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1. Organizer KIGI Compartments Moisture Proof Supplement

Organizer KIGI Compartments Moisture Proof Supplement

You can get a large Capacity for one month with the KIGI travel pill organizer. You don't need to fill pills or supplements from time to time. If you want to store your pills in dry condition, you could take it to the seaside, for camping, and it would be moist proof. You can twist the container from compartment to compartment for each pill you want to take. You don't need to take them out by hand. Pack your vitamins and other supplements into this supplement organizers case for on-the-go people. You can put it in your bag or suitcase and find it quickly. You can keep track of your medications and vitamins with the APP Reminder, which can remind you to fulfill your plan. Their medication reminder app works like a pill box alarm - you simply enter your pills and the times you need to take them.

Brand: Kigi

👤I love this pill box. I take a lot of supplements. I hated opening and closing bottles. I wanted to consolidate. This box works. I can store a lot of a pill in these containers. When you're packing, it's time-Consuming to make up baggies of pills. I put the containers in my bag and leave. I read in the comments that some people were having trouble with the inside lid, the one that moves to each opening of a compartment. If I put a finger on the neck of the container, I can turn the lid clockwise to each compartment opening and then counter-clockwise to close off the entire inner container lid. I put cooking oil on the surface of the container and turned the lid a couple times, because the inner lid seemed a bit tight. If you put too much oil in your pills, it could ruin them. It takes a bit.

👤I am not sure how this is reviewed. It is bulky and hard to carry in a purse or backpack, but it holds a lot of pills. The rotate/flap function is useless. Assembly of plastic separators is difficult because of resistance when sliding them into their slots. Poor product function.

👤I have to take a lot of different drugs in the morning and it was difficult to manage. It was hard to store the bottles all together without having them on display, and the storage containers weren't big enough to fit all the medication. This product was exactly what I was looking for. * If you have small pills, the compartments are large enough to fit multiple bottles. * Even when my arthritis gets worse, the spin mechanism is easy to use. You can see the pills in the dark. You wouldn't notice, but the Cons are hard to get a single pill out with little pills.

👤I don't take pain killers or anti-acids at certain times of the day, so I wanted something else. I'm able to fit a lot of pills in each slot, and it looks better on my side table than large bottles. If you have arthritis or other issues with gripping things, this might not work for you. It's easy to open, but it's hard to get a good grip on the lid, and it's too big for my hands. If you have strength concerns, it might be difficult to push the dividers into place.

👤This is a good size for sleeping pills. It could be a little large for travel. Not as see through as the picture shows, but that is fine with me. It's easy for an adult to access pills. It might be difficult for a kid or someone with arthritis. It can be used for one pill, two pill, or both pill and divider for four compartments.

👤I love this container. If you apply too much pressure, the rotating top can be hard to turn. The container is not see-through but you can see what is in it. Some reviewers said they couldn't see through it. It is nice to be able to. There are a lot of pills in it. I divide mine into four different areas and it holds 60 big pills. I have to put it in my purse when I am short on time. It is a little shorter than a soda can. It is convenient to have all my medication in one container. I would buy it again. I will look at a smaller one for OTC pain meds.

2. Weekly Organizer Sukuos Vitamin Supplements

Weekly Organizer Sukuos Vitamin Supplements

Up to 13 fish oils or 12 large vitamins can be held. It's easy to open for elders. The loop on the lid keeps the dust out of your medicines. The product is 1.3 inches in size. The compartment is 1.3 x 1.3 x 1.1 inches. The plastic is made of BPA free plastic.

Brand: Sukuos

👤When I received these, I thought they were big. They barely fit in my medicine cabinet, but have turned out to be excellent. They are dark and light to suggest morning and evening. I sit them on their side, one on top of the other, and they are almost as wide as my cabinet. They are hard to open, but you won't have your pills fall out. I'm going to keep these, and I'm sure they will last me for a long time. I take a lot of pills at night.

