Best Tumeric Curcumin Supplement with Black Pepper Gummies

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1. Turmeric Curcumin Strength Absorbtion Chewable

Turmeric Curcumin Strength Absorbtion Chewable

Their premium gummies contain extra strength Curcumin and ginger all in a tasty, easy to chew gummy. Nature's Nutrition has a variety of ginger gummies that are good for your joints, muscles, and skin. Curcumin, the primary compound in turmeric powder, has been reported to be one of the most beneficial herbs, making it one of the most powerful herbs on the planet. Nature's Nutrition has the leadingCurcumin because of its proven benefits and premium quality. Their Turmeric Gummies are formulated following strict guidelines and are third party certified for quality and purity.

Brand: Nature's Nutrition

👤I read that they were good for back pain. My face had an allergic reaction to them. I have red patches on my cheeks and eye, as well as swelling in my face and eyelid. The flavor was a little spicy for me.

👤I have a bad knee and have been taking turmeric for 2 years. It made a huge difference in my knee pain, however I was having difficulty swallowing the capsule which was always getting stuck in my throat, or the capsule would break and I'd have the taste that never seemed to go away. I found a solution to my problem after seeing an ad for these. These are easy to swallow and relieve my joint pain. I've given up on capsule and will now order these. I would like to see more gummies with medicine.

👤I'm not happy with the misleading facts listed here. I bought these because they were lower in sugar than the others. They are much to my disappointment. 6 g of sugar per serving is more than the 3.6 listed. Please update your information so more people are aware of what's happening.

👤The price of big pharma went up as soon as Biden took office. The Big pharma stuff has side effects that will blow you away if you read the 2 point text in the 30x30 document that comes with the pills. I was being treated for an issue that was caused by the big pharma stuff. The big pharma stuff was worse than the disease.

👤I tried another brand but it wouldn't work for your brand. We are both horse owners. When your horses weigh 1200 to 1400 lbs more than you, it's a real pain. Ski and mountain climbing mistakes were learned. Thanks for the help!

👤At the age of 30 I was diagnosed with severe arthritis. The arthritis has gotten worse as I age and the pain level is hard to control. The product can help with inflammation.

👤I feel a difference when I take this supplement. I have more energy and clarity. I've been taking them for months without any negative feedback about them. They taste like carrots.

👤I chew a few a day with hopes that they do my body good, even though I am not 100% sure that these are helping my arthritis pain. I am on my 3rd bottle.

2. Gaia Herbs Turmeric Strength Capsules

Gaia Herbs Turmeric Strength Capsules

There is one (120 count). Extra strength from the Turmeric Supreme. A plant based supplement is designed to support a healthy inflammatory response. The power of turmeric can be delivered. Whole-plant extracts ofTurmeric were Formulated to deliver more of the power ofTurmeric. Corn is free. Inflammation can be reduced due to normal daily wear and tear, and Black Pepper helps increase absorption of curcumins, the active components inTurmeric. Their products are made at the gaia certified organic farm. 60 day supply includes one A plant based herbal supplement. They recommend taking 1 capsule a day.

Brand: Gaia Herbs

👤I have been taking Tumeric for a long time. It has made a huge difference in my quality of life. I decided to try this brand because of the high cost of my regular brand and the great reviews. All of my pain started to return within a week. I was back to feeling like my old self after I rearranged my brand. I found a liquid that was not like regular Tumeric when I opened one of the irregular shaped capsule. Will not be ordering this Tumeric.

👤Over the past four years, I have tried a lot of turmeric supplements, but this one is the best for me. One capsule a day helps ease my chronic pain. This is a reduction in pain. I haven't had a cold or the flu since I started taking turmeric. The skin infections that were bothering me have lessened. Excellent product.

👤I have joint paint that is affected by autoimmune conditions. Dr H Rejoint only cut my pain in half. The Rejoint has eliminated all joint pain. I used to be in constant pain. I am pain free now. This product is very good.

👤This was recommended to me by my orthopedist for my back issues after my stomach couldn't handle the prescription drugs. I took 3 a day in the beginning but now only take 2 for maintenance. I no longer feel like I'm 90 years old. The black pepper extract is needed for better absorption. I will take this for the rest of my life.

