Best Supplement Bag for Men

Bag 3 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Animal Cuts Thermogenic Supplement Metabolic

Animal Cuts Thermogenic Supplement Metabolic

The ultimate fat burning pak.

Brand: Ssg

👤I like this product. I have been using it for about 5 months now and it has helped me slim down. It's best to take it with food. When I wake up with my shake, I take it once. If I could stop eating junk food, I would get better results.

👤Yes, it works. It is twice a day. Suppresses appetite and shreds water weight. I went from 190 to 176 in 5 weeks with moderate lifting and a mile on the treadmill every other day. I speak on average. My diet has been lighter and lower in calories, but not a no carb diet. It helps if you want to lose weight while you take these. Look at my pictures. I am 30 years old. If you don't eat food or drink water you will burp up unpleasant flavors if you don't swallow pills.

👤This is an addition to the training you are doing. I drank half a gallon of water and worked out. I forgot about the off week for two days in the third week, and then resumed on the fourth week. I lost 20 pounds after my first can. I bought another can after this one worked.

👤While on animal cuts, I lost 18 lbs in 3 weeks. Will buy again.

👤I was a big fan of the Animal brand when I worked out, so I decided to give it a try. I wanted to change after 8 years of neglecting my body. I feel amazing after changing my diet and getting back into a light workout routine. I went from 217 pounds to 186 in 2 and a half months. This product is very good. Can't wait to see how I look after a 3rd cycle.

👤This product works for me. I have seen results from my second iteration of Animal cuts. This is the supplement I use when I want to lose a little belly fat and water weight. I'm not a power lifter or a gym rat. I work out about 4x a week and live an active lifestyle. I needed to get rid of that last layer of belly fat to show my abdominals, and Animal Cuts helped me push over the peak. You will have to work on it, and you won't be able to just take the supplement and see results. There are many pills in each package. I like that they are coated in each color so that you can remove some if you don't want to take them. If you don't take the pills with food or on a full stomach, the flavor will taste like blue-berries, but you won't complain. I started seeing results about 2 weeks into the unit. I did not get paid for this review, these are my own words.

👤I was really excited about the Animal Cuts. I am very disappointed. I work out with havey weights 5 times a day and I don't see any changes in my diet or supplement use. It gives me heartburn. Save your money!

2. Herschel Supply Co Chapter Crosshatch

Herschel Supply Co Chapter Crosshatch

The mesh storage sleeve is inside. The main compartment is waterproof. pebbled leather pull in front pocket.

Brand: Herschel

👤The bag is stylish and sturdy. It fits everything I need, plus more. There is a compartment in the front for small objects. There is a pouch on the inside that can be used quickly. If you spill something inside, it will leak through.

👤Herschel has impressed me again and I have been looking for a good looking travel bag for a long time. The high quality stitching, material, and three compartments sold me on this. I've thrown, tossed, and slid this around and it holds up well. The stitching through the logo shows how detailed this is. I use the tree compartment for separate things. One for bathroom essentials, another for my wallet, keys, phone, and the last for light-weight items like floss and my comb. Also, etc. It sounds silly. I get excited every time I use this. I would probably give this to someone else as well, it continues to be a great experience.

👤I have gotten a product on Amazon for a long time and I think I have been unhappy with it. I fly a small 2 seat turboprop with very little room in the cockpit to spare for anything other than the bare minimum required items, such as a kneeboard, and I am an instructor pilot. It is difficult to find space for a water bottle. A few aviation minded companies make built-for-flying "pub" bags. I have used several over the years, but have grown frustrated with the broken zippers, torn straps, and ripped sides that are unacceptable in an aircraft. Small items can slip out of the bag and create a safety hazard if they get stuck between the throttle and the plane's electrical system. This can make for a bad day. I have been looking for a small bag that could hold all the essentials. This bag fits the bill. The company studied my airplane before it was made. It is perfect. Material is superior to purpose built flight bags. There is a dust cover on the zippers. The pouch is large enough to hold my iPad mini mount. Hey Herschel, you need to market this to pilots of small airplanes. The old school camo design is eye catching. The gear in the picture is in the bag. The carrying strap makes it easy to hold my gear. Couldn't be happier with this bag. It is a real performer. You can't beat it for $30.

👤I own a lot of bags and wallet. The flaw in craftsmanship is the only reason this item gets a four star rating. The elastic band was not sewn together in one spot. I still have it in my heart for 5 stars because I know how to mend and sew and do many crafts and I had enough time to fix it myself when my car had an oil change. Herschel is the only item that has a flaw. I will be buying more of this brand in the future.

