Best Supplement Funnel Captain America

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1. BlenderBottle ProStak Twist Storage Expansion

BlenderBottle ProStak Twist Storage Expansion

The containers are dishwasher safe and are free of harmful chemicals. The capacity of the blender bottle prostak shaker cup has been expanded. There is a Twist 'n Lock pill storage tray. It is possible to carry supplements, snacks, and more with or without a bottle. It's dishwasher safe and durable. It's compatible with any bottle system.

Brand: Blenderbottle

👤These are great. I use the bottom compartment for my food, the middle for my drink, and the top for my medication. They have had no issues with spilling if I put them in my backpack. They're perfect for putting the powders in the bottle. No more sandwich bags to carry food.

👤I use it every day. I'm only concerned about how hard it is to open the containers. It will preserve your powder even if it is a struggle to twist off the cap.

👤Take myProtein to work. No problem with the 30g ram scoop. If you needed 2 scoops, you can squeeze them into one cup. I love these things. I would probably have a small meltdown if I lost.

👤If there was any sort of powder in them, the lids wouldn't change. Too much force acted like a Chinese finger trap and made it hard to open the lid. One lid had to be cut and pried off to open again. If this is the problem they had with dry new powders, I'd hate to see how hard they are to deal with.

👤These are great! If you have the one that you can screw things on it, they can also go on the bottom of the bottle. I was able to pack a pre workout mix in these and can carry it alone or attach it to my bottle cup.

👤This little thing made life so easy. Before I take my pre workout I need to take a bottle of it. Everything has changed with this little dude. This is a really good prostak. I am so impressed by them.

👤This thing is great. There is a pill container hidden inside the top container.

👤If I had the correct bottle, I would like it. The vitamins are on the top lid and not on the pre- and post-workouts.

2. Avengers E3301 Chameleon Action Figure

Avengers E3301 Chameleon Action Figure

Not for use with hot liquids; hand wash cup, dishwasher-safe lid, and high-quality materials. A 12-inch-scale Captain America figure. Sounds and phrases can be activated by connecting the Titan hero power FX launcher. The compatible Titan hero series figures are sold separately. The movie was inspired by the movie. Look for the Titan hero series and the Titan hero power figures.

Brand: Avengers

👤The action figure arrived with dead batteries. The unit is shipped with demo batteries. The child who is receiving the gift is frustrated. I had to buy spare batteries. You might buy some as well. The shield cannot stop talking after a few months of playing it. I had to remove the batteries.

👤There is a chunk of figure missing. The toy was used and repackaged. The sound button barely worked. My son was very upset.

👤My son loves this hero. It works well with other games.

👤Was a great toy. I only realized after I saw this shield that it interacts with other heroes that have the space for the shild.

👤My son is happy because of this thing. It's great. Spiderman can use the shield in his ports as well.

👤The photos are very durable. The league and the rams are moving. The shield can be fit in the arm and back. My son loves this and he wants batman. Is there a place where I could get the same quality?

👤My grandson is just like his grandparents.

3. Monster Supplement Medication Dispenser Compartment

Monster Supplement Medication Dispenser Compartment

You can keep all your supplements in one container. Most size pills can be accommodated in seven large compartments. The included 10 compartment labels can be used to label each of the 7 compartments. The easy to use Twist the lid between the compartments. It is made of thick acrylic. It's great for travel. You don't need to pack pill bottles with all your supplements in the Monster Supplement Dispenser. The dimensions are. 25′′H x. 25′′ Diameter.

Brand: Pill Thing

👤I wanted a container that held my prescriptions and baby aspirin. This thing is four times larger than what I needed. It's very difficult to handle. Each section is opened by the top twists. You can change the size of the opening for each section. You can't just release one pill, so you have to pick up the other pills that fell out and put them back in. Some of the smaller pills end up in other sections. I can see the difference between the different colors of the pills. I will need to take the top off and use a tool to remove the pills from the wrong places. I wouldn't buy this again. I wouldn't recommend it to a friend.

