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1. Daily Pill Organizer Twice Day

Daily Pill Organizer Twice Day

It's possible to have a port but large capacity. Each compartment can hold 8 fish oils. The daily pill case is large enough to fit in a purse or pocket. Each cover was printed with week date and AM/PM icons to avoid mixing up, and each tray is divided into AM and PM compartments, self-contained and can be carried around. Each daily pill box has snap-shut lids that will not pop open even when dropped. The daily pill case is made of PP plastic and the outer pill container is made ofABS plastic. High-end silk printing technology ensures the labels can last for a long time.

Brand: Fullive

👤I've never been good at taking pills. 10 years ago, I couldn't take my birth control on a daily basis. Since the beginning of time, I have never taken pills. I'm on 2 anti seizure drugs, hair growth supplements and fish oil. Sometimes I miss my medication by hours. I have to take my medication within 10 minutes if I want to avoid adverse side effects. I was excited to see this product. It's huge, but not get me wrong. I would love to be able to take a container with me if I am out to make sure I have my pills. I was so rushed to take them, I would double dose. The pill containers are easy to organize and have great space for pills. This product is worth 1000000% of the money and shipping speed. It's not like the standard flat pill containers that are boring and repetitive. It makes taking pills easier. The containers feel good.

👤I love the pill organizer. This is large enough to fit several of them, and I prefer gummy vitamins to the kind you swallow. I can pack 2 weeks of vitamins by using mornings and nights. It is awesome! I am very happy that I bought it.

👤BC, Fish Oil, and Calcium 600 are all taken by me while I'm in the Navy. I leave the house before BC because it's necessary for BC to be every day at the same time. It's nice to just take the individual day container with me and take it at the right time. This is an easy way to remember if I took my vitamins, because most of them have to be taken twice a day. Set for the whole week on Saturday night.

👤I have a habit of knocking stuff over and discovering that my old weekly AM/PM medicine organizer could be opened and I could get all my medicine on the floor. I love the individual containers. These are great for people who are clumsy. I can put the rest in the nightstand and take one out for the morning. They don't just burst open after hitting the floor. It is nice to be able to grab my day's medicine when I leave for work in the morning. It is more difficult to open the compartments than it is to fill them, but it is worth it for my case.

👤It is labeled every day and has morning and night times. I have been prescribed two new drugs for my condition and I am also taking multiple vitamins. I've been paranoid that I'm going to take the wrong pill, and that I'm not sure if it came from this bottle or that bottle, and I've panicked after taking something. And... This solved my problem. The case snaps shut because they are sturdy. Each one is strong and sound. If I need to take the whole thing with me, I can bring just the days I need. I would probably take the whole thing. This is the best pill organizers for morning and night. I can't say enough good things about this. The only scam. I think that it is a big pill case, and that might not be for you. It is fine for me. 3

2. Pillbox Organizer Vitamins Supplements Pregnancy

Pillbox Organizer Vitamins Supplements Pregnancy

The large weekly pill organization by Mimi Medcessories has 7 separate compartments that can hold up to 5 large supplements or 12 small pills per day. SECURE VITAMIN, SUPPLEMENT, and PILL HOLDER: A dual-sided slide. Stop function to give each day one at a time from both sides. Extra communal space is available for as needed items. Premium soft-touch finish is available in Champagne, Rose and Steele. It is easy to use and open with one hand, making it the perfect travel companion.

Brand: Mimi Medcessories

👤I am going to do a complete review because good ones are hard to find. I will put it in. If you just want the notes on the cliff. First of all, it is gorgeous! It has a soft feel to it. TheRose Gold and the Black dispensers only provide for once daily treatment, so we bought them. We bought 2 different colors because I take them twice a day. You may have guessed by now, theRose Gold for morning and Black for night. It has made our life simpler. There is a bonus to these too. There is enough room to place a few extra pills in the spot where the clip keeps the trays in place. It is perfect for carrying a couple extra pills with me without having to worry someone will steal a bottle of them from me, because I personally have some pain episodes that are called "breakthrough pain episodes". It would make a good spot for a couple of pills. It has taken a long time for me to find a pill organizer that doesn't take up a lot of space, or shows how many pills I have to take when, or are flimsy and waiting to snap off. I wanted something that looked nice, easy to use, and would stand the test of time. The last picture is an embelem with the "mi over" on it, so even if you are in pitch black, you know which side is up. The extra space is so small that it's easy to feel, and the clip is on the front. They have isolated Saturday and Sunday from the rest of the week. The blind can put the tray back into the sleeve. With no problem! The clip is very easy to use for people with grip issues. You can lock it into a day so only the day you are using plus empty past days is open and dispensable with a simple tipping action. The slide action is very simple to close. The clip is easier to grasp than a spoon. We have already recommended this pill dispensers. We hope our review is useful to you.

