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1. Zinc 220mg High Potency Supplement

Zinc 220mg High Potency Supplement

The Immune Support System is vital for a healthy immune system, and promotes healthy growth during childhood. There is a decline in the rate of fatal disease. Zinc reduces inflammation and decreases stress in the body. Zinc can promote the production of collagen, which can help keep your skin smooth. Maintaining skin elasticity can be done with zinc's wound-healing properties. Promoting a healthy reproductive system and fetal development is promoted by reproductive health. Quality is made in the USA in a certified facility.

Brand: P Puregen Labs

👤Deceptive marketing. The description says 220mg extra strength zinc, but it's actually 50mg zinc, just like generic pharmacy stuff for half the price.

👤I don't like bad reviews. I have to be honest. I don't get sick from taking vitamins. Doesn't bother me at all. I throw up whenever I take zinc. I don't care if I take it with food or not. It makes the throwing up harder when you take it with you. It could be that it's just for me. I want to tell you why it has affected me this way. I can't say that this brand of zinc makes me feel that way. It's just the facts of my experience with it. It will be fine if you take it. Just how my body responded to it was not a bad review.

👤If you don't take with food, this will make you nauseated.

👤Amazon is the only place where I have found Zinc. The doctor recommended it to my father. The product is as advertised and always arrives when promised.

👤I had bad stomach pain even with food.

👤Zinc Sulfate 229 is a Sulfate. It has definitely met my expectations. I was told by my doctor how to strengthen my immune system. I haven't had a cold all winter. I couldn't find the correct compound or dosage in any other places.

👤My coworker told me that it helps in the healing of wounds. I got bitten by a spider. I took an antibiotic as well and it helped the healing.

👤Throw them away. They were taken 3 times per direction. There were stomach pains and burning. Thrown up white foam and yellow stuff. It's really bad.

2. Life Extension Minerals Vegetarian Capsules

Life Extension Minerals Vegetarian Capsules

What areRACE MINERALS? They all need trace minerals for optimal health. While they only need small amounts of trace minerals, they play an important role in hundreds of their bodily functions, from supporting their immune system to helping maintain healthy bones and joints. Their formula provides bioavailable forms to support your body and immune function in one convenient supplement. As they get older, zinc deficiency becomes more common, making it essential for your immune health. When it's part of a heathy diet, chromium plays a vital role in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels for those within a normal range. It's also shown to help prevent oxidative stress and support optimal calcium metabolism. The body needs copper to convert iron into a form that can be utilized by hemoglobin, which helps your red blood cells transport oxygen. Vanadyl sulfate is a form of the trace mineral vanadium, which can help promote iron metabolism and may support healthy blood pressure levels. INGREDIENTS MATTER - Sourced using only the finest raw ingredients with the purity and power your body deserves. A Certificate of Analysis is available for every product they produce, and the majority of their products are non-GMO, non-genetically modified, and manufactured in the USA. Live your healthiest life. They have been developing advanced, effective formulas for over 40 years. They believe the answers to a healthier, richer life are within reach, and that rigorous scientific research is the path to get them there. The ingredients and dosages used in the studies that inspired them are used to create their formulas.

Brand: Life Extension

👤No stars! Don't buy! I believe "LifeExtension" changed the ingredients. It now contains a very dangerous artificial sugar compound that makes weight gain almost inevitable. I understand that it is used to carry small amounts of ingredients. I am aware that maltodextrin is approved by some regulatory agencies. I started gaining weight when I started drinking the new version. Very bad! I recently found out that minerals are important for good health and that many of us are not getting them in our food, so I tried this formula. I may try another, but I'm happy with this. My mom said that my hair is getting darker. I'll buy it again when I'm older. I think this is a good idea. No longer recommended.

👤I was going to re-order when I looked at the reviews. Maltodextrin is included in other ingredients. I discovered that this can have serious side effects after reading about it. I believe that even a small amount of maltodextrin is too much.

👤I was looking for a generic trace minerals that contained Molybdenum and copper, but I didn't pay attention to what else was in this. It has Vanadyl Sulfate. I didn't know what it was until I took the supplements for two weeks and felt like my brain was shutting down. I told my boyfriend that I felt like my brain wasn't getting enough sugar. Vanadyl sulfate lowers blood sugar, and I have hypogonadism. My brain was not getting enough energy. This is not for people who have low blood sugar issues or who don't know what it is.

