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1. Organizer OAAO Portable Medicine Supplements Arthritis

Organizer OAAO Portable Medicine Supplements Arthritis

The pill box is large enough to hold your weekly dose of medicine. There are 8 fish oils in every compartment. It's perfect for on-the-go travel. It is easy to open for elders or arthritis. Once locked, it will stay closed, keeping your pills safe. Bigger mark of the date of a week makes it easier for you to distinguish different colors of covers. Up to 100,000 times of use are possible with upgraded printing. Their pill box is made of 100% food grade material and is safe to keep your medication. What you get is a large pill box and friendly customer service. If you have a problem, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will help you.

Brand: Oaao

👤The design of the compartments makes it hard to open them all at once. You would have to open them at a time and close them at a time to fill them. It would be fine if 3 of the compartments weren't closed as if they were sealed. I thought I'd break my nails trying to open the tabs. It took a while. I don't have long nails or hand issues. The packaging says "Arthritis Friendly." Someone with hand difficulties is going to be crazy if I can't open them. This is terrible. Looked cute and that's where it ends. This does not serve its function.

👤I thought it would be a little smaller. The black print days of the week are easy to read. When filling for a week, you can't open all the petals at the same time. It's harder to fill it than my old straight box was. I don't know if I would purchase again.

👤I am still looking for a true large, so I thought I would write a review. It was a good case for my vitamins. I was looking at every picture that I saw. I have included pictures with my gummies. They do not all fit in one compartment. This is not the right case for me. I hope my review helped you.

👤I was looking for a large pill box that could hold my entire daily pill, but it was hard to find one on Amazon. I was hesitant to purchase but after seeing how big each compartment was on their description photos I decided to try. The compartments are large. It's big enough to hold all of my daily supplements. I don't like taking my supplements at different times so I usually take all of them at lunch. This is a very simple solution.

👤I was looking for a colorful and circular pill holder and this was the only one I could find so I ordered it. I was delivered in 2 days. It's not great to grab on the go since it turned out to be a lot bigger than I anticipated. The semi-bulky size creates large capacity compartments for vitamins and pills. The only downside is that they're all easy to open and close, except the small one in the middle. Its placement is not very useful. This product would be better if it were smaller, circular, and had a braille or M T W R F SAT SUN sticking out in 3D so you can see without glasses. It gets the job done, so I would say 6.75.

👤This is the most adorable pill organizer I've seen. Within minutes of opening it, the name tags broke at the top. It is hard to open. I was able to use tape to secure one but it broke.

👤I will return the product and buy something else. The pill container only covers the minimum requirements for a product like this, so it instantly gets two stars from me. The design is cute, but not AT. All functional! At best, you can only have 3 petals open at a time before they start to restrict other petals from opening fully. It is not possible to fill up all days of the week at the same time. You have to do it in a couple of petals. Even though each compartment snaps tightly into place, I found a few of them hard to open. I think others would have difficulty with this as well. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. The cute design is not worth the trouble unless you enjoy flower-shaped products more than saving yourself time and frustration.

2. PillRite Medication Supplement Pillbox Organizer

PillRite Medication Supplement Pillbox Organizer

There is a medication organization that saves you time. It saves you time and hassle if you fill up your medicine and supplements at the same time. It's difficult to track your pills twice daily, but with PillRite you can tell easily. It holds your medication list, emergency information, and doctors instructions all in one place. The My Med List compartment lists your medication, allergies, emergency phone numbers, etc., and the patented refill reminder reminds you to visit the pharmacy. When you run out of a medication, this will show you where you left off. There is a correlation and light weight. It's easy to keep the pill organizer at home or in the office because it's easy to fit into any drawer. It has one AM and PM week for travel. The pillRITE is 3.75 x 7 x 9 inches, UV protected, and has a compact caddy with notepad and 6 sets of colored refill reminder strips.