👤A previous reviewer stated that Saturday and Sunday are not in order. If you push the inner pill container out of the cover, they are. This is not the correct way to use it. The inner pill container can be pushed all the way out, but the proper way to use it is to expose the day you want on the left side. You push the tab to the right for Saturday and Sunday. Very easy. The container is small and portable. It will be up to time if the quality is good.

👤The product is good quality, but I think it's worth $6 - $7 and not the $20 I paid, thus the 2-stars due to low value. The size is described. It has a pleasant finish. The pillbox works on a slide mechanism and the mechanism extends and withdraws in steps that correspond with the daily dividers and those steps make it noisier. Would have preferred a smooth glide. I edited 1 year ago. I bought this a year ago to help manage everything because of a medical condition. I'm not sure why I thought the clicking was a problem, you just need to apply a little more pressure to the release button on the glide mechanism and there is no clicking. The finish is still new and pleasant one year after daily use, trips, etc. The glide mechanism is the same. After researching nearly every available option, I ended up ordering a second of these, so I must have thought it was worth the price in the end. The golden one for AM and the grey one for PM are both very pleasant. I'm very happy with my purchases.

3. Portable Organizer Zippered Gelibo Supplements

Portable Organizer Zippered Gelibo Supplements

The pill case has a zip up pouch to keep your privacy. The daily pill box is large enough to hold 25 tablets or 5 fish oils. The weekly pill box has a bag that is large enough to hold small objects, such as keys, insurance card, and prescriptions. Premium Material and Printing - waterproof material and durable zippers secure your compartments, and this 7 day pill organizer adopted upgrade printing technology to avoid the letter and icons from falling off. Their friendly customer service is what you receive, along with a clear, BPA-free 7 day pill organizer, 1 x zippered bag, and 1 x lanyard.

Brand: Gelibo

👤These are for pellet tin cases. Some pellet manufacturers use lids that slip on and off. Sometimes they slip off when they aren't supposed to. These cases are great for larger tins and keep the pellets secure.

👤I bought this item to keep my large dogs from thinking it was a toy and to carry my meds discreetly. The concept is good, but the product arrives with an obnoxious "GELIBO" in large block letters across the front and is not shown to be " branded" in all the photos in listing. The history of the zippers shows that the zippers have been sewn on backwards and different from the normal open/close direction. It doesn't affect function but is annoying and I question the quality of it. Returned.

👤My husband doesn't take his medicine on a daily basis. He only remembers walking through the door at work when he gets a "I forgot my medicine" text. I was worried that the usual pillstrips would open while he was in his backpack, so I looked for one that was more secure. The case is very strong. My only complaint is that the pill box lid appears to be a weak spot. I don't think there will be much more than a few opening/closings, but at less than $8 I wouldn't expect much more. It was great for the price.

👤This is perfect for a young person with a mental illness who needs to keep track of their medication. You can't tell what it is by looking at it, but it comes with a carrying case. It's beneficial for more than just boomers. All jokes.

👤The case has plenty of room for larger pills, so they won't get stuck. For those of us who need to take pills with us, the zip top case is excellent. The outside pocket is a good place to keep a list of drugs. If you need to keep pills handy, only wish they made a stack version for multi week or am/pm situations, but can always have multiple cases.

👤It is difficult to travel these days. Add to that the fact that you have to haul $300 worth of pill bottles around or find an assortment of loose pills in the bottom of your bathroom bag. They have a bag to keep them closed. I take more than that twice a day. I think the plastic flaps on the individual containers will eventually wear out. These are not expensive, so who cares? Good idea.

👤This pillbox is great for reminding me of my daily dose of mets so I don't skip a doze or double up, and the extra sipper on the side is a plus. You bought it.

