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1. Made Easy Kit Pill Case

Made Easy Kit Pill Case

Weekly organization. There is a "EXTRA" slot for 8 total compartments. It is easy to clean with aremovable. Storage for medicine, vitamins, and supplements. There are 15 beautiful options. The travel ready size is 4.5 x 3.5 x 1 in. Discreet and compact. A perfect accessory for a purse. Water proof neoprene keeps your contents safe. For both women and men, the gift idea is a thoughtful present.

Brand: Made Easy Kit

👤It's not practical for those with larger pills. Since there's no way I can carry all of the bottles with me, I wanted something cute and discreet to carry them in. I was excited to get my carrying case, but it didn't fit everything I need. I put the penny in for a size reference, but not enough room for the yellow one. This isn't all of the pills I'm going to have. I was disappointed.

👤I needed a new pill case because the one I had been using had been opening and closing all the time. The cloth case for the plastic pill case appealed to me because I wanted the pills to stay in my bag. Its smaller than I thought. If you're a 6 foot guy, this case might be smaller than your palm. I don't take a lot of pills and the pills I do take aren't that big. I don't think you need room for a lot of large pills. Not every compartment of the plastic pill case was locked. If you pull out the plastic case and use it on your own, you will be able to open it and take your pills. I think you're fine with the cloth case. The cloth case is snug around the plastic one and it has a stretchy band to hold the pill case in place. All should be good if you're careful when opening the cloth case and not opening one of the plastic compartments. They have designs that are not just black. I can look at a pretty pattern when I take pills because they aren't always fun.

👤The case is cute. There is a design flaw. The pill case has an elastic band around it. My case is sliding out in its own and opening and closing it pulls on the band holding it in and loosens it more. I feel like something similar to Velcro would have worked better to hold it in, but have easy removal. The pill case is barely fit in the case. It was slightly awkward. It is small and portable. I hated pull cases because they were ugly and old. They are always in grandmas purse. It makes me feel less weird having one on me. I don't open the Meds box in my purse because the park is sealed in a pouch. It works. There are some design flaws, but it works. If I can get the pill box to stay in without the band. I might consider buying more. It is all I need.

👤Cute pattern, good size. The pill boxes are large. I like the extra box. I keep my tylenol in there and it fits in there. The pocket on the outside is great for things like gold bandaid or something. If you ever need to rinse or refill a pill, the pill case is easy to remove.

👤This little pill pouch has saved my life. I have been using it for a long time and can give you the good, bad, and ugly. I will start with the good. It is amazing. It can fit in your purse or back pocket and be used to carry your pills wherever you need to go. It can fit so many pills in a single day and has an extra spot in case you need to add in a few more pills. The bad... Over time. I have had this pouch for a while now and the days do wear off, but I just used a Sharpie to mark a day on each box. The opening and closing of the boxes can be difficult at the beginning, but you need to be gentle with it so that it doesn't get too loose, and then you have a problem with it. I have had it for a while and it has gotten more loose to close, but they still hold all my pills in their compartments, and I haven't had any issues with them coming out without me wanting them to. The ugly... There is nothing ugly about this pouch. I have been using this pouch for a long time to keep track of my health and the amount of medicine I take each day. If you have to take a little bit of medicine or even a ton of medicine, this pill pouch for home use or traveling is perfect to stick on a counter, pocket, or purse.

2. Meta U Small Supplement Pocket Purse

Meta U Small Supplement Pocket Purse

The case is 80mm long, 65mm wide and 25mm high. The Meta-U pill container is portable. It's a portable design that takes up less space yet keeps your medication organized. It's perfect for your purse, pocket, suitcase, carry-on, gym bag, and car console. This small pill holder is perfect for on the go, it has 3 compartments, so you don't have to pack a bunch of pill bottles all the time. Stay closed, stay separated, snap to keep the pills from spilling out. Most pills don't get mixed up when the box is thrown around because the inside dividers are high enough. You can change the compartment's room of the pill organizers for your different sized vitamins, fish oils, probiotics, and calcium etc. It's safe and safe. It's made of food grade plastic, sealed with a Silicone gasket and latched with a STAINLESS steel hinges, which won't wear out soon like plastic closings.

