Best Senior Horse Weight Gain Supplement

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1. Orgain Organic Nutrition Vanilla Packaging

Orgain Organic Nutrition Vanilla Packaging

Same great product, new look and label. The orgain organic nutrition sweet vanilla bean all-in-1 shakes are ready to drink. 16 grams of organic protein from organic grass fed milk and organic whey concentrate, 2 grams of diet fiber, 20 vitamins and minerals, 10 fruits and vegetables, and 250 calories per serving. No antibiotics, hormones, or artificial colors, flavors, orPreservatives are included in the USDA organic, vegetarian, kosher, non GMO, soy free, carrageenan free, and no artificial colors, flavors, orPreservatives. Non-Caffeinated. Good source of vitamins A, C, D, E, B12, calcium, riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, zinc, and copper. It's ideal for men and women. These are a great supplement to your diet and nutrition needs, perfect for busy lifestyles, meal replacement, a quick breakfast or snack, on the go meals, and pre or post workouts. This product is Grass-fed and vegan plant based.

Brand: Orgain

👤I lost interest in food after the dual cancer diagnosis. They tried everything. To get me to eat, as I needed the strength to endure breast cancer treatments. Food made me sick. Drugs like appetite-inducing drugs, anti-nausea drugs, and even doctor-recommended THC didn't work. I'm already a picky eater so it doesn't help. The cancer center and my husband were worried about me. I was not interested in Orgain at first, because I had never heard of it. I had already spent a lot of money trying out other shakes, and not one of them was nausea-free. It was discouraging. I'm glad I gave Orgain a try. I can say that it's saving my life. It is the only thing I can stomach. I was pleasantly surprised. It doesn't make you feel heavy or full, but you're satisfied. It's delicious. It's become my daily routine over the last 9 months. I'm hooked. I would just wither away, if the doctors weren't so relieved. Speaking of vitamins! I was attracted to Orgain because of the flavor, but when I learned about its high nutrition and clean ingredients, I wanted it even more. When you get a cancer diagnosis, you become very paranoid. It was that way for me. I get a whole carton of Orgain from Amazon. Yes. That's how much I depend on it. I use it as a substitute for milk in my coffee and make smoothie with it. There are two types of fruit: blueberries and raspberries. I'm finally eating, thanks to Orgain. My doctors thank you too.

👤I'm over weight. I wanted to replace a few meals a day. I have tried other meal replacements that were not organic. I like to eat and it has been hard. I don't like getting chocolate because we want real chocolate flavor. I like coffee because I am not big on vanilla. I finally found something I enjoy after trying coffee and bingo. I have to write a review. Adding coffee to it black can make it iced. I feel like I'm ordering coffee. This is good because I am picky. It is sweet. I mix mine with coffee. If you win, you will get full and more energy from the coffee.

👤There is a rare type of Muscular Dystrophy called Metabolic Myopathy. I would spend 3-4 hours every day in the afternoon unconscious due to lack of energy. I tried this as a meal replacement for lunch and it was amazing. I can wake up in the middle of the day. I can't tell you what that has done for me. I don't know why it works. My guess is that my body has a hard time absorbing vitamins and minerals. One drink a day keeps me awake. I've been trying everything I could find for over a year and to find something that works without side effects is amazing. I'm a customer for life. The picture is of me in a wheelchair walking with my husband. I would have slept through it.

2. OPTIMUM NUTRITION Serious Protein Chocolate

OPTIMUM NUTRITION Serious Protein Chocolate

Immune support is provided by the use of vitamins C, Zinc and D. The same trusted Quality may be different with a new look. 1,250 calories per 2-Scoop serving is the high calorie weight gainer. 50 Grams ofProtein per serving is needed for intense workouts. There are over 250 Grams of Carbohydrates in a serving. There are 25 vitamins and minerals. Adding fresh or frozen fruits, peanut butter, nuts, and other calories dense foods with an electric grinder will increase your weight gain potential. Search for "ON Apparel True Strength" to see their new clothing line.