Brand: Pillrite

👤Let's start with the positive. This is a great idea. I would leave less than 1 star. The medication organizers is horrible. I've only filled it twice. I've had it for 2 months. The first fill was hard to open because I had to cut my fingers on the corners to open the little compartments, and my daughter had a hard time opening the trays because she had to twist them. I can't stand it up when it's full because most of the compartments pop open and won't stay closed. I have rubber bands that hold them closed. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Not the elderly or anyone with dexterity issues. I'm not sure if it's possible to get my money back, so I'll take the bad purchase and look for something more user friendly.

👤The manufacturer gave a superior response and the rating was changed to 5-stars. The replacement pillboxes I was sent were labeled correctly. I ordered a second unit for my husband. Everything is perfect on this unit. Thank you for that. I like this concept. I only have to sort once for two months, so I like that. The transparent containers make it easy for me to see if I've taken my medication. I haven't used the refill reminder markers yet, but they seem to be a helpful feature. Product should last with care. Quality control may be an issue, as I am picky at this price point. Each of the four sections has two numbered containers. The PM container has a 1 on it. Section 2 has 2 and 3. Sections 3 and 4 are numbered correctly with two 3's and two 4's. What happened here? I am not sending it back for a replacement since I didn't realize this until after I filled them, but I would advise you to check before you fill yours to make sure everything is numbered correctly. We will check it out first if I can convince my husband to get one. Lesson learned. The cost to consumers for this product is something that demands perfectness.

👤I am very impressed with the dispenser I received. There are a lot of pills in it. The compartments are secure. I had a hard time opening all of the compartments by twisting it. Not because of a faulty product but because of lack of strength in my hands. I was able to open them one by one. My son was able to open all the compartments at once. The refill snaps were easy to use and easy to identify. I was pleased with how small the dispensers were, how thin they were and how well they fit in a small bathroom. It's very strong. The rows come out easily and are easy to re-enter. Keeping a current list of medications, physicians and emergency contacts is very useful. It comes with bags to take individual weeks out should you travel. I received one row that did not close. A replacement email was sent to the manufacturer. The customer service for this product is amazing. I rarely do reviews but I thought this product was worth the effort. You can't go wrong buying this product.

3. EZY DOSE Organizer Compartments Arthritis

EZY DOSE Organizer Compartments Arthritis

The AM/PM compartments help you to plan and distribute your daily doses. Push buttons make pill organizers easy to open and retrieve. The pill compartment holds up to 30 pills. Quality design is built to last. HEALTHY LIVING Ezy Dose products make living easier.

Brand: Ezy Dose

👤I hope you read this. The pill case is a bit large but the concept is great and if you need more space this is the one to get. I will rant now. One of the Friday compartments does not close, I bought this for $5. Nobody from Amazon would help me after I contacted customer service. They wouldn't allow me to return it for a new one, and they wouldn't give me my money back. They sent me to the manufacturer who could not have been nicer and even called Amazon with me. The point of this is money. One of the buttons doesn't work and keeps the day closed. I wouldn't buy this from AMAZON at any point.

👤I decided to buy a new one after 10 years of using an old one. The new Ezy Dose Push Button is the same brand as my old one. I don't have to worry about the lid opening while moving or traveling because the compartments are very secure. Make sure you snap it shut. The size of the compartments is large and holds a lot of pills and vitamins. I have no complaints. I hope this one will last another 10 years. If you found my review helpful, please vote for me. I might improve other reviews like this. Thank you.

👤I've had three of these. Two have been excellent. The other was poor, with doors that wouldn't open and lids that broke. I originally gave it 5 stars, but now think 3 is more appropriate. If you take a lot of pills, this is a great pill organizer. Outside dimensions are 4.5" x 9" There are 14 different compartments, each holding several large capsules. The problem I've had with other organizers is that the compartments weren't large enough or the lids wouldn't close securely, or the pills would open unexpectedly, spilling all over the place. When you press the release tab on individual compartments, the lids snap shut and open. I found the lids to be simple, reliable and easy to use, even though some reviews mentioned having trouble with them. Some of the organizers I tried were so bad that I threw them out. I would definitely recommend this one.

