Best Occulite Supplements for Eye Floaters

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1. Quantum Health Softgels Supplement Macular

Quantum Health Softgels Supplement Macular

Powerful eye health remedies to support vision health as you age, helps to filter blue light, see in low light, and recover from glare. It is recommended that you take a 5:1 ratio of zeaxanthin and leuin to promote eye and vision health. Premium eye care can be done with more vitamins and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Eye health form by doctor The world's most renowned eye nutrition experts is a research scientist. There are no artificial colors, flavors, wheat, dairy, or corn in this picture. There is a substance with the word "gelatin." The easy to swallow softgels are specially created for adults. Take 2 softgels daily with food.

Brand: Quantum

👤I have floaters in my eyes, but these do not permanently fix them. I consulted an eye doctor and she said that taking these was a good preventative measure, especially if I'm looking at a screen all day. I only take them a few times a week, but I can see clearer on the days that I do.

👤There are legitimate concerns about the effectiveness of the vitamins because they don't show an expiration date on the bottle or retail box. The manufacturer of vitamins has chosen not to tell the consumers about the shelf life of their vitamins, even though they areReputable manufacturers of vitamins. Since I have yet to try this particular brand of vitamins, I can't comment on anything else.

👤I didn't think the product would work fast, but it did, and it's amazing. I was frightened. I will keep buying this because of my eyes. Prostitution. So. It is much harder to try this if you have blurry vision.

👤I only take 1 a day, when I remember, but I use these along with the glasses to keep my eyes alert.

👤I am in my 70s and am starting to have vision problems. I am taking vitamins. My doctor said I should have started taking them 10 years ago.

👤It will be a while before my next eye exam, but I can say that this supplement helps my vision. I thought I'd take the extra precautions with this supplement because I didn't have any eye problems at my last exam. Unless my doctor tells me it's not necessary, I will continue taking this. I think it will be as I age. It's worth a try if you think you need more protection.

👤I noticed that my night vision was improved immediately after taking these. I would definitely recommend it.

👤We need them, so we ordered them. And age. I'm sure they are wonderful, but the capsule arrived stuck together, maybe due to storage and heat. We couldn't pried them apart without damaging the product. They are easy to swallow and have a neutral taste. A replacement is on the way after contacting customer service. Once we start taking them, a further review will come. I am thankful for the response from Amazon.

2. PreserVision Vitamin Mineral Supplement Tablets

PreserVision Vitamin Mineral Supplement Tablets

The vision ares vaimins. In the 2001 Age Related Eye Disease study, this eye supplement was found to reduce the risk of progression in those with moderate-to-advanced Age Related Macular Degeneration by 25%. PreserVision is the #1 doctor recommended eye vitamins to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced Age-related Macular Degeneration. Ocuvite eye vitamins for general eye health and PreserVision for age-related eye health concerns are included in the eye vitamins for healthy eyes line. The eye care experts are Babasch and LOMB. John Jacob Bausch opened an optical goods store in Rochester, New York. Since then, the company has focused on innovation and quality in eye care products. The Bozch and LOMB eye enhancements are mentioned. Eye health is more than good vision, and they're focused on all aspects of healthy eyes. If you've used other supplements based on the AREDS or AREDS2 study, try their eye health vitamins and supplements.

Brand: Preservision

👤My parents told me to take this vitamins. I have been using PreserVision for a long time. My sight has remained the same since I took it. It improved in one exam. After a certain age, the eyes can become tired and one can experience symptoms similar to those of the retina detaching; however, taking these vitamins mitigates the symptoms, amazingly so. I would highly recommend it for those with eye care concerns. I've tried many supplements on the market, but they don't work as well as the great ones. Update: must make an additional comment. About 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. I didn't do anything about it because the doctor said that they would come up with a cure by the time your mac gets aggressive. I only had a small amount, but it was something to watch out for. My Dad is blind in one eye. Since that exam, I have taken these consistently. I went to an eye doctor last summer and he said there was no Macular degeneration. The proof is in the pudding. It's a good idea to recommend as a daily supplement.

👤My doctor told me not to take it because it could cause lung cancer in former smokers. I bought preservision because I didn't want to go blind from macular degeneration or get lung cancer from using it, and my daughter started to read the ingredients in it. I think it would be great for you to advertise the presence of the carotene in this product.

👤I've been taking this for a long time. I like the product and feel it has helped. I thought I was getting a good deal on the product, but was surprised to find that I had to take 4 days instead of 2.

