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1. Lewis N Clark Organizer Supplement

Lewis N Clark Organizer Supplement

Taking into account the need to accommodate larger drugs, such as vitamins, fish oil pills, etc., please read before buying. The small pill box is roughly the same size as a purse, at 3.19 inch x 3.19 inch x 0.98 inch. Measure the size of your purse. You can contact them at any time if you have any questions. Within 24 hours, they will give you a satisfactory answer. The pill organizers are numbered and color-coded to make it easy to keep track of the pills you take. Don't take too much or miss a dose. Perfect for seniors, caregivers, or people with arthritis. The pill organizer is easy to use and can be added and removed as needed. It's easy to see your pills in the clear pill pouch. An alternative to a pill box is smart. The pill holder folds open and closes to keep your pills private, while the velcro fastening keeps your pills safe in place. Light weight and portable: can fit in your purse, backpack, luggage, carry on, laptop bag, or suitcase. It's perfect for daily pills like aspirin, vitamins, and more. Also included: The medical reference card has space for your name, emergency contact, physician, medical conditions, allergies, and more. The exterior pocket can be used to store easily.

Brand: Lewis N. Clark

👤I take a lot of supplements and a lot of Rx. I was excited to find this because the weekly pill boxes I've used couldn't hold many large capsules. The product is well made, though the fabric is very thin, and I'd advise holding down the patch with your thumb, while grabbing the strip with your other hand, so as not to tear the organizers. The individual pouches had more room for all the pills I wanted to store, but it took more time to fill for the coming week than it did for the hard plastic containers. Since each pouch had to be picked up, opened, and zipped, I think it's more than twice as long. I might have kept this if it had all the drugs I wanted. It became difficult to put the next pouch in after putting just a couple of the filled clear pouches into the numbered pockets. After filling 14 pouches, I got them to fit in the slots, but I couldn't close the organizers because the Velcro was too tight. Even though the clear bags hold more pills than I do, there is no way to get them into the pockets if I added more pills. I understand that you want to keep the numbered slots snug so the pills won't slide out, but maybe there is elastic at the top of the mesh compartment. It would be helpful to have more fabric between the pocket rows to allow for expansion when closing the case. The design is soft. It would be nice for travel because it's very secure. You can grab one set and go with the individual bags. I'll be returning it because it doesn't hold the large amount I was hoping for.

👤I was looking for an alternative to a pill case, and the case is exactly what I was looking for. Even after a car trip and being moved around a lot, the case is still holding up. The zip bags are junk. The top plastic is easy to remove. disposable bags will be used to replace plastic bags. I broke 3 of the bags during the first week of use, you can get the plastic zip back in place, but it isn't worth the time. They zip off the bag without even being hard on it, and you will have to fix the included numbered bags. When buying alternative baggies, order them.

👤I bought this for a trip. I used a pill box that was divided by days but it would pop open in my luggage and spill all over my bag. I ordered this pill organizer from a youtuber. It's small and convenient that I can take one pouch out and put it in a purse so I can remember to take my vitamins when I eat out. I will purchase another one for my mom after I show it to her.

👤Like this pill holder. I had a version that held pills for 8 days and a zip pocket for extra, and I loved it. The zip holder lasts for many years and the meds are protected from getting smashed. If you open any other travel case, you will lose your medication. If you plan on staying 16 days, you may want 2 holders.

2. Vitamin Organizer Supplement Compartments Assorted

Vitamin Organizer Supplement Compartments Assorted

Monthly PILL ORGANIZER: You can organize a variety of pill sizes. Simply turn the cover to the compartment you want to use. There is a pill container that holds multiple pills large and small. Also included: The labels are pre-printed and blank. HEALTHY LIVING Many products endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation are endorsed by Ezy Dose.

