Best Under The Weather Urinary Support Soft Chews Cat Supplement

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1. Pet Naturals Vermont Supplement Bite Sized

Pet Naturals Vermont Supplement Bite Sized

UT Support is a daily supplement that contains 4 active ingredients that promote proper urinary tract function and may reduce the likelihood of crystal formation that causes discomfort among cats. The UT Support formula is a soft chew that cats will love. UT Support helps maintain normal PH balance in the urine of cats that are prone to UT infections. The UT Support supplement is approved by the veterinary review board. Pet Naturals products are manufactured in the USA.

Brand: Pet Naturals

👤They didn't like my last review so they wouldn't post it. I'll change the wording to say that there is something wrong with these. I have been giving these to my cat with UP problems for about a year now and my local supplier ran out so I ordered it from Amazon. These are hard as stones and there is something wrong with them. One of my cats refused to eat it and the other started to choke because he couldn't break it apart, and ended up trying to swallow it whole. Something is not right with these. They seem to have been left out in the sun to dry out, and they are supposed to be kept in a cool/dry place. People have been saying this since the beginning of the year.

👤I bought these several years ago for my cat who had a lot of crystals. They were soft and nice. I stopped ordering them because he refused to eat them. He is doing well. My little old kitty girl has some bladder issues due to her age. It is not uncommon for senior cats. I thought I would try them for her. They are rock hard, the first thing I noticed. I asked for a refund after she vomited up the hard pieces after eating them every time she tried them. I don't know what they changed. They smelled like cranberry and were not like hard rocks before. I have tried another treat for her and she likes it. It is unfortunate because it is a good company.

👤We couldn't find either of our favorite brands so we bought these. It seems to work, but it's more than twice as much as per treat. I have two cats that are prone to infections. I don't think I can put any brands on them. The flea medicines I've used have an active component that damages the kidneys. I have never noticed a problem with it until these two siblings. I started buying different brands of urinary tract treats after they had problems with infections. I don't buy flea medicine anymore. I didn't know it was toxic until this happened. I like that this brand has vitamins that the others don't. A supplement is a good thing as the animals get older. They seem to like it. They don't have to ask to eat it. It seems good. It's too much compared to our favorite brands.

👤My cat began to urinate at the beginning of the summer. He was given Hills C/D which my cat completely rejected, and I was worried that he was going to block and spend a large sum for very little help at the weekend emergency clinic. Our vet confirmed the crystals on Monday. We went on a weekend trip after things started to return to normal. Since he seemed to be healed, I had him eat dry food for the weekend. He had a 100% urinary obstruction the day after we returned. A large amount of money was spent on a surgery. He was home for a few days, and on these three products.

2. High Potency Cats Claw Vegetarian

High Potency Cats Claw Vegetarian

Their Kosher certified capsules are filled with Cat Claw Bark Powder from remote regions of the Amazon and flaxseed with nothing else added. There are some things contained: Cat's claw is a full-spectrum raw cats claw herb. VegetaRIAN, Kosher and GLUTEN free are included in their cat claw supplement. It's important to know that you're only putting the absolute best product in your body, made with no harmful Preservatives, Fillers or Flowing Agents. Try their products without any risk. Pure Mountain Botanicals takes your experience with their products very seriously. Let them know if you're not happy with their product.

Brand: Pure Mountain Botanicals

👤I used Cat's Claw to see if I have a disease. I had been diagnosed with multiplesclerosis by four different doctors over the course of 7 years. The most recent neurologist reversed the "MS" diagnosis despite my 15 brain lesions and tons of "MS" symptoms. He wanted to give me tons of steroids even though he didn't know what was causing my symptoms. After a lot of research, several more months, and 2 more useless doctors, I figured out I probably had Bartonella. I bought this cat's claw to see if my theory was true. I had the worst herx of my life after taking it for a week. I found it interesting that it brought on my "MS" spasms. I had a Western Blot test done and it turned out that I have a disease that's different from Multiplesclerosis. Either 4 neurologists are IDIOTS, or they know about the causes of "mimics MS", so they lie to their patients so they can get that big pharma money. I'm eternally grateful to a certain forum where I found all my answers and a bottle of Cat's Claw. I hope that my review leads to an answer as to the true cause of "MS", a disease that neurologists say has no known cause, and can only be treated with expensive drugs that suppress the immune system.