👤Thanks to this device, I was able to find my supplements easily. I got a small one for prescriptions and a larger one for over the counter pain killers. In most cases, I could fit a whole bottle or a lot of a bottle in one slot. It was easy to load the pills. Sometimes I have to shake it to get certain pills to come out of the hole. I have to turn the container up side down and then to the side to get the pills out because they don't flow naturally towards the opening. Sometimes one pill of another type will fall into the opening for another pill, when performing acrobatics from #1. I need alternate slots to make sure pills of similar appearance are not next to one another. The twisting top clicks and clanks as you run it between sections, I think I'd prefer it to operate smoothly. The benefit of clanking is a more cut and dry on the hole or off the hole.

👤I love it! You can see how many pills fit. I like how easy it is to take the pills. It can be difficult to open once it's been closed, but I would say this isn't a bad thing if you're traveling with this. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I was looking for a day and pill organizers. I hated it when I had to take 6 bottles out to do daily vitamins and supplements because it was becoming a hassle and I didn't like the idea of being disorganized. This has made it easy for me to take my vitamins. It is a one stop shop. I might get a smaller one for travel. I won't refill it for 2 months so I can keep the original bottle until I need to refill it. Being able to pull out one container with everything inside is making me happy.

👤I really wanted to love this jar. They didn't execute this concept well. The jar is hard to open. It's clear that there isn't a mechanism to open the lid. The jar has a ridge on it and the lid has a single grooves to catch it. You're supposed to be able to turn the lid easily, but it fits so tight that the lid will pop as you turn it to get pills. I would have to sand down the grooves inside the lid or the ridge on the jar to make this work. It's not sealed either. I wouldn't trust this jar in a bag. It is not worth it to keep this one.

4. Hydra Cup PACK Compartments Supplement

Hydra Cup PACK Compartments Supplement

Ultra Pink, Atomic Purple, Everest White/Gold, and Hi-Res Teal are included in the 4 pack. The container holds up to 5 scoops of supplement powder. There is a pill container on each. You can clip your bag and travel with the carabiner that comes with the funnel. The dishwasher is dishwasher safe with the exception of the phthalate-free ones.

Brand: Hydra Cup

👤The size of the opening is the same as most water bottles so it is a mess trying to use this with a powdered shake.

👤Everyone at the hospital is asking me about these and they love them. It's easy to use and spacious for your pills and powders. I would love to have a cricket with my name on it. I love that I can take my purse with me when I am out and about. One of the best buys I have ever done.

👤The spout of the funnel is too big for me and I often make a mess with it. It would be the greatest product in the world if it were slightly smaller.

👤These are great! I put them in my lunch. The storage option at the bottom is something I like. It keeps me on track with my vitamins.

👤My kids are athletes. I like it as well.

👤This was used when doing a cleanse. It was perfect for work.

👤I couldn't fit it in the bottle. It is to big. The bottle I am using is the same one advertised in the photo.

5. Vitafusion Vitamins Strawberry Tangerine Americas

Vitafusion Vitamins Strawberry Tangerine Americas

There is a 90 ct bottle of vitafusion Power Zinc Gummy Vitamins and a strawberry tangerine flavor Immune Support Vitamins with Zinc andVitamin C. Immune Support Gummies are gummy vitamins that are high-potency Zinc along with Vitamins C and V to help with overall immune support for adults who prefer to take their vitamins as a delicious and easy-to-chew gummy supplement. Each two-gummy serving of the Zinc chewable gummies contains 15 and 270 IU of Zinc and Vitamins C and E. Zinc gummies are great tasting and convenient, and the natural strawberry flavor helps make taking Zinc with vitamins C and C enjoyable. Immune Support is a zinc supplement that contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup, no dairy and no synthetic dyes, so you only get the immune support you need.