Brand: Ezy Dose

👤My night stand was covered in pill bottles because I take so many supplements. I wanted to consolidate them all in order to make room for other things. The thing is very sturdy and holds at least 2 weeks worth of vitamins in the larger compartment. The smaller compartments hold my one month supply of pills. The top is difficult to turn and I had trouble with it in the beginning. I have a condition that makes it difficult to open or twist things. I had an idea one night. The jar of vaseline was in the bathroom. I applied a thin layer to the rim of the bottle. I wiped off any excess. The top is now butter. Will probably look into getting another one for random pills like tylenol, aleve, benadryl so as to free up space in the medicine cabinet. It's made out of plastic and is similar to a Rubbermaid tote. Not like the Sterlite that is easy to crack. I have not tried tossing it across the room against a wall or throwing it off a building but it seems durable and won't hurt it. If you found my post useful, please like it.

👤This is the best pill organizer. I got a green one and it was a nice surprise. They probably go off on a person who is on order. You could ask for purple or green in the notes. I was able to get all of my pills at the counter. There was a lot of thought put into the design. The rubber lid is better for seals and won't break like plastic would. There is a click between the different parts of the compartment. The plastic top is secure even though it spins. I like that there is a bigger compartment to fit larger pills. I'm 33 years old and don't want to have a pill organizer that seperates by day. I don't forget to take my medication, but I wanted something to consolidate all of my supplements and this does that perfectly. While still looking cool. It's nice to fill it and forget about it until the compartment gets low. If this review helped you out, please click the "helpful" button. Thank you.

👤This is a large container. There are 6 different sizes of compartments, 5 of which are the same size. Many of the pills I take are small which makes it difficult to take. There is a small gap between the cups. Small pills will fall through the gaps. I had to remove the top and reach into each compartment to get the pills if I wanted to avoid this. It does what it says. You need larger pills. I will eventually get something to replace this but I'm using it right now.

👤I use these to organize my supplements. The labels were made on the machine. The large opening makes it easy to get large pills. I put gummy vitamins in one of the openings. It's much easier to use than it is to open bottles. They would travel to save space. It's a little taller than a soda can. The customer should be able to choose colors. Green and blue are the best colors for me, even though I would have liked a purple one.

3. Waterproof Organizer Medications Supplements MEDca

Waterproof Organizer Medications Supplements MEDca

The set of 2 pill organizers from MEDca is just what the doctor ordered. It is a perfect pill reminder for the person who wants to lighten their purse and no longer sounds like they are carrying the entire medicine cabinet. The inner compartment is great for people who take multiple drugs. Waterproof! The outdoor application was approved. The pill holder is the perfect accessory for outdoor lovers who want a pill box that is air tight and lightweight. It is a high quality pill case that you will take with you when you go hiking, camping, backpacking or as part of your survival first aid kit. There is a ban on the use of BPA. Securing locks with an airtight seal. Their weekly pill box has been designed to keep pills dry in the harsh outdoors. The pill reminder is made of sturdy and durable PP plastic so it won't break even if mishandled. There are six apartment complexes with chained up. The tabs in the inner compartment make it easy to remove pills. Because each compartment has its own lid, you can only access what you need without worry of having other pills fall out or spill! The dimensions are 4.5" x 2.5" and 1 inch. If you've been looking for a reliable pill case that will help you manage your pills efficiently and will help you store them safely, then your search is over! You will always be confident that your satisfaction is their #1 priority and that they will do everything in their power to make sure you have an excellent customer experience with them. Every time!

Brand: Medca

👤If I had one made to order, I wouldn't have ordered a better pill box. The pill box has six separate compartments that are large enough to hold larger pills. It's nice that everything doesn't fall out on you when you open the pill box, because each compartment locks. I like how the pill box opens. I don't have to try to pry it apart and it will fall on the floor. It's very easy to open and close. I would recommend this product to friends and family. You got 2 for the price of one and the price was perfect. "It was very well made". Quality was excellent.

👤The price was correct. I thought about sterilizing, but I'm not comfortable with putting something in my mouth that comes from this container. The second one was not as grungy, but had a few small scratches that fell out upon opening.

👤Thank you for the entire shopping experience.

👤I love it because it's small enough to fit in my purse and I can travel with it.

👤The pack only received one.

👤It's perfect for my purse.

👤They were fine, but not what I needed. I gave them to my roommate.

