Best Quiessence Horse Supplement 50

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1. Farnam Simplifly Feed Thru Control Prevents

Farnam Simplifly Feed Thru Control Prevents

A 40 day supply at 2 ounces. For one horse, serving per day. The fly populations were reduces. Houses and stables are prevented from being developed by flies in the manure of horses. The fly life cycle is broken by insect growth regulators. Add a pellet to horse's feed. There is no organophosphates. Feed through the season until cold weather restricts fly activity. There is a 60 day supply of 3.75 and 10 lbs. 20 lbs. is a 160 day supply. 50 lbs. (320-day supply) The supply is 800 days.

Brand: Farnam

👤My first season of trying this was in April. It's easy to use, the horses like it, and the fly population is down from years past. If you have horses, you will always have flies. Simplifly is an affordable product that helps control them. The company's claim of 97- 100% effectiveness is ridiculous, and I think it's around 50% for us. That's enough to make it worthwhile, especially in conjunction with other methods. Our two horses went through a ten pound tub in 2.5 months and cost us about 70 dollars per horse per month. The cost of this product is justified by the reduction in flies.

👤I started this last year at the beginning of April. I owned 4 horses on a small farm. The horse yard and barn were a hive of flies in the past. I used to spray my horses with insect spray in the barn. I tried "fly predator". Nothing worked. It was a long battle. I am very pleased with this product. I hung one fly strip this year, but it never got full. I used to use at least 20 years ago. There were still flies. I think there was a 90 percent decrease. It's important to start the product early. It's too late for those who didn't have as much success in June or July. It's only 1 scoop per horse, and it was eaten without any issues.

👤I kept the rest in my barn. Everything was frozen by the weather. The frozen feed was not working with the product. I bought it in the summer and it worked so quickly that I know to keep it in the house during the winter. There are no flies on my horse's face. They had to put a salve before they looked like landing strips. It works well.

👤This really works. I feed this, use hanging fly traps, hang fly tapes in the barn, and pick up manure daily during fly season. My place has fewer flies than anywhere else, according to my vet. I skipped the Simplifly last year because I thought all the other efforts were over. It was a big mistake. The key ingredient is it.

👤I ordered this product for 2021. I have used it for two years and flies are not a problem in the summer. I would recommend this product to a horse owner, because I use 1 gallon of fly spray on my animals for the entire summer. Saves money. It was effective!

👤We have noticed improvement from past hot and humid Georgia summers, but we are not sure if it is because of this or not. We don't build a "manure pile," but we use a manure spreader daily. It's possible that SimplyFly and fly predators can work together. The small pellets are easy to use and the horses seem to like them.

👤The owners of the boarding farm use it. I prefer this product because it is a hormone that stops the growth of insects in the manure and reduces the fly population. It is not absorbed by the horse but passes through into the droppings. I use it for both fly control and a manure management plan. I'd like the manure to stay on the fields to increase fertility and save labor and machinery costs. The breeding of flies and their spreading disease is one of the main problems with manure. We do an occasional chain harrowing to spread out and dry the manure.

2. RICHDEL 073569 At Ease Supplement

RICHDEL 073569 At Ease Supplement

There is a fast-acting paste formula as well as powder. Promotes calm and tranquility. All natural will not be tested. Increasing calming type hormone secretions and soothing irritated nerves can help with stress and anxiety.

Brand: Select The Best

👤I thought I'd see if this is as good as Via-Calm, since the ingredients are the same, but it's only been a week. It's hard to compare objectively, but we're not sure if the results will be the same.

👤This is the only calm that works for my horses.

3. Kentucky Performance Prod Maintenance Supplement

Kentucky Performance Prod Maintenance Supplement

A readily available source of natural vitamins E and K is what the Elevate Maintenance Powder gives your horse. It is easy and affordable to meet your horse's essential vitamins. Does not have any vitamins or minerals. Horse owners don't have to worry about causing imbalances with the amount of food fed to their horses.

