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1. Winsome Halifax Cabinet Closet Drawers

Winsome Halifax Cabinet Closet Drawers

Full assembly is required. The product dimensions are 19.21" W x 15.98" D x 35.35" H. The weight capacity is 50 lbs. The drawer weight capacity is 15 lbs. The wood is made of solid and composite wood. 2 casters with locking mechanism. There are a lot of drawers in the storage carts for easy access in your home office, kitchen, craft room, or a child's room. There are a lot of drawers in the storage carts for easy access in your home office, kitchen, craft room, or a child's room.

Brand: Winsome

👤The package arrived undamaged and I used the instructions to put it together. It wasn't the easiest. It was not the most difficult thing I've ever done. The material is okay. It does its job. The most serious issue is that the fixture is not tight enough to hold the drawers in place. They leave their tracks constantly. Hopefully, there's a way to fix this for the time being, so I'll have to look up tips and tricks online. I would have expected something with a lot moreDurability than this piece of furniture. The drawers won't stay on the tacks. The sides are too far apart. The wood to swell is caused by either the drawers not being big enough or the heat in the storage area. So upset. I attached the picture to show you how far apart the draw is from the tracks.

👤I bought a cabinet to organize my makeup. I really like it. It didn't take long for the instructions to be followed. It's the perfect size to hold my make up. The drawers have rollers on them. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The sides bow just enough that the drawers don't stay in their tracks when you open them, they fall out of the tracks every single time. Since it is mostly particle board, there is no way to repackage it and send it back, so I have requested a refund. I have one of these that I ordered 2 years ago. The wheels lock into the tracks on both sides. The wheels lock into the tracks on one side, so there is no forgiveness for any flex. The unit is very loosey goosey and shakes. My previous unit is still in great shape. I'm waiting to see what they do about it, but I'm stuck with a pile of junk in the corner of my office.

👤I put it together, but it looked terrible when I put the drawers in. It was not cute or working well. A lot of people would stop here and say it was trash. I almost did it myself, but I put some of the drawer pulley things on the back. We fixed that and got everything the way it should be. It was perfect looking and acting drawers. It took me the better part of a day, but it was a fun build. I was happy with the outcome. If I had to build it twice. I am sure it will be great if you do it all right the first time. I was surprised that it isn't all particle board, most of it is very sturdy and only takes a screwdriver to build.

👤I was very excited to receive 2 of the cabinets with drawers to use in my classroom. I have to pack up the whole classroom every summer so the floor can be re-waxed, so I always look for easy ways to organize with wheels that don't require me to pack and unpack boxes. The first few months were great, but in the Autumn the drawers weren't as easy to open. It was difficult to pull out or push back in when they came off the rails. The drawers started to come off. The drawers around it won't open or close correctly if one of the drawers is off. They are just the right size for the rolls of ribbon, beads, buttons, various ziploc bag boxes, rolls of Glad wrap and aluminum foil. It is hard to open the drawers now. I can't afford to replace them because they cost over $100 each. Over time, the drawer issues have gotten worse and I have to get something out of it. There is an issue that has come up a couple years down the road. One of the wheels has moved. I don't have anything heavy in this set of drawers. It's filled with light craft supplies, ribbon, feathers, beads, rubber bands, pipe cleaners, etc. Nothing heavy. There is no reason for the wheel to fall apart. If you plan to use them or put things in them, don't buy them. Buy something else.

2. Stow N Spin Turntable Organizer Cabinet Spinner

Stow N Spin Turntable Organizer Cabinet Spinner

Measures 9 diameter x 7.8 high. The original "STOW & SPIN" No more stuff in your cabinets. Their kitchen spices shelf is made from 13 x 7 x 7 inches and has 11 deep shelves. There are 24 cans or 50 seasoning containers on the tiered rack. The lazy susan turntable can be used as a spice holder, seasoning organizer, medicine/pill cabinet rack, or even perfume holder. A spinning spice rack is a good way to store spices without taking up too much space in your cabinet, fridge, closet or kitchen countertop. A shoddy lazada The original Lazy Susan turntables are made from high-impact plastic and have a great holding capacity. This elite revolving spice rack has been submitted to strict quality controls for your peace of mind. It comes with a liner that is machine washed. It is a lifetime warranty.

Brand: Stow-n-spin

👤I bought this to make it easier to find my spices in my new cabinet after I redecorated my kitchen. It holds a lot of bottles and I like the little susan in the center for my oils and sprays. It is great so far. I can find everything. It spins very well. I don't worry about the oils dripping on the shelf or the bottles falling out while I look for them. I had a little trouble putting it together because of my arthritis, but my husband finished it in a few minutes. I would like to see a larger version for canned goods. I put a photo with a measuring tape on it to show how much space it takes up.