Brand: Vitafusion

👤My doctor says that my blood tests have improved because I take one of these every day. I could not find this brand at my local store, but she recommended it to me, and I avoid them as much as possible.

👤Why is it called power zinc? Most are at least 50. If you like sour patch type gummies, I will probably buy them again because they were so delicious.

👤It's much easier for me to take a pill than it is for me to taste it. I don't have to worry about my vitamins being bad because I have a system for that. The gummies are coated in sugar.

👤I like vitafusion vitamins. I take them every day. I was shocked and disappointed by The Power Zinc vitamins. They are like eating candy. The amount of sugar in them is unbelievable. I was not happy when I received my order. They are not up to the standard that I was expecting. I will throw the bottle away and order the correct ones.

👤These vitamins are not like normal vitamins in that they are gummy vitamins so they are easy to swallow if one chews them before swallowing. The flavor is great. These are some of the vitamins I like the most.

👤These were fresh. I worry about getting vitamins from Amazon because they are going to be bad. These were great. The taste and texture are great.

👤The gummies are hard to chew and are large. They aren't as soft as most vitamins. I decided to try and get them back. They had a returnless refund. I will be looking for a different brand. I had used basic vitamins in this brand and they were nice and soft, but these weren't.

6. FitShot Supplement Keychain Portable Container

FitShot Supplement Keychain Portable Container

Not just for supplements and powder. It's great for carrying vitamins, baby formula, spices, and anything else you can think of. It's easy to travel with the TSA. It's the perfect gift. The powder container screw cap funnel is easy to use, it allows you to pour the powder into the water bottles with a narrow neck and mix it quickly with no mess. Environmentally friendly supplement funnel container is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. FitShot Supplement Funnels 40ml are great for storing powders for small amounts. A variety of supplements can be stored in the supplement funnel. It's great for after a workout or before a workout. Convenient carabiner keyring is included for camping and backpacking. You can carry the funnel with you. The FitShot funnel set is a great gift for fitness enthusiasts, friends, family, and co-workers.

Brand: Fitshot

👤They are supposed to do what they are supposed to do. I don't use my wife's tupperwear when transporting my powders. They were smaller than a full scoop of powder. I can take 2 of them with me. The clips are made of plastic. They are not sanitary. For how long seems questionable. I think I will eventually crack the plastic when I tighten the lid. Even if I break them, I will still be out a small fortune.

👤I have been using them and they are quite average. The quality of the shot is good, but the clips are not. I immediately got different clips to use with it, as the ones you are given are plastic and not sturdy at all. One of my clips was broken when it arrived, but it was not worth the hassle of returning it. I think these are overpriced for what you get, and you could find better ones for less. They are easy to clean as you just rinse with soap and water. They are hard to use because they are hard to get your powders in. It's very difficult to transfer the powder in without spilling it because the regular scoops are the same size as the top of the shot. I can't get all my powder in without spilling after a month of use. I think they had a good idea, but it wasn't executed well. After purchasing this product, you will get a lot of emails asking you to give a review.

👤The little funnels are a good way to get the job done. The plastic is thick, but the clips are not. I don't use the clips because they don't bother me. They don't seem to seal properly. On the top, the big part is the threads and cap. They don't think they have a good seal for the top where you pour the powder.

👤I can't usually get a workout in after my busy schedule. I need a shot of pre-workout before I start. I picked up these because I didn't want to bring my entire tub of stuff to work. It's perfect for a pre-workout shot and I got the small version. If you want to add something to your cocktail, there is more room left. The small is not enough for the amount of food you need. You can pour it into your bottle with the funnel shape. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤This does what was needed to be done. I don't have to worry about getting powder all over my desk, pants and work area if I put a fine powder into a water bottle. I have no worries about the caps coming off because it is sturdy. It has a nice tight fit, but wouldn't survive being crushed. The only weakness in the clip is the part that is weak. The plastic opened up with a simple bug. The product is excellent, but I wouldn't use the clip.