👤It was filled with artificial colors. BS colorants are not allowed into this body. Isn't there enough cancer?

👤Although it is advertised as eye vitamins, they don't contain the ingredient that is recommended for the prevention of Mace degeneration. The refund was given quickly.

👤The dose is one in the a.m. and one in the p.m., according to the directions on the Amazon site. That is not correct for this product. PreserVision AREDS have always been deep red, and I have been taking them for over four years. The product is large and the directions say to take two tablets twice daily. I don't like taking pills, and the thought of having to take two of them twice a day is disturbing to me. Softgels are much easier to take than the orange tablets.

👤I don't like taking vitamins in one day. They are hard to digest.

👤I didn't read the fine print. I thought I was getting a good deal. The pills are too big and I have to take 4 per day. I only take 2 gels per day for the same price and I like the soft gels better. I'm certain I can return them. I don't want to pay for the box. My fault. I'm still disappointed.

3. Natures Bounty Supplements Vitamins Softgels

Natures Bounty Supplements Vitamins Softgels

It is important that the eyes have Lutein support. Your body may not have as much Lutein as it used to. May help vision in low contrast situations. It is a good choice for computer users. The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. New packaging updates may affect the packaging of the product. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Nature's Bounty

👤I like this stuff. I work as a software engineer and spend a lot of time starring at computer screens, and so my eyes get bloodshot by mid-day. The supplement has cleared that up. My eyes feel better overall, and no longer sting me as I used to from looking at screens all day. I had my IOP tested and the pills brought it down to the middle of the normal range. This is a must-have supplement for me.

👤I've been using this product for a long time and I'm very happy with it. When looking for a great deal, make sure you get it from a trusted company. Sometimes I buy vitamins that come with a great price but have expired dates. The pills I received are valid until December 20. I like that.

👤I take this pill for eye health after being bothered by floaters. I feel like I am doing something for the condition, but I am not sure how much it helps. The pill is easy to swallow. I signed up for automatic delivery because I had trouble finding it in the stores.

👤I spoke with my eye doctor before I started using this product. He told me to give it a try and I noticed on one pill a day. I had floaters in my eye but they have all gone away and my doctor can attest to that. I hope this helps. I believe the higher doe works better and you only take one a day.

👤I do business with Natures Bounty all the time and when my eye doctor recommended this product, I was delighted that Natures Bounty carried it. Fast shipping and a great price.

👤I bought 14 bottles. I didn't see a change for over a month. The bottle caps are poorly designed. I bought 14 bottles. I didn't see a change for over a month. The bottle caps are poorly designed. It was disappointing to shop.

👤It is difficult to find a lutein Additive. This is cheaper than ordering it from a local auto shop. I don't have to remember when it's low. Happy customer.

👤I do a lot of reading. I have noticed that my eyes are not as strained. It's expensive for a months supply, that's my only issue.

👤Paying too much cost results in no improvement or results.

4. NOW Foods Lutein Zeaxanthin Softgels

NOW Foods Lutein Zeaxanthin Softgels

Blue light protection. Take 1 softgel daily. The NPA A-ratedGMP certification means that every aspect of the NOW manufacturing process has been examined, including their laboratory/testing methods. A family owned and operated company has been in the USA since 1968.

Brand: Now

👤The product contains great ingredients, but I couldn't read the directions on the label to know the quantity and Frequency. The "non-removable" label prevents the consumer from seeing needed information without researching online or going to the Amazon order site. Attached is a photo. I think the label is unnecessary. The original bottle label has all the necessary information. If the barcode is necessary, there is room on the bottle to place it between the existing labels.

👤These are very good buys. I have a disease. I lost my sight in my right eye a year ago. Both eyes had pain and light sensitivity. It was initially diagnosed as a form of eye disease. Many tests. I had a patch on my eye. There was no help from the eye doctor. Someone recommends these. I wore trifocal glasses. My eyes are no longer sensitive to light after a month of taking these. I don't wear trifocals anymore. Only reading with glasses. No more pain! It is recommended.

👤I think that this is helping to keep the eye disease at bay. I take other supplements and watch the diet. The eye doctor was seeing cataracts after 5 months on steroids. My best eye exam was two years later.