👤I can't use them because they aren't as large as the ones from the local store. I take a lot of medication and supplements, and while these organizers seem well-made and secure, they just don't hold as much as the smaller ones I already own. These are too cheap to bother with returning. I want to warn people who want something bigger.

👤I spent a lot of money on those pillboxes that would never stay shut. I was getting tired of spilling pills when I touched the things. I'm happy I found this set. It is great. I'm happy. They are high capacity, the lids click closed, and they stay closed until you open them.

👤My dad thinks this is perfect for him. There is no chance of confusion because the day is white and the night is black. The pill organizers on the Amazon are all blue, purple, and yellow. It might be difficult to tell which color is for morning or night. The container needs to be clear for a person of any age when there is a double dose of medication. With that in mind... White/Black is the most clear to comprehend.

👤Smaller containers don't work for me because I take a lot of pills and supplements. The containers are large. They are easy to open with a thumb. The type of pill containers that I have had have one side on one day and one side on the other. These are separate containers that I prefer. It's easier to dump the pills into my hand when you pick one up. I've tried a lot of containers over the years and these are my favorite. It is nice to have dark and light containers, which makes it easy to identify during the day and night.

👤I wanted to replace my previous organizer which had two rows in one unit. The amount of all the prescriptions I use has increased since I purchased the last one so the large size of the individual cells will accommodate my needs without having to cram in all the pills. There are two separate units. One is for your day meds and one is for those you take at night. It will save me a few steps at the end of the day if I have the regular in the master bath at night. The last organizer I owned had a back that would open all the cells at the same time, so that I could fill the two rows at once. The water from the bathroom sink counter top entered through the back door and made a mess of some of my daily doses. These cells each have one sturdy tight opening on the top of each day and appear to be very moist-proof, very satisfied with my purchase.

3. Organizer Dispenser Container Medication Supplement

Organizer Dispenser Container Medication Supplement

The pillcase has enough space for filling and sorting all your pills for 7 days a week, it can hold 6 big fish oils or 8 melatonin gummies in each slot. It's easy to distinguish the pills in each dose without opening the lid. They use high-end screen printing ink and spray PP water on the surface of the icons to make sure they don't fall off the medicine box. Travel Friendly is easy to take with, stay closed, and won't pop open. It's easy to use a vitamins sorter and open all the petals at the same time. Once locked, the pill container will stay closed, keeping your pills safe. The med organizer is free of the harmful chemical BPA. The weekly pillbox is made of PP plastic and is safe for medical use.

Brand: Moln Hymy

👤The lid cracked on Sunday. I could put it back in place. It has a large capacity and is easy to open. The lids are not always on. Why would you need to do that? It feels sturdy and doesn't look like it will break if dropped.

👤I like the pill case. It's easy to use. The ones at the dollar store are more feminine. This is a great purchase.

👤It holds a lot of pills. There is one small thing. The flaps are strong and hard to open without hurting my fingers.

👤Some of the spaces don't close completely.

👤It works great, cute, and doesn't have bottles around. It's easy to open but won't open on its own and spill, so not sure if this would be kid-proof.

👤The pill pack works well, but the lettering is faded and almost looks wiped off in some areas. It's not consistent, but you can still read it.

👤2 out of 4 had a day that wouldn't close.

👤I had a different one that was easier to close, but it had a tendency to pop open and spill. I'm confident that this one won't open. It's cute, with the little hearts, and I like the round design that doesn't fall over when up on its side. Eight standard capsules will fit in each well.

4. Weekly Organizer Sukuos Vitamin Supplements

Weekly Organizer Sukuos Vitamin Supplements

Individual daily boxes allow you to take when you are out with one week of medicine. A daily box can hold up to 13 fish oils or 12 large vitamins. Simple to open. The lids are closed tightly all the time. Food grade material for health care or medical use, transparent dispensers, and AM/PM mark make users easy to distinguish. The marks of the week let you know what to do. The product is 1.3 inches in size. Each compartment has a size of 1.3 x 1.3 x 1.06 inches.