👤This product has a high dose of vanadium. Toxic levels of vanadium can be found in the bloodstream. After taking this product daily for three months, I started to experience fatigue, flu-like symptoms and mental imbalances. I felt better when I stopped taking it. Before you purchase this supplement, please take a moment and search for "vanadyl sulfate". This product has too much of a dosage. The content of both Molybdenum and Chromium is excessive. Do not consume large amounts of vanadium daily, like what is in this product. I will probably take the product until it runs out twice a week, but not every day.

👤The smell and taste of these are terrible, even though you just swallow them. I threw them away because the taste and smell wouldn't go away after a while.

👤It's a great deal on minerals, but it needs to be taken with meals for people who are sensitive to zinc. If I take it on an empty stomach, it will come back up again in about 20 minutes. It makes you vomit.

👤Many zinc supplements have too much zinc, this supplement has a safe amount of zinc combined with copper. If you are taking other copper supplements, do not take it.

👤Many trace mineral formulas have calcium in them. Calcium isn't a trace mineral. I was happy to find a formula that did not have calcium, but did have trace minerals.

3. Supplement Peak Performance Vegetable Ingredients

Supplement Peak Performance Vegetable Ingredients

Synthetic vitamins are used in most Zinc supplements. But not us! 30mg of raw whole food zinc and raw vitamins C are included. The benefits include acts as a powerful antioxidant and plays a vital role in the health of the body. The vegan formula is made without all the harmful ingredients. It was made under the highest quality standards. Most online supplements are not tested by 3rd party. Many supplement sellers don't want you to know that their products aren't independently tested outside of their own facilities. Why? Most companies will not sacrifice their profit because of the extra cost of conducting 3rd party testing. But not them. Peak Performance is committed to the highest standards of safety. Over 400,000 happy customers and a donation to vitamins angels. Peak Performance is celebrating over 400,000 happy customers and they are very proud of their 1-for-1 donation match program. For every unit you purchase, they will give a child at risk of malnutrition with vitamins for a year. Over 1 million children have been supplied with vitamins. Thanks for helping them continue this great cause!

Brand: Peak Performance Coffee

👤The email for the person in charge of the recall did not work. Will keep trying. It's possible that he/she had a lot of people email what to do.

👤The taste is like turtle food and you should always contact your doctor. I think it works for those who used to take small pills. You don't feel different immediately. I am not dead. I think it is working. There are reviews for better nutrition facts. My reviews are for average joes. Just buy it. Get better.

👤I take supplements to replace vitamins and minerals lost on the trail, because I tend to eat quick and easy, which doesn't always mean healthy. This is the first Zinc supplement that I have ever taken and after a lot of research I chose this brand because of it being organic and raw. I like that it increases the immune system since I am outside a lot. We are in the middle of flu season. An increase in energy is the biggest benefit I have seen.

👤My hands and feet had an itch that made me want to kill myself. I have never experienced that in my life. I flushed my system with water and took a benadryl after using a brilliant pad to scratch myself. It was terrible. I guess I'm allergic to zinc.

👤This brand and zinc are my favorites. I have never taken zinc before, but it helped my husband. I get over our colds.

👤I bought it for my 14yo son because I had read that zinc helped balance hormones for teens, in multiple studies people with severe acne had lower zinc levels, and he had lightweight break outs. He is taking zinc and his chin is clearing up, don't know if it was the zinc or not, but hey... The brand seems good based on the ingredient list.

👤It was not upsetting to my stomach after effect.

4. Amazon Elements Chelated Copper Glycinate

Amazon Elements Chelated Copper Glycinate

A 6 month supply of 180 capsules is included. Take a capsule with food to support a healthy immune system. There is 15 zinc and 2 copper glycinate per serving. There are no artificial colors, flavors orPreservatives. Made in a good facility. If you like Jarrow Formulas Zinc Balance, they invite you to try Amazon Elements.

Brand: Amazon Elements

👤Amazon Elements Store has low quality zinc and copper. The cap was broken and Amazon won't do anything about it. The quality of the supplement is not good. It made me sick after taking them. I stopped taking them because I felt bloated after taking it. It was a wasted of money. I don't think you should buy this. Better look for a supplement that is more expensive than the one you are using.

👤The capsule is filled mostly with rice flour. I don't want to eat large quantities of refined grain powder. They are inexpensive for this amount of zinc and copper. The rice flour should be lost and the capsule and bottle shrink.

