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1. Organizer Compartments Medication Dispenser Supplement

Organizer Compartments Medication Dispenser Supplement

EXTRA Large CommPARTMENTS VITAMIN CASE The xlarge xxl pill case is big enough to hold your daily pill organizers. There are 8 fish oils and 10 large vitamins in the internal compartment. The container size of the pill supplement is over 11 feet. WEEK TRAYS can be separated out. SEPARATELY. There are 7 individual trays for your weekly pill organiser in the pill case. It's great if you're traveling or on-the-go since you can detach the days you need. The double case design secures the pills from spilling. The store has a week's worth of Meds. You can easily keep track of your AM/PM medication regimen by placing the organiser on the counter at the beginning of the week. Weekly pill dispensers are made of 100% food gradeBPA-free materials and are safe for medical use. 3D printing technology can be used over 5,000 times. Their large size 7 day pill case is guaranteed to make your daily pill routine easy and safer. They will replace or refund your purchase if you are not completely satisfied or find your product damaged on arrival.

Brand: Mossime

👤I received my order today. The size is perfect for what I need, but I am disappointed that the product has defects. "3D printing technology will never wear out for over 5,000 times of use" was the description. No worries about the labels wearing off so that you couldn't distinguish the tablets. This product did not live up to the claim. Attached is a photo. I've sent an email to the company. Will update my review if they reply in the affirmative.

👤I take about 10 pills, some of which are large, and they all fit with room to spare. The only complaint is that it doesn't snap close.

👤I like the large size but I have trouble keeping one of the lids closed.

👤I am a nurse and have seen many containers like this before. This one is the best one I have used. I have no fear that the pills will call out accidentally. The containers are easy to open. The colors are pretty. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤If you need a larger pill box, this is it. They are very similar in color, so have your label maker with you.

👤You can take only the days you need, according to the description. It isn't detaching.

👤I like that the snap lids are secure and the large compartments hold all my daily medication. I have had organizers in the past where the lid pops open.

👤I didn't realize the pill boxes were much larger. I used 2 smaller pill boxes I had on hand for my two week trip. I put them in a bag. Returned others.

👤The box is dark in color and not helpful when filling time comes around. I tilt the box to double check that the quality of the pills is correct. There is a minor irritant on the item. Please make a transparent version.

👤I thought they would be bigger. I don't hold many tablets because they are variable in size. It would work well for small tablets.

👤It was perfect, just what we were looking for.

2. Daily Pill Organizer Box Purse

Daily Pill Organizer Box Purse

The travel pill is large. The upgraded travel pill box has 6 large compartments perfect for your medications, vitamins, fish oil pills, birth control pills, keto pills, iron and folic acid supplements, and many more storage options. This is the best choice for you if you are traveling, going to the office, or going to the gym. The look brings you pleasure and relaxation. The Travel Pill Organizers are sealed. This stylish travel pill case has an all-around seal Silicone ring, it is water and dust resistant, and is stylish, making it stand out among other pill cases. The travel pill box has an opaque shell that protects your privacy. It makes you feel comfortable. Premium Travel Pill Box Organizers. A strong, durable switch and a smooth-running mandrel construction make this pill box resistant to getting stuck. The reinforced lock makes it easy to get the vitamins in your computer bag, purse, pocket, gym bag or suitcase, so you don't have to worry about accidentally dropping them in your suitcase or computer bag. A multi-functional travel pill container. The pill box has aremovable baffle design so that you can clean the pill dispensers more easily and get more space to store large pills, earrings, rings, or necklaces. Bring this elegant pill box with you to your daily life with your friends or loved ones. The daily pill box is almost one inch in diameter. It's the best travel gift for lovers and friends. If you have any questions, just click the "Get Help with Order" button under the order ID and they will get back to you quickly.

Brand: Dtouayz

👤The pill box is of good quality. It is larger than I anticipated. I would have preferred something smaller. There are different compartments for pills.

👤The online description says it's free of the chemical. It feels cheap when touched. The product and the packaging are not written with alacrity. Is it safe to leave my fish-oil gels? In it for a while? Certainly not! The color, size and compartment size were all given 2 stars by me. It's not worth it. I've seen better "Made in China" products, but this one is terrible.

