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1. Milligrams Measuring Supplement Measurement Spoons

Milligrams Measuring Supplement Measurement Spoons

HEALTHY LIVING Many products endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation are endorsed by Ezy Dose. For quick identification, use the color-coded code. Don't put your spoons in the drawer. You should know that you need a measuring spoon for powder in your nootropic stack. There is a statIC-free polyproPylene. There is less waste. The static cling of other plastics waste your powder. The plastic used in their micro scoops is free of harmful chemicals and won't make a mess. LIFETIME 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! All of their products are supported by them. They will make it right if you send them an email. A quick and convenient alternative to a gram scale. No more having to use a scale to measure the correct dose. This micro scoop can be used in your car, at work or school, or at the gym. Save money with a filigree pack. You don't have to buy expensive bulk packs when you only need one spoon of each size, and you don't have to pay high prices for individual spoons.

Brand: Superdosing

👤These small scoops are great for small amounts of product. Some of the supplements can be taken with a quarter or eighth of a cup. Without these tiny micro scoops it would be hard to get the right amount. They are static-free so that I don't have to worry about wasting my money. I know that I am getting the full amount, rather than losing some that is still stuck to the scoop, because they are static-free. It is important. There have been questions about the volume of these scoops. The basic laws of physics are what we're going back to. Two equal volumes of different substances do not necessarily have the same weight. The weight of two substances may not have the same volume. Even though they might look similar, different substances have different densities. That is important to remember. A small amount of salt and a small amount of silver would vary greatly in weight. Let's say that we are using flour in all three scoops. The amount of flour would be equal to. It's a little bit. The amount of flour would be equal to.004 of a gram. The amount of flour is equivalent to.005 tsp. The seller of a bulk supplement will advise you on how much to take, either in ounces or grams. Before taking a supplement, be sure to ask for the correct amount. Different people can react differently to the same supplement. When you take a supplement, you are basically self-medicating, as the FDA has not done the necessary research to determine if a substance should be a prescription. Before taking a supplement, be sure to do your own research so that you know what you're getting into, both in terms of possible benefits and possible risks. I know. I had a bad reaction to an OTC supplement. You should tell your doctor that you are taking this supplement. Most doctors don't know much about supplements. Nobody ever said the laws of physics are easy to understand or recall.

👤I was expecting an assortment with multiple examples of each size, but I didn't see it. This item is an extremely poor value because it is in many packages and costs between $10-12. My recommendation is to find another option, and not order this to be given to the seller in order to reward them for their business. Ripoffs like this are not nice. If you use other materials to measure doses, you will likely find that some powders leave a residue that sticks to the spoons, so if you tap them, you won't get the full contents.

👤The product is excellent, but the pictures are a little deceiving. A picture with a ball bearing has been included.

👤I don't have the tools or standards to measure these against, but they work well for me. I get good results from the supplement I bought which calls for a 10-30 Mg powder dosage, but I have yet to OD, to my knowledge. The yellow one with the two heads is easy to carry around with you in one of the small bags, the other two are longer. I'm glad I don't have to measure my dose with my finger at work. That would be awkward.

2. Handle Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

Handle Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

These measuring spoons are made from 304stainless steel and have stronger resistance to rust and are safe for cooking. 1 Tsp, 1/2 Tsp, 1/2 Tsp measures. Size etched into handle.

Brand: Libertyware

👤The spoons are sturdy but Jesus Christ thinks this packaging is sad. Each spoon was wrapped in plastic. Each spoon has a barcode sticker on it. They are linked together with a thingy. The handles of the spoons are so small that it is hard to thread off the keys. I have a carpal tunnel and it is hard for me. I have to file my nails after undoing the packaging because it is shredding my nails. I am begrudgingly keeping the extra long measuring spoons. I would try to find another option for you. Something more user-friendly.

👤I wanted to use these with some of my pet and personal supplements. I was getting tired of having to cram my hand through narrow jar necks with a tiny two inch scoop only to pull out my hand all covered in. These are close to perfect. There is less waste of product. When I get to the bottom of my jars, the ends of the handles are not comfortable to hold. They are pointed. The ends of the handle would be perfect if they were rounded. This is the only reason for the reduction of a star.