👤It is good that this zinc supplement includes a small amount of copper. Most don't.

👤You can buy hundreds of different zinc supplements, but few are independently tested and you can't call a number to get test results. Amazon Elements is the first place to go if you want to buy supplements because you care about what goes into your body. Adding copper is a nice bonus. Pricing is unbeatable. Win-Win.

👤I need more time with this product.

👤I have bought twice now. If you tend to use zinc frequently, the copper is very important. The importance of zinc and copper is researched.

👤I couldn't taste the pills I took to stay healthy. As I get older, I have added insurance to stay healthy.

👤I can get minerals in a bottle. It is exactly what I wanted. It is easy to swallow.

5. Quercetin Seasonal Supplements Cardiovascular Capsules

Quercetin Seasonal Supplements Cardiovascular Capsules

It supports immune system health. 60 calories per serving. It supports cardiovascular health. Respiratory health supports. Quercetin increases the absorption of zinc.

Brand: Sandhu's

👤When my daughter found out she was exposed to COVID-19, I ordered these for her. I researched the benefits by reading studies against the two diseases. She had symptoms of a severe flu the day she received them. She started feeling better after taking Quercitin/Zinc, along with extra vitamins C and D. She got her positive test results the next day. She credits her fast recovery to the supplements. I told her to take them through the fall and winter.

👤The idea behind this product is good, but the company is using magnesium stearate which is a big violation as far as being a healthy zinc option.

👤I had heard of zinc but never of this product. On a deal of the day, I learned of this. It was purchased for safekeeping because of reviews. Woke up with a cold. I took one in desperation. The next A.M. had no common cold symptoms. I was amazed. The same thing happened again two weeks later. The start of bad head cold symptoms took 1 and symptoms went away again.

👤I have been dealing with swelling and fluid retention in my feet and legs for 2 years. Doctors couldn't figure out why they did hundreds of tests. They tried a lot of drugs and nothing worked for me. Lasix helped a bit. After taking it, the swelling would go down but it would come back to normal again the next morning. I started taking Zinc Quercetin and within a week the swelling and fluid retention was gone. I stopped taking the Lasix and just took the Zinc Quercetin and it has been almost 2 months since I last had fluid retention. I also lost 30 lbs. This supplement is very good.

👤Your immune system needs zinc in order to function. Our body has other important roles as well. It's absorption into the cells is aided by quentin. I take it to boost my immune response.

👤I got pneumonia in both lungs after a long bout with Covid 19. I was struggling to recover lung capacity during intense activity. After a few days of taking this supplement, I felt better and exhaustion was less than it used to be.

👤The online label says it has vegetable calcium Stearate. The bottle states Magnesium Stearate. I wouldn't have bought them because of Magnesium Stearate. I avoided products with Magnesium Stearate.

👤Would recommend. The pill is hard to swallow and it is rated at 4.5. When I got Covid, my sister recommended these. I used these along with other vitamins and it helped me get over the virus in 3 days. Everyone is different and there are tons of factors that affect their outcome. The pros are 1. I was helped with Covid. I have no medical experience but they helped me. 2. The low dose is needed to achieve daily intake. The pill size is 2. The container does not go down easily. 3. What color? The yellow contents are not inviting. These seem to work and definitely help, besides the cons listed about the intake portion.

6. Mega Zinc Supplement 50mg Micronutrients

Mega Zinc Supplement 50mg Micronutrients

Their Mega Zinc Supplement is a triple blend formula consisting of three powerful forms of zinc - zinc oxide, zinc citrate and zinc gluconate. It's specifically formulated to give you a powerhouse of zinc. It's perfect for maintaining a strong immune function for a long time and for a quick recovery. Zinc is a powerful zinc and it is important for clear healthy skin. When skin is exposed to UV light, the mineral helps heal and rejuvenation the skin cells as it protects them from the harmful rays. It has anti- inflammatory and cell regulation properties. SUPPORT REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH. Zinc is needed for growth and repair. Zinc is an essential mineral for cell function and healthy tissue development, in particular, DNA synthesis and cell division, promoting a healthy reproductive system and foetal development. The triple form combination has been shown to be gentle on the stomach, reducing the incidence of tummy upsets. A 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee is offered by TRUSTED.

