Best Supplement Cabinet Carrying Case

Cabinet 3 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Kinsorcai Removable Multipurpose Organizer Cosmetic

Kinsorcai Removable Multipurpose Organizer Cosmetic

The box is 15.2 x 8 x 6.2 in. The single compartment box is great for storing bulkier craft supplies. The box is compatible with ArtBin accessories. The set is well-designed and versatile. A geometric lock makes it easy to use alatch. The storage case has a handle for easy transportation. The dimensions are 7.88" W x 6.5"H. The storage box has a handle to keep your essentials organized. The pink color is attractive and fun to wear. It's perfect for art and craft supplies, tools, medicine, sewing kit, cosmetics or fishing supplies.

Brand: Kinsorcai

👤Too much for what you get. I wouldn't have gotten it if I knew it was small. The first review states that it will hold your light, but my light does not fit. I bought this box because of that.

👤It's a cute storage box, but it's much smaller than the posted video shows. I'm not happy. It's pink. Yes, it's sturdy. It won't fit my manicure. I think I can use it for makeup when I travel. It was just annoyed. The 99 cent store has things like this. I paid 16 bucks for this. I'm too lazy to take it back. Don't buy. Not worth it. You can find something better at Wal-mart or Target.

👤My daughters art supplies are all in one spot. There are 114 pieces between her crayons, colored pencils, and markers that I could easily put in with room to spare. The spare room in the caddy has been used for playdoh. I would love it if it was a full size caddy instead of a half size, the only thing I would change about this is the top caddy. I would've been able to use the underneath to organize her playdoh tools, but the excess playdoh that couldn't fit in the small caddy resided there. I love it and it does what I need it to do with enough space.

👤It looks like it's the right size for me to store my makeup. The little tray on top is good for my sponges. I haven't put my makeup in it yet. I don't know how it will hold the weight of all the items I have to put inside it. It's light but sturdy. It is easy to close the lock. This item is recommended by me.

👤No chips or cracks were found in mine. I had a plastic box with no lid that was pouring out and I was surprised that this cute box fit everything in it. There is a lot of stuff to keep together, and I am learning to do my own nails. It is cheap but it does the job. I like it for now.

👤What I was looking for. It is a present for my granddaughter. The product was packed well and the seller was great.

👤The pug snoring in the background of the video is irrelevant, as I needed a storage box for all my nail products. I keep my base coats and top coats in this pink box along with my nail files, decals, polish thinner, and so on, even though I have a different organizing system. This is a perfect storage box for small hobby tools, like sewing, painting, or kids toys. The price went down after I purchased it, so I didn't give it 5 stars.

👤It was perfect. I was looking for a place to keep my glue gun. The bottom is large enough to hold my items. The top tray has a few of my glue sticks. I knew when I bought the tray that it would hold more glue sticks if it were not divided. This seems to work out well for me.

2. Saizone 6925AA Removable Dividers Organizer

Saizone 6925AA Removable Dividers Organizer

Ozchin selects innovative, quality, and stylish lock storage bag for consumers. It helps save money. The right investment is on the bag. Art Storage Satchel is a box that helps you to organize, store and protect your art and crafts supplies. The craft supplies organizer is made from acid-free polypropylene. It is strong enough to resist wear and tear. The storage is more versatile because of the three dividers. The art supplies container has one open core compartment with rounded edges to protect the corners of the scrapbooking papers. Storage of bigger, bulkier project-work supplies can be done with additional depth. This storage satchel has snap-tight closures to keep the contents secure. The plastic handle makes it easy to carry. You can stack these containers. The box is 15.2 x 8 x 6.2 in. The single compartment box is great for storing bulkier craft supplies. The box is compatible with ArtBin accessories.

Brand: Saizone

👤It's perfect for my street obsession. I highly recommend this!

👤They don't fit in either direction for greeting cards. When I looked at greeting card storage, it was a complete waste of time.

👤I wanted to organize the cards I get from family and friends. Half of the cards don't fit in the storage box. The handle of the storage box is flimsy and unlatched, as I was moving it to a different location. I can find more suitable storage boxes for the same price, so I wouldn't recommend purchasing this. I will not be returning the box since I can find other uses for it.

