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1. PROMiXX Electric Powerful Supplements Blender

PROMiXX Electric Powerful Supplements Blender

There was no shaking. No money. The Better Taste is a performance mixer bottle with patented X-Blade technology. This electric blender bottle is the perfect replacement for your shake bottle mixer. The motor has a Li-poly battery for more power and a long- lasting charge. The motor can be removed to make it easier to charge and clean the bottle. Less charging and more workouts! Plug in the microusb cable, wait for the indicator to turn green, and then charge up. Airtight Supplement Storage has a through-flow lid so you can use your bottle as a water bottle while keeping your supplements dry inside. The iX-R electric blender bottle is easy to clean, it's tough, odorless, and free of harmful chemicals. Design. It's Functionality. Performance was designed in the UK after six years of passion and product evolution: jaw-dropping in looks, innovative in function and tested, recommended and prized by athletes the world over. The iX-R is a perfect fitness gift and has a 1-year warranty.

Brand: Promixx

👤I have been using the PROMiXX 2.0 for the past 6 months and I couldn't resistUpgrading to the latest model. The tinted bottle and new lid design are very cool. It looks like a very high quality mixer. The storage Pod is a big improvement and it is possible to drink from the bottle with it inside. I am very pleased to have upgraded to this product, it seems to have addressed some of the shortfalls of the earlier PRO MiXX's.

👤Worst product and service ever! I like the idea and concept. Is it really bad quality? The old version lasted a week before the engine failed. I thought the new version would be better. Even worse! Didn't start at all. I felt insulted when I contacted the customer service.

👤This bottle is a must have. The best shaker I've ever used is definitely not a "Must". It makes the shakes smooth, no clumps, and takes just a few seconds. I love that this shaker makes it easy to re- mix the larger particles that don't sink to the bottom of the bottle, and I also take BCAA's which is much more of a grainy mix. Quality is not an issue. I don't agree with a review that says this is cheap-feeling. It's easy to clean: just add some water and a drop of dish soap, turn on the mixer, let it foam up for a bit, and rinse it out. Done! The powder Pod is a downside for me. It's not big enough to hold two scoops of the powder. If you take one scoop per serving, it won't be an issue, but for me, I need to bring a ziplock with the pre-measured mix. Since the shakes are so good and smooth, I like to drink more water in the bottle, and the extra ounces will definitely be appreciated.

👤I use my shaker between 3-6 times a day, but I was unsure about spending $30 on one. It takes a lot of shaking and cleaning to make components. The cup is easy to clean and is similar to a regular cup. If you are on the go, the holder for your pre/post is nice. The cup is durable and cool. It's going to hold up and not fall apart on you. I like it because it mixes things a lot better, and you don't get the build up at the bottom from everything not completely mixing. Also makes it smooth. I was curious if the mixer would hold up if it were plastic. There is nothing wrong with it being plastic. It shouldn't be a problem unless you jam a cleaning tool inside of it. At some point, it might break. Can you mix ice in it? The answer is yes. I wouldn't use thicker ice. I have a machine that makes ice. After I mix the drink, I add a scoop of ice and lightly push the button to make it 50% power. Works well. I have no worries about it breaking the mixer. That type of ice is easy to break up and the solid made ice could damage the mixer. The mixer is worth the money. You will get some comments about being lazy if you don't use a shaker many times a day, but who cares if you like it.

2. PROMiXX Shaker Bottle Premium Supplement

PROMiXX Shaker Bottle Premium Supplement

The dishwasher safe top rack is impact resistant. The PROMiXX design is designed for smooth supplements and is elegant, ergonomics and powerful. The other bottles on the market look worse. The durable ECOZEN bottle is odor and stain resistant, and it's free of the harmful chemicals that can be found in food. No mess, no mess, no mess, no mess, no mess, no mess, no mess, no mess, no mess, no mess, no mess, no mess, no mess, no mess, no mess, no mess, no mess, no mess, no mess, no The carry loop is convenient and the flip- cap sports lid is leakproof. It is leakproof guaranteed. It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean because it has a snap-fit agitator and curved cup. Comes with a 1-year warranty. It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean because it has a snap-fit agitator and curved cup. Comes with a 1-year warranty.

