Best Ultra Oil Skin and Coat Supplement for Dogs and Cats

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1. Grizzly Pollock Supplement Dogs 64 Ounce

Grizzly Pollock Supplement Dogs 64 Ounce

Beautiful coat and healthy skin. The highest Omega-3/6 ratio. It's healthy, affordable and sustainable.

Brand: Grizzly Pollock

👤I didn't think this would work. Since fish oil is good for them either way, I thought it would be good to try. My dog sheds a lot. You couldn't pet her without her hair flying everywhere. She has blonde hair and it makes a very visible mess. My other dog has dry skin. She was rubbing herself against everything she could and her hair was starting to wear thin. I'm amazed at how well this works, we have been using it for a couple of weeks now. When I used the FURminator to brush out my blonde dog, I had to stop every time because they were full. There is no hair in her teeth now that I can brush her over and over again. I have not caught my other dog scratching against anything and her coat is shiny and healthy. I'm very surprised and thrilled. This actually worked for me. I agree that the packaging needs some help. It was very stinky and sticky when it came to us. It leaks around the collar. We keep it in a big bag to prevent it from dripping. It would be nice if they fixed the issue. I'm still 100% satisfied and will continue to buy it.

👤My dog loves this. My vet told us that white fish oil is the best type to use for joint issues and is great for older dogs. The salmon oil helps coat/skin more than joints. I thought I would pass along the information.

👤I adopted a puppy from a shelter and he came with a lot of problems. I put him onNexgard to kill the mites, but he was left with a nasty skin infection after they were gone. He lost a lot of fur, was red all over his skin, and had dark bald spots everywhere because of this. He has gotten a lot better since I started giving him this oil. His fur is thick and shiny and he has dark spots that are going away. I know that the medical treatment helped him improve, but I believe that the oil helped his skin and fur recover faster. I will be giving him oil for the rest of his life to keep his fur healthy.

👤I buy this for my dog. She has dry skin and the vet recommended fish oil as a way to cure it. He would have liked for me to buy what they sell at his office. Yes, no. Things are cheaper in the World of Amazon. This works well. After a month of using it, there was less dry, flaky sin on my doggo's body. She doesn't scratch or chew on herself like she used to, so that's more comfortable for her. If your dog has dry skin, this should work. They should add a pump or two to their food every day. It's simple. Her breath and body smell like fish, but I don't notice. When I put her food on top of it, I only get a small hint of fish odor.

2. Alaska Naturals Alaskan Salmon 15 5 Ounce

Alaska Naturals Alaskan Salmon 15 5 Ounce

Omega 3 essential fatty acids are natural. Promotes healthy skin and coat, a healthy immune system, cardiovascular health and healthy brain development. It's recommended that you use 1/2 of a cup per 10 pounds of body weight. Salmon oil and Rosemary extract are included. Made in the USA from wild caught fish.

Brand: Alaska Naturals

👤The shipping box was soaked when it arrived. I have no reason to doubt that Alaska Naturals is a good product if it is good quality. The pump was kept separate from the container bottle until it was time to use it, and the bottle was not sealed as an individual unit from being exposed to air. I am sensitive to exposure to oils. I couldn't take a chance on how long the product was not sealed from the environment to know the quality of the product because it was for an ill dog. For use after arrival. I hope Alaska Naturals can separate the bottle in the future. I have heard good things about the quality.

👤This is my favorite oil because it is produced nearby. The oil is from Alaska. I used to work for the company and I trust this brand. My dogs love the oil on top of their food. It doesn't make their breath stinky. Their fur is soft because of the oil.

👤My dog loves fish oil. My dog also loves it. It's easy to add a few squirts to her dog food. I have a black dog and her coat is very soft. This oil is great for lubricating her joints. I have noticed that her coat is different. This is a winner in my household.

👤It's great for dogs. Our dog's coat was shiny and soft. It's great for their health and coat. It helps with allergies, chewing or itching. He loves the squirts on the dry food and will lick them out of the bowl. Over the years, I have bought many bottles. Would definitely recommend!