👤This is for light sensitivity. It took four to five days for it to start making a difference, but once it kicked in, it reduced my sensitivity throughout the day. I can tell if I miss 3-4 days in a row. I was advised to take an AREDS supplement after I was diagnosed with a disease. I stopped taking the supplement because I didn't think it was enough to abate the light sensitivity. I take the AREDS supplement to retard the progression of the MD and also the leuin/zeaxanthin supplement to help reduce my light sensitivity. The small capsule is easy to swallow by most people.

👤I am very happy I found these supplements. I work as a graphic design student, as well as doing an internship, so I spend a lot of time on a computer screen. I don't feel my eyes straining or hurting after taking these pills and I haven't had headaches from staring at a screen.

👤It's hard to find this combination of ingredients. There are good quantities of the 2 main ingredients. We use a number of products from the NOW company, and so far it appears to be trustworthy. Will buy again.

👤I ran out about 10 days ago. I can't see my computer screen because of my dry eyes. This helps with close up vision as well. Can't wait to receive my order. I stare at the computer for 8 hours a day. This is helping with the brightness of the screen and the fluorescent lights around me. I don't have any eye pain. I wasn't expecting it to relieve my dry eyes, but I think it is. It makes sense if it is taking the strain off of my eyes from staring at a screen all day.

5. EyeScience Macular Health Formula AREDS2

EyeScience Macular Health Formula AREDS2

The formula Beyond AREDS 2 is designed to improve eye health and slow down progression of common eye conditions that lead to vision loss. A rich in vitamins and minerals such as zinc, copper, and alpha-Lipoic Acid. The AREDS 2 formula is included in the eye vitamins formula. Daily eye health vitamins are made from natural ingredients and are free of sugars, starches and flavors. 60 capsules are in a bottle and are manufactured in the USA.

Brand: Eyescience

👤I have the computer chip in my eyes. Everything in the center of my left eye was black. I have a 32" monitor and I couldn't read the text on my computer. The whole grid was distorted when I looked at my left eye. My right eye was also seeing a distorted grid, but it was not as bad as my left eye. I didn't think anything out of this eye health formula. I have been taking this for 2 weeks and I can read everything with my left eye. I can read it, but it's still foggy. When taking any other supplements, watch your zinc level. This stuff has a lot of zinc. I tried to use a sledgehammer. It didn't do anything. Lomb and Bosh. I think they use synthetic vitamins. This worked well for me. I thought I was going to lose my sight, but this has been wonderful.

👤My husband's eye doctor recommended this as a nutrition for his disease. We've used this for over a year and he's not showing any signs of the disease. We order this often. Excellent.

👤I had been taking Ared-2 vitamins and not seeing any results. I had to get injections to keep the eye healthy. After taking these vitamins for a month, I returned to the doctor and he was amazed that the leaking from the prior month had stopped. I will never stop taking them.

👤I have been taking another brand of eye nutrition for several years, but getting more expensive, and order wait time is not good, because I have a condition that affects my right eye. Eye Science was the top recommendation of a comparison review by an otolaryngologist that didn't have his own product to sell. Haven't taken it long, but had my monthly checkup yesterday and it was much better than a month ago! I am getting injections, but I think the 2 are helping. Can also get there in a pinch, but it's cheaper on Amazon.

👤I started using these supplements because my eyesight was getting worse quickly. It shouldn't cost a lot when you're trying to keep your health. Being sick is more expensive.

👤Really like this product. The eye vits that the optometrist prescribes to his patients are the ones he says are the ones he uses. The vits work for me. My eyes are on hold. They're easy to swallow and don't have any flavor. The value is great for me.

👤My specialist said these were the best to take, even though I was diagnosed with a genetic condition. I have been taking them for over five years and my check ups show no signs of further decline. My mother lost her sight in the 90's, and my uncle lost his sight in the 80's. I'm almost 76. I hope the progress continues. My sister is younger than me, and she is in a bad way.

👤I went to my eye doctor because of my vision loss. I was given a couple of weeks to see if my condition improved. I could not see in my left eye. I decided to buy the Macular Health Formula because I didn't want injections or surgery. I took 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. I am almost done with the first jar and my vision has improved. I can see it now. I don't have to have drastic procedures. I will recommend this product to anyone that is in the same situation and for those just wanting to fortify their vision. The price 888-739-5110 12/12/2018

6. Carlyle Zeaxanthin Softgels Non GMO Supplement

Carlyle Zeaxanthin Softgels Non GMO Supplement

It is non-GMO, soy free, and non-allergic. The bulk size of 300 capsule supports eye health. Many fruits and vegetables contain a known carotenoid called leutin. The eye has a role in giving the macula its color. Quick-release softgel is a top rated softgel.