👤These are easy to take with Cat's Claw. I had inflammation, pain, and lack of energy until I started taking this supplement. I recommend women who have Fibromyalgia. I started taking two capsule daily and raised my dose according to the response I received. 3000 IU a day is different for everyone. Fibromyalgia is not keeping me from enjoying my life. My energy level is very high. I feel younger. I am 65 years old. I'm happy I started taking this supplement.

👤I have tried different brands of Cat's Claw. This is the best one that was found. I am 73 years old and have been on pain medication for many years. The claw of the cat has normalized my bowels. The need for prednisone has been reduced by its anti-inflammation properties. It is starting to reduce the pain of arthritis. I have used cat's claw for my aging pets for many years and it works well. I decided to use that pinched nerve for myself when it began to cause horrible headaches and inflammation of the salivary glands. I'm happy to have a natural product that doesn't have adverse side effects.

👤Over the summer, I was 800-273-3217 They prescribed antiobiotics after going back and forth with my doctor. I had a sonogram done on my body, it turned out I had an ovarian cyst on my right side. Which was causing all those issues. My obgy said she didn't recommend surgery, just wanted to keep an eye on it. Only the recommended ibuprophen. I decided to do some research and read about other women who have had ovarian cyst and what they have done to remove it. A woman who had many ovarian removal surgeries kept coming back. She looked into alternative medicine and one of her friends recommended Cats Claw which is anti- inflammatory and has many other health benefits. I started looking for the best Cats Claws product that was all natural. I found this one. I bought a bottle and immediately felt better. I went back for a follow up sonogram a month later. I haven't had any issues lately. I feel great. Many other women have said that this helped them or their teen daughters. Will take cat claw's. I am thankful that I found something that helped me.

3. Nutri Vet Uri Ease Paw Gel Cats 3 Ounce

Nutri Vet Uri Ease Paw Gel Cats 3 Ounce

Maintaining your cat's urinary tract health is supported by a healthy, active lifestyle. Each serving contains 120mg methionine, 120mg cranberry extract, and 30mg Oregon Grape for peak urinary tract health. Craberry extract helps maintain a natural balance and helps acidify urine. Safe Formula does not contain artificial colors or flavors. All of the products made by the vets are of the highest quality.

Brand: Nutri-vet

👤My cat likes this product. I received 2 of them last week and one looked like a can. It was very hard and round, unlike the other tubes. They sent me a replacement and it looks like they sent the same tube or something. I tried to open it, but the gel came out on its own. I wouldn't eat from a tube like that. Why would I give it to my pet? I will try another seller for a refund. There is a tube on the far left. It is very hard to open and it almost exploded when I tried. The other tube is brand new as well. Do not use this tube if you receive it.

👤All of our cats are rescues. One super fluffy kitty is shy and struggles with stress grooming. She was not eating well, hiding, and she has a disease that makes her not feel well. She has medium fur length, but sheds. I ordered this and Cat-Lax, and all 4 cats loved it! I was worried about her developing a serious hair ball obstruction and ordered this to try to get things moving. I gave her 3-4 little doses a dayspread out, and she kept lapping it up. She lost half a pound because her belly distention decreased as she started to eat more. She came out of hiding. Had I assumed she was getting older, we could have been in trouble. I recommend any cat with fur. Stressed groomers, anxious cats, long haired: frequent shedders. I tried salmon oil on the cats and they didn't like it, even the kitten tried to cover it. Save this one if you do subscribe. It was great to sneak in nitenpyram flea powder. This is still the favorite in the group. I have given them different brands. Twice recently I gave it as the weather is cold and the cats are getting rid of their fur, and the second time, they puked up fur balls. Both of them picked up on eating, energy and fun within hours after.

👤My cat is possessed, she wakes up in the middle of the night and starts doing parkour in the bedroom while meowing entire operas. I read every possible cat post on the internet. She doesn't stop ruining our sleep until we are fully awake. She goes back to sleep with an angel face, but we are left with caticidal thoughts and huge dark circles at 4AM. She doesn't like the product. She turned back to me and ran away when I tried to put some on my fingers. I am Italian. I don't take no as an answer when I am sleep deprived. I spread some of the gel on her paws and she licked it and it seems to be working. This product and premium earplugs calm my cat to the point where she doesn't wake us up until 5AM, which is a huge victory. Give it a few days to see the effects.

