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1. NUTRITION Recovery Endurance Supplement Magnesium

NUTRITION Recovery Endurance Supplement Magnesium

Zinc supports the immune system. ZINC, MAGNESIUM, and VITAMIN B6 are high quality forms. 10 vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, zinc and vitamins B6 and B6. Zinc Magnesium Aspartate can help fill gaps in your micronutrient intake.

Brand: Optimum Nutrition

👤I don't write reviews. It has been months since I reviewed something I purchased from Amazon, and I purchase things from the site a couple of times a week. I am 30 years old. I don't think I have ever had a good nights sleep in my life. I can't remember one. I fractured my neck about 3 years ago, but I'm not a fan of taking pain medication. I deal with the pain and discomfort on a daily basis. It has made getting to sleep at night more of a challenge for me, but I still never miss my 4:30am workouts! I am always tired because of this. I have wondered if other people are as tired as I am and if my tiredness is normal. I have heard about ZMA before. I was skeptical about trying it. I have used a number of sleep aids. I have always been tired and they have never worked well enough for me to be impressed. I have never taken ZMA before. I took it before I went to sleep. I was discouraged because I didn't think it was making me sleepy. I took it at 7pm and by 8pm I was done. I would lay in bed to see if laying down would make me realize I was tired. I fell asleep 10 minutes after laying in bed. I didn't pass out like I do when I take a drug and can't keep my eyes open. It was a normal way of falling asleep. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I had a lot of vivid dreams. I think dreaming is fun. I only woke up once last night to use the bathroom, which is a miracle because I usually wake up every single hour of the night. When my alarm went off at 4am to wake me up and get me ready for my workout, I didn't feel like I should hit the snooze button because I was wide awake. For the first time in my life, I feel well rested. I will continue to use ZMA because I am very impressed with it. I will let my friends and family know about it. I will most likely never use another sleep aide again. If you feel like you need to get a better nights sleep, I highly recommend trying this. I wake up early to workout. A good nights sleep is the only way to get a good workout.

👤I am so disappointed in ON, the new look has the same trusted Quality, but with high quality forms of Zinc, Magnesium, and VITAMIN B6. I always bought their caps. When my ZMA arrived, I noticed that they're using a cheap form of magnesium that doesn't absorb well the magnesium they previously used. I'll be changing brands immediately. You've lost my business. Don't skimp on ingredients if magnesium prices go up. Restaurants usually go out of business when they do this. The company thinks its customers are stupid. So disappointed.

2. NOW Zinc Picolinate 120 Capsules

NOW Zinc Picolinate 120 Capsules

There areZYME functions that support them. Zinc is essential to the normal functioning of many organs and systems within the body. Zinc is a necessary mineral co-factor for hundreds of enzymatic reactions. There are classes and certifications. Kosher, vegan, non-GMO, and Halal. The NPA A-ratedGMP certification means that every aspect of the NOW manufacturing process has been examined, including their laboratory/testing methods. A family owned and operated company has been in the USA since 1968. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Now