Brand: Carlyle

👤The value for money is amazing. It will last for 6 months and is only$15. Can't beat that. The amount of Lutein is the same between bottles. I uploaded my bottle pictures on the wrong page. I think so. It's very easy to swallow and no after taste. Reduce redness and dry eyes by hydrating my eyes. I work as a nail tech, and I can imagine how tiring it is to focus and do small details for 10 hours. This stuff makes me feel better in the morning. Say goodbye to tired eyes. The effect is long lasting. I usually take these supplements in the morning and they last about half my shift. But Lutein lasts me all day. I take it once a day and my eyes are feeling great. I can do more things in front of my computer after work, instead of feeling like I need to take a break. An obvious buy for your eye care routine! I just got my eye exam done and it shows that I need a new pair of glasses. I can see the real result on my eye test when I take these daily. My eye doctor was surprised as well. I grabbed another bottle for my dad. His result was very good. I'm happy I bought this. He's been taking these pills every day for the last two weeks. I searched for Lutein and zeaxanthin to find out if they could lower the risk of cataracts. My dad's eyes surgery would be in March of 2021. He doesn't need surgery for his cataracts anymore because he has been taking these religiously. I'm over the moon. I hope it will show amazing results for you and your loved ones.

👤Good price for a small size and easy to swallow. I returned it because it was Titanium Dioxide for color. This is usually for white, but these are red. Health reviews online say this is a cancer. I don't want that in my body.

👤I have really improved my eyesight since I started taking Lutein. After working on a computer for 8 hours a day and 5 days a week, there is no more sore tired eyes. Highly recommended!

👤I bought this because I have a family history of Alzheimer's. It's like 2 birds with one stone because of the high levels of zeaxanthin and lutein found in the brains of people with Alz and Agema. Since I don't eat as much green leafy vegetables as I would like, I thought I'd take some supplements. It hasn't made a difference in my vision, but I'm taking it for preventative measures and not expecting any drastic changes. There are no side effects to taking it. The pills are easy to swallow.

👤The car headlights don't hurt my eyes like they used to, it's a great value, and it seems to help me with night time driving.

👤Treatment needed to begin for blue light exposure. The cost was much lower than Ocuvite. I received almost a year's worth of medication after I paid the price for Ocuvite.

7. PreserVision AREDS Vitamin Mineral Supplement

PreserVision AREDS Vitamin Mineral Supplement

The vision is 2 eyes. The formula uses a number of vitamins and minerals to match the formula recommended by the experts at the National Eye Institute. Ares 2 is a sequel to Ares 1. PreserVision is the #1 doctor recommended eye vitamins based on 20 years of clinical studies to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced Age-related Macular Degeneration. Ocuvite eye vitamins for general eye health and PreserVision for age-related eye health concerns are included in the eye vitamins for healthy eyes line. The eye care experts are Babasch and LOMB. John Jacob Bausch opened an optical goods store in Rochester, New York. Since then, the company has focused on innovation and quality in eye care products. The Bozch and LOMB eye enhancements are mentioned. Eye health is more than good vision, and they're focused on all aspects of healthy eyes. If you've used other supplements based on the AREDS or AREDS2 study, try their eye health vitamins and supplements. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Preservision

👤I got these for my brother after reading glowing reviews. He started to complain about pain in his body. We had no idea what it was. We went to the hospital after being interviewed and realized that the vitamins were the only thing different. My brother had a rare reaction to these. Some people had trouble with this medication, so I am not saying that it doesn't work. I am telling you to consult a doctor before using it.

👤I bought this at the request of my doctor. The problem with the product is in the packaging. There should be 120 capsule in the bottle. I decided to count the capsule with this bottle because I ended up with a single capsule left after buying the last two bottles. There was only 118. I wouldn't mind if this were an isolated incident, but this is the third bottle in a row that didn't have a correct amount included. I will cancel any future orders from this company and make my purchases with another brand.

👤I wish everyone would use this to prevent maculer degeneration, an awful disease of the eyes. After using this product for over two years, my unaffected eye has gotten stronger and I no longer need glasses. Do yourself a favor, take care of your gift, and use the AREDS 2, because you don't want to risk your vision.