Brand: Optimum Nutrition

👤My under weight son is doing great. These photos were taken in 3 weeks on serious Mass.

👤I went from 103 lbs to 115 lbs in 5 weeks. I've been doing weight training and drinking protien shakes after workouts to make sure I'm eating in a surplus. I cut it to one scoop because it was making me super bloated and I added some things to make it even better. The taste is amazing. Will be buying more.

👤Maltodextrin is the first ingredient in ON's Serious Mass Gainer. Maltodextrin is not required to be labeled as sugar by the FDA since it is a polymer, but it will increase your blood sugar levels quickly compared to low Glycemic Index foods. The supplement companies are able to get away with not listing it as a sugar because it is a polysaccharide and still a sugar. Customers are not aware that they are consuming a cheap, inferior filler that is really sugar. But at least it tastes good? I'm not happy with Optimum Nutrition for pushing a product that is dangerous to one's health. It's so dangerous that I'm going to break it down. The first ingredient is listed first on the nutrition facts label. The first ingredient in this product is maltodextrin, which makes up the majority of the 336 grams per serving. The label says there are 20 grams of sugar, but it's not maltodextrin. The remaining 233 grams are a majority of Maltodextrin. A maximum of 233 grams are straight up Maltodextrin, so it's safe to say. The maximum amount of maltodextrin per serving is 69%. What are the effects of consuming over 200 grams of sugar in addition to your daily diet? I was completely out of it when I took it for the first 3 days. I passed out for most of the day and didn't make any progress towards my fitness goals. I woke up with saliva in my mouth and it was very sweet. The ulcer and sweet saliva that I developed on day 2 was the most painful and fast-growing part of my body. After quitting this product, the sweet saliva and ulcer are gone. If you exceed your daily recommended intake of sugar regularly, your blood sugar will go up and you will have to use your body's natural sugar-making process to process it and store it as fat. If you overwork yourinsulin production, or have a predisposition to diabetes, you are at risk of developing actual diabetes, which is when your muscles and body developinsulin resistance. This causes your body to stop responding to sugar and instead allow sugar to circulate in your blood where it can cause diseases such as sugar rushes, atherosclerosis, hyperglycemia, and much more. If you want to take this product, you need to consult a doctor or a nutrition expert. Do not do this product if you think twice. IForce Nutrition Mass Gainz is made from high quality whole foods. Imagine what 5 bags of this stuff could do to your body if you didn't do it carefully. I have a degree in nutrition.

3. Vita Flex Health Wellness Formula

Vita Flex Health Wellness Formula

A comprehensive supplement for vitamins and minerals. Fourteen amino acids are needed to maintain muscle tissue. It's easy to feed small pellets. In 15lb, 30lb and 5lb sizes.

Brand: Vita Flex

👤My pregnant mare looks better in the last 2 months of her pregnancy than she did in her first. Her coat has returned it's shine, her energy level has gone up, and her muscles have come back. She has two scoops in her grain. She doesn't like the taste of it, but if it's mixed up good in her regular grain, she won't hesitate. Have started some of our older horses on it and have already seen an improvement.

👤It was hard to decide which one to get. My horse is doing well and is training for a competition. I wanted a supplement that was all around good to make sure his body wasn't being over taxed with the training he is doing. His coat is glossy and he seems to be gaining muscle faster than before he started taking this. He gets 2 scoops a day and I know he is better for it. Even though he loves it on its own, he mixes it in with his grain.

👤Having a herd of 10 is great when I can find a larger supplement amount. Score! Even my picky eaters eat it easily.

👤My friend has supplemented her horse's feed with Accel for most of his life. He has a sleek coat and is shown at local shows on the flat and low jumps.

👤Been using it for a long time and happy with the results. My horse is happy.

👤I bought this smaller size to see if my 10 picky eaters would eat it. The 30 lbs tub is auto shipped.