👤Zinc is not something that you can just take without paying attention to what you are doing. The recommended daily allowance for adults is between 8 and 14 grams depending on which resource you consult and whether you are male or female. The upper limit of safe intake is 40. You will not absorb all of the zinc because this product is 50 percent zinc. Zinc picolinate may be the best absorbed of the available supplements, as it led to increases in hair, urine and erythrocyte zinc levels. In 1987 Jun;21(1-2):223-8), there were 22. There are other forms of zinc. I don't recommend that form because some people don't seem to absorb Zinc oxide. The Feb;144(2):132-6 was published. The article is titled: "10.955/jn.113.181487". The article was published on Nov 20. The amount of zinc that you absorb will not depend on whether you have a deficiency or not, but on your current intake. Zinc seems to be better absorbed from a supplement than from food, however, within 24 hours of taking zinc, absorption seems to be down-regulated. 10.1024/0300-9831/a000037) is a book. This is a supplement that should be taken regularly because the body adjusts to your zinc intake very quickly. It is possible to eat enough high-zinc foods on certain days. Some foods that appear on the lists have less than 10% of your recommended daily allowance, so use one that has the % RDA included. It's unlikely that you'd get enough through them. It's hard to get zinc from food, but if you're having a huge steak, you don't need to supplement that particular day. The balance of zinc and copper must be kept. We do not need a lot of copper. When zinc goes up, so does your need for copper. A study found that over 60% of those prescribed a zinc supplement were told to take zinc at levels that would lead to a copper deficiency. If you have systemic inflammation or hypoalbuminaemia, your zinc levels may be misleading. The Sep;68(9):723-5 was published in 2015. The article is titled: "Jclinpath-2014-202837". The book was published in 2015 Jun 17 If you have been told to take zinc by your doctor, it is important that you also take copper. If you are a patient with cancer, you should work with your team on this, as you may need more strict levels of copper. I would give this supplement 5 stars if it included copper to prevent a deficiency and if it had a warning on the label. Someone may trade one problem for another, unaware that the supplement could be a factor. I hope this review helps you. Good health to you, let me know!

👤I don't know what to think of Zinc. I bought it while I was on the verge of losing my mind. My doctor said that sometimes there's a link between the minerals and the rink. That's what I think. Nothing was written in ink. I drank and watched my cheeks for signs of pink. My eyes are tired. My other parts, wink wink? I felt no changes happenink.

3. Sulfate MaryRuths Glycerin Supplement Provides

Sulfate MaryRuths Glycerin Supplement Provides

Liquid Zinc is an easy-to-take Zinc. The zinc in the body is needed for healthy immune function, and it plays a role in supporting the health of your body's macrophages, an important component of your innate immune system. The human body is unable to synthesise zinc, meaning that it is necessary for health, but not essential. Zinc is needed for many bodily processes. Their Liquid Zinc is a no-nonsense way to make sure that your body gets the amount of zinc it needs for overall health. The vegan formula contains 11.25 percent Zinc. Purified Water, Organic Glycerin, and Mustard Seed are other ingredients. Mary Ruth's Liquid Ionic Zinc is a liquid supplement that provides zinc in ionic form, meaning that it is found as an ion in the solution. The product was easy to take and formulated for adults and children. There are approximately 4 pumps. Store in a dry place. If there is an accidental overdose or choking, keep out of reach of children. The dropper usually fills about 13 of the way. Mary Ruth's Liquid Ionic Zinc is vegan, non-GMO, and made in a good quality facility. It's free of dairy, nut, wheat, soy, corn, nightshade and sugar. Kid Friendly. 40 serves is what the bottle comes with.

Brand: Maryruth Organics

👤If you are already getting enough zinc from your diet, taking a full serving of this supplement will cause you to overdose. My sister overdosed after only a dropper full, and that isn't even a full serving. Track your reactions with one or two drops a day. Unless you have a blood lab telling you that you have a severe deficiency, it's better to start with a small dose and increase until you feel better. If you get headaches from taking this, it's a sign of overdose. Hope this helps. Stay safe!

👤The ionized zinc is my favorite product. If you're trying to live a healthy lifestyle, this is a tool you want in your kit. Its immune system booster helps with the metabolism of calories. Stay healthy.

👤If you're confused by how much to take, you're not alone. The daily dose is 6 pumps, so the attached picture would clarify it for you. There are two dropperfulls. The taste is not great but if you mix it with your drink it will be ok.

👤I bought this for my kids because I love the Mary Ruth line. I am hesitant to give them this one. It came with 6 pumps. I called their customer service line because I didn't know how much a pump was. The person I talked to said the pump was squeezing the dropper and releasing it to fill it. It is a shot in the dark because there is no measurement on the dropper. He said that the dosage on the bottle is incorrect and that it is now 4 pumps. The bottle tells you to give your child more than the recommended amount.