👤This is a good size for what I use it for.

👤The container's dimensions were misrepresented in the description. The container was 15.2 x 8 x 6.2 and was too small for the 5 x 7 cards or envelopes I intended to store in it. Those buying your product should be aware of what you are selling.

👤I love it! My goal was to find a place to live. This works well. Also very roomy.

👤Storage solutions are needed to handle the many things used to create my cards, as well as the finished cards. I use the semi satchel to store most of my paper and I trim it to 6x6. The finished 6x6 and 4x6 cards are nicely organized in the semi. I do not jam it full. The finished work is delicate and I create a lot of cards. There are other art bin cases that work. I can adjust the compartments to allow 5x7s to be stored in a long way. Two semi satchels are half the size and fit side by side on top. Most of the folders are in semi-smile cases. There is a sturdy carry case for dies. I have multiples of all of the products that require that. I want to store it all well because of the investment of time and money. I have moved most of my supplies and card inventory to Artbin storage over the past few years. The Artbin storage in my studio isn't all of the photos attached. I think they are worth the money, but don't put them full so you can flip through the contents.

👤I am very disappointed. I have been living with a lot of disorganized greeting cards for a long time, and purchased this to finally create some order. This isn't wide enough for most of my greeting cards. It is easy to use and it is sturdy. It would be great if I didn't use it for cards. It doesn't fit my greeting cards. I'm returning this.

👤The dimensions of this bin make it easy to organize my seed collection. I'm happy with the purchase, but it was a little pricey. It works for my purposes, but I am not sure how well it would work for storing heavy items.

👤Very small. I don't think I read the size description. I got this shoe box sized container because I was expecting a large tote.

3. Prandom File Organizer Box 15x12 2x10 75

Prandom File Organizer Box 15x12 2x10 75

The compact size is 8.25" x 5.5" x 1.75". Also comes with a hand strap. It's good for keeping in the backpack on vacation. The portable file cabinet storage boxes from PRANDOM are 15x12.2x10.75" and can hold letter size files. The container collapses down to make it easier to store when not in use. A multi-use and highly functional document filing box is a small filing cabinet for document organization, tax paperwork, storing children's art work and other office/ home storage needs. There are labels on one side for file storage. Say no to boring paper filing boxes. The Prandom file folder box set in grey linen is a great way to organize your papers and supplies. Don't give a warranty. The bins that are used for organizing are 3 times longer than the cheap bins. There is a 3 year warranty. They will offer a better solution if you click the shop name.

Brand: Prandom

👤The sides are not strong enough to hold hanging files. It is good for storing other things. It is easy to assemble.

👤The 5-star reviews seem like an elegant solution to having files at home. All of the hanging files that have index tabs are crushed down because the lid shuts flush to the box. I didn't give one star because I can see why this would work if you didn't hang files without tabs. This didn't work for me and it was an expensive lesson.

👤The dimensions of the boxes are a bit deceiving. The inside dimensions are about 9 12 and the bottom is in place. The files don't hang well on the sides of the standard file folder. The sides are flimsy so file holders fall inside. I think the option is to put something around the rim to increase the height and make it sturdy. Is it possible that these people actually test a product before selling it? I'll keep them for storage, but I'll look for a box that will hold the files.

👤I put a few files in at first. I put all 25 file folders in and now I can move them without them falling off. It needs multiple file folders to keep it sturdy, but if you do that it is amazing and good to go!

👤I was very disappointed that my files didn't stay on the sides. They all fell down within the box. Files do not slide back and forth like a regular system. I was hoping the box was strong. It is pretty flimsy. I don't think it's worth the trouble of returning so I'm keeping them. The files are pushing up against the lid so it has to be raised. I don't think stacking anything on top of these boxes is a good idea.

👤I can't complain about this product. These work great for the relatively small amount of filing I do. The texture of the product is very nice. It's a good idea for anyone looking for a nice product that isn't too expensive.

👤These are exactly what I was looking for. I don't have to hide them in a closet because they fit perfectly in my shelves.

👤I love it! It is perfect for what I need. The assembly is done for you. The folders fit! The attached pic is attached. I might order another one soon. It's too expensive for me. It is still what I need.