👤My eyes were damaged by computer use. After 3 weeks, there is a noticeable improvement.

👤I started taking this because I was told that I have the beginnings of a disease. I have been taking this product for about a year and have not had any side effects. I can't tell if it's having a beneficial effect yet but it's better than not doing anything. Some reviewers say that this is very expensive and that you can buy the ingredients separately at a cheaper price. Really? A bottle of 120 soft gels costs $22.00) and lasts me two months. 36 cents per day is what it is. If you were to buy Vitamins C and E, Zinc and Lutein separately, you would be paying a lot more. You would have to take more pills. Everything you need is here. My opinion.

👤I don't know if this supplement works, but when your vision is failing, you try anything you can think of. I am in the early stages of a disease. If you live that long, it will progress into complete loss of central vision, because there are currently no medical solutions. The good news is that our peripheral vision will not change, so we will be able to navigate safely into our 80's. We won't be able to read, do puzzles, or watch tv from a couple of feet. I've researched everything I can to find a cure or at least a way to slow the progression of this disease, like anyone else facing such a situation. An AREDS 2 Supplement is the only scientifically promising way to slow the progression. There is an indication that Calcium Citrate might help, but the evidence is not very strong. I take Preservision in order to stem the tide. It appears that the best preparation for the event is by the company known for it's quality. I follow the path recommended by my doctor and eye doctor. There isn't much more to say. I don't know if PreserVision made a difference, but I believe that if something currently available can make a difference, this is it.

8. Puritans Pride Lutein Zeaxanthin Softgels

Puritans Pride Lutein Zeaxanthin Softgels

Naturally found in healthy eyes. It supports the health of your eyes. It's important for healthy vision. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Puritans Pride

👤I was getting monthly shots for a condition. I no longer get shots and see my eye doctor after taking the lutein and occu-plus. My vision is better because I wear my 4 year old glasses. I will take it for the rest of my life.

👤The rain is gone.

👤I love this product. I am no longer concerned about driving in the dark because of this product. You will see a huge improvement in your night vision over the course of one day and three weeks.

👤I've had horrible eye problems for a long time. It has been very difficult. I have had to leave work early several times because I couldn't keep my eyes open while I was on the computer because they hurt so badly. My eyes are red and glassy at the end of the day and I am light sensitive. I couldn't stand to look at screens after work because it meant I wouldn't be able to enjoy my home computer time, TV, iPad and smartphone. I spent most of my time with hot packs on my eyes, which didn't help but felt good, and wasted most of my time. I tried sleeping with it. Nothing. Restatis didn't even help, eye drops do nothing. The prescription drop called Xiidra helps a bit, but not 100%. I went to my GP, an eye doctor and an orthodontist to try to figure out the problem, but nobody did. Nobody said it could be caused by blue light. They just found out that it was dry eye. I noticed that my eyes hurt more when I looked at my phone screen than they did when I looked at a computer screen. I looked online to see what differences there are between a cell phone screen and a computer monitor. I had never heard of cell phone screens emitting blue light. I bought a $50 anti-blue light filter for my computer. As soon as I put it on, I knew it was going to help. Don't waste your money, I bought a pair of computer glasses with a blue light blocker coating. I saw a commercial forutein blue on tv several weeks later, which is a different brand than Puritan's Pride, and I was able to look at TV after using the filter at work. I found out that the supplement helps block blue light in the eye. I thought it might be a placebo effect, because I read that it can improve your vision. But, it turns out it is true. I took this supplement for 2 weeks and it has changed my life. Even after a full day of looking at the computer at work, I can work on my computer at home, watch TV, and even mess around on my cell phone without feeling pain. My eyes hurt a little bit but not as much as I would have liked and it is manageable. I can actually see better. Everything is sharper. I notice that the colors are a lot brighter. This life changing supplement is a bargain at $13.67 for a 4 month supply. If I had to, I would pay this much per day. It has changed my life. Highly recommended.

9. Bulletproof Armor Block Burnout Capsules

Bulletproof Armor Block Burnout Capsules

There is a 60-count bottle of Bulletproof Eye Armor. The vision and eye health supplement is made with natural Carotenoids and Antioxidant to protect against eye strain and eye fatigue. Blue light from screens can affect sleep. Eye Armor has a clinically studied dose of ingredients that support vision and eye health. At Bulletproof, they only use ingredients that are backed by science. Take one softgel daily for vision support.