👤The item I purchased to replace another item that I had been using was the same size and color as the one I had purchased, but it had lasted me several years and the colors were blue and red, not lavender and baby blue. I had to replace it because I didn't close the lid all the way after I got one of my daily doses. And later another lid would no longer open. The lid would remain open too. I have to take multiple pills at the same time. It's a must for me to have lids that close. I received this one less than two weeks ago and one of the lids will not stay closed. It has not been mishandled. It is brand new. I need one that is this exact size, so I had to purchase another one. I received it less than an hour ago, and it was the only one that was in this style/size. After a little while of use, I will leave an updated review under that purchase. I hope it was a manufacturing issue or error, but I am about to find out. I will ask for a refund if this one breaks. I don't like dealing with refunds.

4. [Upgrade] Organizer Medication Dispenser Supplement

%EF%BC%BBUpgrade%EF%BC%BD Organizer Medication Dispenser Supplement

The monthly pill organizer includes 28 individual trays for your pill organizer at one time. The large pill container makes it easy to get your pills or supplement, and it keeps you organized. The one month pill box organizer is large enough to hold up to 6 fish oils and 14 vitamins. The daily AM PM case is lightweight and can be popped out of the organizers to travel with you in your purse, bag, etc. Don't miss your daily medication regimen. They offer additional bag carry around with one-week doses when traveling or on the business trip, and they can divide the 28-day medication organizer monthly into 4 weeks. The pill case AM PM is made of food grade PP plastic while the outer pill container is made of ABS plastic, which is safe for medical use. For over 7,000 times of use, upgrade 3D printing technology. The pill sorter is guaranteed to make your daily pill routine easy and safer. They will replace or refund your purchase if you are not completely satisfied or find your product damaged on arrival.

Brand: Yaklim

👤These are early comments because I got mine a couple of days ago. The first day of the pill week is rearranging the disks. The keeper is a bit deeper than the compartments. It's still adequate for my needs. I could add more pills. I used to take 3 fish oil pills, but I don't think it would fit in this one. Everything meshes together. If the tray is turned upside down, the disks won't fall out. The components fit together so tightly that it's hard to separate them. I am hoping that they will loosen and be right. I wouldn't recommend them for someone with limited strength or who is easily frustrated. No one needs a road block to remember or take pills. I like to notice the clicks when I place and remove the disks from the tray. The abbreviation should be at the top of the disk. It is placed on one side and pushed down on the other. Pulling from one side means releasing a disk. Pull up slowly. Several disks are very stubborn. I hope they will be easier to use. The case is made of stretchy material. The tray is tightly held. It was barely. You can exchange empty disks from this week with full ones from next week to set up a 7-day supply for a short trip. The trays are locked together. The fit is tight again. The only way I could get them apart was to take all the disks and figure out how to take them apart. I have to get my pills in order. I have a month's worth of shots. My insurance will allow me to get 3 months supply at my local pharmacy. The issue is likely to be solved in a month or two. I may have my pills changed.

👤I can keep my pills separated and I can fill them at a time so I don't have to do it every week. The containers stay closed and the weeks snap and unsnap from each other. Sometimes they are hard to get out of the little sleeve, which is the only downside. It's pretty easy to pop them out once you get used to it. Some people with arthritis in their hands or other problems with their strength in their hands can't click the individual containers in and out, but you can always place them lightly without clicking them in.

👤Great product. The lid is needed for traveling.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. It was well made and had all the features I wanted. Each section has a day of the week on it and a number on it. The section can be turned to show the week number or day. If you need to take your medication with you, it is in its own pill case. If you don't have grip strength, they're easy to open. The sleeve fits an entire week with the tray and it also breaks down into weekly sections. There are grooves in the tray and individual sections to keep everything in one place.

5. KIGI Organizer Compartments Moisture Proof Supplements

KIGI Organizer Compartments Moisture Proof Supplements

You can get a large Capacity for one month with the KIGI travel pill organizer. You don't need to fill pills or supplements from time to time. If you want to store your pills in dry condition, you could take it to the seaside, for camping, and it would be moist proof. You can twist the container from compartment to compartment for each pill you want to take. You don't need to take them out by hand. Pack your vitamins and other supplements into this supplement organizers case for on-the-go people. You can put it in your bag or suitcase and find it quickly. You can keep track of your medications and vitamins with the APP Reminder, which can remind you to fulfill your plan. Their medication reminder app works like a pill box alarm - you simply enter your pills and the times you need to take them.