Brand: Promixx

👤There are few fundamental issues with this bottle. 1. The soft seal of the cap opens and closes on its own, and leaks after a few use. The mesh caves are where you put any powder or anything you want into the bottle. It means you have less space than if you had a metal wire ball at the bottom of the bottle in the water and a big mesh at the top that reduces the amount of water you can put in other than after 2 scoops. I like the shape of the bottle. If they improve on it, I think this is a better product. The mesh should be at the bottom or side of the bottle. The cap protects the sipper from being exposed. It's like a corona virus now.

👤I like the shape of the bottle. It didn't have a ball. I felt that my shakes didn't mix well. I would still eat some of the mix. The mix gets caught in the grooves and crevices. I try to wash it after I finish my shake. Sometimes it can be difficult to take off the strainer connected to the lid. It's not the best, but if you don't want to deal with a ball, it will do the job.

👤The way the plastic mesh divider is anchored makes it easy to mix ice and shakes with ease. It's easy to clean the mesh. I will not use a mixing shake ball again.

👤I love this bottle. I have tried other styles of bottles and this one is very easy to use. All the powders are mixed in a few shakes and there are little to no clumps. I shake a bit of soapy water and a light scrub with a bottle scrubber and it is clean. It has some measurements on the side. You know what to pour. This bottle is perfect for everyone.

👤Many bottles are the same design. The shape of the bottle fits in cup holders. It mixes better than wire balls.

👤It's really good without the mixing ball bouncing around all day. It's easier to clean than a mixer ball. I don't think anything would be better for the price. Light weight. I'm not too worried because I'll need more time to test it.

👤I use this all the time. Even when it tips over, top closure seals the liquid. Highly recommended!

👤This is my favorite cup so far, I make a shake every morning. It seems sturdy and well made. Very happy with it.

👤I like it so far. It is easy to open and close, but I had many and sometimes it was difficult to get them open or closed. I can confirm that it is leak proof. The design of the shaker is sleek and it can hold up to 700ml of liquid, which is the perfect amount for me. It's mixing well and I've used it with no issues. The handle makes it easy to pick it up and carry it from machine to machine. I'm not sure if I'd ever buy one without a handle. If you go to the gym you should definitely get one.

3. Supplements Nutrition Portable Enthusiasts Athletes´╝ł600ml

Supplements Nutrition Portable Enthusiasts Athletes%EF%BC%88600ml

The bottle has a patented design. The capacity is 28 ounces. The nutrition match is made more accurate by the fact that your nutrition match is measured in 21-ounces. Premium and safe material with PP+PE,BPA Free, and shaker ball is made of a premium bottle of 304 steel. There are supplements. The sturdy top loop of the bottle makes it easy to carry, you don't need to worry about pain or tired, that's a humanized design. The structure of hand can be considered by the non-slip pattern. If you have any questions about this product, please contact them, they will reply you within 25 hours. If you have any questions about this product, please contact them, they will reply you within 25 hours.

Brand: D.y.a

👤It's 12 ounces. 12 ounces of fluid is not enough. Works as advertised.

👤The lid will come loose and leak when I shake it. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I like the smaller one. It was perfect for my needs.

👤The size is great and it doesn't leak.

👤This cup was what I was looking for. If you need it for taking a powder form, it is the right size. Even if you only want a small smoothie, it is still good.

4. Blender Bottle Classic Shaker 28 Ounce

Blender Bottle Classic Shaker 28 Ounce

There are features that areGluten-free. Pack of two, 28-ounce capacity, shaker cups for mixing supplements and shakes. The mixing system uses a wire whisk from the brand of bottles. The flip cap snaps securely shut to keep contents contained, and the loop top makes carrying or attaching keys easy. The wide mouth makes it easy to add mix scoops and liquids.