👤I don't like the fact that this product contains SODIUM BENZOATE which is labeled as aPreservative but thanks to another poster I learned that it has been linked to cancer, restricting oxygen to cells and other awful things. The company that I wrote to said that their product is safe even for regular use because the amount used is minute. I know their claim could be true. I wonder if a company would put a harmful amount of synthetic toxic chemical in a product for a pet and expect to stay in business? I refuse to take the chance with my cat's health and well being because there are many other alternatives that do not contain harmful ingredients.

4. Advanced Urinary Support Supplement Chicken

Advanced Urinary Support Supplement Chicken

GNC Pets makes it easier than ever for your dog to feel their best with urinary tract dog supplement to help protect against urinary tract infections. Premium ingredients like pumpkin, cranberry, and wild yam root are found in this dog supplement. These dog supplements are suitable for older dogs and will help them get back on track. Their pet vitamins and supplements have been tested and approved by both cats and dogs. GNC Pets is made in the US and provides you and your pet with high quality products.

Brand: Gnc

👤I can't rate the flavor or scent of these for dogs. They definitely got my dog to stop eating his poo, like they said they would. I would recommend these to anyone who is having a problem with their dog eating poo.

👤It seems to be working. My dog is no longer confused in the dimly lit room. He seems to be able to walk quickly. I hide the taste in his food because he doesn't like it. My other dogs enjoy the taste.

👤I've been using daily for a month and a half and haven't stopped the behavior. 5 stars for flavor because I tried a diffent brand that my dog wouldn't eat at all, however she gets completely excited for this one almost like a treat. She only gets half a chew, so value is decent. It will last a long time. If I don't see results by 2 months, I will stop using it and call it a complete loss.

👤I agree with the reviewer. My dogs won't come close to these things because they stick to high heaven. You find something that works and then it's taken away. My dogs loved the beef flavoured tablets that GNC made, but they stopped making them. The chews smell bad.

👤The customer service number does not work. There is no way to reach GNC after they were purchased. Can anyone help?

👤I was hopeful that this product would help my dog but he didn't like it, unlike the competitor product that costs a bit more. If I broke in half, I wouldn't be able to give him a pill. I don't know if this helped his glaucoma since I only used a few of them.

👤These were bought for our two aging dogs. The dogs love them. They are very fragile. There are very few whole pieces left in the package when they are manufactured and shipped to me. A lot of the pieces my dogs get turn to dust at the bottom of the bottle. I mix the dust in with their food so I am not wasting product, but GNC needs to make these hold up better for the money.

👤It's too early to tell if there's improvement as it has only been a week, our dogs seem to enjoy getting these as daily treats. The rest of the canister is filled with broken pieces, and I have been able to identify about 10 full-size treats, but the rest of the canister is in a bad condition. It looks like 3 pieces are 1 full. We ordered 2 canisters and are making due. I will either be looking for a new brand or ordering directly from GNC. This appears to be a failure. We're giving them to 4 senior dogs because the pieces have a very loose granular coating on them and it gets pretty messy. There is a new word for it.

5. Solid Gold Supplements Antioxidant Rich Cranberries

Solid Gold Supplements Antioxidant Rich Cranberries

A supplement that supports urinary tract health and function for dogs and cats. Cranberries and blueberries are rich sources of vitamins and minerals that support normal urine pH. It helps maintain a healthy urine pH. Solid Gold Urine pH strips are recommended to ensure a proper urinary pH is maintained. It is easy to use. Administer with food. See the packaging for the recommended dose. Same great formula, same amazing results may be different. Cats and dogs get a nutrition supplement.

Brand: Solid Gold

👤Three of our cats suddenly started showing syptoms. I took the 3 to a specialist after several months of vet visits, xrays, tests, and food. She said you're not treating the cause. I researched to find more, including their grain free kibble, homemade wet food, and a Lysine supplement recommended by the vet. I had a Struvite Bladder Crystals that was about to be used for surgery. I went back to our old vet after 2 weeks of the new food and supplement routine and he was amazed, not a single crystal. The cats are being dosed as a precautionary measure.