👤It is very difficult to get a pill out with your finger, especially with a lot of pills in it, unless you use a small spoon or something else.

👤I ordered two because I absolutely love this pill box. If pink, the color is beautiful. If my vitamins can fit in my purse, there is enough room for all. This is a good purchase. I am very happy.

👤I'm very pleased with the pill holder. It holds enough of my daily supplements to be able to have a full day's worth of backup. It's air tight and stays closed even when I'm in my purse. I love this item.

👤Color, opening and design are liked. Likes: none. It's a little big for some people, but that's why so many pills can be held.

👤I have been looking for a sturdy pull holder for my supplements for a long time and this is the perfect one.

👤Descripcin y realidad perfecta Tapa rgida de buena calidad.

👤Es un estuche practico. Muy esttico.

👤The verdad is til the pastillero! Simplifica el cmo!

3. Organizer Leather Supplement Medicine Carrying

Organizer Leather Supplement Medicine Carrying

There is a daily pill case. The daily pill case has a PU leather case and plastic pill dispensers. An extra compartment has a smile face on it, as well as 7-day compartments. Multiple pills can be stored in each container. It makes pill organizing and medication health management much easier. The mini medication organizers is small and lightweight. It can be put into your bags, backpacks and luggage bag. The item is 4.54x3.35x1.2 inches. The travel pill case is very convenient for daily use. You could put the pills, supplement, vitamins, medication, birth control pill into this beautiful organizers. Your health insurance card, prescriptions and medication instruction can be put in the inner pocket. The pill organizers bag is stylish and fashionable. There is a bonus dispenser that has a printed smile face, it makes you feel happy. A pill dispensers case is a wonderful gift. Gifts for women, men, girls, boys, kids, seniors.

Brand: Oceanward

👤I couldn't locate any of the pill cases in my area. My husband's was worn and didn't work. He says the pill case is sturdy for his needs. He is happy with the product.

👤The previous one had an elastic band to hold the pill case in, but this one has a vinyl case.

👤The box broke on the first time it opened. Not strong plastic at all.

👤It's easy to put all the pills in the cute pill holder and not have to open the bottles every time I take a pill. Very convenient.

👤It's a perfect size for traveling. Also cute.

👤I dislike the color purple and ordered the gray camo. The depiction of the wrong color would probably not be a problem. Sending it back!

👤I need something to keep my supplements in. I can keep them in one place. The carrying case makes it easy to pack with no worry of them spilling out.

4. Organizer Traveling Compartments Supplements Medication

Organizer Traveling Compartments Supplements Medication

Convenient size is a pill organizers with light weight and small size. It's suitable for office or travel because it can be put in your pocket. The length is 11CM and the width is 7.4 cm and the height is 1.6 cm. The Pill Box made of PP/ABS is environment-friendly and beautiful. Unique design. Each pill box is equipped with six cases and independent lids to prevent overflow and mixing. The shell is great for more people. It is convenient for long journeys and for the whole week. The product can meet your needs for the whole week. It is suitable for the elders, children, and friends who need supplement vitamins. Do you forget to take your pills? I am your perfect choice for travel or office.

Brand: Yamazihd

👤Its amazing. You need this. I tried to write a great review but it wasn't posted. This time, include a photo. It was the best purchase I have ever made. I make a lot of purchases on Amazon.

👤I like this case a lot. There is plenty of space. Since a lot of other pill cases got bad reviews because they didn't close, Clicks shut was important for me. It is also discreet and slim. The only bad thing about it was that it had marks on it when it was delivered. It was not brand new but serves its purpose. I didn't want to go through the hassle of returning it. I used it everyday and gave it a good clean.

👤This thing is awesome. It was well made. The right size. Holds a bit. It's great in my purse. Love it.

👤This pill box is wonderful! Doesn't slip open as others do. It fits in my purse.

👤It's very easy to keep a purse for medication. Cute design.

👤I know it is mostly for travel. It is perfect for purses and packs. I wish it had room for a 7th day because it is aesthetically pleasing to look at.

👤The cover of the box is crooked and the tabs don't close all of the way. If that was fixed, it would be perfect for my purse.

👤The carrying case is like that. 4 stars for quality.