👤My doctor recommended that I take the brand Gaia and the Supreme Extra Strength to help with my neck and back pain. I'd been taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatories for years. The doctor says that it's not a good idea to always have food to avoid stomach issues. It's really sad. I bought the recommended turmeric and am happy to say that it works well enough that I'm done with NSAID's. I would like to see a way for doctors to prescribe these. Since they're not cheap like NSAIDs, I could use my FSA funds to buy them. It's definitely recommend for its anti-Inflammatory properties.

👤I have an inflammatory condition called Behcet's disease which causes inflammation and joint pain. It causes an increase in inflammatory markers like C reactiveProtein (CRP) and Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (Sed rate) both of which were reduced by taking this and naturally reduced inflammation thus reducing joint pain. I highly recommend purchasing this as it is backed by science and effective.

👤I have been taking this brand for a year. It has been a miracle for me. I have a number of joints that are affected by osteoarthritis. I'm 43 years old. Three weeks after I started using this product, my pain was almost completely gone. But- After 8 days, my pain came back after I received the last bottle. When I mentioned this to my mother, she said she had been in more pain than usual and maybe it was the weather. When I asked her to look at the lot number on her bottle, she found that it was the same one we had. It was ordered a few days apart from Amazon. I have been taking the new bottles for just over two weeks. I'm already feeling better. I don't want to leave this review because I love this product but I can't depend on every bottle to work. ... We ordered new bottles, waited for shipping from another source, and confirmed the new ones were good, the return period for Amazon was over, since we're out almost $60 for the two bottles. The lot ends in 1064. I'm curious if other people had the same problem.

3. Strength Turmeric BioPerine Supplement Inflammation

Strength Turmeric BioPerine Supplement Inflammation

A powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-OXIDANT for joint support is provided by a premium 1950mg complex of Curcumin Ginger and BioPerine in 90 extra strength vegan capsules. Their ginger and turmeric are designed to support joints, knees, neck, leg and back pain, and come with BioPerine, which is a black pepper extract, for superior absorption and fast healing. The ULTIMATE COMBINATION is a blend of Ginger and BioPerine that helps with muscle pain, sore joints, and joint comfort. Studies have shown that BioPerine Black Pepper may increase absorption of Curcumin by 2000%. Their supremeTurmeric ginger and black pepper supplement has a lot of strength for more effective digestion. Their easy to snort pure turmeric extract capsule with ginger is a great way to upgrade from turmeric and bromelain supplements. The perfect companion for inflammation, joint pain relief, muscle pain relief, work out recovery, back and knee pain relief, anti-aging, and many more. A superior joint supplement is delivered by the use ofTurmeric and Ginger. Nature's Branch is made in the USA and contains the highest quality raw turmeric bioperine with the best Curcumin and ginger blend. Their supplements are free from artificial ingredients and are free of harmful ingredients. The best turmeric pills are at the best value. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They'll give you your money back if you don't like their supplements. They are confident that you will love their formula. Your tumeric supplement purchase is risk free.

Brand: Nature's Branch

👤I don't like the after taste but it's easy to swallow and it's changed my life, I have been having knee pain, back pain and started to take joint medication which didn't help at all. I stopped taking it. I thought I'd try the tumeric since I heard it's inflammatory, but within a week I felt no more pain in my knees or back. Tumeric is amazing, I tell my friends and family to take it.

👤You need to try this if you have arthritis. It is great to find something that works after trying so much. Give it a try.

👤In an hour of taking them, the pain in the shoulder goes away. They smell terrible. They don't taste good. They stain my hands but the pain stops without narcotics. The rest of it doesn't stop me.

👤I use this to reduce the pain from my muscles.

👤I tried the Omega-3 from Larry King and it was a rip off. I knew it would take time for each of them to work, but I started feeling better after three weeks. I'm going to keep taking them and stop and see how they work again when I start again. I feel better than 2 weeks ago.

👤I was wondering why I have to take 3 capsules a day when this supplement has been working well so far.

👤The easy to swallow capsule and no turmeric after taste is what I like. Nature's Branch Turmeric & Ginger capsule works best with another joint supplement for my shoulder pain. Inflammation can be reduced by using ginger and turmeric. The supplements do a good job of providing joint pain relief.

👤My blood test results have never been better because I've been using turmeric for about a year. I keep ordering it.

👤Buensimo producto! Todos los elementos ideales.