👤Two horses are under weight, one is a keeper barrel mare and the other is a rescue horse. After adding this with Safe Choice and purina outlast feed, my mares topline filled out in just 3 weeks and the rescue is filling out and looking much healthier! I ordered more.

👤This is a great supplement. It came highly recommended by my vet and you can't beat the price and free/prime shipping.

4. Tomlyn NutriCal Tube Dog 4 25oz

Tomlyn NutriCal Tube Dog 4 25oz

It's ideal for dogs who need extra calories and vitamins. The weight gainer for dogs is recommended by the vet. Extra energy for hunting and working dogs is provided by the high-cal pet supplement. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are essential for a healthy heart, skin, and joints. It is easy to administer, easily-digested gel and support a healthy appetite.

Brand: Tomlyn

👤My dog developed a severe form of the disease. His lungs were filled with water and he had a hard time breathing. He refused to eat or drink because he was so sick. We took him to the vet who told us to kill Nunu. I wanted to keep fighting for my little friend. I began to give him medication. Nunu lost his water but he lost all his fat. His skin was covered with bones. He wouldn't drink or take food to his mouth. He was severely dehydrated. I thought he would die. I was looking for supplements for my dogs and came across NutriCal gel. I was not afraid to try new things. I started giving Nunu this gel three times a day. Nunu made his first steps in 2 days. I was afraid that he will start having scurvy because his stool became loose. I put the gel with the puppy food in the blender and gave Nunu a semi liquid food through the needle. Nunu started to walk again in 2 days. I did not have to feed Nunu with a needle. He is very weak and looks sick. I believe we are on the road to recovery. I believe that my pet was saved by NutriCal.

👤It is a life saver for small dogs and we always have it in the house. Low blood sugar can be caused by small dogs getting excited and playing hard and forgetting to drink water or eat their food. When low blood sugar hits, they faint, or drop to the ground in complete apathy, which looks like they are dying. If you put this on the roof of the mouth, they will respond immediately. I use it on our puppies before they go to the vet or long car rides. I use it every day for small puppies. It is a great appetite enhancer for thin dogs. Wouldn't be without it. I have it set up to deliver once a month.

👤Oscar, a 23 pound dog, became critically ill in June of last year. He was sick to his stomach and stopped drinking and eating. He was admitted to the emergency room 3 times in the next few months and was kept hydrated and fed with IV nutrition. They couldn't find the cause of the two diseases. I used a lot of Nutri-Cal to get his nutrition and hydration when he was sent home. Even though he had no appetite, he liked the food I put in his mouth. The local vet had little hope that he would survive after the first 2 hospital stays, so we took him to the university to find the cause. He was put on another long dose of Doxycyline if it was a tick-borne disease at Tufts. I'm happy to say that he has improved since he came home. He's back to himself after the treatment. He likes the diet. I believe it was crucial to sustain him until he started eating again. He's still being treated with a prescription diet and pills for his health issues. I give him a small snack after he takes the pills to make him happy. He has gained weight but has a good appetite. I don't know if he would have made it through the crisis if he hadn't had the Nutri-Cal.

5. Manna Pro Opti Zyme Microbial Supplement

Manna Pro Opti Zyme Microbial Supplement

The field was tested by the University of Florida. For 15 years, the market was safe. The supplement is called the Opti-Zyme. Horse feed supplements. MANNA PRO-EQUINE is a manufacturer. The part number is 99490338. Promotes optimal digestion. There are naturally occurring yeast, enzymes and beneficialbacteria. Digestion of sugars and fiber.

Brand: Manna Pro

👤Only the equine product has no added sugar. I mix it with my rescue thoroughbred's feed. It should be kept in a closed container with no humidity. It is also rendered useless by heat. It is best camouflaged in feed/mash. My mini will turn it down. A staple in our stable!

👤My dog was watering his hind legs. He's putting some weight back on after he was put on this stuff.

