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1. Extra Large Pill Organizer XXL

Extra Large Pill Organizer XXL

The large pill organizers come with large compartments that hold more pills than other AM PM pill organizers. There are 24 fish oil, 30 capsule turmeric, and 30 pcs of B12 in each compartment. Each box of vitamins has a lock system that will keep the pill containers out of your bag. The daily sorter is easy to open and use for older people. The lid will remain open so that you can fill the dispensers easily. You can check and see your pills in their pill box organizer without opening the lid. Even with weak eyesight, full color containers can be easily distinguished. Their pill organizers have UV-printed indelible letters, which makes them durable.

Brand: Bexeen

👤This big pill case is designed for someone who is taking a lot of pills. I don't have to divide them into A.M and P.M. because they are marked by the day. I'm filling it with a 2-week organization. I don't have to get out bottles every day, and you don't have to. I like the colors of this, and it seems to be strong.

👤I have used the pill box for about a week and I think it is huge, so if like me, you take a lot of OTC supplements like Vitamins and minerals, you can be reassured they all fit, maybe not in the am or pm compartments. I am so impressed. I wanted a rainbow. I love the colors! There is a I can't misplace it like I do others because it is so big and colorful. I enjoy using this. It was worth the price.

👤I have been looking for something that would hold my supplements. I couldn't find anything that would hold all of the supplements in good shape. This is the best for both day and night.

👤I found the best pill box that held all my medicine and supplements.

👤It is easy to clean and just as described.

👤Nothing more to say other than...just buy it!

👤Excellent, just what we needed.

👤The plastic hinges which flex but are not true hinges were found to be less desirable. Recently found a need for larger pill boxes, so evaluating these two offerings, and will be cross comparing them. The BEXEEN is listed as a 2XL, while the TANGGITECK is a 3XL. The dimensions for the BEXEEN are listed, but not the TANGGITECK. The hinges are the one area where a pill box will fail in the long run. The other style of hinges is a plastic flap, which breaks after thousands of openings, but these seem to be true hinges. The fit and finish were good. The dimensions listed on the Amazon page are not listed in tanngaugeck. At $13 for the BEXEEN, and $22 for the TANGGITECK, you get a rating of 4-stars. Extra Large Pill Organizers are related to this. The Pill Box 7 Day is $13 and the Pill Organizers 7 Day 3XL is $22.

2. Weekly Organizer Sukuos Vitamin Supplements

Weekly Organizer Sukuos Vitamin Supplements

You can take individual daily boxes when you are out with one week of medicine. A daily box can hold up to 13 fish oils or 12 large vitamins. It's easy to open and close. The lids are closed all the time. Health friendly: BPA free. The AM/PM mark makes it easy to distinguish food grade material from non food grade material. No need to remember, the days' marks of the week let you know what to take today, upgrated printing guarantees up to 10000 times of use without wear and tear. The product is small, measuring 9.2 x 1.7 x 1.35 inches. Each compartment has a size of 1.3 x 1.3 x 1.1 inches.

Brand: Sukuos

👤Don't think I'm crazy when I tell you I take up to eighteen vitamins, herbal supplements, and/or medications per day. This weekly pill organizer fits me like a glove. I only ration out supplements once a week, so I don't have to worry about taking my medication. The organizers are perfect for travel, but they are also difficult to open for small kids. Food grade, transparent plastic, and a lot of other things. I can remind myself that I put everything in there. The printed day of the week has proven impervious to scratching and dishwashing. I had to choose its color, like the sunrise. This is a fully realized product and it is a terrific value. Was this review useful to you? Let me know by clicking "Helpful." Cheers!

👤It is impossible to open the compartments. They are so tight. After washing it, I put all the drugs in to each compartment and shut the lid. I couldn't open them. I need to use a knife. Someone with arthritis could not open this. I can't open with my hands. I don't have a special trick to open them. Throwing out. So angry.