Brand: Kigi

👤I love this pill box. I take a lot of supplements. I hated opening and closing bottles. I wanted to consolidate. This box works. I can store a lot of a pill in these containers. When you're packing, it's time-Consuming to make up baggies of pills. I put the containers in my bag and leave. I read in the comments that some people were having trouble with the inside lid, the one that moves to each opening of a compartment. If I put a finger on the neck of the container, I can turn the lid clockwise to each compartment opening and then counter-clockwise to close off the entire inner container lid. I put cooking oil on the surface of the container and turned the lid a couple times, because the inner lid seemed a bit tight. If you put too much oil in your pills, it could ruin them. It takes a bit.

👤I am not sure how this is reviewed. It is bulky and hard to carry in a purse or backpack, but it holds a lot of pills. The rotate/flap function is useless. Assembly of plastic separators is difficult because of resistance when sliding them into their slots. Poor product function.

👤I have to take a lot of different drugs in the morning and it was difficult to manage. It was hard to store the bottles all together without having them on display, and the storage containers weren't big enough to fit all the medication. This product was exactly what I was looking for. * If you have small pills, the compartments are large enough to fit multiple bottles. * Even when my arthritis gets worse, the spin mechanism is easy to use. You can see the pills in the dark. You wouldn't notice, but the Cons are hard to get a single pill out with little pills.

👤I don't take pain killers or anti-acids at certain times of the day, so I wanted something else. I'm able to fit a lot of pills in each slot, and it looks better on my side table than large bottles. If you have arthritis or other issues with gripping things, this might not work for you. It's easy to open, but it's hard to get a good grip on the lid, and it's too big for my hands. If you have strength concerns, it might be difficult to push the dividers into place.

👤This is a good size for sleeping pills. It could be a little large for travel. Not as see through as the picture shows, but that is fine with me. It's easy for an adult to access pills. It might be difficult for a kid or someone with arthritis. It can be used for one pill, two pill, or both pill and divider for four compartments.

👤I love this container. If you apply too much pressure, the rotating top can be hard to turn. The container is not see-through but you can see what is in it. Some reviewers said they couldn't see through it. It is nice to be able to. There are a lot of pills in it. I divide mine into four different areas and it holds 60 big pills. I have to put it in my purse when I am short on time. It is a little shorter than a soda can. It is convenient to have all my medication in one container. I would buy it again. I will look at a smaller one for OTC pain meds.

6. CINKSY Organizer Medicine Dispenser Supplements Arthritis

CINKSY Organizer Medicine Dispenser Supplements Arthritis

Their weekly pill organizer is made of quality plastic material that is safe and odorless to use, so you can rest assured that your medication is safe. The portable and retractable design is easy to carry and portable, it is easy to clean, the middle of a small compartment can hold spare pills, and it is great for travel. The portable pill box has a diameter of 4.7 inches and can hold up to 8 fish oils and 14 pills, perfect for holding medicine, pills, supplements, and vitamins. They used upgraded printing technology to print a clear date on each of the travel pill case's lids, so you don't worry about taking the wrong medicine, and the label lasts longer. The pill storage box will remain closed to ensure the safety of your pills, don't worry about pills falling out, it's easy to use, the 7 day medicine organizers use a unique snap opening design.

Brand: Cinksy

👤You can only open one day at a time, so it's hard to hold all the pills. It takes foreverver to fill.

👤If you want to break a nail when you go to get your medication, this is the container for you.

👤Large capacity is efficient. It was very convenient and labeled.

👤Really useful. It is the perfect size for traveling.