👤It's not cheap to buy this product this way, but it's great to get it delivered. It helps the senior horses keep their weight down. They like the taste of it.

👤I usually keep equine probiotics on hand for specific situations, such as bringing a horse's digestion back after a course of antibiotics, or a change in feed, such as pasture with new types of grass. I am moving my horses to a grassy field. The old mare has loose bowels after each move. I think using this product helped her firm up her waste. I took her off for a few days and she was free after the next move. She is back on the product. The 4-YO gelding is doing well without the probiotics. I am happy that this product was available for the older horse. I will probably buy more to have on hand.

👤The product is great. I think it would benefit any horse, especially under weight and hard keepers, as it helps them use calories more efficiently.

👤I have tried many products and this is the only one that works for my horse. It is less expensive than all of the other products. I put him on this for a couple of days and it clears up after a while.

👤I shipped a horse from VA to OR and the PrePurchase Vet recommended adding this to the diet. During transport, I was on Omeprazol. She had no upset stomach after using the product. Highly recommended!

👤So far, so good! When the hay is rich and green, the draft horse has a tendency to loose stool. He's been on this for two months and his poops are no more.

6. Vita Flex Premium Quality Supplement

Vita Flex Premium Quality Supplement

Horse owners use a powder of vitamins E to provide protection. For all ages and classes of horses. 2,500 IU per 1/2 ounce. The yeast culture and alfalfa meal make a good blend of vitamins E and E. The horse supplement has a long shelf life. An average horse has a supply of over four months.

Brand: Vita Flex

👤My horse does not get grass. I was told to give him 5000 a day. It's working well so far.

👤My senior mayor is eating oats.

👤I have a quarter horse mare who was diagnosed with compression wobblers at the age of 10. This product made it easy for her to get her daily 5000mg dose of vitamins e and E. Her comfort has improved since she started on this. My mare isn't a picky eater so we can't vouch for the supplement's ability to help those who have concerns about it, but it does help if you have concerns about the supplement's ability to help.

👤This is easy to feed and the horses like it.

👤Horses love the taste.

👤My horse has a neurological disorder.

7. Nutramax Cosequin Equine Powder Container

Nutramax Cosequin Equine Powder Container

Veterinarian Recommended The cosequin equine powder is used for equines. Horse feed supplements. Cosequin is the top recommended joint health supplement brand. It combines 3,600 and 1,200 of the same substance.

Brand: Nutramax Laboratories

👤My dog has had knee problems in the past and he has a chicken allergy. The supplement has been great for his joints, and there's no flavor like the supplements recommended for dogs. My dog can't tell if it's on his food. I only use 1/3 to 1/2 a scoop with a full bowl of food for my dog. Since this is for a horse, you have to adjust the dose for the dog.

👤One jar lasted almost 3 years after my dog's vet recommended a pinch of her food once a day to eliminate her joint pain. I have recommended this to many people with older dogs.

👤The Appendix is 27 years old. He retired from eventing in his late teens, and has been my trail companion for the past five years. He started moving stiffly a few years ago. He was not completely out of place, but would be hesitant to move forward freely and lengthen his stride. He wouldn't go up hills on trail rides if I asked too much of him. I started him on Cosequin after his vet recommended it. My goodness, if you could see what my old man could do, it would not have turned him back into a five-year-old. People are shocked when I tell them that my horse is 27 years old. We did not stop at Training Level. He does work in other areas. He likes half-pass the most. Flying changes? Yes. The fact that a horse of his age is willing to perform a schooling pirouette is more than enough for me. There are a few important things I should mention. I have a horse. I know this. I didn't start with a horse that was old and decrepit and turn him into a miracle case with a simple supplement. There are two My horse is on pasture. He is allowed absolute freedom to move around in the pasture as he sees fit, which helps to prevent him from stiffening up while standing in place for too long. There are more than one 3). I did not take an old horse out of a field, throw him on a supplement, or expect him to be a fluid mover before starting Cosequin. I do credit Cosequin for allowing me to continue working my horse at his age. I recommend it for any senior horse who needs some help with their aging process.