👤The pouch is small but large. It doesn't have any pockets or compartments. It has a mesh pouch inside for organization. There is a bit of room in the side pocket. The bag has high quality materials. The style is great and the stitching is neat. It invests in quality materials and doesn't waste on unnecessary features. It seems thick enough to hold a small amount of spillage. This may have some stain or damage. It's a bit expensive but it seems like it would last a long time. Herschel produced a quality product.

3. Canway Sports Travel Compartment Lightweight

Canway Sports Travel Compartment Lightweight

There are double ZIPPER large openings. The double zip design of the toiletry bag allows easy access to its inner contents. Pull on the zip puller to expose yourself. Large caliber gun. The bag is 20 x 10 x 10 inches and has a 45L capacity. If you want a big, fashionable, no-nonsense hauler that will hold all your essential items for sports, it is your choice. There is a multi-POCKET. The sports bag has a lot of pockets. There is a shoe compartment for sneakers. There are two front pockets and one inner wet pocket. There is a side pocket that holds a water bottle and aProtein Shake. The inner pockets hold the facial cleanser. BUILT TO LAST! 600D polyester fabric is waterproof and tear- resistant. Premium metal SBS zippers and reinforced major stress points will not fail you. It has rounded grip handles and a shoulder strap buckle. There are love bonuses. The bottom is made of leather. 2. The wet pockets are designed to hold wet accessories. 3. The built-in key ring can be used to solve a big problem. 4. The side hook allows you to hang the gym bag from a pole in the locker room or on the wall. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Your good companion for sports, could be a sports gym bag, basketball bag, dance bag, camp / airplane duffel, carry-on luggage, Just-In Case bag as well. They will give you 2 years of protection for free from the date of purchase. Order now without risk.

Brand: Canway

👤The old Nike gym bag is no longer in use. Canway gym bag is new I love it! The lockers where I work out are better suited for its design. It has more space because of the extra pockets on the Canway. It can be hard to judge the size of a bag or its pockets when buying online, but I have found that my size TWELVE Hoku-Oné-Oné running shoes have no problem fitting in the bag. The Wet Pocket is one of my favorite features, it keeps everything else dry, and I love the brightCoast Guard orange. I recommend the Canway Gym Bag to my friends. Five stars all the way!

👤I was excited when I got this bag. I took a closer look. The material looks a bit thin. I'm pretty sure the bottom part is not leather. The plastic hooks are cheap and could break easily. The bag is well designed and could use better material. It would be awesome if they did that. I don't think it's bad, but it could be better. That's why I got 3 stars. Let's see how it holds up. My rating was changed to one star. I stated before that material could be better. It started ripping apart after more than a month of use. I knew it was cheap and expected it to last longer. I have not abused the bag.

👤I have been using Adidas gym bags. The big bulky ones have a main compartment and side compartments. The mesh in my latest one was meant to keep air flow for damp things, such as shoes, towels or gear. I thought that was all I needed. When I replaced my old Adidas bag, I realized I no longer needed a big bag for my running gear and I didn't want it to look like I was on a high school football team. I needed something small and easy to carry around, with pockets for things like my running watch, headphones, sunglasses, hygiene products, etc., and something that looked nicer walking into the office with. I didn't want my bag to be a mess of things I couldn't find, or to be so full of empty space that it took up so much space. This is when I found the Canway bag on Amazon. I didn't try the other bags. I chose this one based on looks, color, and what I could tell about the pockets, I didn't think they would work for a lot of things I needed to store. I was still worried that this was going to be too big, so I was hesitant before purchasing. It's not. I think this is the perfect size for my needs, even though I could probably manage with a smaller bag. This bag has pockets to keep my accessories in order, as I'm typically an every day runner, and I needed room for the aforementioned accessories, which include a sunglass case, headphones, portable battery, and hygiene products in their own pocket. I don't think that it's a bad thing that there are more pockets. I'm in and out of the locker room because I keep things organized. I like that the side pockets don't add bulk like my old bag. They feed into the main compartment, so I can still keep my clothes out of my shoes. The more side pockets you put in, the less space you have in the main compartment. I still think I could fit a basketball in the main compartment, even though I have a full set of workout clothes, shoes and accessories. If you're on the football team, this bag might work for you, but not if you're carrying your shoulder pads around. I think the only room for improvement to this bag is the built, which is an added extra surprise. I didn't see that in the posting, but it's got me excited. I used to throw my sweaty gear in a plastic grocery bag and get mocked for it. I don't want the inside of my bag to be gross. The problem is solved by the inner wet bag. I've been using the plastic bag that the Canway bag came in as it's nice, zip locked, and I can consider using the inner wet bag once it gets old and gross. There is no way to replace the inner wet bag down the road. I'm not sure about the instructions. I don't want to have to get rid of the whole bag because the part that got gross was in an air tight space. I really like this bag and recommend it.

