Best Under The Weather Probiotic Soft Chews Cat Supplement

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1. Honest Kitchen Grain Veggie Recipe

Honest Kitchen Grain Veggie Recipe

This fruit and veggie base mix is made with dehydrated ingredients and can be used for home cooking or raw feeding. It's great for home cooks. Tired of cutting up vegetables? This recipe makes it easy to create a healthy base for your own creations. Add your own meat or fish to your meal. It's suitable for senior dogs. You should add your own pesticide. This recipe is designed to be mixed with meat or fish for your dog. HUMAN GRADE: This recipe is made with human grade ingredients and is produced in a human food facility. It means higher quality ingredients and more safety standards, just like you would expect from your own food. This recipe does not contain any by-products, Preservatives, This natural dog food is made in the USA with trusted sources from around the world, and is made with ingredients you would recognize from your own kitchen.

Brand: The Honest Kitchen

👤This is a great solution for us. We use this recipe for our Boxer. 3.5 lbs HK veg and nut base 10 lbs lean ground beef 7 scoops of NuPro suppliment 7 quarts water On your stove, add water and heat. Continue heating and stirring until the beef is no longer pink. You don't need to boil the meat, just cook it. Allow the water to cool for about 5 minutes, then mix in the HK. Half of the box is 3.5 lbs. Let the mixture cool for about 30 minutes. When you add your suppliment, you want it to be cooler. If you want to add the NuPro, stir again and cool the mixture. Use an ice cream scoop and kitchen scale to portion out into smaller portions. We use cheap Rubbermaid 1.2 cup containers with the screw on lids, but you can use baggies or even Saran wrap. The yield should be about 50 cups. Put it in the freezer. Our female boxer is about 53 lbs, so she gets three serves per day, morning, afternoon and early evening.

👤The year is almost over and no response from this company. The guy who owns the pet food shop where I usually buy this product from told me that he has not been able to get his sales representative from The "Dishonest" Kitchen to respond to him. He carries less of their products than he used to. He used to have a dedicated section for their products. I told him that I was done with this company and moving on to another quality product. His response was "I don't blame you!". I have been buying dehydrated dog food from The Honest Kitchen. The Fruit & Veggie Base Mix is a gravy that I feed along with a quality brand of dry kibble. I add turkey balls to my meals with the Base Mix. I opened a box of this product in April of this year, I had purchased it on Amazon. It now contains bits of what I believe to be cabbage that won't rehydrate, and I was dismayed to find that. I had a similar problem with the chicken formula in the past. One of my toy breed dogs chews up a chunk of the food hours after eating it. I found an insect in the box of mix. I thought the mix looked like it was webby. It was cold and snowing where we live, and not an insect in sight to crawl into the food. Lucy Postins is the CEO and founder of the company. The first letter addressed my concern about the chunks of food that wouldn't stay hydrated, and the second letter was written when I was appalled to find an insect in the food. The samples were sent in the first letter and the actual insect in the second letter. I asked the company to tell me what I was feeding my dogs. I haven't received a response from this company. I had tried to call the customer service number before. The phone would ring and then it would stop. Never an answer, never a phone call. I buy this food from a store. I decided to buy it online after seeing it at a reduced price on Amazon. I mentioned the bad experience with the food to the staff where I usually buy it. I told them that I had trouble communicating with the manufacturer. They told me that I was not the only one having this problem. Every time I serve this food to my dogs, I take the time to carefully remove any that did not rehydrate. You can't cut this stuff with a fork or spoon. I look for animals. My dogs are waiting for their meal. I need a replacement for this food. Any suggestions? Miss CEO might respond once she is aware of the review. This is not the way to run a company.

2. Vetoquinol Viralys L Lysine Supplement Cats

Vetoquinol Viralys L Lysine Supplement Cats

Cats get a daily L-Lysine supplement to support their health. It helps manage common feline health issues such as sneezing and watery eyes. The immune support provided by lysine powder for cats and kittens is long-term. The gel is easy to administer and highlypalatable. Cats and kittens get 500 and 250 grams of Lysine per day.