👤Absolutely love the product. It was designed to maximize space without compromise. I ordered 2 more because I like it so much. I have to lower my rating from 5 stars. I bought 3 of them about two months ago. One cracked after purchase and was replaced. There is a crack on a second unit. The poor quality of materials was upsetting. All of them have cracked. The concept is great. But poor quality.

👤Load up my bottle as pictured, I was so happy with it. The bottles were falling off the bottom rack a few hours later. It cracked! This should not happen to a $35 product. It is a great design, but the material used is not up to par.

👤I noticed the container wasn't revolving smoothly and some of the containers were leaning when I received it in April 2019. I found out that the base had cracked. After putting up with the cracks for another year, I decided to take it apart and use the base as a template to cut another base out of plywood. It can support a lot of weight now. Despite numerous customers still complaining about the defect, they continue to sell it in what appears to be the original design.

👤This is large. Everything stays in place when it spins smoothly. I'm very happy.

👤Assembly requires a lot of brute force. The screws are not self-tapping as the instructions state, they are flat tipped. The plastic rods are stronger than the screws. At least 2 people should be prepared with power tools and vice grips. Lots of patience.

👤I have used them in my counter top. The interior is triangular. The height and depth of the space can be maximized by these. My organizational heart soars because of the generous capacity of each organizer which allows me to separate my spices, herbs and other baking ingredients into use categories. The best solution was searched for 6 months. The wait was worth it.

👤For the first time, my husband said to give a bad review. At first, it worked as expected. The cracks from the center spread and broke. He says that the design flaw is because our meds are not large nor heavy and don't fill the whole thing. It's discouraging because it's expensive for people on a fixed income.

3. Copco 2555 0188 Non Skid Kitchen Organizer

Copco 2555 0188 Non Skid Kitchen Organizer

When assembled, the measures are 12 x 12 x 7.5 inches. A functional organization. This very functional organizers will allow you to create more space in cluttered cabinets and pantry. The shelf is perfect for organizing pantry goods. Not limited to just the kitchen. The possibilities are endless if you use outside the kitchen to organize cosmetics, perfume, skincare products, figurines, and office supplies. It is durable plastic. The plastic used in the Copco Organizers is long- lasting and non-slip. Measures at a high of 9 inches deep and 15 inches wide. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. The Good Housekeeping Storage Award was won by a person.

Brand: Copco

👤I would have used this product years ago if I knew the impact. This was better than Christmas. The product has 24 average sized spices. The tiers are wide enough to allow a large bottle of spice, but the spacing is perfect to be able to see what's on every level.

👤I was looking for a cheap option to replace the spice rack that my cat destroyed. I only had 25 inches of counter space, so I picked up a 15 inch and 10 inch 3-tier organizers. I have more space for spices now. I uploaded a picture to show how much the organizers made a difference.

👤I don't use them for their intended purpose, so I want to start this off. I use them to put up my Amiibo's. I decided to give it a try after seeing some online reviews of them working well. I had to get another for the rest after I ordered one to check it out. I'll probably get a third one as well. Each one has 18 Amiibos. They're great.

👤I can fit a total of 12 Pops on the cabinet because I collect Funko Pops. Each row had 4 on it. It's good for new collectors. I would like to have gotten this from the beginning. Pops were all over the house. It's a great place to keep the big money display case. I might order more of them. The product was great for the price.

👤I had to use different sizes of cans, bottles, jars or bags because everything else failed to stand up to weights or allow me to see what was in my cabinets. I decided enough was enough this year when Spring cleaning came along. I was not going to waste my time looking for the spices or seasonings I needed to cook our meals. When I'm not sure what to use on a project and want the best price, shipping and products available, I've become the first person to shop on Amazon. Multiple step organizers caught my eye while browsing through the kitchen categories. I had thought about making my space more efficient for a while and here it is! The organizers were perfect in size. They allowed me to use half of my cabinet with the rack and the other half for taller items. The cabinet where I keep these spices was too narrow for two organizers to fit on the same level. I was able to use the other organizers in other places and even ordered more to use in my pantry. I was able to alphabetize my goods from spices, canned goods, our dog food and back up spices thanks to the step ladder effect. We knew what we had and the dates of expiration were arranged so we could see what we had without having to throw it away. If you need to use two shelving units in different places, I recommend you order the correct sizes because you don't want to use them all at once. I took a photo of the after effect and one from before of a shelf that was not too bad, as to not embarrassment myself for being so messy. The test of time has shown that things can be better and I have found it. These organizers are made of heavy plastic lined with non skid pads and are easy to clean. What more do you want? I can see everything I have in my pantry and spice cabinet, which saves me time and money. I hope this will help you save money and time. There is a person named Mamie.