Brand: Kentucky Performance Prod

👤This is the only supplement I have been able to find that is water-soluble. The synthetic vitamins are represented by the letters "D"- alpha-tocopherol and "Di"- alpha-tocopherol. I wet grain and sprinkle this on the product. I use this for a horse who is hard to keep weight on and nervous. The only reason for 4 and not 5 stars is because of the product. I've been feeding for 6 months. It is the same price on Amazon as it is on SmartPak, but with free prime shipping, it is a better deal. I removed the supplement from my horse's diet after 10 months. I wanted to see if the behavior changes were worth the purchase. I have not observed any changes in the condition ofbahvior after 3 months off of the supplement. I did not observe any changes in my horse. If a horse is fed a balanced diet and has freee choice for food, there is no need for supplements. The whole experience affirmed that for me. There is nothing against the integrity of the product. There is no magic remedy to cure a nervous hard keeper.

👤You can either buy a Synthetic or Natural version of the supplement, it only means it is a Synthetic. The Synthetic is more effective than the Natural in terms of effectiveness. You would need to feed 3 times more Synthetic for the same benefits. The only difference between the two is the size of the Scooper. The reviews show that aggression can be caused by the size of the dose. The company takes advantage of owners who need health remedies for their horses. I will be looking for a different source of NaturalVitamin E if you suggest another company or product.

👤1000 iu of natural vitamins per scoop is what Elevate Maintenance has. The container has 65000iu per pound. 5000 iu of natural vitamins is what Elevate Contentrate has. The container has 80000iu per pound. Maintenance is less expensive per unit than concentrate. I bought a tub of Elevate Maintenance after I found out that one of my horses had low vitamins. This brand was recommended by my vet. My horses like it when I sprinkle it on top of their grain. It is the natural form of vitamins. It has a lot of sugar. The ingredients are vitamins E and D. If there is a breeze in your barn or your horse snorts, you might see your expensive supplement drifting away.

👤I decided to try it on some older horses that were returning to work after an extended break after reading some scientific research that showed improvement in EPM horses that were placed on Elevate. If you ride a horse, you know that it needs some strength to do its job. It takes time to build these muscles. I was hoping the supplement would speed up the process. The three horses I am testing look better after only six weeks. One had weak hindquarters. She has a nice, round butt. She has a lot more strength in her topline, especially in her loin, haunches, and croup. Since she is stronger and more muscular, she can stay in collection for longer periods of time. My oldest horse developed a stronger hindquarter and topline. The third horse was in better shape to start and has shown a small improvement. It is important to note that I used classical dressage work with Elevate to strengthen my horses. I don't think you would see such a dramatic response if you fed your horses Elevate and then turned them out. The supplement should be combined with intelligent work to have the most effect. As we move into the winter months, I plan to keep using it, because I am sold on it.

4. Vita Flex Premium Quality Supplement

Vita Flex Premium Quality Supplement

Horse owners use a powder of vitamins E to provide protection. For all ages and classes of horses. 2,500 IU per 1/2 ounce. The yeast culture and alfalfa meal make a good blend of vitamins E and E. The horse supplement has a long shelf life. An average horse has a supply of over four months.

Brand: Vita Flex

👤My horse does not get grass. I was told to give him 5000 a day. It's working well so far.

👤My senior mayor is eating oats.

👤I have a quarter horse mare who was diagnosed with compression wobblers at the age of 10. This product made it easy for her to get her daily 5000mg dose of vitamins e and E. Her comfort has improved since she started on this. My mare isn't a picky eater so we can't vouch for the supplement's ability to help those who have concerns about it, but it does help if you have concerns about the supplement's ability to help.

👤This is easy to feed and the horses like it.

👤Horses love the taste.

👤My horse has a neurological disorder.

5. Uckele GUT Horse Supplement 2 Pound

Uckele GUT Horse Supplement 2 Pound

It supports a healthy GI tract and normal bowel function. Absorbs and protects the gut flora with pre- and probiotic support. A healthy acid or pH balance in the stomach is supported by aluminum-free. The supplement is very easy to digest for the sensitive horse. Use at the rate of 1-2 scoops a day.

