Best Vital Proteins On-the-go Variety Dietary Supplement Stick Pack - 5ct

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1. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Ounce

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Ounce

Adding Vital Proteins' Collagen Peptides to my morning cup of coffee or smoothie is so easy to use, that's what I recommend. High quality and sustainable source of this powerful ingredient is derived from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine. The body is absorbed quickly for maximum benefits. Paleo Friendly and Whole30 approved. There was no added sugars or sweeteners. It is dairy free. It was odorless. The 20g Collagen Powder provides 28 daily serving. Inside the container is a scoop for precise measuring. The empty space inside the container is reserved for the measuring-scoop.

Brand: Vital Proteins

👤I was putting this product in my coffee every morning until this morning, when I noticed something darker in the container. I thought it was a bug or a clump of product. I am almost certain that it is mouse dropping and I am so disgusted. I will never buy this product again.

👤It is unfortunate that the "click to accept" terms and conditions from software and websites have found their way to our food. The inclusion of binding arbitration clauses is concerning. It's not something you'll see when you look at the product in the store, as they've sealed the lid and included a notice on the next seal.

👤This is a great product. I started taking this with a shake to see if it would improve my fingernails. I began to notice a change in my skin tone three weeks later. This has made my hair soft and no longer dry. My fingernails are stronger and have less ridges.

👤I love this stuff! I drink it in the morning. They claim that it isflavorless, which is the reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5. I can tell the difference when I drink coffee with or without it. It is not a bad taste, it just makes it thicker. I took this for two months and one of my friends said that my skin was glowing and that I was getting really bright. I stopped taking it because I never got around to ordering it. Hopefully I can stay on track with it if I'm invited back to take it.

👤I am not sure if the changes I have made in my lifestyle are making a difference or if they are just combining. I don't feel achy in my joints. I like the way you put this in your coffee and it doesn't change the flavor, so I will keep an eye on what else I notice.

👤It seems to be improving hair and nails. Not a big change. I have seen an improvement.

👤I put a review on the wrong shipment. I use VitalProteins daily and it's very similar to the product. I have never had a problem with the seller. I think it's a great idea!

👤I was hesitant about buying a product because I thought the taste was bad and it cost $26. It's a bit pricey for only twenty servings. I decided to take the plunge because VitalProteins seemed to have less complaints in this category, and my skin and joints were definitely needing something more than my current supplements were providing. The product was packaged securely and arrived yesterday. The single scoop was gone from my coffee this morning. I put milk or cream in my coffee, but first I put in a scoop of collagen peptides and it disappeared without any noticeable change in the coffee's consistency. I took the first sip of the cream. The flavor of my coffee was barely changed by the third sip, and I didn't notice anything different. The taste difference would disappear if one used a sweetener. I will give it a month or two to find out what it can do to help my skin and joints, but for now I am completely satisfied with the product.

2. Vital Proteins Melatonin L Theanine Blueberry

Vital Proteins Melatonin L Theanine Blueberry

Sleep Gummies contain dreamy ingredients to help you slip into better sleep to wake up feeling rested and ready for the day. There is a method for this. melatonin, L-theanine and vitamins B6, each bite of their Sleep Gummies is guaranteed to shield your nighttime wellbeing. Sleep Gummies are made with natural fruit and taste delicious. Their Sleep Gummies are free of synthetic colors and artificial flavors and are made without dairy or soy. 1-2 Sleep Gummies can be taken about 15 minutes before bed to support healthy sleep. There is a method for this.

Brand: Vital Proteins

👤It works well. It was not possible to wake up in the middle of the night. There was no grogginess in the morning.

👤I took one of these and was awake by 12. This has happened many times with these. I have to give a review because it's my experience and the problem may be all mine.

👤These help me sleep. I like the taste of the Olly brand ones better.

👤The product gave me the opposite effect of sleep. I felt hungover the next morning after sleeping so badly. I took a couple of days off after the initial experience and tried it again. I don't use this one, but I use other VitalProteins products.

👤I have a hard time falling asleep and now I take 2 gummies.

👤The gummies were in one solid chunk. They created a giant gummy ball. The gummies on the outside of the ball did not help with sleep at all. I wasted my money on these.

👤I wake up the next morning feeling a bit sleepy because I take both gummies. I take one and it works well for me, and has improved my sleep.