5. Vitamin Organizer Supplement Compartments Assorted

Vitamin Organizer Supplement Compartments Assorted

Monthly PILL ORGANIZER: You can organize a variety of pill sizes. Simply turn the cover to the compartment you want to use. There is a pill container that holds multiple pills large and small. Also included: The labels are pre-printed and blank. HEALTHY LIVING Many products endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation are endorsed by Ezy Dose.

Brand: Ezy Dose

👤My night stand was covered in pill bottles because I take so many supplements. I wanted to consolidate them all in order to make room for other things. The thing is very sturdy and holds at least 2 weeks worth of vitamins in the larger compartment. The smaller compartments hold my one month supply of pills. The top is difficult to turn and I had trouble with it in the beginning. I have a condition that makes it difficult to open or twist things. I had an idea one night. The jar of vaseline was in the bathroom. I applied a thin layer to the rim of the bottle. I wiped off any excess. The top is now butter. Will probably look into getting another one for random pills like tylenol, aleve, benadryl so as to free up space in the medicine cabinet. It's made out of plastic and is similar to a Rubbermaid tote. Not like the Sterlite that is easy to crack. I have not tried tossing it across the room against a wall or throwing it off a building but it seems durable and won't hurt it. If you found my post useful, please like it.

👤This is the best pill organizer. I got a green one and it was a nice surprise. They probably go off on a person who is on order. You could ask for purple or green in the notes. I was able to get all of my pills at the counter. There was a lot of thought put into the design. The rubber lid is better for seals and won't break like plastic would. There is a click between the different parts of the compartment. The plastic top is secure even though it spins. I like that there is a bigger compartment to fit larger pills. I'm 33 years old and don't want to have a pill organizer that seperates by day. I don't forget to take my medication, but I wanted something to consolidate all of my supplements and this does that perfectly. While still looking cool. It's nice to fill it and forget about it until the compartment gets low. If this review helped you out, please click the "helpful" button. Thank you.

👤This is a large container. There are 6 different sizes of compartments, 5 of which are the same size. Many of the pills I take are small which makes it difficult to take. There is a small gap between the cups. Small pills will fall through the gaps. I had to remove the top and reach into each compartment to get the pills if I wanted to avoid this. It does what it says. You need larger pills. I will eventually get something to replace this but I'm using it right now.

👤I use these to organize my supplements. The labels were made on the machine. The large opening makes it easy to get large pills. I put gummy vitamins in one of the openings. It's much easier to use than it is to open bottles. They would travel to save space. It's a little taller than a soda can. The customer should be able to choose colors. Green and blue are the best colors for me, even though I would have liked a purple one.

6. KIGI Organizer Compartments Moisture Proof Supplements

KIGI Organizer Compartments Moisture Proof Supplements

You can get a large Capacity for one month with the KIGI travel pill organizer. You don't need to fill pills or supplements from time to time. If you want to store your pills in dry condition, you could take it to the seaside, for camping, and it would be moist proof. You can twist the container from compartment to compartment for each pill you want to take. You don't need to take them out by hand. Pack your vitamins and other supplements into this supplement organizers case for on-the-go people. You can put it in your bag or suitcase and find it quickly. You can keep track of your medications and vitamins with the APP Reminder, which can remind you to fulfill your plan. Their medication reminder app works like a pill box alarm - you simply enter your pills and the times you need to take them.

Brand: Kigi

👤I love this pill box. I take a lot of supplements. I hated opening and closing bottles. I wanted to consolidate. This box works. I can store a lot of a pill in these containers. When you're packing, it's time-Consuming to make up baggies of pills. I put the containers in my bag and leave. I read in the comments that some people were having trouble with the inside lid, the one that moves to each opening of a compartment. If I put a finger on the neck of the container, I can turn the lid clockwise to each compartment opening and then counter-clockwise to close off the entire inner container lid. I put cooking oil on the surface of the container and turned the lid a couple times, because the inner lid seemed a bit tight. If you put too much oil in your pills, it could ruin them. It takes a bit.

👤I am not sure how this is reviewed. It is bulky and hard to carry in a purse or backpack, but it holds a lot of pills. The rotate/flap function is useless. Assembly of plastic separators is difficult because of resistance when sliding them into their slots. Poor product function.