👤It may sound silly, but if you're faced with taking a lot of medication to start the day, it's a good idea to take them out of a flower-shaped box. The shape of the cupboard or the counter actually maximizes the space used in it, regardless of the positive mind-framing. Its printed days of the week don't seem to fade in the dishwasher, and its storage capacity is ample. A positive-minded product made right by Cinksy, and a great low cost value. Was this used? Let me know by clicking "Helpful." Cheers!

👤It is easy to forget to take your pills. I keep it on the counter. I will not go out the door or up to bed without being aware of my medication. I have a different pill holder when I have to take the same medication and vitamins more than once a day. It is great for daily pills and vitamins. There isn't enough room in each compartment when I take a pill three or four times a day.

👤I don't need to use this for 7 days a week, so I just re-label the day I don't need with the day that I do. They don't fit a lot of pills, but it would be helpful if they were a bit bigger. I could put my kid's gummy vitamins in with their medication. This is very inexpensive and you get what you pay for.

7. Trenton Gifts Section Pill Organizer

Trenton Gifts Section Pill Organizer

It was a trusted top quality choice. If you've been looking for a reliable case that will help you easily manage your vitamins, fish oil, and prescription pills, then you've found it! You will always be confident that your satisfaction is their #1 priority and that they will do everything in their power to make sure you have an excellent customer experience with them. Every time! There are remedies for nausea, sore throats, and medicine. This container is perfect for holding your daily supplements. This pill case can hold all of your supplements, vitamins, and medicine, no matter what your daily regimen is. It's convenient to express contortion confusion. The medicine regimen kit can help you remember to take your heart medication, or take a daily zinc supplement to regulate your digestion. The pill case helps you keep your pills separate. There is a six-compartment ill organization. Their pill dividers are designed to hold different types of supplements. They designed this medicine holder to have separate sections for daytime and nighttime pills, so you won't forget to take your pills at the right time. Track which pill is which with a label. This pill case is perfect for travel, it's great for taking your daily pills with you wherever you go. It's easy to stick in your purse, bathroom bag, or backpack because it's not bulky. It is 4” in diameter and 4” tall. The elderly often need to take many vitamins and medications. Never mix up medicine again. The pill organizer is a great way to avoid forgetting to take your medication. The pill box is a good reminder. It should be on the counter in your bathroom or nightstand so you can see it every day. You will always remember to take your medication.

Brand: Trenton Gifts

👤If you take a lot of prescriptions, you may like this organizational pill cylinder as much as I do. I take a lot of pills for a medical condition. It saves me time, it keeps me from running out of pills, and it makes my daily pill taking safer. When I first get my prescriptions, I put all but a week's supply in this neat container, saving a week's worth of pills in the drug store pill bottles. There are six slots in each cylinder. Unless they are really large pills, the divided slots hold most of the medication. I fill up a daily organizer that has smaller slots for 14 individual days for my AM and PM pills. I have all the pills I need in one place. After two weeks, I refill my daily organizers using the supply from the cylinder. When I run out of the pills in the cylinder, I know I still have a seven day supply left in the original drugstore pill bottles, so I re-order another 3 mo. supply. It works for me. I will never run out of my medication. I hope I did not confuse you. The two week one will be replaced by a month supply organizers. I will only need to refill my daily pills once a month. I will do anything to make this job easier. It is difficult to separate your pills for your daily dose without an efficient system. This may interest you as well. I have used two of the cylinders for years. I bought the third one for my vitamins. Unless I put my non-prescription pills in the cylinder, I will forget to take them.

👤I wanted a way to organize my supplements. The product seems perfect until I realized that the lid will come off. The top may fall off if you tip it over. I don't think this is a good place to store capsule that may be affected by humidity. If the bottle will help secure the lid, you can stretch a rubber band around the neck. The band slip down when the lid is turned. Don't tip bottle over. The rubber band may or may not be able to keep the bottle sealed.

👤I had seven different bottles of medicine and this pill organizers was the only one I could use. The container does a good job of saving space. One suggestion I have is to make sure the ink on the labels is dry before putting them in the organizers. A good purchase.

👤The top will become stained from certain types of supplements. I already have one of this color. The top was black. It's not. This is not what is displayed.

