIVING Many products endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation are endorsed by Ezy Dose.

Brand: Ezy Dose

👤My night stand was covered in pill bottles because I take so many supplements. I wanted to consolidate them all in order to make room for other things. The thing is very sturdy and holds at least 2 weeks worth of vitamins in the larger compartment. The smaller compartments hold my one month supply of pills. The top is difficult to turn and I had trouble with it in the beginning. I have a condition that makes it difficult to open or twist things. I had an idea one night. The jar of vaseline was in the bathroom. I applied a thin layer to the rim of the bottle. I wiped off any excess. The top is now butter. Will probably look into getting another one for random pills like tylenol, aleve, benadryl so as to free up space in the medicine cabinet. It's made out of plastic and is similar to a Rubbermaid tote. Not like the Sterlite that is easy to crack. I have not tried tossing it across the room against a wall or throwing it off a building but it seems durable and won't hurt it. If you found my post useful, please like it.

👤This is the best pill organizer. I got a green one and it was a nice surprise. They probably go off on a person who is on order. You could ask for purple or green in the notes. I was able to get all of my pills at the counter. There was a lot of thought put into the design. The rubber lid is better for seals and won't break like plastic would. There is a click between the different parts of the compartment. The plastic top is secure even though it spins. I like that there is a bigger compartment to fit larger pills. I'm 33 years old and don't want to have a pill organizer that seperates by day. I don't forget to take my medication, but I wanted something to consolidate all of my supplements and this does that perfectly. While still looking cool. It's nice to fill it and forget about it until the compartment gets low. If this review helped you out, please click the "helpful" button. Thank you.

👤This is a large container. There are 6 different sizes of compartments, 5 of which are the same size. Many of the pills I take are small which makes it difficult to take. There is a small gap between the cups. Small pills will fall through the gaps. I had to remove the top and reach into each compartment to get the pills if I wanted to avoid this. It does what it says. You need larger pills. I will eventually get something to replace this but I'm using it right now.

👤I use these to organize my supplements. The labels were made on the machine. The large opening makes it easy to get large pills. I put gummy vitamins in one of the openings. It's much easier to use than it is to open bottles. They would travel to save space. It's a little taller than a soda can. The customer should be able to choose colors. Green and blue are the best colors for me, even though I would have liked a purple one.

6. Portable Organizer Zippered Gelibo Supplements

Portable Organizer Zippered Gelibo Supplements

The pill case has a zip up pouch to keep your privacy. The daily pill box is large enough to hold 25 tablets or 5 fish oils. The weekly pill box has a bag that is large enough to hold small objects, such as keys, insurance card, and prescriptions. Premium Material and Printing - waterproof material and durable zippers secure your compartments, and this 7 day pill organizer adopted upgrade printing technology to avoid the letter and icons from falling off. Their friendly customer service is what you receive, along with a clear, BPA-free 7 day pill organizer, 1 x zippered bag, and 1 x lanyard.

Brand: Gelibo

👤These are for pellet tin cases. Some pellet manufacturers use lids that slip on and off. Sometimes they slip off when they aren't supposed to. These cases are great for larger tins and keep the pellets secure.

👤I bought this item to keep my large dogs from thinking it was a toy and to carry my meds discreetly. The concept is good, but the product arrives with an obnoxious "GELIBO" in large block letters across the front and is not shown to be " branded" in all the photos in listing. The history of the zippers shows that the zippers have been sewn on backwards and different from the normal open/close direction. It doesn't affect function but is annoying and I question the quality of it. Returned.

👤My husband doesn't take his medicine on a daily basis. He only remembers walking through the door at work when he gets a "I forgot my medicine" text. I was worried that the usual pillstrips would open while he was in his backpack, so I looked for one that was more secure. The case is very strong. My only complaint is that the pill box lid appears to be a weak spot. I don't think there will be much more than a few opening/closings, but at less than $8 I wouldn't expect much more. It was great for the price.

👤This is perfect for a young person with a mental illness who needs to keep track of their medication. You can't tell what it is by looking at it, but it comes with a carrying case. It's beneficial for more than just boomers. All jokes.

