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1. American Weigh GEMINI 20 Portable MilliGram

American Weigh GEMINI 20 Portable MilliGram

The scale is portable. The perfect size for measuring on the go is 3 x 5 x 0.8", which is the digital food scale. Measure small amounts of medication, food, and herbs. Durability and comparable: The mini food scale can fit in your bag. It converts between ounces, grams, troy ounces, pennyweights, carats, and grains. The screen is a liquid crystal display. Even in dim lighting, the backlit screen of the digital scale makes it easy to read. Every time, you'll get an accurate measurement thanks to high-precision sensors. The built-in flip cover is needed to keep your scale safe. It will protect your scale from scratches, bumps, and wear and tear. STAINLESS STEEL. The digital pocket scale is easy to clean. Place your items in a container or tray for measuring.

Brand: American Weigh Scales

👤The other reviewers found fault with the instrument. It never malfunctioned. My cat was being dosed with a pill that had a gross weight of just over 100 grams. The candy button looked like a grapefruit because it was so small. She was being over-prescribed by 25%. I had to split the rest of the tablets up. I was able to do that using the scale and knife, and kitty's blood tests improved in a short time. If you're wondering why I couldn't just give a liquid form of the medication to the cat, watch the instructional videos on the internet. "If at all possible, get someone to help you" is what many of them begin.

👤Yes. They look the same. The blue box shown in the photo is not mine. The scale shown in the photo was the one I used to have, and I ordered this for that reason. By Amazon Web Services. My scale says Mini Digital Scale. Which to me is a drug dealer. I wanted a scale that was American. The weight is placed inside a hole that is flush to the top of the scale in the photo. The mine is about a quarter of an inch from the top of the hole. These are subtle details. I was so excited when I found a scale that said "AWS" and showed a blue magnetic case, but I was so disappointed when I found a scale that was too tight to slide into, with no room for the tweezers.

👤The scale is not accurate to 1mg. I found that a 5mg pill may weigh 100mg, even if it is a "dose" pill. It's possible that about 1mg equals 20mg weight. The scale seems very accurate for that. After I bought this unit and was waiting for it to arrive, I did some research on its accuracy and was initially disappointed that it probably wouldn't work. But it did! I was trying to do something. I am reducing my use of the drug. I am trying to cut the dose in half by the end of the ramp. I have 20 pills, 10 pills and 5 pills. I have been cutting them and looking at how big the cut piece was to go from 10 to 9 to 8 to 7. It was not accurate. The unit does not show what the accuracy is, but it has a resolution of.001g. The readings in the 1 gram are very different if you read the reviews. I thought this wouldn't work. I found a way. I did not know that a 10mg pill does not need to be heavy. It may be as much as 200mg. All of the coating and fillers are in a hard pill. The dose weight of the active ingredients is 10mg. You don't have to know what % is active, but it's good to know so you don't freak out when you try to weigh your pill. Next... I already know what the dosage should look like. Unless you can do this, I wouldn't suggest trying it. Do not completely trust the scale. Next, calibrate the unit. Weight measuring devices work best in the middle of the range. The unit should be turned on. Let it warm up for a while. The 10g standard weight should be added. Right in the middle of its range, it should read 10.000g. Next add a pill. You want an 8 dose. The pill should be added. In my case, it read 10.100g, which was 20 times the stated dose. I know I want more. Some of the pills were cut into rough quarters. I need to see it read at least 20 times that for a 8mg dose. I put in different pill quarters until I get a reading. The scale is repeatible and I can pull a quarter piece off and put it back on again, and I get the same reading each time. The 10gm weight can be tare out. I like to see the weight of things. Do not do this if you don't know what your cut dose should look like. The actual dose weight of a pill can be up to 20% of the total weight. You have to figure that out for your own pills.

2. Milligram Weightman Reloading Calibration Tweezers

Milligram Weightman Reloading Calibration Tweezers

10 years warranty and lifetime support are offered by Thincsell. If you have a question, please contact them. They will reply to you within 24 hours. The maximum scale capacity is 50g in 1 gram. You can re- calibrate the scale easily. The weighing platform has high precision sensors that make sure the result is accurate. The scale can be powered by either aAAA batteries or ausb cable, it is more eco-friendly to save batteries. The weighing platform can be protected by the windshield. It is easy to read numbers and units even in the evening with the jewelry scale. Press "Mode" to switch between 6 different units. Convenient use for jewelry, gold, coins, gems, meds, powder, medication, pills or collections accurately. The weighing item net weight in container function can help you get the weighing item net weight in container easily; smart auto-off after 3 minutes of inactivity; and piece counting function makes counting small parts much easier. It is easy to load and clean with the powder scale. The package has 50g of calibration weight, Tweezers, spoon, 2 Weighing Pans, a cable and 2 batteries. If you have a question, feel free to contact them, they will be happy to help.