👤I have tried many brands of this same dispensers and they have all been terrible. I read the reviews and decided to try it. I am very happy that I did. I finally found the right one. The cover is easy to get off, and the little lid stays closed, making this one so easy to turn. I don't want to get stuck with the bad ones again, so I bought 2 more. The blank labels are not the best, but I use my own.

8. Organizer Barhon Container Compartments Supplements

Organizer Barhon Container Compartments Supplements

Monthly organize medicine allows you to plan your medication for the entire month in advance. Tracking and taking scheduled doses at day and night is important. The medication organizers have enough capacity to hold up to 6 fish oils and 14 vitamins. 3D printing with day of the week and AM/PM icons to avoid mixing up. The daily AM PM case is portable and can be placed in your pocket or purse. Don't miss your daily medication regimen. You can use the 28-day medication containers at home, or divide it into 4 weeks' planners by dividing the storage tray, which will allow you to carry around one-week doses when traveling or on the business trip. The whole tray has a size of 10.9" x 5.6" x 2.3". The pillboxes are made of food grade PP plastic while the storage tray is made of plastic that is safe for medical use. It is durable for up to 7000 times of use.

Brand: Barhon

👤I want to give this more stars, it is a good product, except for one glaring flaw. When the first week is over, the rows are snapped apart and then reassembled, but the first row does not have the plastic notch where the tabs fit in, so you have to keep rotating it. If I want to change the week to the end, I have to take all the containers out. When they could have all been manufactured the same, why wouldn't you make 1 in 4 parts differently? After using this product for a few months, I don't think it's that bad. I like the daily containers. I was afraid that the snap shut would wear out, and the lids continue to securely snap shut. I like the product.

👤This is a lifesaver because I have to take a lot of medication. I can fill the box for 10 minutes and be good for a month. It's easy to use and read. I strongly recommend. I have tons of room left, and I take 3 large pills, 3 medium, and 2 small AM/PM.

👤I love these! It is great to be able to organize my medications only monthly and have them separated at night. Two weeks are on my counter and the other two are in a drawer. If I have to go out of town for the weekend, I can grab a day or two of packs. I love the colors. I used to have a weekly pill holder, but this is better.

👤It was perfect. The pills are organized by week. Huge space fits even bulky supplements. If you have a medication that changes by day of week, this is perfect. After missing my anticoagulation, I needed a way to see if I had missed a day or dose.

👤I have tried many different pill cases in the past and had almost given up on them. I'm glad I tried this one. It seemed huge, but that is what makes it so great. I used to only have pill cases for a week, but having to fill them every week made me lazy and the whole system would break down. When I get my prescriptions, I can fill up a whole month with this month long pill case. It's easy to remember to do it on the day I get my medicine, and I don't have to worry about it for a month because my pills and supplements are all sorted out and waiting for me. It has made a huge difference in my taking my medicine. Someone made a month-long pill holder. The holder is sturdy, the individual cases are good quality, and I don't think they will break. They have a reasonable amount of space and are divided into day and night sections. Each side could hold up to 15 pills depending on the pill size. I wanted to hang it on the wall but the base is too shallow to hold the pill cases vertically. That is my only complaint and it is not really a complaint at all.

9. Organizer CAidRE Monthly Vitamins Supplement

Organizer CAidRE Monthly Vitamins Supplement

ENVIRONMENT & SAFETY: PP materials are safe. It has high cost performance and is not easy to damage. The design feature is. There are 32 numbered bright and colorful translucent compartments in the monthly pill organizer. You can plan your pills a month in advance. You can save time and not worry about forgetting your pills with theremovable AM/PM compartments. The best option in monthly pill organizers for travel is to have a colorful one that organizes your pills in daily AM/PM compartments. The lid is removed to eliminate fear of spills. The lid can be pulled out to hold medication. There are 1 x monthly pill organizers and 1 x pill cutter. The pill cutter is tasteless, harmless, and eco-friendly. It is easier to carry and use auxiliary equipment of the medicine organizers when traveling and going out. Before purchasing their products, please confirm the size and quantity of the pills you want to keep. Each compartment of the monthly pill organize is small enough to fit small pills or vitamins.