4. Winsome 10792 Halifax Storage Organization

Winsome 10792 Halifax Storage Organization

Full assembly is required. The product dimensions are 19.21" W x 15.98" D x 35.35" H. The weight capacity is 50 lbs. The drawer weight capacity is 15 lbs. The wood is made of solid and composite wood. 2 casters with locking mechanism. There are a lot of drawers in the storage carts for easy access in your home office, kitchen, craft room, or a child's room. There are a lot of drawers in the storage carts for easy access in your home office, kitchen, craft room, or a child's room.

Brand: Winsome

👤I was skeptical about purchasing this item because it had a lot of bad reviews, and I always read reviews. I decided to go through with my order because I know some people are just really picky with high standards and I have been looking for one for a long time for a decent price. I opened the package as soon as the mail man dropped it off because it was late. Everything was in good shape when I was unpacking it. I have seen bumps and chips on the wood in previous reviews, but it's not like it'sep wood. The instructions were hard to read and understand, but if you're pretty smart, you can figure it out. I've never built anything in my life, I'm a 23 year old woman. I was able to put this thing together in a few hours. It took a few hours, but it is timely because there is a lot of pieces. The quality was decent once it was put together. The drawers are strong. The presentation is beautiful. I don't understand why people are saying the drawers fall out. I would recommend this product to anyone who is trying to save money or someone who is just starting out. I'm happy with my purchase and I think this is an awesome product. This product isn't for a mid-aged wife who wants everything to look perfect. The wood is damaged and you have to use the screws to fix it. The version at Ikea is probably heavier duty with a better presentation. 3 years later, 7/7/20. I didn't know that this comment would be a hit. I was only trying to make it clear who this product was ideal for. I still have this product, and it's in great shape. The drawers are intact and have no scratches or nicks on them. The white color does not seem dull. I still think this product is great. I've had good luck with it. Thanks for reading

👤I have been collecting these drawers for the past 3 years. The Winsome Halifax Cabinet is perfect for my growing makeup collection. The Ikea Alex drawers are 14" wide x 19" deep x 46" high, while the cabinet is 19" wide by 16" deep x 35.5" high. The drawers are wide and nice. The best time to shop is during the winter. The Amazon Store had this on sale for $85 in December 2020. The list price should be between $85 and $100 for the quality. If you want the cabinets to stay sturdy, patience and precision are important. The Artishion Mobile Base was purchased by me. The product is available on Amazon. When I feel like rearranging the furniture, I can easily move the cabinets around the room by elevating them. I didn't use the caster that came with the box because I felt they weren't heavy duty. I've been buying these 7-drawer cabinet since the beginning of the year and they are still intact. I have 3 of the 5-drawer version in black in my home office. I think there are two kinds of people who buy Ready-to-Assemble furniture, and they are both holding back because of the negative reviews. A person who is good with 2D images on instructional manuals, have a lot of patience, and take their time to build things to perfect is a good one. The other person is lazy, impatient, and blames the manufacturer because they can't do it right, which is why they leave negative reviews. You did something wrong if your cabinet is falling apart.

5. Copco 2555 0187 Non Skid Cabinet Turntable

Copco 2555 0187 Non Skid Cabinet Turntable

Their travel pouch will help you stay organized and keep everything in its place, whether you are a frequent flyer, a busy mom, or both. Every space in your home should be organized. It's perfect for organizing your kitchen, refrigerator, craft or hobby room or bathroom cabinets. The non-skid surface on turntables is easy to clean and will not cause your items to fall off. Rimmed edge. A rim that is 3/8" is needed to prevent items from falling off. Revolving crime: The pantry lazy Susan has a revolving storage space that maximizes cabinet space and keeps the kitchen organized and tidy. When assembled, the measures are 12 x 12 x 7.5 inches.

Brand: Copco

👤This sturdy lazy susan performed well even with 8 vegetable & fruit cans and one extra large can in the center on each level. No tools, easily assembled. The Rubbermaid FG1A7109 Twin Turntable was ordered by me. The picture was better at the same time. The rubbermaid lazy susan is wobbly and flimsy. It's not heavy enough and slips on the counter when it turns, and I didn't assemble it correctly, but I did pick it up and move it. It was disappointing since I hadn't put anything on it yet. I wouldn't do it because it's only suitable for spices. Just a coupla clicks and my card was reimbursed with a message telling me not to bother returning it, I was very impressed with Amazon's return of it. I have no affiliation with Copco. I immediately ordered another Copco 2-tier turntable and will be looking at their other products as well. I was happy to make the comparison.