Brand: Weightman

👤The scale doesn't register when weighing small amounts of power. I used an empty cup, set the tare, and added a lot of substance. The tare amount increased by x number of scoops when I took the cup back off. If you add weight, what is the tare function like? This isn't about accuracy, it's about doing the function that was designed. It does great for weights that only need resolution. If you ignore the n.nnn and n.nn type weights, you will drive yourself crazy. I have a scale that has fewer features. This one works the same way. I am the last person that needs a lecture about how accurate is it? People will buy it anyway.

👤The scale is easy to use, it has an accuracy that's great, and it's also easy to make sure the scale is on a balanced surface with the help of the bubble. I've had several scales over the past 10 years and this one is the best for the money. Would recommend and buy another one.

👤My wife was using an electric heater on the same circuit as drifting came back for a while. This adds noise. As soon as no one else was running on that circuit, scale performed great again. Make sure your outlet isn't also powered by heavy lights. This noise can be caused by flickering lighting. The power conditioner is supposed to resolve noise as well. Even if the AC unit is on a different circuit, it can cause a lot of noise. About 5000 rounds weighed in the update. I thought that the scale was unreliable. It will drift a lot. It was adding phantom grains. The power cord was loose. I pushed the cord in a bit more and it was all fixed. I have found the check weights still on. 1 month in and I'm working great. If left untouched, it can sometimes shut off. I took out the batteries. It is accurate for the money. I double check it, but I am very confident that it's good to go. I have tested several up to 100G and it is accurate. I double check my powder because I am not a volume loader and it is rock solid. I took a chance with the bad reviews, but I need to be very soft on the weigh pad. Don't push it too hard. Over 200 rounds of 223 and 100 rounds of 9mm have been done and I check every third one against the RCBS beam scale. It is accurate. I use the RCBS gold pan, not the plastic cheapo's that come with the scale. I have not seen a drift, but it is a little slow to see the powder trickle. I usually just lift the pan off its side and set it back down to get the numbers. Its fast and accurate. I think it's important to be gentle on that pad. You will be happy with this cheap alternative. It's so far so good, we don't know how long it will last. If there isn't a followup note, I will update if I run into issues. You can spend a lot more money on scales and not get much more accuracy anyways, from what I am reading.

3. WEIGHTMAN Milligram Precision Medicine Included

WEIGHTMAN Milligram Precision Medicine Included

The package has 50g of calibration weight, Tweezers, spoon, 2 Weighing Pans, a cable and 2 batteries. If you have a question, feel free to contact them, they will be happy to help. Accurate digital scale of lab standards - 50g capacity and 0.001g increments weighable. There are 6 modes between in g, oz, ct, gn. If you are weighing jewelry, gold, medicine, powder or coin, it's accurate. A large screen display with a backlight gives you a high visibility for easy to read data. The dust cap of the scale can affect the weighing accuracy. PCS Function: Calibration and Tare. The package has a 20g calibration weight. The right reading is ensured by the Calibration technology of the Jewelry scale. The PCS function gives you a number. You can get a net weight with the tare function. The gram scale is 4.52 x 3.46 x 1.57 inches and is portable. It's perfect for weighing medicine, powder, jewelry, gold, gem, salt or other projects. The package has 2 weighing trays, 2 different size spoons and batteries. 5 year warranty The after-sale service team will help with all your questions and concerns.

Brand: Weightman

👤This seems to be a good scale for the price. I bought it to measure the nootropic supplements dosages. It doesn't handle very light weights and it claims to be accurate. One supplement has a recommended dose. I couldn't get the scale to register my weight until I put over 25mg on it. That's a problem for me. It's fine if you have higher doses. It doesn't matter if I'm off by a gram or two because nootropic recommendations are typically ranges. The scale is insufficient for a 10mg dose. I may experiment with putting a heavier weight in the tray without zeroing it out. It might work. I was unable to take the full dose because my powders stuck to the plastic trays. I had to remove the thin layer of powder from the tray. A fair amount of the total measured amount stays in the tray for low dose supplements. There were a few things that weren't as I expected. It's important to read the manual to use the scale correctly. The scale can be affected by a slow moving ceiling fan. calibrate it when you move the scale. My plan to keep it in a drawer and pull it out when needed doesn't work unless I want to calibrate it each time. It can be affected by being too close to electronics. I'm happy with the purchase. A lab scale is needed to solve most of the problems. This is excellent for the price.