👤I think these measuring spoons are strong enough to last into the next ice age. They are strong and long enough to reach into the deepest jars. The small ring that ties all of the spoons together is my only complaint. It hurts! They made these measuring spoons and attached them to a ring that may stain your kitchen cabinet, counter, etc. Go figure!

👤I was tired of trying to fit my hand into large containers for a small amount of product. I looked for long handled measuring spoons. They were the longest ones on Amazon. I wasn't disappointed. They are great for reaching the bottom of large containers. There is a The quality was better than I expected. These spoons are strong.

👤Finally! A measuring set that is over the silly neck of a measuring spoon will reach bulk containers. I don't measure the accuracy because I am a home cook. Couple of grains don't affect what I'm doing. I wish it had been more than the standard because a lot of recipes now ask for 1/2 of a T, pinch of salt, etc.

👤I was looking for something like these spoons. I wanted to reach into the bottom of the jars for things like peanut butter, but my fingers were too dirty. The spoons are of high quality. They are very long and can reach the bottom of quart-sized jars.

👤A hot tub was purchased by us. There were many bottles of chemicals along with the purchase. The bottles are over 8 feet tall and with my husband's arthritic hands it was hard for him to get the powders out with the correct measurement. The long handled spoons help him. Highly recommended!

👤These are long handles. I bought them because we didn't like having to use smaller measuring spoons to get our cod liver oil. I was concerned about the depth and roundness of the scoop. I can get my tongue in there and get everything out. I would like the measurement labels to be better. There's a huge handle to put the info on and it's not very deep. It's weird that one of my friends has a different style of lettering.

3. Tablespoon Plastic Measuring 10 Pack Kitchen

Tablespoon Plastic Measuring 10 Pack Kitchen

The Wisconsin-based company is family-owned. AllSpice products are of the highest quality. For quick, personalized customer service, contact them anytime. The products are manufactured in China. You get 10 scoops, enough for the basic kitchen. The 20-pack is also available on Amazon. BEYOND COFFEE: You can put one in each canister for brown sugar, baking soda, baking powder, flax seed, chia seed, arrow root, bread crumbs, oat bran, yeast, wheat germ, nuts and tea leaves. Put one in your coffee as well. The laundry room and bathroom are useful around the house. For crafts and do-it-yourself projects. Food safe plastic. It is recommended that you wash your product for a longer time. The bowl is 4 inches long and 1.25 inches wide. The purity is 15 milliliters.

Brand: Cornucopia Brands

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I use a spoon for everything. Measuring salad dressing, coffee creamer, chia seeds, etc. I was washing the same amount as before. Not anymore! These things look small, but they are exactly 1 TBSP.

👤I just got these, and they are not ounces. If you are going to use them for measuring, don't get them, they are about a quarter short. I got these because we keep missing them. These are scoops that are not meant for measuring.

👤This is one of those small things that make your life easier. I don't need to wash the same amount 5 times a day. Instead, I put one in my coffee canister, bag of chia seeds, bag of hemp seeds, and keep them there for when I need to measure out a serving. I can wash and reuse them again.

👤The price caught my attention. I will be using them for homemade gifts. I will be making cake this year. My granddaughter works in a doctors office and I try to make her a gift. I needed to measure how much cake will be in a cup. Cost is important to me because I am retired. These will be perfect.

👤I needed it for my kitchen because I had been using measuring cups and spoons in my cooking and baking and I had to wash them every time I needed them. I decided to get enough scoops so I don't have to replace them. I use 5 for tea, chocolate powder, coffee, creamer, and powdered milk. I measured it using measuring spoons. They are easy to clean and useful for any kitchen. I will be able to buy them again if they don't last long.

👤They're a bit larger than a 1/2 ounce. I need 1 full ounce, not 1/2 ounce.

👤These work well, but they are very overpriced for what you get for 10. It should be 15 for $7.99 or 10 for $4.99. I bought mini spatulas on Amazon for five dollars and it was a good price for the quality. The spoons look like they cost a lot to make. It did measure as a small amount. I measured it with different amounts. I would check your local dollar store for the best price for them.

👤The 10 pack was not a 10 pack, it was a 9 pack. Someone opened the bag and took a spoon. The bag was torn open and the label said 10 spoons, but only 9 were in the box.