👤This is good. The minimal ingredients are what I like. My dog is 40 pounds and I give her food that is 40 pounds in weight three times a week. It lasts a while. She seems to like it. We keep it in the fridge and it doesn't stink.

👤I have been giving this to my dogs for a long time. It helps the skin and coat. I wish it was cheaper. I try to buy good quality.

👤My pal loves the clean smelling oil. You'll probably get fish oil on your hands when the pump gets messy. I keep it in the fridge because of another reviewer's comments, and got the smaller size because it fits in the door of the refrigerator.

👤Chassy loves it! Get for her coat.

👤If we order from Canada, the product is slow to arrive.

3. Missing Link Original Superfood Supplement

Missing Link Original Superfood Supplement

Balanced Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, dietary fiber and phytonutrients help with inflammation and promote overall health. All natural food nutrition. Their cold processed supplement packs all of the vital vitamins and minerals your cat needs. Adding Omega 3 and 6 to your cat's food can help with a number of issues, including coat, skin, and hair. Their ingredients panel is only the good stuff. The best nutrition you can find.

Brand: The Missing Link

👤I have 4 cats that have been rescued from the city shelter. One of our children has a medical condition, the other has a disease. The oldest is on a number of medications that have kept his symptoms at bay, but he started developing serious alopacia 6 months ago, so severe that our vet feared it would be the thing that ended up taking him from us. I decided to give it a try after I found Missing Link and saw it was supposed to help with a number of issues. We had been adding fish oil to their food, which they weren't thrilled about, so we decided to use Missing Link instead. The cats found it very tasty and had no issues eating it when we mix it in. I started with half the recommended dose and went to the full amount the following week. The 5 star review is why. The most amazing is our 16 year old, who after many months of severe hair loss, his hair started growing back and quickly. After just a few weeks of use, I only realized the correlation last night after talking with our vet and trying to figure out what was different. This stuff works for our senior. I am very grateful.

👤Over the years, I have taken in many cats. It could cost a lot to bring them into the vet on a regular basis. It's important that they stay healthy so they don't have to go to many places. I mix a couple of cans of wet food, water, and dry food together to make a mix I call gruel. One of the supplements I mix in is missing link. The cats like it. Most of the cats live to be around 18 to 20 years old. I am satisfied with the product.

👤I never leave reviews, but I had to in this case. My cat, Arya, has been fighting a disease for months. I have tried everything after several visits to the vet. She was on antibiotics for a week. She tested negative for parasites, leukemia and heart worm. As she was coming out of the litter box to wash her back legs, it had become a new normal to grab her, as they were 99% of the time covered in poop. I know. I tried anti-diarrhea medication for my pets. I tried two different brands of probiotics and they didn't work. I changed her food but it didn't work. I tried to cook rice in her food, but it didn't work. She had a normal BM after one dose of this stuff. She is 7 months old. I am so happy! She likes this stuff. I was afraid that she would dislike it. She tried to get into the bag, but I woke up to 888-353-1299 This should have been the first thing I tried. It would have saved me a lot of time and money. The product is a miracle. I will keep using it, to make sure this wasn't a mistake, but I'm 100% confident that this is the reason for Arya's recovery!

4. TIKI PETS Special Function Formula

TIKI PETS Special Function Formula

The functional wet cat food is designed to support your cat's coat and skin. TIKI cat special skin and coat is a soft, rich flavor cat food that supports healthy skin and a silky smooth coat. Omega 3 and 6 are found in fish. Only quality ingredients, made with real salmon and chicken, no grains, no by-products, no fillers and no carrageenan. 100% Non-GMO ingredients. Nothing artificial, no artificial flavors, no hormones, no grain and no potato free is all that is advertised. The delicious blend of the food in the special cat food will provide complete nutrition and low carbohydrates for your adult cat. The special function formula is formulated to meet the AAFCO dog food nutrition profiles for adult maintenance.

Brand: Tiki Pets

👤My cats love dessert. It is messy when you tear the top off. The ingredients are what my cats need. I feed it at night. Two of my cats take compounded liquid medication and I mix them with food. They eat it up!