Brand: Blender Bottle

👤I was torn between two different companies, but decided on the one that had the most colors. The main heading says "colors may vary", but when you click on it, it shows different colors at different prices. The "colors may vary" was just a sign that they had multiple colors choices, and I believed that each item varied by price based on the color of the bottles. I am hideous if you order from them and they send you whatever color they want. One is red and blue and the other is black and yellow. I was expecting a black and clear for my boyfriend. There isn't a reason to pick the more expensive combo because I don't see a difference between their selections. They are all 28oz with 20oz capacity and all have the same ball. Marketing tricks are used to try and get you to pay more for the same item. There is a new word for it.

👤Let's get it out of the way. I like Soylent. I use a lot of bottles. If you want to make your bottles better, you need to talk to the Soylent subreddit. That's true. They are very effective at mixing fine powders. It was easy to add peanut butter. I haven't tried anything bigger. The bottles are a pleasure to drink from and the spout is a good size. They are loud. The sound of a liquid and a metal mixer ball is loud. The flip lid has a sharp snap and is made quieter by closing it when the lids are screwed on. The ball rattles loudly when you finish drinking. I don't know what you expect. Can't stop the force of gravity. I can throw a closed quarter bottle in the backseat of my car if I want to because of the secure seal, but there's a 99% chance it's Gucci. They are easy to clean and dry. There are parts of the bottle that are too small to clean. Wear over time. Light purple/pink bottles are dark colored? The plastic show has stress marks on one's skin as it is lighter than any other plastic. Plastic is a good material for this. Over time, the lid hinge on the top becomes floppy. If you take a drink and your shake gets on your face, it can become annoying. It hasn't happened many times so far. I can tell it's on its way. I have been closing the flip lid one side at a time. Some companies think they've earned the asking price for their products and some of them are wrong. I think the latter is a bottle of blender. Good job!

👤The bottles for the blender were not usable in less than a month.

👤I bought a 28-ounce bottle. I took some time to figure out the pros and cons of the Blend Bottle Classic, and who would like to have a product like this. There is a The bottle is a good bottle to have for everyday use. It was built to last. After I received the bottles, I took them with me to work out. The bottles feel heavier than the bottle itself. A person can be confident that the bottles can hold up. I dropped the bottle a few times when I worked out, from fumbling it while running to having it fall out of my bag when unpacking. There were no cracks or failures from the bottles. The loop was a nice feature to hook the bottles onto my bag. My pre-workout power was mixed quickly and successfully by the whisk and shaking. There is a The bottle was great to use when working out, but it wasn't always the best for times outside of the gym. The whisk used to blend everything you dumped into the bottle. It was hard to keep the bottle out of sight in the class room. The loud pop of the lid can disrupt class. When the bottle was close to being empty, the whisk would loudly roll around when tipping the bottle or walking around with the bottle in my bag. I enjoyed the bottle a lot. I used it when I was working out. I found the bottle to be durable. I found myself using the bottle almost every day when I wasn't working out, even when it was noisy. A person could use many different colors and designs. This product is for people who are serious about working out or focusing on a healthier lifestyle. People who like to mix into different powders into their drinks such as: pre-workout, protein, the Blender Bottles could help those that want to mix powders into their drink quickly.

5. Hydra Cup Bottles 28 Ounce Blender

Hydra Cup Bottles 28 Ounce Blender

Not for use with hot liquids, and the manufacturer has a limited lifetime. There is a fresh line up of 6 different colors in the 6 pack variety single chamber bottle. The measurement is only 25 ounces. The wire whisker is included with every shaker. High quality printing, dishwasher safe, wire whisk. High quality printing, dishwasher safe, wire whisk.

Brand: Hydra Cup

👤These are the best shakers I have ever used. They are closed so you don't have to worry about spilling anything. I put juices and smoothies in them. The colors are beautiful and easy to clean. It was worth the price. This product is very good.

👤I was skeptical about these bottles because they are less expensive than all the others, but they are great and perform just as expected. The right size for my drinks is 28oz. I like slushy drinks. I put the bottle in the freezer for 3 hours. The freezer doesn't have a problem. The partial frozen milk should be chopped up with a butter knife. Shake the heck out of it by adding regular milk, a barbell-shaped shaker, and a good amount of protein powder. The screws are tightly held with no leaking. It came out like new after being washed in the dishwasher. If you like color, I recommend these bottles. So sorry to find that one of the hydra cups was leaking. I chop up frozen milk with a butter knife when I put it in the freezer. That is likely what happened. I have 2 original blender bottles that I have used this way for several years and have no problems. The cups are made of plastic. It's still a good deal. Don't use knives. That's right...