👤My dog had a problem with the urinary tract. Its terrible. It smells terrible. The dog and cat don't like it. They don't want to eat or drink. Go for something that will make your pet happy. The product creates a mess. Just avoid all together.

👤Symptoms or illnesses, even injuries, are always a concern with a 3 fur household and a single parent. After 5 years, one of my cats began to go outside the litter box. He did it once before, but it was a one-time thing. I didn't know which cat it was. We had a problem on our hands this time. I wanted to know the cause of the change to the "vet food diet" and who would want to eat it, but there's no choice of flavor, texture or anything else. He didn't think the small crystals should have caused the problem, but it was. He was licking a lot. I knew that something was causing him pain or something wasn't right. He didn't have a UTI. My old vet prescribed a steroid for him to help him with his pain, since my new vet didn't like it and his comfort was important to me. All came back clear, but there were a few very small crystals. I raked the vet over the coals because he didn't know what to do or how to keep him comfortable. The new vet told me to find a cranberry powder after seeing that they had not decreased in size or left him, with me demanding something be done. My go to is for my pet needs, but they only sell the chewable and there was no way I was getting my cat to eat it. Within the past few weeks, the seller who rushed it out to me while she had a bad cold has been on it again, and there's been a complete turn around. His behavior has become much more playful and affectionate after only a few weeks after he had no out of the box accidents, no strong smelling urine, and no more. It's working. I'm amazed and relieved. He's going back for another urinalysis this coming week, which will be close to 4 weeks after using Solid Gold, and I feel certain that the results will be much better. It's berry, which my cat doesn't mind at all, and I mix it in with his wet food extremely well, so it's likely just adding a little bit of a fruity flavor to the meat or fish flavors he gets. I am excited to see the next urinalysis results. His health is the most important thing. I'm pretty sure that everyone who has a cat should be using this supplement to ensure proper PH and to make sure that no crystals build up. Over the years, we've had a lot of people that needed surgeries and had pain. The product stops the cause, therefore it stops the symptoms. I think every vet should recommend this product to their patients if the PH is off, or if they see a sign of a cyst, or if they have crystals.

6. Vetoquinol Viralys L Lysine Supplement Cats

Vetoquinol Viralys L Lysine Supplement Cats

Cats get a daily L-Lysine supplement to support their health. It helps manage common feline health issues such as sneezing and watery eyes. The immune support provided by lysine powder for cats and kittens is long-term. The gel is easy to administer and highlypalatable. Cats and kittens get 500 and 250 grams of Lysine per day.

Brand: VĂ©toquinol

👤I wish I'd done it sooner. My cat stopped eating the gel version of the medicine. I know exactly how much she is eating thanks to the powered version. Put the measured amount into a small amount of juice or sauce from their cat food. I like to pour it on top of her food. I know she is eating it. She has wet food for breakfast and dinner so it works out well and is easy to adhere to. It took about a week or two to see the difference. She had developed a wheeze when she was napping and that has gone away as well as the crusting around her nose. It's an indispensable product for giving a better life and reducing my worry.

👤This is a great supplement for cats. If they have an open wound or an upper respiratory infections. Since she was born, my cat has had both. She gets hot spots on her body. She also has anal glands that are blocked. She is always sick with something. Her lungs are compromised and her weight is up. I gave her a diet. I am working hard to help her. This supplement has made her feel better. It helped her breathe and she is doing much better a week later. The cat is on antibiotics and steroids. I was unable to get them this week. Please don't think that I'm a bad cat. My friend told me to try this and I was amazed at the product. My bobtail who is always having issues also but is mostly just a little goofy bless her wild little heart had a bad upper respiratory infection too took this and they are both happy healthy little kitties now again. My son will keep giving it to me if I buy this. I want them to be okay. I am so thankful for this product. You will never know how much this helps people like me, who can't leave their home and have sick furry babies, because you will never know how much this was sold here. I am so thankful. You know, I'm blessed and thankful more than you know. Highly recommend product and seller. A good one.