Brand: Vétoquinol

👤I wish I'd done it sooner. My cat stopped eating the gel version of the medicine. I know exactly how much she is eating thanks to the powered version. Put the measured amount into a small amount of juice or sauce from their cat food. I like to pour it on top of her food. I know she is eating it. She has wet food for breakfast and dinner so it works out well and is easy to adhere to. It took about a week or two to see the difference. She had developed a wheeze when she was napping and that has gone away as well as the crusting around her nose. It's an indispensable product for giving a better life and reducing my worry.

👤This is a great supplement for cats. If they have an open wound or an upper respiratory infections. Since she was born, my cat has had both. She gets hot spots on her body. She also has anal glands that are blocked. She is always sick with something. Her lungs are compromised and her weight is up. I gave her a diet. I am working hard to help her. This supplement has made her feel better. It helped her breathe and she is doing much better a week later. The cat is on antibiotics and steroids. I was unable to get them this week. Please don't think that I'm a bad cat. My friend told me to try this and I was amazed at the product. My bobtail who is always having issues also but is mostly just a little goofy bless her wild little heart had a bad upper respiratory infection too took this and they are both happy healthy little kitties now again. My son will keep giving it to me if I buy this. I want them to be okay. I am so thankful for this product. You will never know how much this helps people like me, who can't leave their home and have sick furry babies, because you will never know how much this was sold here. I am so thankful. You know, I'm blessed and thankful more than you know. Highly recommend product and seller. A good one.

👤This stuff is great. A lot of positive reviews. I encourage anyone who reads reviews to look at the sources. I can't help but wonder if the animal wasn't ready to cross the rainbow bridge anyway, if the pet's death was linked to the use of a product with no evidence. If you're medicating a sick pet without a vet visit, you're doing nothing for the animal. Dogs and cats don't like maple flavor according to a few reviews. That is a very generalized statement. My cats love licking pure maple syrup from my plate and finger. This stuff works for my Bobo who has a cat. After about a month of using the snot rockets, he has gotten substantially better and his sneezing fits have stopped. It is inexpensive and worth a try.

3. Pet Naturals Vermont Supplement Bite Sized

Pet Naturals Vermont Supplement Bite Sized

Increased times of stress, boarding, travel, and new changes to the environment are some of the reasons why it's recommended to have a good amount of sputum in your body. The Daily Probiotic does not contain wheat, corn or artificial ingredients. It comes in a duck flavor chew that cats will love. 100 million CFU's of daily Probiotic is guaranteed to the gut in cats of all ages. Decreased gassiness, diarrhea, and constipation can be reduced with the help of the Probiotics. Pet Naturals products are manufactured in the USA.

Brand: Pet Naturals

👤I have been giving my cat this supplement for 3 years and have purchased it from Amazon 37 times. Sometimes the chews are nice, firm and whole, but other times they are not. It has always done what it was supposed to do, regulate my cat's digestion, even when the chews are in lots of pieces. The most recent bag of chews was very firm and lighter in color. After opening the bag, my cat began to have terrible diarrhea. I didn't know what could have happened since nothing had changed. I remembered the new bag of chews. I stopped giving them to him and called Pet Naturals to see if the formula had changed. I did not receive a reply. I sent an email. No response again. My cat's stool is back to normal after he didn't get his daily chew for two days. Pet Naturals was not helpful with the chews.

👤I am sure that these are great for my cats, but they soon become hard as rocks. I have tried many packages with the same issue. My cats will not touch them at that point. They should be put in a sealed container with a piece of bread to keep them soft. When they get really hard, the seller should let the consumer know how to get rid of them. They are a waste of time and money if they are not.

👤My cat has had an illness. He has had bouts of weight loss and vomiting. He has been taking these for a while. I can't believe the change in him. His coat is getting shiny again, he hasn't vomited, and he's put on a little weight. He wasn't a fan of them at first, but I broke them in pieces and he devoured them. You can't beat the price.