👤I like the idea of the product, but it is not sensitive enough for me. I need to measure the weight. The scale is not sensitive enough to pick up on weight until 30 or 0.030 g. Will be back. It's not true to say that it's sensitive to the smallest of particles.

👤I use it to measure out powders. If you're worried about accuracy and tolerance, I recommend you learn how to volumetric dose your substances. When the batteries become low charged, I usually power the device with the included cable. The scale makes using weighing paper next to impossible. If you lift the paper up, then put it back down, it will never be the same weight. The little tray becomes useful, but powders stick to it. I might try to attach weighing paper to the tray for easier transfer of powders. It's a good value for what you pay for. If you want a scale that's super accurate and precise, you should spend $300, not $30.

👤I bought a scale for weighing smokeless powder. Its tolerance is + or- 0.1gr. The clear non removeable cover can not be used when calibrating since the weight is too big, and it gets in my way when I use the scale. I gave four stars instead of five because of that. The seller gives the best customer service there is, I had some issues with the scale, and the seller sent a new one, I received the next day! It has a good scale, large numbers, and a built in level.

4. AmazonBasics Stainless Digital Batteries Included

AmazonBasics Stainless Digital Batteries Included

The power can be run on 3 x batteries or a 5v adapter. The digital kitchen scale has a screen. Minimum of 2 grams of food is weighed. The advanced sensor technology can deliver quick and accurate responses. The results are displayed in ounces, grams, and pounds. The tare button subtracts container weight from the scale so you only measure what you want. It is approximately 8.7x7.1x1.6 inches. Two batteries from Amazon.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I've owned scales that were designed to do things that would drive you crazy, but this one has been designed to do things that will not drive you crazy. It can be turned on with something on the scale. - It's not annoying to have a delay before automatic shutoff. - The tare function has a history function so you can work backwards if you need to. You can still read it when weighing large objects. It doesn't use hard-to- find batteries. Reliable, intuitive, and inexpensive. The only way to improve this scale is to increase its accuracy.

👤The scale is a bargain. I set my weight on it and it was spot on. It is easy to tare and switch to other measures. It's a nice, small size. It is well made and can be used for a long time since it is pretty new. I have other scales that seem better built. Highly recommended.

👤I was very happy with the scale and its performance. After two uses, it shut down mid-use. It takes about 3 minutes to make pour over coffee. If the scale balance doesn't change, the automatic shutoff feature in this scale will only be used for 2 minutes and 15 seconds. This seems to be faulty as it will shut off automatically when I am pouring coffee. It doesn't happen at 2 min, 15 min but sooner.

👤I wanted to make pour over coffee. Even if the weight on the scale is changing, the scale can't be relied on to stay on for 3 minutes at a time. Sometimes it would stay on for a while, sometimes it would turn off. Sometimes the reading would drift by a few grams. It wouldn't stabilizing. I'm pretty disappointed in this scale.

👤The item does not fit in a container. We thought the weights looked low for the amount of food. We found that the low weights given by the scale were consistent when we weighed items with weights on the packaging. You can see the weights on the products if you zoom in.

👤These suckers are very cute. They die quickly when water gets in them. I just order a new one because they are so cheap. The display is easy to read. The scale is accurate and has some nifty functions like being able to show the weight of what was added and then show the whole. It's easy to do.

👤The scale didn't read any weight being added. I was trying to add an additional 8 grams of ingredients, but the scale was still in place and suddenly changed to a 15 gram increase. In the middle of using it, the scale shuts down. The auto shutdown is one of the longest delays that I have seen, but it's 2 and a half minutes no matter if you are adding weight or not. During the addition of ingredients, the scale has shut down 3 times. That is a good way to ruin a recipe.

👤I am a pastry chef and can tell you this is my go to scale for smaller jobs, I cook and bake a lot at home. I love it so much! I don't recall changing batteries, it's always consistent and accurate, easy to clean and care for, and has a long battery life. Store in any drawer. I bought a back up just in case I accidentally drop it, because... I can't live without this thing! Weighing food makes sure your cooking and baking come out right. Look no further!