Brand: Uckele

👤The taste of this product is what makes me give it three stars. None of my horses like it. They refused to eat it. Only one horse would tolerate it and that was after I masked the taste. I believe that this has fixed the horse's butt. He needs his hind end washed daily because of the liquid gas he passes. That has stopped since I was on GUT. I could give it to everyone if they could make it more palatable.

👤My older horse was on antibiotics for 4 months after he had a very aggressive infection. We were never able to get him back to normal after he developed terrible diarrhea. We tried everything. I started him on the Uckele GUT product about a month ago and it is amazing. His manure is formed again. It has been a great product for him.

👤I tried everything, but he still had his usual amount of diarrhea. I read an article about a vet who said to try a probiotic with Saccharomyces Boulardii. I found a particular strain of GUT. My pony won't eat powdered stuff. I added water to make the powder stick. He ate it. By day 2, the disease was gone.

👤I bought this for my horse because he has always had stomach issues. There was no diagnosis by a vet. He has always been poopy butt and chewing at his sides. We wouldn't eat it at first, but I started him on it. I was not deterred. He ate the sprinkle I put on his food. After about a week, I was able to get the full dose. I think it took him a while to get used to the scent of the powder but he is doing better now. His poop butt is almost normal after a couple weeks. There were slobber marks on his side. I like the consistency of the product and he is not as bloated as he would suck wind here and there. It is a heavy powder. You don't have to worry about it blowing around. I mix a scoop in his feed.

👤I give this to my picky eater because he doesn't like supplements. She is helping to prevent ulcers by eating this and being treated for them successfully. She had begun showing signs of being fat but it went away after she started on this. The product smells like Coco powder and is powdery. That doesn't bother my picky eater so I'm all good with it. Amazon had a better price on this than the other places.

👤The product was recommended to me because my horse was showing signs of irritation. His coat had become dull and he was growing hair on his face, neck and barrel. I could tell he was more comfortable after a month, and the hair growth stopped a few days after I clipped them. His coat grew back in the dark. He is finally feeling great now that he can be ridden. This product is very good. It has improved the health of my horse.

6. Disposable Individually Stainless Hospital Homeless

Disposable Individually Stainless Hospital Homeless

Each razor packaging is sealed in a clear bag to make sure that the shaver is brand new and unused. Patients, customers, and homeless recipients should feel at ease using your services. The cover is a blade and transparent. Twin steel blades are sharp and durable, anti-clog, and have a transparent cover for safe storage and carrying. The wider lubrication strip helps the razor glide to ensure a smooth shave when you are no longer getting an optimal shave. Good razor for beards and sideburns. It's also good for shaving hair on arms, legs, and other parts of the body. It is easy to use and clean. It's ideal for tattoo parlors, medical exams, hotel, and homestays. Economically priced to give to charity.

Brand: N / B

7. Manna Pro Opti Zyme Microbial Supplement

Manna Pro Opti Zyme Microbial Supplement

The field was tested by the University of Florida. For 15 years, the market was safe. The supplement is called the Opti-Zyme. Horse feed supplements. MANNA PRO-EQUINE is a manufacturer. The part number is 99490338. Promotes optimal digestion. There are naturally occurring yeast, enzymes and beneficialbacteria. Digestion of sugars and fiber.

Brand: Manna Pro

👤Only the equine product has no added sugar. I mix it with my rescue thoroughbred's feed. It should be kept in a closed container with no humidity. It is also rendered useless by heat. It is best camouflaged in feed/mash. My mini will turn it down. A staple in our stable!

👤My dog was watering his hind legs. He's putting some weight back on after he was put on this stuff.

👤It's not cheap to buy this product this way, but it's great to get it delivered. It helps the senior horses keep their weight down. They like the taste of it.