4. MDesign Stackable Plastic Storage Hinged

MDesign Stackable Plastic Storage Hinged

Keep medicine cabinet disorganized by organizing and storing items neatly and in their place in this compact container, and these bins can be used. STACK and store The hinged lid makes grabbing what you need quick and easy, and you can stack and store the bins to maximize your storage potential. Functions and quotient: The versatile storage boxes are great for keeping items organized and easy to find, and they can be used in many rooms of the home. The quality construction is made of shatter-resistant plastic with a steel metal hinge and is food safe. Each measure is about 6 inches high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤The container is perfect for bathroom storage. If you're trying to buy other sizes of mDesign containers to stack together, they won't match, that's my only complaint. There are three different shades of gray used on different sizes, but all are "Light Gray/Clear". If you put them in cabinets where they aren't visible then it's not an issue, but I bought them to sit on the counter and it wasn't as pleasing. If you buy other size variations, they match the originals, but you should note that the color inconsistencies are only if you buy other size variations.

👤I used these boxes to organize my first aid products, because they are the ones you can't find when you've just cut yourself and blood is pouring everywhere. There is a label on a shelf. It was brilliant.

👤It's a good idea to sort my medications in so they are not seen on the counter.

👤The finish is marble-like. A subtle change of pace. Good quality! I would like to see more selections in this finish.

👤Didn't work out for me. These containers are well made. I couldn't use them for the purpose I wanted them to be used for. My bad. Thank goodness for Amazon and their great customer service.

👤My daughter asked if I could find small boxes to hold the stuff in the larger box. They were perfect in every way. There is a lot of stuff. She is happy. I'm happy.

👤The product is liked by the wife. It is good enough for me.

5. Baby Briefcase Paperwork Organizer Periwinkle

Baby Briefcase Paperwork Organizer Periwinkle

The standing shelves for the kitchen are easy to assemble. Installation instructions and videos were attached. The product size is 42 cm. A briefcase with click and snap closure. There are 9 plastic folders with different colors. A handy pen slot can be found in the photo pocket. Side pockets with name tags can easily be retrieved from a filing cabinet or bookshelf. A photo pocket with a vintage frame and a handy pen slot are not included. There are 9 plastic folders with different colors. Thank you note tracker, filing labels in light periwinckle, and 6 baby information wallet cards for mom, dad, grandma, and other caregivers.

Brand: Baby Briefcase

👤I only had to pack snacks in the emergency hospital bag. I packed a lot of snacks, a few T-shirts and underwear. I did not pack anything else. Our twins were born out of state and there was a lot of paperwork to go along with them, but I had no way to organize it. I should have had this thing from the beginning. Why didn't I register for this wonderful product? I have it now. I jam things in there randomly, but it's more organized than just a bunch of random papers sitting on my coffee table. I think it's an excellent product. I understand that I can go to an office supply store and buy all the items for $10, but I don't have time for that, and I have twins. I don't want to hear anyone say that it's not great, unless you are Martha Stewart and you are so organized you can just sip your hateraid about it, but otherwise you should just get this for anyone that is pregnant or going to have. I feel like a really nice person with this thing.

👤When my second child was born, I had to purchase a new one of these organizers. They have everything I need to keep everything in order. The folders are sturdy. You can personalize it with a photo in the front. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because of the flimsy tabs on the side and top that make it hard to put your child's name on the outside. One came apart completely. Everything else is very nice. I would give a gift to someone. It makes it easy to pull out information if I need it for a reason.

👤The baby briefcase arrived on time. It is supposed to have labels and files. There was nothing inside the briefcase. I bought this in-store. I decided to buy it as a baby shower gift. I thought I was saving myself time. Quality assurance would be used to ensure that the item is complete. I came back. I will order it through Nordstrom.

👤The plastic was broken and pieces. I missed the return window because I had to have an emergency delivery and baby was in and out of the hospital.

👤I got this for my cousin who was having a baby and I thought it would be a great gift. My cousin thought it was a perfect gift, but it only lasted 3 months because the handle broke. It's a common problem with this type of product, hopefully we can do better with another product as a gift and not have this messed up.