👤There are 6 roomy compartments to store your medication. It's not likely to open up and spill its contents in your pocket because it has a positive latch and each compartment snaps shut. I can believe that it is waterproof, but I don't think I'd swim with it. I didn't know how big this thing was. It's like 3 phones taped together. It can be difficult to get your pills out of the smaller ones on the sides because they don't open wide. You might want to get some stick on labels so that you remember what's in each compartment. It rattles like a pair of maracas when you walk. Time will tell how long it will last.

👤It was a nice size. Each compartment has a closed lid. Not flimsy at all. I can fit two days of my medication in each box. Good size and sturdy. They hold more than I thought. The price is also great. Definitely recommend.

👤The control of medicamentos de un adulto mayor, a los compartimentos, se le colocado.

👤Buscaba llevar de viaje, en pack de 2 me regalar el otro. El departamentos se cierran para llevar de viaje.

👤I was looking for something that snaps tightly so that it doesn't dry out gummy vitamins. This is doing the trick. The side ones of the compartments don't fit a full day's worth, so I wish the size of the compartments was a bit larger.

4. Sonos Play Compact Wireless Speaker

Sonos Play Compact Wireless Speaker

The speaker is small and powerful. Play:1 will give you rich, room-filling sound, and you can control it with the Sonos app. The design is small and fits any space. Put it on the counter in the kitchen or on the bookshelf. You can listen to music in minutes with just one cord and step-by-step guidance in the app. In the same room, pair 2 Play: 1's will be used for stereo separation and more detailed sound. A home sound system that brings every room and everyone together can be created by connecting the speakers in different rooms.

Brand: Sonos

👤I can see that this little speaker is getting a bad reputation for being misunderstood. Here's the thing. If you're looking for a speaker that will solve all of your tiny speaker needs, but also sounds amazing, then you're in the wrong place. The play1 is a solid little speaker and it sounds good, but it is not a good idea to have a small portable speaker. It is meant to be a whole- home sound system. The play1 is intended to work with a larger system. The play1 is not going to blow you away in a room all by itself, but if you pair it with another play1 and a playbar for surround sound, it will sound amazing. If you are going to take advantage of a full system, you need to have a strong signal to use all of it. It's not worth it for anyone who only owns one or two play1s to be frustrated with the app and all the software updates. When you are using the app to group multiple rooms and taking advantage of the updates that allow you to play different media in different rooms, the updates suddenly become less burdensome. I touched on this a second time, but it's important to know that these aren't intended to be a type of speaker. You have to use the Sonos app to play almost everything, and some other services do this as well. The intended use is to be able to connect multiple rooms in your home to the system and play music. It makes sense that the Sonos system would not be able to ensure that there would be no sync delays or lag between rooms unless it was controlling all output. It's an added benefit that you can pull songs from multiple sources, but can't find the live version of your favorite song on the internet. You can combine it all into a single tracklist. These aren't computer speakers. There is a period at the end of that sentence. Someone will give a 1-star review on Amazon if they say they were hoping to use them as computer speakers. I think that says more about the lack of research than it does about the quality of the play. In the past few years, Sonos has added other virtual assistants to their service. The privacy policy has changed because of this update. It's amazing to see people who are upset about "Sonos invading privacy" writing reviews. If you've been living off the grid, and you have a new Hifi system, I can see how there would be some concerns about it being used to spy on you. Most people have a phone with them at all times that knows where they go, what they buy, whom they talk to, and what kind of media they enjoy. These people had no problem agreeing to the same type of privacy policy that would allow them to use their devices to ask about the weather every day. The only difference between Apple and Sonos is that Sonos makes it impossible to use their product without agreeing, instead of hiding the ugly parts of the policy in a 55 page update doc that they know. Just trying to keep things in perspective. If you have been standing on a ladder running speaker wire across the drop ceiling or poking holes in the walls to hide your wired system, you are finally done. It's the way to go. If you have a $200 budget and can't afford a speaker, then your favorite song doesn't sound as good as it should, or if you're sitting at your computer and listening to music, but you don't like it, then you should look for a new one

5. Weekly Annwer Organizer Vitamin Supplements

Weekly Annwer Organizer Vitamin Supplements

Each compartment of the pill holder can hold up to 8 fish oils or 10 large vitamins. Great to remind you to maintain your medication regimen. The portable size is 7.9 x 3.7 x 1 inches. The compartment sizes are 1.8 x 1.1 x 0.9 inches. It is very suitable to take a pill container with you. The snap-shut lids are easy to open and close. The pillboxes are made of food grade PP plastic and are safe for medical use. 3D printing can last for a long time and can be used for days of the week and AM PM icons.