5. Smart Weigh GEM20 Precision Milligram

Smart Weigh GEM20 Precision Milligram

This item has a limited warranty. It is perfect for all your weighing needs because it is multifunctional. The weight is in g, oz., ct., ozt., dwt and gn. This scale has the right measurement for everything from gold to medication. It's a function. Scales have a tare function for items that are difficult to weigh and need to be placed in a container or on one of the weighing pans. Press the tare function and put your items in the container or pan. ACCURATE uses a high precision sensor system to get an accurate reading. This scale has a thousandth of a gram accuracy, so it is very precise. This accuracy makes it easy to measure fine items, so you can just place the items on the scale and know that your reading is the most accurate it can be. Calibration weights are included in the Smart Weigh scale. If you notice any discrepancies in your scale throughout your time using it, simply use these weights and follow the directions to re- calibrate it so you can continue to use it accurately! Smart weigh scales are backed by a two-year warranty.

Brand: Smart Weigh

👤I have to give my cats medicine, but it's not worth it. The scale helps with that. I can split the capsule into smaller amounts for my cats' weights and be sure I'm not over-dosing them. It's a relief to have an accurate device. This saves me money because I can get their supplies in bulk and measure them instead of paying extra for smaller quantities. That adds up quickly with 3 cats. What else to say? It's easy to turn off. It is easy to use. I used the tweezers to remove a splinter. The little case cover is cute. It keeps it clean. The little bowl is easy to clean. If I meet another friend who also has to do pet meds, I would recommend this.

👤I used the scale for the first time. I noticed some large drifting when I used it again. I know the scale is accurate, I weighed about 20 powder charges. When they were checked, the weights varied by as much as 2 gr. I adjusted the unit to the instructions but it still wouldn't show weights. The 10 g calibration weights would show between 9.4-10.9 g after weighing done immediately after one another. That equates to a 23 gr difference in powder charge for reloaders, which is obviously dangerous. Buy a better scale and use it for reloading.

👤Cheap scales have accuracy issues and this one may be the worst one I have had yet. The same item on back to bacj attempts has inconsistent readings, a long warm up time that requires manual intervention to stop the auto shutdown timer, and an annoying number after weighing and removing somethibg. Next time, I will pay for an AmWeigh.

👤I use it to weigh my medicines and to make my ownCannabidiol oil. It is accurate, comes with the calibration weights, and even has a slot in the scale to hold one of them, so you can quickly check it for accuracy on the go. I recommend putting a mouse pad underneath it to absorb the shock of other people walking around. It is very sensitive, which is what you want with a scale like this. It has a small weighing bowl. The scale has a plastic shield on top so if it's windy you can fold it down for more accurate measurements. It is definitely worth the money.

👤Would not recommend it. Scale doesn't give repeatable readings after calibration. It was being used on a granite surface. If you add the second 10 g cal weight, you can load a 10 g cal weight. Take off the 2nd weight and the first weight. The 2nd weight should be added back on reads. When weighing large amounts of samples, there is a massive drift. Constantly need to tare between samples.

👤The previous version of this scale had a small base which the small "dish" fit in. This one has a larger base, which I measured to be just over an inch and a half in diameter. The old one, which I had for a few years, was very reliable despite my not caring for it properly. This one is accurate and precise. When you measure at this scale, there is usually some drift or small deviation. I love these scales and had to respond to the top negative review I read saying theirs was inconsistent. I would recommend both of my performers to friends. I did the tests with multiple weights and it passed.

6. Withings Nokia Body Composition Smartphone

Withings Nokia Body Composition Smartphone

Selling smart scale in the US is the top selling skill. Full Body Composition is a measurement of weight, body fat, water, and muscle mass. Accurate weight measurement to 100 g. It is highly comparable. More than 100 top health and fitness apps are included in the smart scale, which syncs with the apple watch. Data from every weigh-in is automatically uploaded to the health mate app. 4x 1.5V Alkaline cells are used for the power supply. The average battery lifetime is 18 months. ACCURATE BY DESIGN means that your measurement is accurate anywhere in the world, and position control technology helps you to stand correctly so that each weigh-in is precise. Up to 8 users can weigh themselves and access their personal weight histories, as the scale automatically recognizes who's who. For every stage of life, keep track of the whole family growth with a tracker and baby mode to track the youngest members.

Brand: Withings

👤This is a lengthy review since I compare it to other scales. 1. The Fat Free Mass is measured on the scale as a muscle measurement rather than the Skeletal Muscle Mass. 2. I tested it for 4 months and found the same weight measurement as my gym's "InBody" scale results. Sometimes the scale measure higher than the gym scale, other times it measure lower. I kept the data from both and found an average error of 8%. My gym scale always gave me higher results, and the average difference in grams is almost a gram of fat. The percentage error was 4.7% with a difference of 2.55 grams of muscle. The scale measures higher body fluids. The average percentage error is 1.1 and the average difference in grams is 2.8g. The percet difference is 7.8% percent and 1.3g difference in readings.