👤I received this as a gift for my baby shower and I now give it to anyone I know having a baby. It helps in the hospital when you have 50 things going on and you have to keep track of them all, and in the first few months when you have only one doctor, you can't keep track of everything. A friend of mine had twins and I gave her two of them for her shower. She told me that it was helpful for her to be able to keep track of their individual paperwork, as they each had their own needs. I recommend this to all expecting mothers, especially those who enjoy organization.

6. DocSafe Fireproof Organizer Collapsible Document

DocSafe Fireproof Organizer Collapsible Document

Don't give a warranty. The bins that are used for organizing are 3 times longer than the cheap bins. There is a 3 year warranty. They will offer a better solution if you click the shop name. The fireproof file box is made of double layers of non-itchy silicone coated fiberglass and it has been tested and passed by the testing company. Adding protection is always a good idea. The legal letter size is 12.2" x 10". The fireproof storage box can hold both legal and letter size files, it can also hold important documents,blankets,books,files,magazines,toys in a safe and orderly way. It's a great way to organize your files and find them quickly. Their fireproof storage box is anti-static on the outside, which can prevent dust from sticking to it. It has Hook&loop around it to give it more protection from fire. The outer four pockets can hold small items, and the design has a strong grab handle for easy lifting. You can stack multiple boxes together with the increased rigidity of the box thanks to the high quality boards. The fireproof storage bin collapses down for easier storage when not in use. You can combine them with their other fire protection products to protect your valuables and make you feel more reassured. It's a good choice to give it as a gift to your family, customers or employees. How can they protect their valuables from fire? DocSafe is researching and developing safety technology. They want to protect your valuables and present the best they can. Please let them know if there is a quality problem. They will arrange a replacement or 100% refund immediately. Your suggestion has a great impact on the upgrade of their products.

Brand: Docsafe

👤The fireproof box is great, however the pics are misleading and it didn't come with hanging folders. There is no big deal. After fitting them in, I closed the top of the box and sealed it to the sides. The front flap of the box cannot be sealed because of the way the hooks are placed. I can live with it.

👤The skyforce95 General Notes are: easy to assembly and fold down,velcros on three sides for quick open and close, water resistant and fire resistant exterior, handles and interior lining.

👤There is a gap in closing when you put the hanging folders in. You don't use tabs on the folders. The top of the folders have a flush lid. The quality is nice and will hold my documents. I don't think it's that protective. My plan is to put them in a safe. I wouldn't think they were super protective against fire or flood.

👤They haven't had any fires or floods yet to see if their claims of document protection are true. I could set the house on fire, but I didn't think it was a good idea to prove it. I didn't want to deal with a large metal box because there wasn't room for a filling cabinet. All our documents have been held by this and the Amazon basic file folders. I may have to get a second for the oversized documents, because of the room constraints of laying them flat at the bottom of the bin, but that's not the fault of the file folder.

👤I don't think this is worth much. The box is made of cardboard and has some sort of rubber or plastic on it. There are no special features. I could see it being water resistant, but not fire resistant. There are file folders that don't fit. I think it's worth half the price. Would not order again.

👤I needed something that was good for my files. This is very high quality. Fireproof and water-resist safes are included. Adding protection is always a good idea. It is easy to clean the outside of the box. The fireproof storage box is good for legal and letter files. The fireproof storage bin collapses.

👤How sad. It would be easy to insert and remove if it were just 1/3 inch deeper at 13 and 1/2 inch wider at 16. Not much as is. It could have been perfect. Is it fireproof? I hope not to know. Sturdy construction, light weight, easy to handle, and great fabric make it easy to store.

👤I bought this because it was fireproof. I needed something for legal size documents, but didn't realize the legal size capacity doesn't provide as much space as I would like. I hope it will be able to hang legal size documents.

👤Don't waste your time. The handles are long enough to hold the straps together, but not long enough to put over the shoulder. There are no lining inserts for the folders to be placed horizontally. There is a false ad.

7. Vestil CASE 1814 Textured Carrying Corners

Vestil CASE 1814 Textured Carrying Corners

The pink color is attractive and fun to wear. It's perfect for art and craft supplies, tools, medicine, sewing kit, cosmetics or fishing supplies. There is a panel with sleeves in the interior. Storage area has walls and panels. There is a molded plastic carrying handle. There are two keys with the quality locking latches. 40 pounds is the uniform capacity.