👤It works well as described, is good value and assembles in a snap. I'm writing a review because I was not happy with the size. I have purchased the same size Copco turntables before and they fit my cabinet perfectly, maximizing every inch. The model has a small lip around the edge that makes it too deep and my cabinet doors won't close all the way. I used my pantry for cans and they worked well there. I'll be happy with the purchase, but will need to find something different for my cabinet. I attached a picture to show the new turntable with lip, my old Copco turntable with smooth edge, and my installation in my pantry, which all worked well. Don't take the pictures with a mess.

👤I bought this product after reading a lot of positive reviews, but I was disappointed in it. The plastic is cheap and easy to put together. The turntable is made up of two circles and 3 poles. The plastic on the bottom of the pole broke when I put it in. The product is still functional despite being frustrating. The poles went in without any problems. I turned it and felt that it wasn't easy as I would expect with a lazy susan. It made a noise when I turned it on, not something I would expect from a lazy susan. I think it's still functional, but I don't think it's good, and if it hadn't broken when I assembled it, I probably would have returned it.

👤A mess of a cabinet was turned into an organized cabinet by this. It was always difficult to find the right spices. I spin to find what I want. It allows for different size bottles to be placed on the rack. It is very easy to assemble, however one of the sticks/rods did not fully snap in, so it is slightly crooked but still functional. This is a good purchase to help with organization.

👤It's the same as Rubbermaid. Will not return and would not recommend it either.

6. Organizer Dispenser Compartments Medication Supplements

Organizer Dispenser Compartments Medication Supplements

The round PILL ORGANIZER is located. The MEDca Round 4 Pill Organizers allows you to store up to 4 different types of pills in one place, and it's important to remember that you'll always remember to take your medication, and you can organize multiple weeks worth of pills all in one convenient place. There are four large condominiums. It's great for Bud VITAMIN STORAGE. If you've been looking for a bulk pillplanner to organize your vitamins and supplements in one place, you're out of luck. With their Round 4 Compartment Pill Organizers you can leave your weekly pill organizers in the past and keep all of your vitamins and medications in one place and avoid mixing up your medications when taking your pills for the day. You can clean up your counter space. If you're looking for a better way to keep your pills out of sight and out of your wallet, then this medication dispensers is the perfect solution. Their product is large enough to hold up to 4 different types of medications or vitamins all in one convenient easy to use bottle so you can keep your medications out of sight and out of your wallet. The snap on lid locks so pills won't spill out. The twist top is easy to load and gives you easy access to your desired compartment. You can be more organized and avoid mixing up your medication. It's easy to fill, but you'll love it because you won't have to refill it as frequently as other weekly pill organizers and it's travel friendly! Top quality! The construction is verydurable. The MEDca pill reminder is made of food grade plastic. The easy to use lid will stay closed if it breaks. The pill holder is perfect for everyone. It's attractive design allows you to leave on the counter and not take up a lot of space and is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Brand: Medca

👤The pill dispensers are designed to make it easy to have multiple prescriptions and products. If you are traveling for more than a week, plastic pill holders don't hold enough. You can travel for 3 months with this beauty. Hopefully you will support this company.

👤The pills are stuck in the opening. If you don't hold your finger over the opening, pills will fly everywhere when you shake it. It was too big for traveling. I will throw it away after a week.

👤It stays shut. Those with weak hands can't spin lid or reload. Good for travel.

👤It is difficult to distribute a large amount of pills in one section because the cap is not straight. You have to plug one hole to use the other. Not the worst problem, but a hassle.

👤The pill holder looks good but it is not. You have to put a few back because it's hard to get just one pill. I ordered a pill that was more useful. It was called a pill holder. There are 4 compartments.

👤I read a lot about pill dispensers before buying, and although it seemed overpriced for some plastic, the design and capacity fit with my needs better, so I went for it. I opened the box today and saw that the edge of the cap was missing. I guess I can still use it. If the price was more reasonable, I wouldn't have objected but I have to let them know that the Amazon QC and packers shouldn't have let it slide since they are marking it up to a $10 product. I have to send this one back because it is damaged on arrival.