👤I can see what people said about the clips. They are cheap but good and can't complain about quality. The item is small. I don't think it could hold a full scoop of the stuff.

7. Universe Classic Collection Avengers Assemble

Universe Classic Collection Avengers Assemble

The Dry Goods Volume is 6 ounces. A molded plastic shield. The merchandise is inspired by the Disney XD cartoon. Give it to your favorite superhero fan. Rubies and Marvel have all your favorite licensed toy weapons, dress-up accessories and complete costumes. Rubies' has been a world leader in bringing fun for every season since 1950.

Brand: Rubie's

👤The strap is torn. My 5yr old had to glue the strap on after waiting for over 2 weeks and 3 days before Halloween.

👤The quality of the toy is not good. The plastic is not large enough to hold a frisbee. When we bought it for my 5 year old for his birthday, he was initially happy because he had asked for it. He played with it for less than two hours and one plastic piece that held the arm strap broke and the shield had a large crack. I wouldn't recommend this shield for anything other than a display piece. This shield is not a good choice if you are looking for a toy that can be played with for a long time.

👤The first hand strap broke and we didn't have this for a day. Both are broken a few weeks later. Someone needs a new job.

👤My son is a big fan of Captain America. We were looking for a cheap shield for my son to play with. It was the cheapest with great reviews. My son has thrown this shield many times and it has held up. He jumped on it and it cracked. We were able to seal it up because it was a small crack. The plastic that holds the handle to the shield was broken. We were able to fix that as well. This is one of his favorite toys and it provides entertainment for everyone that comes in contact with him, because he has his shield with him.

👤The plastic is strong. It has been thrown, used as a battering ram, hit with multiple items, and has no signs of cracks. The paint is getting rubbed off. The handle broke in about 5 minutes. I assumed it would happen. I figured I could fix it when it happened. I sewed the elastic handle back on, and reinforced the rest. It has been holding so far.

👤The color in the photo is off for me. I mostly bought it. I thought it was a brighter color than the original blue and red because my costume is light blue. I was expecting it to be light blue. I should have looked at the pictures uploaded in the reviews. That is not a big issue. I knew it wasn't going to be huge, so it is small. It reminds me of a frisbee. Cheap, but sturdy like some have mentioned. I feel like they should have sold it for $7, but I didn't pay more. I am going to keep it. My kid and I are playing as super heroes. We are happy.

👤The shield is cheap, you can tell from the way it's painted and the fact that one of the strap holders broke when I pulled off the tag. The cheap plastic band on those was tougher than the shield. This product is poorly manufactured. If you donate the money, you might be better off buying this product. We replaced this shield a few days later because it was better off in the recycling bin. Don't spend your money on a product that isn't built to last.

8. Smartshake Metallica Bottles Protein Storage

Smartshake Metallica Bottles Protein Storage

The carry loop can be used to attach keys or connect to a gym bag. This special edition 25 oz bottle is dishwasher safe. A classic workout bottle with measures in ounces and liters for easy mixing pre- and post- workout. The LEAKPROOF PROTEIN SHAKER has an anti-leak lid, easy-drink spout guard, comfy carry loop, soft silicone edges, and shock absorbing rubber for a non-slip grip. All of the above are dishwasher-safe. The improved snap-on mixer net has spurs for maximum mixability. It's possible to mix powders and vitamins silently and smoothly with no issues. There is a compartment for extra storage and a leakproof lid. This fully stackable smart shaker bottle is ideal for snacks and powders. Their guarantee is that these officially licensed bottles are compliantly tested to strict US/EU food safety standards. Their guarantee is that these officially licensed bottles are compliantly tested to strict US/EU food safety standards.