Brand: Meta-u

👤I was looking for something larger after my old pill case broke. The box appears to work. It feels rugged and not just some cheap plastic that will break easily. The locking mechanism is sturdy and I think it will last a long time. I think the box holds a lot of pills. I would say from an assortment of pill sizes, you can fit around 30-40 pills in it. The dividers can be taken out to make them fit a little more. I'm very satisfied with the products for their size, storage price and price point. I would buy another one.

👤I like this little box. I like to have my medication in my purse, but it does more than that. The divider helps keep everything separate. There is only one tiny thing I wish this pull box had that would keep the latch from opening when I have it in my bag. I use a flat hair band to keep it closed. If it had something to stop it from being opened up, give 5 stars. Otherwise, it's great!

👤This is a large palm. The two dividers can't be adjusted by size. If you need a bigger area, the dividers can be removed. My larger pills are Ibuprofen 800mg which is a pretty large pill itself and each compartment can fit 8 of those comfortably if stacked right. I was in a rush and threw these in here. The pills stay in their own compartment when closed and do not spill over to the other spots because I threw them in anywhere this morning.

👤This is the smallest thing I have ever seen. I told myself that these girls must have really tiny hands because the box doesn't look that small, even though I read the specifications and saw the pictures. Nope, it's that small. See the pictures. It's very well made, and the 2 dividers come out to make one less-tiny compartment from 3 itty-bitty compartments, but it's a lot for something smaller than a bar of soap. I wish I had one when I was a girl. It would have been a perfect suitcase for my Barbie doll. I have to keep it. Maybe I can put baby aspirin in it. I could put it in my printer's tray. I will definitely use it to carry a few. When I travel, I take aspirin, Dramamine, or Benadryl. My fingers can still open it. I urge you to believe the reviews that mention how small this case is.

👤I keep this in my purse at all times in case I forget to take my pills. Since it no longer requires an individual bottle, I added some other things to keep with you. I have had this tossed around my purse for over a month and never opened it or spilled it. I usually take the daily pill when I travel, but sometimes they open up and I forget, because my schedule is out of sync. This pill case will never allow those to travel with me. I might buy a second one in case.

3. Small Pill Case Cute Box

Small Pill Case Cute Box

The latest design on this cute small pill case allows one-handed operation for the smart "lid spring open" feature. The button design can prevent the pill case from opening. They're easy to open, but the lid isn't very protective of the pills. The pill holder is cute and portable, and it comes in a sweet candy color. It's convenient to carry a small size. You can use this daily portable pill box at home, at work or on the road. The pill box is small enough to fit in your wallet, suitcase, backpack, handbag, and even your coat pocket. The pill case cover has words on it that say "mini candy", which will give you a good mood when you take your fish oils, vitamins, supplements, and medication. It can protect the privacy of your pills no matter where you are. Please keep this cute pill box away from children. It's also great for storing small items. Large CAPACITY: The pill container is made of food grade plastic and has no smell. You can fit a lot of pills in each compartment. The plastic case is light-proof and moist-proof. The pink pill box can be a sweet gift for your loved ones. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. Excellent customer service and the highest levels of quality are what Acedada is committed to. If you are unhappy with your purchase experience or the sleek pill cases are damaged, please contact them for a free replacement or full refund. They will reply to you within 12 hours.

Brand: Acedada

👤The pill box is cute. The pills move from one slot to the other. I wonder which pills I have taken. It would be perfect if you put it on the counter. Don't put it in your purse or pocket.

👤I replaced a pillbox that fell on the floor and popped open. This one has been drop-proof so far. It holds a lot of pills. The cells are too narrow to allow me to grab the pills with my fingers. You can get teensy pills out by dragging them up a wall. I wonder how much of an impediment it would be if I had old fingers.

👤I love these boxes. It is a two pack. I have pink and white. It fits in my purse. I have to take my medication a few times a day so it is convenient to have it in my purse. It can hold a lot of pills at the same time. The push button makes it easy to open the lid. I use one for my pills and the other for earrings as I always forget to wear earrings so I like to keep them in my purse as well. This can be used for many things.

👤This is very secure and has 4 compartments. There is plenty of room for larger pills in the 4 compartments. This holds everything I need to run around during the day. It is secure enough to be thrown into my purse. The looks are cute and stylish and don't look like a pill box, which is great in case someone gets in your purse that shouldn't be! Couldn't be happier with it.