👤I've been feeding this product since 2008. The product is good. The scoop has been changed from a long handle to a short handle. Do they not get a horse product fed outside or in a barn? It is impossible to get the product out of the narrow, tall container with the small scoop once it gets down a few inches. If you want to get your hand into the wider mouth container, please return the long handled scoop. It's too expensive to mess with that short handle. It will return to 5 stars as soon as they do.

8. AniMed 389021 Remission 4 Lb

AniMed 389021 Remission 4 Lb

Remission. Horse feed supplements. Aimed D is a manufacturer. The part number is 90282. The package weight is 4.7 pounds.

Brand: Animed

👤I have a mare with laminitis, tender feet, brittle hooves, and a lot of attitude, even though I have various other supplements. I decided to start her on only this and MSM because I wanted to reduce her intake of carbs as much as possible. I'm not sure if it's the Remission, the MSM, or both, but she became very calm, much less attitude, and went from a rodeo horse in the arena to a pleasure horse within 2 days. I used to admire other horses at our boarding facility who were well trained and always seemed to do what was asked of them, but now she is more well behaved than most of them, and she is a sweetheart. I had to reach out to her farrier to see if he could come back early for her next visit because her hooves were growing crazy, after I started the supplements about 2 weeks after their last farrier visit. I needed a new hoof to grow in and she will have her shoes changed at 4 weeks. She has always been stiff, but her movement has improved since she started taking these supplements, and her vet said she may have arthritis in her joints. I've spent hundreds of dollars on supplements that have not helped her, but I'm glad I discovered these.

👤We bought this because the Heiro seemed to be losing effectiveness on our laminitis prone mini. We just started and will keep you updated on what we find. Our pony has responded very positively to Remission in lieu of Heiro, happy to report she is out of her laminitis episode and much faster than previous episodes! We administer powder supplements by mixing with water and loading in a syringe to give them to our patients. Our picky eater will not touch a feed with anything that is mixed in with the Remission powder because it does not mix well with water. We are now mixing the remission with the applesauce and it seems to be working out.

👤My IR Grey Arabian mare is doing well, so the 40-day update moved from Heiro to Remission. Has kept 900- 900 lbs. One scoop of Remission in the morning, one cup of Enrich+ in the morning and evening, and an hour of exercise in the evening in Texas. The ouches are in great shape. HeIRO was not going away with him. The small alfalfa cube can be used as a reward for 3 to 6 every day. A bucket of Remission from Tractor Supply will last 4 months for one horse. The 15-yr old Grey Arabian mare had been using HEIRO product for about 6 months. She was 800-273-3217 She was around 980 lbs at the beginning. The equine vet found the disease from blood draws. She is down to about 900 lbs after 6 months. A standard weight tape measure was used. Changing feed to Enrich+ at a cup was one of the factors. All "treats" have been stopped. There is limited pasture access. A daily work out schedule has been started. Hoof issues, fat deposits, and crowning were noted at 6 months ago. There are many factors to consider when choosing between feeding regimen, pasturing, exercise, and supplements. There is a My last order for a 90 day supply resulted in a small box of fancy ear buds for the Apple product, rather than the 90 day supply of Heiro. I have to rethink the supplement supply expense because of this. My equine vet has pointed out to me that Magnesium is also available in Remission at a much lower price, and that's because it's the main component in the diet. There are 5 rescued Arabians and a dozen rescued ponies that exhibit IR symptoms on my ranch, which is operated by a horse rescue. Heiro is a lot of money for a small show, along with feed restrictions, exercise, and use of Magnesium supplement. The suppliers messed up my order and forced me to reexamine my cost-benefit. I will be charging back my credit card at Remission for not paying attention. What kind of livestock supply operation sells ear buds? Really? Who would pay $134 for ear buds? I don't own an Apple device.