👤Our older cat loves this food and doesn't get sick after eating it.

👤This will make your picky cat want to eat other foods. Getting a 14 year old cat to eat is a challenge. I have been trying to cut back on the drops of his medication. I'm trying more of the brand of food.

👤One of the few foods my picky guy will eat is the skin and coat variety of Tiki Cat Mousse. My cat's have not been fond of my previous foods of theirs that I've brought home because they don't like prior foods of theirs. This and another special variety for seniors that I got a couple of weeks ago seem to be exceptions. I hope they make similar varieties.

👤This product is used for a dying cat. It's a shame that the mousse is a lifesaver. There is baby food right up there. This is a great addition because we have to change the menu to keep him interested. It is less expensive.

👤I have an older cat that can't eat just anything and he liked this brand, but after I put this on auto-order, he decided he wasn't into this anymore and wouldn't eat it. I don't know if the formula changed, but he also developed a dangerous form of diarrhea.

👤My cats love this brand and my picky eater tolerates it because he throws up a lot of food.

👤The girls are eating. They are usually picky about which chicken they eat. They will lick their bowl clean if they touch chicken shreds. I like the formula because it is made from meat and not vegetables. I am happy that the lighter option for kitties who need help balancing their weight but still need delicious, satisfying food is offered by TikiCat.

5. Pets Choice Pharmaceuticals Glacier Salmon

Pets Choice Pharmaceuticals Glacier Salmon

Natural Omega 3s promote the overall well-being in your dog including boosting the heart & immune system, promoting healthy skin & coat, and supporting the development of body cells. Glacier Salmon Oil is good for your dog's health. The fish is a wild-caught fish. Glacier Salmon Oil is made from naturallysourced wild salmon from Alaskan waters. Dogs like dogs. The taste. Adding salmon to your dog's food is easy, and your dog will enjoy the rich taste.

Brand: Pets Choice Naturals

👤I have been using fish oils for a long time for my family and pets. I switched to Salmon Oil from a different brand but saw this and decided to try it. I like that it claims to be from Alaska, which is known for its salmon. I can't tell what the difference is between the two brands, but I have been using the Grizzly Brand. I believe that this product is at least as good as the Grizlzy Brand because I have not seen a reduction in the coat of our pups. After using the product for a long time, I will update this review.

👤Great for their skin and coat. Also good for dogs joints. Good for them. They really like it.

👤Our three dogs love it and it has helped their scratching problem.

👤The price is good and my dogs like it, but the bottle won't open this time. I had to find a container that would hold it. It's not cheap and a lot gets wasted.

👤My dogs like it. It's a great value because of its size and price.

6. Nutri Vet Defense Omega Supplement Count

Nutri Vet Defense Omega Supplement Count

It helps to protect skin and create a shiny coat. Good for all size dogs. Salmon oil is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Great taste. The natural smoke flavor is great.

Brand: Nutri-vet

👤I bought the tablets at a store, and they were expensive. My dog is 60 lbs and they recommend 1 tab per 10 lbs. I tried the soft chews and it was only 1 chew per 20 lbs. There is a I was shocked that she wasn't losing much weight. The chews are noticable in the second week. I used to have to vacuum every day and not get dressed until I was about to leave the house. I get to have less of a relationship with my vacuum because she gets num-nums, and I get to have less of a relationship with her. There is nothing better for this price.

👤I tried these out of desperation and didn't think they would do anything. We just adopted a rescue dog and she is a sweetie, but after she came to live with us, I was in tears. If you touched her back, you could see the hair was flying off of her and I couldn't handle it. When she went outside to do her duty, I gave her two bags of these as a treat. It was the amount suggested on the bag that we spread them out through the day. I have reordered twice already and have been amazed at how much they have improved our lives. After about a week, I noticed that the shed had stopped and after a couple of weeks, there is hardly any shed left. It didn't stop it completely, but it is about 90 percent less than it was and the best product I have ever purchased. I have read that it hasn't helped some people, but I would caution you to spread them out throughout the day, because it may not help some people. I don't think they would work if you just handed them all to your dog at once, or if you are not consistent. We don't even think about it anymore because we are in a routine with it. I would highly recommend this product.