Brand: Vestil

👤If this review helps you in any way, please hit HELPFUL. It will encourage me to continue my reviews of products I've purchased. The case works. My paper work is held. The case is covered with hard foam and appears to be thin. The handle and hinges are strong. It looks like it will work for my purposes after I received it. Doesn't lock. There are warnings on the box that materials used in production could cause cancer. Please give this review a thumbs up, I appreciate it. It's real. I've been a customer of Amazon for twenty years. I don't get paid for my reviews. I wouldn't want to be. I pay for Amazon Prime so that I can get some of the perks.

👤All my barber tools and supplies fit into this case. Three trimmers, two sets of guards, tomb 45 shave gel, sprits, a bottle of alcohol, neck duster, straight edge razor, clipper oil, three little brushes, sanek neck strips, and is cool care plus spray can. I found foam pieces that were stronger to use as dividers to separate my clippers.

👤I really like this case. I use it to hold my clippers.

👤After reading the negative reviews, I was hesitant to purchase this box. I thought I would give it a try after buying a heavy box. I was surprised to receive this box. The price is right and I like it. If you are looking for a box that will not break your budget, this is it. If you want to keep the dividers in place permanently, you can use a hot glue gun and wood glue sticks. You should not have any problems after doing this.

👤I was looking for a painting case and a lockable briefcase after browsing the top rated item. It is perfect for my needs. I am guessing the old models didn't work, the latches do lock. The ribbed padding covers the bottom part and the regular padding covers the top part. If you don't fill the compartments up, they might come loose or be slightly crooked, because the slots don't match up. The padded corners on the bottom are used when laying flat and standing up. The attachment doesn't fit anything larger than a fat sharpie. There is enough space between the top of the dividers to the lid. I can put a half inch flat case on top of my stuff.

👤"Rugged" was the first word that came to mind when I was looking for a new tool case. I'm not sure who decides on the meaning of words at Vestil Corp., but whoever it is needs a dictionary. The case is only.0002 inches thick. A soda can is more dangerous than this item. I've been using mine for several weeks and it's been loaded with at least 5 lbs. There are hand tools. The lid is already bent. The "Rugged" shell has a lot of gashes and scratches. I don't think it will last much longer. It would be a good case for light-weight items for a weekend get-away, but not for tools or electronics. There is an update. The flimsy hinges on the lids gave out. I riveted a length of steel piano hinge across the broken side of the case. It works better now than it did when it was new.

8. DEWALT DWST17807 TSTAK Toolbox Organizer

DEWALT DWST17807 TSTAK Toolbox Organizer

The lazy susan is made of natural acaica wood, it appears uniqe original color and grain. It can be your kitchen decor. It's a great gift idea. Different combinations can be achieved with the flexible platform of the tool storage. The tool chest can be stacked on top of each other. The handle on the portable tool chest is made of bi-material. Heavy-duty metal is used for rust resistance. Heavy-duty metal is used for rust resistance.

Brand: Dewalt

👤I'll include pictures of the model's size and internals, I bought it for the top of my stacker. I like the upper compartment for holding all of the drill bits and screw bit tips, I got this one for my corded drill. I'm not sure if I'd trust it to fall from the back of my truck, but I'm not sure if it would fall on me. I'm looking forward to it being used.