👤The case has plenty of room for larger pills, so they won't get stuck. For those of us who need to take pills with us, the zip top case is excellent. The outside pocket is a good place to keep a list of drugs. If you need to keep pills handy, only wish they made a stack version for multi week or am/pm situations, but can always have multiple cases.

👤It is difficult to travel these days. Add to that the fact that you have to haul $300 worth of pill bottles around or find an assortment of loose pills in the bottom of your bathroom bag. They have a bag to keep them closed. I take more than that twice a day. I think the plastic flaps on the individual containers will eventually wear out. These are not expensive, so who cares? Good idea.

👤This pillbox is great for reminding me of my daily dose of mets so I don't skip a doze or double up, and the extra sipper on the side is a plus. You bought it.

👤It's hard for me to open every bottle of supplements I take. I don't have time in the morning to do this, so having a pill organizer like this one has been helpful. The small containers are easy to open and travel-friendly. It's perfect for people looking for a simple pill organizer.

7. Pill Pouch Bags Disposable Write

Pill Pouch Bags Disposable Write

Excellent value! The bulk pill bag pack comes with a 400 pill pouch bag so you can make your health management easier. You can use these pouches for pills, vitamins, beads, jewelry, earrings, samples, powder, sprinkles, guitar picks, anything you can think of, and they're also great for jewelry, samples, powder, sprinkles, guitar picks, anything you can think of. It is guaranteed! GRAB & GO! The most common size for large pillows and travel. It is the perfect size for all your needs. The poly bags are the perfect way to carry your medication. Whether you take a lot of supplements, travel frequently or just looking for a better solution to your bulky weekly pill boxes, these pill cases are compact and lightweight measuring 3 inches by 2.75 and a better solution to remember your medications or pills. Keep your pets safe. The pry lock won't leak. The clear and large disposable pill pouches make it easy to see what's inside. They are useful for organizing small objects that are easy to misplace, because their plastic bags have a sealed seal that will keep the contents from spilling out. It is safe for your pills. Write on the label. Look for the label and what's inside. The pill bags are the perfect solution to your medication storage needs. It means that you can see what medication is in your possession and label it to be safe. It means that you will never have to wonder what pills you've forgotten, so you can better manage your medication reminders. The top trusted brand! There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your health care doesn't have to be hard with MEDca. The pill bags are made from premium quality polyethylene and are spill-proof. Premium home health aids are only offered by them. They will do everything they can to make sure that your needs are met if you don't like it. It is guaranteed!

Brand: Medca

👤I use about 4 of these a week to send medicine with my kids when they visit family and it was so annoying to have to buy them all the time in local stores. Finally got tired of it and found this 400 set. I'm used to it. Closes quickly. It opens easily. It holds enough medication for the time needed. Haven't had any issues. I write on them with sharpie and that never causes issues. I've used these bags to hold jewelry for trips, small screws, and other things that a snack size bag is not big for. They are great bags and a great value. Hit the button below to let me know that this review was helpful. Thanks!

👤If you don't want to invest in a plastic container for your medication, these little pill bags are the perfect size. We always use a couple of extra identified as Benadryl 25mg, Tylenol 500mg, and Ibuprofen 200mg so we don't have to go to the store if something comes up. The bags were tightly packed. The space on the front is large enough to write on with a Sharpie. You can use these for that little bit of your special seasoning when you don't want to carry a container or something that will make your water taste different. They are great for hair clips and bows. I use them all the time.

👤I buy those hard plastic pill boxes. I'm breaking them or they open. I spill the pills all over. I've been clumsy. I need to be able to take my medication without being annoyed because I have conditions that make it very important. I sometimes forget to take my medication before I leave the house. These bags work better for me. There's a box for other and a line for you to write a note if you sit down and packet up several weeks at a time. If I forget to take my daily medication, I can grab the baggie and take them on the go, or when I get to where I am going. If I don't damage the bags, I can reuse them as well as them being more convenient for my needs. When I run out, I will purchase more and recommend them to my family and friends who take the same drugs. It's nice to have them all together, even if it's just vitamins. It was very easy to write on the bag, you don't need to use a lot of pressure, so you don't rip the bag. They seem to be durable enough to use at least two times if not more, and are not too thick or thin. The zip seal works well.