👤It's hard for me to open every bottle of supplements I take. I don't have time in the morning to do this, so having a pill organizer like this one has been helpful. The small containers are easy to open and travel-friendly. It's perfect for people looking for a simple pill organizer.

4. Small Pill Case Cute Box

Small Pill Case Cute Box

The latest design on this cute small pill case allows one-handed operation for the smart "lid spring open" feature. The button design can prevent the pill case from opening. They're easy to open, but the lid isn't very protective of the pills. The pill holder is cute and portable, and it comes in a sweet candy color. It's convenient to carry a small size. You can use this daily portable pill box at home, at work or on the road. The pill box is small enough to fit in your wallet, suitcase, backpack, handbag, and even your coat pocket. The pill case cover has words on it that say "mini candy", which will give you a good mood when you take your fish oils, vitamins, supplements, and medication. It can protect the privacy of your pills no matter where you are. Please keep this cute pill box away from children. It's also great for storing small items. Large CAPACITY: The pill container is made of food grade plastic and has no smell. You can fit a lot of pills in each compartment. The plastic case is light-proof and moist-proof. The pink pill box can be a sweet gift for your loved ones. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. Excellent customer service and the highest levels of quality are what Acedada is committed to. If you are unhappy with your purchase experience or the sleek pill cases are damaged, please contact them for a free replacement or full refund. They will reply to you within 12 hours.

Brand: Acedada

👤The pill box is cute. The pills move from one slot to the other. I wonder which pills I have taken. It would be perfect if you put it on the counter. Don't put it in your purse or pocket.

👤I replaced a pillbox that fell on the floor and popped open. This one has been drop-proof so far. It holds a lot of pills. The cells are too narrow to allow me to grab the pills with my fingers. You can get teensy pills out by dragging them up a wall. I wonder how much of an impediment it would be if I had old fingers.

👤I love these boxes. It is a two pack. I have pink and white. It fits in my purse. I have to take my medication a few times a day so it is convenient to have it in my purse. It can hold a lot of pills at the same time. The push button makes it easy to open the lid. I use one for my pills and the other for earrings as I always forget to wear earrings so I like to keep them in my purse as well. This can be used for many things.

👤This is very secure and has 4 compartments. There is plenty of room for larger pills in the 4 compartments. This holds everything I need to run around during the day. It is secure enough to be thrown into my purse. The looks are cute and stylish and don't look like a pill box, which is great in case someone gets in your purse that shouldn't be! Couldn't be happier with it.

👤Skyforce95 is a large capacity -4 partition per case to separate 4 different kinds of pills, easy to close, and can attach a lanyard, but it is a little difficult to clean.

👤This is perfect because I take a lot of vitamins. I forget to close things tight. This little holder has not failed me. The container is easy to stay closed.

👤I found this a week ago and I am so happy. The Baby Bear of its kind is a pill case with separate compartments that is too big or too small. It doesn't take up a lot of space in my purse, it has 4 different compartments for different drugs, and it's big enough to carry the larger tablets for my kids. This thing is very cute.

👤The square are small enough that my adult female fingers can't fit inside to grab my pills. I have to position my palm over the other squares so that I don't make a mess when I turn the pill case upside-down to get them. It is a much better buy to have plastic doors that are similar to the ones in the boxes. I should have returned it.

5. Odaro Organizer Compartment Medicine Supplement

Odaro Organizer Compartment Medicine Supplement

The daily pill box is a great way to keep your medicine organized. There are 5PCS fish oils or 18PCS capsule or 52PCS small tablets in each internal compartment. Food grade plastic is used to make the daily pill organizers. The pill box is colorful. It has a design that will keep your pills fresh when closed. Rub off. By testing, the update 3D printing technology will never rub off for over 5,000 times of use, which is more durable than traditional printing. The small pill box is portable and easy to carry if you go out for a day or two.

Brand: Odaro

👤I was shopping for a long time before I decided on the pill organizer. There is a room for 4 large pills and several small ones. The case feels good in my hands. I don't think I would like having to open the case every time, as my last organizer was not in a case. I love it! It keeps the pills out of sight in my kitchen and you can rearrange the days if you want. I like starting my week on Monday. Some people start the week on Sunday. I put it in my way. I took out the pill and put it in my purse. It was closed and didn't spill out. I am very pleased with this purchase.