👤I had no idea that this would have any effect. My dog is always outside. My husband and I argue about how much hair he leaves around the house. I started brushing him with the brush that was shown. I would get rid of that hair on him weekly. I bumped up my brushing until I got to daily with 3-4 handfuls. There is a lot of dog hair. I decided to try this because it had good reviews and I wasn't out much if it didn't work. I brushed my dog after not doing so for a few days and only had a small amount of hair come off of him. I believe he has been on this for about two weeks. I am ordering another bag right now because I think this product works.

👤I've seen it work in a few weeks. My short haired white dog is losing its hair. White hair everywhere. I've tried a lot of different things but nothing worked. I thought I was doomed to have a dog that was not clean. I wondered if it had something to do with the white fur trait in his breed. This worked. I've gone through two packages and it worked pretty much the same as the first package. He gets 3 a day according to the instructions on the label. I think one package lasts about a month. There is a He loves the flavor. He runs whenever he hears the package ruffling. There is a I would definitely recommend it.

7. Stratford Pharmaceuticals Omega Fatty Strength

Stratford Pharmaceuticals Omega Fatty Strength

The canned goods are packed with nuts. They created their Omega 3 Fatty Acid Soft Chews with fish oil for dogs because sometimes they don't get all the nutrition their bodies need from the food they eat. Omega 3 supplements can help prevent and treat dry skin and arthritis in dogs, and chews can help keep your dog's skin moist. Their products are made in the USA with all-natural ingredients and come with a quality seal from the National Animal Supplement Council, so you know you're getting a top quality product. You don't have to worry about your house smelling like fish oil if you give your dog this soft chew or add it to their daily food; you can simply give them this soft chew or add it to their daily food.

Brand: Stratford Pharmaceuticals

👤My dogs love these and they come in treat form. I bought these to replace the supplement I got from my vet, but they didn't work as well as I thought. A higher Omega content is needed for the skin and coat benefits. If you have a larger dog, you have to give them a lot of these every day, and they don't last long. I have had better luck with the liquid Omega supplements.

👤It's great for skin problems. My dog developed a scale on her skin. Have no idea how to do it. She gets the best of everything, great food, daily PetTab vitamins, and Prozyme. She loves these chews, so the vet gave her a prescription for them. I bought them on Amazon since they were not RX and the price was much lower. Her coat never looked better than it did within 2 months. I now give her one every other day. I hope it will never come back.

👤My german shepherd has been affected by food and environmental allergies. I've tried a lot of fish oil products and this one has produced the best results for her dry skin. This product makes her coat soft and shiny. This product is made for large breeds. My 60 pound girl works perfectly with one chew per day. She must take at least 4 chews. This product will give you your money's worth.

👤My youngest female German Shepherd has a beautiful coat but was chewing and scratching. I would not have believed it, but after giving her and my older female shepherd one of these a day, the obsessive scratching and chewing has stopped. I will post and update them when I give them to all of my German Shepherds. My older girl has a cracked nose and it can be hard to touch. I hope these will help with them as well.

👤Half of the product was reduced to crumbs from shipping. I'm not sure if this is isolated or if there's so much in the container that it's crushing each other to crumbs.

👤I found this product on Amazon, but it was 50% more expensive than I found at my vet's office. This has helped my elderly collie with her arthritis issues. She gets one each morning and evening because she is 85 pounds. She likes the taste of it and considers it a treat.

👤I get this for my dogs a lot. This was suppose to be 150, but it was closer to 75-80 and a bunch of crumbs. Kim has multiplesclerosis and trying to measure things out herself is difficult.

👤I've been using this product for a long time and we love it. My dog's coat is shiny and protects his sensitive skin. I was not happy with the last shipment that I had to pour into another bowl because it was very dry. I'm not sure if I'm getting the total number of pieces advertised. I hope this doesn't continue because it's a pricey product. The product serves it's purpose very well.