4. BAGSMART Organizer Water Resistant Toiletries Accessories

BAGSMART Organizer Water Resistant Toiletries Accessories

MacBook Air 13 inch A1369 is compatible with MacBook Pro 14 inch 2022 and M1 Max with Touch ID. The MacBook Pro 13 inch A1425 A1502 is compatible with the Surface Book. Premium material. It is easy to wipe clean. The main compartment has elastic straps that hold bottles upright. There are multiple pockets inside that can hold your shaving supplies. There is a separate compartment. The front waterproof pocket can hold wet and dry items. The back panel is easy to organize. The design of the double zip up. It is quickly able to reach the main compartment. Pull on the zip puller to expose yourself. It is suitable for both home and travel use. A unique design allows you to get a toiletry bag, shaving kit, and makeup bag all in one.

Brand: Bagsmart

👤When travelling, I usually just throw all of my items into plastic grocery bags. What can I say? I'm not complicated. This bag turned out great, I thought I'd step it up a notch since I was going on a nice trip with my girlfriend. It has small pockets and loops to hold everything. During the trip, I only opened it whenever I needed to, and everything was presented to me. The double-zippered flap over the main compartment provides full access and prevents you from having to dig around. It is easy to clean up. I wiped the toothpaste out with a damp cloth after accidentally getting it on the inside. The bag was larger than I anticipated. I thought it would fit in a carry-on suitcase, but it takes up a lot. It was fine in a suitcase. I'm happy it's not smaller because it fits jars and shaving cream cans. You don't have to stick to only travel-sized products. I recommend this bag to any other guy travelling hobo-style with their stuff in plastic bags.

👤Bigger than expected and works perfectly.

👤I use this on a daily basis because I am a firefighter. It is the best one I have found. I never have leaks because it holds everything I need and holds travel bottles upright. The build quality is good. I have a lot of stuff in here, but I have room to spare. The most organized bag I've found is just small enough to allow me to stuff more stuff in there.

👤The internal center is good for one wired hair clippers, the opposite wall has three pouches for clipper heads and like sized items. The elastic bands in Flap 1 are great for tooth brushes, nail clippers, or electronic devices. Small accessories such as razor heads can be found in the alcove wall pouch. The flap is lined with a plastic that serves to keep mini wash bottles out of sight. The outer shell, or textile liner, feels texturized yet a smooth synthetic that won't soak and reuse nearby sink splashes, and has a seatbelt material carrying handle at one end. This thing is twice the price.

👤It's functional. Simple. The bag is amazing! I bring these items back and forth to work every day. The bag is important. The elastic bands are perfect for keeping everything in place because I like my item to stay upright. I got everything out of my old bag and still have a lot of room.

👤I bought this for my family's go-bag. We live in a high fire risk area and keep a giant tote in the car with a change of clothes, jackets, emergency blankets, etc for each of the 7 people in our home. The toiletry bag we've been using for the past 10 years takes up too much space. I wanted a bag that was small enough to hold 7 people, but still large enough to hold all of their items. If you're using this for one person or even a couple, it would fit great because I removed the stitching to make one larger pocket, which was too small.

5. Carhartt Trade Packable Duffel Utility

Carhartt Trade Packable Duffel Utility

The product is 19x4x25 cm. Each compartment has a size. The duffel is folded inside a utility pouch. The main compartment has a large opening and exterior pocket. Made of synthetic fabric with Rain Defender. The Carhartt logo patch is on the shoulder strap. The measure is 21w x 11h x 11d inches and weighs 0.7 pounds.

Brand: Carhartt

👤I needed a place to put my stuff, so I bought this bag. Carhartt is on the side of the bag. Does it hold things? I look sexy holding it and can carry it.

👤I was looking for a small bag that would last. Everything was online. This bag didn't disappoint and Carhartt makes so many different products. It's the perfect size for me. I knew it had a smaller bag. I don't know what it's purpose is. The bag is for the duffel bag. I'll probably never use it for that purpose, but I'll definitely use it for another purpose. I'll probably never put this bag through the wringer since I'll be using it as a gym bag, but it looks sturdy and would be perfect for many other things.