👤I have a few of these and they are great. It is more useful for uncluttering a medicine cabinet than for travel. I live in Colorado and one of my friends is dedicated to alternative medications. You can fit between eight and a quarter in each compartment.

👤The pills fall out of the opening on the other side. I wish there was only one opening. It is difficult to remove the top. We filled it through the holes.

👤It was very handy. It has two openings that are on opposite sides, which makes it difficult to shake out one side of the tablets. There is a It has a decent number of tablets. Holland and Barrett have two books. It has made it easier to find large bottles in my cupboard.

👤The problem is the size of the holes. Too many come out at once.

👤Useful product. Would be better if the pulls didn't come out every time you want one.

👤Terrible. It was awkward to use and bulky.

7. Winsome Wood 10630 WW Halifax Organization

Winsome Wood 10630 WW Halifax Organization

Cabinet interior dimensions are 13.70in W x 14.76in D x 22.83in H without a shelf. 5 drawers and a cabinet. It's perfect for crafts, office, college dorm, or playroom. Multi-drawer storage has been expanded. It is made of sturdy wood.

Brand: Winsome

👤This is the strongest piece of furniture I have ever owned. I was impressed with how well it was packed and protected when I took it out of the box. I took some time up front to mark the pieces with post-it notes which helped speed up the building process. I would recommend using an electric screwdriver. I bought the 5-drawer version of the cabinet because I was impressed that it would flank the door side of the cabinet. Don't hesitate to buy. Excellent quality!

👤I've been looking for a place to keep my craft supplies. This is perfect. My spray paints fit on the shelves inside the drawers and my cricut fits directly on top. If you roll it, the drawers are big enough to hold it. The company was easy to work with and sent a replacement for my missing screw even though they were in the middle of the covid crisis.

👤My brother took almost 1 hour to assemble. But came out well. I like it.

👤I love the cabinet area but I think it would be great to have a 2 shelf option instead of the one. The drawers are wide. The cabinet depth is close to the floor. The inside of the drawer is only 16 inches deep, which is less than the 18 inches depth of the alex drawer unit on caster wheels. If the drawers were 12 inches deep, it would be much better for drawer organizers to be mesured in 3 or 4 inch intervals.

👤Very solid, glides easily, nice sized drawers, looks great, durable and packed well. I was very impressed. I had it put together and thought it was overpriced. They used high quality parts. It wasn't fun to put it together but it was worth it.

👤My daughter has a craft station. It took a long time to put it together since the items are not labeled. It wasn't hard to figure out how many items there are, as you are told how they are described. I was able to put it together on my own. The desk is well done. Sturdy and well made. I'm not sure if I missed it or not, but the front wheels lock, which is awesome. I decided to put the wheels on after I found out that you can lock them. The product was great and would buy again.

👤I put the post on the pieces with the correct letter, which made this easy. You need to get the directions out and label the pieces. I thought the drawers would hold 12x12 craft paper, so I gave this 4 stars. They don't. This piece is sturdy and looks nice.

👤The cabinet is great. I have bought furniture from this company five times in the last year. They have not disappointed me yet. It was put together in less than an hour.

👤This came well packaged and had no damage in transport. This took 2 people 1.5 hours to complete, both have a fair bit of experience assembling furniture. They were identified as A, B, C etc. We had to look at the pictures and figure out which one was which. This was the first step. There is a All pieces included? There were two sets of long screws that held the back of the drawers together. Some were black and some were silver. We thought they were two different sets of screws. At the end of the day, we used every piece of hardware they sent, and didn't have to supplement so it worked out perfectly. This piece of furniture is perfect for my desk. It is a deep desk. I like that this piece rolls so I can get something out of it. It's great for storing items I don't need on a regular basis, and is more attractive than the two large cardboard boxes I had my binders in previously.

8. Organizer Stackable Industrial Expandable Countertop

Organizer Stackable Industrial Expandable Countertop

One shelf is 16.1 x 8.3 x 7.3 inches. Two shelves are 16.1 x 8.3 x 14.6 Inches. The industrial expandable counter rack is a modern addition to your workspace that can be used on the countertop or in the cabinet. It is designed to give an organized look to your home or office. The industrial kitchen cabinet shelf organizers can be used in the kitchen bathroom living room or office, and are built with two tier design, which makes it easy to keep bowls, dishes, plates, and containers within easy reach of your countertop. It is a great choice for both home and office use. The kitchen shelf organizer is made from brown wood and black metal. The painted surface treatment keeps it's strength. The anti-scratch and rounded legs of the metal do not cause harm or interfere with your countertops, table or kitchen. The spice rack shelf has an overall dimensions of 7.7''W x 11.7''H x 11.8''L and an extendable size of 7.7''W x 6.2''H x 23.6''L. 33 pounds for each tier is the weight bearing capacity. Installation is easy. The cabinet shelves need to be assembled by themselves. The screw can be used to install the storage shelf. It is easy to put it together. You can wipe dirty stain from the smooth surface with wet cloth. Installation is easy. The cabinet shelves need to be assembled by themselves. The screw can be used to install the storage shelf. It is easy to put it together. You can wipe dirty stain from the smooth surface with wet cloth.