👤This thing is huge. My doctor wants me to take a lot of supplements because I was recently diagnosed with chronic inflammation. I take 18 tablets in the morning. My old pill box had to go. This one has room to spare. It seems like the snaps will hold up, but it will be a while before we know. I might need to use two small ones if I go anywhere but for daily home use it is perfect.

👤Very happy! There are 2 of these, one black and one pink. Both are translucent and attractive to look at. They are made with plastic and have no sharp edges. The lid tabs close with a snap, that means it won't open accidentally. I bought these for home use, not travel, because they were too large for travel. The lids were tight and difficult to open, until I found a way to open them. Push in with the tip of your finger or thumb as you lift the tab. Lift the tab with one finger if you push in. It's a good idea to try it before you take the medication. I'm sure the lids will loosen up over time.

👤There is only one thing that is preventing me from giving this pill organizers a 5-star rating. It is hard to open. I can open the compartments, but I have spilled pills a few times from the force of it finally snapping open. I wouldn't buy this item for an elderly person with weak or arthritic hands. It is a sturdy product that is great for people with a lot of supplements. If you have good hand strength. I really like it, so I hope it becomes easier with use.

👤I traveled to the UK for 2 weeks to visit my fiancĂ©e. It's very study and stays shut. If you take less than 7 vitamins a day, try this: instead of putting all of your vitamins in the monday square, put about 12 of one vitamins in there. Put 12 of the different vitamins into Tuesday. There are 12 different vitamins into wednesday. Put the vitamins on the top of a sticky note or tape and write their names on the inside of the lid. In the morning, open each flap and take one section out. It will last for as many vitamins as you can fit into one square, which is why this prevents you from having to re-fill it every week. I only take six vitamins a day. When I traveled to the UK, I put some Aleve in the 7th case. I went through multiple layers of security when I had it in my carryon. If you're using this for serious medication, it's best to only open one square at a time and close it after you take your medicine. It seems silly to me. I have been half asleep some mornings. If my vitamins are the same color, I've opened all of the lids and started grabbing at the line, but I didn't realize I took 2 of the same one. This isn't a problem with vitamins, but with meds it can be a huge issue. :D

3. MOLN HYMY Containers Medication Supplements

MOLN HYMY Containers Medication Supplements

A pill sorter with a "Push Button" that can help to open and lock the container is designed to be friendly to the elderly and arthritis. It is very friendly for people with weak fingers, arthritis, or poor dexterity. The pill can be kept securely if the push button is locked. The sun and moon pill sorter is made of food grade PP plastic and is safe for medical use. The morning and evening pillcase can hold up to 18 pills for daily use. All of your daily medication, vitamins, supplements and more can be kept in each individual space of 1.3*1.2*0.8 inches. 3D UV printing technology is up- to-date. The labels were printed with 3D printing technology and no worries about them. There are 14 compartments with white and black for the day and night in the pillplanner. Therganizer The AM PM mark makes it easy to distinguish.

Brand: Moln Hymy

👤I use it for a fourteen day cycle. I used a pill box for seven days. I fill this box every two weeks. I use a rubber band to keep the flaps open.

👤I find that as I get older, and I am still very active in construction. I forget if I take my medication in the morning or at night. I take blood pressure pills and low dose aspirin twice a day and I also take vitamins. Sometimes I forget a dose or accidentally double up, so this little organizer is a lifesaver. I organize my pills every Sunday morning so I can enjoy my coffee and not have to worry about them. I open the lid on the day and time I need it, pour my medication in the palm of my hand, and then I hit the road. I can instantly tell if I took my medication that day. There is a I forgot to mention that I accidentally spilled some coffee in the empty chamber of the pill organizers when I was in a hurry. I just washed and dried the remaining pills after removing the am/pm weekly compartment from the holder, which is really easy to do. After refilling my medication, I let them air dry for a couple of hours. I am very pleased with the construction and quality of this product, and I think you will be as well. Cheers!