👤I have to take a lot of different drugs in the morning and it was difficult to manage. It was hard to store the bottles all together without having them on display, and the storage containers weren't big enough to fit all the medication. This product was exactly what I was looking for. * If you have small pills, the compartments are large enough to fit multiple bottles. * Even when my arthritis gets worse, the spin mechanism is easy to use. You can see the pills in the dark. You wouldn't notice, but the Cons are hard to get a single pill out with little pills.

👤I don't take pain killers or anti-acids at certain times of the day, so I wanted something else. I'm able to fit a lot of pills in each slot, and it looks better on my side table than large bottles. If you have arthritis or other issues with gripping things, this might not work for you. It's easy to open, but it's hard to get a good grip on the lid, and it's too big for my hands. If you have strength concerns, it might be difficult to push the dividers into place.

👤This is a good size for sleeping pills. It could be a little large for travel. Not as see through as the picture shows, but that is fine with me. It's easy for an adult to access pills. It might be difficult for a kid or someone with arthritis. It can be used for one pill, two pill, or both pill and divider for four compartments.

👤I love this container. If you apply too much pressure, the rotating top can be hard to turn. The container is not see-through but you can see what is in it. Some reviewers said they couldn't see through it. It is nice to be able to. There are a lot of pills in it. I divide mine into four different areas and it holds 60 big pills. I have to put it in my purse when I am short on time. It is a little shorter than a soda can. It is convenient to have all my medication in one container. I would buy it again. I will look at a smaller one for OTC pain meds.

7. Travel Pill Organizer Medicine Dispenser

Travel Pill Organizer Medicine Dispenser

Their pill box organizers are made with an elastic seal to protect it from the elements. The portable pill organizers will keep your medication safe. The pill dispensers and daily pill organizers are large. There are 8 compartments that hold many pills in this pill holder. The double lock keeps your pills in place. The organizers for the vitamins will never open up in purses or bags. Their travel pill container and medicine travel organizers have an easy to open design. Seniors can fill the cells with pills by opening the pill organizers. The large compartments of this container organizer are lightweight. Their portable pill container can fit in small spaces inside your luggage.

Brand: Pillsteer

👤I love this case. It's a little larger than the other pocket pill cases I've bought, but it still fits in my purse. I want this size case because I am too lazy to fill a 7 day pill case every week. I can put an entire month of pills in each compartment. There is still plenty of room for the larger pills, even though I have to split them. This is what I have been looking for.

👤I searched high and low for my daily vitamins before I found this one, the perfect solution after buying three pill organizers. I have 21 vitamins in each box, and there is still room for more. I initially thought the 8th compartment was a waste of space, but have now realized the benefit of the extra spot for Advil, cold medicine, or other short-term vitamins. I put some stickers on my case to personalize it. I am very happy with this product because I like organization and having a compartment for everything.

👤I love the pill case. It holds my medication. It's roomy and not too heavy. I recommend it to everyone.

👤I travel for a living, often on the road for months at a time. It doesn't always work out as planned when we try to eat healthy. We take vitamins and minerals in pill form. How to travel with them is a problem. I put the bottles in the lunch bag. That worked, but there had to be a better way to organize them. The daily pill carriers are too small for the number of pills I take and there is no way to know which pill was what. I went to Amazon. I thought several would work, but kept going back to this one. I bought one. I immediately ordered a second one after it arrived and was able to verify its quality. These are perfect for what we need. They have a hard plastic shell. The pill section's lid is thicker than most. These will take the abuse we will put them through. Each pill section has enough for a week's supply. If your pill is small. I'm impressed with the amount it will hold. It is small enough for a purse or overnight bag, even though it has large sections. The color would be the only thing I would change. If I had two colors, I'd know which one was morning and which one was night in an instant. There was no biggy. I have baggies with extra pills in them, but the extra from each bottle now fits in a smaller craft bag, instead of a snack or sandwich bag. I put these in a hard case for the kids to keep their stuff. Right under my seat. I would definitely buy these again.