👤I did not read the size before ordering it. I read the reviews, but I don't see how some are 888-282-0476. It might hold 2 days worth of clothes. No one is using this thing for tools. I have another bag that is much bigger. I can not say it is a bad product. The guy in the pictures is the size of a pencil. It looks bigger in pictures than it is. It is all about the size for what I need. It is my fault for not paying attention because it states the dimensions. I will update if it doesn't hold up.

👤I bought this bag to replace my gym bag. I was happy to find this after comparing multiple bags. I wanted it to be simple and durable. The duffel is almost perfect. The hardware is plastic, my only complaint. They claim to be metal, but not as metal as they say. Most of the bags I have owned have ripped in these areas. The value is perfect for a well constructed bag.

👤Carhartt bags are a favorite of mine. I use a standard work pack for my laptop. The material is water resistant. I use it as a gym bag. It's big enough to fit shoes, towel, change of clothes, etc. If you contact Carhartt, the company will replace damaged bags for free. They replaced my backpack for free after it ripped on the inside. I bought this bag because of my previous experience. I know what to expect from them.

👤I was able to fit 8 pairs of thick socks, 2 long sleeve Carhartt t shirts and 4 Levi's, but I still have enough wiggle room to add more things. When I opened the package, I thought the bag was small, but as I packed, I was surprised how much I could fit in it. It is small and compact. The quality of the material and the stitching look good. This is a good bag for money.

👤If you are looking for a small bag that doesn't hold a lot, this may be the one for you. If you want to carry a loaf of bread or a small kitten, this bag is a good choice, but if you need a real bag, keep shopping. The price makes this thing extra small.

6. Elviros Toiletry Water Resistant Toiletries Organizer

Elviros Toiletry Water Resistant Toiletries Organizer

We had wet precipitation. The two outside compartments keep the wet and dry separate. It is easy to clean. No worry about clothes ruined by spilled shower gel or liquid. Water resistance durable material. The toiletry bag is made of leather. The water stains are easily wiped away by the external water-resistant coating. The nylon's inner water-resistant qualities prevent water from entering the material, keeping the components dry and prolonging the service life. The waterproof shoe bag gift comes with a waterproof bonus bundle pocket and 100% waterproof fabric to make sure everything is dry. The grade large acuity is upGRADED. Most of your toiletry essentials can be found in the multiple pockets inside the bag. The dimensions are 12 x 6.7" x 7.1" There are double ZIPPER large openings. The double zip design of the toiletry bag allows easy access to its inner contents. Pull on the zip puller to expose yourself.

Brand: Elviros

👤The bag was initially purchased to carry all the personal care necessities. After a few days of use, here are some thoughts. The entire bag is made of synthetic leather, which makes it look good and also water-resistant, and I felt that when I handled the product straight from the box. When it's on the sink, you don't have to worry about splashing water. You can just wipe it off if it gets on it. This thing can hold a lot of things. I can keep most of the items I use, except for full-sized conditioner, body wash, and shampoo. It is useful when packing for a week's plus trip or multiple people. The product is not as rigid as some of the photos suggest, so if you don't need to fill it to its capacity, you can flatten it out for a smaller form. There is one large compartment and multiple pockets with different sizes. It's my favorite part because it's easy to reach into the main compartment. You can lay them flat if the side panels are opened up. There is only one strap that you can carry, which is on the side. If my stuff isn't well placed, it may move around when I carry it vertically. I would have to use the side panels to keep them in place. It would be nice to carry it the same way I carry it on the table. I didn't know I needed one until I bought it. It's convenient when travelling, student dorm life, or just on the go.

👤I've been looking for a bag that can be packed without being overstuffed. I have never owned a bag like this before. There is more than enough room for my razor, brush, shaving soap, alum block, as well as my aftershave splashes and balms. The two side storage compartments that allow for separation and organizing my body and tooth care products are equally impressive. The dark coffee PU leather bag has a masculine look. I would like to give it more than 5 stars.

👤The bag will do the job and is overall as described. Let's talk about the bag's zippers. This is 2020, where the zippers are clean and smooth. Everything we love in life is easy to navigate. You don't even think about it. This bag came after. This looks decent to me. I tried to open the compartment. My. God. What type of sleeping bag zippers are these? It ruins everything. I don't like unzipping this thing. The zippers are not smooth. They are rusty and cheap to open. You have to use more force because you're worried that you'll break the zipper. We're all cheapskates and want a bargain. But Jesus, you couldn't spend the extra 20 cents on manufacturing for normal zippers? This was thrown in the Goodwill pile.