👤This is a no-brainer. This is the best set for people who drink multiple shakes per day and need lots of shakes. I lost a star for the size of the hole in the lid. The hole in my shakes is small. There is no need to speed up the price of the name brand ones. The price is great and the shipping is fast.

👤I used one for the first time and it leaked all over the inside of the bag. It wasn't much, but enough. I shook it like I would shake a shake when I filled halfway with water. Droplets are everywhere. They are fine if you don't shake it or lay it down.

👤The top brand of a bottle was the one I had previously purchased. When the bottle fell from a height, the lids cracked and you had to buy the entire bottle. The lid of the Hydra Cup brand bounces when dropped. I would recommend this product.

👤I line the shakes up in the fridge. I like the colors. The snaps on the drinking spout are tight and the tops screw on easily. It is easy to clean. They can be kept nested to save cabinet space. G2g.

👤The seal and ball mix well. I washed them on the top rack of the dishwasher and they did not warp or close perfectly. It is difficult to see the measurement marks on the sides.

👤The measurements are hard to see. They mix the shakes well.

👤These cups are great. They are easy to clean. I love the bright colors of this set and get a lot of compliment on them. Good value for the number of cups. I wouldn't hesitate to buy more if they last a long time.

6. PACK 20 Ounce Shaker Bottle Protein

PACK 20 Ounce Shaker Bottle Protein

It's safe and hardy. The dishwasher is safe, the cup holder is Stain & Odor resistant, and theBPA free. No metallic or rust taste! BluePeak bottle seals tightly so you don't have to deal with leaks. Ultra Pink, Atomic Purple, Everest White/Gold, and Hi-Res Teal are included in the 4 pack. 20oz CAPACITY is only 16 ounces and can be used for mixing supplements. The bottles are dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended. The wire mixer is included with each bottle. The wire mixer is included with each bottle.

Brand: Hydra Cup

👤Some of my favorite cups. I'm not afraid of leaking when I shake my protien shakes because the lids fit smoothly. The inside doesn't retain the smell of death and disappointment when I forget to rinse it. I'll have to buy another set because my gym partner won't return 2 of them.

👤These are a good brand for the price. They work well if you aren't picky. They are used for breakfast shakes for the family. The middle schooler has issues opening the pop up lids, even though they are tight to be opened for kids. She gets open and it sprays/leaks. The measuring lines are hard to spot. I have to hold it at the perfect angle to make sure I pour it. They do better if they are hand washed. The bottoms of the cups never seemed to get quite clean, maybe it is my dishwasher. If you are okay with minor annoyances, go for it. They have been a good quality and have held up well. The colors are fun for the kids and they love the shape of the little mixer inside.

👤The size is what I wanted. All of them fit in my small backpack. I can have shakes with my lunch now. It helps me not be lazy. I add water to them as I need them, and I put some form of food in them.

👤These are perfect. They are easy to clean. Some bottles don't want to let go of the protien shake smell, so they don't hold it. The magic comes from the shaker. I've used a wire ball and a big plastic "jack" type piece in my shakers. They always left chunks of the powder even if I shook them. I haven't had any of them. You don't have to shake it like a crazy person because the barbell shape works. These will be my go to. They come with their own whisk barbell thingy.

👤I gave them a 1 star rating because they leaked, but they are still pretty. The company reached out to me and offered to send me a new set and they are perfect! I am very impressed by this company. I recommend buying from this seller because they stand behind their products. I will purchase from this seller again.

👤I love these cups. It's leak proof, large and pretty. I only received 3 whisk. Contacted seller. They said they would send a replacement. If I get the whisk, I will give 5 stars.