Brand: Pure Micronutrients

👤When I tested positive for covid and my mother tested positive, she recommended this NAC as well as quercitin, vitamins c, zinc, aspirin, and melatonin, because my friend did a lot of research about preventing and treating covid. I was certain that my mother would die if she got covided. Both of us had an easy illness when we started taking this along with the other supplements. I can't say for sure what caused that. She was very bad off before she started taking this regimen and she improved very quickly once she started. My illness never got worse. I started having my fiancĂ©e take the same regimen right away since I was in a house with him. He didn't end up getting angry. My middle child got upset at the beginning of this week because three of my children were at their dad's. I started my other two children on this regimen as well since they were in the same household with their father for the week. My two other children have not contracted the illness, and my middle daughter started getting better immediately after starting the regimen. I'm a believer. I don't know if this helped or not. I know that it did not hurt, and we are continuing to take this regimen as it is preventative and can help reduce the effects of covid.

👤I looked at my supplements drawer in my kitchen and realized that I have a lot of Pure Micronutrients products. I think they must be doing something right. The Mega Zinc Triple Blend is a perfect example. Most of the zinc supplements you can get online only contain one form of zinc, and that's zinc gluconate, zinc citrate, or zinc sulfate. How do you know which zinc form your body will find the most bioavailable in? You can either spend a lot of time and money trying out different zinc compounds, or you can just pick up the Pure Micronutrients Mega Zinc Triple Blend and not have to worry about it. One of the zinc compounds is bound to be taken up by your metabolism type. I didn't go for another cheap single-compound formula that would have done nothing for me, so I'm glad I picked this one. Pure Micronutrients has outstanding supplement products.

👤The fine print states that this is 45% of the daily requirement. I bought this for my mother and she took it for 6 weeks and it made her taste like metal. After stopping for 3-4 weeks, her taste is starting to improve. It had to be thrown away because it was advertised as being gentle. Had to pay more attention to the Mega dosage.

👤I chose this zinc supplement because it has a higher concentration of zinc than some of the other supplements I have tried. I was concerned that it might cause GI irritation, but I am happy to report that there has not been any. It is working well, as far as I can tell, after a week of taking it. After taking Pure Zinc for a couple of days, I have noticed an improvement in my sleep quality.

7. Quercetin Zinc Immune Support Supplement

Quercetin Zinc Immune Support Supplement

Are you sick of seasonal illnesses? Fight flare-ups with Mt. Angel Vitamins. Immune system support is supported by vitamins. Better than elderberry with zinc and vitamins. Immune Support Supplement can help you with your body and mind. Quercetin with vitamins C and zinc is proven to improve metabolism, circulatory support, and cognitive clarity. ZINC SUPPORTMENTS - With so many immune boosters for adults offering combinations of elderbery, vitamins c and zinc, don't drink elderberry gummies with zinc. Gummies don't provide the immune booster needed. Quercetin or elderberries? The immune boost is provided by the bioflavanoid in Elderberry Powder. Go with pure Quercetin, vitamins c and zinc. The strongest Immune defense formula is in capsule form. Mt. Angel Vitamins has pure products. They make sure your inside-out wellbeing with supplements that work from within.

Brand: Mt. Angel Vitamins

👤There is a warning about exposure to chemicals. I'm not sure how I can be exposed to lead at a supplement facility, but I'm not interested in this product anymore.

👤When I was diagnosed with covid, I ordered these. I am not in the best health at 55. I thought I was going to die. I recovered from taking these supplements in about six weeks. I don't know if these saved my life, but I want to get them for ya.

👤This seems to be the perfect mix to keep me from getting respiratory infections. I am a nurse and that is important to me right now.

👤It has been recommended by many health specialists to fight and prevent covid so far and it has been working great to get stronger and even get rid of the flu.

👤I like the combination of zinc and Quercetin as it helps Zinc get into the cells.

👤This had the best ratio of ingredients I was looking for.

👤There is a big supply of vitamins in a single capsule. This product allows me to get the same benefits by eliminating taking so many different pills.

👤I would get allergic rhinitis about once every two weeks. It was terrible. The problem kept coming back even after I tried everything from natural supplements to steroids. I have not had an allergic attack since taking Quercetin. I am very grateful to have found this supplement.