9. Supplement High Fat Stabilized CoolStance Coconut

Supplement High Fat Stabilized CoolStance Coconut

Support the health of people. Senior and high performance horses benefit from Renew Gold Senior's multi-spectrum supplemental support. The controlled starch load base is provided. The controlled starch load is designed to be used with roughage and little to no additional grain, and is provided by High Fat Stabilized Rice Bran, CoolStance Coconut Meal, Ground Peas, and Stabilized Ground Whole Flax. Cool energy. CoolStance Coconut Meal in Renew Gold Senior supports focused energy for your horses. It's easy to discern. Proper access to the joint health and digestive support ingredients can be provided bytruded pellets. Formulated with non-GMO ingredients.

Brand: Manna Pro

👤I have a pet cow that is very gentle and sweet and she was favoring the front leg. I could see the inflammation. I asked my vet if I could use a horse joint product on a cow, instead of starting her on a pricey prescription. I tried the senior equine supplement because she thought it would work. I could see a difference after about a week. Daisy's movement was much improved, she walked at a normal pace and there was no sign of swelling. She takes her supplement from the pasture to the barn and it must taste good.

👤I don't need to buy more supplements to add to Renew Gold because the supplements are already in it. It's also free of corn and non-GMO. I have both my senior horse and my 10-year-old horse on this feed, since it's all they need.

👤My senior horse looked better. She is acting like she is 10 years younger if you put on the weight in a few weeks.

👤It was used for two months. If I cut his other feed back, he would lose weight. This is expensive and is supposed to cut back on your feed. This was a huge waste of money. My horse has lost some weight. I only cut back one scoop of feed.

👤A 20 year old barrel horse thinks he is 6 years old and still works in the 1D. He looks great. Love it.

👤There was a hole in the package and the product leaked out.

10. Manna Pro Senior Weight Accelerator

Manna Pro Senior Weight Accelerator

High fat and cholesterol levels. It has high levels of fat and calories for weight gain. Omega 3 Fatty Acids are from flaxseed and support healthy skin and coat condition. It's made for senior horses to support proper digestion and growth. The immune system is supported by essential vitamins and antiOXIDANTS. Highly skilled: It's easy to feed and palatable for older horses.

Brand: Manna Pro

👤After going through a hard winter, my aging mare lost a lot of her fat and body condition, which was noticeable on the Henneke chart. After a few weeks of research and learning from my mentor, I stumbled across the SWA of Manna Pro. The ingredients in SWA are a dream for older horses, aside from the artificial caramel flavor, which is forgiveable. Omega 3, vitamins C and E, and Fats are good for the horse's health, as well as restoring the horse's natural fiber-digesting process. It doesn't interfere with the trace mineral supplement that I feed, and has turned out to be a wonderful addition to it. You did a great job, Manna Pro! After only 4 months of steady, slow improvement, and proper care, my mare is back to looking herself and seems happy to be back at work with our riding and adventuring. If you've already spoken with your equine vet, here's a tip about how to get the most out of SWA. Regardless of whether you're using this supplement or not, horses require exercise and constant access to quality, low sugar hay. Horses lose good body condition when they don't have constant access to fiber. Horses produce stomach acid because they always eat grass and forage. Without a constant supply of saliva and chewed grass in the stomach, acid-dumping creates an acidic gut. Horses have a large amount ofbacteria in their hind gut that is supposed to ferment and break down fiber. The acidic gut makes it impossible for thisbacteria to survive. If horses go for hours on end without hay or food, the goodbacteria will die off and cause more problems than just poor digestion. The healthy flora of your horse's bicyle is restored by the swarf's probiotics. Humans eat yogurt to do that. If you want to get the most out of SWA, you have to go back to the old routine of not having hay for hours. Why? You wouldn't be keeping the probiotics alive because they'd die off as you fed more SWA, and then you'd be creating a bunch of deadbacteria in your horse's gut. That could make the problem worse or create a new one. Feed and diet are the first things to rehabilitate the digestive system. Everyone tries to do their best and that's great! This will help you take it to the next level.