👤My cats were showing signs of old age. Ziva's hair was thin and she had lost weight. I took them off all their food and hard treats and started them on wet food when they got their treats. They don't like soft treats so I mixed the probiotics into the wet food. I put a senior hard cat food in their feeders. In about six weeks, Ziva's has gained weight and her hair is soft again, as well as the tummy has settled down. It's the best thing I've ever done for them.

👤I picked up a stray cat and she had some health issues. I decided to try alternative products before going to the vet, and found a product called 'Clean Scat', which I used along with the other PetNatural product to change her diet to a higher quality dry food. The combination seems to be working well. I give her a daily digest in the morning, and two more in the morning and night. Her flatulences have been reduced greatly. She is still having some flatulences, but I believe it's due to her bad habit of nearly inhaling her food and swallowing air in the mix. It can be hard for them to adjust to life as a stray when they are starving.

4. VetriScience Laboratories Probiotic Digestive Supplement

VetriScience Laboratories Probiotic Digestive Supplement

The VetriScience Probiotic Everyday for Cats is packed with prebiotics and probiotics that support normal GI tract function and digestion. Stress related upsets can be mitigated with the help of a daily dose of Probiotic Everyday. 100 million of patented, highly stable GanadenBC probiotics are contained in Probiotic Everyday. The duck soft chew has immune support. The products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Vetriscience Laboratories

👤Silicone dioxide is controversial as to its safety due to particles. I wouldn't give it to my cats and I wouldn't eat it. The product ingredient description did not include it.

👤One of our cats had a problem with the stool and had stopped using the litterbox, possibly because it was too messy for her, because she preferred to go on the tile floor next to the box. We tried a lot of fixes, but none worked. Within a week, her problems disappeared after we started giving her the probiotics. None of our cats will eat them straight. They walk away after sniffing them. My solution was to break the chew into small pieces and give it to the cat.

👤I have not noticed a difference. One of our cats had worse poop. There is an update. Ok. Our two cats have different effects on them. The cat that used to have the stinkiest poop doesn't anymore. Our cat that didn't stink before now has stinky poop. She had problems keeping food down before. She has eaten more of these. The cats don't throw up as much. So, I'm ordering these again. Give them a full month before writing them off.

👤This is the first time I have ever given a cat a probiotic, and she's at least 14 years old. Anyone who has cats knows that poops outside the box can be a problem. Our oldest female cat was doing this more often so I decided to see if a probiotic would help. I haven't seen any scoots or rouge poops after about 3 weeks. She hangs out near the bag as if she wants more. She seems to have more energy now. I would recommend it for older cats and people with tummy issues.

👤I have cats that are 13 to 3 years old. I had to bottle feed two of my cats because they had health issues after their mother died. They have been on antibiotics for a decade. The product has made a difference in their health. They are happy, loving, and feeling great. One of my cats was throwing up a lot. The vet gave me a list of what it could be, and I was going to do a lot of tests on the small Siamese cat. I decided to take aholistic approach with these supplements. I think this product is helping my cats. All of them get it the way it tastes. Even if your cat is happy and healthy, they need the probiotics. I can't say enough good things about this product.

👤I have a cat that is 15 years old that is having a hard time with its bowels. I took him to the vet, and his bloodwork came back normal. They suggested more wet food. I tried both and neither made a difference. I found these on Amazon and decided to try them out. They have made a difference. He is not hard dry stools. I mix one in with his wet food every night so I cut them up. They are a great product and should be used for any irritative issues. I'm happy I found them.

5. Grizzly Health Salmon Pollock Omega 3

Grizzly Health Salmon Pollock Omega 3

It supports healthy skin and coat. It was made from wild Alaskan salmon. There are high levels of EPA. It was made from Pollock oil.