👤I like the idea of a product. Well thought out features and how to use them. The drawers are great and work well. I printed my own labels on paper and cut them out, so the drawer label provision is a good touch. Superb how the boxes interlock and latched together. I like the colors and texture of the plastic. I was delivered a broken lidded box that was broken during shipping. It seems a bit brittle. I wouldn't have to deal with it in a strong way. The box structure is poorly designed. The bottom drawer drags on the shelf under it because it is bowed upwards. You can see that in the photos of the DeWalt product. The lower shelf bows up even more so into the bottom drawer, because the supporting feet are positioned so that the heavier loads in the toolbox are placed in the drawer. The plastic will get worse as time goes on. When stacking the drawer box on top of other boxes, the bottom feet are not in play, so the load goes through the sidewalls. The roller base might be able to solve the bottom box support problem. I painted the wooden feet black so that they supported the box at the sidelights. I am not sure if the drawers will bow downward over time with the more heavy loaded drawers. If not for the bowed lower shelf and poorly located supporting feet, I would have given 5 stars. I almost got 3 stars. Do you read the reviews? Get your act together. You have a great reputation. Don't mess it up. The downward slide to incompetence seems to be inevitable. I have many of your excellent products and you should be the first to look at them. How long have you been buying molded parts? Can you manage your designs and suppliers so that you can mold a bottom shelf that is not excessively distorted? The first rule of structural design is to keep in mind your load path. Shame on you. Who signed off on the drawing? The added drawers seem to support the loads nicely, and you have set your side walls as the load carrying members. When you get to the bottom feet, you have to offset the load reaction points with insufficient moment carrying capability from the shelf. You need to start with something that works and that's what you would have had to do with your interlocking/interface features.

👤I just got my new cases and had to fit them to my own tools. I didn't get these for my power tools because I am a woodworker. I bought these cases as a storage and transport system for my cameras and equipment as a hobby photographer. I wanted the Pelican 1510 to be used to store and transport my cameras and accessories, and for more organized storage at home. One case was fifteen dollars. That was the lowest price I could find. I found this system after further research. They made sense for use with my equipment because of the 6 different cases to choose from and the ability to purchase pre-formed, pickable foam for inside. And they are not the same as one another. I bought two cases with most of my equipment inside. I may need at least one more case and at least one more set of foam. The boxes ranged in price from $14.99 to $29.99 each. The foam inserts are only $9.99. It is far more affordable for me. The two cases I have here cost $55.00, as opposed to $300+ if I had bought the Pelican. I can afford to get a 3rd box, and more foam, and still be well under the price of one Pelican box. I've posted pictures of boxes open and stacked. The 'long handle' box is my favorite because it has another section for my batteries. I will post an update at a later time once I have a chance to use them.

9. Garden Life Zinc Vitamin Supplement

Garden Life Zinc Vitamin Supplement

ZINC WITH VITAMIN C FOR IMMUNE HEALTH. Their Zinc supplement provides a whole food form of Zinc with over 250% of the new daily value, and a raw form of Zinc with 600% of the new daily value, both in a whole food form. The natural co-factors are: Adding raw organic fruits and vegetables, as well as trace minerals, and probiotics, will help your body recognize the vitamins and minerals in your diet. Zinc pills are made without high heat and have no synthetic or filler ingredients, which is why they are called "raw zinc." ZINC FOR SKIN HEALTH, PROBIOTICS, andZYMES: You can open the capsule and mix the contents with water or juice if you want. There are provisions for older people. Their zinc supplement is third-party certified vegan, non-GMO, Kosher, and carbonfree.