Brand: Smartshake

👤I thought this would be a fun addition to our bottle collection. I was surprised by the quality of the bottle. It is made by a Swedish company. It's DEHP free, so no nasty hormones are in our drinks. There are two more It's safe, so you won't get gunk stuck in weird places, and everything comes apart for washing. The container for powder at the bottom is a perfect size for my shakes and I use it for meal replacements. We are late 80's kids and we think the graphics are fun. Our teens like it because 80's band shirts are popular again. This is a sturdy, high quality bottle. Five stars from us!

👤Does what it is intended to do. The silent shake mesh thing at the top works better than I had thought. The cup has made it through multiple dishwasher cycles and has not had a negative impact on the image. It rides on an exterior carabiner attached to my pack occasionally and hasn't broken the loop handle at the top nor damaged the bottle. All in a bottle so far. If it's going to "lay there, gazing at the sky", it will leave me numb and dry.

👤The bottle I received seems to be a great product. The compartment at the bottom has enough space for a scoop of the mix, the lid is easy to open, and the handle makes it easy to carry. When I picked up the bottle, I heard a rattle from the ball, but I realized it was a mixer net. I opened it up. There was nothing there. My product is missing the mixing net so now it is just a regular bottle with storage underneath. I kept the ball so I could use it in this bottle.

👤A great bottle for meal replacement. The portion cup at the bottom is the best place to take a second portion. The statue of Liberty is thin in the center of the bottle. That makes sense. It feels like it's missing something. The bottle is solid and mixes well. I am happy with it as a gift.

👤I am really happy with this. I ordered AC/DC and KISS, but they are still waiting on the KISS one. I was skeptical about how well it would work without a ball. Everything was mixed up nicely. I like the cool rocker aesthetic and bands. I know of and listen to current bands. I don't think I'll ever use the bottom cup for powders. Maybe vitamins. I doubt it. It is more likely to be snacks. I'm likely to use these for drinks for the kids as well. I didn't expect to be impressed with this, but I am pretty happy with it. That was nice.

👤You don't have to put your drinks in a fancy container. This is great for people who want to prove themselves tough, it comes with a screw off part that you can use to store your powder until you are ready to drink. There are no clumps because of the mixer inside. If you want to let others know you are a tough person, you can drink directly from the cup and keep it on your desk.

9. PROMiXX Electric Powerful Supplements Blender

PROMiXX Electric Powerful Supplements Blender

There was no shaking. No money. The Better Taste is a performance mixer bottle with patented X-Blade technology. This electric blender bottle is the perfect replacement for your shake bottle mixer. The motor has a Li-poly battery for more power and a long- lasting charge. The motor can be removed to make it easier to charge and clean the bottle. Less charging and more workouts! Plug in the microusb cable, wait for the indicator to turn green, and then charge up. Airtight Supplement Storage has a through-flow lid so you can use your bottle as a water bottle while keeping your supplements dry inside. The iX-R electric blender bottle is easy to clean, it's tough, odorless, and free of harmful chemicals. Design. It's Functionality. Performance was designed in the UK after six years of passion and product evolution: jaw-dropping in looks, innovative in function and tested, recommended and prized by athletes the world over. The iX-R is a perfect fitness gift and has a 1-year warranty.

Brand: Promixx

👤I have been using the PROMiXX 2.0 for the past 6 months and I couldn't resistUpgrading to the latest model. The tinted bottle and new lid design are very cool. It looks like a very high quality mixer. The storage Pod is a big improvement and it is possible to drink from the bottle with it inside. I am very pleased to have upgraded to this product, it seems to have addressed some of the shortfalls of the earlier PRO MiXX's.

👤Worst product and service ever! I like the idea and concept. Is it really bad quality? The old version lasted a week before the engine failed. I thought the new version would be better. Even worse! Didn't start at all. I felt insulted when I contacted the customer service.