👤I have been looking for a good zinc supplement and I was excited to try this product. I like that it is in liquid form. I like that this product is unflavored and I can add it to my morning smoothie or liquid drink. This product is vegan, sugar free, and watersoluble. I have a hard time getting rid of the zinc coating in my mouth because it lasts for a long time. I think a measuring cup would have been a nice touch because measuring out 6 "pumps" is a little difficult because the instructions said it should be 1/3 of the Ampule. I would have liked to know that I was measuring the correct amount. Overall, I really like this product and would purchase it again.

👤This isn't Mary Ruth's zinc. We have purchased this product multiple times and are familiar with what it should be. This isn't it. The liquid inside was a bit sweet. I gave the bottle to my 10 month old before I took it myself. I don't know what my child received from this bottle. From now on, I will be purchasing directly from the source. This is not acceptable.

👤I've been looking for a zinc supplement. When I saw Mary Ruth had one, I was happy. I trust the brand so it was a no-brainer for me to buy. The dose is easy to follow, and all age doses are clearly written on the bottle. It's one less thing to remember. I drink it in my morning tea. I'm ready to start the day. Will purchase again.

4. LyteShow Sugar Free Electrolyte Supplement Hydration

LyteShow Sugar Free Electrolyte Supplement Hydration

Add one serving of LYTEshow to 32 ounces of water and you'll get an isotonic beverage that replaces fluids lost from sweating, exercising, or other dehydrating situations. Magnesium is an important electrolyte for energy conversion, muscle function and nerve conduction that many sports drinks, electrolyte powders and pills leave out because it is too pricey. This essential electrolyte is a key component of their perfectly balanced formula of magnesium, sodium, chloride, potassium electrolytes, and trace minerals. Don't get run down, zinc and energy with electrolytes can help you recover. Dehydration can leave you feeling tired and low on energy. LYTEshow's liquid concentrate can help restore and replenish electrolytes to assist your body in water absorption, fluid balance regulation within the cells, and proper brain function for energy conversion and metabolism. Just the things you need. You won't find calories, sugars, sweeteners, and artificial colors here. LYTEshow is non-GMO, vegan, and Whole30 approved. 3rd Party is made in the USA. LYTEshow can be added to cold or hot water and can be used in beverages such as smoothies, tea, and even carbonated beverages. If you're sensitive to the mineral flavor, they recommend adding less or mixing with a squeeze of lemon or a splash of juice.

Brand: Lyteline

👤I have been using this product for 4 years. I thought this would be great for my summer music festival trips, but my need for this product has evolved to other athletic activities as well. This product is amazing. I put a small pouch of these into my hydration pack so I can go all day long. I use this product for weekend long music festivals, hiking, and exercising in hot weather. This beats drinking water alone. My body needs the added electrolytes because of a serious medical condition and this helps alleviate any muscle pain after my workouts. I cannot recommend this product enough. If you are a serious athlete, weekend warrior, or just looking to beat those bad days, please try this product. It is worth it. Your wallet and body will appreciate you later. A frugal shopper, not a paid reviewer.

👤I have been left with a weak immune system because of my cancer treatment. I like this liquid more than powdered because I am able to go out into the heat and humidity of North Carolina with a bottle of water. As long as I remember to start my day early and not drink coffee, I don't fear passing out in Temps above 75. The easy to use travel packs will allow you to squirt the flavor into your bottle with ice and water. You're good to go.

👤The rehydration tabs/packs are here. I've used coconut water powder and other brands. The only thing close to the show is the coconut water powder, which has Magnesium, a critical component of rehydrating dehydration victims. The show has more. This is a must for med kits if you are traveling to third world locations or just managing expired hikers. Small bandages andduct tape should be included in the quick access portion of any med kit, as they are among the more commonly used items.

👤When I was working in the heat a few years ago, I used the smaller, bottled liquid version. I liked it then. I decided to try the larger Rip Pack version when I started again. Wow! Does it ever stop the keto flu? If I notice the first signs that my system is tipping, I just rip open one of these and let it dry. I sometimes add Himalayan salt. This is a good product. I tried a different type of electrolyte. I let it set for a bit, but it wouldn't get dissolved in water. I ordered it. Glad I did. I am happy to have a second pack of 50.