Brand: Sukuos

👤I love the pill holder. My last one was full of my medication and supplements. Very happy with the product. More than I should be.

👤The pill box is great. I ordered the black and it was more of a gray color, but that doesn't bother me. All of my pills are in each compartment. I don't think this is small enough to fit in your purse, but you could easily pack it. It was difficult to open the compartments when I first got it. After a few uses, the latches loosened up and are now easy to open.

👤Perfect size! I don't take medication, but I do take vitamins in the gummy form, which are in giant bottles, and all of them don't fit in a regular pill case. It's too much to pull along 3-6 giant bottles. I used to put them in a plastic bag, but this is more efficient. The plastic bag option is not as organized as they are. I would have liked to have had this on my last trip.

👤I need a better organization tool because I take a lot of supplements. The descriptions of "holds Xamt fish oil" did not help me. Maybe these photos will help you. There are 27 pills that fit here. I have to put the largest at the bottom. The lids close securely and don't pop open. I use a regular $1 store size for nighttime dosing because my case gets jostled. It will work well for traveling. If I have to leave early on Monday, I need an extra large organizers that will let me remove a days container. I am happy with the purchase. I dropped my backpack and pills were secure. Print has stayed because of the hand washing and drying. Buying another for the night.

👤These are serious pill cases. They are the largest ones I've ever purchased and are the most secure. I'm having a hard time opening them because they are so tight. I think I'll use a rubber jar opener and just open it for a while and see if it loosens a bit, but I think that's only a short-term fix. These are great if you don't have joint issues. You'll fit all your prescription and vitamins here. I'd be grateful if anyone could help me loosen them up a bit. I don't travel and they sit on my kitchen counter. They need a warning label. It's funny.

👤This one will work if you want a large compartment pill organizer. I now take all my supplements at once, so I don't need AM/PM, just one large bin per day, and this one is perfect, I've owned many pill organizers but now take all my supplements at once, so I don't need AM/PM, This is larger than what a few people wrote. My pills are now in this box, which is larger than the standard one. Someone gave it low marks because it wasn't black. You can see what's in the bins with this charcoal semi-transparent black. This is so good that I have bought five more. I bought another for a friend and strapped them together for a month. The lids are easy to open and snap shut to prevent spills. Great product.

5. Organizer Compartments Dispenser Supplement Vitamin

Organizer Compartments Dispenser Supplement Vitamin

The pill organizers can hold up to 12 fish oils or 13 vitamins in each compartment. The new embedded Buckle design is new. The medicine organizers will not be hooked and will accidentally open in the bag. It's easy to use, it's flat, and it's easy to take pills out. You can take as many pill organizers as you want. This weekly pill organizers used food grade PP material, non-toxic and odor-free.

Brand: Nuleaf

👤I love the 3 times a day where there are different colored spots and labeled. I dropped tested the black case on purpose and it was very sturdy. It passed! I thought the strap on the unit would hold it shut for travel, but that's not true. My Father in law kept his diabetes meds in a lunch tote cooler and would have loved this pill organizers box, it will fit in a diaper bag, purse or lunch box easily. It is easy to open but not easy to close. I tested it with my child. I put cheerios in one of the days and he can't open it. Levi is 14 months old and he is good at getting into stuff. It's baby-proof. After ordering, this arrived quickly as well. The pill day cases are pretty. The front of the company isn't offensive. I might not cover that up.

👤I can not say enough about this pill organizer. I'm on a lot of drugs, so I'm looking at and using my organizers a lot. I don't feel sick every time I reach for it because it is not like the typical pill organizers. Bright colors are uplifting. It would be great if I left it out so people wouldn't think it was a pill box. It is easy to grab two or three days when I am going to be traveling over the weekend. The box has sturdy, secure closings and is very spacious. I will never buy a different box again because I have found no negatives with this product. Don't hesitate to get it! I promise that you will be happy with it.