4. Garden Life Inflammatory Tablets 100mg Curcuminoids

Garden Life Inflammatory Tablets 100mg Curcuminoids

The body has a healthy inflammatory function. The organic whole turmeric root and ginger root have 100mg of Curcumin in them. Black pepper extract is used for enhanced digestion. The tablets have no soy or corn-derived ingredients or chemicals. Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project verified.

Brand: Garden Of Life

👤My bottle of tablets has some kind of capsule in it. It was very unnerving.

👤I suffer from a disease called Hashimoto's Disease, which at no predicted time randomly causes an extremely painful inflammation flare over my entire body, but especially with gripping pain and severe spasms in my lower back and hips. I can no longer take the drugs because of the damage they do to my organs. Both acetaminophen and Tylenol can only treat pain, so they are not taken alone. My daughter is familiar with natural health products and when I had a flare up a few months ago, she ordered a bottle of the caplets and they were shipped to me immediately. Black pepper helps the body absorb it. I noticed it was helping relieve the inflammation and spasms I was experiencing after taking it at once. I took a bottle of caplets for 60 days and then stopped taking them. I have 28 days left and will have them on hand ready for the next flare. I was amazed at how helpful and good they were in my treatment. I used to be forced to seek urgent care and then be treated with Prednisone. This past time, it wasn't necessary as this product helped me a lot. When the next unfortunate flare arrives, I ordered myself another bottle to have on hand. I was advised by my Chiropractor that it may not be a good idea to stay on the herb for an extended period of time due to the fact that my body is used to it and will not react to it when I need to take it. If you are still not feeling better after 30 days, please consult with your physician to be evaluated for more potent medication. I prefer using natural organic products first. This is great.

👤I have had a variety of injuries before taking this supplement, including a sore knee when going down stairs. For the first time in my life, I have seen a reduction in my knee and ankle pain. I am combining this supplement with exercise, water and clean eating. I was doing those other steps six months prior. I think that the combination of both works to lower inflammation.

👤I was told by a doctor friend that I should eat turmeric because it helps with inflammation in my body and mind. I decided to try this, and one month in there is a noticeable improvement to the inflammation and the brain fog that the inflammation causes. It isn't curing me or getting rid of all issues, of course, but I came into this with skepticism and realistic expectations. I have not been disappointed. I have to keep an eye on myself so that I can give accurate reviews to people who may be looking for some relief. This works well so far. The pills are easy to break even for weak, hurt hands. I started taking other vitamins before theTurmeric, but I should mention that I do take other vitamins. I think the thing I was missing was the turmeric. The inflammation continued until I added that. When I experience inflammation, I take 2 pills daily and one pill daily after the inflammation is over. Find out what works for you. Good luck and good health!

5. Qunol Turmeric Absorption Supplement Vegetarian

Qunol Turmeric Absorption Supplement Vegetarian

40X better absorption. The Qunol Extra StrengthTurmeric Curcumin complex has a patented water dispersion technology which delivers Ultra High Absorption when compared to regularTurmeric which does not dissolve in water, has poor absorption, and is not good for you. The #1 doctor. RECOMMENDED: The #1 recommended form ofCurcumin is QunolTurmeric. Extra StrengthTurmeric is an alternative to turmeric with black pepper. The power of coraloids. One of nature's best kept secrets is the fact that Curcuminoids, a group of anti-oxidants, support healthy inflammation response associated with physical overexertion. HEALTHY INFLAMMATION SUPPORTS JOINT HEALTH. Get moving! Qunol Turmeric supports healthy inflammation response associated with physical overexertion and can also help promote joint comfort. QunolTurmeric is manufactured in a facility that is compliant with the highest quality standards and is guaranteed of high quality.

Brand: Qunol

👤Curcumin is the active ingredient in the medicine. The ground turmeric powder used as seasoning has no health benefit. The bottle clearly states that Supplemental Turmeric is 95 percent Curcumin. The percentage is not always stated. This product does not make a statement about the percentage of curcumin. Four days ago, I requested the concentration of curcumin on their website, but have not received a response. Qunol Turmeric caps with 95% Curcuminoids are clearly stated and use Bioperine to help absorption. This product is on sale. Their website doesn't have any information on this product, so it appears it is only available at Costco. I will not buy this product again until they state the percentage of curcuminoids on the bottle and website.