👤I was looking for a sugar free alternative to my diet. I tried many but they were all too sweet and made me itch. After doing some research on all the unflavored varieties to find what she felt was the right balance of vitamins and minerals, I asked a nutritionist for a suggestion, and she recommended LyteShow. I drink it daily and it is now my go to drink. I like that it is liquid and easy to use. The amount of water it takes to suck is the only complaint I have. It's important for a rip pack to have 30oz. I put it in a large glass of water.

5. Ionic Liquid Zinc Adjustable Supplements

Ionic Liquid Zinc Adjustable Supplements

IONIC ZINC is the highest quality chain. The Zinc Sulfate in ionized form is delivered in bottles. Each bottle contains 1200 drops of Zinc. One serving contains 5 droplets. Their Liquid ion Zinc is the most bioavailable form of Zinc and is more effective and faster acting than Zinc tablets or capsule. Immediately after taking their liquid zinc supplement, your body will be nourished. Zinc is an essential mineral that is involved in over 300 biological processes, including immunity, mood & brain function, children's development, digestion, and eye function. * ZINC FOR EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY. You can easily adjust dosage sizes for all ages with their Liquid Zinc. Triquetra Health's Zinc is produced in a facility that is certified for quality and purity. It is sugar-free, smilng, and free of artificial ingredients, colors, and binders.

Brand: Triquetra Health

👤It was what I wanted. Covd-19 is problematic for me because of my illnesses. Zinc can help with reproduction. I don't know if that is true. I felt it wouldn't hurt to increase my levels. I take a B-complex. I try not to eat too much. I stay in my house. I have help from my family. Everyone has a responsibility for themslves. Good product as far as I know.

👤The product is great to use. I usually take 10 drops in the morning and evening since I tend to work around people all day. I can feel a boost of energy. Don't mind the people who complain about the taste, just drink it with some milk or fruit juice and you're good to go.

👤One thing I know is that they are very potent and you need to be careful with them. They made my stomach rumble and I was not sure what was going to happen. I looked at the side effects. I was taking too much. I now take one drop a day.

👤The bottle says 5 drops, so it's puzzling. It is hard to believe. They do not give you a graduated dropper. If you have ever measured a liquid using a graduated dropper, you know that it is much larger than 5 drops. I think it's a quality product because you can tell it's a metallic taste by putting it in your mouth. It would be a better product if you knew how much you were taking.

👤A great product, but was delivered with a cap that was not completely removed, fluid leaking in the package, and a security seal that was not applied. The product came without a security seal at this time. My rating is being maintained.

👤After 3 days of use, I was constipated. I realized it was the drops when I stopped using it. The pills are better.

👤It's amazing for children and yoyrself. I add it to juice every day. I went with this guy because I was on the fence about boosting my family's immune system.

👤This is easy to use. The dropper makes it easy to put into a smoothie or tea which will remove the bitter taste.

6. Ionophores Protection Absorbable Bioavailable Supplements

Ionophores Protection Absorbable Bioavailable Supplements

It supports respiratory and immune health. It supports healthy circulation. It supports energy levels and promotes cognitive health.

Brand: Sandhu's

👤After the first dose, I was sick with nausea, abdominal pain, shaking chills, headaches, and a weird skin sensation. The symptoms of zinc toxicity should not be occurring at a dose of 22mg of zinc. Is there an error with the formula? My friend is also taking this product and she has not had any adverse effects. I contacted the company about my reaction which lasted for two days. They are sending me a different formula to see if I like it. Customer support is good.

👤My understanding is that zinc needs to be combined with an ionosphere in order to go deep into the cells and help keep the immune system strong. It seems that would be important. It saves me from having to find zinc and ionosphere products. I don't know how this is working for me, but I think it's a good step for my health.

👤I have never had an issue with any of the supplements I have taken before, but every time I take these they make me throw up. I don't know what the issue is with them.