👤This is a large case. It's great for someone who has a lot of large pills. Extra protection from the boxes opening is provided by having the small snap boxes in a large snap case. The outer case snaps are very snug and not recommended for people with hand pain.

👤Good arrangement and geometry. Wife can't use it for that reason.

👤I'm happy with my cases. I have 2 of them. They arrived quickly... The pill containers are labeled for the days of the week. Cool colors are morning night and noon. They are easy to open. The cases are easy to open.

👤It's good for the few pills I have. Each compartment can only hold one or two pills. It is easy to color scheme for each day. fill Take with you when you pack away. Think will clean up in the dishwasher from time to time. I was pleased with the purchase.

👤I was talking to my mom. She said she had to take multiple pills. She said it was hard to keep up with it. I took it to her clinic to show it off. Works great so far.

👤I needed a pill organizer that held larger pills and this one does the trick. I take supplements 3xs a day, and this organizes each day into 3. Highly recommended!

6. Organizer Automoness Portable Moisture Proof Supplements

Organizer Automoness Portable Moisture Proof Supplements

One day one box with 21 compartments makes your life a planned way. The black shell can hold 7 pill box organizers. It's very handy to organize your life. The compartments are easy to open and close. The daily pill case is large enough to fit in a purse or pocket. There are large compartments that provide enough space for daily medication. The pill case is suitable for a trip lasting a week. It's good for existing supplements. The opening of each small box can be disassembled and washed with alcohol or water to prevent the growth ofbacteria and help you live a healthier life. The premium pill containers are made of high quality plastic and have high quality food grade PP daily pill box organizers. It's made of food grade materials that are safe to eat, and it's practical to make sure your pills are safe to eat.

Brand: Automoness

👤I love this! I ordered this because I had to start a med three times a day. It is perfect! I can take the pills with me. The snaps are working well so far. It gives me a strange sense of peace when I refill this, it's nice to know that something in my life is organized. My only complaint is that the days of the week are already starting to wear off and they are not handled often. If they get worse, I can Sharpie them on. There is quite a bit of room in each compartment. I put a giant multivitamin, a more regular capsule sized vitamins, a smaller capsule, a birth control pill, a Prilosec small pill, three small vitamins, and a small pill.

👤The pill organizers is the right size for me. I started with a small one, but it wasn't big enough. I was surprised at how large the other one was, I ordered another one at the same time as this one. The perfect size for my needs is what I like. I can take individual days for on the go without taking the whole week. Sturdy. It's easy to fill and clean the lid. Each container has a day of week printed on it. Round shape is not easy to know without looking at pictures of pills taken during the day. Can't open all of them at the same time. The time of day is not printed on the lid. I will switch back to the smaller box once we are able to reduce the number of pills. I don't need the big one. I will either return or give away. This will help you figure out which one is right for you. PS- The tiny pills are vitamins d and b. They are either magnesium or fish oil.

👤The first one I got was broken, but it was replaced quickly and I was able to drop it off at the store to return it. It's quite large if you travel with it. It's more of a pain in my butt to open each department individually, because you can't open two compartments at the same time. I have bad hands and wrists and it's hard to open the pill bottle every time I need to because it's hard to snap them open. The pictures that represent morning, midday, and night are hard to see. I wish they used words instead of pictures. I expect to return to the large, flat, square, weekly pill organizers.

👤My mom, sister, and myself received these. They're fun and make organizing your pills easy. Each day there are 3 different compartments and they are labeled clearly. You can take one day at a time with you in your purse or pocket. If you have arthritis, it can be hard to open the 3 compartments. It seems very sturdy and won't break easily. I've had pill organizers that broke quickly. It's definitely recommended for anyone who loves rainbow colors.

👤I have a lot of piercings and was looking for a way to store them. This is what I wanted. I keep them all together in the clear case, even though they are separated by the color of the individual containers. It's perfect for when I need to travel. I can put each type of jewelry into each section of the disk. The disk is small enough to fit in my bag. Not using it for what it's designed for, but it meet my needs. I'm very happy I found this.