👤On the front of the store, there is a big label with 1500 calories. I purchased a brand that comes in 600 IU only so that I could take fewer caps to get the recommended 2400 IUs. First, read reviews. The caps are 500 IUs. Have to take more. The recommended dose is not made clear on the front of the bottle or on the Amazon listing. Not a happy camper with this.

👤This product is a joke. They say it has extra strength. It's 500mg per tablet, just like every other bottle you could buy at Walmart for 75% less. It is only 1500. If you take three. I guess that is true of any bottle that has 500 tablets. Another company is trying to steal our money.

👤The label says 1500mg, but they are only 500. This seller should not be allowed to do this on Amazon. I thought I was getting a good deal and didn't know I was being tricked until I received my shipment.

👤I switched because of the reviews. Two pills of these large pills cause a lot of trouble for me. I am going back to Bio Schwartz. It's much easier to digest a smaller capsule.

👤The pharmaceuticals will hate me for this, but I don't care. I was on a nerve blocker and it didn't help. The pain was crazy. I was hipped on to Tumeric, at first it was only marginally helpful, but then I was told about the benefits of turmeric with black pepper. That was the ticket. Four years ago, I was off the Meds for 8 days for pain. If you can believe it, I have been using the Qunol brand for 6 months and it is the best Tumeric product I have ever used. I lift weights and run. So. This is the real deal baby! Get some if you favor and do yourself a favor.

👤A friend of mine has arthritis and the doctor recommended the gel caps. I decided to give them a try because of the recent start of aromatase inhibitors. I felt better within a week. It is amazing. Not feeling pain has made me feel better. I would highly recommend trying them.

👤I use this product to reduce inflammation. I have started to get arthritis. The pain is gone when the inflammation is controlled. It worked for me for six months. No more pain. There were no side effects.

6. Turmeric Bioperine Available Standardized Curcuminoids

Turmeric Bioperine Available Standardized Curcuminoids

The BioSchwartz turmeric formula has a high potency of 1500mg of turmeric and bioperine, which aids in enhanced absorption and bio-availability. The professional grade of turmeric is free of soy and bioperine, and it has higher absorption than common turmeric teas. 3rd-party testing is done on each batches of the BioschwartzTurmeric extract to ensure the quality and purity. The patented bioperine is a type of black pepper extract that increases the absorption and bioavailability of turmeric supplements. Every bottle of Bioschwartz is manufactured in the USA using imported and domestic ingredients and is tested for purity and potency by 3rd party.

Brand: Bioschwartz

👤It's amazing to say the least. I have a condition that is not enjoyable. For the past 6 months, I have been in constant pain, from head to toe. I was in a body that was 50 years old. I came across this product and after reading lots of reviews, I wondered what I had to lose. I ordered a bottle. I tried it immediately after it arrived. It was almost a month ago. I took 3 capsule twice a day for the first three days. What happened when I took it? The results were immediately apparent to me. I was surprised. I was shocked but in a good way. I could feel the ache going away. I needed to give it time so that I wouldn't lose it. It kept working and working. I stopped taking anything in that category just to help with the pain. My insurance wouldn't pay for Provigil until I went to a "specialist" and that's messed up. It worked out for the best because I was in enough pain to send me on my own search, which lead me to this product. Here are my results immediately for me. Pain is GONE! Completely. That in and of itself is amazing. 2. My quality of sleep has improved greatly. Sleep quality is important, but it doesn't help with my chronic fatigue syndrome, nothing that I'm aware of does. I don't take anti-depressants. They always backfired on me when they tried to get me to take those. I don't want to be a candidate for antidepressants. I would think that antidepressants are supposed to help with this sense of well-being. 4. My appetite. I don't have weight issues, but this does curb my appetite. 5. It's all natural and you can tell. It's not like taking prescriptions drugs. It just feels right. This has been my experience. I ordered a second bottle. If you can relate to this and are on the fence, give it a try. I realize that everyone is different and has different needs and one size does not fit all, but if you can relate at all to this and are on the fence, give it a try. It might surprise you. I'll never use this product again if it doesn't work. It's amazing. I didn't get a free bottle, but I did get a review. I want the world to know that this product is amazing.