👤This bottle is a must have. The best shaker I've ever used is definitely not a "Must". It makes the shakes smooth, no clumps, and takes just a few seconds. I love that this shaker makes it easy to re- mix the larger particles that don't sink to the bottom of the bottle, and I also take BCAA's which is much more of a grainy mix. Quality is not an issue. I don't agree with a review that says this is cheap-feeling. It's easy to clean: just add some water and a drop of dish soap, turn on the mixer, let it foam up for a bit, and rinse it out. Done! The powder Pod is a downside for me. It's not big enough to hold two scoops of the powder. If you take one scoop per serving, it won't be an issue, but for me, I need to bring a ziplock with the pre-measured mix. Since the shakes are so good and smooth, I like to drink more water in the bottle, and the extra ounces will definitely be appreciated.

👤I use my shaker between 3-6 times a day, but I was unsure about spending $30 on one. It takes a lot of shaking and cleaning to make components. The cup is easy to clean and is similar to a regular cup. If you are on the go, the holder for your pre/post is nice. The cup is durable and cool. It's going to hold up and not fall apart on you. I like it because it mixes things a lot better, and you don't get the build up at the bottom from everything not completely mixing. Also makes it smooth. I was curious if the mixer would hold up if it were plastic. There is nothing wrong with it being plastic. It shouldn't be a problem unless you jam a cleaning tool inside of it. At some point, it might break. Can you mix ice in it? The answer is yes. I wouldn't use thicker ice. I have a machine that makes ice. After I mix the drink, I add a scoop of ice and lightly push the button to make it 50% power. Works well. I have no worries about it breaking the mixer. That type of ice is easy to break up and the solid made ice could damage the mixer. The mixer is worth the money. You will get some comments about being lazy if you don't use a shaker many times a day, but who cares if you like it.

10. OnMyWhey Portable Protein Supplement Keychain

OnMyWhey Portable Protein Supplement Keychain

Wherever you go, this portable supplement container is with you, whether you are at the gym, hiking, backpacking, biking, or wherever your active lifestyle takes you. Convenient, comes with an easy clip carabiner, which can be used to attach to sports bags, keys, clothing, and more. The patented dual screw cap and funnel allows for an easy and mess-free pour into any water bottle or shaker to mix your supplements. Each container holds one full scoop of powder. Intentional Design is made from food grade plastic that is recycled and free of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects Simple and easy to clean. Not just for supplements and powder. It's great for carrying vitamins, baby formula, spices, and anything else you can think of. It's easy to travel with the TSA. It's the perfect gift.

Brand: Onmywhey

👤I got in contact with the company and they fixed the issue for me. The customer service was great. * If included carabiners would work, it would have been a 5 star product for me. Those were a big selling point for me and I need all three of them to work at the same time. One of the 3 is functional. That amazing product is also included. I hated carrying around a bunch of bags that could break. No, it's not a hassle. I think the company did a great job of fixing it, it's an easy and quick fix. All my gym buddies will be jealous because I love the quotes on them. I will make it a 5 star review if the company can send me replacements or carabiners.

👤The idea is great. The rings holding the carabiner are too small. I've had some pull offs. You should replace the metal ring before you clip it. It doesn't hold a full scoop of the substance. The designs are great and the container is durable. These would be great if they were a little bigger and the key ring was better.

👤I was excited about the idea but it was not able to fit a scoop, you have to use the container as a scoop, which makes the threads get dirty, so you need to clean them before is able to close properly. You need to clean the container before you use it as a scoop. It will work perfectly if you are getting it for carrying pills or supplements. It needs to be at least 50% bigger in order to be functional.

👤The barrel of the keychain has a scoop in it. You can use the clip carabiner to store a full scoop of your supplement. Remove the top cap and put the supplement into a water bottle. My son loves this product because it allows him to bring his powder into his water bottle, and the funnel makes it easy to get it into his bottle.

👤It is a great concept but too small to be worth it. If I used this, I would have to carry at least 3 of them, and that would not hold all that I need, unless they made this bigger to hold at least 2 scoops of a product.