👤They got sick and bought it for a family member. They recovered quicker than expected. I also took it. Never got sick. They wanted to know if it worked as they said. Wasn't upset.

👤This supplement is terrible. Jay gave me nausea and dizziness. It made me think I was going to throw up. I don't think this product is safe and I don't know where they get their zinc. Don't buy other companies. Look for companies that have third-party testing.

👤This is a good product that has scientific research behind it. It's ideal for daily consumption.

👤I just took the first bottle. I have not had any upper respiratory infections in the last month or so. Two herbal materials help in absorption of zinc. I am ordering more.

👤I like zinc with ionophores. It helps with absorption and daily health. Prevention of illness and treatment protocols are recommended by me. It helps to keep my allergies at bay. It is in my daily lineup.

7. Futurebiotics Nutrient Support Supplement Picolinate

Futurebiotics Nutrient Support Supplement Picolinate

Their FDA/GMP registered New York facility has lab tested their superior quality formula. Zinc is a key mineral for their immune system and supports their body's natural defenses. Zinc Triple Action is a combination of 3 forms of zinc. Zinc Triple Action helps to support immune function and healthy skin by combining Zinc Acetate, Picolinate, and Orotate. * Zinc Acetate helps to maintain a healthy immune system and combat potential zinc deficiency. Zinc Picolinate is an essential trace mineral that can be easily passed through the body. * Zinc Orotate provides a highly absorbable form of zinc that protects the body from harmful free radicals. * Futurebiotics Zinc Triple Action is vegan and vegetarian friendly. They seek the highest quality ingredients from around the world.

Brand: Futurebiotics

👤I take zinc every night and it keeps me from getting sick when I feel like I have something. I call it my immune booster cocktail. When zinc is in the picolinate form, it does absorb better and it clears thebacteria in my body that causes me to haveAcne, so my facial skin looks clearer. I will not be without zinc.

👤Taking a small pill for less than a month and catching a cold only lasted 3 days was a pity.

👤It's easy to take and there's no adverse effects. Great product.

👤The pill is easy to swallow. I need more supplements now than ever.

8. Garden Life Zinc Vitamin Supplement

Garden Life Zinc Vitamin Supplement

ZINC WITH VITAMIN C FOR IMMUNE HEALTH. Their Zinc supplement provides a whole food form of Zinc with over 250% of the new daily value, and a raw form of Zinc with 600% of the new daily value, both in a whole food form. The natural co-factors are: Adding raw organic fruits and vegetables, as well as trace minerals, and probiotics, will help your body recognize the vitamins and minerals in your diet. Zinc pills are made without high heat and have no synthetic or filler ingredients, which is why they are called "raw zinc." ZINC FOR SKIN HEALTH, PROBIOTICS, andZYMES: You can open the capsule and mix the contents with water or juice if you want. There are provisions for older people. Their zinc supplement is third-party certified vegan, non-GMO, Kosher, and carbonfree.