Brand: Garden Of Life

👤All of the good-sounding stuff in there is not related to your zinc dose. If you don't read carefully, it's just a way to make you think that you are getting your zinc naturally through raw veggies or whatever. You are not. The company does not claim that. The company's website says that your supplement is delivered in a whole food base of 23 fruits and vegetables. Like powdered apple and powdered tomato. That has nothing to do with your zinc dose. Carefully reading all the information this company gives about its products reveals a lot of complex and confusing babble - to make you think their products are superior. They are not. An example of such babble is "Nobel Prize-winning science that inspired this process to grow food vitamins similar to vegetables in the soil." Guess what that means? It means that your vitamins were grown in a yeast culture. That's the way vitamins accumulate inside food plants. The supplement is not derived from veggies or anything, but is made with individually grown vitamins and minerals, according to the website elsewhere. Guess what else? Every vitamins manufacturer follows the same process to get vitamins. Not really superior, eh? What does it mean by 'raw food'? Absolutely nothing. It's just more marketing to make you think that this product is delivering zinc in a better way. It is not. "RAW Food-Created Nutrients" is a phrase that the company has a trademark on. It's a marketing slogan. "Breakfast of Champs" is a famous trademark of wheaties cereals. It sounds good, but what does it mean? Nothing. Even if no one ever eats a single bowl of it, they can slap it on every box of cereals they sell. Wheaties can try to convince you that it means something. But it doesn't mean anything. Sounds good, doesn't mean anything. The company's jabber is called "Raw Food". Maybe the product hasn't been cooked. Who would cook it to put it in a capsule? The phrase is meant to make you think that you are getting a supplement that is zen-like. You are not. The magic of raw food is found in its simplicity. When you eat a food that is uncooked, you are eating it in harmony with nature. Maybe, maybe not. I don't want to eat raw chicken and get sick. It doesn't really say anything meaningful or relevant to the superiority of this product, even if it were taken as a completely true statement. What does stuffing apples and tomatoes in my zinc capsule have to do with whether or not it's a superior zinc supplement? Absolutely nothing. The information that matters is absent. What kind of zinc does this product contain? It matters a lot. Science knows that zinc is poorly absorbed. It is compounded with another substance that will improve its absorption. Some zinc compounds are more effective than others at being absorbed. Zinc Orotate is very well absorbed, but neither Zinc Gluconate nor Zinc Acetate is better at absorption. The Zinc Oxide absorbs less than any of them. You want to know what kind of zinc is in this product, right? It doesn't tell you if you search the bottle, box, or website. It says you are getting 30mg of zinc. Period. It might be the cheapest and most effective form of zinc. One thing is for sure. The company is not going to let you know. The company responded with more babble and refused to answer his question about what kind of zinc it was. They would be proud to say that it's the worst kind of zinc. A copper deficiency can be caused by a large dose of zinc. Does this product contain trace copper? Who knows? The product information this company provides doesn't tell you anything. Eye can tell you that better zinc supplements add trace copper. The glowing 5-star reviews are just marketing babble. I impulsively bought this product. I threw the product in the trash after I did the research at home. I ordered a bottle of L-OptiZinc, which appears to be a far superior zinc supplement. A capsule filled with zinc and vegetable powder can't even be metabolized.

10. MDesign Adjustable Expandable Organizer Countertop

MDesign Adjustable Expandable Organizer Countertop

There are 3 trainers. The tiered design provides plenty of storage space, the slim profile fits great on counter tops, in cupboards, and under sinks, and the shelves are deep enough to hold painkillers, vitamins, essential oils and other medicines. You should maximize your space. The tiered shelf organizer is a great way to create more space in cabinets, shelves and cupboards, while the organization tray discreetly stores needed nail polish, perfume, lotion, body sprays, makeup, lipstick and other cosmetics, items are within easy reach, but out of view, keeping your bathroom Functions and quotient: It's easy to locate and quickly grab what you need, and it's perfect for storing and organizing spices, garlic, onion, cinnamon, salt, tea tins and other cooking and baking essentials in the kitchen. Easy Care - clean with mild soap and water - is made of shatter-resistant plastic and is food safe. It is thoughtfully sized, with a high of 16.75" and a low of 9.5", and can be expanded from 16.75 to 32" wide.

Brand: Mdesign

👤Many bottles will not fit on the narrow shelves. The issue would be solved by another 3/8" width.

👤The things to be organized are the most important things in an organizing system. I like that the organizers expands to the size you need. There is a lip around each shelf to keep items contained. The depth of the organizers is 9. The center piece of wood narrows the shelf to 9” I thought it would adjust as wide as it would.

👤I like the quality of the product. There is no clip to secure the expanse when you pick it up. I dropped the bottles on the floor because there wasn't a clip for a size. The product is worth the price. Lift the tray with care.

👤I needed this for an autoimmune disease that requires a lot of supplements. I have bought some of these work. They are the best for supplements so you can see them all.

👤This has made a huge difference. I have stopped spending money on new spices because I thought I had run out. I cleaned out the cupboard and found three of the same. If the difference is greater, the lip around it makes all the difference. Keeps them in place.

👤I need a way to keep my vitamins and supplements organized. This is perfect. The shelves are wide enough to hold larger bottles. I like that it can be made to fit as wide or narrow as I need it to hold, since I don't have to waste space.