8. Glandex Cleansing Deodorizing Hygienic Grooming

Glandex Cleansing Deodorizing Hygienic Grooming

All over the body can be used for daily hygiene, including paws, ears, and anal area. Great for dogs and cats. The FRESH SCENT is made from natural DeoPlex to help eliminate unpleasant anal odors. These deodorizer wipes are a must have. Veternanian is used by professional groomers and vets after emptying anal glands. Papertowels and cleaner won't work with smelly anal glands or dirty dogs. Made in the USA, with Ale VITAMIN E MOISTURIZERS and SKIN CONDITIONERS, your pet will be happy and healthy. Ultra soft and durable clothing. Tough for sensitive areas but gentle for odors and mess.

Brand: Glandex

👤My pit lab mix has had a lot of issues with his glands, until I was able to get them to stop, with a lot of trial and error. All has to do with diet. I noticed he tucked his tail a lot when he was having problems. He started creating mini perenial fistulas when he was doing this. He had bleeding on his body. I decided to give these a try to keep him extra clean, and that area of him has never looked better. It has helped a lot. I've only been using them for a week, but I've already decided to never go without. Give these a try if your pup has issues with the bottom area. There is a scent, but it's a clean scent and doesn't stick around long. This stuff doesn't bother me because I'm a freak about perfume stuff. Two thumbs up.

👤I got these to replace baby wipes for my fat cat who cannot clean her own rear. They are better than baby wipes because they are made for pets. They are clean, moist, and have a pleasant scent. It's highly recommended for anyone who has to clean a cat's bottom.

👤My 10 year old shih tzu has a problem with scooting. I bought these wipes because her bottom was raw from scooting, and I was told to change her diet to non traditional meat likevenison and salmon. The change has been huge. She has been comforted by the wipes after her walks and she has stopped scooting. I like that the wipes are free of chemicals. The pack's closure is strong so they don't dry out. Next time, I will buy the larger container. Well done!

👤I would buy them again. My cat tells me that when he goes to pee with a loud meow, he gets a toilet paper wipe on his fur. I was looking for wipes that fit the description. I was surprised he doesn't mind the wet wipe. He lays down and turns to wipe both sides. This product is on Amazon.

👤I never thought I'd be writing a review for a product like that, but my kitty needed a good wipe after the bathroom and eye crusties. I like that these have a clean scent and stay moist. I have peace of mind that my cat is safe with these new bottoms. 3

👤My cat is very sensitive. She needs help with cleaning up. She loves this. The wipes are large and moist. It makes it easy to clean up.

👤I wanted wipes that I could use to clean the area where my cat has an anal problem. He doesn't run away and the wipes seem to be comforting to him.

👤They make it easy to clean my cat's back end. She has small pieces of poop that stick to her fur. They have a light scent and are not overpowering.

👤If you wear a motorcycle helmet, gauntlets and armour, you can bathe my cat. Do you remember cartoons where an angry cat is flailing its limbs like a helicopter? That is my cat when I bathe or shower him. He ran around the house, soaking wet, until I tackled him into a towel. I got tired of the routine and the scratches. I bought this product. Oh joy! He is fine with me giving him a wash and wipes and seems to think that it is a stroke. He meows. I am happy and Jim is no longer minging.

9. Essential Pet 27908 Natural Omega 3

Essential Pet 27908 Natural Omega 3

Salmon oil from the pristine waters of Alaska has Omega 3 and EPA. A small bite soft chew. Addresses the nutrition needs that contribute to a lustrous coat and smooth skin. Made with human-grade ingredients in an FDA registered facility. The product is manufactured in the USA and tested. The ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory analyzed ingredients and finished product. Pets love and want more of this flavor. There are features for the oral application. All life stages are described in the age range.