👤The app keeps track of your weight. If you want it to do that, you need to send the data to their server. Every time you get a weight update, Withings gets an update of your weight as well. Do you want to do steps? You have to give the app permission to have permanent access to your location. You can't keep track of it on your own in the app. The app requires access to your contacts list. It wants to see your call logs. Why? Why does an app need that? Why do I have to keep track of my weight with call logs? Here's a hint that it doesn't. It's as intrusive as they come. The reviews on the play store are terrible. The app is a nightmare. It's not possible to use many of the features it advertises. Don't buy this scale.

👤One day the glass shattered when I stepped on it, I was 160 lbs. I was lucky that I only had one foot on it because I was sure it would have cut my feet. The glass isn't covered under the warranty, only the customer service reaction...

👤I was a previous user of the device. After a year of wildly inaccurate readings, I just had enough. Trying to loose weight without a scale that varies from 20 lbs higher or lower at any given time is hard. I had done everything recommended by fitbit, and had to weigh in 3 times in a row to get a sense of how my diet plan was going. I was not going to invest in the second one because of the first one. So, enter the body of the phone. I can already tell it's better than before. It was easy to set up and it seems to give accurate readings, never changing by more than a fraction of a pound. I don't need it to be as precise as a triple balance beam scale at a doctor's office. I need to know that I'm moving in the right direction. I had no idea if I'd lost weight, gained weight, or if the scale was acting up since it could be off when weighing myself a few times. The consistency of the weigh-ins is what's important for me. The other features are also useful. I don't think I need a scale that tells me the weather, but I do like the auto tracking and it's linked up with my Weight Watchers account. The Aria wouldn't sync with WW properly and was throwing in all the weigh-ins that I had deleted. I'm happy with the scale and I'm not bothered by the paper weight. If you are making a decision, choose this one. You have to hands down.

7. Milligram Non Stick Reloading Supplement Calibration

Milligram Non Stick Reloading Supplement Calibration

There are easy-to-use instructions. The instructions for weighing, calibrating and zeroing are located inside the lid and are easy to understand. The scale comes with a non-stick powder pan and 50g of calibration weight. The digital jewelry scale manufactured with high precision sensor will definitely improve your weighing efficiency compared to other ordinary.001g mini carat scale. 50 grams / 771 grains / 1.76 ounces is the max capacity. Function: Multiple The scale is perfect for powder measuring. Also can be used as a scale for shooting. It's great for taking medication, powder supplements, gold, silver, precious metals, gemstones. The lab scale has a large backlit display to make it easy to read, smart power-saving function, and 4 buttons design. The "M" key is used to convert weighing units among: grams/grain/oz/ozt/dwt/ct; 2Press and hold to calibrate the mini scale; and "T" to remove the weight of a tray or container. Precise and compare. The scale dimensions are about 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches. The platform is 2 inches in diameter. It is portable and easy to bring in your bag, built with a draft cover can prevent damage to your small scale. There is a 10 year limited warranty on customer service. All the scales are tested before they are shipped. If you have a question, please contact them first.

Brand: Neoweigh

👤I use this scale for reloading. I have used battery powered pocket scales before and this is as good as any of them. Most of the small battery scales don't always weigh the same check weight. The Neoweigh seems to work. If you don't keep an eye on it, it could cause you grief. Between weigh's it will lose zero. If the empty pan doesn't return to zero on the scale, you have to press the tear button to make sure it does. It's not something I do often, but it makes me weary to keep an eye on it. It seems to stay within the range of.02 gr. There were no complaints about the scale being much more expensive. It reads to hundredths of a grain with very good accuracy and is a high feet for a low priced battery scale. It can be sensitive to air movement and vibration. It will float even if you breathe on it. I think it's a nice scale that would be hard to beat at its price point.

👤Not useful for anything that needs accuracy until about.035G. It could be dangerous for people who take supplements. The weighing pad is cheap. Had high hopes but they were not realized. $2 is probably from China.

👤This scale is not recommended by me. The weight was displayed on the screen for 15 minutes before it stopped working. When you put the weight on the scale while it is on a flat surface it is inaccurate. It's annoying when trying to weigh small amounts.

👤This product is made in an eastern country. They work for a while, but not for long. I would have been happy if it was not stolen. Three days after purchase. I might order another.

👤It works well and is very fancy.

👤The only thing I noticed was how easy the weighing plate falls out, so that's all I have to say.

👤It's perfect for DYI cosmetics. Many of my items are under a gram. The little scale is perfect for this small measurement. It comes with its own weight and a small dish to hold small amounts of liquid or powder. I have tried many of these little skills and this is the best one I have tried so far. I thought it was a good value.