👤This stuff is great. A lot of positive reviews. I encourage anyone who reads reviews to look at the sources. I can't help but wonder if the animal wasn't ready to cross the rainbow bridge anyway, if the pet's death was linked to the use of a product with no evidence. If you're medicating a sick pet without a vet visit, you're doing nothing for the animal. Dogs and cats don't like maple flavor according to a few reviews. That is a very generalized statement. My cats love licking pure maple syrup from my plate and finger. This stuff works for my Bobo who has a cat. After about a month of using the snot rockets, he has gotten substantially better and his sneezing fits have stopped. It is inexpensive and worth a try.

7. Under Weather Hairball Support Powder

Under Weather Hairball Support Powder

Helping to prevent hair balls. The psyllium seed husks in their powder supplement are naturally loaded with fiber and can be used to allow hairballs to pass through the gut. There are natural ingredients. Natural active ingredients include Alaskan salmon oil, psyllium seed husks, and a chicken liver taste. The vet forMULATED. Their Hairball Support Powder for Cats is free of corn, artificial flavors and dyes and has a powerful and healthy balance of veterinary-formulated ingredients. It is safe and effective. The best for your pet. Under the Weather products are manufactured in the USA.

Brand: Under The Weather

👤My senior cat was having a hard time with constant hairballs. I found one or more of them almost every day. She was sad. I started by changing their diet and adding 4 scoops of the Under The Weather Hairball Support Powder to warm water. Within days, no more hairballs will come back. Ms. Senior Calico feels a lot better.

👤I have 3 cats and they all have hairball. I've tried every natural hairball remedy there is, but could never find one that would work for all 3 cats. A lot of hairball remedies contain petrolatum, which I don't like to use, but a lot of the natural products don't work. All of my friends love the taste of the scoop in their food. I'm cleaning up hairballs less than ever before, and it works well. If you've tried everything else, give it a try.

👤One cat gets a full scoop while the other two get half. It stopped the throwing up for almost two months. All 3 of them threw up hairballs, but this has stopped them. It's a little pricey but it lasts a couple months. Definitely buying again.

👤My cat doesn't like the smell of the product and won't go near it.

👤One of my cats has hairball issues and my vet recommended this. So far, so good! I'm very happy with the results, which is a huge relief for me and my cat.

👤My cat has long hair and would throw up hairballs. I decided to purchase this hairball powder to minimize that. I didn't have to worry about giving too much to my cat because it was in a container with a little scoop inside. I would put the hairball powder in the canned food. I'm not sure if my cat likes the powder, but he doesn't mind it at all. I've been giving this to my cat one scoop a day and he seems to be getting better. Some pet owners don't like the taste of hairball treats and have trouble feeding them to their cats. I would definitely recommend this if you're going through that problem, it's in the form of a powder.

👤I have an elderly longhair who gets constipated. I realized it was partly due to his sedentary lifestyle because no amount of auxiliary grooming is enough to fix the problem. It's difficult to get him to chase the red dot. He would rather sleep. The problem was solved when I began giving him Under the Weather's Hairball Support a month ago. The tasty powder is made from psyllium seed husks and has salmon oil to lubricate things. He likes it. The weird kitty doesn't like me putting liquid salmon oil on his food. I use a number of Under the Weather's powdered supplements and they help my cats. My cat loves the flavor of this one and it makes him feel better.

👤Our cat has long hair. She gets a lot of hairballs. She needs to find the right food Additives for her food is important. This seems to be helping. The jar is sealed. There is a small scoop in the jar. Sometimes they settle during shipping, so you might have to dig for it. We only put half a scoop on her food daily. Does she like it? Our cat always eats with this on it. Does it help? She is having fewer hair balls, which is exciting to me. This is helpful during the winter and summer. The bottom line. This powder is good for the body, smells good, and appeals to our cat. My rating is five stars. I would buy it again.

8. Advanced Support Supplements L Lysine Supplement

Advanced Support Supplements L Lysine Supplement

GNC Pets Advanced Immune Support Soft Chews for Cats provide your cat with just the help they need for proper immune support and function. Soft chews for cats are an easy alternative to pills for cats who are not fond of pills. 60 count cat supplements are for cats 6 months of age and older. GNC Pets is made in the USA and provides you and your pet with high quality products. Their pet vitamins and supplements have been tested and approved by both cats and dogs.