4. Superdosing Static Free Measuring Supplement Measurement

Superdosing Static Free Measuring Supplement Measurement

Do not put dishwasher in hand wash. There is a 2-in-1 Micro MEASURING Spear. One side has a measurement spoon of 10 to 15 grams and the other side has a spoon of 25 to 30 grams. There is a statIC-free polyproPylene. There is less waste. The static cling of other plastics waste your powder. The plastic used in their micro scoops is free of harmful chemicals and won't make a mess. LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! All of their products are supported by them. They will make it right if you send them an email. A quick and convenient alternative to a gram scale. No more having to use a scale to measure the correct dose. This micro scoop can be used in your car, at work or school, or at the gym. A multipack is a thing. Each time there is a slurp for Jar. You can keep a supplement spoon in each jar if you get the 25 pack. If you lose a micro spoon, give it to friends or have an arsenal of them.

Brand: Superdosing

👤I've been looking for tiny spoons that I didn't think would get me on a list, and these are great! It's perfect for small glitter and mica powders. It's very easy to rinse and dry off. I was worried that there were not many, but now I realize that they are infinitely replaceable. I'll be in tiny spoons for a long time.

👤I like the look and size but I was not satisfied with the static free nature of these. I haven't had an instance where my spoon wasn't coated with isolate. It does make a nice even scoop full as you are able to scoop the measuring spoon against the rim or source material container for even fill, but it appears to be due to the static holding all the powder in even when I flip it over.

👤Exactly what I needed. They were way to big when they ordered salt spoons from another Vender. There is a I don't need the bottle that comes with the snuff spoon because I'm looking for something else. These work with a container of salt. The blue picnic and dinner sets are highlighted by the color. You can keep on keeping on.

👤These are small spoons. Not sure how accurate they are. I agree with them on their word. I use them to measure fish medication. I should just approximate the amount needed.

👤These are garbage. These will be a waste of time and a garbage product.

👤It's great for micro-dosing.

👤This spoon is perfect and makes it easy to carry around. This one can be used for many different things, from arts and craft to cooking and always getting the perfect amount.

👤Maybe I have too high expectations. I wasn't expecting short, flimsy plastic for 50 cents.

5. Teaspoon Handle Measuring Coffee Protein

Teaspoon Handle Measuring Coffee Protein

A parent in mind, baby at heart. They put out the best products for their customers. Try these out and see if you like them! The capacity is 5 liters. The total length is 4.5 inches. The material is safe for use with food. It's used for measuring bulk or liquid materials.

Brand: Supplement And Supply

👤I use a 1/3 measuring cup to measure my dogs' food and one of my dogs chewed up my 1/3 cup when I left it on the dining room table. I was glad to find these, but they are not worth $5.00 each, since I was not able to find a replacement 1/3 cup measuring cup. They are cheap and probably worth less than a dollar. Next time I go to the dollar store, I'll see if I have a better chance.

👤I drink liquid fish oil but don't want to have to clean my existing spoon every single day. They work well for that, but when I put them in the dishwasher, they don't clean that well all the time. If I put 6 in the dishwasher, 1-2 will still have oil on them. This doesn't happen with other dishes I have. They don't clean as well in the dishwasher because they are cylinder shaped. These are great if you're using them for something else.

👤The short handle scoops that came with my preworkout powder were replaced by these scoops. I can reach the bottom of my container without getting my hand sticky from the powder with the long handle. The handle is sturdy and I don't have any issues with it bending when I pull it against the container.

👤I went with these because of their long handles and they are not the cheapest measuring spoons out there. The longer handle makes it easier to scoop material out of deeper containers. The total length of each spoon is 4.5 inches. I have other measuring spoons with 2 inch handles, and I get my knuckles all covered in the substance I'm using. The measuring spoons were put in a simple bag.

👤It's great for putting into dry goods. I use it for dry dog and cat food. I checked them against standard cups and it was accurate. The handles are easy to hold. I like having extra to use in the garden for measuring out plant food, de-icer for the driveway, and scoop soil into planters, as well as having a few extra to use for spreading things around. It's versatile for a lot of uses.

👤It's the perfect size. My customers will use the correct amount of laundry soap if they receive a free gift from me.

👤I wanted a small scoop that I could keep in the coffee canister. 60cc/ml is the scoop. It's perfect for a single pot of coffee. Knowing that an exact fill will produce a normal pot of coffee allows me to heap up grounds for stronger coffee or less as I please. I like having a scoop that is small for my coffee pot.