👤I was able to fit all my prescription drugs and supplements in one bin, and I was very pleased with the size of the pill bens. After two weeks of traveling on trains, hotels, and all the gnashing of teeth around the lid, I decided to use it as a medicine holder for two weeks.

👤When you have to take several medications at once or twice a day, you have to count the pills and swallow them down. It is easy at first. When it becomes routine, you will have time to ask if you took the statin. Each dose is loaded once per week with this device. There are differences between morning and evening with AM and PM. It is easier to load the whole week if the compartments are labeled with the day and AM or PM. The click when you open and close the compartments is satisfying. It is holding up well so far. I hope the material holds up.

👤I don't know how this product will hold up over time, but I really like it. There are a lot of pills in the compartment.

👤The pill box is nice. It's large if you take a lot of pills and it's good for keeping your morning and nighttime pills separate. Time will tell if it is sturdy. It's made of plastic so it may wear out over time, but it works fine after just receiving it.

👤The Saturday Am rubbed off very early on, even though the pill box had a good capacity for my multiple 500mg and 1g medications. I will have to buy something else if any more get erased.

4. Daily Pill Organizer Twice Day

Daily Pill Organizer Twice Day

It's possible to have a port but large capacity. Each compartment can hold 8 fish oils. The daily pill case is large enough to fit in a purse or pocket. Each cover was printed with week date and AM/PM icons to avoid mixing up, and each tray is divided into AM and PM compartments, self-contained and can be carried around. Each daily pill box has snap-shut lids that will not pop open even when dropped. The daily pill case is made of PP plastic and the outer pill container is made ofABS plastic. High-end silk printing technology ensures the labels can last for a long time.

Brand: Fullive

👤It is a great pill case for weekly am and pm doses. The one we received had the colors slightly out of order. The pictures on the listing show the colors out of order, but it didn't occur to me that they would be out of order on the item I received. The turquoise color is labeled for Friday and the darker blue is labeled for Thursday so instead of the color order going red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple it goes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, turquoise, purple. The color order of the days of the week isn't important to most people, but it's an annoyance to those with attention deficit disorder and we relabeled Thursday and Friday so they are in proper color order.

👤You know you need an AM/PM pill organizer when you are over the hill. I liked the look of the organizers I bought at the drugstore. The individual days of the week were great for short trips where you didn't need a weeks worth of pills. I lost on Wednesday and then on Sunday. It's time for a new organizer. I fell in love with the Fullive daily AM/PM pill organizer. A rainbow organizer is something that everyone would love. The pill boxes are stamped with the day of the week on the edge and a sun and moon on the lid of the outer case. The pill boxes are opaque so you can see the pills inside. The boxes are kept in place with small dividers in the outer shell. It has a flat bottom so it doesn't roll. The daily boxes are hard to fill, I have only done it three times, and I am trying to find my rhythm. I have to open the lid with one hand and put the pills in the other. I would rather have a lid that I can trust not to tear. These are very strong and are hard to break. There is a The daily boxes are larger than before. I think this will be a benefit for travel as they will be harder to lose. My husband asked me to order one for him as well. There is a If I have to take pills twice a day, I am glad I have a container that doesn't look like a pill box.

👤I had two 7-day pill organizers that were perfect because they had a lid that would stay open while you were working on a flat surface. Once you're done, you can easily transfer the pills into your palm, and from there into whichever side you're filling at. It's better to travel with this cute organizers than it is to walk around with different bottles. Since I tend to forget, I throw the container in my bag the night before, and set alarm reminders on my cell phone, since I get tired of taking so many pills. I'm held accountable for my actions because I have people around me who will ask if I took them as well. The organizers is also colorful. I love it!