👤The price is perfect, I only used these for my pre workout, and it gets the job done, but they don't close after a few uses, and if it does close, they pop right back open. It works for me. I like leaving my cups in the car. I wash them and put them in a bag in the car and bring them home to wash, so I don't forget them all the time. They are great for the price, but if you need them to stay closed, they might not be for you.

7. VOLTRX Electric Shaker Bottle Rechargeable

VOLTRX Electric Shaker Bottle Rechargeable

The idea size holds up to 28 ounces of liquid. VOLTRX has a portable electric bottle called the VortexBoost that can be used for mixing in the palm of your hand. The portable vortex bottle is the next generation of wellness technology that is strong enough to blast away any clumps and turn your shake into a silky smooth moment. The advanced IPX7 waterproof body of the VortexBoostProtein shake mixer cup makes it easy to clean your bottle. You don't have to worry about getting the base wet if you rinse your VortexBoost self stirring protein shaker under the tap. You can switch on the self stirringProteinShake under running water for faster cleaning, as the base is not dishwasher safe. You can impress your friends and family with the stunning colors of the VortexBoost electricProteinShake bottle. Their electric cup has a light up base that illuminates the cup and turns it into a colorful shake. The stronger the mixer cup, the thicker the powders and the heavier the supplements. The perfect solution for silky smooth shakes, the VortexBoost USB C cup mixer can blend 14oz of milk or water and up to 5 scoops of powder. The complete kit contains everything you need to get the most out of your shaker. VOLTRX has a 12 month warranty, a fast charging USB C power cord, animated packaging, and a team of VOLTRX experts. The complete kit contains everything you need to get the most out of your shaker. VOLTRX has a 12 month warranty, a fast charging USB C power cord, animated packaging, and a team of VOLTRX experts.

Brand: Voltrx

👤They should have said in the description that it won't be able to mix if you put fruit or ice. I thought it would blend a soft fruit like a ripe banana. It was kind of upset by the outcome. I guess I will do it. It does what it is supposed to do.

👤It works well over it. I also have a promix. The blender is a bit louder. The promix has a cover to protect it from accidents. There is more than one side, including colors, price, led, andusb c.

👤The cup exceeded expectations. I did not know much about it. However. Wow! This thing blends. The mixing puck with the color rings is beautiful.

👤The product doesn't mix well. It doesn't stay on long enough for everything to blend.

👤I use this mixer to make shakes. I love it. It blends my shakes better and has less clumps than the regular cups I used to use. I can put the liquid and powder in and walk away. I don't have to shake my cup anymore. It is easy to clean, unlike my full size blender. I can take it with me to camping. The battery lasts about 2 and a half weeks before I need to use it again. The base has lights that show the battery level. It is easy to plug in, but other chargers wouldn't work, so be sure to keep the one that comes with it. You can't add ice, that's all I have to complain about. I used to add ice to my shakes. I wouldn't add ice to the cup because the paddle is plastic and not very sturdy. I keep my shake in the fridge until I am ready to drink it, so it is nice and cold.

👤This is great. I love the product and it mixes my powder so smoothly. Will definitely buy again. Thank you so much!

👤The battery at the bottom snaps off for easy cleaning. You don't have to charge the whole cup. The bottom. Don't like it. One mix per charge is what you get. I have a battery in my kitchen. It leaks a bit if it is laying on its side. I take it with me. It needs a cup holder.

👤After 3 weeks, it stopped working, and after 5 weeks, it broke, so I returned it, and got a refund, but it was a defect, and I didn't like it! They work great when they work, but for a high price, it should last a long time. I bought a different brand because I was fed up with returning these ones.

👤No tienes para nada su misin, pero no disuelve los polvos. The manual was the final toca. La pena is q. No lo puedo devolver, no lo aconsejo en absoluto.