👤It worked out fine. It is easy to measure my coffee in denominations that I use most often. 1 scoop for 4 cups, 2 scoops for 8 cups, and 3 scoops for 12 cups. I like my coffee stronger, so I use heaping scoops.

👤It was exactly as advertised. This is what I was looking for. The equivalent number in the brackets has been helpful. Thank you. Highly recommended.

6. RSVP Endurance Stainless Measuring DILL

RSVP Endurance Stainless Measuring DILL

Care instructions. It's dishwasher safe. Place silverware in a dishwasher caddy or wrack for easy cleaning. The most popular measures for cooking and baking are 1-tablespoon, 1-teaspoon, 34-teaspoon, 12teaspoon, and 14-teaspoon. The handles for US and Metric measurements are permanently stamped. These spoons are made from a single piece of thick gauge 18/8stainless steel and are dishwasher safe. The graduating size of the narrow measuring spoon from 14-inch wide up to 1-inch wide has a 6-1/4-inch overall length, fit inside an array of spice jars. It will be easy to find and use all six spoons when they are nested together. The weight limit is 6 pounds.

Brand: Rsvp International

👤My wife needed a set of measuring spoons to fit in our spice jars and replace our old round Oneida measuring spoons, which don't fit in spice jars. The RSVP International Endurance measuring spoons were based on the Serious Eats measuring spoons review. I wonder if I can trust a review again after this experience. It is so naive that it is useless. As soon as I looked at the measure, I knew I had to measure the ingredients. You can easily see that the amount is too small. I used a bowl of sugar and a straightedge to flatten the measuring spoons. When I used the RSVP spoon to measure two of the 1/8 teaspoon into the 1/2 inch spoon, the 1/2 inch spoon overflowed as soon as I started adding the second 1/2 inch. When I compared the 1/2 cup to the other 1/2 cup in my kitchen, it was the same thing. The hands are too small to fit on them. We have 3M small wire hooks on our door. I used a vise in the garage to make the hooks fit the spoons. We bought this set because we thought the RSVP set would fit my wife's jars, but they don't. The RSVP measuring spoons were replaced with the Cuisipro set. The Cuisipro set was the top choice in the last two reviews of measuring spoons. The Cuisipro set is better.

👤I wouldn't give these 4 or 5 stars because they are all nicely polished, but they have a rough edge on the bowl. I smoothed it out with some emery cloth, but it should have been caught at the factory. There are two more The utensil tray of my dishwasher has slots for the spoons to slip through, because the ends of the handles are narrow. I prefer not to wash them bowl down because it takes longer to dry. Not a big deal. I like that they are stamped 18/8 which is more rust resistant than 18/10.

👤The measuring spoons are heavier than my other ones. I bought them. I wanted to get into my smaller jars. My round ones fit for less than a small amount of spice. I don't have to worry about spilling the spices on my counter because these fit into the smaller jars. I am getting rid of my old plastic measuring spoons and ordering a second set.

👤These measuring spoons are not accurate. It is very inconvenient that both the 1 and the 1/2 are labeled the same way. They decided to sell them because they didn't want to lose money. I missed the deadline to return them.

👤I have had a set of measuring spoons for a long time, but I hated that they didn't fit inside my bottles, so I always had to dump and pour. These fit inside my bottles and make measuring easy. They are made of metal. The only complaint I have is that the ring that holds them together kept opening, and the spoons fell to the floor more than once. I put the spare metal ring on the problem and it was solved. No problem. I love these.

7. Superdosing Static Free Micro Scoop Milligram

Superdosing Static Free Micro Scoop Milligram

Kosher Dairy is certified by the Orthodox Union. There is a statIC-free polyproPylene. There is less waste. The static cling of other plastics waste your powder. The plastic used in their micro scoops is free of harmful chemicals and won't make a mess. A quick and convenient alternative to a gram scale. No more having to use a scale to measure the correct dose. This micro scoop can be used in your car, at work or school, or at the gym. LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! All of their products are supported by them. They will make it right if you send them an email. A multipack is a thing. Each time there is a slurp for Jar. You can keep a supplement spoon in each jar if you get the 25 pack. If you lose a micro spoon, give it to friends or have an arsenal of them. For quick identification, use the color-coded code. Don't put your spoons in the drawer. You should know that you can get a black micro spoon for 6 - 10 grams of nootropic powder.