8. GreaterGoods Digital Kitchen Multifunction Measures

GreaterGoods Digital Kitchen Multifunction Measures

Don't take any risks on quality when it comes to hair health. Their products are subjected to rigorous testing to make sure they are both quality and purity. The facility that makes Solvusoft is in the USA and complies with the guidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practice. You can buy with certainty knowing that each bottle is exactly what it says. The Greater Goods classic kitchen scale is the perfect introduction to measuring your food for better cooking and portioning at home. A scale that does everything you need, does it well, with a little extra, looks great, and is priced right is a scale that does everything you need. All of the qualities you need and expect in a kitchen scale: readings down to the gram, an eleven pound capacity, four units of measurement, and an easy-to-clean, smooth surface. Don't let a kitchen accessory ruin your style again. The design of this scale is simple and modern, which is perfect for thetrendiest space. It is easy to store and looks good. Their friendly team in St. Louis are ready to help you with any questions you might have about your kitchen scale. They want you to have a great experience with their work. They design and produce high functioning kitchen scales, but they value the positive impact of a purchase on a global level. They only partner with ethical factories and ensure a portion of every sale is given back to a charity that matches the nature of what you will be using. The side tab has short videos about how they give back.

Brand: Greater Goods

👤I needed decimal points in grams, but it doesn't do it. I read what I was told. The battery that was supposed to be included was not included. The scale is garbage for measuring small. I was adding weight in half grams without the numbersudging on the scale. I got up to 18g. I knew it was 18 because it still read 0. It read -18 when I took it off. Weight must be added at a rapid rate to register any change. This scale is not worth the money.

👤My original review is below but I have learned how to get the most out of my scale so I just shared a video as well. My package arrived today and it seems to be very good quality scale that was ready to use, instinctively, right out of the box. They have online instructions for the little details. I am very impressed with this company. If you can, check out the picture I posted. Talk about giving back and reducing waste. They are having a contest with temporary tattoos opposite the scale in the same photo, which their site has information on. I think I got more than a scale in the box, which sounds so hokie, I know. When I finish this review, I will go back to their site to see what else is going on.

👤My wife and I recently began living a healthier and cleaner lifestyle, and I purchased the Greater Goods kitchen scale to help us do that. If you want to improve your life by eating healthy, you need a good food scale. I bought this one because the company seems to have a great product, which looks good, at a great price, and they are a responsible company. I don't like to have a lot of stuff in my kitchen. I keep this scale on the counter or in a drawer. It is very easy to use and it is sleek and slim. I usually use the gram setting the most. It is easy for those that have never used a food scale. If I am making chicken taco, I will put the plate and two tortillas on the scale first. I will zero it out after that. I will know how much I am having when I add my chicken. Then I add cheese, zero it out again and add more. It is easy to use and helps in counting calories. It is amazing if you enter your food intake into an app. The first one I purchased stopped working after receiving it, but they company promptly shipped another. If this one holds up, I will increase my rating to 5. It is a good chance that it was a one-off defect. I would like to thank you for rating and reading my review. Cheers to you and your healthy lifestyle! It's a good thing.

👤Product isn't accurate over half an ounce. It was too much for my diet.

👤The battery lasts a few days before dying. It's terrible. It's not a AA orAAA battery that most of us have lying around the house. If I continued to use it, I would have to order batteries weekly. I would have returned the packaging if I threw it away. I would like to read the reviews more closely. Choose another scale. This one is useless because of how quickly the battery dies.

9. Gram Digital Calibration Conversion Rechargeable

Gram Digital Calibration Conversion Rechargeable

Also included: Calibration weight, powder pan, carry case, and soft carry case. The digital pocket kitchen scale has a high precision sensor system that provides accurate and instant measurements from 0.01g to 220g, which is suitable for food, gemstones, coins, jewelry, gold, etc. Calibration weight is used to ensure accuracy. It is easy to tare and calibrate with the 100g weight, and it is pocket-size so it can be used for many portable weighing requirements. The weed scale has all the weighing units needed for easy weight translations and converts measurement between g/oz/ozt/dwt/ct/gn in seconds through one button press. The weigh gram scale can be used to save battery power. It is easy to read in all light conditions because of the large size digits and stark contrast of the display. Their battery is more eco-friendly than other jewelry scales.