👤I stay asleep because of these. I do not like the fact that they are 4 carbs. The trade off might be worth it.

3. Hyaluronic Acid Capsule Pills Supplement

Hyaluronic Acid Capsule Pills Supplement

120mg of Hyaluronic Acid is from sodium hyaluronate. There is a method for this. 2x daily value of vitamins C and E. There is a method for this. 5x Daily Value Biotin is a pure grade of vitamins B7 and B6. There is a method for this. A vegan option for those looking for a youthful appearance. There is a method for this. Take 2 capsules per day.

Brand: Vital Proteins

👤The product used to be 120 capsule but now it is 60. Same ingredients and prices. Half time. The price is the same.

👤The company has cut this product in half but has not changed the price. The new packaging doesn't have the words "Collagen" on the front or in the ingredients. I am not sure if this is the reason, but the new product does not work as well as the old one, which did strengthen my nails a bit. I need a new supplement as my nails are very weak after I took this new product.

👤I have been taking this supplement for less than a month and it has already made a difference in my skin and nails.

👤After 3 weeks of taking this product, I noticed a huge difference in my skin tone. I look refreshed. My face looked hollow before I looked exhausted, but now it looks plump. I drank a lot of water with the skin hydration supplement to get the hydration boost. My nails were never long or strong. They are very strong after taking these pills. I have arthritis in my thumb. I can bend it to touch the finger. I recommend this brand for someone who needs extra hydration for their hair and nails. My hair grew faster. The combination of vitamins C and acid helps you produce more skinnier skin. The added biotin is great.

👤I was hoping to get a boost from these supplements, as I already take the collagen peptides daily. If I saw results in my hair and nails, then the pills would work. I stopped taking the supplements for a month or two after I didn't see anything, but then I realized they were working in unexpected ways, and I returned to taking them. I had a dry mouth for months. I thought the change in weather or my drinking more water made it go away, but once I started taking the pills again, the dry mouth came back. These aren't pills for partying. During an intense workout, I would occasionally get abdominal pain. My doctor thought it might be a hydration issue. When I started the supplements, I increased my water intake and electrolytes. When I stopped taking them, the pain came back, but it disappeared after I went back on them. I suffer from extreme Eczema from November-March. It is quite the sight for sore eyes. It is gross and painful. My fingernails don't get long in the winter, so I add to that. The pills have helped alleviate the grossness. While taking the supplements, I have not experienced the same symptoms. I have longer nails than in the past and they seem stronger. If you feel that these don't work, then stop using them. Give it a go for a couple of months after you come back to them. You will most likely be happy to know that these suckers work. I would like these to be a little bit smaller to make it easier to swallow.

4. Vital Proteins Collagen Powder Lavender

Vital Proteins Collagen Powder Lavender

Their BeautyCollagen is a blend of bovine hide collagen, hyaluronic acid, probiotics, organic lemon, organic lavender, and organic berry. Beauty Collagen can be easily absorbed in cold or hot liquids. Adding a scoop or two to your food or beverage will give you the vitamins you need to support your health. There is a method for this.

Brand: Vital Proteins

👤The first thing I noticed was my nails. My nails hurt most of the time after I had broken them. They are strong and beautiful now.

👤Great for joints and hair.

👤Not a cup of tea at all. It was very thick and not easy to mix up.

👤The safety seal was removed and I won't be able to use it. Not happy.

5. Vital Proteins Supplement Collagen Tropical

Vital Proteins Supplement Collagen Tropical

Skin hydration helps to increase skin hydration and elasticity. No added sugars, added sweeteners, or added Additives. It's so refreshing in smoothies, teas and more.

Brand: Vital Proteins

👤I take the single packages with me when I go away for business.

6. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Supplement

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Supplement

The benefits include healthy hair, nails, skin and joints, as well as skin-loving Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins C and E. They source their bovine hide from Brazil. The predominance of proline and hydroxyproline is what characterizes their collagen. VitalProteins' collagen has functional properties that can not be found with other sources. VitalProteinsCollagen Peptides are easy to digest in cold or hot liquids. Add to food or beverages to get the boost you need.

Brand: Vital Proteins

👤I love it! It can be added to anything. I usually add it to my food.

👤There is no flavor in this product. I put it in a cup of tea.