👤Skyforce95 is a large capacity -4 partition per case to separate 4 different kinds of pills, easy to close, and can attach a lanyard, but it is a little difficult to clean.

👤This is perfect because I take a lot of vitamins. I forget to close things tight. This little holder has not failed me. The container is easy to stay closed.

👤I found this a week ago and I am so happy. The Baby Bear of its kind is a pill case with separate compartments that is too big or too small. It doesn't take up a lot of space in my purse, it has 4 different compartments for different drugs, and it's big enough to carry the larger tablets for my kids. This thing is very cute.

👤The square are small enough that my adult female fingers can't fit inside to grab my pills. I have to position my palm over the other squares so that I don't make a mess when I turn the pill case upside-down to get them. It is a much better buy to have plastic doors that are similar to the ones in the boxes. I should have returned it.

4. FYY Organizer Compartments Supplements Medication Pink

FYY Organizer Compartments Supplements Medication Pink

The pill organizers box is made of PP material, which is safe and easy to clean, and it's a classic small pill organizers box. High-quality materials make it more durable,conveniently designed with 7 compartments to help suit your more needs, and 6 small chambers for little pills and 1 large chambers for vitamins. There are different sizes of compartments for pills to be placed in. It's easy to distinguish the pills in each dose without opening the lid. The magnetic design is convenient to open and close, and the double-layer closed design protects the pills from falling out. Once locked, the push button snaps shut, keeping pills safe. The outer container and each compartment have a lid that won't pop open when dropped. The container shown in the picture is a multipurposePill container. It can be placed in your wallet, suitcase, backpack, handbag, even your coat pocket. Small size, convenient to carry, ideal for storing small items such as earrings, nail art tips, and decorations. One x 3-month warranty is provided for the Classic Small Pill Organizers. Their goal is to make your purchasing experience joyful. If you have a quality issue with their product, please contact their customer service.

Brand: Fyy

👤I thought it would be larger. It is easy to fit in your purse or back pocket for on the go. It closes well and is sturdy. It can fit large sized supplements. It comes with a free pill splitter, which was a pleasant surprise.

👤Take note of the size. It was much smaller than I anticipated. I am bad for not looking for the measurements. I remember it saying it would hold vitamins and pills. The only thing that would be held each day would be a cod liver pill. The magnets are a joke. The other side is very unpredictable. I don't think the plastic lock on each day will last very long.

👤I like the pill case. When you close it, the magnetic parts work well. It was difficult to open the compartments at first, but they warmed up after a few tries. I used this for a long weekend and it held everything I needed.

👤I don't like shaking the bottles to get them out of the drawer and I don't like pulling the bottles out from the desk drawer. I know it's irrational and I have tried to get over it, but it's slow going. I bought this and it makes it easy for me to get the vitamins. It takes all day to choke them all down because some can't be taken with the other, but if I line them up on my keyboard I know I have to take them. I hate the sound of shaking the pills out and pulling the bottles out, I am aware it's odd. The pill holder seems sturdy, it holds closed with magnets, and the magnets seem strong. The plastic doors seem to stay closed if you overfill the sections. I am going to get a pink one. I have one at home and one at work. If you have a lot of pills or vitamins, it's a good idea.

👤I like the different compartments that hold other medications. It is hard to open the compartment lid, and I wish it was deeper to hold the larger vitamins. I would buy again, but only if it had four stars.

👤I like this thing. I am happy that it is smaller than I expected because I didn't want anything too bulky. I have a different schedule every single day and night. I didn't want to carry my pill bottles with me everywhere. It's perfect for my daily medication and I usually put it on the side. The sections are hard to open at first, but it gets easier after a few uses. I love the color and the close proximity to the magnet. It is small and nice. The sections are too small for bulky vitamins.

👤The size was appropriate for my needs. The small was ordered by me. It was not possible to open the 3 middle compartments and the 4 outside compartments. The plastic latch that clicks the clear lids is too good. I don't have arthritis or anything that would make it hard for me to open this. Returned right away.