5. Daily Pill Organizer Twice Day

Daily Pill Organizer Twice Day

It's possible to have a port but large capacity. Each compartment can hold 8 fish oils. The daily pill case is large enough to fit in a purse or pocket. Each cover was printed with week date and AM/PM icons to avoid mixing up, and each tray is divided into AM and PM compartments, self-contained and can be carried around. Each daily pill box has snap-shut lids that will not pop open even when dropped. The daily pill case is made of PP plastic and the outer pill container is made ofABS plastic. High-end silk printing technology ensures the labels can last for a long time.

Brand: Fullive

👤I've never been good at taking pills. 10 years ago, I couldn't take my birth control on a daily basis. Since the beginning of time, I have never taken pills. I'm on 2 anti seizure drugs, hair growth supplements and fish oil. Sometimes I miss my medication by hours. I have to take my medication within 10 minutes if I want to avoid adverse side effects. I was excited to see this product. It's huge, but not get me wrong. I would love to be able to take a container with me if I am out to make sure I have my pills. I was so rushed to take them, I would double dose. The pill containers are easy to organize and have great space for pills. This product is worth 1000000% of the money and shipping speed. It's not like the standard flat pill containers that are boring and repetitive. It makes taking pills easier. The containers feel good.

👤I love the pill organizer. This is large enough to fit several of them, and I prefer gummy vitamins to the kind you swallow. I can pack 2 weeks of vitamins by using mornings and nights. It is awesome! I am very happy that I bought it.

👤BC, Fish Oil, and Calcium 600 are all taken by me while I'm in the Navy. I leave the house before BC because it's necessary for BC to be every day at the same time. It's nice to just take the individual day container with me and take it at the right time. This is an easy way to remember if I took my vitamins, because most of them have to be taken twice a day. Set for the whole week on Saturday night.

👤I have a habit of knocking stuff over and discovering that my old weekly AM/PM medicine organizer could be opened and I could get all my medicine on the floor. I love the individual containers. These are great for people who are clumsy. I can put the rest in the nightstand and take one out for the morning. They don't just burst open after hitting the floor. It is nice to be able to grab my day's medicine when I leave for work in the morning. It is more difficult to open the compartments than it is to fill them, but it is worth it for my case.

👤It is labeled every day and has morning and night times. I have been prescribed two new drugs for my condition and I am also taking multiple vitamins. I've been paranoid that I'm going to take the wrong pill, and that I'm not sure if it came from this bottle or that bottle, and I've panicked after taking something. And... This solved my problem. The case snaps shut because they are sturdy. Each one is strong and sound. If I need to take the whole thing with me, I can bring just the days I need. I would probably take the whole thing. This is the best pill organizers for morning and night. I can't say enough good things about this. The only scam. I think that it is a big pill case, and that might not be for you. It is fine for me. 3

6. Organizer Gelibo Vitamin Supplements Arthritis Friendly

Organizer Gelibo Vitamin Supplements Arthritis Friendly

The large capcity is able to hold 14 fish oils or 24 large vitamins. The pill case will stay closed once locked and securely snapped, it's easy to open even with arthritis. Better printing stand usage of 20 years and bigger printing days of the week make it easier for you to distinguish. Food grade material is safe to keep your medication. The 1 x Gelibo XL Large Pill holder is accompanied by a 12-month warranty and friendly customer service.

Brand: Gelibo

👤I love this pill holder. The only reason I'm giving is that the compartments are not very tight. I keep it in a bag. I can hold it up to a light to make sure I have taken my medication. If I was around children a lot, the latches would be concerning. It is a large size. I hope they look into this in the future.

👤I needed a new pillbox because my old one wouldn't fit. I have a lot of pills twice a day because of my health issues. My old box was overwhelmed by the magnesium pills. I thought maybe this one could do the trick. Yeppers! I have to take a lot of tablets and 8 capsules, but it holds my vitamins. The print on each compartment is very easy to read and the lids stay shut. This is useful. I like to use things.