7. Vital Blueberry Formulated Melatonin Magnesium

Vital Blueberry Formulated Melatonin Magnesium

10g of bone broth is used for each serving of organic grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine. Functional ingredients include organic ashwagandha root extract, magnesium, GABA and melatonin. No dairy is made without dairy, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or Additives. Add hot water, hot milk or your favorite non-dairy alternative to make a creamy treat.

Brand: Vital Proteins

👤It helped me fall asleep, but it was hard to get down. The taste is gross. I had to take it easy to get through it. This product is not going to allow for sipping, relaxing, and enjoying. The taste makes that impossible. Just say "down the hatch" and get it down quickly. I regret buying this.

👤The description of the ingredients in the picture that I saw did not correspond to what I was told when I placed my order. My neurologist confirmed about 10 years ago that phenylalanine is my primary cause of seizures. That's the reason I read things like crazy. I really wanted to try this stuff for better sleep.

👤I am all for a drink that tastes good, however, this one was terrible. The flavor is so bad. The flavor profile of blueberries is a dirty sludge with a sweet flavor.

👤This is worth the price. I mix my milk with a mini drink froth and enjoy every sip. I sleep well. If you like healthy tasting sweets and smoothie then you will love this. You won't like it if it's healthy, vitamins and plant based. I will be buying this again. If you love this stuff, you should try the brand MoonJuice and buy their spirit dust and golden milk drink mixes.

👤This flavor is not good at all. I felt sick after drinking it.

👤I use this occasionally. I'm not sure if that matters. The flavor is not bad. I mix mine with warmed oatmilk and froth it with a milk frother to get it blended. I don't know if I notice a difference overnight or not, I'm a terrible sleeper and wake up several times a night. It makes me sleepy. I enjoy the process. I enjoy sipping it before bed, and I must like the flavor enough. I probably won't buy it again because it's expensive.

👤I was excited to try this product to help with sleeping but I can't stand the taste.

👤I really enjoy the VitalProtein at night. I finally figured out how to use it in, after a little adjustment. I use one cup of almond milk and heat it up to make a stir in one scoop of a substance. I mix well. It is my new favorite routine. It contains ashwaganda. The taste is not like a berry. I like coconut and a taste of berry. I love it! I am at the end of my first month. I have enjoyed it.

8. Vital Proteins Collagen Clinically Tested Wrinkles

Vital Proteins Collagen Clinically Tested Wrinkles

VitalProteinsCollagen Gummies is a supplement that reduces fine lines and wrinkling, supports hair and nails, and increases skin elasticity. There is a method for this. The VERISOL Collagen Peptides stimulates fibroblast cells in the skin to increase their collagen production and help combat aging and environmental influences. Their grape-flavored gummies are convenient and delicious. The non-GMO canola oil improves the gummy's texture and mouthfeel. It is made without dairy, soy, or gluten. Synthetic colors and artificial flavors are not allowed. Take 4Collagen Gummies every day as part of your daily regimen.

Brand: Vital Proteins

👤I started with the powder but switched to the gummies after giving up coffee. This product has changed my life. I got peach fuzz, but I got better looking skin and hair. Dr said it was ok to give my daughter half a serving. My nails are stronger.

👤These were expired and made me sick. I think the bottle was taken off because it didn't have an expired date. I don't believe the brands fault. I don't usually leave reviews, but I was looking forward to these.

👤I lost a lot of hair after an illness in 2020. A friend gave me the advice to start taking vitamins. There was a big change in the growth of my locks after a month. It is amazing. Let's see if the bottle continues to strengthen.

👤Highly recommended! The quantity per serving is less when compared to the vital powder. I remember taking the gummies more frequently than the powder supplement. I end up taking the same amount as if I only used the powder once or twice a week because I would forget. I highly recommend these supplements to anyone who is looking for skin/wrinkle/fine line prevention. Consistent patterns and routines yield desired results. I will continue to use this product in my daily health care regimen. It's a good thing.

👤You can find them cheaper in the candy aisle. They help with hair, nails and skin. After several weeks, I can't tell if there is a difference. Save money.

👤Love is love. If you want better hair, skin, and nails, you need these.

👤They melted in my mailbox. Only for an hour. Please replace.