Brand: Garden Of Life

👤All of the good-sounding stuff in there is not related to your zinc dose. If you don't read carefully, it's just a way to make you think that you are getting your zinc naturally through raw veggies or whatever. You are not. The company does not claim that. The company's website says that your supplement is delivered in a whole food base of 23 fruits and vegetables. Like powdered apple and powdered tomato. That has nothing to do with your zinc dose. Carefully reading all the information this company gives about its products reveals a lot of complex and confusing babble - to make you think their products are superior. They are not. An example of such babble is "Nobel Prize-winning science that inspired this process to grow food vitamins similar to vegetables in the soil." Guess what that means? It means that your vitamins were grown in a yeast culture. That's the way vitamins accumulate inside food plants. The supplement is not derived from veggies or anything, but is made with individually grown vitamins and minerals, according to the website elsewhere. Guess what else? Every vitamins manufacturer follows the same process to get vitamins. Not really superior, eh? What does it mean by 'raw food'? Absolutely nothing. It's just more marketing to make you think that this product is delivering zinc in a better way. It is not. "RAW Food-Created Nutrients" is a phrase that the company has a trademark on. It's a marketing slogan. "Breakfast of Champs" is a famous trademark of wheaties cereals. It sounds good, but what does it mean? Nothing. Even if no one ever eats a single bowl of it, they can slap it on every box of cereals they sell. Wheaties can try to convince you that it means something. But it doesn't mean anything. Sounds good, doesn't mean anything. The company's jabber is called "Raw Food". Maybe the product hasn't been cooked. Who would cook it to put it in a capsule? The phrase is meant to make you think that you are getting a supplement that is zen-like. You are not. The magic of raw food is found in its simplicity. When you eat a food that is uncooked, you are eating it in harmony with nature. Maybe, maybe not. I don't want to eat raw chicken and get sick. It doesn't really say anything meaningful or relevant to the superiority of this product, even if it were taken as a completely true statement. What does stuffing apples and tomatoes in my zinc capsule have to do with whether or not it's a superior zinc supplement? Absolutely nothing. The information that matters is absent. What kind of zinc does this product contain? It matters a lot. Science knows that zinc is poorly absorbed. It is compounded with another substance that will improve its absorption. Some zinc compounds are more effective than others at being absorbed. Zinc Orotate is very well absorbed, but neither Zinc Gluconate nor Zinc Acetate is better at absorption. The Zinc Oxide absorbs less than any of them. You want to know what kind of zinc is in this product, right? It doesn't tell you if you search the bottle, box, or website. It says you are getting 30mg of zinc. Period. It might be the cheapest and most effective form of zinc. One thing is for sure. The company is not going to let you know. The company responded with more babble and refused to answer his question about what kind of zinc it was. They would be proud to say that it's the worst kind of zinc. A copper deficiency can be caused by a large dose of zinc. Does this product contain trace copper? Who knows? The product information this company provides doesn't tell you anything. Eye can tell you that better zinc supplements add trace copper. The glowing 5-star reviews are just marketing babble. I impulsively bought this product. I threw the product in the trash after I did the research at home. I ordered a bottle of L-OptiZinc, which appears to be a far superior zinc supplement. A capsule filled with zinc and vegetable powder can't even be metabolized.

9. Emergen C Raspberry Supplement Antioxidants Electrolytes

Emergen C Raspberry Supplement Antioxidants Electrolytes

Emergen-C Immune+ is in a single serving of 30 packets. An Enhanced Immune Support Formula has 1000 IU of Vitamins C, D and Zinc. It's better to have more than 10 oranges to support your immune system. The mix is made with natural fruit flavors and sweeteners. The Proprietary complex has Wellmune WGP alpha-glucans and arabinogalactans. The drink mix is very refreshing and free of caffeine. It's packed with the key vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Brand: Emergen-c

👤I used to like this, thinking it was good for you. Maltodextrin is in it. The growth of E. coli is increased by Maltodextrin. Maltodextrin can change your gutbacteria composition in a way that makes you more susceptible to disease. It can affect the growth of your bicyle's flora, which is important for immune system function. The high GI of maltodextrin causes spikes in your blood sugar level if all the above aren't enough. Maltodextrin makes you more susceptible to disease. Hopefully the manufacturer will come up with an alternative. I liked the product and bought a lot of it. I'm hoping that the company will change the formula as the Maltodextrin ruins the benefits.

👤If you love Emergen-C Immune, this is a steal. I started using this after I got sick, but before there were known cases in the U.S. It's hard for me to find the flavor which is my favorite, but the tartness of the fruit makes it enjoyable to drink. Everything you need to get over the cruel is in this. If you're sick with something that's acidic, you don't want to take it, but if you're not, it's just because of your metabolism. I have used this every day since it was introduced, and I feel as though it wards off all of the evil spirits and causes infections. It's hard to find the right flavor with the bulk contents so I always buy this on Amazon, even though it's cheaper than the local dollar store where I was buying it. Highly recommend and will continue to do so!