7. Organizer Compartments Moisture Proof Medication Supplements

Organizer Compartments Moisture Proof Medication Supplements

Food grade plastic is safe for medical use. The case is 8.03 x3.94 x 1.37 inches. It's great for a store one-week supplement or medication because of the large compartments. The daily compartments are divided into morning, noon, and night and printed with simple icons that remind you to take your pill on time. The pill box is simple yet handy, perfect for a person who needs to take pills different times of the day, also reminder if they skipped a dose, highly recommend to people who take several meds a day at different times. You will love being able to take your daily pills with you when you are traveling, working, or on the school. The pill box has 7 different boxes and each box has 3 separate compartments, which makes it easy to clean. The sealed buckle protects against pills. No worries about pills found by pets and kids being dumped. When the lid is closed, it doesn't open automatically to prevent pills from spilling out.

Brand: Se7en-day

👤That's what I'm talking about. It's the biggest roadblock to taking my medication and vitamins. The whole process of opening 10 bottles, dropping the things and putting them all away is a tedious one. I can do 21 days, 14 pills per cubby with room to spare. That single feature was amazing. I had to put the pills in my other 2 week organize so the lid would close. With this one, all 14 pills fit, including the giant magnesium, niacin and vitamins C and D. Each cubby has its own lid. I can pop one open and take out the pills without having to play the pill pick up game. It's a child safety feature and awesome for traveling, but it could be a challenge for arthritic fingers to open the lid. The colors are great. I can dig it.

👤I just got a new med that requires me to take pills 3 times a day. I need to change from a 2x a day organizer to a 3x a day one because of my memory issues. The design is pretty and the compartments are large. There is plenty of room in the wells for all of my medication, and several of my pills are on the larger side. It's easy to open both the outer case and each well on a day when my hands aren't in great shape. All are secure enough to not fall open. I'm considering getting 3 more. I can give you a month's worth of pills in one fell swoop. I've recommended it to many other people.

👤Excellent! We take a lot of supplements. I'm always looking for a container that has enough space to hold all of them. This is a great way to organize. The outer case can be separated from the compartments. It is easy to fill and secure when travelling. There will be no accidental openings with this set up. Each compartment is secure even when snapped closed due to the overlap of the edge. I'm very pleased with this product.

👤It looks exactly like it does on Amazon and is better than expected. I like the color. It comes in a case so that if I knock it down my pills won't spill. I can put it in my purse one day. I understand that it is difficult to fill because there are three slots to fill each day, and each day is different. That's the type of organization this is. I like the pill organizers.

👤This weekly pill organizer is great. It's easy to use, secure, and great for travel, as I've had pill boxes that open up on their own too easily. Each day there is a colorful individual box within a larger clear box. There is a lot of space for supplements. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤The pill organizers is easy to use and affordable. The pill container is able to be removed each day so that you can take your medicine without having to turn the entire organizers over. I put up to 6 regular sized pills in some of the compartments. I wrote on the top of the containers to help me stay on track. I have not traveled with one of the compartments yet, but I would place a rubber band around each section and put it in a plastic bag. If you are taking a lot of pills, this is a good organize if you have a lot of things in your purse. The price was right and I was happy with my purchase.

8. Weekly Organizer Sukuos Vitamin Supplements

Weekly Organizer Sukuos Vitamin Supplements

You don't need to remember to fill their pill organizers once a week, they keep better track of your medicine, and days' marks on the front remind you when to take it. The outer container and food-grade pill boxes keep your medicine safe and the snap-shut lips can protect your pills from spilling out. You can slip out single or a few days of medicine when you are out with the 7 daily boxes of 7 colors. Each box can hold up to 6 fish oils. The printing stand can be upgraded up to 100000 times of use. Product size is 2.56 inches. Each compartment has a diameter of 2.56 inches and a height of 0.67 inches.