Brand: Caidre

👤There is room for 5 pills in the small compartment. If I have to have 6 or more, I will have to find something else. It's a monthly organizer. They are both by side, front to back. Doesn't leave anything to comprehend. I take out others to get to the one I need. I couldn't imagine trying to use this with any kind of arthritis. A basic step up for each row would save customers a lot of headaches.

👤The best pill organizer I have yet. A month of numbered pill boxes. It's very easy and helpful for me.

👤It is large enough to hold most pills. It's nice to have the month set up and not have to worry about it. It can be difficult to get the pill holders out because they are very close together. The number on the wrong side meant that it was on the bottom of the PM, instead of at the top of the AM. It can be a problem if I'm not paying attention.

👤I wanted to use this product for convenience. Some of the pill boxes would not stay closed. They were difficult to remove from the base because there wasn't enough room to get a hold of them. I have an average to small fingers. There was a pill cutter included. Never used it.

👤My mother travels a lot. I organize it for her so she doesn't have to worry about taking the right amount of her medication.

👤My product was torn and opened. Normally the delivery person would ring the doorbell, but not this time. It was wrong.

👤I was excited to do a monthly med box for both am and pm. The pill cutter that was supposed to be in the box was not there. I am not sure if it fell out in transit or not. The box wasn't in a box to protect it. I love the colors and the product.

👤I thought the compartments were larger. I had to fix the one that didn't close properly.

10. Weekly Organizer Sukuos Vitamin Supplements

Weekly Organizer Sukuos Vitamin Supplements

Individual daily boxes allow you to take when you are out with one week of medicine. A daily box can hold up to 13 fish oils or 12 large vitamins. Simple to open. The lids are closed tightly all the time. Food grade material for health care or medical use, transparent dispensers, and AM/PM mark make users easy to distinguish. The marks of the week let you know what to do. The product is 1.3 inches in size. Each compartment has a size of 1.3 x 1.3 x 1.06 inches.

Brand: Sukuos

👤I love the pill holder. My last one was full of my medication and supplements. Very happy with the product. More than I should be.

👤The pill box is great. I ordered the black and it was more of a gray color, but that doesn't bother me. All of my pills are in each compartment. I don't think this is small enough to fit in your purse, but you could easily pack it. It was difficult to open the compartments when I first got it. After a few uses, the latches loosened up and are now easy to open.

👤Perfect size! I don't take medication, but I do take vitamins in the gummy form, which are in giant bottles, and all of them don't fit in a regular pill case. It's too much to pull along 3-6 giant bottles. I used to put them in a plastic bag, but this is more efficient. The plastic bag option is not as organized as they are. I would have liked to have had this on my last trip.

👤I need a better organization tool because I take a lot of supplements. The descriptions of "holds Xamt fish oil" did not help me. Maybe these photos will help you. There are 27 pills that fit here. I have to put the largest at the bottom. The lids close securely and don't pop open. I use a regular $1 store size for nighttime dosing because my case gets jostled. It will work well for traveling. If I have to leave early on Monday, I need an extra large organizers that will let me remove a days container. I am happy with the purchase. I dropped my backpack and pills were secure. Print has stayed because of the hand washing and drying. Buying another for the night.

👤These are serious pill cases. They are the largest ones I've ever purchased and are the most secure. I'm having a hard time opening them because they are so tight. I think I'll use a rubber jar opener and just open it for a while and see if it loosens a bit, but I think that's only a short-term fix. These are great if you don't have joint issues. You'll fit all your prescription and vitamins here. I'd be grateful if anyone could help me loosen them up a bit. I don't travel and they sit on my kitchen counter. They need a warning label. It's funny.

👤This one will work if you want a large compartment pill organizer. I now take all my supplements at once, so I don't need AM/PM, just one large bin per day, and this one is perfect, I've owned many pill organizers but now take all my supplements at once, so I don't need AM/PM, This is larger than what a few people wrote. My pills are now in this box, which is larger than the standard one. Someone gave it low marks because it wasn't black. You can see what's in the bins with this charcoal semi-transparent black. This is so good that I have bought five more. I bought another for a friend and strapped them together for a month. The lids are easy to open and snap shut to prevent spills. Great product.