👤These are a good value compared to similar items. There are four packages of 100 in this lot and one of them was faulty. I'm pleased with the seller for the fact that the whole cost was quickly and painlessly returned. The bags need a firm hand to make sure they are really sealed. These are an alternative to traditional pillboxes and weekly keepers. They have more pill organizers than I could find. I can fill up a bunch of little bags once a month instead of once a week. If you have a lot of pills, I would recommend trying these.

8. Organizer Supplement Medicine Medication Compartments

Organizer Supplement Medicine Medication Compartments

Use a poison organization. The package includes a pill pouch and pill dispensers. Multiple pills can be stored in each compartment. The pill box has a floral fabric case. It's great to remind you to maintain your medication regimen. No more mixing pills. Their cute floral pill bag with boxes makes it easy to manage your health. Function: There are daily compartments that are divided into separate areas for prescription and medication reminders. The pill box is made of plastic. There are 7 labeled compartments for each day of the week. The clear interior pocket has your insurance ID or prescription in it. The pill box is easy to clean. The pill container is small and portable. It fits into your purse, suitcase, backpack, pocket, gym bag and you can take it anywhere. You can take only the days you need with the pill case. For on-the-go people, just pack the vitamins, birth control pill or prescriptions you need. The material is PREMIUM and SAFE. The pill organizers are made of food-grade materials that are safe for you. The measurement is close to 1.6 inches. It's small to fit in your pocket. It's suitable to take for a trip. The snap-shut lids would never pop up even if dropped. It's a perfect gift for women, girls, and seniors. The mini pill wallet can be used in backpacks, totes and luggage bags.

Brand: Mjfloria

👤It is perfect. My last one was 15 years old. I like the bigger size. I used my label maker for this because I am the mama and everyone will ask me for something if they have a headaches. There is enough room for a pack of toothpicks and a few Goodys powders.

👤I was able to fit a pill, capsule, and gummies into each compartment. This is something that I love.

👤It's easy to hold a week of medication. Even large vitamins and capsules can fit in the big compartment. The bright case makes it easier to see in a bag or purse. My previous case was round. The extra compartment is useful. The pill compartments are not a large unit, but sets of two which fit together. It's easy to put them back together when I take them out of the case. This is not the sort of case you can slip into a pants pocket in.

👤I am happy I found this travel pill box. A fire drill at work made me think twice about keeping my medication at home. What if the worst happened? You had to be somewhere else without your medication. I knew I had to find a pill box that held all my daily medication but also had enough space to carry my vitamins and small items in my purse or pocket. The answer was this travel pill box. This was a great purchase and it was worth it.

👤This case is perfect. It's great to keep a record of when medication was taken or missed. The clear pocket is great for the PILL pack. It makes sense to have all the medicines in one place. It's perfect for travel or home use. It is the perfect size, it fits in my purse, and it is cute. This product is recommended to friends and family by me.

👤I needed a place to put things. It comes with a case. I can put it in a purse or suitcase. It has all the days so it's easy to know when to take your medication. I like the case. It will go with everything. If you need to have your medication with you, you can take apart the pill cases. It's a nice case. It has a card that you can use to access your information. The pill case is great.

👤I absolutely love this product. I carry my vitamins and prescriptions in my purse often, and the case I was using would open and the pills would spill out in my purse. I love that this case is so discreet and small. It's easy to clean. It's great for traveling. I bought 2 cases so I can use them to put the tylenol and other medicines we travel with. It's convenient!

👤The smell from the pouch and containers is terrible. I received a similar one a couple of years ago and thought it would be fine. The previous item didn't smell and the cubes didn't fall apart into separate cubes so easily. I didn't want the case to be unreturnable if I washed it. It will be returned.

9. Made Easy Kit Pill Case

Made Easy Kit Pill Case

Weekly organization. There is a "EXTRA" slot for 8 total compartments. It is easy to clean with aremovable. Storage for medicine, vitamins, and supplements. There are 15 beautiful options. The travel ready size is 4.5 x 3.5 x 1 in. Discreet and compact. A perfect accessory for a purse. Water proof neoprene keeps your contents safe. For both women and men, the gift idea is a thoughtful present.