5. Medcosa Medicine Organizer Supplement Compartments

Medcosa Medicine Organizer Supplement Compartments

The pill case is designed with a smart spring-activated hinge which allows for easy, hassle-free pill access. The pill sorter is great for one-hand operations. You can easily distribute your daily doses if you know the specific day that the container is labelled. Have you ever looked in your bag to find your pills in a cluster at the bottom? Did you enter the kitchen to find vitamins? The pill holder's push button design snaps shut, preventing access from children and pets alike. Can you like a pill box? You might use the Medcosa 7 days pill case. Their pill dispensers are reliable day-in, day-out. The smart spring hinge and outer shell are strong and durable and still work when in constant use. If you hear a rattle in your bag or drop the pillplanner, don't worry, your medication will stay sealed for when you need it most. I was expecting a bigger than I experienced. The Medcosa pill case has a large storage capacity. It's perfect for travel and can fit in bags, packs and rucksacks. It is made from a non-toxic material and each transparent lid allows for simple distinguishing of pills and doses. They want you to enjoy their Medcosa 7 Day Pill Case with 7 Compartments, because they're a family-run UK business. Not satisfied? If you let them know, they'll be more than happy to send a replacement ice pack for free and give you a 2 year warranty. No questions were asked.

Brand: Medcosa

👤I liked the color scheme and gave 2 stars. Two attempts were made. The first one had a compartment that wouldn't open easily. There were two flaky compartments in the second. I think this will work for all days. When the tab wouldn't open the compartment, I didn't enjoy making my finger sore. Going to look for something better.

👤The push button is open, but it is hard to open. I have to push it down on a hard surface. Cannot open it with one hand. It was hard to open, I needed my hands to open it. The days of the week listed in the picture are incorrect. Two stars for the reasons.

👤The Medcosa 7-day pill organizers arrived without any issues and seems to be a good value for money. I only take one small pill each day and I wish there was a smaller version. A card was inside the box. There is a gift available at a web address. I don't like the fact that the Medcosa web address goes to Facebook. I will never know if there is a gift.

👤This is nice looking, with different day colors and easy to read compartments. The compartments are difficult to open with old hands. It was returned for an elderly relative who couldn't open them easily.

👤We had to open the Wednesday compartment. It won't stay shut now.

👤I want it to be a little bigger than I am, but if I put my medication with supplements and vitamins it will fit in nicely.

👤I thought the cap would open. This won't work for me because I have limited ability with my hands.

👤The item is very useful for sorting out my husband's weekly tablets. Good value for money.

👤Good quality and fast delivery.

👤It was easy to use. It helps keep me on track.

👤If you don't have strength in your fingers, it's hard to use.

6. Organizer Calcium Tablets Supplements Vitamin

Organizer Calcium Tablets Supplements Vitamin

Two 7-day pill organizers have 14 large spaces that can be used for storage of multiple pills. You will be able to put enough pills in each compartment. The bulge design is great for those who have been impacted by vision loss, to help you plan your 7-day medication accurately. You don't have to worry about your parents taking the wrong medicine with this good helpers. It's easy to curse. Their pill box lids are closed all the time, so you won't get pills out in your purse. If you go to school, work, or travel, you can take the pill tray with you. It is safe and sustainable. The pill case is made of food grade PP material and has pill boxes and pill organizers. A high quality material has been used. It's odorless. Protect your privacy and effectiveness of drugs by keeping your medicine out of sight.

Brand: Sanderala

👤These are large for pills. They snap shut and stay that way. The price is correct. Definitely recommend them.

👤Love the colors. A lot smaller than I anticipated. The pen's length is the same. I compared the weekly pill case to the pictures on my hand. The weekly pill case is small, but it was able to fit 2 of my pregnant pills, which I call my horse pills, and I can probably fit 2 more on top of the prenatals. Not bad for the price.

👤It is perfect for my needs, even though other reviewers found it to be small, but I wanted small, compact and minimalist. I only take one small pill a day, so I didn't need a big clunky holder. I was having a hard time finding a pill holder that fit my aesthetic, but this one is pretty thin and cheap, so it does the job. I don't need two so it's wasteful to order the off white one.

👤I wanted to plan out two weeks of medicine at a time. I liked how simplistic and aesthetic these are, because I didn't want the ugly cases you find at the store. They are sturdy, they stay shut until you open them, and it's just enough room for 6-7 pills per day.

👤I don't mind that they are a bit smaller than I had 888-276-5932 888-276-5932s. I usually take all of my vitamins at night and prescriptions in the morning, so I had planned on using one for each. I only take a couple of vitamins a day so I put them in with the daytime ones. I am not sure if these would be the best fit for someone who takes a lot of medication and has large capsules. These are cute and will be great for travel. I like that there is a way to see things in a different way.