👤I need a new pill organizer. I am very happy to have gotten it. The pill cases are easy to take out and put back in place. The chambers for the pills are deep. Each chamber can hold a lot of pills. I have one chamber that can fit small pills in it and it closes easily. If I had my way, my old case would be shut down. The outer case clicks shut and secures everything, I have dropped it off at my night stand 3 times since I got it, and it shows no damage and does not open like my old one would. This was a great find. Very happy with it.

👤I am updating my review after a great experience with the manufacturer. The pillbox is of good quality. I've had it for a while now and the text hasn't worn off. The boxes are large enough to hold my large suppliments and the clasps are strong. The manufacturer reached out to me to inform me of their policy after they had a misunderstanding about replacements. They wanted to make sure that I was comfortable with the exchange. They seem to be nice people on the other end.

👤I bought 4 for my dad. He is able to use them on his own, if I fill them for him. Even though he has dementia, it's very easy for him to use it because it has 4 different compartments. A great purchase.

👤You can row with me for a short trip. They're very sturdy. There were no problems with them popping open or cracking. Don't put smelly vitamins in there. The smell and taste stays even after you empty and refill, because the plastic causes it to transfer to other pills. Warm soap and water helped me wash. I would put vitamins in another container.

👤I like this pill box. I use it for more than just travel. I use it every day. I like being able to take out my daily box and throw it in my purse. The size is perfect for the main box and all the daily boxes inside. I like the box that is black. If I have to travel with the whole thing and pull it out in front of people, the inside of it is hidden. The colored boxes make it easy to grab the correct pills. The colored boxes don't take up a lot of space. I mostly carry small or clutch purses and they fit in with random feminine things like my phone, makeup, wallet, etc. I would suggest this to someone.

6. Organizer Weekly Vitamin Supplement Medicine

Organizer Weekly Vitamin Supplement Medicine

Use a poison organization. The package includes a pill pouch and pill dispensers. Multiple pills can be stored in each compartment. The pill box has a floral fabric case. It's great to remind you to maintain your medication regimen. No more mixing pills. Their cute floral pill bag with boxes makes it easy to manage your health. Function: There are daily compartments that are divided into separate areas for prescription and medication reminders. The pill box is made of plastic. There are 7 labeled compartments for each day of the week. The clear interior pocket has your insurance ID or prescription in it. The pill box is easy to clean. The pill container is small and portable. It fits into your purse, suitcase, backpack, pocket, gym bag and you can take it anywhere. You can take only the days you need with the pill case. For on-the-go people, just pack the vitamins, birth control pill or prescriptions you need. The material is PREMIUM and SAFE. The pill organizers are made of food-grade materials that are safe for you. The measurement is close to 1.6 inches. It's small to fit in your pocket. It's suitable to take for a trip. The snap-shut lids would never pop up even if dropped. It's a perfect gift for women, girls, and seniors. The mini pill wallet can be used in backpacks, totes and luggage bags.

Brand: Mjfloria

👤It is perfect. My last one was 15 years old. I like the bigger size. I used my label maker for this because I am the mama and everyone will ask me for something if they have a headaches. There is enough room for a pack of toothpicks and a few Goodys powders.

👤I was able to fit a pill, capsule, and gummies into each compartment. This is something that I love.

👤It's easy to hold a week of medication. Even large vitamins and capsules can fit in the big compartment. The bright case makes it easier to see in a bag or purse. My previous case was round. The extra compartment is useful. The pill compartments are not a large unit, but sets of two which fit together. It's easy to put them back together when I take them out of the case. This is not the sort of case you can slip into a pants pocket in.

👤I am happy I found this travel pill box. A fire drill at work made me think twice about keeping my medication at home. What if the worst happened? You had to be somewhere else without your medication. I knew I had to find a pill box that held all my daily medication but also had enough space to carry my vitamins and small items in my purse or pocket. The answer was this travel pill box. This was a great purchase and it was worth it.

👤This case is perfect. It's great to keep a record of when medication was taken or missed. The clear pocket is great for the PILL pack. It makes sense to have all the medicines in one place. It's perfect for travel or home use. It is the perfect size, it fits in my purse, and it is cute. This product is recommended to friends and family by me.