👤I have been using a gallon bag for my personal items when I travel, but I wanted to buy a toilety bag for the trip. This bag will help me save space in my suitcase. I can just pack the makeup brushes I use daily because it has slots for them. I usually bring all my brushes because I don't want to take them with me. I was able to pack my makeup, skin care products, and travel sized products. I have travel sized poo-pourri, a toothbrush case, and a deodorant. I like that this bag holds more than I thought, and I finally have everything organized. It had a dust bag for storage. I like the look of the material and feel it is durable.

7. Adidas Diablo Duffel Jersey Black

Adidas Diablo Duffel Jersey Black

It's perfect for a quick trip to the gym. The shoulder strap is adjusted for ease of use.

Brand: Adidas

👤A small bag. A big gym bag can fit everything. I will never buy a big bulky gym bag again because it doesn't fit everything I need.

👤This is the perfect size for my 5 year old. He is able to carry it on his own, but it's big enough to hold all his stuff. He has room to spare for his sparring helmet and leg/arm pads. When we go up a size, his chest protectors won't fit.

👤The bag is pretty good. A good bag for people that don't need a lot of stuff at the gym is definitely a good bag. It holds all my stuff with ease. It's important that the strap doesn't bang on my knees because I'm only 5'2" and it's the perfect length. The bag will lose it's shape if the bottom panel isn't attached because stuff will migrate underneath it. I have to rearrange it a few times a week. Everything can be moved back quickly. The bag doesn't lack for storage, but it doesn't have any side pockets. I would purchase again. Despite being tossed around a lot it is still clean and looks brand new.

👤I love this bag. I thought it would be too small, but it's perfect!

👤When I bought this on Prime Day, it said a small bag. I lost my mind when an Amazon fullfiller claimed the order and shipped it. It's arrived, I've used it for travel and the gym, and I assure you, it's a universal bag. It's perfect under the plane seat and works great in my locker. I was trying to avoid a side pouch which would be bulkier. All in all, it was worth the $17 I paid.

👤The gym bag is a good price. A simple gym bag with one large opening and no small pockets. I use a regular-sized duffel bag between the gym and martial arts, but it is too cumbersome to bring to the gym. I bought this bag because it fits the bill of being portable. It's a small form factor, but still functional, and it allows me to fit my gym clothes, shoes, lots of little things, and even 4-5 bottles, shakes, etc. It is easy to carry around, doesn't get in the way, and fits perfectly in the gym locker, without having to turn it up on its side. It is a very balanced gym bag. It doesn't have a side pocket to hold phone, keys, etc. I think that is a minor problem since it is more portable than this. I put a quarter gallon bag inside to solve that problem and it works for me. The material and construction of the bag is not fancy, so it could be priced a little bit lower than $20, which is a reasonable price. I guess Adidas pays for the name in the game.

👤I have taken this on about 1 trip a month for the past 8 months, including on a 2 week buss tour of New Zealand's South Island and a two week vacation in Mexico before that. I have never had an issue with it fitting under the seat in front of me on buses or planes because it is too big. It was getting lugged on and off the tour buses at least twice a night. It still looks new. The large strap is very thin, but it is surprisingly comfortable for its size, and you could easily wrap something around the shoulder part if it did give you an issue. If you leave the end facing out, the small handle at the end is very convenient for getting it out of tight spaces. My packing cubes fit well in it. It has no padding so if you need to store items that are breakable in it, it is on you to put them in their own sturdy/padded case within it or in another piece of luggage. I don't think you'll find something that holds up so well for a cheaper price.

8. Probiotics Formulated Probiotic Supplement Acidophilus

Probiotics Formulated Probiotic Supplement Acidophilus

60 Billion Cfus is the max strength of their probiotic. Beware of deception, but other brands claim it. Some products don't state an amount of Cfus. There was a need for high-quality supplements that work and stand by their claims. Their most popular probiotic comes with 10 strains, 60 Billion Cfu, and an organic prebiotic blend. Their probiotics are made with prebiotics and are based on clinical research. A complete supplement for the health of the gut. Made with non-Gmo ingredients. There are no unnecessary binders, soy, gluten, milk, egg, wheat, peanuts, or shellfish in the vegan probiotics. A patented shelf-stable bottle ensures product stability. Their blend of organic fiber and probiotics helps to support the stomach's digestion and natural stomach balance. It's great for gut health and occasional gas relief. Their prebiotics are intended for use by adults. There are 10 strains of the acidophilus and the casei in the yogurt. Their 60 Billion Probiotic is tested for purity and potency. Imported and domestic ingredients are used to make each bottle. Women and men have the same amount of probiotics. 60 Billion Cfus is more than the usual 50 Billion Cfu, and their standard organic blend.