👤I take a lot of vitamins. I was looking for a container that would make my morning routine easier. There is a I made a mistake with this purchase. It fits no more than 4 pills.

👤I bought this because I am terrible at taking medicine and I needed a nice easy way to remember my pills, but I didn't want to use one of those huge colorful contraptions. There are pros and cons. I like that it's not big or ugly and that it blends in with my surroundings. pill holders are large and colorful and detract from your decor. I can keep this on my desk as a daily reminder. I don't like that the lid attachment seems flimsy. I worry that the lid will detach from the case. I am keeping this.

👤I like that they are neutral and match, and for the price, I think they are not bad. The tops are flimsy and one of the notch seems to not hold tight any longer. If they are only being used on a counter or night stand, I think they are fine, but I wouldn't use them to travel or bring a bag with me.

7. Daviky Organizer Supplement Container Medication

Daviky Organizer Supplement Container Medication

The inner daily pill box is large enough to hold 8 fish oils and 15 small vitamins. Daily pill box organizers can fit in your pocket or purse without being bulky, great pill container for travel or daily use, and each compartment size is 2.4" x 2.4" x 0.67" The double protection design of the pill organizers and the premium solidABS outer container with high quality food grade PP pill organizers can protect your pills from spilling out. TheMoisture-Proof Design keeps your drugs away from dampness, avoids breeding ground forbacteria, and has an inner daily pill organizer for double protection. A pill organizer with "AM" and "PM" 2 times a day is included in One-Day Medicine. You can take a pill box for each day of the week, instead of the whole 7 day box. The side edges of the pill box are printed with a day of the week for easy recognition, unlike the round pill organizers. The printings of the weekly pill organizer have passed a test by 3M, so you don't worry if the printings rub off.

Brand: Daviky

👤This is a very nice pill organizer. I know that sounds silly, but when you used to buy cheap versions at the pharmacy, I was blown away by the quality when I opened the package. The shell feels like a thick clear acrylic. It feels strong in your hand. The quality is more and more apparent as I looked closer at each component. The pill holders are square, with two large sides. I take a lot of supplements and was amazed at how many pills I could fit in each side. They are generous. I haven't seen any of them wear away from the a.m. I keep mine in my fridge, and all of my past organizers have ended up getting ink on my hands and becoming a mess from the moist air in the fridge, so it's frustrating, but not with this one. I'm not sure what to say. It's a sturdy, well made organizer that is easy to use, and it looks cute in my fridge. I love it! The blue pills are the most common over the counter medicine I had on hand, and the clear capsule with the tan powder in them is a standard supplement size pill, so I filled both sides with them to help give an idea of the size. I hope this helps. If you're on the fence, I recommend it. It's really good quality.

👤I have used a lot of pill organizers, but this one is the best I have ever used. It is convenient to just grab a single day of pills and throw them in your purse. I have not made a mistake on my medication since using this organizer. The individual day containers are marked with the days of the week in AM/PM colors. It's very easy to use and you can see your pills through each container. This product has kept me on track and I would highly recommend it. I am very happy with the purchase of this item. I was mixing my pills up frequently and this has solved my problem. Thank you!

👤I like them so much that I've bought 4 of them. It's a little large to travel with, but it's my favorite of many that I've tried. There is plenty of room for larger pills and they are easier to use than the typical AM/PM. My elderly Dad has lost some of his motor skills. He was not happy with the type holders. The container has to be turned over to get his pills out. After a few weeks of use, the 12 compartment type lids would open when turned over. This design is perfect for him. He can hold it with one hand and empty it with the other. If the container is dropped, don't open the lid because it's not hard to open. I bought 2 more for myself.

👤I take vitamins throughout the day. I know, but that is not the point. It can be difficult to keep a person together when they move a lot. I love how clean and organized these containers are. I don't like color coding, so I would have preferred something more neutral, but I think it makes it easier to tell the days apart. The outer case is perfect to keep them all together and organized and works well for a full week of travel. I haven't had any of them open since I used it. I love that I can put a few containers in my bag and be on my way. Absolutely perfect!