Brand: Sukuos

👤I filled my product with my medication after I received it. I'm happy with my purchase as the product matches the description online. I like the way it organizes my medication. It allows you to take a few days of medication with you on the go, without losing the organization of everything. The material quality is not up to my expectations, so I'm leaving a 4 star review. The pill capsule is easy to open and close. The cylindrical case that they go in is not uniformly made. The manufacturer needs to use tighter tolerances for the case's specifications because some pill capsule for individual days are easier to remove than others. It is harder to remove and reinsert the yellow "TUE" capsule than it is to remove and reinsert the purple "SAT" capsule. Each capsule is held in different slots. It's not a huge problem for me, but it's annoying and it's difficult to remove the orange Tuesday capsule if you have very weak hands. I hope the seller tries to fix the problem because they would have a five-star product if they did.

👤These are what I needed for my supplements. In the third photo, you can see my fish oil is large. I need something that holds AM/PM and multiple shaped supplements. This is sleek and perfect for what I needed. I like the colors as well. It is easy to transport if you needed that as well.

👤This is really cool. I decided that I needed an am/pm organize with the addition of a bunch of new vitamins to start taking with my prescriptions. I didn't want a long rectangular one that I associate with the elderly. When I saw it, I liked it, but what sold me was the individual circle in the photos. I don't take my vitamins because I can't be discreet or organized, and I go out for a late night to friends' or family's homes many times. I don't want to carry all my bottles with me on a weekend trip. I love that I can remove a single day from the tube. The black case is even less noticeable and fun. Overall, I love it.

👤I like the pill holder. The daily containers are large enough to hold my pills. They have a very tight clasp which will loosen over time. If you have bad aspirin in your hands, it's just what I was looking for in a pill organizer. Over time, other organizers became too loose. I had dropped my organizer and had pills spill all over the counter or floor. Extra security is gained by having individual containers housed in a separate outer container. I would put the entire unit in my bag. I have had to wedge it in a bag just so, just in case, with other containers. I don't need to take any precautions with this product. What a change of pace. Since I only have one set of daily pills, I am able to use this as a 2 week container. I ordered a second one to use for my dog's heart medications because I liked this product so much. This product is very good and I would highly recommend it.

9. Organizer Compartment Travel Friendly Medicine Supplements

Organizer Compartment Travel Friendly Medicine Supplements

Each of the organizers holds 14 small pills divided between the AM and PM sections, clearly marked for the time of the day and day of the week. The pills were larger than fish oil and vitamins. The pillbox is large enough to hold multiple drugs. You can make a weekly pill plan with up to 300 pills. It's small and portable, perfect for travel or on the go. There is a material that is free of BPA. The pill case is made of food-grade materials. You would not be worried with the pillbox and organizers that come with it. The smooth surface won't absorb any leftover pills, so it's easy to clean. It's easy to distinguish the pills in each dose without opening the lid. Each time period has one color-coded compartment. Up to 10000 times of use without wear and tear is guaranteed by the upgraded silk print technology. It was built to resist repeated use. It's easy for the old to open the compartment and secure their pills at the same time. No worries about pills being dumped by pets or kids for your small touches on the pillplanner. Once locked, the push button snaps shut, keeping pills safe. It's small and suitable for travel and is ideal for storing small jewelry or items such as earrings, beads, nail art tips, etc. Ultra-durable. You are expected to use the pill dispenser for over five years. If you are unhappy with the extra large weekly pill organizer, please contact them, their friendly customer service team will work hard to make you happy.

Brand: Tanggiteck

👤A pill organizers big enough! I take a lot of supplements that are big horse pills and I also take one medication each day that has to stay in its package because it is dissolvable. I have tried many containers that were labeled large, but this is the only one that is large enough. I put a US dollar next to it for reference. It has a compartment on both sides that can hold two weeks of pills. I finally found the one.

👤This is larger than your average pill holder and it is great for keeping multiple prescriptions. The design is attractive and functional. The 14 compartments are divided into 7 on top and 7 on the bottom, and the lids do not pop open during handling. I only have to count out 7 days worth of pills at a time because only 7 compartments can be filled at a time. To be on the safe side, I recommend wrapping the pill organizers in a tight pouch, as it adds another layer of safety to the luggage.