👤This is not a formal review. My wife and I both work full time in our sixties. My wife works from home and I drive a truck during the night. I take a lot of supplements. I'm a Marine and have been for 12 years, so don't think of pain as my wife. My wife is taking care of herself, but she still has the pains of aging. We have been using this product for about 2 months. We started taking a capsule to make sure we didn't have an allergic reaction. We didn't notice any benefits during this time. The second week we took two pills and my wife said she was sleeping deeper and getting up later. I didn't notice anything. I don't notice anything until it really hits me. We started taking the recommended dosages on the third week. After a few days, I was sleeping better. I work nights so I was staying awake longer. My wife noticed that she was sleeping better and not getting up in the middle of the night. When she moves around, her pains are gone. Both of us agree that we seem to be more focused at work. We have signed up for regular shipments because we believe that this supplement is helping us.

7. VitaWorks Turmeric Curcumin Ginger Extract

VitaWorks Turmeric Curcumin Ginger Extract

The gummies have a fruity peach flavor that everyone loves and are easy to chew. There is a natural fruit and vegetable. These vegetarian gummies are dairy-free and non-GMO. They are free of peanuts and tree nuts. Both kosher and halal. Helping to reduce the incidence of gout. Black pepper extract may help the body utilize the turmeric, which may help reduce inflammation and support immune health. Each serving contains 2 jellies. 90 gummies are in this bottle. 2 gummies per day is recommended for adults. These vitamins are good for kids. DOCTOR RECOMMENDED: Thousands of hours are spent on research, testing, and analyzing their products. Their entire line of supplements is backed by a renowned family doctor.

Brand: Vitaworks

👤I've tried a lot of tumeric gummies and they all tasted the same. This was the first gummy that had a pleasant taste.

👤I wouldn't expect complete pain relief until you have it in your system. Depending on how much pain you have. 5 being bad pain and 1 being mild. I still take the drug at times.

👤A tumeric gummy with black pepper is effective. The peach flavor is wonderful. I've gotten a lot of relief from my fingers since taking these gummies.

👤I like the fact that I can consume turmeric in gummy form. Some people don't like the taste of turmeric. I love it. It is an important part of good health. This and Irish Sea moss gummies have been purchased many times this year. I no longer have pain in my heal. Highly recommended!

👤The flavor of these gummies is good, but the texture is weird, so I am not a fan. They are a bit too soft and not in a good way. There are other brands that work better.

👤I have been using this product for two weeks and have noticed a big difference in my joint pain. Has a good taste. I'm very happy with them. I will be ordering more.

👤These were very sweet and only had a faintTurmeric flavor. Didn't notice any health benefits. It's a good chance that this was false advertising. It's hard to know. Will stick with brands that were better.

👤The taste was horrible, but I wanted to like them because of the reduced amount of sugar. I don't know what kind of coating the gummies had, but it was unnecessary. The black pepper taste was too strong for me. I stopped taking them after 2 days. Would not buy again.

8. Harvite Count Turmeric Curcumin Pepper

Harvite Count Turmeric Curcumin Pepper

The supplement made with black pepper extract, turmeric powder, sugars, and salt provides unique beneficial properties for many aspects of your health. The health benefits of these Gummies include the potential to improve Heart Health, Joint Pain Relief, Anti Inflammation, Skin Cleansing and Increases Antioxidant Capacity. OurCurcumin Gummies are a delicious alternative to capsule or powder in supporting your daily health. The immune system can be boosted by using theTurmeric Gummies, which provide powerful sources of antioxidants that support joint and muscle health, fight inflammation and boost the immune system. Their gummy supplements are manufactured with high-quality standards and made in a facility that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Brand: Harvite

9. Turmeric Curcumin Piperine Pepper Extract

Turmeric Curcumin Piperine Pepper Extract

If it doesn't work, they'll refund you. No questions were asked, it was 100% natural. Curcumin has anti inflammatory properties that may help with back, knee, and other joint pain. Black Pepper extract has been clinically proven to enhance absorption improving its effectiveness, which is why their premium Turmeric Curcumin capsule contains PIPERINE, an extract from Black Pepper. The NuVitality Turmeric Curcumin with Black Pepper has all of the essential properties ofTurmeric and black pepper. The Standardized Curcuminoids for High Potency formula contains more Curcumin than root powder or the spice at 3%, and they are manufactured under strict FDA standards. Their premium supplements are free of artificial colors, binders, andPreservatives. There are over 5000 clinical benefits of turmeric Curcumin and black pepper, which include improved mood, memory, brain function, and overall health.