👤I am in love with this case. I use it every day. I keep my pills in the cases. It's a great case for a purse, bedside table, or travel. This isn't a pocket organizer. It's smaller than my Tab E, but it's bigger than my Note 9. It's a great case to organize pills for travel, especially if you need to take more than one pill a day. How many pills will fit in depends on the size of your pills. I own pocket organizers that are great for the medicines that you need every single day, and for a single day travel. This case is perfect for storing multiple day travels and pills.

8. Organizer Stackable Supplements Dispenser Transparent

Organizer Stackable Supplements Dispenser Transparent

The dimensions are 2*2*8inch. Large size is easy to open. One more lid is easy to carry. Sturdy PP material is very durable. Non-toxic, non-allergenic, Eco-friendly:BPA free. The cylinder is sealed tight with the lid. It's in your purse or pocket by slim body. You can change any tier to another tier. Multi purpose of using:trip, business, daily, jewelry, powder, nail glitter, fish food, cosmetics (cream, moisturizers, cleanser, scrubs etc), small accessories. Sufficient space for supplements to last 7 days. You can use the Perfect Meds, supplementsplanner to remind you to take them on time. You can use it for a long time.

Brand: Zwish

👤I am a career salesman, gym rat and heavy traveler and I highly recommend this product. The photos I have attached tell the story better than I can. The 1st and 2nd photos show my morning 20 pill and capsule assortment, which I loaded into the container. I use a second stack for my evening supplements. The 3rd photo shows how I use my own P-Touch to label the days of the week. You can ignore any negative reviews by people who complain about cross threading because I think they're the same people who slow down the boarding process because they don't know why their carry-on won't fit in the overhead bin after six tries. The containers are side-by-side with another popular stacking container system that is more suited for pills and capsule use, but is not as good for taking along 2 heaping cups of collagen hydrolysate powder. The product is very well made and won't open in your luggage like the plastic door variety that are sold in connected groups of 7 or 14 compartments. Happy trails!

👤I have purchased pill organizers before. The tower type works best for me. All of the previous ones that I have purchased were made of cheap plastic and all of them broke within a few months. I received a new set of pill organizers that are made of high quality plastic that will last a long time, and I can tell you that without using them. I feel great about this product.

👤I was looking for a container that would hold my daily mix of medication and herbal supplements. I've bought several of them. The container is portable and can hold a lot of large capsules. The blue and amber were purchased to separate my morning and nightly medication. It's easy to travel with. You can change them with the extra lids. It has made my life simpler. The lids don't come loose when you are traveling with them.

👤It's the best pill organizers for use at home or on the go. It's possible to fit a combo of 16 softgels and capsules. It could fit in the 18-20 range. It seals well, so the smell of vitamins doesn't show up when you travel, and you don't have to put it in a bag. I love that I can take one with me when I travel or when I am out locally. Plastic can last a long time. You will be happy with your purchase. Enjoy!

👤I need this to put my vitamins in. I wanted a pill keeper made of screws. I had a hard time choosing from the many choices on Amazon. This was the correct choice. The plastic is soft and not brittle. The cup is large. Like Goldilocks said, "This one is just right." It has 7 containers and 2 lids. I made the top jar because I had trouble fitting one jar onto the base of another. The lid was screwed onto it. There is plenty of room for the vitamins in the photos. The cup held 16 of my big B-Complex 100 capsules, so the 2 photos are just to show you the capacity. The container could hold 30 aspirins according to some descriptions. For reference, these can hold 70 aspirin. I hope this review helps you make a decision. I am glad I chose this pill keeper.

9. Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer

Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer

The last pinball you'll ever buy is a 12.5 x 3.8 x 1.5 inch piece. A 7 day pill box with a base that can hold large pills like Fish Oil,Vitamin D, Calcium, and Multi-Vitamin supplements. It's perfect for people who need an extra large pill organizer. It is recommended that you note that turmeric can stain your lids. If you only take your pills once a day, you can use a pill box for 7 days or 14 days. Push-through design makes it easy to push the pills from the lid into the container. The flexible lids are great for people with arthritis and other manual dexterity issues. Food-safe, high quality materials protect your family's health. It's easy to see what's inside the clear pill containers. The pill case is sturdy and will last a long time. There are container goods. You can take the pill cases with you on a weekend or day trip. The pillbox is ideal for travel over the weekend. The closed lid will keep your pills out of the bag or purse. You can use the free app to remind you to take a dose. Their medication reminder app works like a pill box alarm - you simply enter your pills and the times you need to take them. The phone is not included.