👤I usually keep equine probiotics on hand for specific situations, such as bringing a horse's digestion back after a course of antibiotics, or a change in feed, such as pasture with new types of grass. I am moving my horses to a grassy field. The old mare has loose bowels after each move. I think using this product helped her firm up her waste. I took her off for a few days and she was free after the next move. She is back on the product. The 4-YO gelding is doing well without the probiotics. I am happy that this product was available for the older horse. I will probably buy more to have on hand.

👤The product is great. I think it would benefit any horse, especially under weight and hard keepers, as it helps them use calories more efficiently.

👤I have tried many products and this is the only one that works for my horse. It is less expensive than all of the other products. I put him on this for a couple of days and it clears up after a while.

👤I shipped a horse from VA to OR and the PrePurchase Vet recommended adding this to the diet. During transport, I was on Omeprazol. She had no upset stomach after using the product. Highly recommended!

👤So far, so good! When the hay is rich and green, the draft horse has a tendency to loose stool. He's been on this for two months and his poops are no more.

8. Farriers Formula Pelleted Supplement Separately

Farriers Formula Pelleted Supplement Separately

Provides vitamins and minerals for building hoof capsule. Promotes growth and healthy hoof structure. For the last twelve years, one recommended product by farriers in the U.S. The hoof wall sole frog and heel grow fast.

Brand: Life Data Labs, Inc.

👤My Quarter horse hooves were in bad shape for about 18 months. The frog was barely distinguishable and his front feet were cracking. I tried Life Data Farriers Formula because my farrier recommended it. I used it for 6 months and it made his feet look better. The company says that you don't need to supplement it. Over-supplementation can cause health problems. He has an evening treat when I buy strength. The double strength is the same product, you just have to feed 1/2 the amount, but my guy likes his dessert more. The company is very knowledgeable. I would post before and after photos if I weren't so technologically challenged.

👤My mare's feet improved within a month of starting on this supplement. I don't want to overstimulate her condition because she was apparently born with side bone, so I'm only doing half-dosing her at the moment. Her feet are great and she has a bonus. Her excessive urination condition is gone. This is the only thing that has improved it and it worked within a month. Her trainer has 2 horses with that condition and she just started them on Farrier's Formula in hopes that it will work for her as well as it did for me!

👤My horse's feet look great, my farrier is impressed. Feet are strong and supple, unlike in FL where hoof issues are usually caused by the wet rainy summers. Manes and tails grow when coats are glossy. It's like having one product that does it all.

👤My mare had a hoof injury where she cut halfway through her sole and hoof wall, a hair's width from her coffin bone. After X-rays, vet, and farrier diagnostics, they estimated that she would have hoof growth for 6 to 8 months before she could have a normal hoof again. I started her on Farrier's Formula and she grew her hoof out in 3 months, had a shoe removed and was rideable again. It would have taken months to grow that hoof out without FF. I kept her on a reduced amount of FF for hoof and coat health. She went from a dull coat to a shiny one within a month on FF and will stay on it for the rest of her life.

👤My farrier recommended this for my gelding who has had some injuries. After several shoeings with pads and no improvement, my farrier suggested farriers formula as the only hoof formula that works. After 6 weeks, my horse's hooves are growing, they are no longer tender and the bruise is almost gone. If this continues, we will try to remove the pads at the next show.

👤My mules hooves were over long and had cracks in the cornet band. After a good trim and one bag of double strength, the cracks were more than halfway grown out. The healthy hooves need more bag strength to continue growing. Will continue until all cracks have grown out completely!

👤It works, even though it may be a bit pricey. My horse has fallen into bad shape due to environmental conditions, but another rider told me about it. My boy has been on it for almost two months and you can see the regrowth of his hoof. I would recommend this feed to anyone who asked me.