8. Trenton Gifts Section Pill Organizer

Trenton Gifts Section Pill Organizer

It was a trusted top quality choice. If you've been looking for a reliable case that will help you easily manage your vitamins, fish oil, and prescription pills, then you've found it! You will always be confident that your satisfaction is their #1 priority and that they will do everything in their power to make sure you have an excellent customer experience with them. Every time! There are remedies for nausea, sore throats, and medicine. This container is perfect for holding your daily supplements. This pill case can hold all of your supplements, vitamins, and medicine, no matter what your daily regimen is. It's convenient to express contortion confusion. The medicine regimen kit can help you remember to take your heart medication, or take a daily zinc supplement to regulate your digestion. The pill case helps you keep your pills separate. There is a six-compartment ill organization. Their pill dividers are designed to hold different types of supplements. They designed this medicine holder to have separate sections for daytime and nighttime pills, so you won't forget to take your pills at the right time. Track which pill is which with a label. This pill case is perfect for travel, it's great for taking your daily pills with you wherever you go. It's easy to stick in your purse, bathroom bag, or backpack because it's not bulky. It is 4” in diameter and 4” tall. The elderly often need to take many vitamins and medications. Never mix up medicine again. The pill organizer is a great way to avoid forgetting to take your medication. The pill box is a good reminder. It should be on the counter in your bathroom or nightstand so you can see it every day. You will always remember to take your medication.

Brand: Trenton Gifts

👤If you take a lot of prescriptions, you may like this organizational pill cylinder as much as I do. I take a lot of pills for a medical condition. It saves me time, it keeps me from running out of pills, and it makes my daily pill taking safer. When I first get my prescriptions, I put all but a week's supply in this neat container, saving a week's worth of pills in the drug store pill bottles. There are six slots in each cylinder. Unless they are really large pills, the divided slots hold most of the medication. I fill up a daily organizer that has smaller slots for 14 individual days for my AM and PM pills. I have all the pills I need in one place. After two weeks, I refill my daily organizers using the supply from the cylinder. When I run out of the pills in the cylinder, I know I still have a seven day supply left in the original drugstore pill bottles, so I re-order another 3 mo. supply. It works for me. I will never run out of my medication. I hope I did not confuse you. The two week one will be replaced by a month supply organizers. I will only need to refill my daily pills once a month. I will do anything to make this job easier. It is difficult to separate your pills for your daily dose without an efficient system. This may interest you as well. I have used two of the cylinders for years. I bought the third one for my vitamins. Unless I put my non-prescription pills in the cylinder, I will forget to take them.

👤I wanted a way to organize my supplements. The product seems perfect until I realized that the lid will come off. The top may fall off if you tip it over. I don't think this is a good place to store capsule that may be affected by humidity. If the bottle will help secure the lid, you can stretch a rubber band around the neck. The band slip down when the lid is turned. Don't tip bottle over. The rubber band may or may not be able to keep the bottle sealed.

👤I had seven different bottles of medicine and this pill organizers was the only one I could use. The container does a good job of saving space. One suggestion I have is to make sure the ink on the labels is dry before putting them in the organizers. A good purchase.

👤The top will become stained from certain types of supplements. I already have one of this color. The top was black. It's not. This is not what is displayed.

👤I have tried many brands of this same dispensers and they have all been terrible. I read the reviews and decided to try it. I am very happy that I did. I finally found the right one. The cover is easy to get off, and the little lid stays closed, making this one so easy to turn. I don't want to get stuck with the bad ones again, so I bought 2 more. The blank labels are not the best, but I use my own.

9. Organizer WaterProof Dispenser Supplement Compartment

Organizer WaterProof Dispenser Supplement Compartment

If you wanted to take your pills to the seaside, you could use the fully sealed gasket that makes the pill box water proof and temperature resistant. You can save your health and time. Imagine if you can't remember if you took your supplements for the day or if you just asked yourself "was that yesterday or today?" They have a perfect medication reminder that will save you and your loved one time, energy and trips to the doctor by filling your vitamins every week. The pill case has a design on the bottom that makes pill removal easy, and the large compartments are made from a translucent material that makes it easy to monitor the box without opening it. There are large box fastening and snap joints that prevent pop-open or dump-open. It's easier and safer to organize your travel pill.

Brand: Bexeen

👤Great product. It's not catching on the pockets in my backpack because it's smooth. The Compartments are the right size. What I was looking for.