Brand: Gnc

👤I have bought GNC hip chews for my cats for years. They were very hard to find recently. I bought the tubes and kitty said no. I didn't blame him because I felt and smelled it. I was very excited to see them. I said yes. The cat hip chews were brought back by GNC. They are not like they were before. The shape is different, the color is different, and the smell is different, but the taste is the same. The only way I can get him to buy them is to take small crumbs from another brand that doesn't work and coat them to trick him. I don't know if they will be as effective as the old formula. Please bring them back.

👤None of my cats would eat this stuff and one went running away. I am sending this back because I am unhappy with the product and I have 4 cats. What a waste!

👤My long haired cat has been coughing up hairballs frequently and I bought this for him. She will not eat these. She spit it all over the floor after trying the first one. She has been trying to bury them or batting them around. I wouldn't recommend or purchase again.

👤I bought these because I have a cat that cries at night because of anxiety. Many people said their cat liked these. mine did not. Both of them. I tried crushing it up and adding it to the food, but nothing. Hopefully they work better for other people than they did for us.

👤My cats are not picky and wouldn't eat them.

👤My cat won't eat these because he eats everything. He is digging out the garbage. They smell like peanut butter. Maybe the problem is that they are very hard. We usually get 1 piece instead of 3, so maybe it's just too-vitaminy.

👤We have four cats who are rescues who could benefit from l-lysine. Only one cat will eat them. The others walk away sadly. Most cats will eat a treat like the Temptation ones.

👤They must have changed the formula. My cat loved the bags it was sold in. It was hard to find during COVID. I was happy to see they were making them again. My cat only sniffs it and goes on his way. My cat's hip and joint were affected by the original formula. grunting when jumping off furniture is over. It's just a matter of getting your cat to eat it.

9. NutriFlair Mannose 1200mg 120 Capsules

NutriFlair Mannose 1200mg 120 Capsules

Immune and urinary tract systems are supported. The D-Mannose Supplement, 120 vegan pills, contains 1200mg of DMannose, Cranberry, Dandelion Extract, per serving. It's the best supplement to get rid of urinary tract issues. The body is flushed with effluents. D Mannose is ideal for both men and women. The Ultra Potent Cleanser. D-Mannose, Cranberry Juice Powder, and Dandelion Extract are proven to promote bladder health. D-Mannose is found in berries. Malic, Citric and Quinic Acids are found in cranberry and help acidify the urine and cleanse the bladder walls. It helps promote urinary function with a proper pH balance. cranberry pills are better for maintaining vaginal and urinary health than a combination of D Mannose, Cranberry, and Dandelion Extract. You can be confident that every capsule has the strength and power that you are looking for. All of the products are manufactured in the USA in a state-of-the-art facility with strict adherence to good manufacturing practices. They are tested for quality, purity, and potency. All of their supplements, powders, oils, and extracts are for men, women, children, and seniors. The brand is trusted. If you don't like their DMannose with Cranberry and Dandelion, you have to buy it from them. No questions were asked. Customer service wants you to be happy with your purchase. Absolutely no risk. The bottle comes with a promise of 30 days of satisfaction. You can get rid of the undesirable by using this all-mighty natural urinary tract health formula.

Brand: Nutriflair

👤Doctors have tried everything but they still don't help me. Antibiotics leave some symptoms in my gut, so functioning everyday is a battle. A friend of mine suggested D-Mannose and she has not had a uti in 2 years. I ordered D-Mannose from Amazon because it had the best reviews and I feel great again. So thankful for this product. I am a member of a support group called "Uqora" and I tell everyone who asks about my product.