Brand: Essential Pet Products

👤I compared the ingredients of these ones and the cat ones because Amazon ran out of cat ones. The ingredients are the same. The brand has slightly more fat content, which is not bad for cats. They have been a great replacement for their cat brand. My cats ate them just like the cat ones and everything looked the same. I got these when my male cat was 2 years old, and this is a comparison photo from a year of use, he had severe dry skin/dandruff and his fur was dull/dry. I've noticed a huge improvement in his coat quality and length after he's been on these for a year. It has made his appearance better, and cut back on his dandruff. It looks like human hair now, it has a beautiful shine. These treats are enjoyed by all 3 of my cats. My 14 year old black haired female had a problem with the fur and now it's soft and shiny. My picky eater with a chicken allergy eats these, too. I'll keep buying them as long as I own cats.

👤It's very important to give this product a one-star review. It should be 5 stars. The quality of the product is very good, and it helped my dog when he was sick. I will not purchase this product again. No matter how good it is, no matter how good it is, no matter how good it is, no matter how good it is, no matter how good it is, no matter how good it is, no matter how good it is, no matter how good it is, no matter It was... This was incorrect. We received it about an hour ago and were shocked when we opened it. This is the first time this has happened to me on Amazon.

👤These are small and soft. But when you are in the area. The 11 year old Yorkie has 9 teeth. She eats them when I break them in half. I wanted to help with the skin. It's too early to tell.

👤My dogs love them. There is a Waiting to see if they help them. There is a Someone reported that there wasn't 100 treats in the container. I counted them and there were 100.

👤My animals didn't care for the treats. They wouldn't eat one if it was hidden, but they would always be left behind after the other treats were gone.

👤It seems like a great product, but my picky eater doesn't like it. I have to try a few times to get him to eat it. It seems to work well for keeping his coat hydrated.

👤My cat was not interested in anything. I tried to mix it with his treats but he left them alone. Didn't care for them.

👤This is perfect for my dog. The bites are large enough for my Sheltie to take a pill. There was no strong fishing after the smell.

10. Dechra EicosaDerm Omega Liquid Dogs

Dechra EicosaDerm Omega Liquid Dogs

Easy to use 8oz liquid pump. The fish oil comes from small, cold water fish. It's ideal for dogs and cats. Omega 3 fatty ACID and VITAMIN E are proven to help dry itchy skin and maintain a healthy coat. It was tested and certified to be free from pesticides.

Brand: Dechra

👤Omega 3 was recommended to help my cat's coat. The brand has a good reputation for quality and effectiveness, but I saw a lot of complaints about the bottle and pump on different websites, and even on Amazon. It was with some apprehension that I ordered it. I was pleasantly surprised. The manufacturer made a few improvements after hearing the comments. The bottle was sealed with the pump separate so there was no leaking. I put out a small amount of the liquid in the bottle to make it easier to set up the pump. I'm adding this liquid slowly because my cat is reluctant to eat her favorite food if it's different. A few drops and you are on your way to a therapeutic level. It doesn't have a smell to me, but I hope she will like it enough to let it do its job. Some of the oil works its way up to the top of the bottle, even though the pump is firmly attached. This stuff is the best of the oil world. I put the bottle in a large plastic cup and wrapped a paper towel around the neck to keep it clean. The cat is liking the food I added to it. The product is fresh and odorless. It was a happy ending.

👤Pets don't like it. I have not been using it daily. I went to put some on their food and it looked like a bottle had exploded and was a complete mess. I keep it on the shelf, but it can only be purchased through a licensed Veterinarian. I took photos after I cleaned the bottle. I could handle it. The person is throwing in trash. Do not recommend wasting money.

👤Our Bernese mountain dog seems to like the flavor, we just squirt it on top of her food and she eats it first. We have been giving it to her for 2 months and she seems to have a slightly dry skin, but that could be from the winter. We will give it to her for the other benefits. The container really does stink and I had to take away a star. We are going to get a different type of dispensers.

👤My cat has an old injury and now has arthritis, so my vet recommended this. My dog got his check up and my vet said he was "scaley" because his fur and skin was very dry. After 2 weeks, he is almost completely free of dandruff, because I added 2 or 3 pumps to his food every day. Good product. I keep the bottle in a wine glass to catch the drips. It works well, but how much has it helped his pain, as he is on medication for that?