Brand: Nuvitality

👤I'm an old guy who has reached 70 years old. I still have my hair and teeth. I don't take any drugs and my cholesterol levels are well below 200 and my blood pressure is always in the range of 120 to 140. I average over 14 thousand steps per day. Staying away from junk food, eating organic foods, and taking the right kind of supplements make me feel better, and I think that's why I have good health. I have a regimen of supplements that sit beside my coffee cup in the morning. I take specific supplements for various benefits for long term health, not because I expect A, B, or C to happen after using something for a long period of time. You won't find me saying a supplement gives me a lot of energy, or that my skin is soft and smooth after taking "Z" for only 20 days. I take these supplements for long term benefits. I have been taking curcumin for several years and it is one of my favorite supplements. I developed some health issues in the past and started looking into Curcumin. I am a survivor of colon cancer and have had a blood clot in one leg. The doctors couldn't find a reason for my blood clot, but they wanted to put me on blood thinners which could cause more problems. My joints are starting to get a little creaky and cause me some pain. The benefits of Curcumin seem to have addressed some of my health issues. I found a lot of interesting facts when I did my own research. Curry has a yellow color because of the spices that make it. In India, the spice and herb ofTurmeric has been used for thousands of years. One of the most popular studied herbs in science are garlic, cinnamon, ginseng, ginger and milk thistle, and they are all mentioned a lot. There are compounds in tegument with therapeutic properties. Curcuminoids are the most important of these compounds. The most interesting finding is that when compared to conventional medicine, the benefits of curcumin are the same as those of many pharmaceutical medications. Curcumin is the main active ingredient. It is a very strong anti-oxidants. The curcumin content is around 3% by weight. Most of the studies on this herb use extracts from the plant that contain mostly curcumin, with dosages usually exceeding 1 gram per day. It would be hard to reach these levels if you only used the turmeric spice in your food. If I wanted to experience the full effects, then I needed to take an extract that contained a lot of curcumin. I will not be going into the study findings. I wanted to explain why I started taking it and why it's part of my daily regimen. I'm pretty healthy now. My cancer has not returned. I have not had any issues with my joints, and I feel great. I want to get in the strengths that I need from eating food, but I can't because I take supplements. I like this brand because it is reasonably priced and made in the USA, and it does not contain junk ingredients like stearates or titanium dioxide.

10. Turmeric Qunol Absorption Supplement Vegetarian

Turmeric Qunol Absorption Supplement Vegetarian

40X better absorption. The Qunol Extra StrengthTurmeric Curcumin complex has a patented water dispersion technology which delivers Ultra High Absorption when compared to regularTurmeric which does not dissolve in water, has poor absorption, and is not good for you. The #1 doctor. RECOMMENDED: The #1 recommended form ofCurcumin is Qunol. Extra StrengthTurmeric is an alternative toTurmeric with black pepper. The power of coraloids. One of nature's best kept secrets is the fact that Curcuminoids, a group of anti-oxidants, support healthy inflammation response associated with physical overexertion. HEALTHY INFLAMMATION SUPPORTS JOINT HEALTH. Get moving! Qunol Turmeric supports healthy inflammation response associated with physical overexertion and can also help promote joint comfort. QunolTurmeric is manufactured in a facility that is compliant with the highest quality standards and is guaranteed of high quality.

Brand: Qunol

👤The Good, first. It's a good thing. This worked for me. My achille's tendonitis and arthritic joint pain have subsided. I noticed the effects around the second week after using it for a month. I bought this online and then someone suggested I go to my local pharmacy and see if they carried it. They did it at the same price as on-line. And... I bought the exact same product at the same price, but got two of them for less. Before buying this on line, you should check your local pharmacy. Start with one pill a day. That's what I did, and it's been great for me. I take mine after breakfast. Taking it with food will reduce the chances of you experiencing any of the other possible effects, even if you don't experience heartburn or any of the other possible effects. It's a good thing. Best of luck to all, that's the story. It's a good thing.