👤I always feel like a failure. I tried to drink it with water, but couldn't get past the medicine taste. It was still gross when I tried it in kool aid. I couldn't get past the taste so I can't tell you how great I feel. I still feel bad. If you can drink it, individual packaging is great.

👤My boyfriend used to consume Emergen-C Immune+ 1000mg Vitamin C Powder every day. His morning routine was to wake up and mix the powder in his water bottle and drink it. He had a few boxes on hand. We had a hard time finding Emergen-C Immune+ 1000mg, so we would get an "off-brand" until the price was right. Thescorbic acid powder was done. I bought him off-brands because he would either not like the flavor or not get the same results. He works off-shore and there is a hot bed of coodies and ickies. He says that he stays healthy and safe because of his daily consumption of Emergen-C Immune+ 1000mgVitamin C Powder, his favorite flavor is the berry. If you get sick, it's a good idea to go to the doctor. We will keep buying it as long as they make this.

👤This stuff works. We had a huge flu outbreak this winter at my kids' schools and we all drank this at night mixed with water. We did not get the flu. That is proof for me.

10. Oyster Extract Powder Bulksupplements Sexual

Oyster Extract Powder Bulksupplements Sexual

Oyster extract powder is a great source of zinc, calcium, and taurine. These zinc supplements are great for men. It is a female libido booster. * Oyster extracts are great for eye health. Zinc and other vitamins may support vision health. * Oyster extract powder is a great source of zinc, calcium, and taurine. It strengthens the immune system. Oyster shell calcium can increase your calcium intake. Oyster extract has high levels of zinc, copper, iron, calcium and magnesium. Minerals help build bones and teeth. They play an important role in the production of collagen which keeps their skin looking young and supple. * Oyster extract is a good source of Omega 3 and Omega 6. Oyster extract powder can be used to improve heart health. *

Brand: Bulksupplements

👤The product has changed. The product is useless because they don't use the oyster meat in it. There are no refunds. Be careful!

👤I've bought this product three times. The first two times were great. The third time it came it was completely different. It was a clay color and had a salty taste. The most recent time it was a fluffy powder that looked like a supplement. I contacted bulk supplements directly with pictures to see if the product had been mislabeled, but they never responded.

👤I don't like seafood. I couldn't get over the texture. The health benefits are worth trying to work into your nutrition. The extract is not as good as fresh oysters, but it is a good compromise. The extract is very fine. It's easy to sprinkle over food. The taste is not as strong as I thought it would be. Its briny but sprinkled on food, along with other seasonings, almost disappears. I sprinkle it on eggs, burgers, and meats. I wish I could give this product 4.5 stars as the only thing I would like to see in bulk supplemets is a breakdown of vitamins and minerals. It's hard to track oysters' zinc, copper, and selenium levels without some numbers.

👤I always loved oysters. It's not always easy to find the effects. I decided to try the powder and have been throwing it in my morning shake. It seems to be improving my strength. I stopped sugar recently and have a lot of different supplements, but I don't know what part oyster powder is playing. I am pretty sure that ordering more and using bigger dose will help.

👤I've been a fan of Zinc in the diet. It's important for men to keep their testosterone levels normal. I knew that oysters were high in zinc, and I knew this would be a good resource. I was hesitant to try it because of the "taste" reviews, but it's pretty mild overall. I took a single dose and my energy levels went up the next morning. It's definitely a great supplement for those looking for zinc.

👤I have been taking oyster extract. I decided to try this product because of the price and the fact that my favorite product went up in price. There is no way that this is oyster extract that is not made with some form of fillers. It is similar to white flour in smell. It has no taste at all. The oyster extract I usually take has a strong oyster taste, even in the capsule, and the other ones are more of a tan color. I don't know what substance this company is trying to pass off as oysters.

👤This is a bulk supplement that is so bitter that it is impossible to take. This should only be sold in pill form as it ruins anything you mix it with. I believe that this product should only be sold in capsule form. I threw out $200 of the products I bought at bulk supplements because they were bitter. I have bought over 10 of their supplements. It is hit and miss with them. I threw out a bunch of the new orders because they were too harsh, and they should get me $200 credit.