Brand: Sagely

👤They look the same almost 2 years later. No fading, no cracking, and the lids are still sticking. I've added cayenne and turmeric supplements, both huge pills, which had plenty of room for them. I've been looking for this and updating it for a year, but still love this thing so much. They're still working well, and the original review was over a year ago. It doesn't look any different than the others, even though it was made a new picture. I bring a day with me in my purse. There were no issues with the lids. Adding a huge cayenne pill is not close to getting full. This has improved my experience with taking and keeping my medication, which I used to put off a lot. It is fun and quick now. Absolutely no issues in the 4 month update. Nothing is broken, cracked, or chipped in the lid. Nothing has worn out a bit. The labels I added are perfect. The decision I made was still the best. I got so sick of buying cheap ones and having to buy a new one every few months that I decided to buy this one. I'm in love with this one. I've been using them for 3 weeks. Overall, these are fantastic, even though there is one design flaw. I took some more pictures to show. The pic order got messed up. There is a picture called pic 1. This is the only design flaw. It's hard to see the day stamp on the plastic. The green side has more color than the blue, but there is no indication on the lids. Again, imo. I would get used to one side being AM and the other side being PM, but there's really no need to. The Sharpie is needed to rescue. It's not going to wear off any time soon because of the rubber lids and design. There is a picture called pic 2. You can judge size better by a closeup. We all know that those are my glucoasmine/chondrointin pills. There is a picture called pic 3. You can see the holders are large. There is a picture in the 4th picture. The metal strip is used to hold them down. It's fine for normal bumping, but it's not the strongest magnet ever. There is a picture of pic 5. The rubber lids are strong and I was trying to show it. I included this picture because strong lids are a plus. It's secure because it's stiff rubber and there's no snap to wear out. One of my previous types of pill holders was designed like this, where one lid covered 2 compartments and you could remove it completely. Since you can load through the lid, there's no need to remove the top. I haven't tried to pull the middle out, it seems like that would help them last longer. This will give you a good idea of how much room there is in the compartment. In the green AM side you can see the 2 large Gluc/Chon tabs and 1 large Metformin tab, and the blue PM side has 1 Metformin, 1 Gluc/Chon and a couple iron pills, krill oil, baby aspirin and another vitamins. There is a lot of room. There is a picture called pic 7. For size reference and a good view of the "bowl" of the lid and the openings you load. There is a picture of pic 8. To show that they are on the base. The base magnet hides. It's easy to fix the drawbacks of not being able to see the day marks with a Sharpie. The size of these makes them less portable. You would have a big bulge in your pocket, but it would be fine in a purse or bag. If you have other loose things in that bag, I suppose small things could get into the container through the lid. I don't think any pills would fall out. I can't see a pill making it out by itself because the rubber is stiff and you have to push a bit when loading. The rubber lid on your pills can bounce. You don't have to place them gently and carefully, but don't drop them on either. These are pricey but I think they're worth it because of the quality and design. I'm very happy with this purchase and I'm very confident in the durability. If I change my mind, I'll post it.

10. Compartments Organizer Medicine Portable Vitamins

Compartments Organizer Medicine Portable Vitamins

The pill organizer has a convenient design, with the outer packaging shell of it being a drawer and the internal storage space being allocated into six grids with lids. The shell has a design that makes it convenient for more people. The pill case is light and portable, and easy to carry. It is suitable for a lot of things. It is a good choice for travel or business. It will be with you to have fun. Of the week. This folding magnetic pill case can be used to store pills, vitamins, and cod liver oil, as well as other small objects, such as earrings, rings, and smaller necklaces. The medicine box is made of two materials, with a simple and atmospheric appearance. The notch on the outer box and the circular point of the inner box fit well, which is convenient for your use. The product contains 3 packs of 6 compartments. The storage box's size is 11 x 7.4 x 1.6 cm and 4.33 x 3 x 0.6 inch. Before buying, please check the size.