👤I have been using a pill organizer for a while. It is easy to open, but secure when closed. The doses are in order by the day of the week. I like that I can see if I have already taken the am pills through the clear lid, and if the days are marked from right to left. Even though the pm days must read from left to right, I like that the am days match the pm days. Changing that would be too confusing for a brain on meds. I don't like it. Unless I hold the box up to a bright light, I can't see the pm pills. Thus 4 stars.

👤This is big, the first thing to know. It's not something you keep in a purse or briefcase. For me, it's what I wanted. The bins are easy to open and close. You can see if there are pills in the translucent lid. The print on the days of the week is large, so I don't need to take my classes. The two tone colors take care of the small print of the AM or PM. The bins are large enough to hold vitamins or claritin reditab. The color scheme is more dignified than the garish rainbow, so it's a little silly to want a pill organizers that looks good.

👤The Medicine organizer is made sturdy and it is 3 stars. Hope they fix it because it's a perfect size and very sturdy.

👤Everything about this pill organizer is great. I like the clear for a.m. and black for p.m. It seems like good quality. This is large for me. I think each pocket holds 20 more pills than I need. It's less convenient for traveling. This would be perfect if you had lots of pills.

👤If the evening boxes were transparent, I would give it five stars. They are very opaque. I'm not sure why you can't see the pills in the morning boxes, but not in the evening boxes. The evening boxes should not be dark. Either that or a less opaque black. No worries other than that.

7. Organizer Portable Vitamin Supplements Waterproof

Organizer Portable Vitamin Supplements Waterproof

Food grade plastic,separate compartments constructed with durable moldedBPA-free materials, is safe for medical use. The length is 3.7 inches. The pill box is small enough to fit in your bag. The outer container and pill boxes keep your medicine safe and the snap-shut lips can protect your pills from spilling out. The design of the pill case makes it easy to clean and avoids mixing former pills with current pills. The sealed buckle protects against pills. No worries about pills found by pets and kids being dumped. When the lid is closed, it doesn't open automatically to prevent pills from spilling out. It is not easy to be confused by the fresh and beautiful colors and unique design of your medicine box.

Brand: Onezone

8. Detachable Organizer Vitamin Supplements Rainbow

Detachable Organizer Vitamin Supplements Rainbow

The large containment poison container can hold a daily supplement and large quantities of fish oils and vitamins. It's easy to refill your pill organizers, because they haveremovable compartments. Premium screen printing guarantees up to 9900 times of use without wear and tear. The daily pill case is made with high quality PP plastic and is safe for medical use. There was no smell or toxic. The pill case is quite nice for easy daily use, roomy enough to keep all of your daily medication.

Brand: Lembol

👤Very disappointed. This is what I'm looking for. This product received no good reviews. I could tell it was poorly made immediately after I received it. When you pick it up, the separate compartments fall off. They should be snapped into place or resistance. It is going back.

👤The pill slots were too big for my needs. I couldn't connect them continuously. There wasn't a slot on the right side of Saturday for me to connect. I don't always start taking my pills on Sunday and finish on Saturday, it depends on when I get my prescription and when I can refill them. I wish I could go Wednesday through Tuesday and have them all connect.

👤It has pills. It comes apart. It comes apart and holds pills. My appreciation for this product ends there. The little lids are hard to open, that is nice, but that is not true. They are not spring-loaded in the sense that a metal spring pops them open. In theory, the small plastic piece creates a small amount of pressure on the lid to give it some pop. It doesn't work very well. I thought these would be easier to open than my other pill boxes, but sometimes it's hard to open them. I will not be using them for my daily medicine anymore. It is more trouble for me than it is worth.

👤I need something to take before bed. The container is larger than the photo shows. You can take apart the pills and vitamins. I like it.

👤If I need to go somewhere away from home, I can separate the days. The pill box is closed by the latches and it is easy to open it. It is a problem. The daily boxes are designed to separate but it's too easy. Each box is easy to separate.

👤This is great for my daily supplements. Those big pills can be found in large containers. The push button will open each container and take them apart for convenience. Love the rainbow colors and see through tops.