Brand: Annwer

👤I don't take medicines or anything like that. I've begun taking vitamins and supplements. I forget because it's not normal for me to do that. I got a box that holds 7 days. It is on one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one I can put it next to my desk so I know I have to take it. It is a basic black and white item. It is made of plastic and works well for me.

👤I'm sure I'll be replacing this in 6 months. I'm on a lot of pills and have a fatal health problem. I take 22 pills a day. The Tuesday and Thursday were always marked the same and I was screwed up more than anything else, but this box holds them all quite easily, it just feels like the plastic doors will fall off soon, I can read this far easier than other boxes. I will buy it again if this lasts a year.

👤I love these boxes. I've been using them for many years and they were an upgrade. It took a minute to catch on to the reversed week days on the other side, but after taking the morning dose and rotating it to the evening dose, it became apparent that you can see into the morning slot which is directly across from the PM slot. If I suggest an upgrade to an already superior design, use an alternate color for the AM and PM designation. They are well shaped to allow neat stacking and the compartment/slot lid has a solid catch to prevent spills.

👤I bought this for my husband. He wasn't happy about the need for a pill container, but this was simple black with clear letters, and it was perfect. It easily opens and closes.

👤The size is great. I keep all the pills I take. It will probably not open in your suitcase because it closes securely. It takes me a second to figure out where my next pills are, but still I give it 5 stars.

👤I have used pill organizers for a long time. This is the best. It's open for easy loading. It stays shut even in a suitcase. It holds a lot of pills. I don't think the lettering on the lids is bad.

👤It's easy to use, but slightly larger than I need. There are no regrets.

👤Does what it is suppose to do! I have a couple suggestions to make it better. See through covers would allow a person to review and see what they are taking next with our opening the cover. Sometimes it hurts the fingers of old people trying to open the covers. The pill box is tight, so it doesn't pop open if dropped.

6. MDesign Bathroom Organizer Cosmetics Medicine

MDesign Bathroom Organizer Cosmetics Medicine

Keep medicine cabinet disorganized by organizing and storing items neatly and in their place in this compact container, and these bins can be used. STACK and store The hinged lid makes grabbing what you need quick and easy, and you can stack and store the bins to maximize your storage potential. Functions and quotient: The versatile storage boxes are great for keeping items organized and easy to find, and they can be used in many rooms of the home. The quality construction is made of shatter-resistant plastic with a steel metal hinge and is food safe. Each measures 7.25" x 12.75" x 3.75" high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤I've tried many of these units over the years and they are superior to the others I've tried. They are large enough to hold a lot of money. They are easy to stack and modular. They are more sturdy than most plastic storage units because of complete transparency. They are expensive, but that hasn't stopped me from buying more. It might be a little addictive.

👤I'm continuously purchasing more of these, so I must be somewhat pleased with them. They did a good job of cleaning the pantry. Clean lines and organized items are provided by them. I'm trying to figure out how to fit my life's items into clear plastic boxes.

👤Strong. A small. All purpose! A great size for bathroom cabinets. The sticker on the box is one piece, no need to struggle. Great product!

👤I use clear containers for my model ships. They are a good size for small scale models. It's not fun to dust a small model. There are many uses.

👤These are clear and nicely stacked. I bought a second set and will buy a third because they fit perfectly under the sink.

👤These boxes fit perfectly on the left side of the KidKraft corner kitchen we bought for our daughters. One box is used for food and the other for dishes. The seller offered a cube box that I could fit under the washing machine. Another perfect fit! The boxes are clear and sturdy. Great purchase!