8. FITSVILLE Pack Sports Shaker Bottle

FITSVILLE Pack Sports Shaker Bottle

Dad Bod Nutrition was started in Idaho. A Fitsville bottle that will work as hard as you do is your perfect work out partner. Many people use shakes with their workouts to aid in the repair and rebuilding of their muscles after exercise. The fitsville bottle will allow you to create the perfect mix without leaving any clumps. Choose between metal or plastic. Staying active and staying strong is possible with their Fitsville bottle. You can use it with juice, sports drinks, iced coffee, or just plain water, because it's perfect for your powdered supplement mix. As you shake, the Shaker Ball moves freely inside the bottle, mixing even the lightest of ingredients with ease. Each purchase includes x3 Metal and x3 Plastic Shaker Balls to make sure you always have one clean. Convenient and dishwasher safe. The bottle design is made of food grade plastic and it keeps your supplements, ingredients, powder, mixes, and energy drinks secure. The twist on top seal of the jar makes it leak-proof for active runners, weightlifters, powerlifters, and active individuals. The crack resistant material protects it from being broken when you drop it while running, playing basketball, football, tennis, soccer, and lacrosse. Each Fitsville purchase includes three bottles and six balls. No more searching for your lost ball. Take it wherever you go. The carrying loop on the lid of the Fitsville bottle makes it easy to carry around. It's not necessary to worry if it will break or leak if you bring it. The fitsville bottle is easy to use. All of their products are made in the USA with high-quality and solid materials. The bottle is leak-proof, shatter resistant, and odor resistant. They will make things right if you don't like your order. All of their products are made in the USA with high-quality and solid materials. The bottle is leak-proof, shatter resistant, and odor resistant. They will make things right if you don't like your order.

Brand: Fitsville

👤This is 18 ounces without a power or stirring device. I wish I'd seen the other reviews before ordering to see if the size was misrepresented. I mix 18 ounces of liquid meal with 2 scoops of powder. I was hoping they would work since they are small. The plastic container has 18 ounces of water in it. I don't count the cover space as 'drink storage' as that is insane and not practical. The manufacturer should be clear about the size. It seems to mix well, it's easy to clean up. I need to change the recipe for my meal so that it fits in the container that is marked for 500ml. It works, but I think the seller should be more accurate about the volume of the shaker. If you are looking for a container of 20 ounces, buy something else. These seem to work well if you want a 16 oz + powder.

👤The bottles are the same height as my bottles, but they do not hold 20 ounces. The bottles are marked as 16 ounces, not 20 ounces. I was able to pour 2 more ounces up to the spout, but that is only 18 ounces, not 20. This is a misrepresentation of what you are buying. What is in the box is not what the box says.

👤These work well to mix drinks. My kid likes a sports drink that requires mixing and so we use this shaker when he goes to soccer practice. He sometimes "shakes it" in the car with no fear of spilling, because it seals so well. There are three in case one or two are in the dishwasher.

👤They are good for holding drinks. I haven't used the shake ball to make a comment. They are worth the price.

👤The images made me think of a tall bottle. They are only 20 ounces.

👤They are 20oz but seem smaller than that. I have other 20oz bottles that are not the same size. They come with two different types of balls and they don't leak.

👤It is sturdy but leaks when I shake it. I need to say more.

👤I can put different drinks in all of them.

9. Hydra Cup 20 Ounce Blender Protein

Hydra Cup 20 Ounce Blender Protein

High quality printing, wire whisk balls, and BPA free. 1x Triple Black, 1x 5AM Blue, 1x Forest Green, and 1x Ghost Grey are included. The measurement for the 20oz cacaity is only 16 ounces. The bottles are dishwasher safe and are free of the harmful chemicals. The wire mixer is included with each bottle.

Brand: Hydra Cup

👤I haven't had a problem with leaks after all the reviews talked about them. You have to pop the spout cover down to make sure it's closed, and the lid is a little farther away than you think. I shake them over the sink to make sure they don't leak. They're a good size for storing in our apartment cabinets, and a good size for serving after my gym workouts. The spout cover clicks back when you open it, so it won't swing back into your face while you're drinking. I like how the springs are shaped. I had to force the spout cover closed because one of them warped slightly after the second wash. It seems to be relaxing again, and the others had no problems. Definitely recommend!

👤It was a great purchase. I bought them for camping. One to mix pancake batter and the other to shake eggs. It worked well and had no problems.