8. Dr Mercola Dietary Supplement Serving

Dr Mercola Dietary Supplement Serving

The Zinc Tincture bottle has 3.88 ounces. oz. About 28 serving. This product is free of genetically modified organisms, free of soy, and free of USDA organic. Zinc is essential for a healthy immune system and protection against the effects of cellular aging, it is also required for the proper functioning of your brain, heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, bone and muscles. * Their liquid Zinc is made with zinc sulfate and has a touch of organic apple juice for flavor. It is free of questionable ingredients such as alcohol, corn and citric acid. All Dr. Mercola products have a 90-day money back guarantee. If you don't like your purchase, simply return it to them and they'll give you your money back.

Brand: Dr. Mercola

👤Tasty and doesn't make me want to vomit. If you take zinc tablets, you'll know what I'm talking about.

👤I only used one or two droppers for the whole day. I came in with high expectations because I wanted to like the product. I felt like I was heavier. My body felt like it had more inertia in the morning. It felt like it was harder to get up. This thing is a cure for heartburns. Every time I had a heart burn, I took some within 2 minutes. Very good for indigestion.

👤I don't have COVID-19 yet, but I'm not sure what this zinc is doing for me. Quality health products and advice are what Dr. Mercola is known for. It's perfect for my smoothies because of its smell and taste. It doesn't change the taste of the smoothie at all.

👤I warded off the bug with my zinc and vitamins Cs.

👤Dr. Mercola products are of high quality. This one misses me. I put Zinc on my skin to absorb Zinc but apple juice makes it sticky. This product sticks to my teeth and is hard to get off because it is in and on the mouth tissue for absorption.

👤It made me vomit when I used the recommended dose. I had tried a smoothie and it made me sick. I don't get nauseated or vomit. I have had liquid zinc before. I don't know what is causing those symptoms, but I'm done with this supplement. Just beware.

👤Zinc supplements don't taste very good so it's hard to get a kid to take them. My kid didn't even complain about this one being better than most. I think it is worth the money because of the amount of zinc in each serving.

👤It doesn't taste bad. I am using it to build up my immune system. I also bought my son liquid vitamins.

9. Sulfate MaryRuths Glycerin Supplement Provides

Sulfate MaryRuths Glycerin Supplement Provides

Liquid Zinc is an easy-to-take Zinc. The zinc in the body is needed for healthy immune function, and it plays a role in supporting the health of your body's macrophages, an important component of your innate immune system. The human body is unable to synthesise zinc, meaning that it is necessary for health, but not essential. Zinc is needed for many bodily processes. Their Liquid Zinc is a no-nonsense way to make sure that your body gets the amount of zinc it needs for overall health. The vegan formula contains 11.25 percent Zinc. Purified Water, Organic Glycerin, and Mustard Seed are other ingredients. Mary Ruth's Liquid Ionic Zinc is a liquid supplement that provides zinc in ionic form, meaning that it is found as an ion in the solution. The product was easy to take and formulated for adults and children. There are approximately 4 pumps. Store in a dry place. If there is an accidental overdose or choking, keep out of reach of children. The dropper usually fills about 13 of the way. Mary Ruth's Liquid Ionic Zinc is vegan, non-GMO, and made in a good quality facility. It's free of dairy, nut, wheat, soy, corn, nightshade and sugar. Kid Friendly. 40 serves is what the bottle comes with.

Brand: Maryruth Organics

👤If you are already getting enough zinc from your diet, taking a full serving of this supplement will cause you to overdose. My sister overdosed after only a dropper full, and that isn't even a full serving. Track your reactions with one or two drops a day. Unless you have a blood lab telling you that you have a severe deficiency, it's better to start with a small dose and increase until you feel better. If you get headaches from taking this, it's a sign of overdose. Hope this helps. Stay safe!

👤The ionized zinc is my favorite product. If you're trying to live a healthy lifestyle, this is a tool you want in your kit. Its immune system booster helps with the metabolism of calories. Stay healthy.

👤If you're confused by how much to take, you're not alone. The daily dose is 6 pumps, so the attached picture would clarify it for you. There are two dropperfulls. The taste is not great but if you mix it with your drink it will be ok.

👤I bought this for my kids because I love the Mary Ruth line. I am hesitant to give them this one. It came with 6 pumps. I called their customer service line because I didn't know how much a pump was. The person I talked to said the pump was squeezing the dropper and releasing it to fill it. It is a shot in the dark because there is no measurement on the dropper. He said that the dosage on the bottle is incorrect and that it is now 4 pumps. The bottle tells you to give your child more than the recommended amount.