👤The storage bins are great. The quality is great, but they are priced higher than similar products. It has a big hinged lid that is stackable. I ordered another set after filling all 4 of them. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤I plan to buy more of these. This is an organizers dream. I use them to organize my supplements. I would like to organize other areas of my house.

7. Travel Pill Organizer Medicine Dispenser

Travel Pill Organizer Medicine Dispenser

Their pill box organizers are made with an elastic seal to protect it from the elements. The portable pill organizers will keep your medication safe. The pill dispensers and daily pill organizers are large. There are 8 compartments that hold many pills in this pill holder. The double lock keeps your pills in place. The organizers for the vitamins will never open up in purses or bags. Their travel pill container and medicine travel organizers have an easy to open design. Seniors can fill the cells with pills by opening the pill organizers. The large compartments of this container organizer are lightweight. Their portable pill container can fit in small spaces inside your luggage.

Brand: Pillsteer

👤I love this case. It's a little larger than the other pocket pill cases I've bought, but it still fits in my purse. I want this size case because I am too lazy to fill a 7 day pill case every week. I can put an entire month of pills in each compartment. There is still plenty of room for the larger pills, even though I have to split them. This is what I have been looking for.

👤I searched high and low for my daily vitamins before I found this one, the perfect solution after buying three pill organizers. I have 21 vitamins in each box, and there is still room for more. I initially thought the 8th compartment was a waste of space, but have now realized the benefit of the extra spot for Advil, cold medicine, or other short-term vitamins. I put some stickers on my case to personalize it. I am very happy with this product because I like organization and having a compartment for everything.

👤I love the pill case. It holds my medication. It's roomy and not too heavy. I recommend it to everyone.

👤I travel for a living, often on the road for months at a time. It doesn't always work out as planned when we try to eat healthy. We take vitamins and minerals in pill form. How to travel with them is a problem. I put the bottles in the lunch bag. That worked, but there had to be a better way to organize them. The daily pill carriers are too small for the number of pills I take and there is no way to know which pill was what. I went to Amazon. I thought several would work, but kept going back to this one. I bought one. I immediately ordered a second one after it arrived and was able to verify its quality. These are perfect for what we need. They have a hard plastic shell. The pill section's lid is thicker than most. These will take the abuse we will put them through. Each pill section has enough for a week's supply. If your pill is small. I'm impressed with the amount it will hold. It is small enough for a purse or overnight bag, even though it has large sections. The color would be the only thing I would change. If I had two colors, I'd know which one was morning and which one was night in an instant. There was no biggy. I have baggies with extra pills in them, but the extra from each bottle now fits in a smaller craft bag, instead of a snack or sandwich bag. I put these in a hard case for the kids to keep their stuff. Right under my seat. I would definitely buy these again.

👤I am in love with this case. I use it every day. I keep my pills in the cases. It's a great case for a purse, bedside table, or travel. This isn't a pocket organizer. It's smaller than my Tab E, but it's bigger than my Note 9. It's a great case to organize pills for travel, especially if you need to take more than one pill a day. How many pills will fit in depends on the size of your pills. I own pocket organizers that are great for the medicines that you need every single day, and for a single day travel. This case is perfect for storing multiple day travels and pills.

8. Organizer Medicine Portable Vitamins Supplements

Organizer Medicine Portable Vitamins Supplements

The Large Calibration Potter Organization. There are 20 different sizes of pill or vitamins secured by elastic bands in the large portable medicine bottle organizers. Two large pockets with a zip can hold your prescriptions and medical supplies. The pill bottle organizers bag, bottles, and other accessories are not included. The medicine bottle organizers are made from soft and water resistant fabric for extra protection. You can use the lock the medicine bag to make sure your pill bottles and medication are out of the reach of kids. The emergency response time was reduced. You can put personal medical information card and first aid medication inside the medication storage. This medication bag will help you make quicker decisions and apply treatments more quickly. You can either carry the bag with you, or hang it from a closet away from children. It's perfect for anyone who struggles to keep track of their medication. If you are a nurse or in- home care worker, you can use the pill bottle organizers to keep your client's medicines and medical supplies organized. The travel medicine organization. The pill bottle organizers is the perfect size for a carry-on and can fit in any luggage. The medicine bag is great for travel.