Brand: Unknown

👤I did a lot of research before buying this product. The product seems to work well. I usually buy oil from the Pollock family. I saw that this product has Alaskan salmon oil and Alaskan pollock oil. Key word is weakly. Salmon must be raised as wild. There are things in the product that are bad for your pet. Most of the research I have done says wild salmon oil is the best to give, with pollock oil coming in second place. The most expensive oil is wild salmon oil. It can become out of stock during certain times of the year. Most brands do not have enough of the high doses of the Omega 3s that this has. All dogs need a certain amount. If you give double the dose to get the right amount of DHA/EPA, you will also be giving double the other ingredients, which is not good. This also contains a small amount of Omga-6, which is a plus. You don't need a lot of Omega 6. Too much is not good. One needs a product that has the correct amount in it. Skin and coat are supported by many products. This particular product supports skin, coat, immune system, heart, and nervous system. I found a product that says it is ok to give cats the same gift. I bought it to give to my cat as well. She vomited a couple times after starting it. I may try to give in smaller amounts. It works well for my dogs. My dogs didn't like it at first. They began to like it later. They don't have a problem with it now. In the past, I have taken off one star for the pump leak. I have had a lot of problems with the pump, and have wasted a lot of money. I have never had a problem with the pump leaking, but this is the first time I've purchased a Grizzly. Maybe they have improved it, or I just got lucky with a good pump. I only bought Grizzly Pollock Oil before finding this product. Who knows? I have noticed that my dogs coats are not as shiny as they used to be. They are older dogs. They had a lot of fur when I was giving them oil. The price of my last purchase went from $15 to $19 at the first of 2019. The product works well. It is not worth $50, especially for receiving a leaking pump when I buy a new container. I'll probably go back to the other kind. When products get a lot of good reviews, the prices go up too. I get to review everything I buy. It is meant to help other potential buyers. In reality, it hurts them.

👤Do I care if this is only 50% salmon and 50% pollock? Do my dogs care? They're both fish, right? Both swim with fins. Both swim in their own feces. I might raise a half an eye-brow if it were half a goldfish or a piranha. A shiny coat, well lubricated joints and bright eyes. Also, etc. There is a My dogs dig it. Whatever a pollock is, it's fine by this canine crazed household.

6. Naturals Products 326002 Gentle Digest

Naturals Products 326002 Gentle Digest

The best way to support dogs and cats is with a bequest. Dogs and cats of all ages can benefit from their soft chews. Natural insect system support. Their pet supplement works to support the growth of goodbacteria for the good of the gut and the immune system. Probiotics and prebiotics are related. Their all natural supplement is formulated to encourage healthy gutbacteria, aid in digestion, and reduce occasional CSD. Daily use of the pack of gentle digest soft chews is recommended for best results with your pet's digestion system. Their recipe is made with high quality ingredients that are corn free, soy free, wheat free, and have no artificial colors orPreservatives.

Brand: Ark Naturals

👤Our 11 year old Shitzu, Gracie, had low energy and was unable to climb our stairs. I took her to the veterinary clinic and they wanted to do a computed tomographic (CT) Scan after a full blood panel came back normal. I've paid for unnecessary scans before and decided to use common sense. I wanted to increase her "digestive health." Ark Naturals digest soft chews. The little chews made a huge change in her activity level. She likes the flavor because she takes it easy. She can now play with her toys again, she can dance for her meals, she can run around at the park, and she can climb the stairs. It makes me sad to think that she's back to her old self, but she's feeling better now. The difference is amazing.

👤My dog started showing signs of an irregular bowel. I thought this would be the best place to start getting my dog back on track because I know it's good for the body. He is not a picky eater and will take anything if he thinks it is a treat. The scent gives the impression that it would be very good. Moose has been taking pro-biotic soft chews for a week and he has had a lot of easier bowel movements. He takes the bite size chews and seems to think they are a special treat. The benefits of the pro-biotic will be a bonus for us. Click the button to mark my review as helpful if it was helpful. I hope this review helps you make a decision. I received this product for free or at a discount, but I wanted to make it clear that I was an honest and unbiased reviewer. I have not been compensated by this company for my honest review. If I see in the future that my view of this product changes with an even more extended use, I will update the star rating and this review.