Brand: Superdosing

👤I accidentally ordered a lot of melatonin, but the 10mg level causes me to not be able to wake up, and also gives me a nasty headaches. I decided to buy these little spoons to see if I could make it work. I didn't take into account the fact that the melatonin spoons have a lot of stuff in them, so they didn't work for this project. I didn't see any leftover when I tried it, they were very accurate. I live in a desert. Zero complaints and cheap. I split my melatonin in half and put it in my tea at night. Not as precise, but better.

👤These scoops are great for powdered supplements. I'm able to measure out and fill my capsule with no problem.

👤These do the trick. I didn't know how small 10 grams was until I got these. It is of powder. There is no waste because the powder is released with a gentle tap. These are perfect for the job.

👤It does what it's supposed to do. Pick up tiny scoops of whatever I need. I wish it wouldn't flick the substance when I'm removing it from a container.

👤The scoop can be used to easily and precisely measure. They are a bit flimsy and will be like a spring up and down if hit quickly.

👤The cup is very small and the end of a single grain of white rice.

👤I use these to give my pets medicine. Dogs and cats. The powders don't stick to the spoons because they are static free. I would buy from them again because the seller was very accommodating. They have good products and communication. Thank you very much.

👤They are perfect for small amounts of medicine. Unfortunately, they are not anti-static. When you remove portions from containers, it's not always a good idea. When you use them, you have to be more patient.

8. Norpro Stainless Measuring Spoons Smidgen

Norpro Stainless Measuring Spoons Smidgen

The magnetic measuring spoons are great for measuring many things. It's easier to cook and bake if you make it more fun. The measuring spoon set is fun and useful. A great gift idea! The handles are imprinted with something. Keep your measures consistent and you can remove the mystery of what exactly is a tad, dash, pinch, smidgen and drop! It's ideal for measuring small amounts. The narrow spoons fit in any container or jar. The ring holds spoons.

Brand: Norpro

👤Like the smaller spoons. We use it to measure our vitamins and supplements. Had to figure out what the words on the spoons mean, but I wish they had put the actual measurement on instead of the cute names. Tad, Dash, Pinch, Smidge, and Drop are the names that mean what they mean.

👤These are only useful for "from scratch" cooking, the way grandma used to cook, they are not accurate for real measuring. I tested them against my measuring spoons. They are 25% off, and hold less than other reviewers think. I was going to use them to measure powdered medicine for my cat, but now I can't. I will probably try to find other spoons that are accurate.

👤The metal coating on the spoon came off. That doesn't seem safe or healthy.

👤The spoons are labeled as "Tad, Dash, Pinch, Smidgen, Drop", but they are not actual measurements. If you need to be accurate, you should use a different measuring device than the one you're using. These spoons are not meant to be used to measure drugs. They are an estimated amount for following a recipe or cooking show where they're tossing in a little of this and a little of that inconsistently, using the terms the spoons are labeled with. I use them to make homemade soap, since a little goes a long way. It's great to keep track of how much I'm using. I can double or triple my recipe accurately, but don't ask me to halve it, I'd be better off eyeballing a half of whatever spoon I originally used than trying to match a smaller spoon to that amount. I've been using the same set for over a year and they're still as good as I got them. No rust, bending, fading of the words, anything.

👤I use a large spoon to pack a bowl into my volcano vaporizer. It's the perfect size to keep things orderly. I'm sure grandma would approve of other uses. The metal is very sturdy and does not bend easily. I don't know the exact measurement but it works great. I love using the smaller spoons. I bought a second set after my mother-in-law bought me a set. She thinks it's to measure spices. Yes, sure!

👤It measures well, however it doesn't have actual measurements, it just uses names like Dash or Pinch. A reviewer mentioned what each of those were and saved me a lot of trouble. I will re-post it if anyone is wondering. Most people care about what works. TAD is 1/6 The amount of DASH is 1/6th of a cup, and the amount of PINCH is 1/6th of a cup. 1/64 is the drop.

👤I didn't even notice that these were shipped in with something else. I threw out the bag after I realized they arrived with something else and I grabbed my item and tossed it. I will know when I have to look through all the boxes after shaking the bag. I already have a set of these and use them for many things. Many people don't like that they say dash, pinch etc. They work great for my use because I am not looking for accurate measuring.