Brand: Made Easy Kit

👤I need what I need when I travel. I am very happy with it.

👤The design is in my favorite color so I had to buy it.

👤There were original reviews about the days of the week being turned around, but this company appears to have fixed the problem. I know when I have taken my medicine.

👤I bought another for my sister because I loved it so much. It is beautiful.

10. Characters Medicine Supplement Accessories Subdivision

Characters Medicine Supplement Accessories Subdivision

About 3.85 (W) 3.03 (H) 0.78 (D) inch. The material is Polypropylene.

Brand: Friend

👤The product was true to the description. I paid $7 for this on Amazon and then found it for $1.50 at Daiso.

👤Did I know there was a hello kitty pill case? Did I immediately decide that I needed to have it? Absolutely! Did I ever think a pill case would bring me joy? I'm really enjoying it!

👤I was tricked into buying Sanrio happy pills every morning.

👤The design makes me happy when it's time to take my medication.

👤My daughter wanted it for her daily pills. It is difficult to fill it because it is small. It would be a good size for travel.

👤I like seeing this because it reminds me to take my medication. It was a good way to start my day. I've had it for a few months with no complaints.

👤The pink pill case fits in the side pocket of my bag for work.

👤It is very cute. It holds up so far. It's what you expect from a plastic pill case. I put my whole weeks of night time medication doses in this and leave it on my nightstand to take each night. I might get a second one for my morning dose.

11. Weekly Pill Organizer Compartment Supplements

Weekly Pill Organizer Compartment Supplements

The weekly pill organizers are more compact and easier to use. Each compartment has its own cover and is labeled on the day of the week. The clear and large print labels help you keep track of your medication. The label will last for a long time. It's easy to use for those with arthritis. It can be difficult to open multiple bottles of medicine at different times of the day. The weekly pill organizer offers a better solution. Each compartment has a reinforced hinge to prevent it from popping open. Those with weak muscles can easily open it, but the lid will stay closed once it's closed. Each slot has a lock that is TIGHT and SECURE and will not pop open by itself, making it easy to open. The quality and efficacy of your medicine will not be affected. Light-sensitive medicine has a translucent color. You can sort your weekly dose of pills, tablets, capsule, fish oils, and more just once a week. Is that the same as an onion? It's ideal for travel. The portable pill case is 3 inches wide and less than an inch tall. It's perfect for your pocket, purse, pouch, bag, or briefcase. The container is made from food grade plastic and it won't open or break easily in case of accidental drops. You should bring your medicine, vitamins, and supplements with you wherever you go. Each compartment can hold up to 10 large size tablets, capsules, fish oils, and vitamins, and the amount each compartment can accommodate depends on the size of your pills. You can keep large fish oils, 5 capsule, or 11 tablets in your home. You can use one case for the current week while preparing your next one with 2 containers.

Brand: Medca

👤I needed to replace my Vera Bradley pill case and decided to try this one. It is wonderful! The best of all the compartments are open, so there is no chance of accidental spills. Happy with the purchase.

👤I love being able to have my medication in one place. The easiest way to organize is by pills. These fit in my purse.

👤The letters began to smudge when I wiped off the container. That shouldn't happen. If you have a good memory and don't need to know if you took your medication, it would work. The compartments are small, so they won't hold a lot of pills. If you take a lot of pills, it's not a good option.

👤A little bitty pill holder. Not for large pills. It fits in your hand. Well-made.

👤The days of the week wear off in about a week. The case is black. Bad design, you get what you get.

👤It's not ideal for anyone with fat fingers because it can be hard to open multiple days at a time.

👤The pills can spill out if the lids are not secure.


What is the best product for medicine supplement travel case?

Medicine supplement travel case products from Acedada. In this article about medicine supplement travel case you can see why people choose the product. Nipichsha and Qeedy are also good brands to look for when you are finding medicine supplement travel case.

What are the best brands for medicine supplement travel case?

Acedada, Nipichsha and Qeedy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for medicine supplement travel case. Find the detail in this article. Ezy Dose, Gelibo and Medca are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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