👤The days are flipped. It would have made more sense to have am/pm in the same color and slot on different sides. You have to flip to see the slots are on the opposite side.

👤I have spent years trying to find a pill case that would hold all of my vitamins and supplements and have been disappointed many times. I had resigned myself to the inelegant and wasteful solution of using plastic snack bags, but often forgot which ones should be taken with food and which should be taken on an empty stomach. This amazing pill case has solved an issue for me. I just added a beef liver supplement, which requires 6 pills on top of the other supplements, like evening primrose and CLA, which are large. It closes easily and it fits them. I use the a.m. side for the pills I take with food. This case makes it easy for me to be consistent with my supplements.

👤I needed a container that would encourage my husband to take his supplements daily, instead of opening bottles every day. This was the third attempt to get something suitable. I couldn't fit 2 fish oils in each slot of the first attempt. It wouldn't have fit anywhere, it was a long thing with bright colors, and it wouldn't have fit in space. It's almost perfect, I finally ordered it. The colors aren't bad, but solid black would have been nicer. I have to store things like this in the basket because it is compact and it holds a lot. It has two weeks worth. The "AM" side is for the first week, and the "PM" side is for the second week. I refill twice a month. The company was true to their description. I'm happy I found this. Thank you!

👤There is still room for more, as I fit 19 capsule, 3 tablets, and a fish oil in each day. It was what I was looking for. My husband still has to use a secondary one, but we have minimized to two of these and one normal pill container from one 4x a day with seven days container, one 3x a day with seven days container, and one 2x a day with seven days container plus supplement bottles. I am happy that I don't have to look at the bottles at the counter and that I can just put my pills in a container.

10. Travel Pill Organizer Medicine Dispenser

Travel Pill Organizer Medicine Dispenser

Their pill box organizers are made with an elastic seal to protect it from the elements. The portable pill organizers will keep your medication safe. The pill dispensers and daily pill organizers are large. There are 8 compartments that hold many pills in this pill holder. The double lock keeps your pills in place. The organizers for the vitamins will never open up in purses or bags. Their travel pill container and medicine travel organizers have an easy to open design. Seniors can fill the cells with pills by opening the pill organizers. The large compartments of this container organizer are lightweight. Their portable pill container can fit in small spaces inside your luggage.

Brand: Pillsteer

👤I love this case. It's a little larger than the other pocket pill cases I've bought, but it still fits in my purse. I want this size case because I am too lazy to fill a 7 day pill case every week. I can put an entire month of pills in each compartment. There is still plenty of room for the larger pills, even though I have to split them. This is what I have been looking for.

👤I searched high and low for my daily vitamins before I found this one, the perfect solution after buying three pill organizers. I have 21 vitamins in each box, and there is still room for more. I initially thought the 8th compartment was a waste of space, but have now realized the benefit of the extra spot for Advil, cold medicine, or other short-term vitamins. I put some stickers on my case to personalize it. I am very happy with this product because I like organization and having a compartment for everything.

👤I love the pill case. It holds my medication. It's roomy and not too heavy. I recommend it to everyone.

👤I travel for a living, often on the road for months at a time. It doesn't always work out as planned when we try to eat healthy. We take vitamins and minerals in pill form. How to travel with them is a problem. I put the bottles in the lunch bag. That worked, but there had to be a better way to organize them. The daily pill carriers are too small for the number of pills I take and there is no way to know which pill was what. I went to Amazon. I thought several would work, but kept going back to this one. I bought one. I immediately ordered a second one after it arrived and was able to verify its quality. These are perfect for what we need. They have a hard plastic shell. The pill section's lid is thicker than most. These will take the abuse we will put them through. Each pill section has enough for a week's supply. If your pill is small. I'm impressed with the amount it will hold. It is small enough for a purse or overnight bag, even though it has large sections. The color would be the only thing I would change. If I had two colors, I'd know which one was morning and which one was night in an instant. There was no biggy. I have baggies with extra pills in them, but the extra from each bottle now fits in a smaller craft bag, instead of a snack or sandwich bag. I put these in a hard case for the kids to keep their stuff. Right under my seat. I would definitely buy these again.