Brand: Bulletproof

👤It's hard to tell if vitamins and supplements actually work. I should be reassured that they are boosting my mitochondria, but I can't really tell if it's a good thing or not. I look into a microscope all day long, but when I am not, I look at a computer screen. I decided to try this out because my eyes feel it. When I take this, my eyes feel better. They don't get as tired in the sense of being blurred by the end of the day. They have been producing more tear like fluid, which is huge for me since I don't usually use eye drops in the winter.

👤I had trouble seeing. I took this for a month or so and it looks like small print is back to normal. I didn't think something could work so quickly.

👤Over the past few months, I've been working long hours and on my drive home at night, I would see halos around the street lights. My eyes felt weak as it became a distraction. Most street lights these days are made of light-colored materials, which aren't great for the eyes, especially if you're working behind a computer for most of the day. I picked up a bottle of these and took them for a few days and I have seen a big improvement. I don't see halos around street lights at night. I did not expect these supplements to improve my eyesight. They fixed what I was having problems with. I'm on my second bottle. It's great that each bottle is good for two months, instead of the usual one month per bottle thing. I've stopped wearing sunglasses, but I'm not sure if this is related. I used to need them to be outside in the sun, but lately I've been fine without them. I take one of these gel caps at night and they are very easy to swallow, even with a few other supplements. These are top quality. They helped me drive at night. Thank you!

👤The product worked for me. If you suffer from dry eyes, you should be using lutein. My eyes were dry. I had light sensitivity, ptosis, constant feeling of something in my eye, and using refresh eye drops like it was going out of style. My eye doctor tried to relieve my pain by giving me prescription eye drops, but they didn't help. I was excited to try the armor after reading reviews. I started to notice a big difference after a few weeks. I no longer have the ptosis, the light sensitivity has improved, and I only use eye drops in the morning when my dry eyes are only noticeable. I will be buying this product again.

👤I saw blue lights one night when I turned off the lights in my house to get ready for bed. It scared me. I had trouble with my eyes before, but never like that. I had to do some research to find out what was happening. I started looking for natural supplements to help me. I have been taking Bulletproof Eye Armor for almost two years after I found it. I have been able to see the blue lights. I will not stop taking it because it works. I am very thankful that I found it and that Bulletproof cares enough to make it.

10. EyePromise Restore Supplement Zeaxanthin Nutrition

EyePromise Restore Supplement Zeaxanthin Nutrition

EyePromise Restore offers a full suite of essential vitamins to build your eyes' natural protection, or internal sunglasses to address the concern of developing age-related eye health issues. EyePromise Restore can be used to be proactive with eye health. The National Sanitation Foundation is an independent agency that checks the contents of supplements to make sure they match the label data. They go the extra mile to make sure you are making the right choice for your health. A combination of zeaxanthin and lutein have been shown to be beneficial for age-related eye health issues. Restore gives this level of protection. Their patented formula for Restore was developed with 8 and 4 zeaxanthin and lutein per softgel, because healthy eyes accumulate zeaxanthin and lutein at a 2:1 ratio. EyePromise is manufactured in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients, and their Omega-3 fish oil is P65 andUSP requirements. EyePromise products are certified so you can be sure they are supporting your eye health. Set up a monthly subscription with Amazon's S&S program and be strategic with your purchase. You can see the results from EyePromise in 60 days.

Brand: Eyepromise

👤I had an eye test in February of last year and had a result that was in the "red" zone. I took Eye Promise Restore Supplement for six months and it made a difference. My eye doctor was happy with the result and encouraged me to continue taking Restore. I want to be in the "green" zone. This is the first supplement that has improved a condition for me, and I'm absolutely sold on it. I recommend it to anyone who may be a candidate for the disease.

👤Excellent product! I bought EyePromise Restore after having problems following surgery. There were clouds in my eyes before surgery. I took 1 day and saw a small improvement in focusing. I looked at reviews on Amazon and found that the product is recommended twice a day. I started using it twice a day and noticed a difference. The distortions disappeared. I was happy! The recommended daily dose of supplement is twice a day so I will continue taking it for a year to see if my vision continues to improve. I used another product for over a year before discovering Restore. Thank you.