Brand: Caduke

👤We have a great vintage cabinet for a bar set-up in our home, but it is not the right size for glassware. With short glasses, we really need multiple height options to maximize space on each single shelf in the unit, and this does the trick. I have a shelf that I bought for this purpose in a previous home. The shallow shelf makes getting glassware out from under it easier, and we still use it to double up storage for shot glasses above pints glasses. These are a better solution for the large glasses that need more depth. The shelves look better. The dark wood and glass cabinet has a white plastic shelf in it. The shelves are dark and blend into the cabinet and look better than they do in a distance. These don't have the look of most extra shelf storage options, like white solid plastic or mesh. The differing sizes of glasses placed above and below the different heights worked out great. They seem to last a long time.

👤The veneer is plastic and not 100% wood. Have no idea what's inside, but suppose it's wood. If you don't look at it, you won't know it's not wood and the plastic may be beneficial if you have a spill. It is difficult to assemble because you need to hold the screwdriver at an angle, but all the pieces fit together well, and both shelves are sturdy. If you keep the two shelves separate, you won't have enough foam pads for protection. I was pleasantly surprised. This review was not solicited, and I did not receive any compensation for it.

👤These shelves are very nice. These were perfect for organizing my coffee area on my countertop. They were easy to assemble and seem very sturdy.

👤I love the look of these, but the assembly was a bit frustrating for me. One of the legs on the larger shelf didn't have legs drilled to be centered on the shelf and both are crooked. The screws were difficult to screw in because they werePhillips head screws and there was very little space to work with. My thumb is too sore to use it. There were pads for the bottom to protect your surface. I cut 2 in half for the smaller shelf. They feel like they should be half the price for the fake wood, mis-drills, and poor quantity of pads.

👤I was looking for something that I could put by my coffee maker. The counter looked messy when I had several items on it. I put a coffee mug, a small bottle of honey and some breakfast breads under the cabinets because they fit nicely on the counter. I don't have stuff all over the counter and my mother can reach them easily. The shelves were sturdy and easy to put together. There could have been more protectors for the legs. The kit only has four. I put the protectors on the other two legs after cutting some of the excess. I was able to stack them nicely and not have any issues with sliding or scratching.

9. Homeries Expandable Waterproof Organizer Countertop

Homeries Expandable Waterproof Organizer Countertop

The Good Housekeeping Storage Award was won by a person. The three tiers of the spice rack are designed to give you both space and visibility so that you can store the items you need in the best way possible. The different levels help you read the labels and the open design makes it easy to reach for any spices you need. The extendable fit on the spice rack organizer makes it unique. It requires no hardware. You just need to set it down and expand it to the size you need. You should maximize your space. This tier spice rack can be used to organize and store spices, as well as to organize and organize your bathroom cabinet, work desk, and other kitchen cabinets. Baking and cooking ingredients can be separated with this multi-purpose tool. TILE CONTAINER- The open levels of the spice organizers make it easy to read the labels and organize your medicine cabinet. This product will help you organize. There is no use of the chemical BPA in this case. The spice rack is safe to use with food. Don't worry about it, just get more of these organizers and use them in the kitchen. There is no use of the chemical BPA in this case. The spice rack is safe to use with food. Don't worry about it, just get more of these organizers and use them in the kitchen.

Brand: Homeries

👤It seems odd that this is a spice rack as there is enough space on each shelf to fit a large can. There would be a lot of wasted space if you were using this for spice jars. It's very easy to take off or put back cans on any of the tiers. I used to use one of those "can organizers" where the cans were on their sides and it was terrible, you couldn't see the cans that were at the front and everything else was a mystery. I can quickly and easily see what we have in the pantry using these. They are strong and don't bend when packed full. I was very pleased with my purchase and would recommend it.

👤I don't know if I would use this as a spice rack as the tiers don't have rims to prevent bottles from tipping over. The mat is sticky and you can easily knock a bottle off the reach for a bottle on another tier. It's like playing the game Operation when you remove a bottle from the middle tier. If you want to knock over a bottle on the upper tier, you have to lift the bottle straight up. This is a good way to display something you don't plan on touching much.