11. BulkSupplements Zinc Gluconate Powder Grams

BulkSupplements Zinc Gluconate Powder Grams

Zinc supports a healthy immune system. Zinc helps in tissue health. Zinc gluconate is a form of zinc that has been shown to support the immune system. Zinc is needed for the health of your eyes. * Their zinc powder can help maintain normal eye structure. Zinc gluconate can help with eye health. You need zinc to keep your eyes working. A deficiency in zinc can lead to heart conditions. Zinc plays an important role in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. * Zinc deficiency is rare because it is found in many foods such as red meat, poultry, seafood, beans, nuts, and fortified cereals. Adding their Zinc Gluconate powder to your daily regimen will help you get the zinc you need, if you have any concerns about getting enough zinc from your diet or want to ensure you're getting the right amount.

Brand: Bulksupplements

👤This is a good product with a good deal. I got it because of the immune benefits of zinc in the mouth, compared with a capsule/tablet which gives zinc but not directly on the skin. It is important to take care not to overdose, since the recommended dose is only 1/16 - 1/6 of a cup. I had a bad experience with this product, but it was my fault. I put the powder in a jar and labeled it. I had another bottle with L-tyrosine in it. The sharpie wore off over time. The taste of the zinc powder is very different from the Tyrosine. L-tyrosine has a neutral taste. The powders look the same with around the same texture. It takes a moment to notice the difference. I thought I was being careful since I could easily tell the powders apart, but one day I made a mistake and was in a hurry. I put 2 TABLE spoons of the powder in a glass of water and thought it was tyrosine. It was Zinc. I couldn't tell because the sharpie was wearing off. As I drank the mixture, I realized it was not the tyrosine but the ZINC. I know it was a stupid mistake. I don't do things like that often. I think I took in 21 grams of zinc gluconate, which is at least 3 grams of zinc. It is definitely a toxic dose. When I realized that I might be in trouble, I looked for something that would help me with the zinc poisoning, and I found a bunch of activated charcoal pills, which I took. The activated charcoal probably saved my life. I was so weak I had to lie down in the bathroom. I lost conciousness. I woke up and felt terrible, like I was going to die, and I couldn't get up. My 9 year old son called to ask for help. There was no one else in the house for his birthday. It was a traumatic experience for him when he called for me. I was screaming in pain when the ambulance came. I told them about the zinc, but they didn't know what to do with it. The big question was "How much is too much?" after I was taken to the ER and given 2 liters of IV fluids. I think it was easier for them to call it a viral infection since they didn't seem to know what else to do. I think it's good that I didn't have enough zinc to kill me because I did feel better after IV fluids. It might have killed me if I hadn't taken activated charcoal. I realize that I did something stupid, and that it is not the fault of the company that makes bulk powders. I wanted to warn people to use precautions and not mix up bulk powders and not take too much because of this story. It's not enough to label with a sharpie. It's easy to think that it doesn't matter if you take an 1 or a 1/2 ounce of it, because it is in powder form. If you take too much zinc, it's not a good idea, but if you take too little, it's not a good idea. This product is safer for overdose than zinc salt or zinc oxide, because it is zinc gluconate, a form of zinc which is a safer form of zinc. It's possible that if I had taken that much zinc salt, I would have died on the spot. You have to know that you need to take responsibility of your own safety when buying bulk powders, even if the product is all 5 stars.


What is the best product for zinc powder supplement?

Zinc powder supplement products from Optimum Nutrition. In this article about zinc powder supplement you can see why people choose the product. Now and Maryruth Organics are also good brands to look for when you are finding zinc powder supplement.

What are the best brands for zinc powder supplement?

Optimum Nutrition, Now and Maryruth Organics are some of the best brands that chosen by people for zinc powder supplement. Find the detail in this article. Lyteline, Triquetra Health and Sandhu's are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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