👤It's perfect in my cupboard. I no longer see pill bottles fall out. I bought one for back up bottles. I was able to tilt the organizers to fit in my small cupboard. The ability to see all of the med bottles is worth the price.

👤And it did. Works well. I can fit a good amount of bottles. There is no "locking" feature which would prevent it from pulling apart completely. There is wiggle room in the middle where they overlap. I would purchase this product again.

👤Compré el estante escalonado para organizar mis especias. Es un verstil: adaptarlo al rincn. Si el espacio. No es problema, adaptarlo igualmente al nmero de botes. El material resists. Un "pro" con respecto a otros estantes that he visto, es that tiene reborde en todas las alturas. Me parece una forma de tener todas las especias a la vista.

👤No lo ancho de cada repisa. The material is resistente. No tienes colocar articulos/frascos/envases, pero trae tope/borde en cada repisa.

👤I was surprised at how strong it was. It is extendable. I am very happy and recommend it.

👤Suficiente espacio para acomodar varios productos cosméticos.

👤I want to see my spices. I never lose sight of where they are. It is a game-changer for organization.

11. Diabetic Supplies Travel Storage Glucose

Diabetic Supplies Travel Storage Glucose

Heavy-duty nylon is scratch-resistant. Thick padding sandwiched between layers of material helps keep the supplies in good shape. There are two pockets on top for storing lancets, testing strips, alcohol wipes and other diabetes related items. There are 2 pockets and slots in the middle of the bag to hold lancing device and pens. Two storage pouches in the bottom are used to store blood glucose meters. The pouches are fastened by straps. The compact size is 8.25" x 5.5" x 1.75". Also comes with a hand strap. It's good for keeping in the backpack on vacation.

Brand: Luxja

👤I was about to order another case for more than twice the price when I came across this case. I'm happy I ordered this case. There is enough room to hold all of my supplies. In the case, I keep my meter, test strips, lances, and even the testing solution. There are 2 different pens, a lot of needle caps, and a lot of tablets in the case. I only carry 2 pens and there is room for 4. There's room to spare for my long pen. I keep my test strips in their original container, in a pouch that is held in place by a piece of velcro, in the bottom of the case. There is room for two, 50 strip containers, or one test strip container and a container of glucose tablets. The pouch with a flap is made of industrial strength velcro. The entire case is closed with a double tabbed zip up, which opens and closes very smoothly. The case is soft and padded. If you over pack it. There is a carrying handle for the purple. This case is very well thought out and easy to organize. The price is more than reasonable. If I find a problem down the road, I will update this review. The case is deserving of more than 5 stars. I bought the case a year and a half ago. I take Ozempic on Mondays and test 4x per day. Even though I overstocked it with needles and Lance's, the case is just as well made as it was when I bought it. I'm buying a second one so my supplies are always close by. It's worth it all, and then some.

👤I looked at several options for travel for my supplies. I have a form of diabete that requires me to carry around a lot of medical stuff, but I have never had to do that before. I decided on this case because of the amount of storage and compartment for separating all of my supplies. My alcohol preps, testing strips, and a small notebook are in the top cases. The middle flip part holds a portable sharps container. There are two separate cases at the bottom of the case. The first holds my blood sugar meter. The second case holds my lancets and needles. I can be confident that I have everything I need when I leave my home to manage my diabetes because of this case. It fits nicely in my purse and has a sturdy strap for carriage. The product arrived as described. It is made of high quality materials and has great quality straps. This is a great solution for carrying medical supplies on the go.

👤A product that could only have been designed by a Diabetic is finally here. It's just extremely well done, from the meter to the strip storage to the Insulin Pen slots and nice padding and dividers in between the different compartments. The Meter Vendors send cheap plastic black things to this case. Do not walk to get one of these.


What is the best product for supplement cabinet carrying case?

Supplement cabinet carrying case products from Kinsorcai. In this article about supplement cabinet carrying case you can see why people choose the product. Saizone and Prandom are also good brands to look for when you are finding supplement cabinet carrying case.

What are the best brands for supplement cabinet carrying case?

Kinsorcai, Saizone and Prandom are some of the best brands that chosen by people for supplement cabinet carrying case. Find the detail in this article. Mdesign, Baby Briefcase and Docsafe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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