Brand: Hgrtyxs

👤I like this bag, but it is hard to get the pill bottles in the tight straps. It wasn't as user friendly as I want it to be. The execution is lacking, but it may be just right for someone else.

👤I had a lot of bottles. This bag is amazing. It was just what I needed. I wish it was a little bigger and held a few more bottles. I love it!

👤It is difficult for the elderly and disabled to get the pills out of the holder. I have him remove the bottles and put the medication in them. The extra pills have to be replaced.

👤All of my pill bottles fit.

👤My wife can have all her medications in one place.

👤I love this bag.

9. PCS Portable Pill Box Medication

PCS Portable Pill Box Medication

The size of the box. The case is small enough for your purse, wallet, or suitcase. There is a ring for the Seals. The O-ring protects the travel pill planners from dust and moisture. The double lock is available. The sorter has a double lock to protect the med carrier. The outer container has a lid to keep it from popping open. The organizers will not open in purses or bags. The Independent Liquors have 8 chambers and 2 lids that separate the tiny pills. There are 6 small chambers for tablets and 2 large chambers for vitamins. Quality material is important. The medicine organizers are made of high-quality cereal fiber and food grade PP, which is safe for medical use and more durable than other plastic.

Brand: Simax

👤Absolutely love these. I got them to take my medication. One for my purse and one for my travel bag. They fit a lot in them.

10. Daily Pill Organizer Twice Day

Daily Pill Organizer Twice Day

It's possible to have a port but large capacity. Each compartment can hold 8 fish oils. The daily pill case is large enough to fit in a purse or pocket. Each cover was printed with week date and AM/PM icons to avoid mixing up, and each tray is divided into AM and PM compartments, self-contained and can be carried around. Each daily pill box has snap-shut lids that will not pop open even when dropped. The daily pill case is made of PP plastic and the outer pill container is made ofABS plastic. High-end silk printing technology ensures the labels can last for a long time.

Brand: Fullive

👤I've never been good at taking pills. 10 years ago, I couldn't take my birth control on a daily basis. Since the beginning of time, I have never taken pills. I'm on 2 anti seizure drugs, hair growth supplements and fish oil. Sometimes I miss my medication by hours. I have to take my medication within 10 minutes if I want to avoid adverse side effects. I was excited to see this product. It's huge, but not get me wrong. I would love to be able to take a container with me if I am out to make sure I have my pills. I was so rushed to take them, I would double dose. The pill containers are easy to organize and have great space for pills. This product is worth 1000000% of the money and shipping speed. It's not like the standard flat pill containers that are boring and repetitive. It makes taking pills easier. The containers feel good.

👤I love the pill organizer. This is large enough to fit several of them, and I prefer gummy vitamins to the kind you swallow. I can pack 2 weeks of vitamins by using mornings and nights. It is awesome! I am very happy that I bought it.

👤BC, Fish Oil, and Calcium 600 are all taken by me while I'm in the Navy. I leave the house before BC because it's necessary for BC to be every day at the same time. It's nice to just take the individual day container with me and take it at the right time. This is an easy way to remember if I took my vitamins, because most of them have to be taken twice a day. Set for the whole week on Saturday night.

👤I have a habit of knocking stuff over and discovering that my old weekly AM/PM medicine organizer could be opened and I could get all my medicine on the floor. I love the individual containers. These are great for people who are clumsy. I can put the rest in the nightstand and take one out for the morning. They don't just burst open after hitting the floor. It is nice to be able to grab my day's medicine when I leave for work in the morning. It is more difficult to open the compartments than it is to fill them, but it is worth it for my case.