9. Measuring Stainless Tablespoon Teaspoon Ingredients

Measuring Stainless Tablespoon Teaspoon Ingredients

The measuring scoop design is easy to fit into a bottle. A must-have for the kitchen. The measuring spoons are brushed with the best quality. It is easy to clean. Accurate measurement size engraved clearly on the handle of the spoon will save time and effort. It is long lasting and durable. The design is neat. Cupped and rounded heads allow reaching into small containers without spilling out. The set is easy to store. The O ring helps to keep the spoons together after a long day of cooking or baking. These measuring spoons are made from 304stainless steel and have stronger resistance to rust and are safe for cooking.

Brand: Kacutor

👤Measuring spoons are used to measure accurately. I must return them because they don't match any of the fractions. Quality was otherwise fine.

👤It's a shame. They're sturdy and well made. The size of the 1st and 1st are the same. It's easier to see in the top down picture. The spoons have good size separation between them, with the exception of the 1/16. They're from the right. If you look closely, that's both of them. I don't trust the sizes. Don't use them for anything where accuracy is important.

👤I use a scale along side a gram to know my dosages. I use it to figure out how much my supplements are going to cost. There are machines that fill 100 capsule at a time for a specific size, but Amazon doesn't sell them. To find them, you have to use the internet. My set up includes spoons, scales, and capsule filling machines, but I only make 100 capsule in 15 minutes.

👤I like the products of NORPRO. The brands' measuring spoons look like they were cut from the same die cast metal. There is a difference in what is stamped on each spoon. This version also has drop, smidgen, pinch, dash, and tad, and each spoon shows fractions of a spoon. It's nice to see the additional descriptions, but I often test recipes by preparing smaller number of serving, so it's not a big deal for some.

👤We had a similar set for a decade and wanted some for wedding gifts. I was worried that they would be less sturdy than ours, but they are just as nice. These are novelty items, as the quantities are easily estimated and there is a lot of flexibility in recipes. It is interesting to see the differences in the measures. If you need absolute accuracy on this level, you really need a small digital scale that can measure in fractions of a gram. They are inexpensive.

👤I bought these to measure the increase in my dog's supplement. They worked well for that. I don't know if the measurements are accurate. Consistency with his supplement is what I need. I like that they are sturdy. Great purchase!

👤It is easy to clean, sturdy and durable. Yes. Not cheap and clearly marked. I was not aware of the exact measurement for a tad-dash-pinch-drop. The measuring spoons have all of that written on them. I am happy with my purchase.

👤I bought a measuring spoon set to measure TransTint liquid dye. Since I only mix up 8 ounces of shellac at a time, I needed to add the dye in 32nds or 64ths of a cup, much smaller than what comes with standard measuring sets. These worked well and will last a lifetime.

10. Glandex Plastic Measuring Scoop Teaspoon

Glandex Plastic Measuring Scoop Teaspoon

Before use, wash and inspect. Do not use microwaves, steam, or sterilization. At the first sign of weakness or damage, discard and replace. The child should not be allowed to run or walk while carrying the spoon. Don't leave the child unattended. It is possible to easily measure Glandex Powder. Measures 1/6, 1/2, and 1/6. Works in conjunction with Glandex Supplement. The folds are dishwasher safe. The measuring scoop design is easy to fit into a bottle.

Brand: Glandex

👤It is a bit expensive for measuring spoons. The shape of the scoop is good for giving the correct amount, but there is no way to get overfill out with the glandex container. It would be great if you could purchase just one measuring scoop for the size of your dog's dose. The other scoops are not worth the money. Potential buyers should check dollar stores for measuring scoops with long handles to be able to reach the bottom of the container.

👤We don't have a lot of measuring spoons in our home. They are usually missing in a bag of flour. I bought these because they were cheap and I needed the measurements. They're not the best measuring spoons in the world. I use the 1 TSP for measuring tea, and it works well. They are easy to clean. Smaller containers may not fit into the rectangular shape. There is a warning.

👤I only needed a small measure. I expected the spoons to be tighter so that the next spoon would level off the contents. It doesn't handle powder well. I need to level off the measured amount with a knife. It was definitely a disappointment.

👤We have three dogs. The smallest is 10 pounds and the biggest is over 100 pounds. Glandex has been used for a year. I am not sure why I didn't get this sooner, it simplified my life and it is well worth the $4. It was easy to use. It is easy to clean. Well made! Accurate dose! It was perfect for us.