Brand: Weigh Gram

👤Don't listen to people who say that the scale is off because the supplied weight is not 100 grams, or every nickel is 5 grams, or if it's not then the scale is off. I took 20 nickels and weighed them together, but the supplied weight was not 100 grams, so I weighed them all separately and the others were over or under. I decided to weigh each nickel over and over again, and they all came out the same, but the nickels and the provided weight were not correct.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the heft of the unit. The scale has metal on it which gives it a nice feel. I wasn't happy that the test weight was between 100.13 and 100.16, but the nickels I tested were between 4.96 and 5.06, which is what I expected. If you're looking for a low stakes, budget, and compact scale, this may be the one for you.

👤You had to charge this. I've had mine for six months. One of the main reasons I chose this scale was that it was rechargeable. It's very convenient and accurate. I am a very clumsy guy and I don't treat my possessions with respect, and this thing has survived my abuse. It hasn't died. I remembered the charging port when I saw it.

👤It's accurate, easy to use, and even better - it doesn't need batteries, and it comes with the calibration weight. This scale is recommended by me.

👤We were off.02 of a gram. No big deal. Then it stopped. There is no big deal with that head gesture. I was off at.05. I was on a level surface. I didn't make any changes to the calibration. It went back to.02 off. And then.05. Decided to put item back on. Can't remember a significant difference. Some people are using very light stuff where that.05 is off.

👤Exceeded my expectations. It comes with it's own balancing and calibration. weight so that you know you're accurate. It comes with a fully charged battery and cord for when it needs to be charged again. I'm happy.

👤You can't be it for how cheap this scale was. I don't like leaving customer reviews because I think it's crazy to trust advice from a stranger. The accuracy of this scale was very good, however it has to be adjusted frequently, if you don't do that you're not getting an accurate reading, especially if it's the type that comes. The instructions are on the back of the lid. It is very light and easy to carry around, and I love the look of it. M.a.I.c. K.y. E.5

👤It has a variable that is jumpy. There is no way to get an accurate reading. Not aure if I got a mistake. I have been using it as an estimated weight to weigh out yeast for my brew but the lack of Preston is making my brew inconsistent. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere if you want to weigh bulk yeast. This is junk. The seller never heard back from the poor customer service that the messages were sent to.

10. Etekcity Multifunction Stainless Batteries Included

Etekcity Multifunction Stainless Batteries Included

The 6-mm glass platform of the scale provides exceptional comfort. The sturdy frame and anti-skid paddings on the scale make it safe to use. When adding ingredients, the Etekcity digital food scale has 0.05oz/1g increments, which is a high-precision weight. The scale can easily convert units between ounces and pounds. You can measure different types of food and ingredients. Tare function is used. The tare function can help you get an accurate reading for food and ingredients. The scale has an auto-off function, which will turn off the scale after 2 minutes to save battery. The platform is food safe. Their team in California Anaheim is ready to help you with any questions you might have about your kitchen scale.

Brand: Etekcity

👤I bought a scale to weigh my puppies. It's great so far. I put a plate on it and then put a puppy on it. It works like a charm. I would definitely recommend it. It's very nice looking. If you're buying it for the kitchen, it's great.

👤This scale works well for us. You can't beat the price. The scale helps achieve an accurate measurement if you cook and bake a lot. This scale is easy to use and accurate, it's convenient when a recipe calls for an ingredient in grams and you don't have the tools to measure. In our video, you can see it quickly turn on. The unit can be changed while the item is on the scale. Within seconds, it turns off. We've used this scale many times over the last few years and we still use the same batteries. The scale has small grips on it. It's a great price and scale.

👤The scale is terrible. You pay for what you get and I only paid $8. The weight reading is moving. I used a scale that was side by side and weighed 4 grams. The other scale gave exactly 4 while this one went back and forth from 3 to 5. I wish I had spent more money. I work in law enforcement and need more precise weights.

👤The scale is easy to use, pretty accurate, and sleek, but I had an issue with the actual read out. If you place a bowl or plate on top of the flat top, it will block the screen. You have to look under the curve of the bowl or place a thinner box on top of the bowl to see if you can push back the bowl. The scale would have been 5 stars, but the fact that you can't see the display without going through a mission is pretty annoying. It was the larger version that was sent free of charge after I gave it 3 stars, which negates the issue I mentioned above. The newer version of the one I was sent has the read out to the side which seems more practical. I had to raise my initial 3 stars to 4 for customer service.

👤I had a hard time figuring out how to rate this product. It is designed to weigh small amounts of food. It is well designed. That is all it does to deliver on its intended function. The zero function is coupled to the measuring function. When you put a dish on the scale then zero the display, the resulting value will include the weight of your finger pushing the button. The product doesn't measure the weight of food as advertised. The designer is not an engineer. I would recommend a different product. I will return this and find a better product. I will update this review with my findings when I do. I gave it two stars because. It looks nice.