👤These satisfy all of my requirements for 5 stars, but I didn't order according to this requirement. Check the bottles for the drinks. I haven't had a problem. There is a Is it possible to drink a shake with ice cubes but not get a cube in my mouth? The product fails because it doesn't have a screen. I didn't want the parts to be dirty and I didn't want a straw. These are great and do the job despite my preference for a screen to stop ice chunks from flowing. It's a great value when you have kids drinking drinks. There is a They are wide, but they fit in my larger cup holders in the car. They have lines marking ounces, like the review I read about size. We use 16oz water and then add the powder in our drinks. There is room for more water, we add 2 heaping scoops of powder. Hope this helps!

👤The family bought these for them. The ones that I had disappeared, but this are great because they each come with their own shakable and my son has been loving using his to make shakes. They each come in a different color so everyone can distinguish which one is theirs and just use the bottle that's closest to them. It was a good price for the set.

👤It was leaking right away. These are very cheap.

👤The bottles work. If you want to get an accurate measurement of the amount of liquid you are putting in, you will need to hold it up in the light just right, and even then it's difficult. These will work if you just guess the amount of liquid. You can put it at the top of the logo. I measure out coconut milk first and then add almond milk and it's so much of a pain that I'm getting new bottles.

👤They didn't bother to include a gasket to create a tight seal on the bottle, so it's a shaker bottle that you can't shake without it leaking. They are not usable, but are they designed properly and allow you to do the thing that they are supposed to do? There is a If it was just one that leaked, I would have blamed it on a faulty cup, but it's all of them, and they had to realize the defect in design during product testing. I mean... Right? I don't think they're a good idea.

10. ShakeSphere Tumbler Protein Blending Smoothies

ShakeSphere Tumbler Protein Blending Smoothies

Shakesphere shaker tumblers don't use a mixing ball or mesh grid to mix your ingredients, which is an advanced design. The patented capsule shape does the mixing by continually sending your ingredients around the capsule without getting stuck in corners. Shakes and drinks are blended smoothly and effectively to help avoid lumps. There is free cleaning and janitorial services at this location. Their patented capsule shape with zero corners makes it easy to clean up and prevent powder from getting stuck. ShakeSphere is freezer safe because it is made from Tritan plastic. Not dishwasher safe! The slide cap on their tumbler is leak proof and safe. It won't poke you in the eye or make you feel uncomfortable. It's easy to carry the ShakeSphere Tumbler because of the finger loop. Quality product. ShakeSphere has a sturdy design and a premium quality tumbler. This powerful blender tumbler has a round base and lid, and it mixes tour supplements and ingredients using its unique capsule shape. There are no additional accessories required. It's perfect for soft fruit blends. 700 MLS has a capacity of 24.6%. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: ShakeSphere is dedicated to creating innovative and high-quality products that offer amazing functions while looking great. They stand behind everything they make so buy with confidence.

Brand: Shakesphere

👤When I saw this product, I was skeptical but my interest peaked. I was sold when I watched the demo. Works as advertised. I would rather have some type of fruit in my shakes. I don't need a battery powered blender to make smoothies. Do yourself a favor and get it. The mix is really good with only a few small pieces of fruit. I will definitely buy another one if this one lasts long.

👤I had high expectations for this product because I wanted to avoid the common wire ball on many mixing shake bottles. The design is nice and the quality is good, but I can't speak to theDurability at this time since I just bought it. The performance is mediocre. I mix my powder at different fluid to powder ratios and give the bottle over 50 shakes, but still end up with unmixed/clumps of the stuff. The bottle is worth less than half the money I paid for it.

👤Even though the tab is sealed, it was difficult to close because the seal fills with water and causes mold. Also, note: The amount of stars was raised because a new slide cap is working.