👤I am in love with this case. I use it every day. I keep my pills in the cases. It's a great case for a purse, bedside table, or travel. This isn't a pocket organizer. It's smaller than my Tab E, but it's bigger than my Note 9. It's a great case to organize pills for travel, especially if you need to take more than one pill a day. How many pills will fit in depends on the size of your pills. I own pocket organizers that are great for the medicines that you need every single day, and for a single day travel. This case is perfect for storing multiple day travels and pills.

11. Daily Pill Organizer Twice Day

Daily Pill Organizer Twice Day

It's possible to have a port but large capacity. Each compartment can hold 8 fish oils. The daily pill case is large enough to fit in a purse or pocket. Each cover was printed with week date and AM/PM icons to avoid mixing up, and each tray is divided into AM and PM compartments, self-contained and can be carried around. Each daily pill box has snap-shut lids that will not pop open even when dropped. The daily pill case is made of PP plastic and the outer pill container is made ofABS plastic. High-end silk printing technology ensures the labels can last for a long time.

Brand: Fullive

👤I've never been good at taking pills. 10 years ago, I couldn't take my birth control on a daily basis. Since the beginning of time, I have never taken pills. I'm on 2 anti seizure drugs, hair growth supplements and fish oil. Sometimes I miss my medication by hours. I have to take my medication within 10 minutes if I want to avoid adverse side effects. I was excited to see this product. It's huge, but not get me wrong. I would love to be able to take a container with me if I am out to make sure I have my pills. I was so rushed to take them, I would double dose. The pill containers are easy to organize and have great space for pills. This product is worth 1000000% of the money and shipping speed. It's not like the standard flat pill containers that are boring and repetitive. It makes taking pills easier. The containers feel good.

👤I love the pill organizer. This is large enough to fit several of them, and I prefer gummy vitamins to the kind you swallow. I can pack 2 weeks of vitamins by using mornings and nights. It is awesome! I am very happy that I bought it.

👤BC, Fish Oil, and Calcium 600 are all taken by me while I'm in the Navy. I leave the house before BC because it's necessary for BC to be every day at the same time. It's nice to just take the individual day container with me and take it at the right time. This is an easy way to remember if I took my vitamins, because most of them have to be taken twice a day. Set for the whole week on Saturday night.

👤I have a habit of knocking stuff over and discovering that my old weekly AM/PM medicine organizer could be opened and I could get all my medicine on the floor. I love the individual containers. These are great for people who are clumsy. I can put the rest in the nightstand and take one out for the morning. They don't just burst open after hitting the floor. It is nice to be able to grab my day's medicine when I leave for work in the morning. It is more difficult to open the compartments than it is to fill them, but it is worth it for my case.

👤It is labeled every day and has morning and night times. I have been prescribed two new drugs for my condition and I am also taking multiple vitamins. I've been paranoid that I'm going to take the wrong pill, and that I'm not sure if it came from this bottle or that bottle, and I've panicked after taking something. And... This solved my problem. The case snaps shut because they are sturdy. Each one is strong and sound. If I need to take the whole thing with me, I can bring just the days I need. I would probably take the whole thing. This is the best pill organizers for morning and night. I can't say enough good things about this. The only scam. I think that it is a big pill case, and that might not be for you. It is fine for me. 3


What is the best product for supplement organizer small?

Supplement organizer small products from Kigi. In this article about supplement organizer small you can see why people choose the product. Sukuos and Moln Hymy are also good brands to look for when you are finding supplement organizer small.

What are the best brands for supplement organizer small?

Kigi, Sukuos and Moln Hymy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for supplement organizer small. Find the detail in this article. Nuleaf, Automoness and Se7en-day are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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