👤Even though they are advertised as spice shelves, they fit cans and jars well and allow a great view of all products on hand. The non skid is great for jars of jams and sauces. One shelf out of the pack was jammed in the packing process and a horizontal crack was found in the base. I fixed the pantry project with super glue because I wanted to finish it. It may be a temporary fix. So far, so good.

👤I was excited to organize my cabinet after getting the spice rack. I took everything out of the cabinet and washed it down, and opened the box, which was undamaged. One of them was damaged. I used it. Yes, it works well. Even damaged!

👤This is useful for my cabinet. The tiered feature makes it possible for me to see all the spices I have in one place. It makes it easy to get the spices I need. I'm no longer embarrassed to open my spice rack in front of people. I like to show off how neat it is.

👤I immediately ordered another one for the kitchen after opening my purchase of the 3-Tier spice rack. I love them so much that I have ordered two more for my bathroom and one for my make-up. I'm finding ways to use them to organize the house.

👤I don't like it. I bought a few. 2 of these have black oil on them. There is a small hole on the top and something that won't come off. Very unhappy with 2/4.

👤I used one of the racks to organize my vegetables. I can see where each item is now without picking it up until I find the one I want, if I have lots more room in those two cabinets. I can see using them in other cabinets for easy access and organization.

10. Simple Houseware Sliding Cabinet Organizer

Simple Houseware Sliding Cabinet Organizer

The basket is sliding for easy access. There are two drawers. It's great for kitchen, bathroom and storage room organization. Gain more space in the pantry room. Sturdy metal construction. The dimensions are 14''L x 8'' W x 12.50'' H and the drawer height is 3.8''.

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤It is easy to assemble. I was able to fit two under the sink.

👤It's easy to put together and it fits in the cabinet. When you put more items on it, the shelf caves in. It's not an issue if you fill the shelves. The Seville 2 tier product has a solid shelf bottom.

👤It was made of metal and it was pretty white. It was strange to put it together. It had four clear plastic feet that were hard to get on the runner. When attaching the upper drawer, the instructions said you had to bend the product to fit the runners. It looked great after it was assembled. The drawer pitched downward when I pulled it out. All of the product in the drawer will fall out when that happens. I sent it back.

👤There is not a lot of storage space in my bathroom. Prior to getting this, it was an disorganized mess and now it looks neat and organized. It was a piece of cake. It is easier if you have a screw driver. I did not use one. It's fine to slides in and out. The total assembly time could be 10 minutes. The product is great for the price.

👤The shelf is awesome. It was difficult to find a drawer that was small enough to fit under the bathroom sink. The drawers are easy to slide and it is a perfect fit. Very happy!

👤It's perfect for my coffee station.

👤I was able to assemble these racks in under 10 minutes. Very easy. Good for small bars and other light weight items. I don't recommend cans, jars or heavier items. It came with two screws that you can use to screw into your cabinet, but I decided not to do this. That might make it stronger. For small items only, it's 5 out of 5. It's a great way to keep things in order in those deep cabinets. I would recommend and buy again.

👤The product had a manufacturing defect. The top drawer is not open. It still slides, but only backwards. I secured the back with the string because I had no intention of moving the top shelf. If I got this for under the sink, I would have been more upset. The last step of the instructions is questionable. Attached are pictures.

👤The area under my kitchen sink was in dire need of organizing and I ordered a metal drawer. The instructions were easy to understand and the drawers were easy to install. If you don't want the unit to be secured to a shelf, you only need to follow step 1 to 6 of the instructions. If you plan on putting a lot of heavy items in the top drawer, the unit will tip forward if you don't hold the weight of the drawer when pulling it out. Even though I loaded my top drawer with a bunch of glass bottles, the unit is sturdy and the drawers slide very smoothly. My top drawer contains a set of knee pads for when I wash the floors, multi-sized brushes for cleaning, and 4 Vivaplex spray glass bottles that consist of decanted Method Wood Cleaner, Pure Vinegar. There is a large Oxo squeeze bottle. My bottom drawer has a dish brush, cookware powder cleanser and other items in Ziplock bags. The drawer set is 13 inches high and 14 inches long. The drawers are over 13 inches long and over 4 inches high. The top drawer has a clearance of about 8.5 inches. I have included a few pictures of some standard cleaning products that I use next to the unit so that you can have a better idea of the size. A lot of my store-bought bottles didn't fit in the upright position in the bottom drawer, but that is easily fixable by storing the bottles lying down or by decanting cleaning products in shorter containers. I thought the price was a bit steep. I think it is well-made, sturdy, and looks great, and it is very much worth the price. I will buy more. Great purchase. If my review was helpful, I would recommend it to you.