Brand: Physician's Choice

👤I am angry. And completely disgusted. These were replaced with aspirin and returned. Things like this should be fully inspected before being sent to another customer. If I hadn't noticed the difference in the contents of my last bottle and this one, or if they had been replaced with something dangerous. I was going to take it, but I didn't want to. Words can't describe how angry I am. I have been taking these for a year and I will not be buying them again.

👤I have had chronic suck since I was 25 years old. Over the years, I have tried a lot of different supplements. The Physician's Choice has made a difference. When I first started taking it, I didn't notice a difference, but after a few days, it began to make a huge difference. I have used a lot of fiber supplements, ranging from harsh stimulants that contain senna to the more traditional type of fiber. I would go between severe and extremely loose bowels. I found a natural fiber supplement that only contains dried high fiber foods that have been helpful with snoozing but still make a loose stool. For the first time in 25 years, I have normal stools now that I'm taking the Physician's Choice probiotic. One thing I have noticed. I began to wake up in the night with acid indigestion shortly before I began taking this probiotic. The probiotic has also gotten rid of that. I am very thankful to have found this great probiotic.

👤I started having skin problems when I was about 12 years old. The allergist that I was seeing recommended a treatment that included taking probiotics. I learned more about food allergies as an adult, and have intermittently taken probiotics to keep up my gut health. I'm becoming unbalanced because of intense suger cravings. I ignored my system's warning for months. I stopped craving sugar within 4 days if I took this product daily. I have taken many brands and types of formulas, and Physicians is the top brand for value. Side-effect free and effective. I read through multisourced reviews before investing in a product. I hope the review helps someone make an informed decision.

👤I'm already losing weight. I had a lot of bugs in my gut. My symptoms are fleeing and my gut loves this product.

👤This is for my daughter. She says that she has been taking these for two weeks and they have made a huge difference. I'm no longer bloated and feel great!

👤It was frightening to receive a tampered product. There were white pills that said aspirin on them. So others are cautious, I just posted this here.

👤I am a registered nurse and I understand the importance of good gut health. I have tried a lot of Probiotics and they have not had a positive effect. I feel that your product has helped my GI andIBS symptoms. Will continue to use. Requesting a free bottle.

👤I had a bad gas problem almost every waking hour after I ordered this product. I couldn't really control it. You cannot keep a stinkbomb from ripping when you pass someone in a store. It was terrible. I thought physicians choice was not improving the problem. I didn't notice any improvement until 3 or weeks after taking this product. I was taking other brand probiotics rather frequently, but there has definitely been a marked improvement. One was 30 billion CFU and the other 1 billion. I think the improvement is due to this probiotic. It is reasonably priced and does not have any negative side effects.

9. MOSISO Compatible Protective Polyester Messenger

MOSISO Compatible Protective Polyester Messenger

This bag is a great gift idea for fathers day, birthdays, christmas, graduation, back to college, and any other occasion which calls for a gift. It's a great gift for artists, students, and officials. The bag can be used as a messenger bag for men and women, laptop bags briefcase, college bag, meeting bag, gift idea. The internal dimensions are 14.94 x 0.78 x 9.84 inches and the external dimensions are 14.86 x 0.78 x 10.23 inches. The front flap pocket has hook and loop fastenings, which makes it a great place for quick-access items. There are small items such as cell phone and pens. The bag with the pocket is ideal for you to take your laptop out. A fleece fabric lining and a foam padding layer protects your computer from accidental scratches. The bag has a top-loading zip that makes it easy to access your laptop computer. The shoulder strap can be varied from 27 inch to 48 inch and the top handles can tuck away in the pockets when not needed. MacBook Air 13 inch A1369 is compatible with MacBook Pro 14 inch 2022 and M1 Max with Touch ID. The MacBook Pro 13 inch A1425 A1502 is compatible with the Surface Book.

Brand: Mosiso

👤I love this bag. It has a lot of space for other items. I use this with a MacBook and put the cable and charger in the "Tech Pocket". If you use the strap and feel the bottom of the bag, the fabric is stretched very thin, which makes you think that it might dump your laptop. The bag ripped where the straps were attached. I think it is worth the money if you don't use on a daily basis.