👤I'm shocked! I can see the results after the first 30 days, but my nails and skin look 888-492-0's. I'm impressed!

9. Vital Proteins Collagen Supplement Hyaluronic

Vital Proteins Collagen Supplement Hyaluronic

Meet Morning Get Up and Glow. It's a supplement for people who want to boost their morning energy and beauty regimen at the same time. It can be used alone or in conjunction with your current beauty routine. 10g ofCollagen Peptides (grass-fed, pasture-raised); 600%DVVitamin C; 90mgCaffeine (Coffeeberry Energy); 60mgHA; 500%DV Biotin; 2B CFUs probiotics. Skin, hair, and nail support are what it does. It increases skin hydration. Promotes the synthesis of collagen. It increases energy. A clear and glowing complexion is supported by the support of the bicyle. How to use If you are using their powder, mix 1 scoop with 8 ounces. oz. Stir your favorite warm liquid. If you prefer, add ice once mixed. If you're interested, try it. Seeking to boost your morning wellbeing with a powdered supplement that combines the benefits of beauty-related ingredients.

Brand: Vital Proteins

👤I bought this because I was tired of taking huge tablets. They were giving me the amount ofCollagen I needed, but I just couldn't handle the large tablets. I found a replacement that was going to be easier to take and it had more collagen in it. I am glad I bought this. I take collagen to help my nails grow stronger and to help keep my joints working the way they should. I've been taking this for a week. If you're going that route, you need to take it with warmer water. I've been taking it that way. If you take it with warm water, it will be more enjoyable. I have to take mine with me or it will upset my stomach. Is there any results yet? Yes. Joints are working well. I wasn't expecting my skin to improve so much. I'm not looking for a miracle in that area, I have a ruddy-type complexion and I will always have it. It has calmed down a lot of the redness. Is it energy? It gives energy. It gives you a boost to get going in the morning. I'm happy with this. I'll keep buying it if it continues to work for me. It's called weight, not volume, if you only get half a container full. You get 9.3 ounces of product, not the amount of product to fill up the entire container. If you notice, it's the same for cereals. If people want to complain about the container being half full, email the company and tell them to put it in a smaller container. You will get the same amount of product.

👤I take a capsule with my coffee in the morning. It provides an extra kick of energy and I haven't had an afternoon energy drink since I started taking this combo. My skin feels great. My skin looks less dry and the chicken skin on my upper arms has improved. I work with a lot of chemicals that dry my skin.

👤I purchased it because of the reviews. I recommend drinking it first thing in the morning because of the good taste and the fact that it has caffeine in it. The actual powder is less than half of the bottle. That is disappointing to me.

👤The product has been great so far. I take it before my workouts so I can feel better all morning. I am a coffee junkie, but I have been able to get back into coffee consumption after taking this product. 100% will buy again.

👤I ordered this because I thought it would help me in the mornings. It helped me a lot. No jitters, natural energy. Highly recommend.

👤I was hoping that this would be a more relaxing option than coffee, but it is not for me. I am thankful that I didn't just down a whole scoop without caution, because a half of scoop made me jittery and my heart racing. It was expensive to not like and not be able to return. I like the flavor and it's warm. I occasionally have a quarter of a scoop for a little afternoon pick me up, but now it's too late.

10. Vital Proteins Pasture Raised Grass Fed Collagen

Vital Proteins Pasture Raised Grass Fed Collagen

The powder is derived from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine. The body is absorbed quickly for maximum benefits. VitalProteins exclusive product is the Original Collagen Peptides with Hyaluronic Acid. It helps improve the health of your hair, skin, nails, joints and ligaments. It's easy to use. Soluble in hot or cold liquids. It's all you need with about 1-2 scoops a day. It can be taken in the morning, afternoon or evening. All Natural. Paleo Friendly and Whole30 approved. There was no added sugars or sweeteners. It was odorless and tasteless. Free from dairy, cholesterol, and heavy metals. 20g ofCollagen Powder per serving. Two scoops of powder is 20g. The container isn't full because there is room for the scoop. The product quantity is based on the weight.