👤The daily pill box is large. I like how close they are. The daily boxes are not very strong. They should snap together. The rest of the days become "loose" when I tip the pill organizers over to dump out a day's worth of pills. It's frustrating when you fear the thing will fall apart while you take your pills.

👤The compartments are larger than I anticipated, but they are the right size for the 5 pills I take each day. The individual compartments are easy to break apart.

9. Organizer Compartment Container Supplements Medication

Organizer Compartment Container Supplements Medication

Every daily slot can hold up to 13 fish oils or 12 large vitamins, which is enough space for filling and sorting all your pills for the entire week. It's small and portable, perfect for travel or on-the-go. The product is 1.7"x 1.35" Each compartment has a size of 1.3. Their daily pill box is made of food grade materials that are non-toxic and non- harmful. You don't need to open the lid because of the Translucent Material and SUN-SAT marks. Don't worry about dumpage by your touch or children's hands. The lids stay closed all the time and will not pop out in your bag or purse. Up to 10000 times of use without wear and tear is guaranteed by the upgraded silk print technology. It was built to resist repeated use. Pringting has passed the 3M test. What you get is 2 x. Their 12-month warranty and friendly customer service are some of the things they offer.

Brand: Ryvorbe

👤There are large compartments, packaged well. It's very hard to open when you have arthritis. I have a hard time with it. I had an easy open flip top that I liked but it broke too easily and I needed a better one. At least it will last. The seller contacted me because of the issue I had with their case. They did not give back the product. I told them that my hands were not their problem and that I was using one of the cases with a slight struggle. I didn't want to ask for or get a refund. They messaged back and said they were giving me a refund and pointed out where I could get a better pill case. This seller went above and beyond to make this old lady happy. If it was possible, I would recommend the Seller as a five star company and give them a sixth star. Many companies go the extra mile for their customers. I cried a bit because of their kindness. It is hard to be kind these days.

👤Did I take my medication? Count how many of these things are in your body. There is room for a two week supply. I'm going to print a divider to separate the large compartment, but for now food wrap will work. The large tube of toothpaste is packaged in the same size as the organizers. Lettering is easy to read. The snap shut lids are easy to open and close. It is not childproof. There is no spare compartment, but there is room for a supply of vitamins and antacids to be separate. Dropping in a cotton ball will keep the pills from rattling and will help them wear out. There's cotton in the pill bottles, so they down rub and wear into pill dust during shipping.

👤These are strong containers. The dark color makes it hard to see what's inside. I like the fact that the pill organizers are very secure and positive, which eliminates the problems I've had with other pill organizers - more than one may pop open when I open the day's compartment. These don't have much of a chance to do that and the long latch tab would help keep pills contained if another compartment opened unexpectedly. They won't open in a bag. I would caution buyers that the description with the XL compartment is not accurate. I don't think they are large compartments. If you have dexterity problems, it's difficult to open the latches.

👤The price was good. You get 2 of them. It appears to be of good quality. It wasn't as big as thought. The mechanism for opening the lid is hard to press. For people with nerve damage. It should be wider. It's hard to get pills out. It's not good if you have hand or finger nerve issues. The product is well built. Without the lid open, it's a good job to contain pills. I would look elsewhere if you have arthritis or hand nerve damage. It is a good product if you don't have a lot of pills. It will not work for me, but I would recommend it to others.

10. MOROICI Medicine Organizer Container Supplements

MOROICI Medicine Organizer Container Supplements

The Daily Pill Organizers have a white one for the day and a black one for the night to make it easy to distinguish. The design of the outer container is made of premium solid ABS and food grade PP plastic. Your pills are safe for medical use. The total size of the Pil organizer features is 7.5 inches. Each compartment is 2.2 inches in size. Each compartment can hold up to 20 large vitamins. It's suitable for your bag. It's easy to open for the elderly, and also take care of long-term people taking vitamins and supplement. The pill organizers will keep your pills safe if they are locked up. Their pill organizers use high-end silk printing technology, so they can last for a long time.