👤I have been looking for a good zinc supplement and I was excited to try this product. I like that it is in liquid form. I like that this product is unflavored and I can add it to my morning smoothie or liquid drink. This product is vegan, sugar free, and watersoluble. I have a hard time getting rid of the zinc coating in my mouth because it lasts for a long time. I think a measuring cup would have been a nice touch because measuring out 6 "pumps" is a little difficult because the instructions said it should be 1/3 of the Ampule. I would have liked to know that I was measuring the correct amount. Overall, I really like this product and would purchase it again.

👤This isn't Mary Ruth's zinc. We have purchased this product multiple times and are familiar with what it should be. This isn't it. The liquid inside was a bit sweet. I gave the bottle to my 10 month old before I took it myself. I don't know what my child received from this bottle. From now on, I will be purchasing directly from the source. This is not acceptable.

👤I've been looking for a zinc supplement. When I saw Mary Ruth had one, I was happy. I trust the brand so it was a no-brainer for me to buy. The dose is easy to follow, and all age doses are clearly written on the bottle. It's one less thing to remember. I drink it in my morning tea. I'm ready to start the day. Will purchase again.

10. Garden Life Zinc Vitamin Supplement

Garden Life Zinc Vitamin Supplement

ZINC WITH VITAMIN C FOR IMMUNE HEALTH. Their Zinc supplement provides a whole food form of Zinc with over 250% of the new daily value, and a raw form of Zinc with 600% of the new daily value, both in a whole food form. The natural co-factors are: Adding raw organic fruits and vegetables, as well as trace minerals, and probiotics, will help your body recognize the vitamins and minerals in your diet. Zinc pills are made without high heat and have no synthetic or filler ingredients, which is why they are called "raw zinc." ZINC FOR SKIN HEALTH, PROBIOTICS, andZYMES: You can open the capsule and mix the contents with water or juice if you want. There are provisions for older people. Their zinc supplement is third-party certified vegan, non-GMO, Kosher, and carbonfree.

Brand: Garden Of Life

👤All of the good-sounding stuff in there is not related to your zinc dose. If you don't read carefully, it's just a way to make you think that you are getting your zinc naturally through raw veggies or whatever. You are not. The company does not claim that. The company's website says that your supplement is delivered in a whole food base of 23 fruits and vegetables. Like powdered apple and powdered tomato. That has nothing to do with your zinc dose. Carefully reading all the information this company gives about its products reveals a lot of complex and confusing babble - to make you think their products are superior. They are not. An example of such babble is "Nobel Prize-winning science that inspired this process to grow food vitamins similar to vegetables in the soil." Guess what that means? It means that your vitamins were grown in a yeast culture. That's the way vitamins accumulate inside food plants. The supplement is not derived from veggies or anything, but is made with individually grown vitamins and minerals, according to the website elsewhere. Guess what else? Every vitamins manufacturer follows the same process to get vitamins. Not really superior, eh? What does it mean by 'raw food'? Absolutely nothing. It's just more marketing to make you think that this product is delivering zinc in a better way. It is not. "RAW Food-Created Nutrients" is a phrase that the company has a trademark on. It's a marketing slogan. "Breakfast of Champs" is a famous trademark of wheaties cereals. It sounds good, but what does it mean? Nothing. Even if no one ever eats a single bowl of it, they can slap it on every box of cereals they sell. Wheaties can try to convince you that it means something. But it doesn't mean anything. Sounds good, doesn't mean anything. The company's jabber is called "Raw Food". Maybe the product hasn't been cooked. Who would cook it to put it in a capsule? The phrase is meant to make you think that you are getting a supplement that is zen-like. You are not. The magic of raw food is found in its simplicity. When you eat a food that is uncooked, you are eating it in harmony with nature. Maybe, maybe not. I don't want to eat raw chicken and get sick. It doesn't really say anything meaningful or relevant to the superiority of this product, even if it were taken as a completely true statement. What does stuffing apples and tomatoes in my zinc capsule have to do with whether or not it's a superior zinc supplement? Absolutely nothing. The information that matters is absent. What kind of zinc does this product contain? It matters a lot. Science knows that zinc is poorly absorbed. It is compounded with another substance that will improve its absorption. Some zinc compounds are more effective than others at being absorbed. Zinc Orotate is very well absorbed, but neither Zinc Gluconate nor Zinc Acetate is better at absorption. The Zinc Oxide absorbs less than any of them. You want to know what kind of zinc is in this product, right? It doesn't tell you if you search the bottle, box, or website. It says you are getting 30mg of zinc. Period. It might be the cheapest and most effective form of zinc. One thing is for sure. The company is not going to let you know. The company responded with more babble and refused to answer his question about what kind of zinc it was. They would be proud to say that it's the worst kind of zinc. A copper deficiency can be caused by a large dose of zinc. Does this product contain trace copper? Who knows? The product information this company provides doesn't tell you anything. Eye can tell you that better zinc supplements add trace copper. The glowing 5-star reviews are just marketing babble. I impulsively bought this product. I threw the product in the trash after I did the research at home. I ordered a bottle of L-OptiZinc, which appears to be a far superior zinc supplement. A capsule filled with zinc and vegetable powder can't even be metabolized.