Brand: Vital Proteins

👤I have been fighting with taking large pills, powders and elixirs since I was a child. It took me 3 months to become an informed participant after hearing about this powdered collagen. I don't consume any supplements. I looked at large bodies of research to support my opinion of the product. I decided to give it a try. I bought the single serve and shook it up in a water bottle, then prayed I wouldn't throw it up. It was barely. I mean barely any taste at all. You can't even taste the 200 liters of organic milk, a splash of carnation milk, 1tspn organic agave, 1tspn organic cocoa powder, 1 scoop of collagen powder, and 1 scoop maca powder. Joint pain gone! Hair growth 1 inch in 1 month, nails are stronger, skin is less wrinkled, and you can see the fine lines in the 5x magnifying mirror. I wanted to address some joint pain for clarity. The ancillary advantages were not what I was looking for. I drink the shake after my workout in the morning. For women of a certain age, it reduced the flame on and in the heat of the night episodes, so get your sleep back. I am in good health and have an uncompromising size 6, but I was taking my health for granted. I thought I could still hitch my wagon to the good genes. I should have been taking supplements all along because things come to an end. I'm very pleased that joint pain has been reduced by 70%. I am not a doctor and sharing my results is not intended. I had no expectation of a positive or negative outcome, so I'm pretty shocked at the results. Do your research!

👤I wanted to speak about the benefits of the product in a review. I started with the smaller container to get a good test run of the product. I do a lot of research on the products I put into my body, and this company checked out what I had read. Check quality. The taste of this product was the first thing I thought of, and if you take as many scoops as you want you can definitely tell there is a taste. It is a mild taste. It did not change the color of the tea at all, it dissolved into the hot liquid. I decided to change my doseage, so I put 1 scoop into coffee and then 1 scoop at night when I drink my post-workout drink from another company. There are no more taste issues. My hair is growing quicker than before, but not incredibly fast, so don't set yourself up for that expectation. My hair and nails are stronger than they have been in the last two years. My skin is getting better. I still get a lot of blemish, but I've noticed a glow, not over-oily. I feel better. I hope this review serves you well, if you're like me and read every review before buying a product. If you're curious, but don't want to commit to the larger container, get the smaller one and give it a try. After one month, I saw benefits, combined with a moderately healthy diet, and the only thing I changed about my routine was adding a scoop of this powder to my coffee/shake. If you don't choose this product, you should check all the labels. Cheers!

11. Vital Proteins Collagen WaterTM Bottle

Vital Proteins Collagen WaterTM Bottle

Their strawberry lemon smilng water is a delicious twist on wellbeing. It was made with fruit juice. The juice of real fruit is made from bovine shirring. Their water has a little zing to it. All you need to do is drink. 10g ofCollagen is absorbed quickly by the body for maximum benefits. Ready to drink. They are grab-and-go to make your life easier. Keys, phone, and water. Take everything you need to tackle your day. All of the benefits are available on-the-go. 3g of sugar or less is health truth. There are no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or Additives. It's dairy free. Their water is sweetened by whole-food ingredients.

Brand: Vital Proteins

👤I love these drinks. They helped me with my recovery after my C-section. My skin hair and joints have improved since I started having one a day.

👤Product can't even get a refund. I normally buy in store but haven't been able to find it, so I thought it would be okay. It doesn't taste right and it's discolored.

👤I got these because someone suggested them. I feel like everything is drying up on me and these help my skin and joints. It's great.

👤I got the powdered product because of a recommendation from my daughter. It has a bland taste, but I like the benefits. My skin looks better and my skin no longer feels dry, but I have noticed that my pores look smaller. I'm receiving praise. The water is good for a grab and go because it tastes like the powder. If you purchase the powder, you won't get a huge difference in taste, but I will keep drinking with the hope that the same affect will be achieved.

👤The price is too high. I was buying cases of 12-16 at a reasonable price. This cost is too much for someone who is in love and going through withdrawals.

👤I had these from a store and loved them. I drank the first bottle from my order and realized there were brown chunks in the drink. I was expecting a better price.

👤I was so excited when I saw these. I ordered the drinks. They were delivered on 10th of October. The strawberry had a beat buy date of 2-7-2020 and the blueberry had a best buy date of 10-09-2018. That is very annoying. There are no returns for these drinks. They go to the trash. I tried to upload pictures and it told me that there was an error and I should try another file. I am over this whole experience with vital proteins.

👤I was surprised by how much I liked the Peach Tea flavor. I love it when I try something new. This brand hasn't gone wrong yet.


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