👤I love this product. I bought my first bottle of the product on Amazon in May 2020. I have had chronic infections. I tried to minimize the severity of the problem. My doctor referred me to a urogynecologist back in 2015. I was put on a daily pill by my gynecologist to make the environment of the bladder unfriendly to the E. colibacteria that was causing my UTIs. I didn't go back to the urogynecologist since it was over an hour away from my home, and I thought my family doctor could prescribe me the medication. He didn't want to prescribe it when he renewed it because he wasn't familiar with it. He assumed that it causes the bladder to be more acidic, which in turn causes a hostile environment for the E. colibacteria. He never did the research on the medication. I went to the doctor in May 2020 because of an aggressive bout of thrush that I had gotten because of the last round of antibiotics I had taken. I get yeast infections after a round of antibiotics. I had a bad case of thrush in May that made me feel like I was eating razor blades. I thought it was a case of strep throat because it felt like the one occasion in the past that I had had it. I have been taking antibiotics because I have had a lot of utis. I asked my doctor if he could prescribe the medication that the urogynecologist had prescribed for me. He asked if I remembered the name, but I said no. I reminded him that he had told me that it might change the bladder's PH level. He said that cranberry extract does the same thing. When I got home from that appointment, I looked it up on Amazon. I kept seeing the D-Mannose in the results as I put my search request in for the cranberry extract. I watched a few videos about the benefits of D-Mannose and did some research. I added the cranberry extract to my search parameters. I was looking for the highest concentrations of both supplements so that I could deliver my punch. I was going to buy a few bottles. I found the D-Mannose with Cranberry and Dandelion Extract. The concentration of Cranberry extract and D-Mannose was perfect for me, and the dandelion extract also has natural diuretic properties, which helps the system to flush out thebacteria. I don't get the typical symptoms of a UTI, like burning while urinating, or a high temperature. My first symptom of a UTI is lower back pain, which has developed because I have not caught it in time. I was able to get rid of the UTI by taking four capsule morning and evening for the first day, then one capsule twice per day as a supplement to prevent or at least reduce the frequency of recurrence. At the first sign of back pain, I have been taking silver. It works well without the side effects of antibiotics. It goes away in 24 hours, instead of three days, if you take the D-Mannose with the silver. I love this product.

10. Grain Free Silky Smooth Texture Kittens Chicken

Grain Free Silky Smooth Texture Kittens Chicken

The food in the smoothie is Grain Free Nutrition made with real chicken and Salmon. Real meat is the first ingredient in a cat food that is formulated to give your cat the nutrition, she needs and the taste she loves. The high amount of water in the cat food is what your cat needs. Feed your cat high-protein because she craves animal meat. No matter your cat's age or stage of life, you will find complete nutrition and delicious flavors in the Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse.

Brand: Tiki Pets

👤My cat stopped eating. I tried a lot of things. He licked any gravy. One of the top cat foods is Tiki. I tried this. It isn't a pate. It is not liquid. He would lick up some to keep him alive and comfortable. It was a relief for both of us. It costs so much that I didn't give it 5 stars. Most of us would do anything to help one of your dearest friends who is suffering or close to dying. I had to put him down a couple weeks ago. He ate well and got great sustenance from this product. If your animal can't chew or has no appetite, I would recommend this product. I felt a sense of relief to see MAXIMUS eating again. TIKI, your product gave me some time to love and comfort my friend.

👤Good quality food is important to feed your pet. I'm a vegetarian. I give my cat meat. I don't over feed him. He will be 18 years old in December and you will not know it. The food is very smooth. I give him 1/3 to 1/2 at a time. I add boiling water to it after it has been sitting in the fridge.

👤My cat loves these, and his sugar levels have been great. Will buy again.

👤It worked well for my cat.

👤My beasts love this stuff.

👤My cat has cancer and her appetite is low. It is very easy for her to eat this food. The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars was because I had a question about their bags being recycled.

👤This was supposed to be like a crack and all the cats loved it. Two cats don't like it. The amount of food you get is based on previous reviews. More thanks to tiki! A lot of people were positive about it, even though I was searching for it in stores. I think one of my boys didn't care for it because he was dying of cancer and didn't want any food. I think my other guy was mimicking him. Thanks for the reviews and matching what I was looking for at the time of need, Tiki! The cat upstairs has gained 1 lbs. because she eats it like she can't get enough. in 3 weeks?

👤It's great for an older cat with food issues.

👤My cat likes this food. She has loose stool when she has half a pouch. I've only given her small amounts of the new food because she never has loose stool on her regular food. I think it's the xanthan gum, which can cause gastrointestinal issues.