👤This product was suggested by my eye doctor to help with dry eyes and to promote eye health related to screen time, since I'm on a computer all day. I was skeptical but was having so much tearing that I could barely conduct my work and I was mopping my eyes all the time. She said that tearing is overproduction because of the dry weather. I was skeptical that a supplement like this could work. It did, and very quickly. I have been taking this twice a day for 18 months and have no problems. I recently added a second supplement for macular health related to the effects of screen time. I recommend these products, but you have to check with your doctor. My elderly dad is on blood thinners and his physician said something in the compound is counter-indicated in some cases. Older people are more likely to experience eye problems, so it's always good to talk to your doctor.

👤Eye Promise Restore was prescribed to my wife and me by my eye doctor. I have been taking it for 3 years and recently started buying it through Amazon. Do we know that our eye health is better? We believe in eating a wide variety of 100 year foods, which we call 100 year foods, at ages 66 and 67. We put on a full array of vitamins and supplements at the dinner table 100 years ago to give our bodies the chance to heal before a breakdown of body or mind occurs. Is the key to ultimate health still there? Our blood tests and other health measurement tests show that we are doing well, and Eye Promise is part of our protocols.

👤My opthamologist says my numbers are very good and that my macula tissue stays healthy. This supplement is a staple in my home for a person with a lot of eye diseases.

11. Pure Synergy Protector Zeaxanthin Astaxanthin

Pure Synergy Protector Zeaxanthin Astaxanthin

Eye Protector is the most comprehensive vision supplement to nourish and support eye health. Provides the researched quantities and forms of phytonutrients. Powerful plant-based extracts include free zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, black currant extract, and more. There is bonus protection for healthy skin. Zero tolerance for chemical solvent and Additives is achieved through Super Pure Extract Processing. Non-GMO, vegan, and dairy-free.

Brand: Pure Synergy

👤I couldn't give a review because I was waiting to see a difference in my eyes after I started taking these supplements, but after renewing my license, I found out that I no longer needed the glasses. I passed the eye exam. I took eye supplements for 7 months and they made my eyes better.

👤This product is amazing. I have been wearing glasses for the last 6 months and decided to give it a try as a last-ditch effort. I can now read TIME magazine, which I couldn't before. It's unbelievable and would definitely recommend for anyone with failing eyesight.

👤Your eyes need specific sustenance to stay healthy and prevent or stop eye disease. Just read online about the ingredients and what they do for your eyes, and Synergy's Eye Protector will deliver a virtual feast. Their products are great.

👤The vitamins must have some kind of naturally occurring steroidal ingredient, as just taking one pill to test that it was OK for me caused my CSR to flair up as bad as I have ever experienced. Definitely not ok. Even though there is a no refunds policy for this item, Amazon was kind enough to return my money. My CSR can take a while to settle down and for my vision to be restored to normal, but every time it happens the damage could end up being permanent. I'm waiting for my vision to return to normal as I type, I hope this isn't that time.

👤I will be upfront here. These things smell. They taste bad. But they work. I have a spot in my left eye that makes me legally blind and I have two eyes. This is on top of long standing problems with vision. I have been taking supplements recommended by my eye doctor. They did not do a good job. After a couple of weeks with these, I was able to read without glasses. I could read signs at a certain distance. My glasses are correct. My eyes were not as sore and painful. I stopped taking this supplement for a week to finish another supplement I had on hand, and my eyes started to get tired. I went back to this one and I can see the improvement again. I am not trying anything else again. They are not easy to take. If you want to improve your vision, just deal with it. The improvement is worth it.

👤I have been using a lot of eye vitamins and this is a good product. I'm sticking with it. I wish it had a major supplement like Omega 3's, which is the key ingredient. I also take a product called 'Dry Eye Relief', which has Omega 3, 6 and 1,000 vitamins per dose. It has been proven that fish oil calms the inflammation that is associated with dry eye and other eye disorders. Adding Omega 3 to our diet is a good way to get the benefits of Omega 3.

👤I used this for the floaters that have popped up, and it worked. My vision got really bright and crisp as well. I was not expecting that.


What is the best product for occulite supplements for eye floaters?

Occulite supplements for eye floaters products from Quantum. In this article about occulite supplements for eye floaters you can see why people choose the product. Preservision and Nature's Bounty are also good brands to look for when you are finding occulite supplements for eye floaters.

What are the best brands for occulite supplements for eye floaters?

Quantum, Preservision and Nature's Bounty are some of the best brands that chosen by people for occulite supplements for eye floaters. Find the detail in this article. Now, Eyescience and Carlyle are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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