👤I've been using various brands of Turmeric for years. I experience minor pains in my legs, arms, and shoulder joints as I approach my senior years. When I do more physical labor around the house and in the yard, I get more aches. When I lie down too much, my enlarged prostrate gets worse. Naproxen sodium is the best over-the-counter product that I have taken for relief because of its anti- inflammatory and analgesic properties. I prefer not to take NSAID type drugs on a daily basis because they can build up in your kidneys over time, like any other NSAID drug. If you don't drink enough water to flush your system, the chances of pain in your organs will increase. I try to take naproxen only if I am particularly experiencing more pain due to longer and harder work periods, which is only once or twice a month. I have found that some brands are better than others at giving me moderate or better relief at a daily dose of 1400- 1500 grams. I usually get 70%- 80% of the relief from naproxen with some brands, but with other brands I get little to no relief at all. The Qunol brand of Turmeric is very disappointing. I had high hopes for it because of their claims and advertising. When I experience more pain, I have been taking Qunol for 1000mg per day. I have been taking the Qunol every day since this has been more frequent. It may absorb well, but the Qunol Turmeric's anti-Inflammatory and analgesic properties are not very good. I think I will update my results here in a few weeks, even though I haven't tried increasing the dose to three softgels. After writing this review, I started taking 3 of the 500mg gelcaps at times when I experienced joint or muscle pain, thinking that my initial impressions were missing the same advantage that I gave other products in the past at a dosage of 1500mg. The Qunol is not like other products in terms of relief. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most effective and 1 the least, I would rate naproxen sodium a solid "9," and I would rate a 1500mg dose of high quality curcumin. The Qunol brand of Ultra High Absorption Turmeric is probably closer to 3.5 on a scale of 1 to 10, but I would have to give it more than that. I still feel a lot of pain in my joints and muscles when I take Qunol. I read product labels and have an analytical background. I noticed that the better working Turmeric products include about 5%- 10% of a black pepper extract called pepperin or BioPerine. These help theTurmeric do its job more efficiently. The QunolTurmeric has a label that says "Turmeric Complex", but it doesn't appear to have any of this ingredient. You can buy BioPerine as a separate product in 10 tablets and take it with other products that do not have it already. I did this with the Qunol Turmeric, but it didn't improve. This leads me to believe that the quality of their Turmeric is not up to par. I just heard from a previous comment. The original flavor liquid formula of Qunol does not contain the black pepper extract, pepperin or BioPerine, but it does contain 1000mg of extra strength. This is good to know, even though the product label is a bit vague in its use of the term, "Turmeric Complex." Qunol has a graphic on their softgel product listing that shows theTurmeric Complex softgels are twice as strong as otherTurmeric products with BioPerine. I'm a little leery of this claim because their liquid formula product contains BioPrene. Is the liquid product inferior to the softgels? That would be a good question for Qunol to answer, but they don't state the percentage of Standardized Curcuminoids on the label. My research has shown me that Curcumin is a component in Turmeric that provides pain relief and anti- inflammatory properties to your body. All other quality brands that I have used state this on their labels, which is usually an industry standard of 95 Curcuminoids. Qunol decided not to put this on their label again. This leads me to believe that they are hiding something. There is an update. The Qunol LiquidTurmeric product listing on Amazon indicates that the liquid does contain the industry standard of Curcuminoids, but not their Ultra High Absorption liquid formula in the tropical orange flavor. It is good to know that their softgel product only contains "Turmeric Complex," but probably not the industry standard of Curcuminoids. The orange flavor liquid formula is the same. Is Qunol's liquid product better than their softgels? The photo that I have attached shows that the bio-absorptivity of the softgels is twice that of the liquid product. Is Qunol saying their liquid product is inferior to their softgels? Qunol advertises on TV, which tells me either big money is behind the product, or that big profits need to be re-cooped to pay for the cost of advertising. It could be that certain standards were left out of the softgels to keep costs down. The price point for a gram of Turmeric here on Amazon is about 47 cents, which is a bit higher than the average price range for other quality Turmeric products on Amazon. The average cost of otherTurmeric products is between 25 to 50 cents per gram in capsulated or softgel form, which requires two Qunol softgels, and buyers here on Amazon won't discover this until they get the product in the mail and read on the label. You can find cheaper products and more expensive ones, but this range is the average cost of the products that I have found on Amazon. Because of my analytical background, I generally don't listen to all the hype over vitamins and food supplements, which is a multi-billion dollar industry just here in the U.S. A good sales pitch that promises to make you feel better is the reason why this industry is so big. I find that my mind will play tricks on me and that my thinking will go a long way on how well a product works for me. The more hype, hyperbole, and sensationalization of a product, the more one wants to believe that it works for them. I try to be more objective in my opinions, rather than allowing my thinking to take advantage of my wallet. I am just one person and the results for others will vary. I know that I have had better results with other products. The Qunol liquid formula is interesting since it does contain the BioPerine and the industry standard of Curcuminoids, but because of all the misleading product information and hidden information on their softgels on their Amazon listing, I doubt I will be giving it a try. If this is true, I think the manufacturer would correct the concerns in their product listing and not just address them in comments to people who have given them one. If the concerns have been addressed in the product listing, I will revise the review.