9. Emergen C Immune Dietary Supplement Orange

Emergen C Immune Dietary Supplement Orange

50 packets of Emergen-C Immune Plus in Super Orange flavor are included. An Enhanced Immune Support Formula has 1000 IU of Vitamins C, D and Zinc. It's better to have more than 10 oranges to support your immune system. The Super Orange flavor vitamins are made with natural fruit flavors and sweeteners. The Proprietary complex has Wellmune WGP alpha-glucans and arabinogalactans. The drink mix is very refreshing and free of caffeine. It's packed with the key vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Brand: Emergen-c

👤Have been taking Emergen-C for a long time. During the fall and winter months, have it on hand. Taking Emergen-C has helped keep the colds at bay. If I feel like I'm coming down with something, I should stay home, drink plenty of fluids and rest. It takes it every day to give me a boost of energy. The FDA and pharmaceutical companies will pooh, pooh it because they are all nice and don't care about people. Highly recommend this product.

👤Even though the results of randomized clinical trials do not support these facts, I have personally experienced it many times that Emergen-C works for me to repair tissues in the muscles, connective tissues, joints and it could reduce pain in this manner. I take Emergen-C to prevent viral infections. It is not 100% effective in prevention, but it reduces the chances of infections and also reduces the severity of them. When there is no vaccine, this is a good option. It's not known how it does this, but it's important for the production of collagen. The role of the immune system is not known to me. I know it helps. It is not harmful. I am a doctor.

👤For the last year or so, I have gotten into the habit of drinking one of these a day if someone in the household is sick, and I don't remember the last time I got sick. I have felt like I might, but then I don't and the closest I have gotten is having a day where I am too tired to sleep. I am right about the rain. Can I show that these packets have kept me well, or is it just a case of good sanitary habits? I'm not going to change anything, but I'm just going to stick with it since I've had no sick days since the Emergen-C began. I've purchased three items. I like them all, but the orange and citrus are my favorites. You can get these guys for $10 on Amazon, which is less expensive than the cost at a local store. I usually fill my water bottle with water and put it in a packet. Sometimes a little top off is needed before the flavor is too weak to be good. The extra hit of hydration is a good thing, and I feel like this is a help because of it. If I have an allergy, I may drop in an Alka Seltzer Cold Plus tablet or two. That's how I madness is done. It worked for me. This might not work for you, because everyone is different. I hope this review helped.

👤I want to state that I am not a bot and that I did not get paid or compensated to write this review. I'm just an average consumer looking for a product that does what it says. I've been taking emergen-c for about 3 months. It adds up to about 5 days. I decided to check Amazon for a better price after I bought this product at the store. Which is why Amazon had it for a better price. I started buying this product for my son because he couldn't get rid of his respiratory problem. The doctor was useless and I thought this could help. I accidentally started taking it because I have some diseases. I thought it might help me with my fatigue. I believe it prevented me from getting the flu. I started taking emergen-c for the reasons I stated two weeks before my daughter got the flu. I tried to get my daughter to do the same. She wouldn't stick with it like I did because she didn't like the taste. She got the flu two weeks later. I warned everyone in the house that they need to take the emergen-c, but only my son did so. My daughter and son got the flu because my husband ignored my advice. I bought this for my middle son, but he did not. I think this helped keep me and my son free of the flu. I feel better and have more energy. I think this product has quality ingredients. As long as it continues to produce good results, I will keep buying it. I will update the reviews to let people know how it is working. My daughter and I got a flu shot in October, so I want to mention that before I finish this review. I did not get the flu, but I did take an immune booster. Something to think about!

10. Horse Health Convenient Supplement Complete

Horse Health Convenient Supplement Complete

A convenient product for hoof and coat care. A combination of vitamins and MSM helps support normal joint function. Hoof conditioning with 16mg per 2oz of biotin. It has Omega fatty acids to support healthy skin and lustrous show ring coat. The cinnamon apple-flavored pellets are very pleasant to eat. All Life Stages is an age range description.