👤I ordered these because I couldn't afford a vet bill and I wanted to make her feel better. Her poops are now consistently nice and solid. She is more excited to go to the bathroom. The problem was fixed within a week or so after I put these with half anal gland treat. Making more time to walk her helped. I want to take her to a vet to make sure she is okay. My dog is satisfied because she really needed those probiotics.

👤My oldest boxer has bad gas that makes it hard for him to eat. You can hear his gurgling. I've tried yogurt and other home remedies that didn't work. This stuff is amazing. He only had the loud gas when he was taking Gentle Digest. Having gas 3 times a month is a win for him, but it's not 100%. I'm going to try a different product in hopes of getting complete relief for him, but I have a feeling I'll be back for this. He is a very picky eater and he eats it with no problem. I put it in his food dish and it's gone. "Treats" a day.

7. Immune Tree Colostrum Probiotic Supplement Immunity

Immune Tree Colostrum Probiotic Supplement Immunity

Immune supports the growth of the cat's immune system and stomach acids. The components help maintain the cat's immune system. Prebiotics help fight cat allergy symptoms, aid in skin and coat health, and promote a healthy gut in cats. There is a love for natural cream fudge cats. The blend of all natural cream flavoring and Bovine Colostrum Powder gives cats a taste they can't resist. Immune Tree colostrum is free of hormones, BSE, antibotic, and organic. Just sprinkle the recommended serving over your cat's food, Feline6 is ready to serve. Immune Tree Feline6 is a great food for your cat. Colostrum supplement is a certified 6-hour supplement. For all cat breeds, ages, and sizes. It's made for cats at all stages of life. They get their colostrum from cows that are happy and healthy. All cat essential factors, metabolism, and the vitamins their four-legged family members need for wellbeing are contained in this. It's a complete and pure whole food. Their natural coating protects against bio-availability. Made in the USA, it is made from grass fed, Grade A, dairy cows that are certified healthy, BSE, and Antibiotic-Free. Professor Don Lein of Cornell University has certified and proven that true colostrum is not transitional milk. The Immune Tree Feline6. The Colostrum Supplement is spray-dried and has no unnecessary ingredients. 100% money back guarantee. They're confident that you and your cat will love Immune Tree. Your purchase is risk free. They will take care of you if you are unhappy with your order. They know that you want the best for your cat, and so do we. They're also cat lovers.

Brand: Immune-tree

👤My cat has food allergies. After years of trying different foods, including human foods, I finally found a food that doesn't upset her stomach or cause redness of her skin, but it does give her a light tan. It took 8 years for her to find the right food. I've tried many anti itch supplements that didn't work. Within a week, I noticed a huge difference in itching and hair loss. My cat was miserable and now she scratches less and her coat is beautiful. She is very sensitive to ingredients and this product was very good for her. I'm hoping that this will help her gums, she has lost her teeth a few years ago.

👤I have been using this for a while. I split a tiny scoop between the three cats. It was great with all the vitamins, minerals and the like. I couldn't figure out why they started throwing up for the past month. It was like vomiting 20 times, not like puking up a hairball. It would start out with food coming up and then vomiting until it was foam. I thought I was going to lose my cats. I looked at the reviews after I remembered about this stuff. Only one person said it made their cat sick. It was enough for me. All of them are back to normal after I stopped giving them it. I don't recommend this for your cat.

👤I have been feeding this to a stray and a feral for a few weeks now. I mix up a scoopful of water with a little pate and dry and put it on the side of their food dish, as it doesn't mix very easily with water. I know they love it because they lick the mixture up when they eat it. I think the powder smells like ice cream, so it must taste good to them. I can tell from what I can see that the wound on his foot seems to be doing better, and the coat has become really thick and shiny. I believe that the colostrum has helped, as I have also been feeding them the lysine and probiotics. I don't usually add the colostrum powder to their food because it would seem like a weird mix of flavors.

👤My cats took a while to get used to having this mixed in with the wet food, but it has helped resolve the stinky, watery diarrhea my diabetic kitty was having. It clumps up so you have to really mix it and the little scoop is too short, I get the powder stuck under my nails. I will have to find a different scoop. I am rearranging.