👤I love this pill box. I keep this in my purse because I'm away from home a couple nights a week and I use my most commonly used drugs in it. It is more convenient than carrying around all the pill bottles. I use clear tape on the top of the lid to make sure there is no confusion. I can use a new piece of tape if I change things up, because I know what is in each compartment. I leave the long one empty and when I am away overnight I throw my prescription medication in there. There is no need for multiple compartments for just a night or two. I can't speak to the waterproof part because I have never had a reason to get it wet. I don't see how one could accidentally open the lid on a compartment. It works just as well now as it did when I bought it.

👤I only gave this pill case 4 stars because it didn't have washing instructions. I washed it under water before using it, and the water got in between the two layers of plastic. I left it open overnight and by the morning most of the water was gone. I was able to change the drops out. It holds a lot. There is still room for more in each compartment. It is not small and may be too heavy for some. The flaps can be pulled up to use, but they don't open fully. I hope they are more flexible over time. It opened on its own and had no issues.

👤It was air tight and waterproof. I put my supplements in my purse and made little labels for the windows. It was heavy but worth it because it kept my supplements fresh. Then it broke. I don't throw my purse around. The plastic part broke. I am packing smaller versions during the week. Sad. I had only been using it for a short time.

👤Something that works! I tried many and this is the best one I have. I take a lot of herbal supplements and vitamins, and I couldn't find an organization that would fit all of them in one compartment. This is the winner. It's perfect for traveling, it's easy to fit into a purse or travel bag. I added a pen to the picture so you can see the dimensions of the organizers.

👤I bought a days supply of pills in March, but the plastic latch broke off, so I don't have one anymore. So disappointed.

👤I put several bottles of prescriptions and vitamins in this container. I don't like counting out the daily pills. This works well. The larger sections hold up to 22 tablets. The section is long and slim. I gave you the idea of what it would hold by using the largest tablets I have. Each section should hold the entire 30 days supply or more prescriptions. The smallest section has more than 90 days of small tablets. When I saw the add for a container that holds the entire bottle and lights up to remind you to take the one that is lit up, I found this. $150 is too much for that. This work is great.

10. Lewis N Clark Organizer Supplement

Lewis N Clark Organizer Supplement

Taking into account the need to accommodate larger drugs, such as vitamins, fish oil pills, etc., please read before buying. The small pill box is roughly the same size as a purse, at 3.19 inch x 3.19 inch x 0.98 inch. Measure the size of your purse. You can contact them at any time if you have any questions. Within 24 hours, they will give you a satisfactory answer. The pill organizers are numbered and color-coded to make it easy to keep track of the pills you take. Don't take too much or miss a dose. Perfect for seniors, caregivers, or people with arthritis. The pill organizer is easy to use and can be added and removed as needed. It's easy to see your pills in the clear pill pouch. An alternative to a pill box is smart. The pill holder folds open and closes to keep your pills private, while the velcro fastening keeps your pills safe in place. Light weight and portable: can fit in your purse, backpack, luggage, carry on, laptop bag, or suitcase. It's perfect for daily pills like aspirin, vitamins, and more. Also included: The medical reference card has space for your name, emergency contact, physician, medical conditions, allergies, and more. The exterior pocket can be used to store easily.

Brand: Lewis N. Clark

👤I take a lot of supplements and a lot of Rx. I was excited to find this because the weekly pill boxes I've used couldn't hold many large capsules. The product is well made, though the fabric is very thin, and I'd advise holding down the patch with your thumb, while grabbing the strip with your other hand, so as not to tear the organizers. The individual pouches had more room for all the pills I wanted to store, but it took more time to fill for the coming week than it did for the hard plastic containers. Since each pouch had to be picked up, opened, and zipped, I think it's more than twice as long. I might have kept this if it had all the drugs I wanted. It became difficult to put the next pouch in after putting just a couple of the filled clear pouches into the numbered pockets. After filling 14 pouches, I got them to fit in the slots, but I couldn't close the organizers because the Velcro was too tight. Even though the clear bags hold more pills than I do, there is no way to get them into the pockets if I added more pills. I understand that you want to keep the numbered slots snug so the pills won't slide out, but maybe there is elastic at the top of the mesh compartment. It would be helpful to have more fabric between the pocket rows to allow for expansion when closing the case. The design is soft. It would be nice for travel because it's very secure. You can grab one set and go with the individual bags. I'll be returning it because it doesn't hold the large amount I was hoping for.