👤I needed a place to put things. It comes with a case. I can put it in a purse or suitcase. It has all the days so it's easy to know when to take your medication. I like the case. It will go with everything. If you need to have your medication with you, you can take apart the pill cases. It's a nice case. It has a card that you can use to access your information. The pill case is great.

👤I absolutely love this product. I carry my vitamins and prescriptions in my purse often, and the case I was using would open and the pills would spill out in my purse. I love that this case is so discreet and small. It's easy to clean. It's great for traveling. I bought 2 cases so I can use them to put the tylenol and other medicines we travel with. It's convenient!

👤The smell from the pouch and containers is terrible. I received a similar one a couple of years ago and thought it would be fine. The previous item didn't smell and the cubes didn't fall apart into separate cubes so easily. I didn't want the case to be unreturnable if I washed it. It will be returned.

7. Portable Container Organizer Supplement Business

Portable Container Organizer Supplement Business

The portable measure is 4.5" x 3.14" There is a fixed button strap on the back of the pill organizers, which can be easily fixed on the strap of the backpack, which is convenient to carry and save space. The pill case bag is made of durable fabric and easy to open and close. The soft material that wraps the weekly pill case prevents the plastic pill box from breaking or medicine from scattering, so make sure a longer lifespan. The main pocket has a mesh bag and two small pockets which can hold different types of medicine bags. The inner plastic case is made of food grade PP material and has aremovable design that is easy to refill and clean. The transparent plastic lid makes it easy to distinguish the pills. The box can also be used as a coin purse, jewelry bag, sundries storage bag, and as a handbag. It's convenient to carry a small size, ideal for daily life, travel, business, sports, gym, camping, family, hotel, etc.

Brand: Ollabaky

👤I love this pill case because it fits many pills without falling out, it has many pockets for medical cards, ID cards, prescription instructions, and it is waterproof! I splashed this case with water when I was washing my face and it didn't get wet inside. Totally cool! It has a pill cutter in one of the net pockets. I don't have to look for my pill cutter anymore. cactuses is the print I chose because I love cacti and have 20 of them in my garden. This is the best pill case I have ever purchased and I regret not finding it sooner, I encountered a rude seller from another website who never sent me a pill case I needed, but that is neither here or there, the bottom line is I got this awesome pill. The pill case arrived in two days, I never had to wait centuries for it, and I highly recommend it. I know, but you should buy it at Amazon, you will be happy with it.

👤I bought this and it is functional, just as it appears in the picture. The llama and rainbow sea background are very colorful. The design is better than I thought. I have an expensive purse designer's one that I like better than the llama one that I bought for my son.

👤It holds everything you need for a weekend trip.

👤I was able to fit more on the inside pockets.

👤It's cute and perfect for carrying the herbs I take. My black cat backpack is very close to my black cat backpack.

👤I like this pill case. It has room for 1 week of pills. It has a pocket for vitamins.

👤It's cute and has bigger slots for pills. It was much handier than others.

8. Meta U Small Supplement Pocket Purse

Meta U Small Supplement Pocket Purse

The case is 80mm long, 65mm wide and 25mm high. The Meta-U pill container is portable. It's a portable design that takes up less space yet keeps your medication organized. It's perfect for your purse, pocket, suitcase, carry-on, gym bag, and car console. This small pill holder is perfect for on the go, it has 3 compartments, so you don't have to pack a bunch of pill bottles all the time. Stay closed, stay separated, snap to keep the pills from spilling out. Most pills don't get mixed up when the box is thrown around because the inside dividers are high enough. You can change the compartment's room of the pill organizers for your different sized vitamins, fish oils, probiotics, and calcium etc. It's safe and safe. It's made of food grade plastic, sealed with a Silicone gasket and latched with a STAINLESS steel hinges, which won't wear out soon like plastic closings.

Brand: Meta-u

👤I really do love these pill cases. I used to use empty pill bottles to hold multiple types of pills and it was really annoying because you had to dump out the whole bottle to get what you were looking for. I can open the lid of the Meta-U pill boxes and get what I want. When the pill box is closed, the pills are kept secure and don't move around. I was able to fit a lot of pills in this thing. The fashionable colors are a plus, and I really like that you can remove the little pieces to make the compartments adjust. I am very happy with my purchase, and I can't believe how much I love a pill box. The 4 pack is the best value.