👤This is a good bag. The inside compartment where the laptop is held feels very nice and soft, but feels a bit cheap. I wish the strap felt stronger but for the price, I think it was okay. My Macbook is too big for my magic mouse to fit in the small pocket in the front, and the bag is too big for it. I like the bag and it serves me very well, I bought it specifically for my 13” MacBook and it was very good. The bag is awesome even though I think the material is a little on the cheap. I don't want to diminish the integrity of the material, it's just something about it that makes it seem cheap. It's not a big deal. I use this bag a lot.

👤The strap broke on my shoulder while I was wearing the bag, but I love the look and style of it. I carry a laptop and a spiral of paper. So disappointed.

👤I really like the design of this bag. The pockets are in the right places, the stores are nice, and the zippers work well. The problem is that the straps aren't strong enough to hold the weight of a MacBook, a charging port, a pad of paper, and a few pens and pencils. I wouldn't risk my expensive computer to a bag with faulty straps if I had a faulty one.

👤Its perfect. All zips work. It feels like it. It's like a glove for my HP envy. The shoulder strap attachment are plastic, but I knew that when I bought it and could easily replace them.

👤The handle part came unstitched. Not very strong. The place where the strap is ripped is less than two months old.

👤This computer bag is very special to me. Whenever I use it for school and work, I get a lot of questions about where I got it. The material on the outside is very strong and clean. The material on the inside is my favorite. Soft and cushiony to protect your electronics from the bumps and strains of walking. It doesn't scratch the metal. The amount and size of the pockets are practical. I am able to place my electronics in a safe place.

👤It's large enough to fit a portfolio book and has enough space for pens, wallet, and keys. The glasses are in a pocket. My personal business cards are in front of me. I have a side pocket for business cards and receipts. The strap is hands free. The handles look like they are made for pro athletes. It's nice and thin. I was able to attend a networking business event without having to carry a purse. I don't carry purses or handbags.

10. Handmade Messenger Briefcase Computer Distressed

Handmade Messenger Briefcase Computer Distressed

The shoulder strap is adjusted for ease of use. Their bags are made from full grain leather and lined with canvas and are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. The dimensions are 13 X 18 X 5. An outer pocket that can fit about an iPad and other useful stuff is easy to find. This bag has a size of 18 x 13 and is 5 feet deep, it has a laptop compartment, 2 small sections and 4 small pockets in front of cell phones, and it has a zip pocket at the back. The strap has an adjustment for comfortable carry. It has a handle on top for convenience. This bag is a great gift idea for fathers day, birthdays, christmas, graduation, back to college, and any other occasion which calls for a gift. It's a great gift for artists, students, and officials. The bag can be used as a messenger bag for men and women, laptop bags briefcase, college bag, meeting bag, gift idea.

Brand: Cuero

👤This is a great buy. It is distressed leather and I believe there will be some stitching unraveling on down the line, but it will be worth the cost of a leather worker to do the repairs as time goes on. I love the look of it, and with all the pockets and spaces there is room for anything you want to keep in it. If you own a good quality leather conditioner, you should use it 2 or 3 times the first week. Once it's broken in, use something like mink oil. It should be waterproof with the mink oil application. It would make a great gift. You can't beat this at $70.

👤It was very luxurious to the eyes and touch, mine arrived with no issues. If I had seen someone walk by with this bag, I would have thought they spent a lot of money. The issues seem to have been solved because the smell is neutral. There is a Even if they hadn't used a scented leather conditioner, it would have fixed it. There are no concerns with the buckles and zippers. The strap? The bag is a little thin for the weight and size, but I will report back if I have any problems. I had to punch two more holes to get the length right. The bag hit at or below my butt-cheek, because I'm 5'10 and at the shortest factory length. You want the bag to hit the top at the belt line. I included a picture of my loaded car as I hadn't seen one before I was shopping. The laptop spot is empty, but you can see my portable DVD drive in one of the center slots, a colorful woven bag full of network and console cables, a screw driver, a pack of tuna, and my portable Atari in the black pouch. It is a work bag. The interior material is green. This is an incredible value, based on initial quality. The strap can be replaced for about 12 bucks. I have burned through at least one additional strap on every laptop bag. Consider it a part of the car. I can see myself using this bag for a long time. Basic conditioning and repair should allow the leather to last a lifetime.

👤Love the design. Love the space. Love the bag. The buckle broke after 5 days. The seller contacted me and offered to send me another bag.