11. Pill Organizer Day Box Case

Pill Organizer Day Box Case

Store Weekly Meds are three times a day. The 7 day pill box will make it easy to get your medicine, you just need to fill the pill box once a week. You will love the convenience of being able to take your daily pills with you when you travel, work, or school. The 7 day pill organizer is an intelligent pill dispensers with 7 different organizers and portable pill boxes with 3 different compartments, it's ideal for people who take multiple pills a day at different times. Taking medicine is easier with the help of the acedada medicine organizer. The noble pill organizers have double sealed Buckles, the whole pill container, and each daily pill box has snap-shut lids that never pop open in your bag and it protects against pill spills. The travel pill box button stays closed even if the lid is accidentally opened by a pet or child. Large compartments weekly pill case provide enough space for all medications, great for store one-week supplement or medication. It is safe for medical use and made of food grade materials. If you have to take medication 3 times a day, the premium pill holder is a great option, it will help you plan a week pill in advance. A versatile 7 day pill box. They think you will like this case and find it convenient and helpful. If you're not happy with your weekly pill organizer, please contact them, their friendly customer service will reply to you within 12 hours and make sure that your purchase is worry-free.

Brand: Acedada

👤I feel weird admitting to having strong feelings for a pill box, but I really love it. This is a spoon box. I live in the SF Bay Area, but I also live in Vallejo, work in Oakland, and sometimes stay with friends in SF or family in Alameda. I'm all over the place. It's convenient to have a container for the dailies in my purse, and it's also pretty sleek and elegant. I don't have to wonder if I've taken my morning/lunchtime/evening batches of pills. It makes me very happy.

👤I need this to organize my ear rings. This works well. I like the color. It is very easy to use. It would work well for your pills. I can keep my ear rings organized by putting this in my travel bags. This is strong. The price was very reasonable. I would recommend this to anyone. I really liked the color.

👤The product has not disappointed. I haven't taken out for travel yet. It does not feel like cheap plastic. The rubber surrounding the storage case makes it easy to clean. I cleaned the product. There were scratches on the individual day's containers. Maybe it happened during production. The lettering doesn't seem to be going away. The product is a 4/10 because it is a darker blue than expected.

👤Night and day. The pill organizers I bought at my pharmacy were not as good as this one. It's easy to see through transparent or translucent windows, and it's easy to read symbols.

👤The pill box is easy to use. The other square boxes break more easily than the lids. There was no problem with the containers holding all of my medication. I can take just the days I need when I go out of town. The outer case is very nice. I don't have pills flying around if I dropped the box. This is the best pill sorter I have ever used and I will buy it again.

👤My husband and I take a lot of prescriptions, and it has been hard to find one that is secure. They are roomy for large pills, easy to read, and easy to remove, so I bought 1 for him and 1 for me. I like that each row is replaceable if we need to take them without the whole case.

👤I ordered a second set of this case so I could have a second supply of my medication already poured, I have had no issues thus far, and I like the option to open the case.

👤Love it all. I can visually see what I have taken and that helps me keep up with my prescriptions. Nothing spills out of the seal and lock. I accidentally spilled soda on it. No liquid got inside, it was easy to clean.

👤My husband has a stroke. He needed a pill organizer that he could manage on his own. The case and individual containers have worked well for him. He is able to find the clips on the side of the case and close them securely because of the contrasting colour of the printing on the containers. It is recommended.


What is the best product for supplement dispenser organizer?

Supplement dispenser organizer products from Oaao. In this article about supplement dispenser organizer you can see why people choose the product. Pillrite and Ezy Dose are also good brands to look for when you are finding supplement dispenser organizer.

What are the best brands for supplement dispenser organizer?

Oaao, Pillrite and Ezy Dose are some of the best brands that chosen by people for supplement dispenser organizer. Find the detail in this article. Yaklim, Kigi and Cinksy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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