Brand: Horse Health

👤It works for my pony with arthritis. You would never know if she had it. I've been using it since January of last year, and I'm thinking of pulling the equiox to see how she responds. My pony was injured from a bad farrier and had a soft tissue injury for almost a year. A farrier who fixed her feet said her feet looked great and she had never had a thrush issue. Her hoof has grown amazing thanks to this supplement. I never thought my pony would be sound again after I started riding her.

👤I bought this as a supplement for my horse who is 20 years old. He was a champion. He has a dull coat. His coat and joints have been helped by this. We have been using it daily for a year. Wow, what a difference! He is moving with the herd. He looks better. I was happy to find this product. His feet are in good shape. Very happy would recommend.

👤I didn't notice a huge difference in my horse's coat or feet. I was going to use MSM and Glucosamine for her joints since it was more affordable, but my farrier said that this is the first time my horse has had a mature hoof. I will keep this stuff on my reorder list.

👤My horses hooves were saved by highly palatabile, easy to feed. Also keeps inflammation under control. I've been using this larger bucket for 2 years and I'm glad it's available. I transfer the bucket to a big jar for feeding because it falls apart.

👤My horse loves these supplements and will eat them if offered. Farrier asked what I was doing differently, and I told him I added these. They have been using them for almost 5 years.

👤Great stuff! A kick from another horse caused a stifle injury to my 12 year old mare. We have been able to manage it well with this supplement and good grain. She is back to normal. We are keeping this supplement to keep her moving.

👤My horses feet and hair look great, and this product helps with the aging of horses joints. The price has gone up a lot over the last couple of years. It used to be possible to get the 8 lbs. size for $65.00, now it's almost $95.00! It's too much for my budget when you have more than one horse. I need to look into other products at a better price point.

👤I used this on an older horse for over a year and didn't see any improvement in her arthritis.

11. Corta Flx Digestive Supplement Maintain Formation

Corta Flx Digestive Supplement Maintain Formation

TRIC HEALTH: GASTRIC. In all classes of horses, it helps maintain a healthy stomach lining. Proper stomach pH helps prevent ulcer formation. Acid reduction is aided by the presence of Calcium and Magnesium. All-natural. All-natural ingredients are used in this formula.

Brand: Corta-flx

👤Most people don't know that horses have a lot of ulcers. At the worst times, ulcers can cause symptoms like colic and reduced performance. A scoop of this daily helps prevent blisters. If you suspect that your horse has already had an injury, then you should give them medicine from your vet, but if you want to prevent it, you should give them UGard pellets.

👤My horses love it. I give a few to my horse as a treat. Look at the research on this product. It was done on horses at the racetrack. The product reduced the size of the ulcers. The package says that some horses need more then the 1 scoop. I give 2 or 3 scopes a day if I have 1 bad ulcers. It's just food for thought. The product is great.

👤My child was scoped and treated for wounds. We noticed very mild ulcer symptoms a few months later and decided to put her on this. We noticed a big difference. Money was well spent. She is back to her happy self. And showing no pain. I really like this product.

👤I have been ordering this product for 6 months. The container had pellets mixed with powder. She leaves the powder on the bottom of the feed bucket. I would expect better quality before packaging.

👤I have been using this product for my horse with a sensitive stomach for over a year now and it seems to help her. My niece recommended this product to her and she's happy with it. The product is more economical than omeprazole.

👤They sent me the powder, but I love the pellets. It was a waste of money and my horses won't eat it.

👤People should be careful when ordering. I thought I was ordering U-Guard because of the picture, but the description said corta flex. I wouldn't have ordered this if I'd paid attention.

👤Good price for protection. Have used it before.


What is the best product for quiessence horse supplement 50?

Quiessence horse supplement 50 products from Farnam. In this article about quiessence horse supplement 50 you can see why people choose the product. Select The Best and Kentucky Performance Prod are also good brands to look for when you are finding quiessence horse supplement 50.

What are the best brands for quiessence horse supplement 50?

Farnam, Select The Best and Kentucky Performance Prod are some of the best brands that chosen by people for quiessence horse supplement 50. Find the detail in this article. Vita Flex, Uckele and N / B are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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