👤I needed the smallest one for my dog. This set was a better buy than buying it on its own. The smallest one has an extruding clip that the rest of the scoops attach to. Even if you threw the other scoops out, it has this inconvenient clip. A plastic ring would have been better.

👤I use a small amount of the substance for my dogs. I have to fill it many times because of the shape of the spoon.

👤The set is perfect for measuring my dogs medicines. It could be used in any kitchen. Very fast delivery.

👤I should have known that one of the measures I was looking for would answer my needs. Glandex is prescribed for my pet. And here it is! It was easy to measure and store, and I didn't have to look at what half of a quarter might be. Thanks!

👤It was very well made. The company states that Works works great in the bottle. Definitely recommend this.

👤They are separable so you can use them individually. I was very happy with the purchase and fast shipping.

11. Zeroll 1020 Original Conductive Aluminum

Zeroll 1020 Original Conductive Aluminum

It is free of the harmful chemical, sbA. The dishwasher is safe. The quality of ice cream. Zeroll has been the ice cream scoop of choice in homes and ice cream parlors since 1935. The unique zeroll design. The natural warmth of your hand makes for a smooth and easy scoop. Kitchen essentials. The improved aluminum alloy resists oxidation. It's easy to write a story. The one-piece design has no springs to replace and is easy to use. The best scoop is the color-coded gold end cap which has a portion size of 2 ounces/ounces and 40 scoops per gallon.

Brand: Zeroll

👤The two on the left are from Amazon. I got the bigger scooper from another store. There is a weird coating on the left. It doesn't say zerolls on the handle.

👤I had this ice cream scooper for over a month and it was always hand washed. I do it with more delicate dishes. The scooper fell apart because it became very pitted and it was not usable. It seems that this is a known problem after reading more about it on other websites. The scooper is a waste of money. The Zeroll scooper is not recommended. I replaced it with the OXO Good Grips Solid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop.

👤I used one of these and liked it so much that I ordered one the next night. Before using ice cream scoops, warm it up in my hand. I immediately rinse it off with hot water and dry it with a towel because it's not dishwasher safe. December 7, 2017: an edit. I took a picture of this scoop today, it's been two years since I bought it. It looks like it has been used for a long time, and I believe it has been through some serious use. If this review was helpful, please click 'Helpful' below to let me know that I'm not wasting my time by doing these. Thank you!

👤The summary of the other people's reviews. I read many of the reviews. A lot of people seem to be talking about a completely different product or have fallen victim to user error. If a company makes many similar products, the reviews for some of them get mixed together, which is a problem for Amazon. This product is not very resistant to heat. It can't be heated above 140F/60C. The product can be ruined by machine- washing, leaving the scoop outside in a hot car, or damaging the outer finish of the aluminum. This product works because of the 'heat-conductive' fluid and by causing the aluminum to degrade and corrode. There are two more The Zeroll 1020 is where my review is on. The scoop is made of aluminum and has a handle that is filled with a heat-conductive fluid. I got mine a few days ago. The simplicity of the scoop is impressive. The ice cream was still frozen solid when it was sliced. The $20 price tag on this scoop is not justified to me. Thanks for taking the time to read it. Be smart. If you don't need a $20 ice cream scoop, don't buy it or let someone buy it for you. We all need to practice the patience it takes to wait for ice cream to melt before we can scoop it. I will keep this post updated if something unforeseen happens to my scoop.

👤For a long time, I had a similar scoop. I was glad to find this replacement after I put the old one in the dishwasher. The scoop is leaking after only two months of use. I can feel the liquid on the handle and it is leaking into the drawer where I kept the scoop. The plastic seal at the bottom of the handle is different from the older model I had. That is where it is leaking. The new one has never been in the dishwasher because I learned my lesson from the old one. It seems like it is malfunctioning. The one-piece version of this scoop is leaking the end cap.


What is the best product for small supplement scoop?

Small supplement scoop products from Superdosing. In this article about small supplement scoop you can see why people choose the product. Libertyware and Cornucopia Brands are also good brands to look for when you are finding small supplement scoop.

What are the best brands for small supplement scoop?

Superdosing, Libertyware and Cornucopia Brands are some of the best brands that chosen by people for small supplement scoop. Find the detail in this article. Superdosing, Supplement And Supply and Rsvp International are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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