11. Curcuminoids Absorption Supplement Natures Nutrition

Curcuminoids Absorption Supplement Natures Nutrition

The T3Turmeric Curcumin Complex has a standardized amount of Curcuminoids and Bioperine for best absorption. One of the most powerful herbs on the planet, Curcumin, is one of the primary compounds inTurmeric powder, which has been reported to be a most beneficial herb. Their Curcumin extract with Black Pepper supplement may provide 2000x better absorption than consuming a single capsule of turmeric alone. OurTurmeric is formulated and manufactured in the USA and is third party tested to assure the quality and purity of each batches. Best bio benefits of bioperine black capsule include: Curcumin, Cucurmin, and Curcurmin energy extract.

Brand: Nature's Nutrition

👤I bought a random product at the grocery store and saw amazing results. I needed a new product with black pepper so I didn't have to worry about adding it to my food when I took my pills. I bought this one because of the reviews. I had to take Advil several times a day after I experienced all my pains again. I have learned that the amount of the curcuminoids is more important than the total amount of turmeric. You have to take 2 capsule to get 100mg of that, while my other product gave me more in 1 capsule. Before you buy, do your research.

👤I have been using this product for a long time, mostly because of the price, but reading the reviews gave me a rethink, and I decided to give it five stars. Reducing inflammation is a very good thing and I'm taking it for that reason. I can't address a specific benefit for a specific condition. It's never upset my stomach, and I enjoy good health, so I have assumed that it is beneficial and worth the expense, based on studies of this supplement as having general and specific benefit. I would be prone to give it five stars, but reviews here about the misleading nature of the advertising got me doing research, and it seems many brands, including this one, give the impression of a high dose when the actual 95% effective supplement is much. The cost of 200mg is higher than some, but I see that people are saying that the number of pills needed to get an effective dosage is not so great. There is a product with 750mg of the desired 95% Curcuminoids, which would seem far superior for a few bucks more. I still have a bottle of this left, and I'll finish taking it, but I'll try the higher dose product in the different brand and see how that goes. I can't really test the benefit since it is a preventative supplement, but I want the most effective product I can take, for the money being spent. I'm taking anti- inflammatory supplements along with my usual immune boosting supplements because of the suggestion that they may be helpful during the current Pandemic. I want a product with the most benefit, and I think this one is not it, based on the low dose of the Curcuminoids. Since it seems to suggest that you're getting 2600mg, that puts me in doubt about the maker and the product. It's not a good sign if you don't know what you're talking about. I think it's a two star review because it's never been a problem for me in the past, but it's a three star review because it seems to suggest that the therapeutic dose is higher than it actually is. I will be trying another supplement. If you're looking for the most amount of the Curcuminoids, you're only getting 200mg here, not 2600, so it's important to read the label carefully, depending on your need and what is considered for you to be an effective dose. Thanks to the reviewers for clarifying the contents of the product.


What is the best product for tumeric curcumin supplement with black pepper gummies?

Tumeric curcumin supplement with black pepper gummies products from Nature's Nutrition. In this article about tumeric curcumin supplement with black pepper gummies you can see why people choose the product. Gaia Herbs and Nature's Branch are also good brands to look for when you are finding tumeric curcumin supplement with black pepper gummies.

What are the best brands for tumeric curcumin supplement with black pepper gummies?

Nature's Nutrition, Gaia Herbs and Nature's Branch are some of the best brands that chosen by people for tumeric curcumin supplement with black pepper gummies. Find the detail in this article. Garden Of Life, Qunol and Bioschwartz are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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