👤I was so excited that I was able to buy this product on Amazon. It is difficult to get to the pet store because I do not have a vehicle. Amazon is cheaper and gets delivered to my door. My cat is on all of this kind of food.

👤My cat didn't like it. I was disappointed that he took the twelve-pack pouches, because I gave it away. If he had eaten it, it would have been used as an alternate meal.

11. Solid Gold Supplements Antioxidant Rich Cranberries

Solid Gold Supplements Antioxidant Rich Cranberries

Their blend of Cranberry extract, blueberry extract and vitamins C and E provide complete unrinary tract support for dogs and cats. Cranberries and blueberries are rich sources of vitamins and minerals which may help with a normal urinary pH. There is protection for the uti. Berry Balance's powerful ingredients help fight inflammation and flush build up from the urinary tract. Promoting bladder health and healthy urine flow. It is made in the USA with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and is great for picky eaters. Don't forget to test the stilts. Solid Gold Urine pH strips are recommended to ensure a proper urinary pH is maintained.

Brand: Solid Gold

👤My male cat has had a history of recurrent urinary tract infections for the past 6 years because of crystals, even though he has a diet of wet food and a urethrostomy surgery. It has been a constant battle. After his last two infections, he finished his antibiotics. The vet told me to find a cranberry supplement for cats. I followed the dosage on the label and so far he hasn't had another UTI. I'm giving this 4 stars as it seems to be working, but my cat will not eat this on his own or crumbled in his food. I have to break it in half and make a powder out of it, but he gets it down. I don't think this is a cure or treatment for the actual UTI. It seems to be preventing the next one.

👤My dog thinks this is a treat. Whenever she sees me pick up the container, she goes crazy. The uti issue seems to have been solved completely. She's been taking it twice a day. I feel confident giving this product to her daily because I believe it is a quality product. We'll be going to the vet again soon to check her ph level and make sure she continues to be able to urinate easily. Solid gold, thank you!

👤I ordered the Solid Gold Dog and Cat supplements for urinary tract health and testing, but it arrived without the pH strips. It's annoying when it's missing one of the selling points. I wanted to make sure I got the issue solved correctly.

👤I put them in with her food so she can eat them. They do what they are supposed to do. I like that they are reasonably priced and last a long time. They are not hard and are better for older dogs who have issues with their teeth. When she seemed to have an issue, my cat would take these. I haven't given her them on a regular basis yet because she hasn't needed them, but they are something I can definitely do.

👤I tried another product that didn't work out. I decided to use Solid Gold for a year prior to my review. Excellent! My little Skippy was not a fan of getting struvite crystals. His PH was crazy. I tried mixing ph balancers into his food. YUCK! He's on a diet of turkey and 1/3 cup of pumpkin with a cup of diet food for my other dogs. His diet and the Solid Gold were worth 6.5. It is ph daily. Solid Gold is taken based on your dog's weight. 1/2 chew daily for a month. Then 1/2 chew every other day.

👤Excellent product! I switched to Blue Wildnerness wet food for my cat because he was in pain from cystitis and I had no choice but to give him daily treats. If you have a male cat, please add these to their diet. I'm very happy that I found these.

👤My cat Jango had a surgery last year because of his repeated urinary issues. I don't think these treats kept him out of surgery, but they did help in the healing process and lowered his urinary pH. I waited to write a review because he didn't get any infections or have any issues after his surgery, but it was March 30th. Now. He's back to being fat. I would recommend these to pet owners for preventative care, maybe one or two treats a week, and step up your male cats water consumption. If your cat is recovering from a similar issue, they might be helpful in preventing infections.


What is the best product for under the weather urinary support soft chews cat supplement?

Under the weather urinary support soft chews cat supplement products from Pet Naturals. In this article about under the weather urinary support soft chews cat supplement you can see why people choose the product. Pure Mountain Botanicals and Nutri-vet are also good brands to look for when you are finding under the weather urinary support soft chews cat supplement.

What are the best brands for under the weather urinary support soft chews cat supplement?

Pet Naturals, Pure Mountain Botanicals and Nutri-vet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for under the weather urinary support soft chews cat supplement. Find the detail in this article.

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