11. Sauder Double Storage Cabinet Dakota

Sauder Double Storage Cabinet Dakota

There are two shelves behind the door of their storage cabinet. There are three shelves in the swing-out storage door. The storage cabinet unit can be assembled with swing-out storage on either side. 35 3/8" W x 17" D x 71" The weight was 142 lbs (64.9 kilograms). The back panel has cord access. Base levelers that can be adjusted. There is a double-deep storage area.

Brand: Sauder

👤This cabinet was heavily modified, so let's start with that. I wanted a Scrapbox, but it cost over a thousand dollars and I'm not rich. I searched Amazon and found this piece of furniture as a starting point. Some people said it took them around 8 hours to build, so I was a little cautious. I jumped in head first and ordered some other parts that I was sure would fit. Parts arrived! Applause! I pulled the cabinet out of the packing boxes because they must have packaged it better because of the older reviews. This thing is so heavy that the fedex lady left it out front, but luckily my roommate helped me bring it in because otherwise I'd have been pulling pieces in one at a time from outside. I got to work after laying out the pieces. I decided to time myself because I was certain it would take me less than two hours to build it, and my two year old decided it was fun to climb over it. 2.5 hours later, I had a cabinet, despite making a couple of minor mistakes and having to pull things apart to fix them. I was a little over my mark, but be careful when reading the instructions. The small door handle should have been put on before the other parts of the door. I had to cut the top and bottom shelves of my Wall Control pegboards because they weren't going to fit on the large door. The middle shelf was rigged so that it still has a finished front, but they cut a small part off and then we glue it back on. It was a little bit confusing, but it worked. I have moved onto my next project, a custom kitchenette for my son for X-Mas, and I need to go back in and blend the colors in, but I have already done that. I was concerned about the weight of the whole thing, but I had already bought an anti-tip kit for my 2 year old, so I went ahead and did it. I bolted the pegboard on through the door with nuts and bolts, I wanted to make sure it was secure. The majority of the work was done, but I wanted a chalkboard front. I tried to paint over the veneer, but the paint scratched off my nails. I had to go back and clean the front of the door. I have a chalkboard door after I painted it again. If anyone wants to attempt this, I used the cabinet and wall control pegboards. There are small plastic organizers that fit in a little door.

👤The reviews I read were mostly bad. People are quick to judge the product over their abilities, which is why I could have just gotten lucky. The item arrived 4 days before the expected delivery date, thanks to a great price. The box was 150 lbs and the cabinet was 73 lbs. I am 27 years old. If that is the case, I managed to put this together and end up being a beginner novice. I had to open the box by the front door to unpack the contents, it was huge and heavy. You need to follow each step very closely. Making sure holes match the direction photos, making sure it is on the right angle, etc. I had put a shelf in backwards that could not be undone without undoing 5 steps. If you get frustrated like me, take your time, organization of all your parts and take breaks. It took about 4 hours to assemble. Everything was labeled great and there was nothing missing or broken. There are two different directions if you want to go on one side or the other. When I was messing with the doors I found laying the unit on the ground easier than standing it up. I was doing it as a one person job. I don't understand why they only provide 100 pre-drilled holes for the bottom part. I didn't have a drill bit. I had to be aggressive with myPhillips head. All was well in the end. I don't have any wobbling on the shelves or unit. It took me 5 tries and 20 minutes to get the unit balanced and center, if it wobbles even the smallest, you need to adjust the feet again. The back of the wall has a safety latch on it. The unit is stable and grounded so I can have it corner the way I want it. There are many options on shelf size and height. They are easy to change. I don't have any issues with my doors being crooked or getting stuck, they line up properly. I am very happy with my purchase, I think it was worth the money. I compared items for a long time before I made a decision. The lowest price I have seen for this exact unit is about $325 on most websites. Hope this helps!


What is the best product for supplement cabinet wood organizer?

Supplement cabinet wood organizer products from Winsome. In this article about supplement cabinet wood organizer you can see why people choose the product. Stow-n-spin and Copco are also good brands to look for when you are finding supplement cabinet wood organizer.

What are the best brands for supplement cabinet wood organizer?

Winsome, Stow-n-spin and Copco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for supplement cabinet wood organizer. Find the detail in this article. Medca, Caduke and Homeries are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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