👤I love this product. Our vet couldn't figure out what was wrong with our cat. After our vet changed his food to a limited ingredient formula, he was scratching a lot. He had bald patches everywhere. I read some reviews and thought I would try this. Excellent! We could see a difference within a week. Meatball is almost back to his old self after almost 2 months. His hair is almost back to normal. We have 3 other cats in the house. We noticed a change in their coat, which seems to look healthier, shinier and less shed, but they had no issues to begin with.

8. VETRISCIENCE Laboratories Feline Crunchy Chicken

VETRISCIENCE Laboratories Feline Crunchy Chicken

It's an IRRESISTABLE FLAVOR. A delicious reward that keeps your cat's teeth clean and fresh. The pickiest cats will love these bites. The Perio Plus Feline Bites are specially formulated to promote dental health without the hassle and mess of brushing. The bites feature a soft layer that reduces plaque. A soft inner layer supports the oral health of the person. With only 7 calories per bite, you can support your kitty's dental health. Many of the same ingredients are found in clinically proven Perio Support powder. All life stages are described in the age range.

Brand: Vetriscience

👤My cat likes them. He thinks they are awesome despite the fact that they seem too big and hard. He waits for me to give him one when I give the dog his treat. He likes the texture and flavor. I barely notice the smell because I have been giving them to him for so long. There are 60 in the pack and I only give one a day. It is a good deal for the money. The vet recommended them for my cat since he doesn't like brushing his teeth. I tried the powder by the same company that you mix in with the food that is supposed to be more effective but it doesn't seem to agree with his stomach and these don't cause any problems His teeth look good. The treats are not as good as brushing or the powder, but they seem to be keeping his teeth in good shape. There were no complaints here. Both of us are very happy!

👤I purchased these treats with my hard earned cash, so this is an honest review. Our dog has had issues with her teeth since the beginning. She's an extremely picky feline and trying new foods, treats, and other things has always been a challenge. If she doesn't like the look or smell of it, she walks away, never to return, until you discard the offending item from her sight. She only entertained eating dental treats that were not a healthy alternative. They're starting to disappear from stores and online. We decided to try them out. I'm amazed to report that the hell has officially frozen over. She loves them! This cat, who eats the same 4 flavors of pté every day, absolutely cannot resist these dental treats. We have to break it up before she touches it. They're a little big and have a hard texture, so it's easier for her to eat that way.

👤Our cats love them. They're a little hungry all the time because we keep a baby scale and keep a careful track of their weight. One of our cats had a dental checkup. Her teeth have been clean since she gave them two of these. The vet recommended these after he was so impressed. The other cat was close to having a tooth cleaned. His teeth are completely clean for two days. The newer ones are a little thinner. I have increased to three a day. The size may be going back to where it was. Maybe it was a manufacturing issue. March 2020 is an update. These are still great. Been feeding them for a long time. They didn't like one of the batches. If you have that one, don't use it to judge whether your cat will like them.

👤My weight is 9-11 lbs. I try to give the cat a treat but she will usually eat it. When I first opened these treats, I was worried that they would be too big for her and that they were hard. She walked away from the treats the first time I gave them. I thought I'd leave them out. She might give them a chance later on. She never touched them because they stayed in her dish all night. I tried to mix these with her regular dry food, but she would eat all of them and leave them alone in her food dish. I tried to break them down to make it easier for her, but she still ate around them. I tried over and over. She did not touch these things. I gave the treats to the co-worker to see if he would have more success than I did. If you have a smaller cat or a picky eater, beware of these treats.

9. Pets L Lysine Cats Powder Pack

Pets L Lysine Cats Powder Pack

100% money back guarantee. They're confident that you and your cat will love Immune Tree. Your purchase is risk free. They will take care of you if you are unhappy with your order. They know that you want the best for your cat, and so do we. They're also cat lovers. The system supports the cats.