11. Now Supplements L OptiZinc® Copper Capsules

Now Supplements L OptiZinc%C2%AE Copper Capsules

Immune support is high in biologically active form. A form of zinc and methionine. Take 1 capsule daily. There are classes and certifications. Non-GMO, vegan, soy free, Kosher. The NPA A-ratedGMP certification means that every aspect of the NOW manufacturing process has been examined, including their laboratory/testing methods. A family owned and operated company has been in the USA since 1968. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Now

👤I bought 3 bottles of NOW L-OptiZinc 30mg between September 2015 and September 2016 I was satisfied with the quality of the product. In order to give 2 bottles to my family, I purchased 3 bottles in one order. I noticed a change in the appearance of the bottles when I received them. My family and I started taking zinc capsule. After taking the L-OptiZinc capsule, I felt unwell. I didn't realize the connection until I had been taking these for more than a year. We all realized that the culprit is this (perhaps with a modified formula) after I received similar reports from two of my family members. L-OptiZinc is now available. As soon as we stopped taking this dangerous product, the symptoms stopped for us. We switched to another Zinc supplement and have not had any problems so far. I can't say if taking zinc supplements could improve the immune system, we take them hoping that it would strengthen the immune system. This product should be taken off of the marketplace by Amazon until the problem is fixed.

👤These gave me a bad feeling and a throbbing head that lasted about an hour or so. I took it on an empty stomach and will be trying to again after eating some food, but I need to make sure I take it alone, as I take quite a few I'm just waiting. It's easy to swallow. Reviewers have said about zinc toxicity and copper imbalance. Don't take it all in.

👤The church has a Holy GRAIL stewardship. Medical studies show that 30mg of Optizinc 3 times per day can help clear your skin. The difference is already amazing. It's important to get this message to ensure absorption and minimize risk of excess zinc intake.

👤I was in the emergency room with severe stomach pains. They had to give me narcotics to make the pain go away. I'm back to normal after stopping. Be careful with this. It is 30mg, like others have mentioned. Thats too much for me. Don't do what I did. I only took this for a few days before going to the ER. This is serious. My experience shows that this stuff is potent.

👤I've been taking this product for over two years. I credit this product with helping to solve my 25-year battle with my skin condition, which I have battled for 25 years. I started taking one capsule at night before bed, so I could sleep through any negative side effects, and then increased it to two each night. I regret not taking it sooner.

👤The product is ok, but I'm very sensitive to these terrible "veg" capsules. The information on Amazon says they're in a capsule. Not true. There's nothing to worry about. Construction glues used the artificial chemical msg cellulose as a component. There is noWHERE in nature where methyl cellulose occurs. It's a known allergy. Why do supplement companies use these?

👤I was having a hard time with scars and healing cuts. I get canker sores once a month. The sores seem to last less and less since I started taking it. Nothing seemed to work until I started taking this product. A lot of different reviewers use it for different reasons.


What is the best product for zinc copper supplement organic?

Zinc copper supplement organic products from P Puregen Labs. In this article about zinc copper supplement organic you can see why people choose the product. Life Extension and Peak Performance Coffee are also good brands to look for when you are finding zinc copper supplement organic.

What are the best brands for zinc copper supplement organic?

P Puregen Labs, Life Extension and Peak Performance Coffee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for zinc copper supplement organic. Find the detail in this article. Amazon Elements, Sandhu's and Pure Micronutrients are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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