👤This is a good idea, but it doesn't fit in a water bottle, which is what it is supposed to do. The egg white was stuck inside. It will take more work to get the bottle with theProtein. The water bottle fell, spilling all the water out. Can only hold 1 or 1/2 scoop depending on the amount ofProtein.

👤Cute containers. It was worth the purchase. They have enough space for me to carry my food. There are no more ziploc bags. I might order another set for my trips out of the country.

👤It is cool and all, but it is not a full scoop and I wouldn't buy it.

👤It's easy to clean and wide enough to fill your supplements, and good enough to pour onto your bottle, so you can take it as many times as you want.

11. BlenderBottle Insulated Bottle Locking 24 Ounce

BlenderBottle Insulated Bottle Locking 24 Ounce

The FITNESS GIFT is the perfect gift for any fitness enthusiast, with a 1-year warranty and industry-leading customer service. A sliding lock on the flip cap makes it easy to open and close the bottle. There is plenty of room for supplements, meal replacements, or water in the 24 ounce capacity. The bottle is shaken and the 316 surgical-grade STAINLESS STEEL BALL WHISK is created. The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours. Not for use with hot liquids; hand wash cup, dishwasher-safe lid, and high-quality materials. Not for use with hot liquids; hand wash cup, dishwasher-safe lid, and high-quality materials.

Brand: Blenderbottle

👤The first bottle I received was damaged when it was sent in a yellow bubble wrap envelope, but I got a new one within 2 days. My main use for this bottle is to make a shake for breakfast in the morning and then use it the rest of the day for ice water. The metal bottle is very nice, but the lid needs some work. The lock is a nice added feature and the lid has two rubber o-rings, one where it screws down to the bottle, and one on the flap where you drink out of. I would have preferred a rubber seal built into the lid where the metal bottle connects because it would be easier to clean and it would probably last more time. I would have liked to have seen an insulated lid instead of this clear plastic, because I'm not trying to look at my drink, I'm trying to drink something cold. I filled the bottle up completely with water and shook it to make sure it didn't leak, I got a very small amount of water drops which I think are coming, but I couldn't see if it was coming or not. This is an upgrade, they need to make a better lid and more options. If things change, I'll update this.

👤I had to throw out my last bottle after forgetting about it and leaving a small amount of a shake in it. The plastic had absorbed the smell of the old powder. For a few days, it was soaked in detergent and vinegar. About this one. It is a leak proof. The cap is made of hard plastic and has a rubber stopper, push-release and locking mechanism. You can see the contents of the bottle by the transparent sections of the lid. The rounded base makes it easier to clean. I took off one star because I had to use a spray to remove the sticky substance left on the surface after removing the sticker around the bottle. Highly annoying. I wish companies stopped putting crappy stickers on their products. I've read other reviews that say that the products are not covered by a warranty when purchased through Amazon.

👤I don't like insulated beverage containers because they usually have rubber gasket and crevices. The crevices are hard to reach and the gasket is hard to clean. The lid uses rubber gasket, but there are few hard-to-reach crevices. Time will tell how well the lid, these gasket, and my ability to clean it hold up. The insulation is vacuum sealed. I keep my drinks cold. The rubber lining around the part of the lid used to open and close the bottle has accumulated a lot of mold and/or dirt. I can't remove it without damaging the rubber. I clean this on a regular basis, but can't get all the dark gunk out. I've thrown the bottle away. I don't buy anything with rubber linings again. It's the same problem with all of these types of linings.


What is the best product for supplement funnel captain america?

Supplement funnel captain america products from Blenderbottle. In this article about supplement funnel captain america you can see why people choose the product. Avengers and Pill Thing are also good brands to look for when you are finding supplement funnel captain america.

What are the best brands for supplement funnel captain america?

Blenderbottle, Avengers and Pill Thing are some of the best brands that chosen by people for supplement funnel captain america. Find the detail in this article. Hydra Cup, Vitafusion and Fitshot are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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