👤Not sensitive to low weights. The scale is useless for measuring out items that are in the low single digits of grams. You can only work around it by putting something heavy on the scale, then putting the measuring paper on top of that, and then pouring the ingredient. The scale I bought from Amazon did not have this problem. The scale is not perfect, on the order of 10-20%. If you put a cup on the scale and measure a significant amount of ingredients, it can be tested easily. Remove the cup and put a different cup on the scale and pour in what should be 20 grams from the first cup. It will be different. The scale is trash. The last scale I bought was accurate to less than 1%.

11. Milligram Reloading Calibration Pennyweigh MAXUS

Milligram Reloading Calibration Pennyweigh MAXUS

Their battery is more eco-friendly than other jewelry scales. 50g x 1g is high precision. It is easy to use. The backlit screen is easy to read. Gram, Grain, Carat,Pennyweight, Ounce, Troy Ounce are 6 weighing units. There is a powder pan, 20-g calibration check weight, tweezers and powder scoop.

Brand: Maxus

👤There is a potentially dangerous floating zero problem on this scale. I gave it a one star rating because it's the only way to get the needed info out to other customers so they can hear about a design deficiency, understand the issue, and know how they can still use this scale safely if they want to buy it. I tried to explain the issue and the solution in many different ways in this review. The scale is nice, but only if you avoid one potentially dangerous aspect of how it works. If you want to weigh out small amounts of something, it has a terrible floating zero problem. The scale is supposed to be accurate to 5mg, but it won't register weights lighter than 9mg. It doesn't sound like a big deal, because you only have to weigh items over 9-15mg in weight and you are good to go with. Correct, 5mg accuracy? Wrong. The scale is good for the price and will give you a number that is within 5mg if you put something larger on it. This scale does an admirable job of being consistent, and there are some reviews on the internet that show this type of testing. I decided to buy one for myself. If you are trying to weigh out something very lightweight while also starting from zero, there is a chance of a dangerous situation. Zero, as in "nothing at all on the scale" or "adding something to a small tray that has been first zeroed out with a press of the TARE button" If you want to weigh out things like tiny beads, small seeds, supplement powder, reloading powder, or a chemical powder for a chemistry experiment, the floating zero design failure of this scale will often rear its ugly head. People want their scales to do these tasks. If you don't do things in a certain way, the scale can be wildly inaccurate. Literature says this scale will be hard to read if you are less than 9mg. It doesn't say that if you start your scale at zero and add 8mg of something, then add another 9mg 2 seconds later, then add 6mg two seconds later, and then 9mg again, the scale will still read zero, because all of those. If you want to weigh out 50mg of supplement powder and start the scale at zero, but you add it to the scale too slowly, the scale might miss the addition of powder once, twice, every time, or never depending on how fast you added small. If you want to get a total of 50mg, you can weigh the same powder again more slowly and get a total of 34mg, or you can add it even more slowly. I found the only way to avoid this situation was to make sure your scale never starts at zero when weighing very light things or when weighing out very slowly. If you want to weigh out 30mg of supplement powder, you can add the tray to the scale, but don't press the TARE button, you can use the scale. Start weighing out your powder. If I put my empty plastic tray on the scale, it would weigh 3.090g. If I want to measure out 30mg of supplement powder, I just add the powder to the tray and wait for the total displayed weight to reach 3120g. If I do it that way, everything works well and the powder will show an accurate weight even if I add it to the tray slowly or in small amounts. If I start the scale from zero, I will end up with a random result between 0 and 30mg for my total supplement powder weight and the displayed weight will be different depending on how fast I added the powder to. If you want to fairly weigh something like reloading powder, a chemical powder, etc., that could be very dangerous. I included a picture of the plastic I made in this listing. The pieces of plastic shown weigh between 6 and 15mg. The scale in the image was started out at zero. They were placed on the scale one at a time and had a brief delay between them. The scale still shows zero. The pieces shown on the scale weigh in at a total of 172mg. This scale has a floating zero problem when dealing with small weights. If the plastic pieces are poured onto the scale rapidly or if they are slowly added to a known weight, the scale will show the proper 172mg weight.


What is the best product for small supplement scale?

Small supplement scale products from American Weigh Scales. In this article about small supplement scale you can see why people choose the product. Weightman and Weightman are also good brands to look for when you are finding small supplement scale.

What are the best brands for small supplement scale?

American Weigh Scales, Weightman and Weightman are some of the best brands that chosen by people for small supplement scale. Find the detail in this article. Amazon Basics, Smart Weigh and Withings are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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