Brand: Moroici

👤I take several supplements with breakfast and dinner, but I couldn't find a case that was easy to use and large enough to hold them all. This one does the trick. The supplements are easy to remove because they are more flat than deep. The days are clearly marked and the mornings and evenings are white and black. This case is easy to fill and use, and it is different than other cases. The stationary compartments are not the ones that are removed. It makes for a better construction, less chance of tearing the individual covers, and easier cleaning. The covers are easy to open and close, but not easy to open. Holds. My morning and evening supplements are easy to take. And would hold more. Omega 3/fish oil, curcumin, and ubiquinol are included. It's a great case for larger amounts of supplements. It is easy to use and well made.

👤MOROICI 2 Times a Day Extra Large Medicine Organizers is large. My original daily container is packed with pills, but each compartment is bigger. This is the largest organization I have and it is both good and bad. I have flexibility. I can hold 2 weeks supply with 1 compartment per day. If you divide each day into AM and PM containers, you can have a lot of extra space. The only downside is that it is not as portable as my other biggest single day pill organizer, which is twice the size. I have some that are great for travel.

👤I take 5 supplements a day. 3 calcium chews are included. Most daily pill boxes don't fit my supplements. This one is large enough to hold them. It was what I wanted.

👤I couldn't find a double pill case that fit all of the vitamins, minerals, and herbs I take twice a day. I have no idea what the stickers are for but they are easy to open.

👤I like the larger capacity sections. It's big enough for all my supplements and easy to open.

👤I did not get the product I was told I would.

👤We are superior to the competition.

11. Organizer Container Medication Dust Proof Supplements

Organizer Container Medication Dust Proof Supplements

It's accessible but large. The pill organizers are longer than the length of the palm. Each compartment has a size of 1.1 x 1.1 inches. There are 8 fish oils or 10 vitamins in each compartment. You can store your pills for a week in a single box, which is one box per day. It's convenient to take medicine when traveling. Take your medicine on time. A large phlegm case. The pill container can be disassembled into 7 square, which is convenient to carry out. It's a pretty rainbow color. BPA free material is a safe material. The pill holder is made of plastic. It's a good gift for yourself or your family and friends. It's easy to open and seal. The pill dispensers are sealed and will not leak medicine. You will get a 12-month warranty and friendly customer service if you purchase this product.

Brand: Okf

👤In the last few years, I have gone through two of these. I own both sets. I was frustrated that I couldn't see my pills in some of the containers. You will need a Sharpie or a label maker to mark the days because the paint washes off so easily. I used my labeler to make waterproof days and times after I swapped to the colors that don't match any pills. They're the best containers I've found. They need better painting. White on Clear works great if you do the label thing. I used black on clear labels for maximum visual clarity and went with what worked best for each container.

👤The compartments are shut. The colors are different. I recommend putting the meds in with the covers on because it's hard to know which compartment is which time of day. It's the largest one I've had. There are two large oblong vitamins with extra room.

👤I needed something that had at least four spaces for vitamins and medication. You can take the hole thing with you for each day.

👤I like that it holds large pills. There are four compartments with B complex, calcium and multi vitamins. The fish oil is out of the way. It's convenient to put in a purse to carry along when traveling.

👤This is my favorite pill case.

👤It's easy to plan my week with a 7 day organize.

👤I cleaned it before it was used and when I looked at the cover, the letters started to come off.


What is the best product for supplement organizer weekly?

Supplement organizer weekly products from Bexeen. In this article about supplement organizer weekly you can see why people choose the product. Sukuos and Moln Hymy are also good brands to look for when you are finding supplement organizer weekly.

What are the best brands for supplement organizer weekly?

Bexeen, Sukuos and Moln Hymy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for supplement organizer weekly. Find the detail in this article. Fullive, Fullive and Gelibo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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