Brand: Now Pets

👤I give lysine to my cats every day with their canned food after I've experienced how it works and seen how it works in action. Two of my cats came down with respiratory infections last winter, probably due to allergies or the feline herpes virus, which turned into an infection. I had to take them to the vet to get antibiotics, but I also read that lysine will help. I decided to try it. They were feeling better within a few days. The antibiotics probably helped, but the lysine sped up their recovery. Two weeks ago one of those cats started showing signs of an upper respiratory problem with terrible sneezing. He was also in the dumps over it. I gave him lysine every day. I didn't have to take him to the vet because he was feeling better within three days. I am not advocating that you don't have your vet check your pet out to make sure they don't have an infection, but if you want to stop the flare-ups of allergies, feline herpes, etc., then lysine is a good product to consider. I like seeing happy cats and I am very happy with the results.

👤My rescue cat has feline herpes, which is similar to a bad cold. I can tell that this helps reduce his symptoms. I give it to my other cats to help them catch it from the rescue cat, but none of them have gotten it.

👤Since we adopted him around 2 months of age, one of our 11 month old kittens has been having a hard time with his sneezing fits. We were told that he would have to stop taking the antibiotic as his immune system became stronger. His aunt is a vet and his mother is a pharmacist. They have seen tremendous improvements in less than two months. Eli still sneezes occasionally, but not like he did in the past. His eyes are better. I sprinkle a small amount of therapeutic dose into each bowl since Eli has a large appetite and finishes off everyone else's bowls. One of our newer additions to our family was struggling with goopy eyes, so this was an added benefit for Coco, she was completely cleared up. My favorite thing about this product is that it doesn't have a flavor, so many products out there are fish flavors.

👤My daughter-in-law's cat has a lot of medical issues. This is what the new vet recommended after allergy shoots and medication. A 2 1/2 year old Russian Blue is breathing heavily. I bought this. It's easy to use, and seems to be making a difference.

👤I have two cats with feline herpes, which causes frequent upper respiratory issues, which results in sneezing and snotting around the house. This isn't a cure-all but it seems to help keep them better managed and the flare ups to a minimum.

👤My cats had a lot of sneezing and had a lot of nose problems. I put this on canned food once or twice a day and they are all better now. Great stuff!

10. Herbion Digestive Support Probiotics Enzymes

Herbion Digestive Support Probiotics Enzymes

These dog chews are made with a blend of an array of different types ofamylases andbacteria that promote digestion in little puppies as young as 12 weeks and above. Their soft chews taste like a treat and help reduce gas and stomach pain by breaking food into tiny pieces. The 120 soft chews contain Amylase, which helps break down carbs to promote digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals within the body. Made in the USA. Their Digestive Support Chews are made at a facility that has been certified by the FDA. Their soft chews are made following strict standards. These chews are free of artificial ingredients and colors. They are not related to dairy or soy.

Brand: Herbion Naturals

👤The product is easy to get in the pup, and the warning note does not over do the dose, it seems to stop the scooting behaviors.

👤These have changed my dog's life. My dog was getting sick from his stomach problems. I've been giving her two a day and she's gone from being g sick to not being sick at all. So far, so good. We couldn't be happier.

👤I had to give my dog an antibiotic about 90 minutes after it was given. She did not have an upset stomach. I am very happy with these. It was easy to administer because she loved the taste.

👤I like the smell. My dogs like the taste. When I miss a day my dog's symptoms get worse, however this product didn't cure every issue. I take my own supplements, but my dogs get their gut chews before I do. Part of our morning routine. They like this product.

👤Do you have a lot more gas?

👤I have two dogs and they stay active.

👤My dog likes these. We have noticed that things are getting better for my Cane Corso. I waited to write a review to see if they would work. The price is great. She takes them like they are a treat.

11. Pet Naturals Vermont Supplement Bite Sized

Pet Naturals Vermont Supplement Bite Sized

It's recommended for dogs that have environmental or nervous issues or are currently on an antibiotic. Prebiotics are included in the daily Probiotic to support a gut environment. Pets may benefit from the help with gassiness, flatulence, bad breath and elimination issues. The Daily Probiotic is free of corn, wheat and artificial ingredients. Pet Naturals products are manufactured in the USA.