Brand: Patelai

👤It's nice that you can leave them out and not forget your daily dose, small enough to put in your purse but big enough to hold a lot of pills and supplements, 3 of them so you can prep for future weeks and refill less, and prepare for pharmacy refill on time instead I love these! As soon as this arrived, I had to put my words out because I know that people will be hesitant to buy these, so I wanted to make sure that people know my opinion. You will not regret it.

👤I decided to update my pill box after I traveled over the holidays with a more compact travel bag. I used this pill box to carry everything from the as needed to my daily medication. Each section was written on by me. I gave each of my daughters one of the small boxes because I liked it so much.

👤These are great for traveling or just taking it with you. The stickers are white and didn't come on top of it. I used stickers to identify my capsules. Highly recommended!

👤This is a simple purchase that works. Load them up with essential meds or vitamins and then label them. It is very good for carry.

👤These are easy to use and work well. The only downside is that larger pills such as fish oil barely fit because it is a capsule that can be squeezed a little.

👤The slide cover helps keep the vitamins in their original containers, as they are set for a full week.

👤The perfect size to hold medicine.

11. Organizer BUG HULL Compartments Supplements

Organizer BUG HULL Compartments Supplements

TheERIAL: The pill box is high-grade plastic. There is a color. There is a clear pill organizer. There is a 7 day pill box. The overall pill box size is 8*4.3*1.4in, and the single pill case size is 4*1*1.2in. CAPACITY: A single pill container can hold a lot of stuff. SEPARABLE: Yes. 7 day pill organizer can be divided into 7 daily pill boxes, which are convenient to carry and store. The opening method is used. You can open the pill box, but it won't open and fall off by itself.

Brand: Bug Hull

👤I wanted to have something that I could take with me every day and not have to carry around a lot of medicine. The compartments had to be big enough to hold my medicine and calcium chews. This was the right size. All my boxes are checked by it.

👤The description of this product is misleading. If I dump the entire thing, and then shuffle through to find the one interior container I want, the interior containers are very easy to get out. The pill compartments were hard to open. The exterior markings on the lid are starting to come off after two weeks. It was a mistake to order this container, and I can't see how anyone would find anything other than poorly thought out and poorly built.

👤It's hard to find a great pill case, but I've found it. This design allows me to plan a week's worth of pills in advance, and then go on autopilot. It is easy to grab one and go. The hinges are made of thin and flimsy plastic, which could be an issue if the product is exceptional. I hope to get many years of use from this. If there's a durability issue, I'll update the review. It's been six months and still working like new.

👤There are plenty of people out there who need a quality product for this purpose and receive this and it is trash, so I am disappointed. Don't buy this. If you can, support a local business, put your hands on it, and see if it's worth it. I made a mistake buying this online. It is broken in multiple places. There are multiple cracks in the box already, and the frontlatch had broken off. The plastic hinge design is of the worst quality and is on a lot of other organizers. If you are going to buy this poor excuse for a product, make sure it fits your needs because the compartments will fit a max of 13-14 Advil gel caps. When it shows up broken, it doesn't seem to be the case that "Ultra Durable" is the case.

👤It's not clear why some people think it's hard to open. I am nearly 72 years old and my fingers are not strong enough to open the compartments. It took me about 5 minutes to fill all 21 compartments. I now have a whole week worth of supplements in one place, and I can remove the 3-compartment piece on any day. I wish there was more than one stack of them. I'm going to take a two week supply for that trip so I can see my family for the first time since covid broke out.

👤I was not sure how I would feel about changing my box to a new one. I was crazy because my old one would open and spill pills all over. It was unsafe to have a toddler running around in case he found them on the floor. I didn't want that to happen. The organizers is awesome. It is worth the effort to load the pills in. I get three times a day organized and won't spill all over. It was a great choice for me.


What is the best product for supplement organizer large 6 compartments?

Supplement organizer large 6 compartments products from Mossime. In this article about supplement organizer large 6 compartments you can see why people choose the product. Dtouayz and Oceanward are also good brands to look for when you are finding supplement organizer large 6 compartments.

What are the best brands for supplement organizer large 6 compartments?

Mossime, Dtouayz and Oceanward are some of the best brands that chosen by people for supplement organizer large 6 compartments. Find the detail in this article. Yamazihd, Ezy Dose and Kigi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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