👤I couldn't put weight on the older horse. This is what finally worked. She had a baby and it must have taken everything out of her. I was not very hopeful that she would make it through the winter. The last option was to wean the foal at 3 months of age. I didn't want to do that. I didn't have this product. I made sure her system was handling it. She is getting 6 ounces a day instead of the recommended 4 ounces. The bag still goes a long way.

👤I can't say enough about the Manna Pro Senior Weight Accelerator. The geriatric horse needs double the fat and half theprotein of the other brands. I have tried almost every brand of weight gainer on the market. The vet only gave my horse a month to live, until we started using this. I am thankful for every healthy day she has left, even though she is old and already lived past her time. If I hadn't found the pro senior, she would have been gone a year ago.

11. Manna Pro Sho Flex Supplement Horse

Manna Pro Sho Flex Supplement Horse

The Manna Pro Sho-Flex supports optimal joint health and mobility for your horse. There are some ingredients for joint health. It has high levels of MSM, Glucosamine HCl, and Chondroitin Sulfate. There is a statewide issue. Your horse can perform at their best if joints and tissue are maintained. Contained antiOXIDANTS are important for a healthy immune system. It was formulated to work with Sho-Hoof and Sho-Glo for advanced performance.

Brand: Select Series

👤Excellent stuff! A 15 year old gelding is moving so well after having some issues in his hip from an old injury. He has to shift his weight because one side is lower than the other and he has trouble getting his hips under him because of that. He started this as a last attempt to see if it would help. He is doing flying lead changes, moving so much more fluid and a completely different horse. You wouldn't know he had issues. We are giving it to our gelding who is still able to jump. No issues for the healthiest guy ever. We are giving him maintenance because he doesn't have any arthritis and because he is still active. An old injury from when she was a yearling causes issues for an 8 year old mare. She started on this and is doing well. I am seeing great results from many ages and issues. I was skeptical that a product could help so much. I have been surprised.

👤I didn't notice any change for 60 days. My mare has bad arthritis. She ate it with her feed. My mare is on a medication for her arthritis. I had the vet look at this supplement and she said it had all the right things. If it's for a horse with some minor joint issues, this would be great. It wasn't enough for our case.

👤This is a great alternative to the more expensive brands. My horse is a 15 year old Quarter horse and he gets 2 scoops of Multi-vitamin and flax seed every morning. I had him on Cosequin which is the best affordable joint supplement, but wanted to save a little cash, so I decided to try this. It seems to help my boys joints during the cold months.

👤My horse still licks his bucket clean even though I can't tell you how it tastes. I have seen a lot of spunk in my old guy since I started this product. My instructor commented that he was feeling better.

👤A quarter horse that loves to run and is 18 years old, likes to run fast. She was starting to get some swelling in her legs. We were doing everything we could to keep the swelling down. She started on ShoFlex three months ago and the edema hasn't been an issue since. She's won races after doing 3 shows. That's Tuff 'N Determined!

👤I am going to have to switch to something else because my 2 horses that are on it just leave it in the bottom of their feed buckets. If they eat it, it works great.

👤Usually 5 star product. It works wonders for my horse. grubs were in this tub after I made all my supplement cups. I have never used this container before and now I have to order another from Amazon or another supplier because I can't use this one.

👤My senior mare needed a joint supplement. She is moving more smoothly now.


What is the best product for senior horse weight gain supplement?

Senior horse weight gain supplement products from Orgain. In this article about senior horse weight gain supplement you can see why people choose the product. Optimum Nutrition and Vita Flex are also good brands to look for when you are finding senior horse weight gain supplement.

What are the best brands for senior horse weight gain supplement?

Orgain, Optimum Nutrition and Vita Flex are some of the best brands that chosen by people for senior horse weight gain supplement. Find the detail in this article. Tomlyn, Manna Pro and Nutramax Laboratories are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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