Brand: Pet Naturals

👤The tripod had a hot spot on the front leg. He was addicted to licking it. He was still licking after a trip to the vet and a prescription. He will likely have it for life and you will have to put a cone of shame on him occasionally to let it heal up before he licks it again. That stinks. He was still licking and irritating it even after changing to a grain free food. Gave them a try. 2 days and no more hot spots. It was worth a try for the cost.

👤We usually use these for our two dogs, but lately they have a sour smell when they open them, possibly because of the heat in the shipment. We only used a few from one container and the morsels were already getting black specks. I stopped using them. We called the company, but just got a voicemail, so we're not sure if we should buy these anymore. I guess we will use them from now on, because we do buy them from Amazon. I have used a lot of Pet Naturals. What is going on?

👤My dogs are not going to eat these. They will sniff them and then walk away. I have to mix them with their wet food. They work! I've tried everything to fix my dogs' itchy skin. Adding conditioner, adding omega, and washing them all week, makes their food from scratch. There are allergy meds. They have been taking this for a week.

👤I don't care about "flavor" or "thickness", it's up to the dog who wouldn't answer when I asked. He eats them without hesitation, even though he likes to eat rabbit droppings in the back yard. This flatulent gas bag of a canine has been tamed a bit. The smell of burning rubber is still present in the living room after he started on the Vermont Probiotic. We're sticking with it because it works better than a previously used brand, and we're not willing to risk a third brand if it's not as effective. He is 50 lbs. 2 per day is what it gets.

👤My elderly dog was having bouts of vomiting. She should be put on a regimen of supplements to see if they help. I picked these after research. She got them twice a day and the vomiting subsided. I had her on these for a long time until she was no longer able to have her disease managed. I would use these again because they helped my dog the last year of her life. I would recommend trying these first. They worked for my girl.

👤The 4 year old loves them. He shows me how to get his treat by dropping his underwear on his pad. The pet treat is natural. This wasn't always how it was. When we got him over a year ago, we were worried about him a lot. He only had a bowel movement once a week and it was dry, cracked and weighed nothing. We took Ziggy to his doctor and he suggested a few things to look out for. I was surprised by the prices and hoped I could find something that worked at the Feed Store. A very nice girl helped me. It looked like none had been bought in a long time. Not many people go to a feed store for a small dog's feed. I decided to whip out the iPad and AMAZON at home. This was my choice after reading many reviews. We got them in a day. Thank you for the kindness for prime. He got his first treat. The dog turned down a birthday cake because he didn't like the smell of it, Christmas treats that his grandma bought him, and Chicken treats that he didn't like. He crawled to my open hand with the treat, smelled it, turned it over with his nose, wet it with his tongue, and I heard crunching. EURIKA! A winner on the taste test! We were patient because a delicate system like this needs time to adjust. Adding a little chicken bouillon to his water in the morning made him thirsty. It was changed to plain water in the afternoon. We noticed that he was drinking a full dish of water instead of a third dish of water. Within 3 weeks, Ziggy had a lot to be proud of. My husband was scared by the first trophy. He said this looks like someone else. Our Great Pyrenees is 100 lbs. Nope, it was Ziggy. Since then, all normal size and consistency. He is more active, happy and proud of his work. Thank you for the natural pets of Vernon!


What is the best product for under the weather probiotic soft chews cat supplement?

Under the weather probiotic soft chews cat supplement products from The Honest Kitchen. In this article about under the weather probiotic soft chews cat supplement you can see why people choose the product. and Pet Naturals are also good brands to look for when you are finding under the weather probiotic soft chews cat supplement.

What are the best brands for under the weather probiotic soft chews cat supplement?

The Honest Kitchen, and Pet Naturals are some of the best brands that chosen by people for under the weather probiotic soft chews cat supplement. Find the detail in this article. Vetriscience Laboratories, Unknown and Ark Naturals are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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