👤The dog likes it but the bottle leaks and the oil gets all over my hand.

👤I worry about the health of my two disabled cats. I'm always looking for an opportunity to give them a paw up in life, one is a tripod and the other has birth defects that make him bunny hop. They love the taste and their coats are luxurious, but I have noticed a significant improvement in their mobility. I know that fish oil can be good for heart health, so maybe there is a benefit to it. I am happy with it, they are either happy with it or not. The pump makes it a mess free experience and it does not have a fish scent to it.

11. VetriScience Laboratories Omega Supplement Capsules

VetriScience Laboratories Omega Supplement Capsules

A comprehensive formula for cats and dogs that is rich in ALA, GLA, EPA and DHA to support heart and skin health. A blend of non-GMO natural oils from Borage Seed, Flaxseed, and Fish that combines the health benefits of Omega 3, 6, and 9. The Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio is desirable for more efficient prostaglandin production.

Brand: Vetriscience Laboratories

👤My cat doesn't like the taste. I tried putting it in her food but she avoided it and refused to eat anything for the entire day until I gave in. I started giving it to her in a needle and she would gag from the taste and even hide from me. She wouldn't touch the food I gave her, so I offered it to her. She would lick herself to get the smell out of her mouth and then she would end up smelling like fish for a few days. You can't take a cat with the pill. It smells terrible. I used scissors to open it and it would shoot either on me or somewhere random and the room would smell like it. The sink smelt like it had been washed with a needle. I washed the scissors multiple times after each use, but they still worked. It is impossible to get rid of it if it is sprayed. I used it for the first time and it hit my hair and made me wonder if I was going crazy. I stopped using it after a week. I could not torture my cat anymore. I get a faint whiff of the smell when I use the sink, even after a few weeks. It is haunting me. The scissors are useless. They could at least have the little twist off tops, because there is no easy way to give fish oil. Try and make it taste better. After using it, my cat started throwing up more frequently and sometimes she would gag like she was going to throw up. I think she is less itchy since I stopped using it.

👤The capsule is too big. It's hard to put in our cats' food because dogs can't chew on it. Our cats tried to bite them, but they couldn't swallow the large capsule because of the oil on the floor. I used a sharp knife and scissors to get the oil out of the capsule. I could put powder in the cats' food if I opened the capsule. Less messy! It is a good product, but it is not convenient for me. It will add more time to deal with the oil mess.

👤I contacted Amazon and they were willing to give me another shipment. The capsule was not as soft as before, but it was better. I am able to open them with a lot of work, but not as many stabbing incidents. I have ordered this item multiple times, but this last time the pill capsule is more hard plastic. It is difficult to open. I tried to stab my fingers multiple times. This is an excellent product, but it may be better to purchase it from a pet supply company. Just a thought! My dog loves these and they help with his hot spots. His hair is soft, so I suppose it is helping that.

👤My dog started out well. She ate them covered in peanut butter. She carried the peanut butter to her crate to try to eat it as a treat if she licked it off. After the first two dosages, she began to have a bad reaction to her food. I had to wash out her bedding and crate, and she vomited bile, so I didn't feed her breakfast to give her time to settle. I help her with her fish oil. There were no accidents that night. On the next day, she had to go back to one capsule. I know this one is not something I will look for. I have a second bottle being delivered today because I set this up as a subscribe and save.


What is the best product for ultra oil skin and coat supplement for dogs and cats?

Ultra oil skin and coat supplement for dogs and cats products from Grizzly Pollock. In this article about ultra oil skin and coat supplement for dogs and cats you can see why people choose the product. Alaska Naturals and The Missing Link are also good brands to look for when you are finding ultra oil skin and coat supplement for dogs and cats.

What are the best brands for ultra oil skin and coat supplement for dogs and cats?

Grizzly Pollock, Alaska Naturals and The Missing Link are some of the best brands that chosen by people for ultra oil skin and coat supplement for dogs and cats. Find the detail in this article. Tiki Pets, Pets Choice Naturals and Nutri-vet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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