👤These are nice, they fit in your kit bag, are sturdy, and have a good seal when closed. You can carry a lot of pills in each compartment, even bringing along a lot of the bigger pills that fit in most pill carriers. I spent a little time scrubbing them before use because they didn't arrive clean. It is possible to remove the little dividers, but it is still important to get them ready for use and to scrub the case. I was glad I ordered these ways out of the way. I had enough time to wash and dry them. You only have to clean them once. These things are great in use.

👤It is good quality. It is good in general and a bonus for the price. I have had it for a few months and it hasn't had any issues, so I will say it doesn't snap to where you know it won't open in your purse. I gave my mom a one and she is loving it. There was no accidental pop opening. I take a few meds daily and this is nice to have them with me in a small container. It is possible to have 3 separate sections. Or one large one. I am very happy that I bought this. Even though it is small, you can fit a large pill inside.

👤I like these for the price. These are useful to have for things that need securing. I took a star off because the clip isn't super secure and will allow stuff to escape, and they arrived individually wrapped, but kind of dirty, so they needed a good scrub before use.

👤These small cases are made in a way that I like. It stays shut until you open them. If you need them to, the 2 dividers will come out. They have a lot of lose pills. I haven't put it in water to see if it would leak, but it has a seal all the way around the opening. They came in a package of four different colors. My husband and I can have our own.

👤The size is great. I use these to carry my supplements. There are three large slots that hold large pills and separate them for the day.

9. Naturetouch Organizer Compartments Medication Supplements

Naturetouch Organizer Compartments Medication Supplements

The pill organizers are made of food grade PP and grain fiber material and are odorless. This travel pill box protects your medication. You can see what pills are inside the transparent clasps of the pill case. Second protection is the opaque case with a security lock buckle that protects the pills from being taken by children or pets accidentally, and it is also used to protect the pills from being exposed to direct sunlight/air. The medicine organizers is a great choice for travel and daily use. It is portable and has grids inside. You can put your pills in pill bottles. The product size is x 1.77 and x 0.98. It is easy to carry or put into a purse. The brief is rather complicated. They provide a brief and good looking outside, but with premium and functional design for increasing customer experience in their product.

Brand: Naturetouch

👤I thought it would hold the medication for a week. If you're going out or on a short trip, it's good for your medication. Four stars because the case is designed to fit into a handbag and is well designed to protect the compartments from accidental openings. It's not what I thought it would be, but it's good for a different purpose.

👤I have been using this pill case for 2 months and have no complaints. I like it because it is small and easy to carry to work. I used to forget to take my pills. I have not missed a day. It has a good seal capacity. It doesn't pop open even if you drop it. I like that it is made from wheat, which is very environmental friendly. Highly recommended!

👤I love this product. It's very convenient for me to carry it. I compare it to my phone. It is light and strong. This box helps to organize the different products I take daily. I just need to refill the box once a week.

👤The size fits in my purse. It's easy to open and place needed meds in the room.

10. Lewis N Clark Pill Organizer

Lewis N Clark Pill Organizer

The pill organizers are numbered and color-coded to make it easy to keep track of the pills you take. Don't take too much or miss a dose. It's perfect for seniors, caregivers, or people with arthritis. The pill organizer is easy to use and can be added and removed as needed. It's easy to see your pills in the clear pill pouch. The pill box is outdated. The pill holder is adjusted to fit in your pocket, and it folds open and closes to keep your pills private. Light weight and portable: can fit in your purse, backpack, luggage, carry on, laptop bag, or suitcase. It's perfect for daily pills like aspirin, vitamins, and more. Also included: The medical reference card has space for your name, emergency contact, physician, medical conditions, allergies, and more. The exterior pocket can be used to store items.

Brand: Lewis N. Clark

👤We have purchased this product twice for our family needs. We have 3 cases that are filled and used over a 3 day period, then refilled. We alternate between 3 cases, one per day, so technically not daily use per case. We purchased this product in February of this year, only one case at the time, and used it daily. The plastic zip inserts lasted for over a year before they started to fall apart. None of the inserts ripped. The second order of 3 cases was ordered in March 2020. Over half of the inserts have already ripped or fallen off, and are unable to be fixed, even with markedly lighter use per item. It was a disappointment. The reason I believe this is happening is due to the lighter plastic used in the inserts and the fragile seams. Since they are likely designed for the denser plastic inserts, the zippers don't seem to fit well.