👤My son bought a gor a month or so ago. I got one for myself because he was very happy with me. Even though this bag isn't cheap, it looks a lot more expensive than it really is. Reviewers have commented on the smell, and it is definitely an odor. It seems to be dissipating a little in the several hours since I opened it, but I don't find it unpleasant. More than one review mentioned poor quality stitching. I have found no examples of bad stitching so far. I hope I don't have enough stuff to fill all the pockets. I don't think you can carry it. I have enough room for a laptop, a couple of books, and a stack of papers to carry around until I get to grade them. I have a small concern about the handle on top, as it seems that it might be a bit lighter duty than the bag would make me think it needs. Some of the brass hardware may be too light. They should be easy and cheap to replace if they aren't robust enough. If they don't work, that's it. I think they will be fine. I am tall and large. The shoulder strap is long enough to comfortably carry a body. My son already has a bag, so I think this bag will someday be a family heirloom. It appears that my concern about the handle was correct. I ordered another one as a result of overloading it. I won't be hanging my thermos bottle and lunch on the outside of the bag full of books this time. One seam in the liner has separated from where it was sewn to the leather. It will be an easy fix for my boot repair guy.

11. StarPlus2 Organizer Medications Vitamins Supplies

StarPlus2 Organizer Medications Vitamins Supplies

There are 10 individual pockets which hold bottles up to 2 inches in diameter and 10 oversize pockets which hold items taller than 10 cm. There are pockets that are not replaceable. Elastic bands on mesh pockets make it easier to slip medicine in and out. Measures 11” wide x 9” tall. The pill case can be upright on a counter for convenient view and access. The construction of waterproof 600D fabric has a foam middle and inside lining. The case is included. There are no pill bottles or medical supplies in the photos.

Brand: Starplus2

👤Kid travel organizers are great. They used a tacklebox on thepinterest but couldn't find it. I put smaller tubes of antibiotic cream in the upper pouch because this holds the bottles of liquid ibuprofen and Tylenol very nicely. I was able to put an assortment of Band-Aids, scissors, clippers, Thermometer, tweezers, penlight and anything else I could think of in the pouch. The little one doesn't see their blood so readily if they have a minor injury, so they need a red washcloth. My kids are thrilled with how it turned out, and I am very happy with how it turned out. I can see in the future that they will want to add the kid's toothbrush and toothpaste. There is still room for more. It's one less worry when you're packing to go somewhere.

👤I bought this bag for all of my medications, so you can see for yourself. The material is ripping apart after being purchased. I have not abused this bag, but you can see how cheap the material is, and it only took three months to fall apart. There is no company website to email the company or call customer service. It isn't worth the money.

👤I needed a bag for storing and transporting my prescription bottles. I was a little leery after reading reviews that said the bottles might fall out, but I have used it now and it's perfect. The individual pockets have my prescription bottles in them. The large pockets on the right side give me a lot of room for other medical stuff. The bag does what the description says and the photos show. This product is recommend!

👤I'm not sure why people are complaining about the elasticity of the pockets. I was able to get my big pill bottles in the pockets with no issues, even though I put my giant bottle of vitamins in the pouch section. I'm happy with the bag, but it could be a bit stronger. I can take everything with me if I want to spend a night out. It's worth it. I'm happy.

👤This is a great bag. I love everything about it. There are just enough pill bottle holders on the left for most people, but smaller bottles tend to flip out. The pouch on the bottom right is fine for needles. The pouch on the top right is too loose and covers the pouch on the bottom which makes it hard to get into. The bag is designed to stand alone like a book when opened properly. You can put a list of your drugs on the inside slot. There is a small opening on the outside where you can keep a small amount of notes. It doesn't look like a med bag. I have a metal luggage tag and a lock on my med bags and drowers. I've found the best med bag so far.

👤The description states that the mesh pockets are elastic, but either they are not or they are sized so that only the largest pill bottles will stay inside them. If you put a small or medium-sized pill bottle in a pocket, it will slip out as soon as you tilt the bag to any orientation other than upright. It's hard to travel with this. It has plenty of room and is durable. I wouldn't buy it again.


What is the best product for supplement bag for men?

Supplement bag for men products from Ssg. In this article about supplement bag for men you can see why people choose the product. Herschel and Canway are also good brands to look for when you are finding supplement bag for men.

What are the best brands for supplement bag for men?

Ssg, Herschel and Canway are some of the best brands that chosen by people for supplement bag for men. Find the detail in this article. Bagsmart, Carhartt and Elviros are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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