👤I was looking for an alternative to a pill case, and the case is exactly what I was looking for. Even after a car trip and being moved around a lot, the case is still holding up. The zip bags are junk. The top plastic is easy to remove. disposable bags will be used to replace plastic bags. I broke 3 of the bags during the first week of use, you can get the plastic zip back in place, but it isn't worth the time. They zip off the bag without even being hard on it, and you will have to fix the included numbered bags. When buying alternative baggies, order them.

👤I bought this for a trip. I used a pill box that was divided by days but it would pop open in my luggage and spill all over my bag. I ordered this pill organizer from a youtuber. It's small and convenient that I can take one pouch out and put it in a purse so I can remember to take my vitamins when I eat out. I will purchase another one for my mom after I show it to her.

👤Like this pill holder. I had a version that held pills for 8 days and a zip pocket for extra, and I loved it. The zip holder lasts for many years and the meds are protected from getting smashed. If you open any other travel case, you will lose your medication. If you plan on staying 16 days, you may want 2 holders.

11. Travel Pill Organizer Medicine Dispenser

Travel Pill Organizer Medicine Dispenser

Their pill box organizers are made with an elastic seal to protect it from the elements. The portable pill organizers will keep your medication safe. The pill dispensers and daily pill organizers are large. There are 8 compartments that hold many pills in this pill holder. The double lock keeps your pills in place. The organizers for the vitamins will never open up in purses or bags. Their travel pill container and medicine travel organizers have an easy to open design. Seniors can fill the cells with pills by opening the pill organizers. The large compartments of this container organizer are lightweight. Their portable pill container can fit in small spaces inside your luggage.

Brand: Pillsteer

👤I love this case. It's a little larger than the other pocket pill cases I've bought, but it still fits in my purse. I want this size case because I am too lazy to fill a 7 day pill case every week. I can put an entire month of pills in each compartment. There is still plenty of room for the larger pills, even though I have to split them. This is what I have been looking for.

👤I searched high and low for my daily vitamins before I found this one, the perfect solution after buying three pill organizers. I have 21 vitamins in each box, and there is still room for more. I initially thought the 8th compartment was a waste of space, but have now realized the benefit of the extra spot for Advil, cold medicine, or other short-term vitamins. I put some stickers on my case to personalize it. I am very happy with this product because I like organization and having a compartment for everything.

👤I love the pill case. It holds my medication. It's roomy and not too heavy. I recommend it to everyone.

👤I travel for a living, often on the road for months at a time. It doesn't always work out as planned when we try to eat healthy. We take vitamins and minerals in pill form. How to travel with them is a problem. I put the bottles in the lunch bag. That worked, but there had to be a better way to organize them. The daily pill carriers are too small for the number of pills I take and there is no way to know which pill was what. I went to Amazon. I thought several would work, but kept going back to this one. I bought one. I immediately ordered a second one after it arrived and was able to verify its quality. These are perfect for what we need. They have a hard plastic shell. The pill section's lid is thicker than most. These will take the abuse we will put them through. Each pill section has enough for a week's supply. If your pill is small. I'm impressed with the amount it will hold. It is small enough for a purse or overnight bag, even though it has large sections. The color would be the only thing I would change. If I had two colors, I'd know which one was morning and which one was night in an instant. There was no biggy. I have baggies with extra pills in them, but the extra from each bottle now fits in a smaller craft bag, instead of a snack or sandwich bag. I put these in a hard case for the kids to keep their stuff. Right under my seat. I would definitely buy these again.

👤I am in love with this case. I use it every day. I keep my pills in the cases. It's a great case for a purse, bedside table, or travel. This isn't a pocket organizer. It's smaller than my Tab E, but it's bigger than my Note 9. It's a great case to organize pills for travel, especially if you need to take more than one pill a day. How many pills will fit in depends on the size of your pills. I own pocket organizers that are great for the medicines that you need every single day, and for a single day travel. This case is perfect for storing multiple day travels and pills.


What is the best product for supplement case large?

Supplement case large products from Made Easy Kit. In this article about supplement case large you can see why people choose the product. Meta-u and Acedada are also good brands to look for when you are finding supplement case large.

What are the best brands for supplement case large?

Made Easy Kit, Meta-u and Acedada are some of the best brands that chosen by people for supplement case large. Find the detail in this article. Fyy, Medcosa and Sanderala are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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