👤It is labeled every day and has morning and night times. I have been prescribed two new drugs for my condition and I am also taking multiple vitamins. I've been paranoid that I'm going to take the wrong pill, and that I'm not sure if it came from this bottle or that bottle, and I've panicked after taking something. And... This solved my problem. The case snaps shut because they are sturdy. Each one is strong and sound. If I need to take the whole thing with me, I can bring just the days I need. I would probably take the whole thing. This is the best pill organizers for morning and night. I can't say enough good things about this. The only scam. I think that it is a big pill case, and that might not be for you. It is fine for me. 3

11. Pill Organizer Case Compartment Medications

Pill Organizer Case Compartment Medications

Pack of 2! Have you been looking for a pack of 2 pill organizers that will allow you to hold more than a week's worth of medication? The MEDca Pill Organizers can hold up to 200 pills in each case. That way you never mix up your pills again. If you're looking for a waterproof pill case that can hold an enormous amount of pills, then you're out of luck. Their travel pill case has a locking gasket seal lid that prevents humidity andMoisture from entering the pill box. The MEDca is great for gummy vitamins. It's great for travel. Their portable and lightweight container is perfect for on the go and has 6 individual storage compartments and a slide locking lid. It's easy to fill and there's plenty of room to store fish oil, capsule, tablets and vitamins so that you can take them with you wherever you go. BPA free and non toxic! The pill reminder is made from a food grade PP so it won't break if mishandled. You can travel with all your supplements. The dimensions of the pill organizers are 5 x 3.7 x 1.4. If you've been looking for a reliable case that will help you easily manage all of your vitamins, fish oil, and prescription pills, then you've found it! You will always be confident that your satisfaction is their #1 priority and that they will do everything in their power to make sure you have an excellent customer experience with them. Every time!

Brand: Medca

👤I glue the dividers in after I bought it. I have to keep popping the lid back on because it keeps falling off when the box is open, and finally the hinge broke when snapping it in place. Junk, junk, junk! I have this to keep my pills organized and secure, as well as to keep them out of the way in case of an accident. I have to find another solution. The other pill boxes have a mix of small and large, and this was great because I need just large, but it's junk.

👤The pill containers weren't working for me. I had to drop a pill into each slot for all the drugs I take. When I get a refill, I put all the pills in one of the slots and I'm good for 30 days. I grab a pill from each section when I take my pills. 6 slots is enough for me to take 4 pills in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. If you have more than 6 medications, you can use the 2nd box.

👤It was perfect! Like it a lot. It is a bit bigger than I thought, but I don't want it to be smaller. I use each compartment for my prescriptions and vitamins. I have dropped it twice and the lid came off. The lid snaps back into place. The center of the box is locked. If the slide won't close after opening, try pressing the lid down and sliding to the center. I will not go back to a smaller box now that I have this one.

👤The inside compartments are too loose to fall out. It seems that the lid doesn't have an airtight seal to keep the medication secure. I wouldn't use this as a pill organizer.

👤It's nothing like description. It doesn't close right. The dolphin comes out. Don't bother buying. I would come back in a heartbeat if I wasn't high-risk. The product is low quality.

👤It's easy to fill. I didn't care for others before. This one is better than all of them. It is worth paying more and having one that you can use.

👤These are large. If you want to keep OTC meds in a work bag or car, this is a great option. A 10 piece box is roughly the same size.

👤One for morning and evening pills. It's not big, but holds up for three weeks or so. It's much easier to fill a daily/weekly holder. The locks are well.

👤I take 6 different medications each day, and this organiser is almost ideal for storing and distributing these, as well as giving a clear indication when one or more are running low, and need to be reordered. It's about right in size and holds two months of my pills/capsules. I can get a month's supply in the sixth. My wife's medication is mostly made up of large capsule for which this is not suited, so I keep the second organiser as a spare. It could be large enough for a two week supply. The dividers are a bit loose and flimsy, and can allow for a certain amount of mixing. I used a few drops of superglue. The previous purchase had more fragile hinges which eventually broke after a year or so. The new ones seem to be more robust.


What is the best product for supplement storage case?

Supplement storage case products from Lewis N. Clark. In this article about supplement storage case you can see why people choose the product. Ezy Dose and Medca are also good brands to look for when you are finding supplement storage case.

What are the best brands for supplement storage case?

Lewis N. Clark, Ezy Dose and Medca are some of the best brands that chosen by people for supplement storage case. Find the detail in this article. Sonos, Annwer and Mdesign are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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