👤I was prepared to return this immediately if it wasn't as described, since Amazon's return policy is so easy to follow. I'm keeping it. I put in the most clumping cocktail I could think of as soon as it arrived. 2 tbs of psyllium husk are included in the 1 heaping scoop of Whey. A banana, 2 tbs of PBfit, and a clumper. It shook 15 times like in the video. You don't need a brush to clean it or to put it in the dishwasher. It just rinses without a trace. I need to fill half of the water with water, add a scoop of water, and then shake it all together. It's all to avoid clumping. I have to make sure the wire balls don't get tangled in the rack or with each other before I put them in the dishwasher. No need to do this with ShakeSphere. It's so easy to use throughout the day that I only need one. I'll keep one of my wire ball shakers for volume, but I'm using this for the other stuff. I'd love to be a Pros. No wire ball makes it easy to clean. Solid. The build quality is not yet confirmed, but it is leak proof. It's small. It's hard to find aMouth opening that fits in a standard car cup holder, because it's an awkward shape that you have to almost sip to avoid it spilling down the side of your mouth. I was looking for a bottle of Shakespeare. It wasn't coming up. They need to add that to the search and make it more relevant for people who are just looking for a bottle. I would love to see more transparent colors. Maybe a larger option. My suggestion is to get one. If it doesn't do what it says, return it to Amazon and then select the option to have them pick it up. There is no hassle. If you can stomach $20, you'll love this thing like I do. It's not dishwasher safe if you drop it and it will break.

11. PACK Bottles 28 Ounce Blender Protein

PACK Bottles 28 Ounce Blender Protein

The bottles of SmartShake Original2Go Storage are dishwasher safe. There is a fresh line up of 6 different colors in the 6 pack variety single chamber bottle. The measurement is only 25 ounces. Every shaker has a wire whisk blender. High quality printing, wire whisk balls, and BPA free.

Brand: Hydra Cup

👤I had been using the double cost of the Blender Bottles for years and didn't like them very much. The design of the dishwasher makes it hard to clean the bottles by hand, and the bottom of the bottles are hard to clean because of the beveled bottom. They don't do a good job at actually making the shakes. I decided to try these bottles after reading the reviews. They are awesome! They are easy to clean, they don't leak, and they mix better than any other bottle I have ever owned. The mini barbell shaped wire whisk mixer that comes with each bottle is what makes their mixing ability so good. The wire whisks are larger and heavier than any I have seen before. When mixing a shake, they absolutely crush the powder. These are the best bottles. I have used before. Don't let the price fool you into thinking the bottles are cheap. They are high quality and perform better than any other bottle on the market. These are the bottles that you want to buy.

👤I was expecting a lot from the cups. These are small and warp in the hot water. No tab on them for easy carrying. If your kids take their breakfast shakes to school and don't bring the bottles back, it might be a good idea to give it away.

👤The only way to get myself food is with a protien shake, but I can't drink clumps of it. I used to buy the standard one at every grocery store, but now my parter uses them too, so I wanted bulk. The metal ball makes it easy to blend it up, and it is a more hour glass type shape. I don't think I'll need to buy 10/10 again because they are also sturdy.

👤The cup seemed sturdy and well-made, but the lids are not! I filled the first cup with water and shook it to make sure there was no water in it. The lids are all very thin and cheap. They were sent in a clear plastic bag. I am pretty sure that shipping did not help. Spending a few more dollars and buying the name brand is a good idea.

👤The more expensive name brand is not as good as these. They are the same product. If you have experience with them, you will know that the way the cups seal is the same as the original. We have the same problem with the name brand when the water leaks after you put the lid on. These bottles are very good.

👤It's useful to have a variety of drinks. Some can be washed while others are not. It's cheaper to buy all at once. It works well for any powder that is mixed into liquid. Good seal, easy to clean.

👤My son kept confusing mine with the one we had bought from Walmart, so I bought these. I wanted some that were different. These definitely are. The colors are easy to clean. They leak very bad. The last thing you want is for the cup to leak. I will not buy these again.


What is the best product for supplement bottle shaker?

Supplement bottle shaker products from Promixx. In this article about supplement bottle shaker you can see why people choose the product. D.y.a and Blender Bottle are also good brands to look for when you are finding supplement bottle shaker.

What are the best brands for supplement bottle shaker?

Promixx, D.y.a and Blender Bottle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for supplement bottle shaker. Find the detail in this article. Hydra Cup, Voltrx and Fitsville are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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