👤I don't understand the 8 x 8 baggie design. There are 7 days a week and 4 times a day to take medication. If you are not careful, the zip clips will slide off the baggie. If you take a lot of medication, filling the baggies while counting out your pills is a huge pain in the neck. It is not a good design. The design of the pill boxes prevents them from popping open and spilling pills, which is good and why I bought it. The above issues are a problem. The perfect pill portioner does exist, we still need more innovation, and pill bags numbered 1 through 8 don't make sense. I put my medication into an older box and then put it into each baggie. It's a design that needs improvement.

👤My college student had to fill them with morning vitamins after buying a few of these Organizers. Instead of using morning and evening separate packs, they filled them all with morning pills. The organizers filled 16 days worth of pills. This is more organized and safer than bringing minorities to college for others to take. Having daily prefilled packages helps to maintain medication compliance for a college student or someone who has a busy lifestyle. One pack is quicker to open than individual bottles.

👤I was going to Europe for a month and bought 2 pill organizers. Each one holds medication for 16 days, so having 2 worked perfectly for me. You can see if you've taken all your medication with the see through pouch. These organizers are excellent.

👤The organizers worked well and didn't take up a lot of space. I went on a backpacking trip across Europe and they were perfect for holding morning vitamins and night time vitamins. It is easy to fill and empty. 8 days worth of vitamins/meds are in a small pouch. You may want to take an extra day with you. You could slide any flat type of medicine such as patches for each day in a separate pocket. There are two large pockets behind the pill pockets that you could put a list of different vitamins or emergency numbers in. You would like to include it in there. It is held closed with a sturdy Velcro closure. It's a great space saving item. I would recommend anyone.

11. DUBSTAR Waterproof Portable Supplements Medication

DUBSTAR Waterproof Portable Supplements Medication

It is easy to put in pocket or carry-on luggage bag because of the compact design. The lock that stays closed uses high strength steel to open and close, so it won't pop open and spill in pockets and purses, and the arbor uses a simple slot to open and close it. All-around food Silicone seal and 7-layer wrap-around design at the mandrel will protect your medication from harmful water or high humidity. The pill holder is made of high quality waterproofABS + PS + Silicone material, food grade plastic, 100%BPA Free, sturdy and wear resistant, and the interior space is large enough for you to store your daily pill. You can use it to store pills, vitamins, birth contro, fish oil supplements and other drugs, as well as remove the "X" accessories, which will quickly become a small jewelry containers.

Brand: Dubstar

👤I was hesitant to purchase these pill cases because they were more expensive than others. You get what you pay for. I purchased two sets. One for home and one for traveling. The pill cases do not look like pill cases when closed. They are high quality, sturdy, the perfect thickness of plastic so one feels assured they are not going to break in a purse or suitcase. The colors are striking. This brand is very good. The divider comes out so you can use it for other things. I'm thinking about getting a few more sets.

👤This is not a small pillbox. I was looking for something that I could carry in my pocket while traveling. The box would hold an extra cell phone. One of the things I like about the pill compartment is that it has a seal that makes me believe it is waterproof. I am trying to travel lightly when hiking, but the bulk of the case makes it less feasible. It has enough room for a week of pills.

👤It was perfect. I like carrying this around because it doesn't look like a pill box. I wish it held more sections, but it holds my large pills.

👤The opening is not comfortable because the edges are sharp. A button or clasp on the top and bottom would help. The box is difficult to open. It is sturdy and holds a lot of pills. I like that the divider can be removed so that the small pills don't move between sections.

👤I got the pill box. It was difficult to open at first. I had surgery on my hand and it was hard to open. If you have problems with your hands, think carefully before buying. I think it will work for me.

👤It was used for a trip to Disneyland. The four compartment worked well for us. We could take morning and evening drugs for both of us and not have to worry about who took the witch pill. Case was closed all day in my pocket.

👤The large compartment makes it easy to get out the pills, and the fact that you can put your 2 fingers in makes it even easier to get out the pills. I like these so much that I may order another set or two.

👤The case is sturdy. The divider is great, I wanted a case that would separate my gummy vitamins from my pills. I like the option of removing the divider. There is plenty of room for a lot of pills.


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What are the best brands for supplement case small?

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